• Permanent Flippers

    Enter in Quick Play mode at any time while playing a level. Type the code again to deactivate it.

    kathyHave permanent Flippers

    Contributed By: Arkyoptrix.

  • Rightclick Speedup

    Normally when you right-click before taking a shot, it speeds up time to make a better shot. Typing the following allows you to go through the game even faster by fast forwarding through all of the shots you take, dramatically decreasing game time.

    Type "scott" during gameplayRightclick Speedup

    Contributed By: AskaLangly.

  • Say hello to Mr. Ball

    Whenever you play as Warren and use the Lucky Spin, there's a Magic Hat powerup. It has a top hat on top of the ball. The following will give you the top hat, however it is only for looks; it has no effect on gameplay what-so-ever.

    steveTop Hat over ball for looks

    Contributed By: AskaLangly.

  • Turn off the Extreme Fever Zoom Camera

    Enter in any game mode and type the code to disable the Extreme Fever Zoom Camera. Type again to enable it.

    ZoomDisables Extreme Fever Zoom Camera

    Contributed By: Littlenino.

  • Turn the background black

    Enter in any game mode to activate it and type it again to deactivate it.

    ShanonTurns background black

    Contributed By: Littlenino.


  • Challenge Mode

    To unlock Challenge Mode, a mode with more difficult levels than in normal play, first you must beat every level of Adventure Mode.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Challenge ModeBeat all 55 levels of Adventure.

    Contributed By: KeyBlade999.

  • Demo Mode

    This mode shows how the Masters play.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Demo ModeComplete Stage 2 In Adventure Mode

    Contributed By: Bl3u.

  • Ranks

    Get the following ranks by completing certain tasks. You will get a different trophy on the Main Menu for each one.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Extreme Ultimate Master of PeggleComplete all Challenges and get 100% completion (clear all pegs) on every level screen
    Master of PeggleComplete Adventure mode
    Ultimate Master of PeggleComplete all Challenges

    Contributed By: duggie2.

Easter Eggs

  • The Ode to Joy Easter Egg

    Start up the game and go to the main menu. Don't mouse over any of the buttons yet or it will mess it up. Mouse over (don't click) these buttons in this order: Duel, Duel, Challenge, Replay, Replay, Challenge, Duel, Quickplay, Adventure, Adventure, Quickplay, Duel, Duel, Quickplay, Quickplay If you do it correctly, it will play a cool loading screen and then it will roll the credits. Nothing special is gained from doing this, but it's an interesting Easter Egg. Make sure to NOT mouse over an extra button before or while performing this Easter Egg. If you do, or if it nothing happens after performing the procedure, you will need to restart Peggle and try again.

    Contributed By: Littlenino.

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