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"A worthy expansion"

This is the third expansion pack for Age of Empires 3. It requires the original Age of Empires 3, but not the warcheifs expansion. Using the Warcheifs Expansion will just get extra content along with the Asian things. This X-pack adds 3 new Civs: China, India, and Japan; Along with 3 new game modes Regicide, King of the Hill, and Treaty No Blockade.

Gameplay -9/10
This game follows the same basic rules of traditional Age of Empires 3: you age up, New techniques and units on age up, etc. But this time there are many twists, most are Civ specific, but some arent. One that really stands out is the Wonder addition: To age up you must Build one of the wonders of the world which gives bounses. Theses new additions are exciting and fresh, but don't completely alienate you from the game.

Graphics- 10/10
These are the same graphics as in the original and in the Warcheifs. The Graphics are very good if you have a good system and can afford to run on high, if you don't have a high level computer the graphics are okay, but still perfectly reasonable. No downsides.

Sound -9/10
The sound is of the exact same quality as the original. The extremely catchy songs are still there with some new Asian Sounding ones. You will find yourself with the battle tune stuck in your head hours after you are done playing. The sound is great, but not worth a 10.

AI -10/10
In case you didn't already know AI stands for Artificial Intelligence, how well the computer players react to your move and think for themselves. Well the AI has been Greatly imporved from the Warcheifs. You used to just be able To defeat your enemy's army and they would just stand idle until they were defeated, not anymore. The AI continues to pump out units and fight like a worthy player. I almost enjoy playing against computers as much as I like Multiplayer.

Multiplayer -10/10
This is free multiplayer at it's best. You can play just about any map you want in any mode you want with up to 8 different people around the world. You can make clans and join chat channels. Back in the Warcheifs there was always a balance issue. Right now there are no complaints of any under powered or over powered civ. The only bad thing about multiplayer is that you still cant have more than 2 teams with out going Free For All. Still great Multiplayer though.

Overall -9/10
Great improvement from the Warcheifs. New and Refreshing to play. The multiplayer stays awesome. Definetly worth the $30. Buy it now.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 10/29/07

Game Release: Age of Empires III: The Asian Dynasties (US, 10/23/07)

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