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    FAQ/Walkthrough by RummanDoesRule

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    Fifa 08 Faq 'n Walkthrough by RummanDoesRule (on Cnet)
    Version 1.0
    Version History
    1.0 > All Done
    1.01 > Added a FAQ Question.
    1.03 > Changed a few thangs
    1.1  > Added Credits in the end
           Added Quotes on each section.
           Changed Q&A
           Added Real World Football Strategies
    1.12 > Added the YouTube Vid. 
           Changed my contact details.
    1.2  > Added The GamePad Right Analogue Stick Fix(2.1> The RAS Fix) Section.
           Added a few more quotes.
           Added another person in my Credits Section.
           Corrected a few Grammatical mistakes and spellings.
    The Ramp Used "(inside the {})" {08.dbo'`"P() mM}
    (Un-Cover the hidden message)
    (Open Note-Pad on Windows)
    (Change The Font To Arial)
    (Turn Numlock On)
    (Use The Num Keyz Instead of The 123)
    (Press The Buttons As Shown)
    (Alt+0193, Alt+0208, Alt+0212, L, F,)
    (Do not Spam Me or GameFaqs)
    (Have a nice History Lesson) 
    ASCII Art by ASCGen
    "When an Italian tells me its pasta on the plate I check under the sauce to 
    make sure."
    Nice one Fergie - insulting an entire nation with one simple statement. 
    (He said it before Man Utd's Champions League tie against Inter Milan in 1999.)
    LoL... Italians... They always lose to ManUtd... cept AC Milan
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    CheatBook - Cheatbook Database www.cheatbook.de
    Neoseeker - www.neoseeker.com
    You can Always Find The latest at Gamefaqs and someone Authorised by me shall
    update Cheatbook.
    I have been an 8 years fan of Manchester United, Wikipedia and Cheatbook  
    Extra Useful sites:
    Wikihow - www.wikihow.com [Can get a fair few stuffz from here]
    Youtube.com - just for the formalitis I am putting the site add www.youtube.com
                  [Can get a lotta Rabona and trick moves videos here]
    Soccer-Training-Info -  www.soccer-training-info.com [Just like the name sez]
    FIFA 08 Official Web - Forgot the add... dont have the energy to look it up.
    Neoseeker Forums - www.neoseeker.com - rummanzrulz iz my namez
    My Site - www.freewebs.com/rummandoesrule - Can get a joyload of stuff here.
    The Best Info Site Ever - http://tinyurl.com/ypzfc   
    Copyright and Disclaimer |
    Copyright 2008 Rumman Rubaiyat Kalam.
    This may be be reproduced under any circumstances It may be placed on any
    Website or otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission.
    Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display is 
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    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their 
    respective trademark and copyright holders.
    "Plagarism is the best form of flattery"
    "I only write to help people"
    "If Plagarising helps People, Then Plagarise"
    "I do this for free"
    "If this guide will help a guy get few bucks, then sell away"
    "If this guide is sold with CDs in Bangladesh I will be happy if proper credit
     is given to me."
    My Style at Guides |
    God knows how well I write(Atleast I don't)...
    You will stumble upon wisecracks like that allthrough my guide
    Book 1 - Prologue
    Fifa07b1.1 - Intro
    Fifa07b1.2 - Changes
    Book 2 - Gotta Know Stuff
    Fifa07b2.1 - Minimum System Requrements
    1> Notes on Video Card Support
    2> Notes on Gamepads and Joysticks
       2.1> The RAS Fix
    3> Recommended Sys Specs          
    4> Mind Blowing Sys Specs
    5> My Sys Specs
    Fifa07b2.2 - Gameplay
    1> Basics
    2> Advanced   
    3> Hints and Tips
    4> Dribbling
    Book 3 - Manager Mode
    Fifa07b3.1 Preliminaries
    1> This is The Season
    2> Create-a-Manager (CAM)(Center Attacking Midfield)
    3> Select The Country and The Team
    4> Sponsor
    5> Pager
    6> Sweet Money
    Fifa07b3.2 The Managerial Suite
    1> Transfers
    2> Youngsters
    3> The Formation
    4> Your Finger Pain
                      a> Physical Pain Remedy
                      b> Mental Pain Remedy
                         b.1> Simming 'em    
    5> Real World Football Strategies [Experimental]
    Book 5 - Frequently Asked Questions
    Book 6 - Epilogue
    1> Contact
    2> Contact Rules
    Book 1 - Prologue
    Fifa07b1.1 - Intro
    When I Say press I mean tap not trap.
    when I say trap I mean it.
