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    Upgrade Guide by AdmiralPo

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                             S T A R C R A F T (R)   I I
                         W I N G S   O F   L I B E R T Y  (TM)
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                        | RESEARCH - MERCENARIES - ARMORY ||
                        |             UPGRADE             |
                       ||          by : Admiral Po        |
                        \---------  v 1.01
     /  \ INTRODUCTION ____________________________________________________________
     \__/ [INT]
    This guide lists the upgrades in Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty campaign
    missions. It includes "Research" (accessed via the Laboratory, done by 
    Stetman), "Mercenaries" (talk to Hill in the Cantina to hire them), and 
    "Armory" upgrades (by Swann, upgrades for your base and forces). Under the
    upgrade title are effects on the units/bulidings and their descriptions, as
    well as the price to obtain it. Note that "Mercenaries" and "Armory" upgrades
    require credits, while "Research" need research points on the corresponding
    subject (Zerg or Protoss). At the end part, I also include descriptions on
    units which are on-display in the Hyperion hangar/bay. These units appear
    gradually as you obtain them as the mission progress. Note that there are
    only some Terran units on display there (not all in-game unit will appear).
    The objective of this guide is to provide the purchasing requirement, data,
    description, and especially the brief lore of the upgrades. Items like
    Mercenaries still has additional requirement on resources cost to call upon 
    them, which will not be covered here, as it is in-game mission mechanics 
    and many other guides has already explained it.
     /  \ TABLE OF CONTENTS _______________________________________________________
     \__/ [TOC]
    To quickly find/go to a topic, use the letters code plus the brackets in the
    search/browse utility, such as [TOC] or [MER-03].
     [INT] Introduction
     [TOC] Table of Contents
     [RES] Research
           # Protoss
             [RES-P1] Level : 5  > Ultra-Capacitors / Vanadium Plating
             [RES-P2] Level : 10 > Orbital Depots / Micro-Filtering
             [RES-P3] Level : 15 > Automated Refinery / Command Center Reactor
             [RES-P4] Level : 20 > Raven / Science Vessel
             [RES-P5] Level : 25 > Tech Reactor / Orbital Strike
           # Zerg
             [RES-Z1] Level : 5  > Shriek Turret / Fortified Bunker
             [RES-Z2] Level : 10 > Planetary Fortress / Perdition Turret
             [RES-Z3] Level : 15 > Predator / Hercules
             [RES-Z4] Level : 20 > Cellular Reactor / Regenerative Bio-Steel
             [RES-Z5] Level : 25 > Hive Mind Emulator / Psi Disrupter
     [MER] Mercenaries
           # [MER-01] War Pigs
           # [MER-02] Devil Dogs
           # [MER-03] Hammer Securities
           # [MER-04] Spartan Company
           # [MER-05] Siege Breakers
           # [MER-06] Hel's Angels
           # [MER-07] Dusk Wings
           # [MER-08] Jackson's Revenge
     [ARM] Armory
           # Base
             Bunker : Projectile Accelerator & Neosteel Bunker
             Missile Turret : Titanium Housing & Hellstorm Batteries
             SCV : Advanced Construction & Dual-Fusion Welders
             Terran Building : Fire-Suppression System & Orbital Command
           # Infantry
             Marine : Stimpacks & Combat Shield
             Medic : Advanced Medic Facilities & Stabilizer Medpacks
             Firebat : Incinerator Gauntlets & Juggernaut Plating
             Marauder : Concussive Shells & Kinetic Foam
             Reaper : U-238 Rounds & G-4 Clusterbomb
           # Vehicles
             Hellion : Twin-Linked Flamethrower & Thermite Filaments
             Vulture : Cerberus Mine & Replenishable Magazine
             Goliath : Multi-Lock Weapons System & Ares-Class Targeting System
             Diamondback : Tri-Lithium Power Cell & Shaped Hull
             Siege Tank : Maelstrom Rounds & Shaped Blast
           # Starships
             Medivac : Rapid Deployment Tube & Advanced Healing AI
             Wraith : Tomahawk Power Cells & Displacement Field
             Viking : Ripwave Missiles & Phobo-Class Weapon System
             Banshee : Cross-Spectrum Dampeners & Shockwave Missile Battery
             Battlecruiser : Missile Pods & Defensive Matrix
           # Dominion
             Ghost : Ocular Implants & Cirius Suit
             Spectre : Psionic Lash & Nyx-Class Cloaking Module
             Thor : 330mm Barrage Cannon & Immortality Protocol
     [BAY] Hangar/Bay Unit
           # [BAY-01] Firebat
           # [BAY-02] Marauder
           # [BAY-03] Spider Mine
           # [BAY-04] Crucio Siege Tank
           # [BAY-05] Medivac
           # [BAY-06] Viking
           # [BAY-07] Banshee
           # [BAY-08] Ghost Rifle
           # [BAY-09] Spectre
     [CPR] Copyright
     /  \ RESEARCH ________________________________________________________________
     \__/ [RES]
    [] PROTOSS ====================================================================
    > Level : 5 [RES-P1] >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    # Ultra-Capacitors
      - Weapon upgrades increase attack speed by 5%
      - Applies to Armory and Engineering Bay
      These self-replenishing Ultra-Capacitors reduce the reload time of all our
      weapons and weapons systems.
