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    Warlock Guide by PrettyLumiere

    Version: 1.3 | Updated: 11/26/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Neverwinter Nights 2 - Warlock Guide
    Version 1.3 
    All rights reserved.  The contents of this guide may be 
    reproduced on other works, provided proper acknowledgement 
    is given.
    You may contact me on the e-mail account given above.  
    Please keep your e-mails civil and clean.  I do have a 
    pretty high tolerance for abuse, but please don't test 
    Table of Contents
    O.   Revision History
    I.	Introduction
    II.	Caveats
    III.	Which race?
    IV.	Stats
    V.	Feats to get (non-epic spells)
    VI.	Feats to get (epic spells)
    VII.	How do invocations work?
    VIII.	Invocations (blast shapes and essences)
    IX.	Invocations (non-blast shape modifier)
    X.	Skills to get
    XI.	Should I get Spellcraft?
    XII.	Thoughts on multiclassing
    XIII.	Equipment
    XIV.	Final words
    XV.	Acknowledgments
    O.  Revision History
    1.3 - My final revision on whether Spellcraft is required
    or not.  (Yes, it's required.)
    1.2 - Quick and minor changes, partially due to privacy 
    issues and some (constructive) bashing on the forums.
    1.1 - Updated based on e-mail comments and for Mask of the 
    Betrayer expansion pack.  I apologize for being so late on 
    this update, but I've had a very busy time at work.
    1.0 - Initial release
    I.  Introduction
    I'm going to start this by a big bashing of the warlock 
    class, and it's not going to be pretty.
    The warlock class is not a particularly effective class 
    in any way, shape, or form, at least early on. 
    If you want a good analogy with other classes, take the 
    sorcerer, give him/her half the spells, but allow them to 
    cast the spells as many times as they want.  However, now 
    make their spells deal less than half damage, and you have 
    a warlock.  A warlock is in no way more resilient than the 
    sorcerer or the wizard, despite what the manual says (and 
    let's not forget the rampant errors in the manual).  In 
    fact, in my experience, I've found that sorcerers and 
    wizards are a lot more resilient, at least in the beginning 
    of the game.
    Basically, don't use your warlock to fight Lorne in the OC.  
    It simply does not work.
    Now, for the good news.  If you're patient enough to get 
    your warlock powerful enough to use the dark invocations, 
    you now have a character that will literally stay alive a 
    lot longer than any wizard or sorcerer out there, and allow 
    you to do a lot more damage than most fighters out there.  
    If you couple a warlock with a party full of melee units, 
    you will literally sail through battles with taking very 
    minimal damage.
    Furthermore, if you continue playing as a pure warlock into 
    the epic levels in the expansion pack, you literally can 
    sail through the fights with almost no problems, and a lot 
    of the warlock abilities and invocations can erase the 
    negative effects of the spirit eater curse.
    II.  Caveats
    This guide assumes you are using the latest version of the 
    Mask of the Betrayer expansion pack.  I also don't talk 
    about multiplayer because I don't play this multiplayer.
    III.  Which race?
    Since the invocations are Charisma-based, you will need to 
    have that as your primary stat.  Basically, any race that 
    is good as a sorcerer is good for a warlock.  Also, like a 
    monk, the true potential of a warlock is only realized when 
    you get close to all 20/30 levels, so a race that has a hefty 
    level adjustment is also not a good idea.  Finally, any 
    race that has serious hits in Intelligence, Dexterity, or 
    Constitution is also not a good choice.
    a.  Humans:  They are a good choice as a warlock, and the 
    extra feat, although not absolutely necessary, can be used 
    for a crafting feat if you want.
    b.  Planetouched:  Both the aasimar and the tieflings make 
    good warlocks.  An aasimar warlock seems a bit out of 
    character, but tiefling warlocks are quite in vogue (and in 
    character).  The +1 level adjustment is not exactly a show-
    stopper as you don't really need the last dark invocation.  
