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    Stormlord FAQ by randomsome1

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    A Random Guide to the Stormlord of Neverwinter Nights 2: Mask of the Betrayer
    Greetings and salutations.  This guide covers the Stormlord (SL) prestiege
     class recently introduced in the NWN2: MOTB expansion.
    If you find any errors or have questions, feel free to contact me.  I'll fix
     the guide or answer questions as best I can.   Check Section XII for info.
    v1.0 Initial version
    v1.1 Minor additions.
    V1.2 Added a stormlord pure caster build.  Letting everyone know that I am
         still alive and that you can email me if desired.
    I. Introduction
    II. Key Benefits
    III. Prerequisites
    IV. The Downsides
    V. Playstyle Analysis
    VI. Companion Classes Analysis(Cleric, Favored Soul, Druid, Spirit Shaman,
                                   Paladin, Ranger)
    VII. Skill Analysis
    VIII. Feats Recommended
    IX. Multiclasses Recommended
    X. Build Examples
    XI. (new) The CASTER/archer Stormlord concept and build.
    XII. Contact Info.
    I. Introduction
    The Stormlord is a prestiege class for divine casters that has FULL spell
     progression and focuses on the Spear for melee, and also throwing weapons.
    The class is quite strong, especially early on.  Note that when epic levels
     are reached, most of the benefits become much less impressive as will be
     seen shortly.   Also, the class is not very versatile.  I say this, because 
     it pretty much forces your character to have one particular playstyle. i.e.
     use a spear. Plus, you have to be a melee-based character, since almost all
     SL benefits are melee-centric.
    That last part is worth repeating.  Stormlord is ONLY for melee characters. It
     has too many melee-centered requirements to justify taking for a
     casting-focused build, with one exception that we will go over later.
    SL has moderately hard requirements to take the class, which
     limits casual "splashing", of taking a few levels for specific benefits.
    That wouldn't do much good anyways because the class grants benefits evenly
     throughout the 10 available levels, and thus it is best to take at least 8 
     levels. In most cases, I recommend taking the full 10 levels.
    II. Key Benefits
    SL provides many solid benefits for a pretty low cost.  Several of these
     benefits ONLY WORK with a "Stormlord weapon".  This is defined as a Spear,
     Throwing Axe, Dart, or Shuriken.  Any other weapon used will not receive
     most of the key benefits of the class.
    * Enhanced Weapon - At SL levels 1,6,9, the character receives a +1,+2,+3
          enhancement bonus on any SL-weapon.  This bonus STACKS with existing
          enchantments!   Pen and Paper (PnP) purists may complain, but let's
          face it.. the ability would be worthless otherwise.
    * Shock Weapon - At level 2, the character gains a Clickie for Shock Weapon.
          This is basically an unlimited use ability that takes 1 standard round
          to activate (like any other item).  For the next 20 rounds, your 
          SL-weapons gain a 1d8 electric damage bonus.
    * Shocking Burst - Gained at level 5, this replaces Shock Weapon.  It adds
          1d8 electric, PLUS a 2d8 massive criticals bonus.  Of course, with
          a 20x3 range for the spear, don't expect a lot of crits...
    * Shocking Burst & Sonic Wpn - At level 8, the final clickey is obtained.
          It adds 1d8 electric, and 1d8 sonic, plus the 2d8 massive crits bonus.
          Obviously, this is a very nice damage bonus early on, as your best
          level 20 weapon is probably a +5 spear with 1d6 acid or something. At
          level 30, it will be a +8 spear with 5d6 acid, fire, cold.   As you can
          see, the 2d8 really starts losing ground as epic levels are gained.
    *Electrical Resistance - At levels 1,4,7, you gain 5,10,15 electrical
          resistance.  At level 9, you gain COMPLETE IMMUNITY to electrical!
    * Storm Avatar - At level 10, you can cast an automatically extended version
          of Storm Avatar.  Fortunately, this spell is cast at your CHARACTER
          LEVEL, NOT your StormLord level.  So a level 30 character gets a huge
          60 rounds of Storm Avatar!  (6 minutes realtime) 
          This may only be done ONCE PER DAY though.