      Now each of the weapon upgrades in the Armory and Engineering Bay increases
      attack speed by 5% in addition to increasing damage.
    # Vanadium Plating
      - Armor upgrades increase life by 5%
      - Applies to Armory and Engineering Bay
      We have created a new lightweight alloy called vanadium. Vanadium diffuses
      weapon impacts much more effectively than traditional armor plating, and it
      better preserves the life of our units.
      Now each of the armor upgrades in the Armory and Engineering Bay increases
      unit life by 5% in addition to increasing armor.
    > Level : 10 [RES-P2] >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    # Orbital Depots
      - Supply Depots are built instantly
       We can now call down Supply Depots straight from orbit due to our new
       understanding of Protoss architecture. Key pivot joints have been added to
       the Supply Depot's structure, allowing the Supply Depot to survive the
       violent turbulence of breaking through an atmosphere.
       Now an SCV simply has to place a beacon, and the crew on the Hyperion will
       handle the rest.
    # Micro-Filtering
      - Refineries produce vespene gas 25% faster
      - Also applies to the Automated Refinery
      Combining Terran and Protoss filtering techniques allows our Refineries and
      Automated Refineries to reclaim a higher amount of vespene gas in its purest
    > Level : 15 [RES-P3] >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    # Automated Refinery
      - Refinery no longer requires SCVs to harvest vespene gas
      We have adapted Protoss warp technology to transport gas canisters straight
      from the Refinery to the Command Center, eliminating the need for SCVs to
      carry them back.
      Why the Protoss have never thought to transport vespene in this fashion is a
      mistery. Perhaps they lack Terran creativity and pragmatism, or possibly
      their primitive superstitions forbid the practice.
    # Command Center Reactor
      - Allows two SCVs to be trained simultaneously
      We have now the ability to train two SCVs simultaneously, allowing our early
      mineral and vespene production to ramp up twice as quickly.
      This breakthrough, made possible by recent insights into Protoss containment
      fields, should help us get a stronger foothold early in future missions.
    > Level : 20 [RES-P4] >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    # Raven
      - Detects cloaked and burrowed enemies
      - Can drop Auto-Turrets
      - Can place Point Defense Drones
      - Can deploy Seeker Missiles
      - Built at the Starport
      The Raven is an unmanned surveillance drone that can detect cloaked and
      burrowed enemy units. The Raven can also serve as a combat engineer by
      placing Auto-Turrets and Point Defense Drones and firing Seeker Missiles in
      strategically vital locations.
    # Science Vessel
      - Detects cloaked and burrowed enemies
      - Can Irradiate enemy units
      - Repairs nearby mecahnical units
      - Built at the Starport
      We have created a unique version of the Science Vessel that can perform hull
      repairs on friendly mechanical units. This version of the Science Vessel can
      also Irradiate individual targets and detect cloaked and burrowed enemy
    > Level : 25 [RES-P5] >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    # Tech Reactor
      - Combines the Tech Lab and the Reactor
      Protoss plasma shields have finally given us the ability to fit the Tech Lab
      and the Reactor into a single structure add-on.
      This new add-on, known as the Tech Reactor, replaces the old Tech Lab and
      Reactor add-ons and allows us to train two of any unit type simultaneously.
    # Orbital Strike
      - Barracks units now arrive by Drop-Pod
      - Drop-Pod lands at the Barracks' rally point
      We have developed a low-cost Drop-Pod that lets us send our infantry units
      straight from the Hyperion to the Barracks' rally point.
      This technological marvel gives us the ability to reinforce instantly when
      far from our main base and to surprise the enemy from above.
    [] ZERG =======================================================================
    > Level : 5 [RES-Z1] >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    # Shrike Turret
      - Outfit all Bunkers with an automated turret
      We have developed and automated turret that comes standard with all Bunkers.
      This turret which is based on our studies of Spore Crawlers, add extra
      firepower to manned Bunkers and also allows unmanned Bunkers to contribute
      to base defense.
    # Fortified Bunker
      - Bunkers gain +150 life
      This improved Bunker design, inspired by the Ultralisk exoskeleton, attaches
      a hardened carapace to the top of the Bunker. This carapace dramatically
      increase the amount of punishment that a Bunker can absorb.
    > Level : 10 [RES-Z2] >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    # Planetary Fortress
      - Command Center can upgrade to a Planetary Fortress
      - Upgrade grants extra armor and the Twin Ibiks Cannon
      - A Planetary Fortress cannot lift off
      We can now outfit the Command Center with the Twin Ibiks Cannon and 
      additional structure plating. Please note that this upgrade, nicknamed the
      Planetary Fortress, must be triggered after the Command Center has been
      Also note that a Command Center that has been upgraded to a Planetary
      Fortress can no longer lift off because the added weight is far to much for
      the Command Center's Atlas boosters.