    If you do play as a tiefling warlock, watch out for the -2 
    Charisma modifier, although the +2 Dexterity helps.
    c.  Elves:  These are kind of a mixed bag.  Almost every 
    elf sub-race is playing with fire (if you'll pardon the 
    pun) with making a warlock, because you have to work around 
    a -2 Constitution modifier.  Remember that having more hit 
    points is more important than how much dexterity you have.  
    The drow also has the +2 Charisma modifier, but the +2 
    level adjustment offsets any advantage.
    d.  Dwarves:  Shield dwarves have -2 Charisma, so they're 
    out.  Gold dwarves have a -2 Dexterity, but the +2 
    Constitution makes up for it, so it's a passable.  As for 
    the duergar, the -4 Charisma and the +2 level adjustment 
    don't make for a good warlock (or at the least, a warlock 
    that is unable to cast the needed dark invocations).
    e.  Half-elves:  Treat as a human without the extra feat, 
    which makes them acceptable.
    f.  Gnomes:  Rock gnomes have +2 Constitution, but -2 
    Strength, plus the fact that they can't carry as much 
    weight.  If you do choose this subrace, buy lots of magic 
    bags to hold stuff.  Svirfneblins are not acceptable for 
    the same reason as duergars are (-4 Charisma, +3 level 
    g.  Halflings:  Both halfling subclasses make acceptable 
    warlocks like rock gnomes, but they do suffer from the same 
    problem of not being able to carry lots of stuff.  Again, 
    buy lots of magic bags.
    h.  Half-orcs:  The Ð2 Charisma AND Intelligence hurts a 
    lot.  You need a lot of the skills that are available to a 
    warlock, or else it's not going to be very fun.
    IV.  Stats
    As I mentioned previously, Charisma is your main stat and 
    most of your points should be there.
    Strength:  This stat is not really important because you do 
    not need a high attack bonus to hit an enemy with the 
    eldritch blasts that are ranged touch attacks.  However, it 
    does get annoying when you pick up some nice armor and all 
    of a sudden you can't run.  I suggest keeping this stat at 
    10 or 11, and just leave it there.
    Dexterity:  This is the second most important stat.  Since 
    you will be wearing light armor (NOT medium armor unless if 
    you're multiclassing, which I will explain later why), 
    having a high Dexterity score will boost your AC even 
    higher.  Having a high AC is good for a warlock as you will 
    often be casting your invocations at pretty close range.  I 
    suggest keeping this stat at around 13-14.  You should 
    probably not add to this stat when you get the chance to 
    during level up; you should instead find items that boost 
    Erik Jonker mentioned to me that DEX modifier also affects 
    the modifier used to determine when a ranged touch attack 
    does hit.  This is important in the earlier stages of the 
    game, as it would allow you to make more hits.  Later on, 
    this becomes a less of a concern as you'll be using 
    Eldritch Cone/Eldritch Doom/Chilling Tentacles/Wall of 
    Perilous Flame, which do not use a ranged attack to hit.  
    If you play a halfling, you have a slight advantage in this 
    department, without suffering from the stupid -2 CON that 
    the elves have to go through.
    Constitution:  Yes, you have a d6 hit point die.  No, it 
    does not make a whit of difference compared to a sorcerer 
    or a wizard.  This score, however, does make a difference.  
    I suggest leaving this at 12 at character creation.  If you 
    leave it lower, be prepared to die a lot.  (This also makes 
    elves very unattractive warlocks.)
    I've had people disagree with me on the amount of 
    Constitution placed in here.  I've had people suggest that 
    I put 14 or 16 in this stat and take it out of Charisma.  
    The good thing about the OC is that there's plenty of +CON 
    items which can accomplish the same thing.
    Intelligence:  Set this score to about 12 as well.  
    Warlocks have a lot of nice skills that will need plenty of 
    points.  If you want crafting skills, set this to 14.
    Wisdom:  Set this stat to anywhere from 8-10.  You don't 
    need this stat for anything useful.
    Charisma:  Get this as high as you can.  I prefer starting 
    out with about 18 Charisma base, and just keep adding to it 
    during levelups when I can add them.