    Well.... This is my third guide in my life of guides. The first one was GBA : 
    WWE Survivor Series full and final n00b Guide with movelist. But now since I 
    am sick and tired of writing 'n writing I chose to write an Advanced Guide. 
    Since there is already two n00b guides I chose this method besides I got admit-
    ted to school on 24/6/07  on Dhaka Presidency High. After 5 years of English 
    schooling on private schools life is hell on this bangla school. H-E-L-L.
    Aside from this crisis of time like DC Comics I also Upgraded my AGP from ATI
    Rage 128 Pro to nVIDIA GeForce 4 MX 4000 (No G*dd*mn Pixel Shader DX 8.1). So
    its San Andreas, Cossax 2: Napleonic Wars, Vice City, NFS U2 Most Wanted.
    All in 1 40 GB HDD with 10 Gb Songs. Although Piracy has swallowed Bangladesh
    I have been a Manchester United fan for more than half of my life Iam 13 I have
    beem a ManU fan fore 7 years in a Row and b4 tht Arsenal fan for 1 year. Here's
    my dream team
       W. SAGNOL              
    B                       L.FIGO      
    T  R. FERDINAND   
    H                 S. GERRARD      Diego Maradona
       N.Vidic      Z. ZIDANE       Wayne Rooneh
                          C. RONALDO  
       R. CARLOS
    SUBS. L. Messi, Luis Nani, Karim BenZema, R.Van Nistelrooy, Young on form
    Although I m also a cricket fan hehehehe.
    This is basically a changed FAQ of FIFA 07. The Skeleton is the same. Cept the
    meat has changed.
    Fifa07b1.2 - Changes
    Okay... According to me.. FIFA 08 has the WORST A.I in all the games. EA tried
    to make the game harder by making it more unfair. The Amateur DFCLTY is easy.
    Semi-Pro same as 07 Semi Pro. Professional is another story. Harder than Legen-
    dary on FIFA 07. The A.I is harder... waay harder.. Now 80% crosses are caught
    by the keeper. Corners are totally different from FIFA 07. But the new and
    facinating thin is the Goalkeeeper Difficulty. Surely... WC keeper makes a fool
    out of you. Cant fake him, cant place a shot under his armpits. Plus the free
    kick model has changed. Now even I can score with 2nd player(covered later in 
    the guide)THE CONTROLS!!! OMFG I forgot they changed ze controls.(tell u later)
    Another addition are the Manual Through balls and Manual Crosses (useless to
    me) But some people have used it effectively. The Soundtrack sux. Longshots
    are another story... Training has been added. This is a major change and a good
    one too. I boosted Steven Gerrard's peak to 95 and Essien to 95(Universal)used
    them both as CDMs.Summary covered later.
    Book 2 - Gotta Know Stuff
    Fifa07b2.1 - Minimum System Requrements
    1.0 GHz
    256 Megabytes of RAM (512 MB recommended)
    DirectX 8.1b Compatible 3D accelerated 64 MB video card or equivalent 
    (see supported chipsets in section 11)
    1.17 GB free hard disk space for DVD-ROM format
    And additional space required for saved games and DirectX 9.0c 
    DVD-ROM drive
    DirectX 9.0c Compatible Sound Card
    512Kbps or greater broadband connection for online gameplay
    MS compatible mouse (duh)
    Keyboard (duh)
    Please note that 16 bit colour is not supported(Does any1 use 16bit?)
    Required Operating Systems:
    Windows XP SP2 or Windows 2000 SP4 (WoW big lie, I am using SP0 XP)
    Note that Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME and Windows NT 4.0 are 
    not supported.(This is a mystery yet to be unraveled)
    Required Software:
    Internet Explorer 6.0 for online play (Shipped with XP)
    Macromedia Flash or greater for online play(Shipped with 08 :/ )
    DirectX 9.0c(Is this a joke?)
    1> Notes on Video Card Support
    Recommended Chipsets:
    NVIDIA GeForce3
    NVIDIA GeForce3 Ti200/500 (Low End)
    NVIDIA GeForce4 Ti4200/4400/4600/4800 (Low End)
    NVIDIA GeForce FX series (High End)
    NVIDIA GeForce 6xxx series
    NVIDIA GeForce 7xxx series
    ATI Radeon 7500 (High End)
    ATI Radeon 8500
    ATI Radeon 9xxx series(High End) 
    ATI Radeon Xpress 200 (High End)
    ATI Radeon X300 (High End)
    ATI Radeon X600 (High End) 
    ATI Radeon X700 (High End)
    ATI Radeon X800/850 (High End)
    ATI Radeon X1300 (High End)
    ATI Radeon X1600 (High End)
    ATI Radeon X1800 (High End)
    ATI Radeon X1900 (High End)
    Intel 915
    Intel 945/950
    ***NOTE: *Laptop models of these chipsets may work,but are not officially 
              Supported as they have not been tested.