    # Perdition Turret
      - Flame turret
      - Does massive area damage
      - Conceals itself when not in combat
      This turret fires a deadly wall of flame that is ideal for holding off large
      waves of enemy units. The turret also conceals itself beneath the ground
      when out of combat, luring unsuspecting enemies into its field of fire.
      The Zerg's ability to burrow has allowed them to massacre countless Terran
      soldiers in deadly ambushes. The new Perdition Turret should help even the
    > Level : 15 [RES-Z3] >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    # Predator
      - Anti-infantry specialist
      - Periodically emits a powerful area shock attack
      - Built at the factory
      The Predator is equipped with an electrified discharge field. This field
      activates each time the Predator strikes an enemy in combat, dealing heavy
      damage to all nearby enemy units. This makes the Predator a devastatingly
      effective counter to large group of enemy units.
    # Hercules
      - Massive transport ship
      - Deploys loaded troops almost instantly
      - Loaded troops survive if Hercules is destroyed
      - Built at the Starport
      We have retrofitted the Hercules-class cargo ship for use on the battlefield.
      This massive transport can carry entire armies and unload them at record
      The Hercules will also eject Survival Pods if shot down. Ejected occupants
      will sustain damage, but most would agree that injury is preferable to death.
    > Level : 20 [RES-Z4] >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    # Cellular Reactor
      - Specialist units start with +100 energy
      - Specialist units gain +100 maximum energy
      This reactor has a larger energy reserve on startup and can hold a much
      larger charge. Now our specialist units can use their abilities the moment
      they hit the battlefield, and they can store more energy when idle for long
      periods of time.
      Specialist units are units that use energy, such as the Medic, Ghost, and
    # Regenerative Bio-Steel
      - Ships and vehicles slowly regenerate life
      Our ship and vehicle hulls are now made from a material called Regenerative
      Bio-Steel. This material uses internal Nanobots to slowly repair any damage
      the hull sustains.
      While the regeneration process is much slower than conventional SCV repairs,
      it can be the difference between life and death if no SCVs are available.
    > Level : 25 [RES-Z5] >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    # Hive Mind Emulator
      - Defensive structure
      - Can permanently Mind Control Zerg units
      This emulator can mimic the signals of the now-deceased Overmind and bring
      individual Zerg units under our permanent control.
      Each conversion taxes the battery heavily, though, so a long recharge may be
      required before the next target can be controlled.
    # Psi Disrupter
      - Defensive structure
      - Slows movement and attack speeds of nearby Zerg
      - Constant effect
      Studies conducted by the United Earth Directorate have shown that
      concentrated doses of sigma radiation can slow Zerg movement and reaction
      speeds by as much as 50%.
      The Psi Disrupter has been developed to constantly emit sigma rays in a large
      area of effect, making it an essential base defense when facing a large Zerg
    * Note on "Research" upgrade :
    If you able to get all rewards on a mission (Zerg/Protoss research points)
    for all (or most) of the campaign missions, then you should be able to easily
    obtain the Level 25 upgrade. Moreover, you should also still have excess
    research points that will eventually be turned into credits (1 research point
    is awarded 10,000 credits, either on zerg or protoss). So, if you miss
    some of that 3-4 research points on a mission, it's likely that you will still
    be able to get all the upgrades, provided that you're not missing too much.
    There are total 36 research point reward each on zerg and protoss, while you
    only need 25 so there are 22 spare points (11 zerg + 11 protoss) which can be
    converted into 220,000 credits. Though however, you still need to make a choice
    among two upgrades on each level.
     /  \ MERCENARIES _____________________________________________________________
     \__/ [MER]
    S = Squad/Squadron Size ; V = Vitals ; T = Trained From ; L = Limit per Mission
    # War Pigs (automatically unlocked/hired)
      S : 4 Elite Marines
      V : +65% Health, +35% Damage
      T : Merc Compound
      L : 3 Squads
      War Pig mercenaries are well known for both their ruthless combat efficiency
      as well as their heavy drinking and barroom brawls. Their upgraded equipment
      and thousands of hours of combat experience make them well worth all the
      trouble they cause when they are off duty.
    # Devil Dogs (35,000 credits)
      S : 2 Elite Firebats
      V : +80% Health, +25% Damage
      T : Merc Compound
      L : 2 Squads
      These ex-Confederate firebats have fought on dozens of worlds over the last
      four years. They don't care about causes, only cash.
    # Hammer Securities (30,000 credits)
      S : 2 Elite Marauders
      V : +25% Health, +20% Damage
      T : Merc Compound
      L : 2 Squads
      A private security firm based in the Kel-Morian Combine. H-Sec provides
      corporate security, and often finds itself at odds with the Dominion.