    Most of the criticisms I've gotten so far with this have to 
    do with my sorcerer playing roots.  Do note that you can
    have the lowest amount of CHA and still cast dark 
    invocations.  However, it does limit the usefulness of your
    In the expansion pack, having only 14 CHA will get you into 
    serious trouble, especially if you use eldritch essences.  
    In particular, all the essences are subject to a Fortitude 
    and Reflex save check by the enemy.  From my experience 
    with a high CHA character, the enemies are still making 
    about half of the saves.  By having only 14 CHA, you are 
    literally hamstringing yourself.  Yes, you can avoid the 
    problem by only using a pure eldritch blast, but that's not 
    always practical.
    V.  Feats to get (non-epic levels)
    As a warlock, there are not a lot of feats that you don't 
    get by default that you can really use.  The ones that are 
    the most important are:
    a.  Combat Casting Ð Remember that it is not practical to 
    expect a warlock to always cast invocations far away from 
    enemies.  This helps considerably in not having your 
    invocations being interrupted.  Remember that you must have 
    defensive casting mode on in order to use this.
    b.  Spell Penetration Ð Invocations are subject to spell 
    resistance checks.  You don't want your Wall of Perilous 
    Flame or Noxious Blast to not work when you really need it, 
    c.  Greater Spell Penetration Ð I rather not gamble with my 
    chances of invocations being resisted.
    d.  Toughness Ð Extra hit points makes for a happy warlock.
    e.  Skill Focus (Concentration) Ð Again, we are talking 
    about practical issues here.  Never expect to be 
    uninterrupted while casting.  This will help considerably.
    The ones which you MIGHT want to get:
    a.  Battle Caster.  Since you don't get Medium Armor 
    Proficiency for free as a warlock, this feat is kind of 
    useless.  I rather spend my feats on things that help me in 
    other ways or on crafting feats.  There is one exception to 
    this that will be mentioned later (in the multiclassing 
    b.  Medium Armor Proficiency.  Don't get this unless if 
    fall under the one exception for Battle Caster.
    c.  Shield Proficiency.  If you can find a shield with
    a 0% arcane casting penalty, get this feat.
    d.  Dodge/Mobility.  If you have the feats to spare and the
    needed amount of DEX, go for them.
    The ones you should NEVER get:
    a.  Any spell focus feat.  My main problem is that you 
    cannot counterspell with warlocks, so those are only good 
    if you want to see what spells other spell casters are 
    b.  Any weapon feat.  You're not going to be using your 
    weapons to kill things.  You're going to be using your 
    invocations to kill things.  There are exceptions that can 
    be made if you are multiclassing with a fighter class or 
    one of the fighting-oriented prestige classes.  
    Besides from these, the remaining feat slots can be filled 
    with what suits you the best.  You could probably use one 
    of the feat slots for the crafting feat of your choice.
    VI.  Feats to get (Epic levels)
    It's nice to get some really powerful warlock specific 
    feats in the epic levels.  If you chose to up your 
    Spellcraft, warlocks also have access to epic spells (with 
    reservations from me that I'll discuss later).  Again, 
    here's a list of the feats you should definitely get:
    a.  Eldritch Master Ð 50% more damage from eldritch blasts 
    is nothing to pooh-pooh about.  God, I love doing so much 
    damage with a nice well-placed Eldritch Doom with a 50% 
    damage boost....  You do need 24 Spellcraft for this feat,
    b.  Epic Fiendish Resilliance Ð Although the resting 
    situation in the expansion pack kind of goes against it, 20 
    (not 25 in the manual) points per second of healing is, 
    again, not something to laugh at (and your boss fights 
    become much easier).
    c.  Epic Toughness Ð A live warlock is better than a dead 
    warlock.  You only need to get it once or twice, though.
    d.  Epic Spell Penetration Ð In the expansion, you're 
    already having trouble making enemies fail checks; don't 
    hamstring yourself by not getting this.