             *MX4000 and MX 440 Does not work.              
             *Dont mind the (High End) stuff.
    2> Notes on Gamepads and Joysticks
    You can use the mouse, keyboard or controller to navigate the game interface.
    Once you are on the Side select screen, you must move whichever input device 
    you plan to use in the game to the left or the right to select your team. 
    Please note that you may have to recalibrate your controllers in Windows in or-
    der to have the game detect them correctly.
    To bring up the in-game pause menus, you can press the Start button (if your 
    gamepad has one) or press ESC.
    You can re-map your controls to customize your game experience from the Con-
    trols screen in My FIFA 08. Please note that when using digital only gamepads 
    you should not change the ‘Move Player’ setting to ‘Analog’ as this could 
    cause undesirable effects in gameplay.
    The use of a 360º-degree dual analog gamepad such as the Logitech Dual Action 
    is highly recommended for full functionality. 
    The following gamepads are also supported:
    Logitech® Cordless Rumblepad 2	   
    Logitech® Rumblepad 2 Vibration Feedback Gamepad	   
    Logitech® RumblePad	   
    Logitech® Dual Action Gamepad	   
    Logitech® Cordless RumblePad	 
    P3000 Wireless Pad and Docking Station	   
    P2900 Wireless Pad	   
    P2600 Rumble Pad	   
    P2900 Wireless Pad 	   
    P2500 Rumble Pad	   
    P990 Dual Analog Pad	   
    P880 Rumble Pad	 
    Dual Trigger 2-in-1 Rumble Force	   
    Rechargeable Wireless 2-in-1 Dual Trigger	   
    2-in-1 Dual Trigger Gamepad	   
    Wireless Dual Trigger Gamepad	   
    FireStorm Dual Power 3	   
    FireStorm Wireless Gamepad	   
    FireStorm Dual Analog 3 	 
    Xbox 360 Controller for Windows® (driver installed must be version 6.0.5435.0,
    dated May 20th 2006, or later)	 
    2.1> The RAS Fix
    Many people asked me this question. The fix atlast thanks to reader Adriano(No,
    he ain't the striker.)
    First I need you to do two things.
    Go to My Documents > Fifa 08
    Now, Select your Profile, Manager Modes and Replays(If you saved any).
    Cut them(Ctrl + X) and save them to a location where you will remember.
    Now, Delete your FIFA 08 folder(The one in My Documents). 
    Do not run FIFA 08 now. Un-install FIFA 08.
    After Un-installation, Go to Control Panel > Game Controllers.
    There should be the name of your Gamepad. EXACTLY write the name of the gamepad
    in a notepad. I made a huge mistake when my gamepad's name was USB  Joystick
    mine the two spaces in between USB and Joystick USB<Space><Space>Joystick. So,
    spell it as it is.
    I assume you wrote the in a notepad. Highlight it. Do not add spaces after the
    name Like "USB<space><space>Joystick<space>.
    Copy the name.
    Now click on your Start Menu.
    Click on Run and type this there.
    Do not click anything else unless I tell you to. Follow my instructions. Don't
    skip through anything.
    You should be in the registry editor.
    In the left pane, click on My Computer.
    Press Ctrl + F
    Now a search box should pop-up
    Paste the name of your gamepad in the search box.
    Click on "Find Next"
    Now, after searching for then name, in the right pane something similar to 
    should be highlighted. Double-click it.
    Replace your joystick's name with this.
    Logitech Rumblepad 2 USB
    Now keep searching and replace anything with your joystick's name on it with
    Logitech Rumblepad 2 USB
    Should help now.
    If problem persists. Delete the profiles too. :)
    3> Recommended Sys Specs
    Edited by Me
    2.0 GHz 
    512 Megabytes of RAM (512 MB recommended)
    DirectX 9.0c Compatible 3D accelerated 128 MB video card or equivalent
    with Pixelshader 1.1 
    (see supported chipsets in section 11)
    3.09 GB free hard disk space for DVD-ROM format 
    And additional space required for saved games and DirectX 9.0c 
    DVD-ROM drive
    DirectX 9.0c Compatible Sound Card
    1024 Kbps or greater broadband connection for online gameplay
    MS compatible mouse (Duh)
    Required Operating Systems:
    	Windows XP SP2 or Windows 2000 SP4
    	Note that Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME and Windows NT 4.0 are 
            not supported.