          Storm Avatar does the following:  
            - First, it sets you to 200% normal speed.  This does not stack with 
               haste, etc, but double speed is pretty nice.   
            - Secondly, it adds 3-18 electrical damage to every attack.
            - Third, you are IMMUNE TO KNOCKDOWN.  Really great ability.
            - Fourth, you are IMMUNE TO MISSILE WEAPONS.  Also excellent.
    * Last, but definitely not least, the SL gains FULL DIVINE SPELLCASTING 
        ability.  This is incredible,  since most Prestiege Classes have to 
        sacrifice some spellcasting levels to "balance" the class.
        Example: Eld Knight, Warpriest, Sacred Fist, Palemaster.
    III. Prerequisites
    With all these nice abilities, they aren't gonna just let you in for free
      right?  Course not!
    The following things are needed to take the class:
    * Toughness Feat - This is a nice feat anyways, so not many complaints.
    * Weapon focus - Must be wpn focused on a SL-weapon.  This should ALWAYS be
      the spear since that is your only melee choice.  Once again, a great feat
      for a warrior so no complaints about having to take it.
    * Great Fortitude - Yuck.  I do not much care for this feat, especially as
      divine classes have strong fortitude saves in the first place.  This feat
      is pretty much a crap-feat that you have to take to get SL access.
    * +4 Fortutude Saves. NOT +4 BAB!  This isn't a problem with the high divine
      saves, plus the +2 from the Great Fort feat you are stuck with.  In fact, I
      am not exactly sure how one could get level 3 divine casting without having
      +4 fort saves... maybe with a 6 CON or something.
    * Level 3 divine spellcasting.  No worries for primary casters which can
      qualify early on.  Pallys/Rangers would need 12 levels before they gain
      their first level 3 spell.  Techically it is 11 levels since they gain
      0 spells but with high WIS can receive a 3rd level spell.  I don't think
      the game considers this though.
    Hey look at the bright side.  In PnP, you have to worship Talos, be nonlawful,
     AND survive getting struck by Lightning!  Obsidian was easy on you. ;-)
    IV. The Downsides of StormLord
    All this good stuff gained has some downsides.
    * First, divine caster classes are usually a bit strapped for feats.  Hence
       coughing up the 3 prereq feats early on could be a problem.  The Great Fort
       is basically a wasted feat.
      This is ESPECIALLY true if you are trying for a hybrid style of play,
       and trying to take both caster feats AND warrior feats.
    * A -1 BAB could result in some cases.  For example, a 20 cleric has 15BAB.
      A 10cleric/10SL has a 14BAB.  Not a huge deal, but consider that those
      9th,10th levels of Stormlord will almost always cost you 1BAB.
    * Epic Feats lost - This only applies for pure clerics.  A level 29 druid
       gains 3 epic bonus feats (23,26,29).  A 19druid/10SL gains ZERO bonus
       epic feats.   This warning primarily applies for those
       who plan on using spells for most of their offense.
    * Skills - Prepare to re-work your skill plan, cuz Stormlord is probably
       lacking several of the skills you planned on taking.  See Skills section
       for details.
    * More clicking - Remember. Every 20 rounds, you must click the Magic Button
       in order to get the 2d8 zap/sonic +2d8massive crits damage bonus.  This
       gets old... especially if you already have to keep up with buffs.
    V. Playstyle Analysis
    As I mentioned earlier, the SL is not very versatile.  For the most part,
     your character will be a melee-centered warrior, that uses lots of buffs
     to pump themselves up.  This is definitely the most effective way to go
     for all the classes.   
    It is possible to use some offensive spells, but will be ineffective due to
     your low Difficulty Class (DC) of your spells.  As a melee warrior, you will
     want to raise STR primarily, and not use points to pump up WIS.  You also
     won't have enough feats to do any spell focus or casting prodigy feats to
     help the DC.
    As a cleric or favored soul, forget offensive spells.  Druids and Spirit 
     Shamans will have better luck.