    # Spartan Company (40,000 credits)
      S : 2 Elite Goliaths
      V : +33% Health, +33% Damage
      T : Merc Compound
      L : 2 Squads
      A remnant from the defeated UED expeditionary force, the Spartans now use
      their advanced equipment to provide support to the highest bidder.
    # Siege Breakers (45,000 credits)
      S : 2 Elite Siege Tanks
      V : +33% Health, +66% Damage
      T : Merc Compound
      L : 2 Squads
      A small but elite unit of ex-Confederate siege tank pilots. They claim they
      can solve all of your problems with one shot from their customized and
      over-charged cannons.
    # Hel's Angels (45,000 credits)
      S : 3 Pirate Viking Fighters
      V : +45% Health, +40% Damage
      T : Merc Compound
      L : 2 Squadrons
      Named after Hel, the Norse goddess of death, this pirate group haunts the
      fringe worlds looking for easy prey in the Dominion shipping lanes. Their
      aerial expertise sometimes earns them big cash on a mercenary contract.
    # Dusk Wings (60,000 credits)
      S : 2 Rogue Banshees
      V : +25% Health, +50% Damage
      T : Merc Compound
      L : 2 Squadrons
      The Dusk Wings were one of the first banshee squadrons deployed by the
      Dominion. They soon went AWOL when they realized that freelancing with their
      new toys was a way to get rich quick.
    # Jackson's Revenge (80,000 credits)
      S : 1 Pirate Battlecruiser
      V : +30% Health, +33% Damage
      T : Merc Compound
      L : 1
      This battlecruiser dates back to the earliest days of the Confederacy. The
      notorious vessel has been commanded by dozens of captains, all of whom either
      died in battle, or at the hands of the ship's villainous crew.
    [ TOTAL credit cost for Mercenaries = 335,000 ]
     /  \ ARMORY __________________________________________________________________
     \__/ [ARM]
    [] BASE =======================================================================
    # Bunker ----------------------------------------------------------------------
    > Projectile Accelerator (40,000 credits)
      - Bunkered units gain +1 range
      Wolfe Industries has developed a Bunker port that houses a magnetic rail.
      This device dramatically accelerates all projectiles coming out of the 
      port, increasing the range off all weapons fired from the Bunker.
    > Neosteel Bunker (50,000 credits)
      - Bunkers gain 2 additional slots
      This Bunker uses a high-density Neosteel frame, leaving more room inside
      for additional infantry wihtout increasing the overall Bunker footprint.
      While ordinary Bunkers can hold a maximum of four infantry, Neosteel
      Bunkers can house up to six infantry in fortified comfort.
    # Missile Turret --------------------------------------------------------------
    > Titanium Housing (50,000 credits)
      - Missile Turret gain +75 life
      Enlightened Dynamics has developed a new Titanium Housing for the Missile
      Turret. Early adopters have found this housing to be noticeably tougher
      than the original, allowing Missile Turrets to absorb more punishment
      before failing.
    > Hellstorm Batteries (80,000 credits)
      - Missile Turrets gain a second attack
      - Second attack does area damage
      Hellstorm Batteries are an additional weapon set that can be fitted to
      your Missile Turrets. Each battery fires several small missiles that
      accompany the standard missile attack and saturate the target area on
      Hellstorm Batteries are a great way to welcome swarms of enemy flyers to
      your base. Don't disappoint!
    # SCV -------------------------------------------------------------------------
    > Advanced Construction (60,000 credits)
      - Multiple SCVs can build a structure
      - Each additional SCV reduces build time
      - Building cost remains the same
      This revolutionary computer allows multiple SCVs to work on the same
      structure simultaneously. The onboard assistant is so efficient at
      coordinating SCV efforts that building costs are unaffected.
      This upgrade is vital when trying to get a base up and running quickly,
      or when trying to rebuild a broken defense.
    > Dual-Fusion Welders (80,000 credits)
      - SCV repair twice as fast
      The SCV ability to get damaged to mechanical units back to full life, and
      even to repair units while they are taking damage, has been a key advantage
      over the Protoss and the Zerg.
      The Dual-Fusion Welder allows SCVs to repair at twice the speed, improving
      their ability to keep damaged units alive in the heat of battle.
    # Terran Building -------------------------------------------------------------
    > Fire-Suppression System (90,000 credits)
      - All structures repair themselves to 50% life
      - All structure fires are automatically put out
      This all-in-one safety system automatically dispatched robotic drones to
      put out any fires and perform basic repairs on damaged structures.
      Although these drones are effective at doing basic repairs, they do not
      have a strong enough AI to perform the more delicate repairs needed to
      restore a structure past half life.
    > Orbital Command (125,000 credits)
      - Grants the Scanner Sweep and Calldown: MULE abilities
      - Scanner Sweep: Reveals an area in the fog of war
      - Calldown: MULE: Calls down a temporary robotic miner
      ATVX now manufactures a satellite comlink that can reveal unexplored areas
      on the map.
      This comlink can also call down a MULE. A MULE gathers much faster than an
      SCV and can produce a major surge in mineral production. Because it is a
      prototype, the MULE will come apart after a short period of time, but it is
      still well worth the cost.