    Required Software:
    	Internet Explorer 6.0 for online play
    	Macromedia Flash or greater for online play
    	DirectX 9.0c
    4> Mind Blowing Sys Specs
    2.0 GHz
    768 Megabytes of RAM (512 MB recommended)
    DirectX 9.0c Compatible 3D accelerated 256 MB video card or equivalent. 
    (see supported chipsets in section 11)
    3.09 GB free hard disk space for DVD-ROM format additional 2.75 for disk image.
    And additional space required for saved games and DirectX 9.0c 
    DVD-ROM drive
    DirectX 9.0c Compatible 7.1 Sound Card
    1024 Kbps or greater broadband connection for online gameplay
    MS compatible mouse (Duh)
    Keyboard or X-Box 360 (c) controller
    Required Operating Systems:
    	Windows Vista 
    Required Software:
    	Internet Explorer 6.0 for online play
    	Macromedia Flash or greater for online play
    	DirectX 9.0c
    5> My Sys Specs
    Pirated FIFA 08(NO CHOICE) 
    1.7 GHz Intel P4
    640 mb DDR1 Ram
    DirectX 8.1 compatible 3D 128 MB XPERTVISION GeForce4 MX 4000(Past)
    DirectX 9.0 Compatible 128 Mb Gigabyte ATi RADEON 9200 SE 
    40 Gb 7500 RPM Seagate HDD  
    52x32x52x16 ASUS Combo Drive
    Creative Inspire 5.1 Surround System 
    No Internet...
    MS Compatible Wheel Optical Mouse
    Multimedia Key-Board (Comes with Free Wrist Pain)
                          (Who Cares Abt Anti-RSI?.)
    Windows XP SP2
    Internet Explorer 7
    Flasplayer 8
    DirectX 9.0c June
    2nd 1
    1.0 GHz Intel P3
    192mb SD
    DirectX 8.1 compatible 3D 128 MB XPERTVISION GeForce4 MX 4000(Past)
    DirectX 9.0 Compatible 128 Mb Gigabyte ATi RADEON 9200 SE 
    40 Gb 7500 RPM Seagate HDD  
    52x32x52x16 ASUS Combo Drive
    Creative Inspire 5.1 Surround System 
    Fifa07b2.2 - Gameplay
    "Pele, Good. Diego Maradona, Better. George Best" -George Best
    Love ya Georgy for being what you are for ManUtd and England.
    Gyah... They changed ze control structure....
    Pass = S
    Through Ball/GK Charge/GK Dive = W
    Cross/Long Pass/Sliding Tackle = A
    Shoot/Conservative Tackle/Clearance = D
    Sprint = E
    Trigger Run/Tactics Modifier/Change Player = Q
    Pace Control/Walk Defence = C
    Cancel/Dummy Move = Z 
    Tricks/Control The Keeper = Left Shift
    Paolo Di Canio on David James
    'David James must have a brain the size of a pea! I called him a cretin a year 
    ago so it has taken him a whole year to find out the meaning of the word. My 
    two-year-old daughter could learn quicker than that.'
    Di Canio joined James at West Ham six months later. :/. Ze Irony... Ze Roberto
    Ze French.. La Tin Men
    Practice with the GK
    when playing against friends(or enemies or completely unanimous strangers)
    humans tend to make mistakes like always going fer the far/near post on certain
    situations. Take advantage, take the goalie, take the ball, take the lollipop
    from the baby.
    2> Advanced
    Q + W
    The ball will automatically be lobbed in front of a teammate (you can't place
    Inaccurate in 08. Works sometimes. Certain defenders can lob it in fronta ur
    target men. (e.g Lahm, Kompany, Cech)
    1-2 PASS |
    Q + S
    Set up a 1-2 pass. This is the most basic attacking pass Pass Runs. 
    @   = 1st Player  
    #   = 2nd Player
    o   = Ball
    \/| = Ball Movement Not 11
    _   = Player Run
    P   = Pass
    R   = Recieve
    @______p _______R__@
            \      /
             \    /
    Note: When the other 2nd player recieves he has to pass again (Tap S)
    "My strikers couldn't hit a donkey's arse with a frying pan." David Basser,
    manager of Sheffield United, 1991.
    Z + D
    C + D (Less powerful but Accuracy is High)
    The second chip shot C+D. Is accurate than the old fashioned D. I score dang
    plenty of goals with the C+D combo.
    Percentage Chance Of Goal : 80% 
    Comments                  : Takes a lot of practice.
    C+D Usage                 : Doing a header shoot with this makes a very 
                                powerful shoot.
    You can use the Chip shot!!..
    When on a one-on-one situation with the goalie(highly unlikely). When the goal-
    ie starts his/her charge you must tap the Q+D with the slightest of touches.
    might be a goal.  