    A. Throwing Weapons
    One benefit of SL is you may use throwing weapons more effectively.   More
     effectively than WHAT becomes the main question though...  It is doable, but
     is unlikely to be very impressive.  Heres why:
    When you attack with a spear, you have the spear enhancement, weapon focus,
     and use your high STR to all raise your BAB high.
    Using a throwing weapon loses ALL of the preceeding bonuses.  A level 20 char
     for example might carry around a stack of +2 darts.  This is simply because 
     you are unlikely to be dragging around 100s of +5 2d6elemental darts.
    Instead of using a +5 spear for example , the +2 darts are used.  
     Instead of your high STR helping you to hit, your very average DEX value is 
     used as the To Hit attribute.   No weapon focus loses another 1ab.
     Basically, expect your throwing weapons will likely be at -10AB or more.
    Even in spite of this, I have to admit that 1d3 +5 +2d8 is a lot better
     than 1d3 +2 when it comes to damage.
    Note that you need Martial Weapons to toss Axes, and Exotics to use shuriken.
    Flurry/Greater Flurry allows bonus shurikan attacks, as does Rapid Fire feat.
    B. Spear 2handed
    This is the standard method of fighting.  You gain 50% of your STR as a bonus
     for using a 2handed weapon.  Plus power attack gains double the bonus.
    However, you lose your shield bonus.  This is a big deal, as a level 20 cleric
     is GUARANTEED to have a Magic Vestmented +5 heavy shield worst case.  Thats
     -7AC, in exchange for a moderate offensive bonus.
    The point here is that clerics almost always use 1hander + shield.  A shield
     is really helpful when you are casting in combat.  A 2handed weapon is NOT!
     Plus, clerics gain a lot of "static bonuses", and do lots of damage through
     Divine Favor, Battletide, Prayer, and so forth.  They don't usually have
     the huge STR that a Red Dragon Disciple uses to put that +50% STR bonus to
     good use.
    Since your HPs are good, but not great, you will want some damage mitigation
     of some kind.  Stoneskin works great, as does Premonition.  In epic levels,
     these might not work so hot.
    In conclusion, if you go with 2handed spear, you need to hit HARD.  Go for
     maximum strength, take cleave if possible at all, and plan to use Power 
     Attack.  To balance out the previous shield statement somewhat, a shield
     does NO good whatsoever if you are fighting spellcasters, whereas a 2hander
     can help put them down faster.
    C. Spear 1handed
    This is the category I would recommend to most Stormlords.   Use the MONKEY
     GRIP feat, which allows you to use the spear in 1 hand.  Sure, you eat a
     -2 AB penalty, but that should not be a huge problem.  In return, you get
     your big Shield AC back.  I think -2AB and 1 feat for +7AC is a good deal,
     don't you?
    You could make a good argument either way with 1handed or 2handed, so choose
     which path you wish to take.  Remember that you can always drop the shield
     as needed to gain the 2handed bonuses back.
    D. Spear dualwield?
    Don't even think about it.   One could theoretically take 21 ranger, monkey
     grip, and get 12 attacks with spears!   14 with haste!
    However, lets look at the penalties.. -2AB Monkey grip, 
     -2 dualwielding, and -2 for non-light offhand weapon.   
    Total of -6AB penalty for doing so.  Ouch!
    Rangers have no good AB pumping spells either, so this is a clear loser.
    Non ranger wise, one would require a lot of DEX to hit perfect 2wpn.  Taking
     up to greater 2wpn would be dumb, as Id rather have 6/7 powerful attacks, 
     than 9 wimpier ones at a huge penalty.
    Finally, the graphics aren't there.  It looks like you are beating things over
     the head with two really long clubs.  Not at all cool.
    Dualwield would definitely be interesting, but I don't recommend it.
    VI. Divine Classes
    So which classes work best with the Stormlord?  I will go over them now:
    1) Cleric - Cleric is the best choice in my opinion.   Clerics gain ZERO
     special abilities from levels 2 to 20.  Replacing 8 levels with stormlord
     gains nice stuff for practically NO loss.   Taking 10 will cause a small
     BAB penalty, but is not a big deal.
