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    Online Multiplayer Guide by I Rock Ths

    Version: 3.0 | Updated: 01/01/10 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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    Call of Duty Multiplayer Guide--The Nooby Way, Noob Tube not included.
    I Rock Ths
    X-Box Live: I Rock Ths (Don't add please, I don't even play with all my friends
    as it is.)
    Version update:
    1.0: Have my weapons guides, with maps, perks, strategies, and tips and
    glossary up. As well as my Prestige section and the Support and Challenges
    section with my weapons challenges completed posted as well. (3/30/09)
    1.5: Multiple updates, including more tips, favorite guns from friends, and
    the main difference is the updated weapons tips. I think every gun got info
    added, except for the M16 and the Pistols. More terms in the glossary, and more
    credits if anyone cares. (4/4/09)
    1.8: Damage amounts for all guns and explosives. Supercheats.com is now allowed
    to host the guide. Edited Shipment (bad information, sorry) and added the
    "Balanced" section to call out the problems in the game. Code is balanced, but,
    like most things, something balanced in theory is not balanced in reality.
    Added ammo sharing and more info on some weapons. Added more information on
    ACOG and a couple more classes I use/have used. Trying to get Turner's M21 class
    but keep forgetting when I see him...
    3.0: Yes a whole version update. Went in and changed pretty much every gun I
    didn't give a fair review. I can use pretty much any gun. Removed the Hack/Mod
    section because I've found out that's unclear to me (aka I can shoot as fast as
    some mods without a mod.) Still have to go back and edit the maps and perks. I
    found out even more about shipment that I had an inaccurate representation in
    here (You can play it in cagematch as well).
    Ok, so I started this update in maybe September, then left for a while, played
    more COD, and stuff happened that I didn't work on this. There's a lot going
    on. MW2 came out, and I didn't aquire that until after Christmas. But there
    has been an update, with mod blocks on semi-autos. More on that later. I
    got the Golden Dragonuv and M1014, legit (No boosting in cage match). Anyway,
    I pretty much redid a lot of stuff here, so completely new guide for some
    parts, and not many changes for old parts.
    Hi, guys, Rock here. I wanted to take this time to write a guide on the Call of
    Duty 4 Multiplayer style, with more than just guns. Including how to get
    Challenges, certain classes you can use, and even guides to what works well on
    the maps. So, without further ado...
    These sites have permission to host this guide:
    All trademarks and copyrights are held by there respective owners.
    All of this applies to the PS3 that I am aware of, and for the most part to the
    PC and Mac. I think the main difference between consoles and computers is the
    servers, which can be customized. Refer to the PC guide for more information on
    Table of Contents
    -->Assult Rifles
    --->M16A4 (M16)
    --->M4 Carbine
    --->G36c (G36)
    -->Sub-Machine Guns
    --->Mini-Uzi (Uzi)
    -->Light (not Large) Machine Guns
    --->M249 SAW (Saw)
    --->A Note
    -->Sniper Rifles
    --->M40A3 (M40)
    --->Barrett .50Cal (Barrett)
    -->MP5 vs AK-74u
    --> SAW vs RPD
    -->Top 5 Guns
    -->Ammo Sharing
    -->Tier 1
    --->x3 Special
    --->C4 x2
    --->Claymore x2
    --->RPG x2
    --->Bomb Squad
    --->x3 Frag
    --->Grenade Launcher (Noob Tube)
    -->Tier 2
    --->Stopping Power
    --->UAV Jammer
    --->Sonic Boom
    --->Sleight of Hand
    --->Double Tap
    -->Tier 3
    --->Extreme Conditioning
    --->Deep Impact
    --->Last Stand
    --->Steady Aim
    --->Dead Silence
    --->Iron Lungs
    -->Juggernaut vs Stopping Power
    -->Double Tap vs Stopping Power
    -->Iron Lungs vs Deep Impact
    --->Red Dot Sight
    --->ACOG Scope
    -->Low Levels
    -->My Set-ups
    --->Wet Work
    -->Map Pack
    --->Team Deathmatch (TDM)
    --->Free For All (FFA)
    --->Ground War
    --->Search and Destroy (SnD, not S&D)
    --->Team Tactical
    -->Other modes
    --->Hardcore Team Deathmatch
    --->Hardcore Search and Destroy
    --->Old School FFA
    --->Cage Match
    --->Headshots Help
    -->Boot Camp
    ->Terms Glossary
    ->My Completed Weapon Challenges
    ->"Mod Block" - A Controversial Update
    "Every weapon is well balanced to the point that you can use any weapon and it
    will be "the best". Just because one gun does more damage or fires faster than
    another doesn't make it superior." --Den Kirson
    Let me add to that. Every weapon is balanced IN THEORY. Some guns (M16, M40A3)
    are overpowered when perks and attachments are added, and some weapons (W1200,
    M1014, M14) are under powered compared to other weapons.
    For instance, Stopping Power and Juggernaut. For those two to be balanced, the
    two teams must use the exact same set ups as one another ie: AK-47 naked,
    Bandolier, and Steady Aim, and one team use Stopping Power and the other use
    Juggernaut. Since that is not a real expectation, Stopping Power is considered
    by some people to be the most overpowered part of the game.
    -----Assault Rifles-----
    Assault Rifles are your basic guns. As such, they have the most guns in the
    game under this class. It is the only class to have 3 different firing methods;
    burst, full-auto, and semi-auto. They all have their advantages, and you will
    commonly see these guns used. The M4, M16, AK-47, and G36 are commonly used
    with varied attachments. These are the only weapons that can use the noob tube,
    so be aware if you see anyone with an assault rifle, especially if they have no
    first perk.
    M16A4: The M16 (level 1, assault class)
    Most accurate assult rifle in the game. Something that people have trouble
    using when unlocked (level 1) because of it's 3-bullet burst. But, with
    Stopping Power, one burst can kill anyone, including a juggernaut, from medium
    A note is that a lot of lower levels also succeed with this gun because,
    coupled with Stopping Power, a burst is a One-hit kill. For that reason,
    it is commonly hated by better players because it is so easy to use with
    somewhat good accuracy.
    Damage: 40-30
    AK-47: The AK (Level 4)
    Possibly the most famous gun in the world, it is also possibly the most
    commonly used gun in the game. It is the most popular Assault Rifle in the game,
    since it has a good balance of range, power, and range at distance. This gun in
    its silenced form is one of the better weapons silenced, although it loses to
    the MP5 in mobility.
    This gun has idle sway. It is so overpowered that its iron sights get idle sway
    and a silenced and Red Dot Sight loses damage. But that doesn't make this gun
    bad, it just means that sniping with it with either of those attachments is a
    bad idea.
    Damage: 40-30, no attachments, 40-20 with Red Dot or Silencer.
    M4 Carbine: The M4 (level 10)
    The M4 is unlocked at level 10, and is also loved by lower levels and higher
    levels alike. It has good accuracy, but loses out to the AK in power. This can
    be a good weapon ACOG'd. I prefer this, but it is a matter of preference.
    The M4 also gets idle sway because of its low recoil and good rate of fire. It
    does damage at a 30-20 rate, so it doesn't lose power at distance with
    attachments. It is accurate enough that it is good with the ACOG as well.
    Damage: 30-20
    G3: The G3 (Level 25)
    The G3 is a Semi-Auto Assult Rifle, which means it has the fastest firing rate
    in the game. The Semi-autos (Pistols, M1014, G3, M14, M21, Dragunov, and
    Barrett) fire as fast as you hit the fire button. So you can unload an entire
    7-round Desert Eagle clip in under a second. The G3 is a good weapon at range,
    and can be good in CQB in skilled hands. It excels with the Red Dot Sight and
    ACOG, and it is even good with the Silencer if you choose. A worthy choice all
    the way to 55, 10th Prestige.
    This gun has a huge advantage, especially in hardcore, of being 40-30 at any
    distance. In hardcore, you have 30 health, which make this a 1-hit kill at all
    distances without stopping power, an advantage over some guns. The only problem
    is the glitch, and now the mod block.
    The glitch is the HUGE delay with the Stab motion when attempting to knife (up
    to 5 seconds) where the target must stay in the range of the attack (you can't
    move) for the attack to hit. This is a huge problem for people who have aquired
    the knife instinct, where if you run into an enemy around the corner, you knife
    him if he's close enough.
    Also, the mod block makes it so you can only fire around 450 rpm (15 rps). If
    you fire too many rounds too quickly, the game make you pause your shot, then
    it resumes as normal. This can be a problem, but most people who aren't modding
    will not have a problem with this block. My rate of fire is around 420 rpm.
    Damage: 40-30
    G36c: The G36 (Level 37)
    This gun is beastly. It has a good rate of fire, sub-par iron sights, excels
    normally, ACOG'd, or silenced, and it does pretty good damage at range, which
    is very important.
    This gun is an oddity. It has slower idle sway than the M4, and moves in the
    same motion, but does so less. It also is affected by stance. The lower you
    get the less sway it gets. This gun is also good ACOG'd due to its accuracy
    and rate of fire. It actually has less sway with the ACOG than other guns,
    making it a good option for the ACOG for that reason too.
    Damage: 30-20
    M14: The M14 (Level 46)
    The second semi-auto AR, this one is one of the loudest guns in the game. It
    has a higher power than the G3, but also more recoil and is a lot worse at CQB.
    This weapon is often equiped with a Red Dot Sight or and ACOG and used as a
    sniper, since it has the power and all. It's accuracy is good as well. Aiming
    low is good, since its recoil is vertical, and it will work its way up to a
    The M14 is hard to use because of the recoil, which is in between too much for
    an Assault Rifle and low for a Sniper Rifle. That plus its power makes it a
    good gun to give an ACOG and snipe with. It works well in the shotgun style,
    where you use Steady Aim and shoot from the hip. You can do this well with a
    Silencer as well. You can take this up close and use it like a shotty, and then
    sit back and pick off the guy trying to cap a flag from across the map. Very
    useful if you can figure out the right way to pwn with it.