    On the "maybe" category, we have:
    a.  Armor Skin - +1 AC is nice, but I kind of wish it were 
    much larger than that.  It's close to worthless.
    b.  Epic Energy Resistance (pick your element) Ð Since 
    these aren't free, don't get them unless you don't have 
    anything else to pick.  You already get a free upgrade at 
    level 30 anyway.
    c.  Epic Eldritch Blast (1d6) Ð Adds another 1d6 to your 
    blast damage rolls.  It can be taken multiple times, but 
    again, you will end up getting them for free anyway.  Just 
    get this on occasion.  You should have enough feats left
    over to get this a few times.
    d.  Great Charisma Ð Luckily, you don't need THAT high of a 
    Charisma.  Your Charisma needs to be relatively high, but 
    adding to Charisma during the levelups where you can add 
    stats will get you to a high enough level.
    e.  Epic Spell: (any) Ð If you got enough Spellcraft and 
    are willing to accept the limitations on these spell, get 
    whatever suits your fancy.
    The ones I did not mention are usually of limited use or 
    you don't have the requirements to get them.
    VII.  How do invocations work?
    Let's set aside the "lore" of how a warlock gets 
    invocations and go down to the nitty-gritty on how an 
    invocation works.
    An invocation has the following properties:
    1.  You may use them as many times as you want.
    2.  Invocations have either a somatic or verbal component, 
    or both.  Therefore, if you are silenced, certain 
    invocations cannot be cast.
    3.  Invocations cannot be used with metamagic.
    4.  Certain invocations can be used alone, but others must 
    be used in conjunction with an eldritch blast.  The blast 
    shape invocations and eldritch essence invocations must be 
    used with an eldritch blast.
    The invocations that can be used alone are the low-damage, 
    status-affecting buffs and dispels that you will typically 
    use.  For example, Retributive Invisibility, Beguiling 
    Influence, and Wall of Perilous Flame are examples of this 
    type of invocation.
    However, your main source of damage comes from eldritch 
    blasts.  By default, if you cast an eldritch essence 
    invocation, you would cast an eldritch blast that is 
    modified by the eldritch essence.  The default eldritch 
    blast hits one enemy only.
    You can modify the blast by adding a blast shape.  A blast 
    shape invocation is an eldritch blast that has a different 
    shape/characteristic to it, which may allow you to hit more 
    targets.  Since the blast shape is an eldritch blast, you 
    can modify blast shapes with eldritch essences.
    VIII.  Invocations (blast shapes and essences)
    For discussion of invocations, I'm going to split them up 
    between blast shape/eldritch essences (since they 
    intrinsically go together), and invocations not involving 
    blash shapes/essences.
    Least Invocations (Blast Shapes):  One of them is 
    worthless, and one of them is useful.
    Hideous Blow Ð this blast shape is worthless.  If you 
    didn't have to recast it every time you hit a melee attack, 
    this one might actually be useful.  The trouble you incur 
    with this shape makes it not worth it for actual use.
    Eldritch Spear Ð I recommend getting this as one of the 
    first invocations that you get.  This extends the range of 
    an eldritch blast (to 250 feet according to the 
    description).  It's not that impressive considering you 
    really can't tell how far is 250 feet in game, but if you 
    can nail someone from really far away several times before 
    they get into range of the other blast shapes, you make 
    your job a lot easier in the earlier stages of the OC.  
    However, this loses effectiveness as you get eldritch chain 
    later on.
    Least Invocations (Essences):  Another worthless one and 
    another good one.
    Draining Blast Ð this is a good essence to use in the 
    beginning and it's probably the second invocation that I 
    get.  What this does is if you hit, the monster must pass a 
    Fortitude check.  If the check fails, the monster is 
    slowed.  The slower the monster, the more blasts you can 
    throw out and the faster you can get to a more defensible 
    Frightful Blast Ð I don't like this essence because it 
    isn't as useful.  I rather not have to chase after monsters 
    because they're afraid (and risk running into a trap).