    [] INFANTRY ===================================================================
    # Marine ----------------------------------------------------------------------
    > Stimpacks (50,000 credits)
      - Grants the Stimpack ability
      - Effect: Marine takes 10 damage, fires and moves 50% faster
      - Duration: 15 seconds
      Stimpacks provide a temporary boost to the Marine's attack and movement
      speed by dosing him with a mix of adrenaline, endorphins, and aggression
      This frenzied burst, does come at the expense of the Marine's health.
      Medical treatment is highly advisable after multiple uses.
    > Combat Shield (60,000 credits)
      - Marines gain +10 life
      M98 Combat Shields are a vital upgrade for any Marine fighting on the front
      line. 30mm of bonded carbide may not sound like much, but field tests have
      shown a full 25% increase in Marine survivability when equipped with
      Combat Shields.
    # Medic -----------------------------------------------------------------------
    > Advanced Medic Facilities (60,000 credits)
      - Medics no longer require the Tech Lab add-on
      Storing Medpacks has traditionally require the advanced facilities of the
      Tech Lab. Remedius Medical Systems now offers a storage facility that can
      be housed in the Barracks itself, eliminating the need for the Tech Lab
      when training and outfitting Medics.
    > Stabilizer Medpacks (105,000 credits)
      - Medics heal targets 25% faster
      - Medics use 33% less energy per heal
      The Stabilizer Medpack is a new generation of medical Nanobot that heals
      targets more efficiently and can be injected at faster rates. Show your
      Marines that you truly care by outfitting your Medics with Stabilizer
      Medpacks today!
    # Firebat ---------------------------------------------------------------------
    > Incinerator Gauntlets (40,000 credits)
      - Firebats gain a 40% larger area attack
      This upgraded Gauntlet channels the flamer's fuel through multiple ports
      rather than the single port of the previous generation. This results in a
      much wider flame without any loss of intensity, allowing your Firebats to
      hold enemies at bay with a literal wall of fire.
    > Juggernaut Plating (85,000 credits)
      - Firebats gain +2 armor
      Juggernaut Plating strengthens the Firebat's natural weak spots and thickens
      the helmet and chest pieces. This upgrade allows Firebats to shrug off the
      attacks of other infantry units and soak up incredible amounts of damage
      from small-arms fire.
    # Marauder --------------------------------------------------------------------
    > Concussive Shells (70,000 credits)
      - Marauder attack slows all units in target area
      Concussive Shells actually form a gravitational warp when they detonate.
      This warp not only damages the target, but it also slows the movement speed
      of all nearby units to a crawl for a short period of time.
      Concussive Shells make Marauders a great support unit against melee units,
      in addition to their traditional role of destroying armored targets.
    > Kinetic Foam (90,000 credits)
      - Marauders gain +25 life
      Marauder armor can survive crushing impacts, but the same cannot always be
      said for the soldier inside. To help solve this problem, Wolfe Industries
      offers a Kinetic Foam undersuit that protects the soldier from the violent
      impacts the armor takes.
      Surely the lives of your Marauders are worth the small investment required
      to outfit them with Kinetic Foam.
    # Reaper ----------------------------------------------------------------------
    > U-238 Rounds (60,000 credits)
      - Reapers gain +1 range
      - Reapers do an additional +3 damage to light armor
      U-238 Rounds are made from depleted uranium. These rounds are extremely
      dense (1.67 times the density of lead), so they have increased range and
      hit lightly armored units much harder.
    > G-4 Clusterbomb (75,000 credits)
      - Anti-personnel charge with a large blast radius
      - Ejects smaller payloads in a radius for increased damage
      This anti-personnel charge detonates shortly after being thrown. The initial
      blast ejects a cluster of smaller charges that deal additional damage in a
      large radius.
      Please note that Enlightened Dynamics assumes no liability for deaths due
      to friendly fire.
    [] VEHICLES ===================================================================
    # Hellion ---------------------------------------------------------------------
    > Twin-Linked Flamethrower (40,000 credits)
      - Doubles width of the Hellion's flame attack
      ATVX has developed a Twin-Linked version of the Hellion's Flamethrower. The
      model produces a flame that is twice as wide as the original.
      Hellions can now literally douse group of enemy units in overlapping flames
      with this upgrade.
    > Thermite Filaments (60,000 credits)
      - Hellions do an additional +10 damage to light armor
      This upgrade laces the Hellion's flame with small bits of thermite. These
      thermite fragments instantly burn through light armor, doing additional
      damage to the target's vitals.
      For a small investment, your Hellions can be the envy of every military
      organization in the sector.