    Another thing that people complain about (including me) is the horrible iron
    sights that take up the lower half of the screen. You can easilly lose someone
    in them. Otherwise, its iron sights would be freaking amazing. It makes it easy
    to put someone in them, but it just makes it too easy to lose someone in them.
    The mod block affects this gun as well, but honestly if you're dumb enough to
    mod this gun, then you probably will mod even if I explain again what happens
    if you try.
    Damage: 50-40
    MP44: (level 52)
    This is the only weapon that has been in the game since the original series. It
    basically has no purpose other than for nostalgia, since it is the only primary
    weapon to not have a marksman challenge. It still has an expert challenge, so
    it is nessecary to use to get the golden AK-47.
    This gun is a lot like the AK-47, except the Iron Sights are worse and it has a
    lot more recoil. But that makes it easier to get headshots. It has a low rate of
    fire, but still is better with stopping power because with DT the recoil is
    xX lewisbd Xx: For those of you who hate it, give it more of a chance. For
    those of you who just think its going to be the most godly gun you’ve ever set
    your hands on, well, give it a shot for yourself. Its major downside is that it
    doesn’t have any attachments. The iron sights are mediocre, but not great.
    However, that does not make this gun horrible. Kind of "ugh..." recoil, fair
    accuracy, down on the fire rate, but "Holy Crap!" damage. Once you get used to
    it, you may find you like it more than you thought you did before.
    With recoil, aiming for the head might not always work for those longer ranges.
    Instead, the recoil will carry the bullets everywhere. You might want to aim
    for the neck or bottom of the head instead of the brain for those shots. For
    other ranges though, aim at the nose. You don’t need to hit the brain in this
    Damage: 40-30
    -----Sub-Machine Guns: SMGs-----
    Many times you will see someone using an MP5 or a P90, or even the AK-74u or
    Skorpion. These are Sub-Machine guns, and most are easy to use. The MP5 and P90
    are quite favored by hardened veterans, and the AK-74u is a less common choice,
    with the stats of an Assault rifle and movement of an SMG.  Definitely worth
    taking a look at early on.
    MP5: The MP5 (Level 1, Spec Ops class)
    The MP5 is considered by many to be the best gun in the game. It has little
    recoil, can be silenced, has good mobility, and a good rate of fire. Its
    damage at distance is subpar to the Assult Rifles, but it is the most versatile
    sub-machine gun. It is a common choice by noobs and experts alike because of
    its versatility.
    The main advantage of the MP5 is it's low rate of recoil. However, the recoil
    there is goes in a cluster pattern, which means that it goes anywhere around 3
    degrees from the shots. This is different from most guns, which have a vertical
    and right recoil. Therefore, most guns will work their way up to the head,
    while the MP5 can actually take the bullets away from a target at medium range.
    Past around 500 feet this gun is inaccurate without burst firing or a Red Dot
    Sight, and past 1000 feet this gun is inaccurate without both.
    Damage: 40-20
    Skorpion: (level 4)
    The starting primary weapon of Old School Free for All, this is the only gun in
    the game without ANY recoil. It can be effectivly sniped with for this reason.
    It has a wierd damage system where it does 50 damage within 15-20 feet and 20
    damage past that. This weapon does well silenced or without any attachments.
    The iron sights are some of the best in the game, however, its limited range
    makes it difficult for unskilled players to use, and is often seen only in the
    hands of the highest scoring in the game. It runs through ammo quickly, so
    bandolier is a good perk to use with this. Stopping Power is good for it as
    well, for quicker kills.
    The Skorpion is a wierd gun. It has about 50 damage within Shotty range, then
    20 damage past that. With Stopping Power, this is a 4 hit kill anywhere on the
    map with almost no recoil, and a 2 hit kill at close range without Stopping
    Power. I use an ACOG on this to kill at a long range quickly with Stopping
    Power. Good gun to use to mix it up.
    Damage: 50-20
    NOTE: It is impossible to reload cancel this gun, so Sleight Of Hand is
    recommended to reload this 1-hit kill over Stopping Power.
    Mini-Uzi: The Mini Uzi (level 13)
    The Mini-Uzi is, in my opinion, the best gun to use in hardcore. Because
    hardcore game modes are all about getting bullets at the enemy, rather than
    hitting them, the fastest firing gun in the game is an obvious good choice.
    This is the fastest firing gun in the game.
    In core game modes, this gun does not excel as much. It has massive amounts of
    recoil, which is remedied by the silencer. But the Iron Sights are horrid, and
    you need to use a Red Dot Sight. I use a red dot sight because that allows it
    to kill faster at medium range.
    Reload cancel is hard to do on this gun, and best avoided at all. Just wait for
    the reload animation to finish.
    Damage: 30-20
    AK-74u: The '74 (level 28)
    This is actually the most powerful Sub-Machine Gun, and it does lose some
    accuracy and firing rate for that. It's basically a more mobile, less powerful
    version of the AK-47. A very popular weapon for ninja classes that have
    problems dealing damage. An important note is that it gets the hip fire
    accuracy of an Assault rifle if it gets an attachment, so you should probably
    use steady aim with it if you use one.
    This gun is very powerful. So powerful that it is one of the only guns that has
    idle sway when aimed down the iron sights. This, the AK-47, M4 Carbine, and the
    G36c have idle sway because they would be completely overpowered if they
    didn't. So just remember: This gun is powerful with the damage, but has idle
    sway and has less hip accuracy when equiped with an attachment.
    Damage: 40-20
    P90: The P90 (level 40)
    The last SMG, it has the biggest clip of all weapons except the LMGs. It holds
    50 rounds. FIFTY!!! Granted, it has less power than the MP5 and the other
    SMGs, but it has low recoil and a higher rate of fire than the MP5.
    The P90's main advantage is its high rate of fire and big clip. You can make
    a successful class with the gun without needing Bandolier because of it's clip,
    and Double tap makes this thing fire 1200 RPM. So the P90 can make a good
    Search gun because it doesn't run out of ammo. Course, you shouldn't run out in
    Search anyway. But it does make a good shipment gun for this reason.
    The P90 is actually a beast with the ACOG, but I would not recommend using that
    combo. The P90 still sucks at range, and will take at least 4 hits to kill
    someone with Stopping Power. It has such a low damage rate that the ACOG on
    this thing is insane.
    For some reason, I find this gun sooo much easier to use after using the MP5 for
    a shit-long time. So basically by the time you get this gun, if you've been
    using the MP5 regularly for your stealth class or whatever, then this will be
    an ez-mode gun.
    Damage: 30-20
    -----Light (NOT Large) Machine Guns: LMGs-----
    You can be a useful asset or a giant hindrance with these weapons. Spamming
    these is not recommended unless you know the general direction of the person
    you are aiming at. These have great damage and penetration, but have low
    accuracy and a long reload time. These are the only truly useful primary weapons
    for taking down choppers, but be careful of being shot down in the middle of
    doing so.
    M249 Saw: The Saw (level 1, LMG set class)
    The first LMG you unlock at level 1, this is the fastest firing in the class,
    and also fires at a rate of 1200 RPM with Double Tap. It is recommended that
    you use Sleight of Hand with this weapon, and with all LMGs, since it has such
    a long reload time. This is seen used commonly along with the RPD as a weapon
    for lower levels since it mows through the enemies with its amazing power.
    However, this does have the least power. The only advantage this has over the
    RPD is its firing speed, and the RPD is still the supirior weapon in every way.
    Choose this only for the challenges if you must, but try to get Sleight of Hand
    first. Stopping Power makes another good choice until you unlock SoH since it
    has such low damage.
    The SAW is a fun gun to use. With Double Tap, it makes opponents weap that they
    were just pwned, and they weren't expecting that at all. With the shortest
    reload time of any LMG, SOH isn't neccesary if you know a good hiding place you
    can access and be safe for about 6.5 seconds. Double Tap and Stopping Power,
    with this gun, make no difference in the amount of time it takes to kill with
    this gun. However, SP is more commonly used due to the recoil being bad even
    with the Grip.
    Damage: 30
    RPD: The RPD (Level 4)
    Considered by many to be the best LMG in the game, this weapon has a good
    balance of power, firing rate, and accuracy. Once again, Sleight of Hand is
    recommended to use with this weapon because it takes over 5 seconds to reload.
    I personally choose this weapon from the LMG class because it has the good
    balance, but it is a personal choice.
    This gun works extrememly well with the grip. You probably won't need the
    extra ammo from Bandolier, and that really makes this gun extrememly accurate
    and really reduces the recoil. This gun becomes extrememly useful, but it needs
    a good user to be an asset. With the grip and Stopping Power, you can kill
    someone across the map in a couple bullets, or take down a chopper with a clip.
    Damage: 40
    M60E4: The M60 (Level 19)
    The M60 is the hardest LMG to use in the game because of its bad iron sights,
    slow rate of fire, and insane recoil. The dilemna is best stated by Blame Truth:
    "Without the Grip, the recoil is just unmanagable. With the grip, the Iron
    Sights are really bad" ~~Blame Truth, TDM 42
    The M60 doesn't need SP because it does 50 damage to around 4000 feet (I
    believe), so it makes a good opportunity for jammer, Double Tap, or Juggernaut.
    Also, Steady Aim is good because that gives it a good enough hip spread to win
    CQB since it takes so long to sight in an LMG. Deep impact is good if you plan
    to shoot through walls. I use Double Tap, because Gripped, like I use it now,
    it can pretty much shoot well and kill in a good order, however, this means you
    need even MORE to shoot in bursts.