    Lesser Invocations (Blast Shapes):  The only new blast 
    shape you get with this level of invocation is probably the 
    one you'll use the most through the game.
    Eldritch Chain Ð This blast shape starts out rather 
    modestly.  It has the range of a regular eldritch blast, 
    but after it hits your intended target, it will randomly 
    blast a random being that is within 30 feet from you.  It 
    means that you have the potential of hitting two enemies.  
    At warlock level 10, this is extended to three enemies, 
    four enemies at level 15, and five enemies at level 20.  If 
    you miss any of the enemies, the chain stops.  This isn't 
    as much of a trouble as you may think because by the time 
    you get to a higher level, you should rarely be missing 
    with your ranged touch attacks.  Get this as soon as you 
    have access to the lesser invocations.
    Lesser Invocations (Essences):  These aren't 
    disappointments, but you won't be using one of them very 
    Hellrime Blast(a.k.a. the ice blast) Ð This essence does 
    two things.  One, it modifies your eldritch blast to do 
    cold damage.  Two, it makes everyone you hit do a Fortitude 
    check or take a -4 penalty to Dexterity.  It's 
    indispensable when you have to fight against a lot of 
    rogues (basically when you get into Neverwinter in the OC), 
    but after that, you'll rarely use it.  
    Brimstone Blast(a.k.a. the fire blast) Ð Take your eldritch 
    blast, make it do fire damage, AND make them burn with fire 
    afterwards.  This will be the primary essence you'll use 
    until you get access to the greater invocations.
    Beshadowed Blast Ð This is a nice blast to have under 
    certain circumstances.  I don't use this blast because 
    putting opponents in darkness is not the way I play, but 
    there are potential uses for it.
    Greater Invocations (Blast Shapes):  The only new blast 
    shape you get with this level of invocation is useful... 
    until you get access to the dark invocations.
    Eldritch Cone Ð This blast shape says what you think it 
    says.  Your blast is now in the shape of a cone.  It's okay 
    in certain situations, but it has been my experience that 
    enemies don't like attacking you in a way that you will be 
    using this very often.  I would recommend getting this as 
    soon as you have access to it, but dropping it once you get 
    Eldritch Doom.
    Greater Invocations (Essences):  Again, we have a nice set 
    of essences; choose one depending on how you play.
    Vitrolic Blast(a.k.a. the acid blast) Ð Take the Brimstone 
    Blast, but make it acid damage.  In addition, make it 
    impossible to counter with spell resistance.  Once you get 
    this, you will end up using this over the Brimstone Blast 
    in most cases.  If you do play the expansion pack, do watch 
    out as enemies do get a Reflex and Fortitude save against 
    Noxious Blast Ð Take your eldritch blast, make it daze 
    people.  I typically don't use this, but if you like being 
    support, this is a great one to use.  Unfortunately, as you 
    play the expansion pack, if you want to make sure this 
    works, you better have a high enough Charisma and the spell 
    penetration feats to make sure that your enemies fail the 
    Reflex and Fortitude save.
    Hindering Blast Ð 1 second of effect?  Two thumbs down. 
    (stolen from Siskel and Ebert)  I rather get Draining Blast 
    Dark Invocations (Blast Shapes):  This is one good reason 
    why you want to be a pure warlock (or as close to it as you 
    Eldritch Doom Ð This blast shape is simple.  Target where 
    you want the blast to hit.  Everything within a certain 
    radius is hit.  The radius isn't as big as a Fireball or a 
    Chain Lightning spell, but it's more than adequate for your 
    needs.  There is a reflex save, but you should have enough
    to counter it by the time you get this.
    Dark Invocations (Essences):  This is a disappointment in 
    the OC, maybe not for multiplayer purposes.
    Utterdark Blast Ð If you hit with this one, the target 
    takes negative energy damage and drains levels.  It sounds 
    nice, but by the time you can get this in the OC, just 
    about every enemy uses this to heal.  It probably works a 
    lot better in a multiplayer situation.  You probably will 
    just use it once, then switch to another essence, as the 
    negative levels do not stack.  
