How Does The World Vs World Work In This Game?

  1. What Are The Objectives How Many Players Etc

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    That will explain everything you need.

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  1. I find that this site has some great World vs World tutorials:

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  2. Shortest way I can put it is:

    W v W consists of 3 servers battling on 4 maps for points that go towards server wide bonuses. Points are awarded based on how many areas are currently under your servers control at the end of each point tally (believe this is 15 minutes). Once your server has accumulated enough points a bonus is upgraded, for example gathering +10%, which will stick around until the next reset.

    There are 3 identical maps each "home" to one server and named respectively. The 4th map is Eternal Battlegrounds and is not home to any particular server, and unique out of the 4 maps.

    Once you have entered a map you will want to capture structures (keeps, towers etc.) once you have capture one of these a supply depot can be captured and supplies will regularly be sent to the surrounding structures. Supplies can be used to upgrade your captured areas (reinforced walls, burning oil, etc.) or to build siege equipment (trebuchets, catapults, arrow carts, etc.) for either offense or defence.

    There are also plenty of dynamic events, skill points to be earned on each map, as well as a TON of karma and decent XP.

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