    Damage: 50-40
    -----Shotguns: Shottys-----
    W1200: The W1200 (Level 2, Demolitions class)
    The W1200, ironically, is more powerful than its successor, the M1014. It also
    holds more ammo in its clip and is a little more accurate from the hip. The
    grip is a good idea for this weapon, as it is quite inaccurate, but the Red Dot
    Sight is not recommended since you lose accuracy when aiming down the sights.
    Double Tap is useful with this gun, since the pumping (giggidy) animation goes
    faster and you can shoot faster.
    Juggernaut is a good choice with all shotguns, since you will be at a
    disadvantage at any level of combat except extreme close-quarters. This gun,
    with its slow animation, means that this is even a better idea because you will
    probably be shot 2 or 3 times if you miss. Juggernaut will help you survive the
    onslaught you will be taking.
    Damage: 320-80
    M1014: The M10 (Level 31)
    This weapon is another semi-auto weapon. It holds 4 shells and has less power
    than the W1200. However, you do not need to wait for the pumping animation to
    finish for the weapon to fire, so it is better if you miss, or are inaccurate.
    The attachment advice is the same as for the W1200: yes to Grip, no to RDS,
    since you lose accuracy aiming down the sights. Using Sleight of Hand is almost
    neccesary with this weapon, since it has such low ammo amounts.
    Damage: 240-80
    A Note: Shotguns are the WORST weapons in the game. That has never been
    doubted. They only damage out to about 15 feet, and then the shot does nothing.
    No other gun class in the game does that. I can kill someone from across
    Overgrown with my M9 or my Skorpion if I keep aiming well, but Shotguns cannot
    do that. Because of this, you should watch this video to get some tips on using
    I Rock Ths's TDM 6: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1jpogA22KqM
    30-5 with a shotty, I have to know something.
    Another note, the shotguns, in addition to being gimped with shit range, have a
    habit of wiffing, or getting hit markers at 2 foot ranges, or sometimes not
    even that. So just remember, Shotguns are difficult to use, but fun as hell as
    long as they aren't wiffing.
    -----Sniper Rifles: Snipers-----
    The most powerful weapons in the game, these are commonly used on all maps
    except vacant and shipment. They can be used from afar, or taken up close and
    used in CQB, but that's dangerous. Many people hate sniper maps like Bog,
    Bloc, and Crossfire, and they are commonly skipped.
    M40A3: The M40 (level 3, Sniper class)
    The M40 is the best sniper in the game. No denying. The ONLY reason to use
    another gun is to get the Golden Dragonuv. Other than that, use this only. With
    Stopping Power, this is as powerful as any sniper in the game. Of course, if
    you want to use UAV Jammer, then you're better off with the Dragonuv, R700, or
    Damage: 70
    Head - 1.5
    Neck - 1.5
    Chest - 1.1
    Stomach - 1.1
    Limbs - 1.0
    M21: The M21 (level 7)
    I prefer this gun above all other snipers in the game because of its
    versatility. It can be taken in close and spammed from the hip/quick-scoped
    with, or you can lay back and use it like a sniper. A common choice because of
    its good scope and decent recoil (lowest of any sniper).
    Damage: 70
    Head - 1.5
    Neck - 1.1
    Chest - 1.0
    Stomach - 1.0
    Limbs - 1.0
    Dragonuv: The Dragonuv (level 22)
    A common choice in hardcore, this gun is both powerful and accurate. It has
    good penetration, so it does damage well through walls (hence a common choice
    in hardcore). However, that does not mean it is useless in regular. It is
    probably the best choice to use, especially if you hate bolt action, all the
    way to the Barrett.
    Damage: 70
    Head - 1.5
    Neck - 1.5
    Chest - 1.5
    Stomach - 1.0
    Limbs - 1.0
    R700: The R700 (Level 34)
    This is considered by some (me, with good reason) to be the worst sniper in the
    game. Reason 1: 16 bullets. Not enough. Reason 2: Bolt Action. Rock not good
    with the bolt action. Reason 3: More sway than the others, and I hate breathing
    since I'm bad at it. Number 4: Did I mention the additional sway? I am trying
    to be objective, but the fact that it has the least availible ammo in the game
    really bothers me. The additional sway bothers me too, although it is more
    powerful than the Dragonuv and has an advantage in hardcore. Oh, and I really
    don't do well with bolt action.
    The R700, however, does have amazing power, and is a good 1 hit kill anywhere
    near the head/neck. It is a common choice of the high level snipers due to its
    penetration and accuracy.
    Damage: 70
    Head - 1.5
    Neck - 1.5
    Chest - 1.5
    Stomach - 1.0
    Limbs - 1.0
    Barrett .50 Cal: The Barrett (level 49)
    This... is... the big boy... of big boys. This is the biggest sniper in the
    game, deals a s...load of damage in one hit, and has a nice "Ha ha I pwned you"
    ring to it. However, it has horrible recoil, so don't expect to get 2 shots at
    a guy. Basically, use it if you are accurate only. Otherwise stick to the M21
    or the Dragonuv, or maybe even the M40.
    Damage: 70
    Head - 1.5
    Neck - 1.5
    Chest - 1.5
    Stomach - 1.1
    Limbs - 1.0
    -----MP5 vs AK-74u-----
    The AK-74u has better damage at range and better penetration, because it is an
    Assault Rifle in real life. Because they damage at the same ratio (40-20), the
    AK-74u has idle sway and gets the hip accuracy of an assault rifle when given
    an attachment because it would be way too powerful. The MP5 would be completely
    outclassed if this was not the case.
    However, due to this the MP5 has some advantages over the AK-74u. It doesn't
    need Steady Aim when given a silencer for a stealth class. When given Steady
    Aim with a Silencer it has a much better Hip Spread than the AK-74u. It also
    has rock-solid iron sights that the AK-74u doesn't have.
    -----SAW vs RPD-----
    Really this is about the iron sights. Technically the RPD is better, doing 500
    damage more per minute than the SAW, but as they are both above 25,000 (27,500
    and 28,000 dpm, respectivally), that doesn't matter. The thing that matters is
    which one has better iron sights, because that means you can use the grip
    better with that gun.
    -----Top 5 Guns-----
    I Rock Ths:
    USP .45
    demon legato
    Barrett .50 Cal
    Look, the only difference between the M9, USP .45, and the M1911 is the ammo
    amount. They all can have a silencer, they all have low recoil, and the M9 is
    a tad bit weaker than the rest. The Desert Eagle cannot be silenced, and is
    possibly the loudest gun in the game. It, like the rest of the pistols, is a
    semi-auto, so you can empty a clip in under a second. It has way more power and
    damage over range than the other pistols, but the USP is probably the best
    choice for stealth and stealth-sniper classes.
    M9: Level 1
    One of the starting pistols, it shares ammo with the MP5 and the Mini-Uzi, and
    can be useful to use with them on maps like Shipment and Wet Work, or when
    playing Search. It has less damage at range than the other pistols, as it falls
    to its minimum damage early.
    Damage: 40-20
    USP .45: Level 1
    This is the other starting gun. It is commonly used because it has the best
    damage at range to clip size ratio. I use this in all my classes because I
    prefer it to the Deagle and M1911. I use the M9 with my MP5 and Mini-Uzi
    classes because I like having extra ammo.
    Damage: 40-20
    M1911: Level 16 Damage: 40-20
    This gun, possibly the least common pistol, because it is outclassed by the USP
    and the M9 has the ammo sharing to help it. The Deagle has its high amount of
    damage so it can be used for a 2 hit kill at close range. The M1911 just
    doesn't recieve the use of the others because it just doesn't compare to their
    Desert Eagle: Level 43
    Golden Desert Eagle: Level 55
    These guns are the same gun, just the GDeagle is unlocked 12 levels later as a
    reward for getting Commander. Note that it is a seperate weapon and it doesn't
    appear in the list until it is unlocked at 55. They have a high amount of
    recoil that makes it hard for them to be used at distance effectively.
    Sometimes it can be the difference between killing and being killed.
    Damage: 50-30
    -----Ammo sharing-----
    M16, M4, G36c
    G3, M14, M21, M40, R700
    M9, MP5, Mini-Uzi
    W1200, M1014
    USP .45, M1911
    -----The Knife-----
    The knife is the ultimate weapon in Call of Duty 4. It's so powerful that it
    cancels last stand and has a range of about 5 feet. It also has a really long
    reload time to compensate, in which time you can't do ANYTHING. Use it as a
    last resort, or for a stealth kill since it doesnt show up on radar. You can
    take out multiple snipers in a row with this without them being any the wiser
    until it's too late and they're dead. HA!
    Damage: 125
    -----Grenades: Nades-----
    Frag Grenades: Frags/Nades
    These are what people think of when they think of hand grenades. These are the
    ones that kill people. You get 1 per life (no recovery possible) and you get
    three with the X3 Frag perk. More on that later. These can be cooked to leave
    time off for less escapage, and thrown up to 50 feet at the right angle. There
    are 5 pulses. It blows up on the fifth, so throw it on the third or fourth if
    close, or dont cook it if you want to throw it far. Martyrdom drops one of
    these on your dead body with 2.5 seconds of time difference.
    Damage: 300-75
    Flash Grenades: Flash
    These grenades are commonly used by the SAS and USMC in-game, but they actually
    have little use in multiplayer. They just deafen and blind an enemy, but they
    still move at normal speed.  The Flash/Stun debate (not big, but still...) is
    really a debate of opinion, and I prefer stun.
    Damage: none
    Stun Grenades: Stun
    These grenades disorient and slow the target, and somewhat deafen them as well.
    The main advantages this has over flashes are that you can be stunned facing
    the other way; to flash effectivley, the target must face the flash. Otherwise
    it will just deafen. These also make it harder for enemies to escape the
    follow-up frag you throw in.