    Binding Blast Ð 1 second of effect?  Obsidian, Bioware, 
    Atari, Wizards of the Coast... please try to be a little 
    bit more.... creative next time, shall we? 
    IX.  Invocations (non-blast shapes or essences)
    These function like your typical spell.  As invocations, 
    you may cast these as many times as you wish.  Most of 
    these are supporting spells that make your work a lot 
    Least Invocations:  A really nice array of things to choose 
    from.  Some of them aren't very useful; others make your 
    life so much easier.
    Beguiling Influence Ð Get this one if you have points in 
    Intimidate (which is what I usually do).  I like talking my 
    way out of situations, so this is a nice thing to get.  
    Even if you don't, this is useful for boosting Diplomacy 
    (good) and Bluff (kind of worthless).
    Dark One's Own Luck Ð Useful in the beginning, not so 
    useful in the end.  I usually either get this or Beguiling 
    Darkness Ð Uhh, no thanks.  This tends to be a frame-rate 
    Devil's Sight Ð This has limited usefulness, but if you 
    really wanted what this invocation gives you, play as an 
    Elf, but that's really not a good idea, eh?
    Entropic Warding Ð I like this one.  I usually replace 
    Draining Blast with this invocation later in the game, and 
    watch as the archers have trouble with you as you kill them 
    with an eldritch chain.  It doesn't last that long, but 
    remember that you can recast it and it does last long 
    enough for you to do your business.
    Leaps and Bounds Ð Don't get this even if you have put 
    points in Tumble.  It's not a high enough boost that would 
    make it useful.
    Seen the Unseen Ð I don't recommend this as you'll get 
    things in the OC that give True Seeing.
    Otherworldly Whispers - +6 to Spellcraft and Lore checks.  
    This is a tossup.  It doesn't hurt to have this, but it 
    doesn't hurt to not have this.
    Lesser Invocations:  Not as good of a selection, but a 
    couple of them are useful.
    Charm Ð No thanks, I'm not out to convert people.  I rather 
    summon my own skeletons.
    Curse of Despair Ð Hmm... do those score reductions really 
    do THAT much over a battle?  Skip this one.
    The Dead Walk Ð In the OC, just let Ammon Jerro use it.  If 
    you're not in the OC, this is an okay one to get; just drop 
    Brimstone Blast or Voracious Dispelling for this.  It does 
    have rather low HD, so it's probably no better than cannon 
    Voracious Dispelling Ð Get this one later on in the game.  
    It's a good dispelling invocation; the times which you need 
    to dispel things aren't that frequent, though.  The damage 
    you do on the dispelled creatures doesn't hurt, anyway.
    Walk Unseen Ð You're not a rogue.  No thanks for me.  There 
    are applications for this for those who are inclined to be 
    sneaky (and get free eldritch blasts on enemies), but to 
    me, it's not worth it.
    Dread Seizure Ð I don't see any difference with enemies 
    affected by this versus regular enemies.  Skip this one.
    Greater Invocations:  Now we're coming to the really 
    offensive invocations.  You only need one of the offensive 
    ones, though.
    Chilling Tentacles:  Get either this one or Wall of 
    Perilous Flame.  Freezing tentacles are nice.  I prefer 
    Wall of Perilous Flame myself, but this is a good choice 
    too.  Unfortunately, as you go up in level, this attack 
    starts losing efficiency.
    Devour Magic:  This is an upgraded version of Voracious 
    Dispelling.  You can get this; just drop Eldritch Cone.  I 
    personally find Voracious Dispelling enough for my 
    purposes, though.
    Tenacious Plague:  This one tends to be a wildcard.  Get it 
    if you want; you'll probably find uses for it that I 
    couldn't find.
    Wall of Perilous Flame:  One of my very favorites; this is 
    the 3rd greater invocation that I get.  You can pretty much 
    single-handedly do the last part of the Crossroad Keep 
    siege with this and Eldritch Doom.  What's even better, the 
    magical damage this does (not the fire damage portion) 
    cannot be resisted without spell resistance.  The main 
    drawback is that as you play through the expansion pack, 
    this starts becoming more and more useless.