    Laces Shot |
    Press D
    Percentage Chance Of Goal : 80% (in The D-Box)
    Comments                  : Chance depends on your shooter's finishing and 
                                ball control.
    Finesse Shot |
    Press Z+D for a very Angular and Accurate Shot. Unlike chip this thing is good.
    Percentage Chance Of Goal : 90% (in The D-Box) 75% Outside
    Comments                  : Finishing and Power is the Key.
    I Have seen a few high accuracy full power(as in full meter) from outside the
    Tactics |
    You can find better help at the main menu.
    Attacking Tactics:
    Counter Attack: NumPad 8
    (Check Yourself Out)
    Wing Play: NumPad 6
    This is one of the major attacking tactics throughout the game. Wings as in the
    wingers MID: RWM, RM, LWM, LM, ; DEF: RB, LB, ; ATT: LS, RS.
    In this tactic the Positions I mentioned positions themselves wider of the the
    pitch. and the Centers and Attackers (CDM, CM, CAM, CF, ST) position themselves
    in a horizontal line 
    Box Overload: NumPad 2
    (Check Yourself Out)
    3rd Man Release: NumPad 4
    (Check Yourself Out)
    Pressing: Q + NumPad 8
    (Not Done)
    Offside Trap: Q + NumPad 6
    The Defenders move on a straight line making a gr8 counter for Wing Play.
    Zonal: Q + NumPad 2
    The Defender Stay at their places and do not move untill they have been told to
    (Lazy bums) and they defend 1 by 1.
    Flat Back: Q + NumPad 4
    (Not Done)
    George Best belittles Beckham
    'He cannot kick with his left foot, he cannot head a ball, he cannot tackle and
     he doesn't score many goals. Apart from that he's all right.'
    Poor Beckie... I idolise both of these players... No Comments. *Walks away like
    Avram Grant after loss to ManUtd"
    RULZ!!! Use the 2nd player for the farther shots. If ur Free kick is in the 
    right side of the field, choose a right footed player like Steven Gerrard,
    Cristiano Ronaldo, Pirlo, etc,etc. And Press Up + Left + Tap the D. Should
    be a goal. If not get the hang offit and watch EPL. 
    Same with the left side field shots. Just mirror it Right = Left.
    *These Banana kicks are rockers.
    *2nd players can skip the wall easily.
    Whilst Defending a free kick against a left footer turn ur wall towards right.
    Move ur goalkeeper to the left. Switch to your wall. And keep pressing W(Jump)
    The A.I will try to place the free-kick at the right side. Due to the fact that
    the keeper is badly positioned. 80% of saving.
    Press the Trigger Run/Tactics Changer Button along with the Shoot Button
    this will take a grounded powerful kick.
    Layoff man!
    Press "C/Z" to call a 2nd PLAYER.
    Press "C+S" so that the 2nd PLAYER passes the ball to the 1st PLAYER so
    that 1st player get a better view of goal and can shot accurately
    Press "C+D/A" to shoot with the 2nd PLAYER to confuse the goalie.
    Press "Z+D/A" to shoot with the 2nd PLAYER, but before the 2nd PLAYER
    shoots the 1st PLAYER will override the ball to confuse the goalie and
    scatter the defensive wall
    Ball Slow Run |
    Press C and a direction to run like a.. uh.. ummm. errr.. Chicken.. yeah thats
    right! Pace Control. Useful for advanced players.
    Ball Stopping |
    Trap the E button after releasing a directional key to shield the ball. I do
    not find it very use though.
    The Q+W  |
    The Wonder Combo is Obsolete
    3> Hints and Tips
    Game Play :->)
    Formations (with comments)
    The new formation making in FIFA 08 rocks. Bit like CM08 and FM 08. Go to
    Main Menu > Team Management > Formations > Create A Formation
    Create a Formation from the basic templates and assign it.
    Check the Neoseeker forums for good formations. I still prefer 4-3-3 for my 
    attacking style play.
    > Goals
    "Pass till attacking Midfield. Now when in Tight situations drag the ball back,
    Q+S Wallpass/1-2 Pass and then get ur player up front. Barge in."
    This is wrong in most cases. I've been really wrong in this situation. Most
    people ask me how to score goals. Heres my new answer.
    "Get two strong centre midfields. One of them must be attacking type with the
    aggression level high[(86+) Gerrard(Best choice) Xavi, Essien, Scott Brown]
    this centre midfielding option will really pay off. Like my Gerrard goes forewa
    rd when necessary. He can also go back and hold the position. Second, Get a guy
    who can hold the defensive position (80- Aggression, Fabregas, De Guzman,) This
    guy plays a CDM sorta role. Holding off most attacks. This is best used with 
    4-3-3 Formation. I use Gerrard as my Right Centre Midfield. Fabregas as my LCM
    and Ronaldinho as my CM(Yes, CM not CAM). Ronaldinho tends to attack more."