    Damage: 1
    Smoke Grenades: Smokes
    Please, please, PLEEEEASE don't use these unless you know how to use them
    effectively. It really pisses people off when they have to run through a smoke
    to get across a room. Smokes should be used tactically, and stuns and flashes
    are easier to use effectivly and NOT piss off everyone on your team.
    Damage: none
    -----Tier 1-----
    C4 x2: Gives you two packages of Plastic Explosive and a detonator. Unused in
    Team Deathmatch because it has little use other than guarding objectives. C4 is
    sometimes used as additional grenades before the perk x3 frags is unlocked.
    This perk is more commonly seen in Headquarters, Sabotage, and Search and
    Damage: 200-50
    Claymores x2: Now this is a mainstay in Team Deathmatch, and all game modes. It
    allows you to set up two remotely-detonated mines and protect yourself from
    enemies when you are sniping, or just get some funny kills. These are also used
    in objective game modes to defend objectives, or yourself as you snipe or camp.
    Although a claymore is usually a dead give away for campers and snipers.
    Damage: 200-50
    RPG x2: This perk gives you two rocket-propelled grenades. These are extremely
    useful in taking down choppers and getting hilarious kills. These shoot
    straight for about 50 feet and then randomly spin off. They have a huge splash
    damage distance, so be careful when using these. Other than taking out choppers
    these things are outranked by other perks
    xX lewisbd Xx: "Hey, you see that chopper? Yeah, the one with the fire coming
    out of it." You ALWAYS want to be the one saying that. A very safe perk, no
    doubt. Of course, try not to go too long range with these though, as they curve
    up after short distances and spin around and do all sorts of flips and act like
    a seal at an acrobatics show.
    Damage: 160-30
    Special Grenades x3: This gives you three Flash or Stun grenades, but you can
    only have one smoke grenade. This is useful for lower levels who sometimes have
    problems getting kills, as it enables somewhat unopposed killings. Cheap shots,
    Bomb Squad: Another useful perk in the game, it allows you to see enemy C4 and
    claymores, represented by a skull with a black background. This is useful in
    the Backdraft challenges, or when counter-sniping. If you want a stealth class
    early in the game, this is a good choice for perk one, since it allows you to
    sneak around the claymores protecting the snipers.
    Frag x3: This is possibly the worst perk in the game. Not because it sucks, but
    because it is so overpowered. You can get three frags and spam them. It just
    adds to nade-spamming. However, if you use your frags strategically, then this
    is a good perk for you. Many people complain about this perk, since it gives
    nade spammers more ammo.
    Bandolier: This is the choice that most expert players use. It triples the
    amount of ammo you get in your back up ammo, more than double the amount you
    normally have. Once you unlock this perk and start to use this you will fall in
    love with it.
    Grip: Not really a perk, but it decreases the recoil and increases the accuracy
    of LMGs and Shottys. Definitly use this on shotguns and LMGs when you can. You
    must unlock this by getting 75 kills with the chosen weapon, 50 with a shotty.
    Grenade Launcher: NOOB TUBE!!!
    Really, this is the most controversial part of the game. Not really
    controversial, but hated, I guess. It is a one hit kill with good accuracy, and
    it is a common attachment of noobs for their ARs. You get 2 grenades to launch,
    and it is better to learn how to play the game rather than just rely on this to
    get your kills. However, until you unlock bandolier this can be a good choice,
    especially in objective-based games. I use this only to defend flags in
    Domination, and on offense in Seach and Destroy.
    Damage: 155-25
    -----Tier 2-----
    Juggernaut: This is a very controversial perk. Many people hate this perk,
    myself included, but I see the point in its use. Many people use the opposite
    of this perk, Stopping Power. SP allows you to kill in one less bullet, and
    Juggernaut allows you to survive one more bullet. So many people use Stopping
    power that is is almost neccesary to use Juggernaut early on, and even later.
    Use if you have problems surviving. Does the same thing with Sonic Boom, which
    is less common since explosives rarely have classes built around them.
    Stopping Power: My personal choice, it allows you do deal 25% more damage with
    each bullet, and does not apply to explosives. It is controversial, and, since
    many people use it, it leads to noobs using Juggernaut, which pisses off the
    veteran players, since they don't need it.
    UAV Jammer: The best friend of a ninja/stealther/camper. It disables the
    ability of the UAV to find you, allowing you to get behind enemy lines.
    Combined with a silencer, this will make you completely invisible to the enemy
    on the mini-map. Use if you are dying a lot when camping or sniping, as they
    may be finding you on the UAV.
    Sonic Boom: This increases the damage of explosives (Frags, RPGs, Claymores,
    C4, and Noob Tubes) and is the Stopping power of explosives.
    Sleight of Hand: A LMG users best friend, it allows you to reload in 2/3rds the
    amound of time it normally takes to reload. Useful on the Skorpion. LMGs, and
    the M1014. The Skorpion is a fully-automatic gun that runs out of ammo really
    quickly. LMGs are good for this because the last 2 take 10 seconds to reload,
    and the SAW takes over 6 seconds. The M1014 has only 4 rounds so you will have
    to reload a lot.
    Double Tap: Not commonly seen in regular game modes, but it is commmonly used
    in hardcore to get more bullets out there faster. Useful on the M60, but does
    not outweigh the value of Sleight of Hand. Mini-Uzi would be the best candidate
    for this to fire a fast, somewhat powerful weapon, really f...ing fast.
    Overkill: I actually am in a debate with a guy about this. He says this perk is
    useless, but I think snipers might find this useful. It allows you to carry two
    different primary weapons, and discard your pistol. Sounds like you want this,
    right??? Not really. Bandolier takes care of the main reason to use this,
    (people running out of ammo), and there are better perks in this class. If it
    was tier 3 it might be used more. Use it with snipers or shotguns to get
    weapons to use in the ineffective ranges (short for snipers, long for
    -----Tier 3-----
    Extreme Conditioning: This allows you to sprint longer, recover from sprinting
    faster, but does not allow you to move faster. It is useful early on, and in
    getting the Marathon challenge. Other than that, there are better perks in this
    Deep Impact: Commonly used by snipers, this allows for greater bullet
    penetration (giggity). It allows you to damage through walls and other surfaces
    better. It loses less damage, which is always good. It is normally a toss-up
    between this and Steady Aim and Dead Silence for more experienced players.
    Last Stand: This allows you to pull out (he he) your pistol and get some kills
    before you die after taking fatal damage. You spawn with your knife, a pistol
    (if you use overkill, it's an M9), and 1 Hit point. if you get hit with a nade,
    direct impact, you die. If a Skorpion shoots you through a wall, from across
    the map, you die. This does have a challenge, but it will take forever to get.
    Martyrdom: More useful than last stand, but also really hated. Almost as much
    as Juggernaut and the Noob Tube. It drops a live frag on your body, which goes
    off after 2.5 seconds. A good player can avoid this frag, but it gets really
    annoying to avoid it all the time.
    Steady Aim: A common choice by veteran players, this is useful on shotguns,
    SMGs, and any CQB weapon. This is a neccesity for no-scoping, since snipers
    have horrible hip fire accuracy. Also, an AK-74u needs this, since it gets the
    hip accuracy of an assault rifle when it gets an attachment, for balancing
    purposes only.
    Dead Silence: Very common in FFA and Hardcore, it allows you to make less sound
    when you move. This both makes it harder for the enemy to hear you and allows
    you to hear them easier. Many experienced players use this in FFA, as people
    listen more. People listening use this to they can hear you better. Just
    remember this is there if you want to make an amazing stealth class.
    Eavesdrop: Allows you to hear the enemy game chat. Useful if they are
    discussing strategy, but 90% of the time this is useless in deathmatch.
    Completely useless in FFA, since you all share game chat. Objective-based
    games, expecially Search and Destroy, this would be very useful, since they
    often discuss where they are defending, or where they are taking the bomb.
    Otherwise, this is beat out by Dead Silence and Steady Aim, as well as Deep
    Impact. Another reason this is all but useless is because you have to be within
    30 feet to hear the chat.
    Iron Lungs: Only useful on the snipers with regular scopes, this allows you to
    hold your breath more than twice as long as without it (9 seconds instead of
    4). You can tell by the heart beats how long it has been held (one beat per
    second). Actually useful if you are going for headshots. ACOGs do not have that
    option, so it is useless on them. Use this if going for headshots or for if you
    have a good penetrating gun, like the Barrett or R700.
    -----Juggernaut vs Stopping Power-----
    There is a long debate over how juggernaut is so annoying that people can't get
    the kill against a juggernaut. But no one ever complains about Stopping Power,
    yet it is used so much more. Face it, when you watch a kill cam, see how many
    people are using Stopping Power, and how many are using Juggernaut. They cancel
    each other out, so there is no point in complaining. 25% more damage, 25% more
    health. Balanced.
    However, I do think that it is not completely balanced. By not completely
    balanced, I mean life-like. You would not take protection from being shot in
    the hand. Juggernaut and Stopping Power need to be remedied in the sequel, and
    it might be wise to avoid the subject by not using either.
    -----Double Tap vs Stopping Power-----
    Double Tap and Stopping Power increase damage, Double Tap indirectly. Double
    Tap makes bullets go out from your gun faster, and Stopping Power makes your
    bullets deal 25% more damage. Therefore, a gun that deals 40 damage deals
    40*1.25=50 damage. That's 2 hits. A bullet that deals 20 damage deals
    20*1.25=25 damage. Double Tap kills faster by thousandths of a second with guns
    that deal 20 damage, and Stopping Power kills faster by thousandths of a second
    with guns that deal 40 damage. 30 damage it is equal, with both killing at the
    same rate.