    Dark Invocations:  When they said warlocks were more 
    resilient than sorcerers or wizards, they must have been 
    talking about one of the invocations here.
    Dark Foresight Ð Once you get access to dark invocations, 
    GET THIS FIRST.  NO EXCEPTIONS.  Have this hotkeyed at all 
    times.  This gives 10/silver damage reduction (not 
    30/adamantine as in the manual in the OC or the confusing 
    statement they made in the expansion pack manual) with a 
    pool of 10 points per warlock level.  This is basically the 
    Stoneskin spell, but you can cast this as many times as you 
    want, unlike sorcerers or wizards.  This is what will allow 
    you to cast your eldritch blasts with impunity.
    In the expansion pack, the pool is capped at 150 hit 
    points.  This does water down the skill a bit, but it's 
    still vital.
    Retributive Invisibility Ð Don't get this for the 
    retributive part.  Get it for the invisibility (which isn't 
    broken by invocations or attacking).  It only lasts 3 
    rounds, which is a handicap, but you just need to recast 
    this, anyway.
    Word of Changing Ð I ended up using this a lot, especially 
    in the Mask of the Betrayer campaign after you have to deal 
    with spirit energy drop.  Yes, it has a lot of melee 
    attacking power, but the 5 HP regeneration is what I use it 
    for.  If you switch to this form, you no longer suffer the 
    health loss/damage vulnerabilities that having a stage 2 or 
    higher status has.
    One last thing... as of this writing (11/19/07), there is a 
    bug in this skill that you can exploit.  If you revert to 
    your original form while you are at a stage 2 or higher 
    status, every time you take damage because of the spirit 
    energy level, you regain 5 HP back.
    The only thing that you can't do is casting invocations in 
    this form.
    X.  Skills to get
    If you went with my suggestion of 12 INT, you should have 3 
    points to use per level.  I used it on Concentration, 
    Intimidate, and Lore, plus one point in Use Magic Device.
    Consider getting the following:
    Concentration Ð This is a no-brainer.  Don't blame me if 
    you fail to put points in it and have your invocations 
    Intimidate Ð I like talking my way out of battles.  
    Diplomacy would have worked better for my style of playing, 
    but it's a cross-class skill for warlocks, and this isn't.
    Lore Ð I don't like having to go to shop to identify stuff, 
    and I rather not shuffle things around to someone who can 
    identify stuff.
    Use Magic Device Ð Just get one point in this.  This with 
    Deceive Item will allow you to use most things out there 
    for wizards and sorcerers.  If you need more points in 
    this, take them out of Lore or Intimidate.  In the 
    expansion pack, you may end up needing to put more points 
    in this.
    Tumble Ð If you don't get Intimidate, consider putting it 
    into this cross-class skill.  In that case, you'll end up 
    getting the Leaps and Bounds invocation as well.
    XI.  Should I get Spellcraft?
    If you've read the previous versions of this guide, I
    said to not to get Spellcraft.  Well, you can throw that
    out because Eldritch Master requires 24 Spellcraft, which
    means that if you fail to get Spellcraft, you will not
    have a good time trying to deal damage.
    (okay, now, please stop the e-mails to me about it)
    XII.  Thoughts on multiclassing
    Let's talk about minor multiclassing.  The warlock is 
    almost worthless as a minor multiclass character because 
    warlock levels don't count as arcane caster levels, and 
    simply said, warlocks aren't very powerful in the 
    As for major multiclasses with warlock as the dominant 
    class, remember that the warlock's power and resilience 
    comes by having access to the dark invocations.  It's 
    usually best to go pure warlock, but if you're willing to 
    drop one dark invocation and the additional energy 
    resistance, you can go Warlock 19/Fighter 1 or Warlock 
    19/Barbarian 1 to get medium armor proficiency and martial 
    weapon proficiency for free.  If you do this, be sure to 
    get the Battle Caster feat.