    "Go foreward with your midfielders as much as you can. If your CM moves in
    other players like LCM(Only when you have an RCM covering), LM, RM tends to 
    attack. Heres what I do...
    o= Me , x= CPU, ----////\\\= Pass, Capital Letters = Posession
           o  o 
    o       x  x
         x    O-o x          
    o      x   x|*
       x    o  o / x
    o      x  x
    * My middle striker does a sort of 1-2 pass. 'cept I don't press Q+S.
    "Consider your defenders as gems. You should only play your defenders when 
    necessary. They are your last line of defense. 95% of the time the CPU is 
    lucky enough to score on a 1vs1 situation with your GK. When defending use the
    jockey button(default C) and stalk the attacker. Your jockeyer should face the
    attacker on a 1vs1 situation. The CPU tends to get under pressure. Your other
    defenders should come in and tackle."
    Try long shots using only D. Use variations like C+D Q+D. I've once
    scored (exact date 19/3/08) With Rooney on Professional. 4 Yards outside the
    D-Box. I Pressed Q+D and the ball spun away from the GK. And entered.
    Use the weaker foot or inaccuracy at ur advantage. Try shooting at awkward ang-
    les so ur player shoots but the ball spins away or swings towards the goal.
    If you're playing with 2 players(controller and keyboard or controller and con-
    troller) then you might try a different formation
    Effective 2 Player Formations:
    I've given a few formations. It's for you to decide which to take. I cannot say
    which will be best for you. Since the other formations I've given are very good
    on AI(Artificial Intelligence). But these formations are the formations that I
    use from time to time for best effect on my friends. You have to choose.
    If your shot hits the post it
    still has a chance of Goal.
    Wings - The players spread out for easy crosses.(N00b tactic)
    3rd Man Release - Pretty good. Use it if u like to barge through opponent defe-
    Counter Attack - Zigzaggy Positiony Passes. ''
    Corner Kick Goals
    Totally different. Inswinging is obsolete. Use outswings Using the Shoot button
    and a player should head it.
    Two Player Tips
    Study your rival big time. Sometimes a player becomes too solely based on one
    player (e.g Lucas Podolski, Wayne Rooney) all you have to do is mark the guy.
    Esc>Man Marking.
    Don't mind to be a little itty bitty dirty. You never know... your next Sliding
    tackle might break Ronaldinho's leg or neck. ;D
    Manager Mode:-
    Easy Money (all difficulties)
    Every June transfer window go to the search option and search for free agents
    and lotsa 2 or 3 80+ Overall players will come up some generated some real pla-
    yers like Ronaldinho. I once got Jesus Navas and kept him as a trusty lap dog
    and then I got Saha whom I sold fo 4.5 mil.
    Careful about transfers. (All Difficulties)
    Sometimes a players overall in the transfer window shows like 85, 89 or 88
    but these players might even be 90 or 92.
    Once I got Lionel Messi (Barcelona) who was 88 and when I bought him he was
    99. !!??!!
    These incorrect information are due to scouting. Because your scouts are not 
    processors for some reason.
    Great Players and Gems (all difficultiess)
    When you have a low salary but the player has a 1 year length and he is not 
    Signing. You simply loan him in the January Transfer Window. When he comes back
    next season you will have a 1 or 2 year extend of his contract. Players who wi-
    ll retire next year are N/A.
    When you have attained 10 Levels of Scout I suugest you go to your office and
    send him on scouting. Then, When he searches you will get a word from him abou-
    t players (Not on your Pager). This will show the overall but I suggest you
    check out the player's growth curve. You can check this by pressing the arrow
    on his stats. Usually the player's overall is 79. To identify if the player's a
    gem you'll see the player's maximum overall skill 92-97.
    Heres the list The players are found within 16-20 years of age.
    i'll respect to SteveP1tts who helped me find some of these.