    -----Iron Lungs vs Deep Impact-----
    Iron Lungs and Deep Impact are two perks that people commonly use with
    snipers, due to them both affecting how well you snipe. Iron Lungs is more
    common, since shooting through the walls is ill-advised, but some people in
    hardcore like Deep Impact because that can allow you to kill in one hit with
    certain guns. However, in regular mode, usually Iron Lungs is more useful for
    getting a headshot for a one-hit kill. Iron Lungs is always more useful for
    getting a headshot, but Deep Impact is better for spamming through walls.
    These are unlocked by completeing the Marksman challenges for the selected
    weapon. They range from giving you a better aim at the head, to giving yourself
    a scope with semi-good zoom. These attachments can give you the edge in the
    game, maybe enough to get that kill over the guy that has been pwning you all
    day, or get that first flawless.
    Silencer: These decrease damage at range, but your gun makes little sound when
    fired, and your shots do NOT appear on the mini-map. This is the biggest
    advantage of the silencer, since you cannot be seen as you shoot. It doesn't
    affect the damage so much that it impacts your ability to kill. Combined with
    UAV Jammer, you are completely invisible to the enemy mini-map. Pwnage. You get
    this on Assault rifles (except the MP44) and SMGs after 75 kills.
    Red Dot Sight: This attachment can be useful on guns with lackluster iron
    sights, or for getting long range kills. It replaces the iron sights with a big
    yellowish colored oval with a red dot in the middle (hence the name). 
    ACOG Scope: This is unlockable on all weapons except Shotguns after 150 kills.
    It gives you a scope on any weapon that increases damage at range (supposedly)
    and decreases accuracy a little at range, since it gives all weapons some idle.
    It is useful on the Semi-Autos and LMGs, and somewhat useful on other weapons
    as well. Not too useful on snipers, since it gives you less zoom, but useful if
    going for headshots.
    NOTE: The game says it increases range, which, in a nutshell, is how long it
    will be effective at killing. Snipers have the biggest, while pistols have the
    smallest. The M40 and G36c are the only weapons that recieve a bouns from the
    ACOG. The M40 deals 5 extra damage, and is a 1-hit kill with the ACOG and
    Stopping Power anywhere on a non-Juggernaut. The G36c has less idle sway than
    other guns with the ACOG attachment.
    ANOTHER NOTE: 100 kills on a sniper.
    Guns I like with the ACOG:
    M4 Carbine
    These are some sample classes that I would use. They vary in function, but they
    all get the job done. Experiment with these to get your best scores and
    MP5/Skorpion/Mini-Uzi/AK-74u/P90: Silenced
    USP .45: Silenced
    UAV Jammer
    Steady Aim/Dead Silence
    Use the silenced weapon and UAV Jammer to be invisible to the enemy mini-map.
    Hopefully you need bandolier, since you should be getting at least 5 kills with
    your gun/grenade/knife, mostly gun, and many more after that. Steady Aim and
    Dead Silence depend on your preference. I cannot listen, and I don't play FFA/
    Hardcore, so I don't need people to not hear me as I move. On FFA and Hardcore,
    or if you are listening, then this is a useful perk to add to the class.
    Otherwise go with Steady Aim.
    Any Sniper, Regular Scope
    USP .45
    Claymores x2
    UAV Jammer
    Iron Lungs/Extreme Conditioning/Deep Impact
    Using your prefered sniper, this class will get you kills if you know how to
    snipe. You might even run out of ammo. Hopefully you won't need the second
    primary weapon, so Stopping Power may be substituted for Overkill if you are
    good enough to survive a match or get some kills with the pistol. Take your
    pick on the tier 3 perks.
    Any weapon you are proficient with
    Deagle/USP 45
    3x Frag
    Stopping Power
    Dead Silence
    I really shouldn't give you a whole class on this, but... I was bored. The main
    thing you need to remember is that this isn't a 10 minute team deathmatch,
    where people get 53 kills. You are going to have a max kill streak of 6, and
    only if you are insanely skilled and/or your team sucks. So 3x frag for quick
    kills, or any perk besides bandolier really on tier 1. If you are going to
    snipe or stealth, then use that class as long as you aren't using bandolier.
    Get something useful, like 3x frag. Tier 2, Stopping Power is your best friend.
    Tier 3, Dead Silence is the only perk to use, because even if you aren't using
    a headset to listen for enemy footsteps, your enemies might be listening to
    *****Lower Level Classes*****
    Just use whatever you like. The really useful perks like Claymores and
    bandolier come later.
    You unlock UAV Jammer, Sleight of Hand, Bomb Squad, and Martyrdom in this era.
    UJ and SoH are very good perks even at commander, and Bomb Squad sometimes
    helps a stealth class, especially early on. At this point you should start
    finding out what weapons you do well with, and getting the attachments for
    them. You should be getting to know the maps better, and where the paths you
    take will lead you. Therefore, you should be able to start developing a
    strategy and use a weapon that is good for that strategy.
    Wow, this is a good era! Double Tap, Claymores, and Iron Lungs are all very
    useful, so love this range, because some of your good standards that are used
    by veterans get a start here.
    31-40: Now we're talking!!! Bandolier, Eavesdrop, and Overkill in this era!!!
    Finally some good perks that we all need (Bandolier and Overkill, not
    41+: You get 3x Frag and Dead Silence. People really hate 3x frag, but it's
    like Juggernaut: So many other people use it it becomes nessecary to use to
    keep up. Dead Silence, useful in Hardcore and FFA, and somewhat in other game
    modes, especially if you listen.
    -----My Set-ups-----
    Ak-47 - Red Dot Sight
    Stopping Power
    Deep Impact
    UAV Jammer
    Dead Silence
    USP .45
    Stopping Power
    Steady Aim
    USP .45
    Steady Aim
    USP .45
    Claymore x2
    UAV Jammer
    Iron Lungs
    USP .45
    Stopping Power
    Steady Aim
    USP .45-Silenced
    Claymore x2
    UAV Jammer
    Steady Aim
    M40 - Red Tiger
    Stopping Power
    Deep Impact
    MP5 - Red Dot Sight
    Stopping Power
    Extreme Conditioning
    P90 - Silenced
    Extreme Conditioning
    SAW - Red Dot Sight
    Stopping Power
    Steady Aim
    USP .45
    Frag x3
    Stopping Power
    Dead Silence
    Skorpion-none-Blue Tiger
    USP .45
    Stopping Power
    Dead Silence
    Ambush: This is a map based off of Charlie Don't Surf (one of a couple). It is
    comprised of CQB and Medium-Long Range Combat. Has some sniper spots, but
    mainly designed for Deathmatch, so not good at objective-based games. Try
    taking enemy flags in Domination on this one. Not very fun.
    Backlot: Really good map from Shock and Awe. Very good map. About the only
    thing it isn't really good for is Search. Good for Deathmatch, Domination,
    Sabatoge, and even FFA. Has all types of combat, including many different
    sniper roosts. Got my Red Tiger on my M16 here, sniping with it. 
    Bloc: I love the description of this map in-game. "Well-suited for Domination
    matches." *cough*Bulls...*cough* Actually, this game makes great Deathmatches
    and decent headquarters games, but lacks a little in Sabotage and Domination.
    Good for snipers and counter-snipers (about all you can really do here). Do
    yourself a favor and don't use an ACOG here, since most people are using a
    regular scope and you will be at a disadvantage.
    Bog: You either love this map or hate it, depending on how good you are at
    hiding from snipers. A good map for sniping, but not for headshots, since all
    the snipers you see will most likely see you. There are plenty of camping spots
    in this map, and the Marines have an obvious advantage, being closer to the
    choke points at the beginning, and it really is easy to kill the defenders of
    the bomb site for Opfor in Sabotage (one small area, nade can hit the whole
    area. Makes good games of Deathmatch, FFA, and somewhat good Domination.
    Note: Most unbalanced map in the game. The Marine Spawn at the top of the hill
    is much better than the OpFor Spawn in the market. Vote this map if you don't
    want to be annihilated, because the Marine Spawn is great, but don't test your
    luck on getting that spawn too much.
    Countdown: Wow, this map is really fun. And by fun, I mean fun to see how badly
    you do this time. There is no good class on this map except for maybe an LMG
    class to take on the chopper, and a sniping class, since there are a few places
    to snipe. Do yourself a favor and just do what you normally do, and stealth can
    work here, since it is a large map.
    Crash: Everyone loves this map. For Deathmatch. It sucks for everything else.
    It is good for any type of class except shotguns unless you stick to buildings.
    I love sniping this map, since headshots are pretty easy here, but watch out
    for snipers when you are moving or sniping. The buildings on each side of the
    downed chopper are always sniping each other, so be careful. Claymores are
    really needed on this map to snipe, since moving sniping is difficult here.
    Crossfire: A sniper's and stealther's best friend. LMG's are at a disadvantage
    here. Shotguns do reasonably well here, due to the CQB areas on the sides of
    the map. Claymores are needed to snipe this for the most part, but you can do
    the mobile sniper thing. Shotguns should be ready to grab another weapon, since
    the main areas of the map will require a long-range weapon. M4 or an MP5 will
    work well. Well suited for deathmatch and Search. Sabotage and FFA do well
    here, but there are better maps for them.
    This map is big enough for a decent game of ground war, but due to every noob
    in the game crowding the popular areas, it turns into a game where you can be
    pwned easily on Ground War.
    District: All but snipers will have fun here. Shottys can do well here (I have,
    and I really don't use shotguns that much), and stealth classes do especially
    well on this map. LMGs can work, but are much hated. Basically, this is suited
    to any game type, including Domination and FFA.
    Downpour: Stealthers love it, and so does deathmatch. Domination is fun here,
    especially at flag site B (by the Barn and Silo thingies). Got a chopper there
    in under a minute. Sabotage and Search can be a problem, but most big maps are
    good for Headquarters, and this is no exception. Sniping is sometimes difficult
    here, and so is shotgunning. But there are some excellent CQB areas here.