    There are good multiclasses with Blackguard if you play an 
    evil Warlock, but I absolutely refuse to play an evil 
    character.  I'll put them in the next version of the guide.
    XIII.  Equipment
    There's a dearth of good warlock-only equipment in the OC.  
    As NWN2 relies on crafting skills for good armor and 
    equipment, I suggest focusing on your armor class when 
    choosing equipment.  What I did was take the leather armor 
    that I got at the very beginning, and upgrading it to +5 
    enhancement, 30/- cold resistance, and 30/- fire 
    As for weapons, use whatever weapon you feel is good for 
    you.  I ended up using one of those nice crossbows that 
    gave +DEX (to boost my armor class).
    If you did the Warlock 19/Fighter 1 or Warlock 19/Barbarian 
    1 multiclass, your choice of armor and weapons becomes a 
    lot better.  However, warlocks aren't really designed for 
    melee combat.
    Eng-Seng Teoh sent me this e-mail about equipment, which 
    shows how he did his equipment as a warlock.
    "Here's a couple of things I found when I played a 
    warlock which you may find 
    I wanted to say, spellcraft is useful for the bonus to 
    saving throws.
    Maybe that's a new thing with the later patches, but 
    it's what I took it 
    The other thing is that mage armor, bracers of armor, 
    and enhancement bonus 
    to armor are the same bonus in the game.
    (This is not the same as D&D in general, as mage armor 
    & bracers of armor 
    are meant to be armor bonuses, not enhancement)
    What this means is the highest of those bonuses will 
    stack with the base 
    armor value of your armor.
    So I took medium armor proficiency and battle caster on 
    my warlock, and made 
    a suit of mithril full plate (8 AC, 3 max dex) to wear. 
    I then had it 
    enchanted with fortification.
    This may also be a new patch thing (as I vaguely recall 
    it not being so), 
    but mithril heavy shields have no arcane spell failure 
    chance. So making a 
    +4 (more likely, since blue diamonds are so rare in OC) 
    or +5 version ups AC 
    In the endgame, my lightfoot halfling warlock was 
    Mithril full plate + fortification
    Bracers of Armor +8
    Mithril Heay Shield +4
    Gargoyle Boots (maybe there are better boots, but I 
    didn't look very hard)
    Amulet of Natural Armor +4 (I put my +5 on another 
    Dagger with (3 AC deflection) defending
    Ring of Regeneration
    Ring of Improved Evasion
    The Regal (for resistances, but there are probably 
    better choices)
    Cloak of Charisma +8
    Since I took luck of heroes, that makes an AC of 46 
    (before such effects 
    like haste).
    Err ... I didn't take dark foresight ... I just stood 
    around as my enemies 
    flailed feebly at me. :D
    I also made Qara cast stoneskin on me a lot.
    Hope this helps. Bye!"
    Once you get to the expansion pack, the crafting system is 
    a LOT different, and is something that I haven't been able 
    to figure out how to use properly.  I believe there is a 
    FAQ on GameFAQs that describes the new crafting system in 
    XIV.  Final Words
    The warlock class is a disappointment until you get to the 
    later levels, when it becomes almost unstoppable.  Despite 
    all the flaws, it's become one of my favorite classes to 
    play, and I hope it becomes one of your favorite classes 
    Once you get your warlock to the epic levels, you are 
    virtually unstoppable.
    XV. Acknowledgements
    Thanks to:
    -       Jeremy Wilmot, for pointing out some glaring errors
    -	Eng-Seng Teoh, for his e-mail on crafting warlock 
    -	Erik Jonker, for his insights on DEX, ranged touch 
    attacks, and halflings as warlocks
    -	borkborkbork, for his e-mail explaining how my minor 
    multiclass didn't work and his evil warlock/blackguard 
    multiclass, which I will include in the next revision
    I probably missed a few people, but if I did, thanks to you 
    all as well.
    ~ The End ~
    November 19th, 2007

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