What are all the known Feats of Strength Achievments?

  1. What are all the known ones.

    So far I know of just 1, which involves destroying all the zerg buildings in Devils Playground.

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    therokito - 7 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. This is from the official StarCraft 2 Guide.

    The Scenic Route - Kill all the Zerg in "The Devil's Playground" mission on Normal difficulty.
    You're So Crazy - Kill all the Protoss in the "Welcome to the Jungle" mission on Normal difficulty.
    Monster Mash - Use the A.R.E.S. to kill the Brutalisk in the "Piercing the Shroud" mission on Normal difficulty.
    Devoted Fan - Purchase StarCraft 2 Wings of Liberty Collector's Edition
    Hot Shot - Finish a Qualification round with an undefeated record.

    Also, the Devoted Fan achievement rewards you with the Raynor Marine, Tauran Marine, Night Elf Banshee, and Diablo Marine portaits as well as the Alliance Symbol, Horde Symbol, and Diablo Skull decals.

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