    Overgrown: Sniper haven, shotgun hell. Pretty much those two are always
    inverted. One side loves it and the other side hates it. Anyway, this place is
    good for run and gun sniping, since it's so big. Be sure to use Bandolier and
    Overkill if that's what you're going to do. It also makes good stealth class
    games, since you can sneak up behind the enemy and try to get them that way.
    LMG's work here, due to the long range battle that you will encounter. Makes
    good games of FFA and Deathmatch, but other than that it is all but bad. Decent
    Search games though...
    Pipeline: Good Domination and Sabotage, decent Search and FFA, bad TDM. Too
    big for TDM, and no one finds each other for like, a minute, then 30 seconds of
    intense fighting, then nothing except the occasional sniper round from a bad
    sniper trying, futily, to pick off that moving target on the other side of
    the field. So have fun with objective based games, but skip in TDM...
    Shipment: Shipment is so small you can throw a frag from one corner to the
    opposite. So there's a lot of nade spamming here. Only playable on HQ and
    Domination. Sabotage would never end, and TDM/FFA would end in 3 minutes, and
    Search rounds would be 30 seconds. Snipers are hugely disadvantaged here, even
    the M40 ACOG'd is way underpowered. LMGs and Assault Rifles excel, and it is
    pretty good for shotguns and SMGs as well.
    Cage Match can happen here too...
    Showdown. Really, I don't like this map all that much. It works well for people
    good with shotguns, LMGs work, SMGs work, Assault rifles soar, and sniping
    works as well. This and Wet Work are the only ones where that happens. It is
    really good at anything you want, tbh. Makes intense games of anything, but
    good Sabotage and Domination especially.
    Strike: Perhaps the best map all around, this map is suited to anything, but
    there are a lot of ACOGs in this map, so be careful of being in the open. Works
    on TDM, FFA, and makes decent Sabotage games. Intense Domination and Search and
    Destroy games as well. So definitely play this map on all game modes.
    Vacant: *shudders* I really don't like this map. At all. On any mode. It really
    depends on how good your team is. If you have a bad team, then this map sucks
    big hairy monkey balls. If you have a decent team, combined against another
    decent team, it makes a fun match. If you have a great pwnage team (yes I said
    pwnage, get used to it), then it almost feels like the easy button.
    Wet Work: Like a combonation of the bad things on Vacant and Shipment. I
    actually got my first chopper here, right after getting my first airstrike as
    well. I wasn't laughing; I was saying "Oh s...! Oh s...! Holy S...!!! Holy
    S...!!! Are you f...ing kidding me!?!?!?" Lolz. Anyway, this is a small map,
    where shotguns excel, and frag spamming is at pre-epic proportions. You almost
    have to use x3 frag to keep up. So be careful here, as a lot of the frag spam
    is going to fall around you. Just be good with your frags and you won't need x3
    frag to keep up. Good for about everything though, except FFA, since it
    organized into two sides.
    -----Map Pack-----
    Don't get it. Trust me. Waste of 10 bucks.
    <><><><><>Game Modes<><><><><>
    Normal: 100 Health, normal jumping, health recovers every 5 seconds.
    Team Deathmatch: Standard kill everyone on the opposite team. Sometimes
    shortened to TDM or Deathmatch, or T-Deathmatch.
    Free-For-All: Standard kill everyone in sight. No teams. Sometimes shortened
    to FFA.
    Domination: Capture and hold the objectives. 1 point earned every 5 second for
    each one you hold. Not really abbrieviated. Good for getting kills and
    Headshots, since the game takes a while and there is no time limit. Usually
    lasts 10-15 minutes.
    Ground War: Team Deathmatch and Domination with 18 people instead of 12.
    Sabotage: Get a bomb and take it to the opponents bomb site. 7 seconds between
    death and respawn. Don't skip the kill cam. 20 minute time limit, and can
    easily take 10-15 minutes.
    Headquarters: Capture the objective and hold it for 60 seconds 5 points awarded
    to each member of the team holding the headquarters, but the team doesn't
    respawn. You need a good team for this. Really good for quick leveling up. 15
    minute and 250 point limit.
    Search and Destroy: One team attacks the bomb sites, trying to plant the bomb,
    and the other defends them. Teams earn a bonus and points every round. Kills
    are worth a whopping 50 points each, but there's no respawning in the rounds.
    Rounds end if: 1) Defending team is killed, 2) Attacking team is killed, 3) The
    bomb is planted and goes off, and 4) If the bomb is defused. Note that if the
    bomb is planted, the defending team must defuse it, or else they do not get the
    point, even if the entire other team is killed. Really hard to explain. Best
    way to learn how to play it is to play it or watch someone good at it play it.
    Sometimes abbrieviated to Search or SnD.
    Hardcore: No mini-map, 30 health, and there is nothing that tells you whether
    the enemy you were shooting at was killed. Friendly fire is on.
    Hardcore modes are Team Deathmatch, Headquarters, and Search and Destroy.
    Old School Free For All: No classes, you start with a Skorpion and a pistol,
    and you have greater jump heights and 200 health. You pick up perks and weapons
    along the way. Not played much, with the number of people playing this mode
    well below 1000 at most, if not all, times. I've seen it below 100 before.
    Cagematch: 1 on 1, mano a mano (Sp?), and commonly used to get headshots. Don't
    do this please. That's cheap, IMHO. Anyway, this is really fun. Once. Then it's
    just boring...
    Mercenary Team Deathmatch: Normal Team Deathmatch, except there are no parties,
    so no groups of 6 10th prestiges together every time to pwn you and your now
    official team.
    Prestige is the 56th level of every set. You must get level 55, then get some
    more expierience past that (rises each time), and then you can reset to level
    one. You keep your stats, but all challenges and classes are reset, and you
    basically throw everything away. It is fun to see how you do releveling up
    though. If anyone is wondering, I am level 55 (Commander), first prestige.
    Which is which??? I am first prestige IMHO, I have prestiged once. But some
    people would say that I am second prestige. The game is designed so that you
    are tenth prestige when you prestige for the 10th time, there for you can level
    from one to 55 eleven times.
    Infinity Ward decided to reward us with air support: UAV (Unmanned Aerial
    Vehicle), Airstrikes, and Helicopters. These are unlockable after getting
    certain kill streaks. They are very powerful and sometimes the key to victory.
    They can make your opponents cower or tell you where that sniper is that has
    been pwning you the entire match.
    UAV: The most helpful of the rewards, it reveals the location of all enemies
    without UAV Jammer. Including those with silenced weapons. This allows the
    helicopter to search out the enemies, and allows players with airstrikes to
    plant them more efficently. Get 3 kills to unlock this.
    Airstrike: This is unlocked after 5 kills. It allows you to plant an Airstrike
    (3 bombs) on an area of the map, killing any enemies in its path. It is useful
    to get the helicopter, as 2 kills with this is easy to achieve on the right
    Helicopter: This is unlocked after 7 kills. It goes around from point to point
    and kills the enemies. With UAV, it is more efficient at finding them, but not
    much. Definitely worth sending, but only after you die, or your team needs it.
    It affects how well you can hear the enemy approach you.
    These award you with xp and (the weapon challenges award you with) attachments
    and camo for weapons. They allow you to level up faster and can be quite fun to
    -----Weapon Challenges-----
    Marksman: These challenge you to get kills. All non-snipers, 25 kills gets you
    a Red Dot Sight. 75 on the Assault Rifles and SMGs, gets you a silencer, and 75
    kills with an LMG gets you the Grip. 50 kills with a Shotgun gets you their
    grip. SMGs, LMGs, and Assault rifles unlock the ACOG Scope at 150 kills, and
    snipers unlock the ACOG at 100 kills. You get 1600 xp to get ACOG on Assault
    Rifles, SMGs, and LMGs, 600 for Grip on Shottys, and 500 for ACOG on Snipers.
    Expert: These make you go for headshots. They are the same for all guns minus
    pistols. 25 headshots gets you Digital, 75 gets you Blue Tiger, and 150
    headshots gets you the awesome Red Tiger camo. You get 1600 XP for Red Tiger.
    Shotguns are 25, 50, 100.
    Getting Red Tiger on all the Weapons in a class unlocks you the golden camo for
    the selected gun in the class. Assault is AK-47, SMG is Mini-Uzi, LMG is the
    M60, shotty is the M1014, and the Sniper is the Dragunov. The Golden Deagle is
    unlocked at level 55. When people talk about getting the golden guns, they
    tend to not mean the Golden Deagle.
    -----Boot Camp-----
    Basic Challenges that if you don't have all these done by 55, then you are a
    Radar Inbound: 50
    Call in UAV
    Airstrike Inbound: 50
    Call in an Airstrike
    Chopper Inbound: 50
    Call in a helicopter
    Marathon: 250
    Run 26 miles
    Base Jump: 250
    Jump out a window and get hurt.
    Goodbye: 250
    Jump to your death
    Note: Jump down the countdown missle holes to get this. The well on District,
    and the construction building (top to bottom floor) are other ways to get this.
    Crouch Shot I/II/III: 50/100/250
    Kill 5, 15, and 30 enemies while crouched.
    Prone Shot I/II/III: 50/100/250
    Kill 5, 15, and 30 enemies while prone.
    Grenade Kill I/II/III: 50/100/250
    Kill 5, 10, and 15 enemies with a grenade.
    Point Guard I/II/III: 50/100/250
    Get 5, 15, and 30 assists.
    X-Ray Vision I/II/III: 50/100/250
    Kill 5, 10 and 15 enemies through objects.
    Note: This isn't too hard, as sometimes it will give this to you as the person
    rounds the corner. Shoot them through the wall/siding thing on Showdown to get
    this as well, if you are having trouble with this. Unsilenced Assault Rifles
    do this best.