    # Vulture ---------------------------------------------------------------------
    > Cerberus Mine (50,000 credits)
      - Increases mine blast radius by 33%
      - Increases mine trigger radius by 33%
      This mine was developed by the Kel-Morian Combine during its siege of New
      Austin. The increased trigger, pursuit, and blast radiuses were critical to
      terrorizing the civilian population and protecting Supply Depots from
    > Replenishable Magazine (60,000 credits)
      - Allows Vultures to replenish mines in the field
      - Mine cost: 15 minerals
      Enlightened Dynamics has developed a microfabricator that lets Vultures
      create new mines out in the field. This microfabricator uses a small number
      of mineral crystals each time a mine is created, but this minor hassle is
      awesome change from the old system of "three and done."
    # Goliath ---------------------------------------------------------------------
    > Multi-Lock Weapons System (50,000 credits)
      - Goliaths can fire both weapons simultaneously
      This improved version of the Goliath allows the Missile Launcher and
      Autocannons to acquire separate targets and fire simultaneously. This
      upgrade is ideal when facing ground targets with heavy air support.
    > Ares-Class Targeting System (80,000 credits)
      - Goliaths gain +3 missile range
      - Goliaths gain +1 cannon range
      This advanced Targeting System lets the Goliath's missiles locate and lock
      on to more distant targets.
      The Targeting System also features an AI that can better predict the paths
      of moving targets, letting the Goliath's Autocannons hit ground targets
      from a greater distance.
    # Diamondback -----------------------------------------------------------------
    > Tri-Lithium Power Cell (75,000 credits)
      - Diamondbacks gain +1 range
      The Tri-Lithium Power Cell has 40% more capacity and fits in the same slot
      as the outdated monolithium power cell. This increased power surge allows
      the Diamondbacks to accurately fire at more distant targets.
    > Shaped Hull (90,000 credits)
      - Diamondbacks gain +50 life
      Bellerephon now offers a Diamondback with a hull made from a single piece
      of shaped titanium. This newer model can absorb more punishment than the
      traditional Diamondback because the hull has no joints or rivets that can
    # Siege Tank ------------------------------------------------------------------
    > Maelstrom Rounds (105,000 credits)
      - Siege Tank do +40 damage to primary target
      - Splash damage remains the same
      Maelstrom Rounds have an armor-piercing tip that inflicts devastating
      damage on the primary target. Splash damage is identical to the standard
      If Siege Tanks struck fear into the hearts of our enemies before, they will
      inspire abject terror when firing the Maelstrom Round.
    > Shaped Blast (140,000 credits)
      - Shock Cannon does 75% less damage to friendly units
      LarsCorp has developed a "smart shell" for the Siege Tank that scans for
      allies on impact an adjust its detonation to minimize damage to friendly
      Field tests have shown that this shell reduces friendly fire fatalities by
      75%, though due caution is still recommended when walking into a fire zone.
    [] STARSHIPS ==================================================================
    # Medivac ---------------------------------------------------------------------
    > Rapid Deployment Tube (50,000 credits)
      - Medivacs deploy loaded troops almost instantly
      Dropping troops onto a hostile battlefield is always dangerous, but a slow
      drop can be lethal. Bellerephon has made this problem a thing of the past
      by developing a new gravity tube that can deploy the Medivac's contents
      almost instantly.
    > Advanced Healing AI (115,000 credits)
      - Medivacs can heal two targets at once
      This new healing AI enables the Medivac to acquire and heal two targets
      simultaneously, allowing the Medivac to expand more of its energy keeping
      troops alive and in fighting condition.
      Never again will you be saddened by the sight of a squad of dead Marines and
      a live Medivac with half of its energy reserves.
    # Wraith ----------------------------------------------------------------------
    > Tomahawk Power Cells (80,000 credits)
      - Wraiths start with +100 energy
      These improved power cells provide the Wraith with a larger up-front energy
      reserve. This allows newly built Wraiths to instantly engage in missions
      with heavy cloaking requirements, rather than having to wait for the Reactor
      to build up sufficient charge.
    > Displacement Field (125,000 credits)
      - Wraiths evade 20% of attacks when cloaked
      ATVX has developed an improved Cloaking Field that can radically alter the
      course of incoming projectiles. Field tests have shown that rouhgly 20% of
      incoming hits will miss a detected Wraith entirely if cloaking is still
    # Viking ----------------------------------------------------------------------
    > Ripwave Missiles (75,000 credits)
      - Viking missiles do area damage
      Ripwave Missiles are anti-matter warheads that can damage multiple air
      targets with deadly busts of sub-atomic shrapnel.
      The long-term environmental impact is still being assessed, but Enlightened
      Dynamics would like to remind its valued clients that it offers a whole
      suite of environmental decontamination services.
    > Phobo-Class Weapons System (90,000 credits)
      - Vikings gain +2 missile range
      - Vikings gain +1 cannon range
      Bellerephon offers an improved loadout for the viking that adds a longer-
      range anti-air missiles. An improved Gatling Cannon has also been added for
      increased range in ground assaults.
