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  1. 1. i heard that for bard 16 basic charisma is enough. but isnt it better to have more to cast more lvl 6 spells?
    2. lvl 16 is enough for bard to have lvl 6 spells, but if i have more lvls i even have more spells as well no?
    3. dex: 12 (+1) maximum for plate, but if i create char i think i see more bonus if i have 16, or is it just wrong shown in the AC field
    4. using 2h weapon in 1 hand plus shield, is -2 AB, but the critical etc. all other stuff is like when i use the 2h solo?
    5. does plate effect my bard songs too? or only spells, because i would like to have full plate bard for melee and just singing songs, can cast buffs before fight
    thx much for help

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    windiil - 8 years ago


  1. 1. When Spellcasting is involved, more is always better, it ups the save DCs of your spells, making them harder to resist.

    2. Bards never get spells above level 6, but they gain extra spells until level 20, and their caster level increases as you go up in level, increasing the power of the spells. I'm not sure how many bonus spells you get after 20 though.

    3. If your max dex bonus is 1, you will always only add one point of dex bonus to your AC no matter what the numbers look like. Mithril armor increases max dex bonus and lowers arcane spell failure rate.

    4. I assume you mean with the monkeygrip feat. If you wield a Greatsword (2h) in one hand you get the penalty, if you wield it in two hands you don't. If I recall correctly A small sized character requires the monkeygrip feat to wield a two-handed weapon at all

    5. Bards ignore Arcane Spell Failure from light armor. I believe you can take a feat to make them ignore ASF from medium armor and another to ignore ASF from heavy armor, but without them you will always have a chance of Arcane Spell Failure using medium and heavy armor, besides, bards are a high DEX class and they don't get proficiency with medium or light armor anyway. If you really want a fullplate bard be a human with Str and Cha 16, with two levels of fighter for 3 extra feats. take those two feats I mentioned earlier and make sure you're proficient with heavy armor too

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    Magnum_Elite - 8 years ago 0 0

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