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    Wife FAQ by gdarussian

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 10/21/08 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

         _  __ _                       ____                        _          
        | |/ /(_) _ __    __ _ | ___  | __ )   ___   _   _  _ __  | |_  _   _ 
        | ' / | || '_ \  / _` | / __| |  _ \  / _ \ | | | || '_ \ | __|| | | |
        | . \ | || | | || (_| | \__ \ | |_) || (_) || |_| || | | || |_ | |_| |
        |_|\_\|_||_| |_| \__, | |___/ |____/  \___/  \__,_||_| |_| \__| \__, |
                         |___/                                          |___/ 
                  _____  _           _                              _ 
                 |_   _|| |_   ___  | |    ___  __ _  ___  _ _   __| |
                   | |  | ' \ / -_) | |__ / -_)/ _` |/ -_)| ' \ / _` |
                   |_|  |_||_|\___| |____|\___|\__, |\___||_||_|\__,_|
    Wives guide v1.0
    Copyright 2008 GdaRussian (G. Stepanov)
    Contact: gdarussian@netscape.net
       I.  Intro              
      II.  Children           
     III.  Wives          
       I.  Intro                    
    In King's Bounty: The Legend, you can get married to get a significant boost
    in power. When you marry, you get a special bonus skill from your wife, 4 new
    equipment slots, and the ability to have children. The skill and slots are 
    dependent on who you marry, while the chldren are completely random. You 
    should get a wife as soon as you have more items than available slots. They
    don't gain experience or anything, but the extra slots are very useful.
      II.  Children                    
    - After you're married you can talk to your wife about having kids 
    - A bit after you're first married, your wife will interrupt your adventuring
    and try to get you to have a(nother) child
    - If you choose to have a child, you'll need to wait a while (and fight a few 
    battles) before it is born
    - The child will take up an equipment slot(!) and give you a random bonus 
    (such as extra rage, extra scroll capacity, or extra experience from combat).
    - The first child will occupy the first equipment slot, etc, and cannot be 
    moved or gotten rid of (short of divorcing the wife). How unfortunate and 
    unrealistic =P
    - You don't know what the bonus will be until after the child is born
    - The bonuses are usually worse than an item you could put in the slot the
    child is occupying
    Because of all this, I highly recommend NOT having children.
     III.  Wives                    
    | Zombie Rina              |
      Location: Greenwort (Darion)
         Skill: +1 to the Speed and Initiative of Undead creatures
         Slots: Armor, Boots, Belt, Artifact (same as Rina)
       Special: Can be transformed into Rina
    Looks like: A rather blue-ish goth girl
      Attitude: Child-like
      Thoughts: One of the first wives you can get, but fairly useless as far as
                her skill's concerned: undead are hard to come by early.
                Ballanced slots, though.
    How to get: 
    - Complete the quest The Invasion of the Thorns from Elder Evtid (in the 
    village outside Castle Kronberg [where you start])
    - Talk to Evtid again and accept the Troubles in the Mill quest
    - Complete or fail this quest
      + Completion includes going back and forth between the mill, the magic 
      school, and Rotten Hake's hut in the forest north-west of the castle
    - Talk to Rotten Hake
    - If you completed the miller quest, he'll sell you Rina for 5,000 gold
    - If you failed the miller quest, he'll sell you Rina for 10,000 gold
    If you convert her to Rina, you can change her back to Zombie Rina by
    talking to her and choosing the "Say the magic word" option.
    | Rina                     |
      Location: Greenwort (Darion)
         Skill: +1 to the Speed and Initiative of Robbers and Pirates
         Slots: Armor, Boots, Belt, Artifact (same as Zombie Rina)
       Special: Can be transformed into Zombie Rina
    Looks like: A rather pale-ish human girl
      Attitude: Fairly normal, supportive
      Thoughts: Can be useful if you get ahold of some robbers early on
    How to get: After getting Zombie Rina, talk to her and choose the
    "Say the spell of transformation" option.
    | Feanora                  |
      Location: Marshan Swamp (Darion)
         Skill: +3 to Intellect
         Slots: Helmet, Belt/Artifact, Artifact, Artifact (same as Frog Feanora)
       Special: Occasionally transforms into Frog Feanora
    Looks like: A human princess
      Attitude: Needy, submissive
      Thoughts: Great for mages. The extra artifact slots are useful if you have
                a bunch of extras (mages tend to benefit most from these)
    How to get: 
    - Accept Enchanted Love quest from Earl Argus in Arlania
    - In Marshan Swamp, between the witch houses, talk to the frog