    # Banshee ---------------------------------------------------------------------
    > Cross-Spectrum Dampeners (80,000 credits)
      - Banshees can remain cloaked for twice as long
      Wolfe Industries offers a new model of Banshee that embeds light-dampening
      materials into the hull. This new hull material requires far less energy to
      conceal and makes it much easier for the Banshee to maintain cloaked once
    > Shockwave Missile Battery (110,000 credits)
      - Banshee attack fires multiple missiles in a line
      The Shockwave Missle Battery fires multiple missiles in a straight line with
      each shot, allowing the Banshee to hit multiple ground target. This upgrade
      is essential when fighting ground targets that are packed closed together.
    # Battlecruiser ---------------------------------------------------------------
    > Missile Pods (140,000 credits)
      - Grants the Missile Pods ability
      - Effect: Does area damage to air targets
      Laser Batteries are fearsome weapons across wide stretches of space, but
      they leave a Battlecruiser vulnerable to small Interceptors. The ATVX
      Missile Pod can shore up this weakness by instantly bombarding an area with
      a massive barrage of anti-air missiles.
    > Defensive Matrix (150,000 credits)
      - Grants the Defensive Matrix ability
      - Effect: Absorbs 200 damage before failing
      The Defensive Matrix is a temporary deflection field that helped save
      countless assets from a premature death during the original Brood War. Now
      the minds at LarsCorp have adapted this technological marvel to protect the
      massive hull of the Minotaur-class Battlecruiser.
    [] DOMINION ===================================================================
    # Ghost -----------------------------------------------------------------------
    > Ocular Implants (85,000 credits)
      - Ghosts gain +2 range
      - Ghosts gain +3 sight radius
      Ocular Implants increase the Ghost's sight radius, making it easier to spot
      potential targets and weak points in the enemy perimeter.
      The current generation also includes an automated targeting system that
      instantly calculate atmospheric pressure and wind shear, greatly increasing
      the effective sniping range of the Ghost.
    > Cirius Suit (125,000 credits)
      - Cloak no longer requires energy
      This combat suit has a psi-augmenter dedicated to maintaining cloak. This
      allows the Ghost to maintain his Cloaking Field indefinitely and frees up
      energy for other uses.
    * Note :
    You can only get either Ghost or Spectre in a single playthrough. If you choose
    to side with Nova on New Folsom siege ("Ghost of A Chance" mission), you will
    get Ghost unit.
    # Spectre ---------------------------------------------------------------------
    > Psionic Lash (100,000 credits)
      - Grants the Psionic Lash ability
      - Effect: Does 200 damage to target unit
      With proper training, Spectres can unleash a concentrated blast of psionic
      fury at a single target. This blast drains the Spectre's energy reserve,
      but it will koll most single targets outright.
      For obvious reasons, Remedius Medical Systems recommends limiting this
      training to Spectres who have an exceptionally high opinion of their
      superior officers.
    > Nyx-Class Cloaking Module (125,000 credits)
      - Cloak no longer requires energy
      This combat suit comes with a psi enhancer dedicated entirely to maintaining
      cloak. This allows the Spectre to effortlessly maintain a Cloaking Field and
      channel the psionic energies elsewhere.
    * Note :
    You can only get either Ghost or Spectre in a single playthrough. If you choose
    to side with Tosh on New Folsom siege ("Breakout" mission), you will get
    Spectre unit.
    # Thor ------------------------------------------------------------------------
    > 330mm Barrage Cannon (130,000 credits)
      - Improved bombardment cannon
      - Effect: Deals massive area damage; stun central targets
      The 330mm Barrage Cannon is the final word in siege-walker technology. This
      massive battery of dorsal cannons can lay down a sustained barrage that will
      pulverize most defenses and annihilate all ground targets in the target
    > Immortality Protocol (140,000 credits)
      - Grants the Immortality Protocol ability
      - Effect: Destroyed Thor can be reactivated in the field
      ATVX now offers an updated Thor model that can repair itself to full working
      condition if the hull remains intact. This repair process is a fraction of
      the cost of building a new Thor, and it allows you to quickly reactivate a
      Thor that is destroyed in the field.
    [ TOTAL credit cost for Armory upgrades = 3,740,000 ]
    * Note on "Mercenaries" and "Armory" upgrades :
    Unlike from the "Research" upgrades, you may freely choose all the available
    upgrades on armory and purchase mercenary contracts. However, if you want
    both all the armory and mercenary upgrades, your credits will not be enough
    to cover the whole thing, even with those additional credits you get from
    spare zerg/protoss research points. Total credits requirements for mercenaries
    and armory upgrades are 335,000 + 3,740,000 = 4,075,000 while the maximum
    you can obtain from mission reward and excess research points are only around
    2,250,000. This number also means that you can purchase all mercenary 
    contracts, but it's not the same case for the armory upgrades.
     /  \ HANGAR/BAY UNITS ________________________________________________________
     \__/ [BAY]
    # Firebat ---------------------------------------------------------------------
    > CMC-660 Heavy Combat Suit
      The firebat suit contains a volatile mix of gasses that seep into the 
      operator compartment. This may explain why firebat personnel are almost 
      universally resocialized criminals or psychotic pyromaniacs.
