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"Guild Wars 2 - Surprisingly Amazing"

I was not hyped for GW2 and at the start I did not want the game. The only reason I got the game was because my friend kept talking about in our Skype call so I decided to try it out.

The Good:
Customization- The customization has room for improvement but as it currently stands is great.

Weapon Skills - Each profession can use multiple weapons and they feel different with their own type of skills and use in different situations.

Class Diversity - Each class has a complete different feel so far. I have not had a chance to play each class, but I have had the chance to make 5 of them and so far they feel unique.

Amazing Music - Fantastic music just like Skyrim! (The guy who made this music also made the music for Skyrim) Usually I listne to my own music, but the in-game music is epic, beautiful, and always worth a listen.

Fun Leveling - Leveling is in some ways different and in other ways the same. The differences are great and make leveling fun and eventful sometimes literally. You can level by crafting, WvWvW, and by doing a mixture of Quests and exploring. Leveling goes by somewhat fast but was always enjoyable. The questing zones generally are never the same types in a row either which allows you to have a new type of terrain in each area.

Great PvP - Best PvP I've played since early WoW to BC.

Choices in the Story - You usually get only three choices in the story but that is more then some modern MMOs currently out.

F2P - Never have I played a F2P game that was this epic and I never thought I would either. Guild Wars 2 is a great game that also saves you money. There are some cosmetic items, boosters, and other things you can buy with Gems, but you can also trade in-game currency for the gems as well as pay money for them.

Graphics - Amazing and probably the best currently out.

Exploration - Tyria is so far a vast and beautiful where exploration is not only recommended but also rewarded. You explore and get experience, achievements, items, and skill points. You can explore for hours completeing Skill Challenges, looking for Points of Interests, and grabbing the Vistas. After completing a zone 100% you recive some experience, some silver, and random items (Usually two pieces of armor or weapons, Transmutation Coins, and crafting material)

The game starts off slow and for me it took me about an hour to decide what profession to choose. The customization is great, but has room for improvement. I have only played several matches of SPvP and I can say so far that I enjoy that and as far as WvWvW goes I enjoy that as well. I am usually more in to PvP especially when WoW launched, but so far I am having much more fun in this PvP. Sadly if you are for PvP and still play WoW then you are probably disappointed.... don't fret though! Guild Wars 2 has great PvP and will bring you hours of joy.

The Bad:
Lack of Raids may turn some people off.

Bugs - Although bugs are in every MMO (Especially at launch)

Some features are currently missing that most MMOs currently already have added. The most annoying one is the lack of a preview feature for the Trading Post.

Guild Wars 2 has its issues and the team seems to be trying their best to resolve them and move forward.

The Meh:

Storyline - Could be a lot better.

Voice actors - Some are great and others are downright awful.

Trading Post - The Trading Post has had some horrible bugs through the launch and has gone down frequently in order to fix them. Another issue is that lack of a feature that allows you to preview before you purchase.

Trinity System - I have yet to do a dungeon but from what I have heard but I heard that they are very difficult and some times frustrating with the lack of the trinity system. From what I've heard it could use some tweaks in order to perfect the way the PvE plays.

All around though Guild Wars 2 is definitely worth the purchase. I have hit level 80 on my main and already started a new character and can't wait to further explore the world. While Guild Wars 2 has it flaws it has an amazing team and a great future that you can attend at $0 a month! Guild Wars 2 may not bring many new features to the table, but it enhances and perfects the already existing features. I would recommend this to people who enjoy PvP, leveling, and exploring. As far as PvE goes the game is lacking the content at the moment and I am not sure how it will go in the future either.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 09/14/12

Game Release: Guild Wars 2 (US, 08/28/12)

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