     Clerics also can choose domains which give them bonus feats to help the
      prerequisites a bit.  I recommend Time and Earth.  These allow persistent
      haste(!), stoneskin, premonition, and 2 bonus feats including 1 prereq.
     The only thing clerics lose out on is their Turn Undead ability.  Consider
      that most melee-clerics multiclass, which ruins their Turn anyways.
     Heavy armor proficiencies are also helpful to cleric/stormlords.  They also
      gain many many buffs that strengthen them defensively AND pump their AB
     From a RolePlay perspective, a cleric could choose AIR domain to pick up
      Call/Chain lightning.  It wouldnt be very effective, but quite good for
      a true StormLord feel.
     Note that an Offensive Caster would NOT benefit from stormlord much.  The
      prereq feats required for SL would take away needed feats like spell focus,
      empower, maximize, and so forth.  I would avoid SL in this case.
    2) Favored Soul - These are a close second to Clerics in utility.  The FS
      is strong as they can cast whatever buff or spell they need in a situation.
      This really helps the flexibility of the character.
     Note that FS will usually crank up CHA instead of WIS.  The FS gains extra
      spell slots from this, but can also benefit from CHA-based goodness like 
      Divine Might/Shield/ high Saves from Pally/BG/Lok.  This can be put to 
      excellent use with certain builds.
     FS also come with Weapon Focus, so all you have to do is worship a diety
      that favors Spear, and you've got 1 prereq down.
     There are a few problems with FS/SL combos though.  First of all, FS does
      not come with Heavy Armor proficiency.  This can be worked around through
      cheating..er.. I mean Mithril Full Plate, which is considered Medium Armor.
      The PnP purists will note you still should need Hvy Armor proficiency, but
      whatever.  So anyways, at higher levels, lack of Hvy Armor isn't a problem.
     Also, FS actually gain useful abilities as they level.  Hence, by taking
      stormlord, you delay or eliminate nice stuff like Weapon Specialization,
      energy resistance, haste, Damage Reduction.  This is slightly unfortunate,
      but you typically take 12FS and 10SL, so you only lose the Haste, Damage
      Reduction, and 2 elemental resists.
     Finally, the DC of the FS offensive spells is truly horrible.  As they don't
      normally pump WIS, even a warrior-cleric has stronger offensive spells.
     In other words, a warrior cleric will have 16 to 19 natural WIS, pumped up to
     at least 19 and potentially more.   A FS will have WIS at 8 in most cases.
     Plus, there really arent any "RolePlay" approved spells to cast!  With no
      domain access, there is nothing except Storm of Vengence to use for flavor.
    3) Druid - I think druids are the best Roleplay choice for Stormlord.
     However, they certainly aren't the strongest choice!   Druids have the
     following traits:
     They have more offensive spells than clerical base spells.  Call
      lightning, lightning storm, and storm of vengence are nice flavor spells. 
     In addition, there are plenty of other solid offensive spells.
     They also get good defensive buffs with barkskin, stoneskin, premonition,
      and others.  Freedom of Movement +Tortise Shell is really strong.
     This does tend to lead towards a hybrid style of play, with so-so WIS, and
      STR, vs focusing totally on melee as a cleric/FS does.
     Druids gain many nice abilities on level up that are lost when taking SL,
      and one of the best is their pet.  A level 10Druid/10SL with a level 7 bear
      is just sad.  No amount of buffs will make much difference to help it.
     Wild shape, venom immunity, and other abilities will likely be gone or nerfed.
     Druids also lack Heavy Armor, which may be worked around fairly easily.
     Druids lose skillpoints taking SL, since they get 4 per lvl, vs 2 like
      clerics, pallys, Fav Souls.
     All in all, druids do alright, but are not the optimal choice for SL for
      pure fighting.  They are better as a mediocre hybrid style character.
    4) Spirit Shaman - I think these are a slightly better choice than druids for
      taking StormLord levels.
     They suffer from most of the same problems, except worse!   They are stuck
      with light armor only, which might be problematic.
     They have a TON of special abilities as they level, which will be delayed
      or basically eliminated by taking SL.