      Perdition flamethrowers spew combusto-plasma at enemy targets. The plasma
      easily seeps into gaps in zerg carapaces. Smaller zerg creatures are 
      literally cooked alive inside their own skins.
    " Fire washes the skin off the bone and the sin off the soul. It cleans away
      the dirt. And my momma didn't raise herself no dirty boy. "
    - Franko Tildon, widely credited as the first fighting firebat, reformed mass
    # Marauder --------------------------------------------------------------------
    > 5-4 Armored Infantry Suit
      Although the marauder suit is modified from the CMC-660 firebat suit, the
      soldier inside is very different. 47% of marauder operators have never even
      been to jail, and only 23% have been accused of murder.
      The marauder's grenade auto-loader is stocked with component parts that 
      allow it to quickly manufacture and load hundreds of standard Punisher 
    # Spider Mine -----------------------------------------------------------------
    > 52-QDMM Spider Mine
      Spider mines belong to a very small category of technology that came from 
      Old Earth and survived the crash of the supercarriers. Terran marines are 
      famously mistrustful of the spider mines' IFF sensors.
      In 2499, Tarsonis-based Jaunt Pictures released Spider Mines IV: Death from
      Below, continuing a franchise about spider mines that had achieved sentience
      and turned on their human creators. It was the last holo in the series.
    # Crucio Siege Tank -----------------------------------------------------------
    > Armored Support/Mobile Artillery
      Armed with twin 90mm cannons, the Crucio is an expensive upgrade to the
      original Arclite siege tank. The 180mm "seige mode" shock cannon scatters
      superheated tungsten in a 50% larger area.
      Dominion infantry soldiers are universally convinced that Crucio operator
      inflict more damage on friendly forces than on the enemy. Consequently,
      Crucio operators stick together during shore leave.
      Wendell Slovens, an early Crucio operator, installed a sophisticated 
      surround-sound system into his "ride." Sgt. Slovens was subsequently cut off
      and surrounded when he failed to hear the order to fall back.
    # Medivac ---------------------------------------------------------------------
    > G-226 Medical Transport
      Medics of the 19th Dominion Marine Division first improvised the medivac by
      modifying a dropship to allow remote control during the acid storms on Thalon
      VII. This added tens of minutes to the life expectancy of medics.
      Marines still do not trust the accuracy of the scalpel laser, nor are they
      optimistic about the precision of the auto-suture, both of which were 
      developed by Procyon Industries, the lowest bidder.
      Maria "Mother" Thalasses was an early medivac pilot, credited with saving
      hundreds of lives. She later murdered two marines who reportedly insisted on
      referring to the medivac as a "heal bus."
      She is rumored to be resocialized and serving happily in the Dominion
    # Viking ----------------------------------------------------------------------
    > A2 Armored Mechanical Hybrid
      Viking pilots are a rare breed. Few pilots can master both forms of the 
      vehicle. A viking pilot is a "cherry" until he's been inside of one during a
      transformation. The twisting metal can kill less-agile men.
      The elite few who make it through training are so deadly that their names are
      well-known by both allies and enemies across the sector.
      Viking servos are interchangeable. SCVs can scavenge a viking's arm to repair
      the more important leg assembly.
    # Banshee ---------------------------------------------------------------------
    > AH/G-24 Tactical-Strike Aircraft
      Created by the Dominion military to terrorize rebellious colonists, the
      banshee was used to great effect in urban and rural settings. Its agile, 
      sneaky capabilities quickly propelled it onto the front lines against zerg, 
      protoss, and terran foes.
      The DN51 banshee cloak generator is one of the most sophisticated pieces of
      equipment in the Dominion arsenal. When a banshee is shot down, special teams
      are deployed to recover the generator - or destroy it.
    # Ghost Rifle -----------------------------------------------------------------
    > 25mm C-10 Canister Rifle Mark VI
      Introduced by the Confederacy shortly before the fall of Tarsonis, the 
      Mark VI is considered the pinnacle of ghost antipersonnel weaponry. The
      Dominion, unable to improve upon the design, has carried on production.
      Despite their great skill, ghosts are notoriously sloppy when calling down
      nuclear strikes. Modern commanders are always happy to see a ghost's rifle,
      for it contains a magnetic grid tracker to verify coordinates.
      The first Mark VI was used by Horvald "Scratchy" Winston to eliminate James
      Fortune, a Kel-Morian mining baron. Winston reported that the weapon was
      "sexier than [his] girlfriend and twice as nice."
    # Spectre ---------------------------------------------------------------------
      A side effect of the spectre training regimen is a marked increase in
      eccentricity. Many spectres carry totems or other trinkets to "enhance" their
      There is speculation that the Dominion still uses spectres in a number of
      operations, despite the ostentible shutdown of the program.
    " Spectres. Tell me: you ever see a spectre? No? Because they don't exist. "
    - Gabriel Tosh, rumored to be the first spectre, speaking to Cyb Roche of the
      Umojan News Service. Ms. Roche disappeared a week later and has not been
      seen since.
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