    - Agree to help her free her sisters (Rescue the Frogs quest)
    - Go back to Argus and he'll tell you to get a love potion from Helga
    - Visit Helga in Arlania (just east of the magic range)
    - Go back to Argus, navigate through his dungeon, and get the frog cage
    - Return to Feanora in the Marshan Swamp and agree to marry her
    | Frog Feanora             |
      Location: Marshan Swamp (Darion)
         Skill: +100% to the Attack of Snakes and Spiders
         Slots: Helmet, Belt/Artifact, Artifact, Artifact (same as Feanora)
       Special: Kiss her to turn her into Feanora
    Looks like: A frog
      Attitude: Croaking
      Thoughts: Don't underestimate her. Use with Royal Snakes (they're Grrrreat!)
                and Snake Boots and she can take you most of the way through the 
    How to get: After getting Feanora, ignore her for a bit, and she'll 
    transform into frog form
    | Mirabella                |
      Location: Eastern Islands (Freedom Islands)
         Skill: +100% to the Attack of Pirates and Robbers
         Slots: Weapon, Boots, Belt, Regalia
       Special: None
    Looks like: A redhead pirate
      Attitude: Tough, yarr!
      Thoughts: Great if you like pirates/robbers, esp. with Jackboots.
                Regalia and weapon slots (she's the first of two to have a weapon 
                slot) are very useful
    How to get: 
    Step 1: The Kraken
    - Get ready for a serious fight. This one can be a toughie
    - Talk to Mirabella and accept the quest "The Great Kraken"
    - Talk to Captain Wetbelly, who is south of the island north-west of Mirabella
    - Follow his ship (you may occasionally need to talk to him to nudge him
    along) and make sure you don't block his path north-east
    - When he gets past the island with the titan's museum (the big foot), the
    Kraken will attack
    - Kill the kraken (Good luck!)
    Step 2: Kill Lucky James
    - This can be done before or after the maps/black mark quests
    - Optimally, you should talk to Redbeard first and accept the quest 
    "The Black Mark"
    - Talk to Lucky James and deliver the Black Mark
    - Go back to Redbeard and tell him you've done as he asked
    - Now, go back to Lucky James and kill him (and you don't have to pay
    for the maps, either)
    - Note: If you don't kill him, there may be some way to get more treasure
    out of him, but I've not found any such way
    Step 3: Return to Mirabella and propose
    | Gerda                    |
      Location: Lower Hadar (Kordar)
         Skill: +1 to the Morale of Dwarves
         Slots: Shield/Regalia, Boots, Armor, Regalia
       Special: None
    Looks like: A male dwarf sans beard
      Attitude: Attentive, whiney
      Thoughts: Yuck! I guess if you like dwarves and don't mind feeling dirty...
                Her slots focus more on defense and leadership
    How to get: 
    - Talk to Tadum Reg of Castle Horwest in Lower Hadar
    - Accept the quest to rescue his daughter
    - Use the lift just to the east of the castle 
    - Enter the cave, kill the cyclopses, and talk to Gerda
    - Go back to Castle Horwest and talk to Tadum and then Gerda
    | Princess Neoka           |
      Location: Great Forest (Ellinia)
         Skill: +1 to the Morale of Elves
         Slots: Regalia, Regalia, Belt/Regalia, Artifact
       Special: None
    Looks like: An elvish princess with a crazy hairdo
      Attitude: Royal, wordy
      Thoughts: Elves are awesome (as are hunters and dryads), esp. with a 
                Telescopic Sight and Neoka. The extra reglia slots she gives
                let you hire even more of them, too.
    How to get: 
    - As you approach the northern bit of the Great Forest, a group of hunters
    will give you the quest "Break the Orinoko Seige".
    - Kill the 4 sets of monsters between you and the castle
    - Talk to the princess and her father to get the quest "Permission to Marry"
    - Go to the middle of the Great Forest and talk to the Tree of Life
    - If you haven't helped it yet, do so now 
    - After you've helped the tree, it will give you permission to marry Neoka
    - Go back to Castle Orinoko and talk to her father 
    | Xeona                    |
      Location: Great Forest (Ellinia)
         Skill: +1 to the Morale of Demons
         Slots: Weapon, Boots, Weapon, Belt/Artifact
       Special: None
    Looks like: More of an elf than Neoka
      Attitude: Naughty, submissive
      Thoughts: Demons and Archdemons are very good in end-game as they have high
                fire resistence and you'll be fighting a lot of dragons. Demons
                also hit like a 10-ton truck and can summon other demons.
                Plus, she's got two weapon slots - which could mean +10 attack
                or +10 int, along with other bonuses. 
    How to get: 
    - Defeat her in the siege of Castle Nexy in Demonis (required to continue)
    - Talk to her and propose

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