     They also effectively lose skillpoints by taking SL, same as druids.
     However, a Spirit Shaman could have a low WIS and use an item to gain
      spell access (just like warrior clerics do).
     Then, they crank up their CHA really high.   This would allow the
      Shaman to gain CHA-based goodies like Divine Might/Shield/saves, AND
      actually have pretty powerful offensive spells!  This might be a good way
      to play a SS/StormLord combo, and be fairly good RP-wise.
     I believe this ability here really makes the Spirit Shaman a better choice
      than druid since they can have solid offensive casting combined with decent
    5) Paladin - A paladin could take Stormlord after 12 levels to gain the
      needed 3rd lvl divine spells.  Hence, I include it as an option, although
      it is not a great idea.
     Taking 10 levels of stormlord adds 10 levels of divine spellcasting, with
      3/4ths BAB, and 8 HPs per lvl.
     All things equal, would you rather have a stormlord with 10 levels of
      clerical/druid casting, or 10 levels of paladin/ranger casting?
     Obviously, the clerical/druid spellcasting is much more powerful, and a
      better use of the Stormlords full spellcasting progression.
     Hence, paladin/ranger wastes much of the StormLord's potential right there,
      not to mention that taking SL drops the paladin's HPs and BAB some as well.
     In spite of this, paladin does have several advantages.   Due to the high
      CHA, you get great saving throws, and access to Divine Might/Shield.
     Your BAB will be higher than that of a cleric/druid, and you get full martial
      and armor proficiencies.
     Fortunately, paladin spells are pretty decent, and have some strong offerings
      such as Holy Weapon, as well as Resist Energy, Bless, Aid,
      and other solid clerical staples.
     Lastly, Paladins gain Smite Evil which is pretty strong in conjunction with
      high CHA and the Stormlord spear bonuses.
    6) Ranger - Last and least, I cannot think of many good reasons to go with
     Ranger with Stormlord.
     A big ranger benefit is their 6 skills per level, which get downgraded to 2 
      when taking SL levels.
     Plus, their full BAB which gets downgraded to 3/4ths BAB.
     Their pet gets downgraded to utter uselessness.  A 10ranger/10SL has a pet
     that is like level 3.  Tragic.
     The solid Favored Enemy, which progresses exponentially is diluted heavily.
     Rangers gain a Combat Style, which means Archery or Dualwielding.  Neither of
      which work very well at all with StormLord.
     While you can theoretically dualwield spears OR toss enchanted projectiles,
      neither is particularly strong.
     The ranger spells are rather lousy too, making it very difficult to imagine
      much synergy at all with Ranger/StormLord.
    VII. Skills
    Skills are an often overlooked area with Prestiege Classes.   The Stormlord
     has ONLY the following skills:
    Concentrate - Good.  Everyone will want to max this.
    Craft Alchemy - /shrug
    Intimidate?!? - Yep, while all divine classes get Diplomacy, the Stormlord 
     winds up with this!  Wierd, and will affect your speaking for sure.  Plan
     on sinking 2x points to continue Diplomacy if that is your chosen route...
    Lore - Pretty much all classes get this as a skill option.
    Spellcraft - Handy for the Save bonus, and also allows possibility of getting
     Epic Spells!
    Survival - /shrug
    Wait a second...
    Dude, where's my Heal skill?    Gone.
    Whut about my craft armor/wpn?   Gone.
    Spot n listen?     Nope, gone.
    Keep this in mind when making a stormlord as several of your previous
     class skills will wind up becoming cross-class.
    VIII. Feats Recommended
    This is a bit out of the scope of this guide, but heres some feats to
     look for:
    EPIC Armor Skin - +1 AC stacking is decent.
    Blind Fight - Just about mandatory for melee builds.
    Cleave - great with 2handed style
    Disarm - Nice if you have space for it.
    Divine Shield/Might - Obvious if you have the CHA for it, and Turn ability.
    Extend Spell - Nice to extend them buffs.
    EPIC Divine Might/Shield - Requires a specific build, but powerful!
    EPIC Prowess - Yeah, pick this up.
    EPIC Great STR/CHA - Take as appropriate.
