1. Any cheats for this game?

    User Info: Dude_bag

    Dude_bag - 7 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Go to your Documents\ArcaniA - Gothic 4 folder. In this folder there is Input.xml file. Open with notepad or wordpad. Paste these lines After the word <Input>
    When in game, press Left CTRL+Q to go in to the fly mode, press and hold jump and move around the map. Click on Escape/Esc to portal to that location. It is very good cheat to save time.
    Also with that code, if you press left Shift, you can sprint/run faster. Saves time running through dungeons.

    Should look like


    <Input command="sprint" set="1" >
    <Key name="shift left"/>
    <Activation type="active"/>

    <Input command="sprint" >
    <Key name="shift right"/>
    <Activation type="active"/>

    <Input command="hero teleport" >
    <Key name="Q"/>
    <Key name="control left" active="true" />
    <Activation type="first active"/>

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Other Answers

  1. For this time only money with cheats engine _ttp://

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