    (NOTE:All of these are scouted)
    1.Mfaki Omaboe (Cameroon) Position:ST Peak:91 OVR Born:1989
    2.Jerry Nelsen (Denmark) Position:GK Peak:96 OVR Born:1989
    3.Matt Naylor (Scotland) Position:RF Peak:91 OVR Born:1990
    4.Léonard Laigle (France) Position:ST Peak:90 Born:1990
    5.Cristoph Puntigam (Switzerland) Position:LWB Peak:90 OVR Born:1991
    6.Ángel Javier Arroyo (Spain) Position:LM Peak:96 OVR Born:1991
    7.Ángel Luis Cazorla (Spain) Position:RB Peak:97 OVR Born:1991
    8.Ullrich Disler (Holland) Position:CDM Peak:92 OVR Born:1991
    9.Fernando Rubén Cortés Sixto (Spain) Position:ST Peak:90 OVR Born:1992
    10.Vidrik Faltskog (Sweden) Position:RM Peak:92 OVR Born:1992
    11.Vidrik Niklot (Sweden) Position:RWM Peak:90 OVR Born:1992
    12.Kieran Rayner (England) Position: ST Peak:93 OVR Born:1992
    13.Claude Seigre (France) Position:CB Peak:92 OVR Born:1992
    14.Roland Roquentin (France) Position:ST Peak:90 Born:1992
    15.Ian Blackwood (South-Africa) Position:CAM Peak:91 OVR Born:1992
    16.Bruno Grandet (Switzerland) Position:ST Peak:91 Born:1992
    17.Liam Harewood (Iceland) Positon: ST Peak:93 OVR Born:1993
    18.Javier Gustavo Lorenzana (Brazil) Position:CB Peak:90 Born:1993
    19.Dan Milner (England) Position:CAM Peak:93 Born:1993
    20.Will Crilly (Sweden) Position:RWM Peak:99 OVR Born:1994
    21.Bum-Kun Ha (South-Korea) Position:CB Peak:99 OVR Born:1994
    22.Joe Lambert (England) Position:ST Peak:92 OVR Born:1994
    23.Clemen Hylgaard (Denmark) Position:CAM Peak:92 OVR Born:1994
    24.Josh Walton (Cameroon) Position:LM Peak:92 OVR Born:1994
    25.Yun-Man Yoon (South Korea) Position:ST Peak:90 Born:1994
    26.Patrick Hartter (Germany) Position:CAM Peak:93 Born:1994
    27.Robert Bullock (Ireland) Position:LM Peak:90 Born:1994
    28.Matt Coe (England) Position:LB Peak:90 OVR Born:1995
    29.Henrick Stryckers (Holland) Position:ST Peak:90 OVR Born:1995
    30.Bojan Kinder (Czech Rebublic) Position:CDM Peak:90 OVR Born:1995
    31.Teodosio Dasmarinas (Brazil) Position:CB Peak:92 Born:1995
    32.Bob Derbyshire (Scotland) Position:CB Peak:91 Born:1995
    33.Hanson Crouse (Belgium) Position:ST Peak:91 Born:1995
    34.Andre Jungwirth (Austria) Position: ST Peak:90 OVR Born:1996
    35.Adam Mackie (Denmark) Position:GK Peak:91 OVR Born:1996
    36.Charlie Burchill (Iceland) Position:CAM Peak:91 Born:1996
    37.Jack Cogan (Mexico) Position:ST Peak:90 Born:1996
    38.Jong Choe (South Korea) Position:CF Peak:90 Born:1996
    39.Boris Sirotkin (Poland) Position:GK Peak:96 OVR Born:1997
    40.Michel Dutoit (France) Position:RF Peak:98 Born:1997
    41.Chav Younger (Scotland) Position:ST Peak:92 Born:1997
    42.Ivan Borges (Spain) Position:LWM Peak:90 Born:1997
    43.Ariel Gustavo Ponzio (Spain) Position:RB Peak:92 OVR Born:1998
    44.Frédéric Laigle (France) Position:LWM Peak:90 Born:1998
    45.Adriano Bastedo (Italy) Position:ST Peak:92 Born:1998
    46.Antonoli Benedetto (Italy) Position:CM Peak:99 OVR Born:2000 ***
    47.Frände Berglund (Sweden) Position:CB Peak:97 OVR Born:2002
    Get the Bum guy.
    RB's Can be subbed for LBs and almost all forwards can take the same POS.
    Almost All CAM can Be LM, RWM, LWM, RM. One of the exception I found out are
    Use Ronaldinho as a Striker... although the overall says -1 he plays like hell!
    has a gr8 balance and accuracy... once he scored a goal which was just about to
    be a Goalkick.
    > Transfers
    A few notable transfers I happen to remember.
    Nicolas Anelka = Bolton > Chelsea
    > Choose Wisely
    When choosing to upgrade your staff I reccomend this:
    1> Stadium Manager
    2> Scout
    3> Fitness Manager
    4> Negotiating Staff
    5> Striker Coach
    6> Midfielder Coach
    7> Defence Coach
    8> Goalkeeper Coach
    > Training
    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!!! atlast. The very best thing. I used this to get Gerrard 
    to 96 and Essien to 96(Universal). Try using the same training in three 
    sessions like e.g 10/10/08 Strikers Strength Circuit 3 days in a row.