    Greater/Epic Wpn Focus - If you have 8 fighter, this is a strong option.
    Knockdown - always nice to have.
    Luck of Heroes - A KEY feat.  Very strong.
    Monkey Grip - Essential for 1handed style.
    Persistent Spell - Great for cleric and maybe favored soul: haste, div favor
    Power Attack - Key for 2handed style.  Prereq for Divine Might/shield.
    Practiced Caster - This is good to add 4 caster levels when multiclassing.
      The idea is to make your spells hard to Dispel, and increase duration.
    IX.  Other recommended multiclasses
    There are several classes that would combo quite well with a StormLord.
    1) Fighter - Ideal for giving extra feats, needed to satisfy prerequisites.
       Can take some fighter levels in epic levels to pick up free epic feats.
    2) Frenzied Berserker - Provides toughness, as long as you can take 1FB
       before taking any SL levels.  Also, supreme cleave and super power attack
       are really nice to have when playing with 2handed spear style.  5 levels
       of FB work excellent.
    3) Paladin/Blackguard - These give Turn Undead at level 4/3, which may be
       used for Divine Might/Shield.   The saving throw bonus is really nice too.
       Pallys can make use of Smite Evil too.
    4) Barbarian - Rage is fairly handy with 2handed style to crank up the damage
       done, since rage stacks with enhancement STR,CON bonuses.
    5) Warpriest - Great for rounding out casting levels while keeping a great
       BAB.  Example:  8cleric/8stormlord/10WarPriest = 21 casting lvl.  Or
       4cleric/10SL/8WP/8fighter for 18 caster lvl.
    6) Divine Champion - Similar to Fighter, except you lose 1 feat but avoid
       any XP penalties from fighter multiclass.  Not a bad option, especially for
       a higher CHA baseclass like Favored Soul, Spirit Shaman.
    Classes to Avoid:
    1) Red Dragon Disciple - They are really good, but bard/RDD  plus whatever
       divine class +Stormlord = your 4 classes.  Your BAB will stink, and you get
       no possibility of bonus feats.  Clerics/FS can always Divine Power their way
       out of this problem, but it makes them very buff-dependent.
       I mean, it is not a BAD way to go, just not optimal with stormlord.
    2) Monk/Sacred Fist - SF and SL do NOT work together well.  Avoid at all costs!
    3) Weaponmaster - This takes up too many levels for itself and corresponding
       fighter levels to be effective.  You would need a build like
       8cleric/9SL/6Fighter/7Wpnmaster.  It would be fairly lousy, and remember
       that Wpnmaster is not nearly as good as it was in NWN1.
    4) Warlock - The save bonus is great, but class limit ruins this one.
       If you added Blackguard, divine, Stormlord, and warlock, you would gain
       saves, but lose nice abilities from Frenzied Berserker or Fighter, or
       some other class that would help your melee.
       Pally/BG buys you a lot more for their 2-4 levels than 1 warlock would.
    X.  Build Examples
    Here are 3 builds, using Cleric, FavSoul, and Spirit Shaman which are my top
     picks.  There are tons of different style combos, so I try to mix and match to
     demo several ways of playing.
    A.  Divine Cheeze - Strong 2handed spear build.  If you went Aasimir and
     tweaked stats, could get EPIC DIVINE MIGHT for lategame!
    The idea is to do heavy spear damage and use supreme cleave with enhanced
     2handed power attack to rip through foes quickly.
    FavSoul12/FrenBer5/BlackGuard3/StormLord10  24bab.  Nonlawful Evil
    STR 17 +7pumps +4GreatStr = 28
    DEX 8
    CON 14
    WIS 8
    INT 11
    CHA 16 (need big CHA item)