    Vandalism I/II/III: 50/100/250
    Destroy 1, 5, and 15 cars.
    Easy. just fire RPGs/grenade launchers/frags on the cars and let it go. Or C4
    them. It takes a few lives, but you can do it in one game.
    Exposed I/II/III: 50/100/250
    Call in UAV 5, 10, and 20 times.
    Note: This doesn't show it as having multiple stages, but it does. Don't worry
    if it doesn't.
    Backdraft I/II/III: 50/100/250
    Destroy 1, 5, and 15 enemy explosive.
    Note: Using bomb squad helps immensely. And tripping the claymore does not
    count as destroying it. Trust me.
    Knife Veteran I/II/III: 50/100/250
    Kill 1, 5, and 15 enemies with The Knife.
    FFA Victor I/II/III: 50/100/250
    Place in the top three in 1, 5, and 15 FFA Matches.
    Note: If you tie for any place, you will get it, as long as you have the
    neccesary kills to be tied.
    Team Player I/II/III: 50/100/250
    Win 5, 15, and 30 Team Deathmatches.
    Note: For all intents and purposes, MTDM counts as TDM.
    Search and Destroy Victor I/II/III: 50/100/250
    Win 5, 15, and 30 Search matches
    MVP TDM: 250
    Get the highest score in TDM.
    Hardcore Team Player I/II/III: 50/100/250
    Win 1, 5, and 15 Hardcore TDM matches.
    Sabotage Victor I/II/III: 50/100/250
    Win 5, 20, and 50 Sabotage matches.
    MVP Team Hardcore: 250
    Same as MVP TDM, but in Hardcore mode.
    The next 4 challenges apply to Sabotage and Search and Destroy.
    Bomb Down: 250
    Kill the bomb carrier.
    Note: Easier in Sabotage because you know who the bomb carrier is: There is a
    big arrow pointing to them.
    Bomb Defender: 250
    Kill a bomb defender.
    Note: I don't know how you get this, but I believe it deals with their
    proximity to the bomb carrier.
    Bomb Planter: 250
    Kill the person planting the bomb.
    Note: Don't go out of your way to get this, it could lead to your loss. In time
    you will get this from an idiot planting solo.
    Hero: 250
    Defuse the bomb.
    Note: You will get this eventually because your team will suck by letting them
    plant and then you go kill the planter and defuse the bomb. Simple.
    This one only applies to Search and Destroy.
    Last Man Standing: 250
    Be the last man alive in a Search and Destroy round.
    Claymore Shot: 250
    Kill 5 enemies with Claymores
    Assault Expert I/II/III: 50/100/250
    Kill 5, 25, and 35 enemies with headshots from an assault rifle.
    SMG Expert I/II/III: 50/100/250
    Kill 5, 25, and 35 enemies with headshots from an SMG.
    LMG Expert I/II/III: 50/100/250
    Kill 5, 25, and 35 enemies with headshots from an LMG.
    Last Stand Veteran I/II/III: 50/100/250
    Kill 1, 5, and 15 enemies while in Last Stand.
    Master Chef I/II/III: 50/100/250
    Kill 5, 10, and 20 enemies with cooked grenades.
    Note: To cook grenades, simply hold down the RB button for a little bit. It has
    5 pulses, and explodes on the 5th one. Throw at the fourth one or you are in
    danger of killing yourself, which does not help with this challenge.
    Airstrike Veteran I/II/III: 50/100/250
    Kill 5, 15, and 30 enemies with Airstrikes.
    Chopper Veteran I/II/III: 50/100/250
    Kill 5, 15 and 30 enemies with Helicopters.
    Stun Veteran I/II/III: 50/100/250
    Kill 5, 10, and 25 stunned enemies.
    Multi RPG: 250
    Kill two or more enemies with one RPG.
    Note: Easiest place to do this is Shipment, but Vacant and Showdown are good
    options as well. Sonic Boom helps immensely.
    Martyrdom Veteran I/II/III: 50/100/250
    Kill 1, 5, and 15 enemies with Marty grenades.
    Clay More: 250
    Kill 2+ enemies with a single claymore.
    Note: I do not know how to do this. I guess get two friends to walk in front of
    the claymore at the same time if you really want the challenge. Or get lucky (I
    Stealth I/II/III: 50/100/250
    Kill 10, 25, and 50 enemies with a silenced weapon.
    Invisible I/II/III: 50/100/250
    Kill 10, 25, and 50 enemies with a sniper rifle while prone.
    Counter Claymore I/II/III: 50/100/250
    Kill 1, 5, and 10 enemies by shooting a claymore.
    Counter C4 I/II/III: 50/100/250
    Kill 1, 5, and 10 enemies by shooting C4.
    Airborne: 250
    Get a two-kill streak while in mid-air.
    Note: Find a stray pixel to do it on. You are counted as in mid air even though
    you are standing on something. Note that there is a stray pixel somewhere on
    Bog Bulldozer.
    Multi-Frag: 250
    Kill multiple enemies with one frag.
    Easy on Shipment and Wet Work.
    MG Master: 250
    Get a 5-kill streak on a Mounted Machine gun.
    Slasher: 250
    Get a 3-kill streak with your knife
    Multi-C4: 250
    Kill multiple people with 1 C4 pack.
    Hot Potato I/II/III: 50/100/250
    Kill 1, 5, and 15 enemies with a thrown-back grenade.
    Carbomb I/II/III: 50/100/250
    Kill enemies with by blowing up cars.
    Backstabber: 250
    Stab an enemy in the back.
    Slow but sure: 50
    Kill an enemy while stunned.
    Flashbang Veteran I/II/III: 50/100/250
    Kill 5, 10, and 25 enemies blinded by flashes.
    Misery Loves Company I/II/III: 50/100/250
    Kill 1, 2, and 3 enemies by cooking and not throwing a grenade.
    Ouch I/II/III: 50/100/250
    Kill 1, 5, and 15 enemies with direct impact grenade-launched grenades.
    Rival: 250
    Kill an enemy 5 times in one match.
    Cruelty: 250
    Kill an enemy, pick up his weapon, and kill him with that weapon.
    These 3 are really hard to do, so try to do it with someone in Last Stand,
    since they have 1 point of health. I have killed someone in last stand with a
    Stun before when they were in Last Stand. 
    Think Fast: 250
    Kill an enemy by hitting them with a Frag.
    Think Fast Stun: 250
    Kill an enemy by hitting them with a Stun.
    Think Fast Flash: 250
    Kill an enemy by hitting them with a Flash.
    Return to Sender: 250
    Kill an enemy by destroying his C4.
    Blind Fire: 250
    Kill an enemy while blinded by a flash.
    The Brink: 250
    Get a three kill streak while flashing red.
    Note: Easiest way is 3 kills with a frag while flashing red.
    Collateral Damage: 250
    Kill 2 enemies with one bullet from a sniper rifle.
    The Edge I/II/III: 50/100/250
    Get the last kill in a match 1, 5, and 15 times.
    Flawless: 250
    Go an entire match without dying.
    Note: Must start the match to get it. Hiding somewhere with jammer is advised
    if you want to cheat.
    Tango Down: 250
    Kill every member of the enemy team (minimum of 4 players. Cannot get in Team
    Tactical and FFA.)
    Hard Landing: 250
    Kill an enemy in mid-air.
    Extreme Cruelty: 250
    Kill every member of the enemy team without dying (4 person minimum. Cannot get
    in Team Tactical and FFA.)
    Fast Swap: 250
    Injure an enemy with primary weapon, then kill with the pistol.
    Note: Easiest way is to put them into Last Stand with primary, then hide and
    switch to the pistol.
    Star Player: 250
    Finish a game with a 5-1 KDR.
    How the ?: 250
    Kill an enemy by shooting an explosive through a wall.
    Dominoes: 250
    Kill an enemy by setting off a chain reaction of explosives.
    No Secrets: 250
    Call in UAV 3 times in one match.
    Afterburners: 250
    Call in 2 Airstrikes in one match.
    Air Superiority: 250
    Call in 2 Choppers in one match.
    Fearless: 250
    Kill 10 enemies without dying.
    Counter MVP: 250
    Kill the enemy MVP 10 times in one match.
    Invincible: 250
    Get 5 health regens in a row (from enemy damage) without dying.
    Survivalist: 250
    Survive for 5 consecutive minutes without dying.
    Rewards: Ok, the rewards for challenges in this game are really gay. Way less
    than they should be. Invincible is a pro challenge, and it's hard for me to get
    most of the elite challenges. I got invincible the other day (somehow), and all
    the XP I got was 250 xp, but most people can't get that until they play for a
    long time. I think the code just messed up on mine.
    Another side to this is that a lot (a LOT) of these are earned by luck, like
    Slasher, MG master, The Brink, Hot Potato, and Clay More.
    Completed all but How The? Somehow, I managed to get all of these. Without
    TDM: Short for Team Deathmatch.
    Deathmatch: Short for Team Deathmatch.
    FFA: Short for Free-For-All.
    Search: Short for Search and Destroy.
    SnD: Short for Search and Destroy.
    HQ: Short for Headquarters.
    BT: Short for Blue Tiger.
    Digi: Short for Digital.
    RT: Short for Red Tiger.
    Noob Tube: The slang term for the Grenade Launcher.
    MLG: Major League Gamer, not to be confused with LMG, which is a gun class. It
    makes you sound like a noob when you call the RPD an MLG, not LMG.
    Pro: Often used to describe a kill, this is a term for a very amazing kill or
    maneuver that only amazing experts can pull off.
    Red Dot: Short for Red Dot Sight.
    Pwnd: Mistaken spelling of owned, it means the same thing.
    Owned: Means you dominated/got dominated.