    1: FS - Pwr Atk, Cleave
    2: FS
    3: FS - Great Fortitude
    4: FS
    5: FS - Gain Elemental Resist
    6: FS - Great Cleave
    7: FS
    8: FS
    9: Frenzied Berserker - FreeTuffness    Wpnfocus: Spear
    10 FB - Free Supreme Cleave
    11 StormLord
    12 SL - Practiced Caster
    13 SL
    14 SL
    15 SL - Extended Spell
    16 Blackguard - Gain Proficiencies
    17 BG - Gain +Saves
    18 BG - Divine Might or Shield.
    19 SL
    20 SL
    21 FB - Armor Skin
    22 FB
    23 FB - Gain Super Duper Pwr Atk,   Great STR1
    24 SL -
    25 SL - Gain Immune Zap, Great STR2
    26 SL - Gain Avatar
    27 FS - Great STR3
    28 FS - Gain Elemental Resist
    29 FS - Great STR4
    30 FS - Gain Wpn Spec
    3 skills per level:
    maximum concentrate
    10 tumble (20 pts)
    5 hide (10 pts)
    max spellcraft 
    B. Clerical 1handed Stormlord - This is a high BAB build that uses 1handed 
       spear and shield for fighting (300 style).
      It also has a pretty decent caster level of 26, making its buffs very hard
       to dispel.
      Note that it can make use of Divine Power, but can fight pretty well even
       with no short-term buffs, especially with persisted Haste, Div Favor, and
    Cleric8/SL8/warPriest10/fig4  Human (cast lvl: 21+4), BAB 26
    str 17 +7pumps +4GStr = 28
    dex 13
    con 14
    int 10
    wis 14 +Item: minimum of 19.
    cha 8
    Domains:  Time, Earth
    1: cleric - luck of heroes, Great Fort, Free toughness, Imp Initiative
    2 c
    3 c - wpnfocus: spear
    4 c
    5 c
    6 cleric - Monkey Grip.
    7 Stormlord
    8 SL
    9 SL - extended spell
    10 sl
    11 sl
    12 sl - persistent spell
    13 sl
    14 sl
    15 cleric - Combat Casting
    16 cleric
    17 Warpriest
    18 WP - practiced caster
    19 wp
    20 wp
    21 fighter - blindfighting, Great STR 1
    22 fighter - epic prowess
    23 fight - Great Str 2
    24 WP
    25 fighter - ArmorSkin, Great STR3
    26 wp
    27 wp - Great STR4
    28 wp
    29 wp - ??? your choice.
    30 WP 
    C. Spirit Shaman hybrid caster/warrior that uses high CHA for spells/abilities.
     The high CHA makes this build an effective offensive caster using the solid
     druid offensive spells. Expect a DC of 31 for Lightning Storm, with probably
     +4 more from a +8CHA item.
      Fighting-wise, the character has a 22BAB with marginal AB bonuses otherwise.
     Not a great warrior, but not bad.  One can easily swap out CHA for STR to
     help the fighting capability if desired.
     Fighter is taken early on to provide heavy armor capabilities.
     Divine Shield is handy to add a +7AC for 7 rounds, usable 10 times per day,
     and a +CHA item can exponentially expand this power up to +13AC/13rnds/16x.
    Human SpiritShaman16/SL10/Cleric2/Fighter2
    STR 14
    DEX 8
    CON 14
    INT 12
    WIS 14  (needs +5 item for spellcasting)
    CHA 16 +7pump +3Great CHA = 26 natural.
    skills: 6 per lvl.  Go UMD, tumble, spellcraft, concentrate, 2 others.
    1 SS - Casting Prodigy, Great Fort
    2 Fighter - Power Attack
    3 SS - Prac Caster:Sp Shaman
    4 SS
    5 Fighter - Monkey Grip
    6 SS - Toughness
    7 SS
    8 SS
    9 Cleric - War,Luck (free wpnfocus:spear,Luck of Heroes), Divine Shield
    10 StormLord
    11 SL
    12 SL - Extended Spell
    13 SL
    14 SL
    15 SL - Empower Spell
    16 SL
    17 SL
    18 SL - Maximize spell
    19 SL
    20 SpShaman
    21 SS - Great CHA 1
    22 SS
    23 SS - Great CHA 2
    24 SS
    25 SS - Great CHA 3
    26 SS
    27 SS - Epic Spell: whatever
    28 SS
    29 SS - Armor Skin or Epic Prowess.
    30 Cleric (or Fighter..does not matter)
    variants: Replace cleric/fighter with Pally and go Aasimir. Requires major
      feat overhaul since losing 5 feats.
    variant2: +1SS, -1fighter.  Lose 1BAB, gain spirit walk.
    XI  Caster/Archer build and theory
    I said earlier that stormlord is melee only.  This is not quite totally true.
    You see... several throwing weapons are also included as stormlord favored
     weapons.  Among these are the dart, shurikan, and throwing axe.  This
     clears the way for an archery based build.
    I would like to credit F. Ortigosa for emailing me and pointing out this
    Throwing weapons are weak in general and not worthy of building around them.
    However, it is possible to make a cleric/stormlord that functions as a
    "caster cleric" and uses throwing weapons as a backup weapon.   This works
    because of several positive interactions:
    a) The stormlord does not adversely affect casting.  It takes away some
       feats, but is manageable.  The main problem is that you lose your
       free epic feats at cleric 23,26,29.
    b) A caster cleric has uber WIS, which opens the door for Zen Archery.
    c) The stormlord enhancement and damage bonuses are especially good for
       throwing weapons, which normally have no enchantment.
    Keep in mind that this character is a CASTER first and archer second.
    Thrown weapons have the following issues:
    a) You go through stacks of them like crazy!
    b) They wont have any +damage or enhancement cuz its too expensive.
    c) No special materials such as admantine or cold iron so damage reduction
       ruins your day.
    But, a few modifications to a standard offensive caster cleric can provide
     your character with a decent backup missile weapon that can even be used
     with a shield! Also you get the ability
     to use a spear in melee with improved effect, although that is not
     recommended due to lack of a shield.
    Here is a sample build:
    Cleric 20/Stormlord10.  Race: Aasimir.  (Human works fine too)
    Domains: Earth and Water or Air or Fire.
     -- Earth for good defensive spells and the prereq to speed up stormlord.
     -- Water/Air/Fire for offensive spells (fireball, call/chain, icestorm)
    STR 14
    DEX  8
    CON 14
    INT 12
    WIS 18 +2 Aasimir +7pumps +3Great WIS = 30
    CHA  8 +2 Aasimir
    I dumpstat DEX as an item gets it to 12 for max benefit in full plate.
    Later, a +8 item gives you 16 for max benefit with mithril full plate.
    1 cleric - Spellcasting Prodigy.
               free evasion from Water domain.
               free toughness from earth domain.
    2 cleric
    3 cleric - Weapon Focus: dart
    4 cleric
    5 cleric
    6 cleric - Great Fortitude
    7 Stormlord
    8 SL
    9 SL - Empowered Spell
    10 SL
    11 SL
    12 SL - Maximized Spell
    13 SL
    14 SL
    15 SL - Spell Focus: Evocation
    16 SL
    17 cleric
    18 cleric - Greater spell focus: evocation
    19 cleric
    20 cleric
    21 c - Great WIS 1
    22 c
    23 c - Great WIS 2
    24 c
    25 c - Great WIS 3
    26 c
    27 c - Epic Spell: Vampiric Feast
    28 c
    29 c - Practiced Caster (due to bug it pumps caster level bonus in epic)
    30 c
    It is not as good as a pure caster, but it is reasonably solid and has much
     more longevitity.
    Pure Caster spell DCs at 30: 
    10 +3 epic spell focus +4 epic caster bonus +11 WIS +1 caster prodigy
    = 29 + spell level.
    This build:
    10 +2 great spell focus +4 epic caster +10WIS +1 prodigy
    = 27 + spell level.
    XII.  Conclusion, Copyright, and Contact info
    This guide is copyrighted by Randomsome1.  However, you may post it or
    use it as you like as long as no contents are changed.
    If you have any observations, questions, or comments, please email me at:
     joemama1512@SPAMBEGONEhotmail.com and add NWN2Guide in the Subject.
     Remove the SPAMBEGONE part of course.
      (I would probably miss any email in my spam-filled regular email, hence
       the usage of my other account...)
    I hope you enjoy the guide and find it helpful.

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