    Raped: In addition to the sexual crime, on COD4 servers it refers to a
    game/kill that was extrememly embarrasing. Discouraged due to the fact that it
    is offensive to the people who have been raped.
    BAMF: Bad Ass Mother Fliper
    GTFO: Get the flip out.
    KDR: Kill to Death Ratio.
    Assist: When you damage someone and someone else kills them before health regen
    takes place. Can get with bullets, nades that don't kill, stuns, and if they
    are killed while flashed.
    WAW: Call Of Duty World At War
    USMC: United States Marine Corps
    SAS: Special Armed Services
    USNC: Something to do with Halo
    Camping: When you sit in one spot with a gun and kill people that pass though
    that area. Note that sniping is NOT camping, since that is the point of
    Noob: A new player. A common insult if someone does something like run into an
    airstrike like an idiot or use the Noob Tube.
    M16: The M16A4
    M40: The M40A3
    LMG: Light Machine Gun
    SMG: Sub-Machine Gun
    Uzi: Mini-Uzi
    AK: The AK-47
    M4: The M4 Carbine
    Carbine: The M4 Carbine
    Saw: The M249 Saw
    M60: The M60E4
    G36: The G36c
    AK-74: The AK-74u
    The Barrett: Barrett .50 cal
    Deagle: Desert Eagle
    Shotty: Shotguns
    No-Scope: To run around with a sniper rifle and fire it from the hip. Commonly
    seen by people using the M40 ACOG'd, as it is a 1 hit kill with Stopping Power,
    as long as the target doesn't have juggernaut.
    Quick Scope: To look down scope of a sniper rifle quickly to get more accuracy.
    More accurate that no-scoping, but a little harder to pull off.
    Flawless: When you go an entire match without dying. That means from start to
    finish, not enter with 3 kills left, kill 3 people, and you get your flawless.
    Headshots: When someone says they want to go into Cagematch and do headshots,
    that means that you go in and just aim at the head. It is really cheating IMHO,
    but that is other people's opinion. It is used to get golden guns quickly and
    without doing all the hard work, which makes Golden Guns less impressive.
    Old School: Game mode where you start with a pistol and a Skorpion, then pick
    up perks and weapons on the way. It's quite obvious where they are. Jumps are
    higher, and you have more health. However, there is no health regen.
    Machinima: A word for a movie made by recording actions in a pre-made game.
    Combonation of Machine and Cinema. Also a channel on youtube where some Call of
    Duty video makers post their videos.
    Den Kirson: A guy who read the game code and got the truth about the game. His
    main point is that the game is supposed to be balanced, weapons and perks (eat
    it you Juggernaut and noob tube haters!) Wait, it says supposed. Damn...
    Cook: To cook a grenade means to hold it for one or more pulses. Cooking a nade
    can get you more kills by giving them less time to throw it back or by giving
    them less time to run away.
    Glitch: To take advantage of a mistake in the game code that allows you to
    enter a certain area. Common ones are the house on Ambush, the various places
    on Backlot, and the top of the wall on Bloc.
    Scrandom: Stupid, crappy random.
    -----How to not piss people off on Call of Duty-----
    Have your headset plugged in, but don't start telling your life story. If
    people want to talk, go ahead, but don't start randomly talking to people.
    -----Mounted Guns-----
    Ambush: There are Mounted Guns by flags A and C. These can be used to defend
    objectives, but they are more useful for taking down the choppers which are so
    deadly on this map.
    Downpour: The choppers are less deadly, but these are still useful for that
    Overgrown: The one on the Spetznaz side is not very useful, but the one on the
    SAS side can be used to take down the chopper or defend B.
    Backlot: The mounted guns here are useful in killing people as well as taking
    down choppers, especially the one on the construction building.
    Pipeline: There is one here, but as it is viewable by all of the main sniping
    spots except itself, it isn't advisable to use.
    Ghille suit: This isn't useful unless you are sitting there, prone, not moving.
    Otherwise you can easily be seen. Besides, you can still be seen. And it only
    helps in tall grass or next to trees and shrubs.
    Stealth: That means you DON'T run up the middle. I don't know how many times I
    have seen a noob with a silenced weapon and UAV Jammer run up the middle of the
    map. The goal of a stealth class is to stay hidden throughout the match and
    make them work to get you. So don't run into the middle of a fight with a
    silenced MP5 (or any SMG) and expect to come out alive unless there are about 3
    others on your side.
    Shotguns: I really don't have many tips. I would say that Juggernaut is quite
    useful, as well as Steady Aim and the Grip together. Or you can use Martyrdom
    or Extreme Conditioning.
    Shipment/Wet Work: Don't use both Martyrdom and Frag x3. It just makes for too
    many frags. The amount of frags coming from just the regular everyone has is
    enough, but with Frag x3, it's in the levels of way too many. The only reason I
    use Frag x3 on Shipment is because I would be behind if I didnt. I don't use
    it on Wet Work because I am too busy using the Grip, but Frag x3 on Wet Work is
    an option if you have problems getting kills like I do sometimes.
    Where to get what:
    Impressive Scores: TDM
    Challenges: Domination
    Headshots: Domination
    KDR: All
    Flawless Challenge: Backlot, hide under the construction building with UAV
    Jammer. Bloc, the pool building, with Jammer. Strike, way back behind the
    Marine spawn with Jammer. Crossfire, on TDM, the building all the way behind
    the OpFor spawn, on the staircase. Ambush, upstairs in the buildings by the 
    Bomb sites on the edges of the map, with Jammer.
    Wins: Party (if you care about your win-loss ratio)
    Reload Cancel: Learn this. When you're reloading a gun in COD4, it takes longer
    to perform the animation than to actually reload the gun. When the clip appears
    fully reloaded on the HUD, then you can change guns, knife, or Sprint to cancel
    the rest of the animation. When using the weapon switch method, double tap Y to
    not actually change guns, but still cancel the reload.
    Den Kirson says that all facets of this game are balanced. Not really.
    M40 ACOG'd: I don't care how much the gun sucks, it shouldn't be a one hit kill.
    Juggernaut: Really overpowered when someone is using an Assault Rifle like the
    G36c. OK when pistoling, shotgun-ing, or knifing.
    Martyrdom: Really, I have 2.5 seconds to run away from a nade??? That's free
    kills on shipment.
    Frag x3: Just extra ammo for nade spammers. Coupled with Sonic Boom you are
    pretty much guarenteed a kill or two per life on Shipment.
    Flashes: You take the full force, you are blinded and deafened for 10 seconds.
    You can't do anything for the most part.
    Shotguns: The only guns you can't hit with more than about 20-30 feet away...
    No offense, Den, but the guns are balanced before perks. And martyrdom isn't
    balanced at all. You get rewarded for dying, in essence.
    <><><><><>My Completed Weapon Challenges<><><><><>
    To show you how I roll...
    M16: None/ACOG with Red Tiger
    AK-47: None/ACOG with Red Tiger
    M4 Carbine: ACOG/ACOG with Red Tiger
    G3: None/ACOG with Digital (65/150)
    G36c: None/ACOG with Red Tiger
    M14: None/ACOG with Blue Tiger (98/150)
    MP44: None/ 77/150
    MP5: ACOG with Blue Tiger/ACOG with Red Tiger
    Skorpion: None/ACOG
    Mini Uzi: None/ACOG with Blue Tiger (113/150)
    AK-74u: None/ACOG with Red Tiger
    P90: ACOG with Digital/ACOG with Blue Tiger (97/150)
    Saw: None/ACOG with Digital (146/150)
    RPD: ACOG with Digital/ACOG with Blue Tiger (75/150)
    M60: ACOG with Digital/ACOG with Digital (39/150)
    W1200: None/Grip with Red Tiger
    M1014: None/Grip with Golden
    M40: None/ACOG with Red Tiger
    M21: None/ACOG with Red Tiger
    Dragonuv: ACOG/ACOG with Golden
    R700: None/ACOG with Red Tiger
    Barrett: ACOG with Digital/ACOG with Red Tiger
    Current Level: 55, 1st prestige
    <><><><><>Mod Block - The Controversial Update<><><><><>
    In September, with less than 2 months until the release of Modern Warfare 2,
    Infinity Ward released a patch limiting the fire rate of semi-auto weapons. The
    weapons affected are the G3, M14, M21, Dragonuv, Barrett, M9, USP, M1911, and
    (Gold) Desert Eagle. Some say that this update was a waste of time, and others
    agree that it was needed.
    While there was a problem with players using modded controllers, there were
    more problems with the M16A4 and M40A3 being overpowered. The G3 has the knife
    glitch, the shotguns wiffing at 2 feet, and they fixed the modded controllers.
    Somehow that seems like it wasn't the most important problem to fix.
    Infinity Ward: For making this awesome game.
    Gamefaqs: For hosting this guide.
    Den Kirson: I got a lot of information from this guy.
    BlameTruth Anyway, I watched his videos and got a lot of tips about how to play
    the game from him, especially the AK-74u, Steady Aim, and Shotgun info.
    All That Remains, Killswitch Engage, Disturbed, In Flames, Slipknot, Dope*: For
    helping inspire me throughout with your awesome tunes.
    *not the drug the band you idiots...
    Armorgames.com: Your forums helped me realize exactly how many people are worse
    at this game than I am, and exactly how good I am at this game. While I cannot
    hold my own with Blametruth, Xcalzorz, and Krimson Gunner, I beat most of the
    people on there in knowledge of the subtleties of the game.
    Me: For actually finishing this guide. I've started about 7 and this is only
    the second one I have finished. So go me!!!
    TurnerG25Pro and demon legato: For letting me use their favorite guns in this
    guide. I figured it wouldn't be balanced if I only had my opinion, so I may try
    to get their opinions on some of the guns I like/hate (basically, every one of
    xX Lewisbd Xx: My friend, you are a true beast at COD4.

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