    Tire out ur players doesnt matter. Although ur players will get injured. Like
    Hamstring, Groin Strain, Hernia fer 1-5 days.(I Still Wonder About That Hernia
    Thing...)(I Guess They Beat The Players To Overall Ups) =/
    > Plan Wise
    If you are going through a very gr8 big transfer I suggest you go to your 
    office and check out your financial prediction and see if its OK. For Example:
    You See that your end year prediction is +7,100000 and you buy Henry for
    8,100000 then you will see -1000000 or more because of his 65000 salary.
    If you can't understand a single thing I am saying then do this b4 your big
    Go To My Computer then go to my Documents Then go To FIFA 08 and copy and
    make backup of your manager mode save.
    If you make a mistake then you can replace your save file. K?
    > World Class
    Believe me... Semi-Pro is harder than WC
    4> Dribbling
    "Carlton covers every blade of grass on the pitch… but then you have to if your
     first touch is that crap."
    Kewl Dave Jones.... Never seen Palmer in Action though.
    "He may be 30 and overweight but he's the only player I've got who can control
    a ball."
    Brian Clough on John Robertson, 1983.
    This YouTube video is nice for tricks...
    Translate it for me I translated a few....
    • When your player is going forward (when you hold F), tap twice Shift or hold
      hift and tap twice F for Overstep dribbling.
    • When your player is going forward (when you hold F), release F and hold Shift
    while tapping L+R or R+L for Sidestep dribbling.
    • When your player is going forward (when you hold F), release F and hold Shift
      while tapping L+F+R or
      R+F+L for Elastico (Ronaldinho Flic-Flac) dribbling.
    • When your player is going forward (when you hold F), release F and hold Shift
      while tapping B+F for Filck-Up dribbling.
    • When your player is going forward (when you hold F), release F and hold Shift
      while tapping L+B+R or R+B+L for Rainbow dribbling.
    • When your player is going forward (when you hold F), release F and hold Shift
      while tapping B+L+F or B+R+F for Roulette (Walking on the ball) dribbling.
    For Controllers:
    Note: the following controls assume the player's back is facing you when you
    push the left analog stick upwards
    Step over left, kick right:
    Push right analog stick left then right
    Step over right, kick left:
    Push right analog stick right then left
    Fake kick:
    Push right analog stick up, then up again
    Pull back:
    Push right analog stick down, then down again
    Fake left:
    Push right analog stick left, then left again
    Fake right:
    Push right analog stick right, then right again
    Pull back, go right:
    Push right analog stick down, then diagonally down/right, then right
    Pull back, go left:
    Push right analog stick down, then diagonally down/left, then left
    .................................................. ............................
    Push right analog stick right, then right again
    Lane-change left:
    Push right analog stick up, then up/left, then left
    Lane-change right:
    Push right analog stick up, then up/right
    Lane-change right, cut left:
    Push right analog stick right, then left
    Lane-change left, cut right:
    Push right analog stick left, then right
    360/roulette left:Push right analog stick down, then turn it 180 degrees left
    360/roulette right:
    Push right analog stick down, then turn it 180 degrees right
    Flick ball up:
    Release the left analog stick, then - push right analog stick up, then down, 
    then up once again. 
    A MAIL!!!
    Book 3 - Manager Mode
    Fifa07b3.1.1 Preliminaries!!
    1> This is The Season--|
    Dunno.. The Season is over after FIFA 07
    2> Create-a-Manager (CAM)(Center Attacking Midfield)_>|
    Listen you can just pick a portrait(All 'o 'em looks UGLAY to me) like an RPG
    game(Diablo, Neverwinter Nights). Doesn.t Really matter. You wont see the 
    managers ugly face on the field when you win the cup.
    This is all about you, MAte.
    3> Select The Country and The Team|
    This Is Tricky. Which is the best team? is whats spinnin' on your mind right
    now.(SEE THE Frequently Asked Questions Section)
    After you have seen it. I reccomend you starting with Football League 2
    Although The Celtic Rangers won't be a bad choice. They score goals in an empty
    Thinking of changing teams???
    Bryan Roy on the city of Nottingham
    Take it away Bryan: 'Berlin has everything. It is a cosmopolitan city with 
    theatres and the people are open-minded. They are not as narrow-minded like 
    the people in Nottingham. There are no theatres, no cinemas, hardly anything. 
    All Nottingham has is Robin Hood… and he's dead'.
    (Roy had just moved to Hertha Berlin from Nottm Forest)
    :D (Word of advise... Don't move from Hertha to Not a Forest)
    4> Sponsor
    As soon as you start thinking about your rubbish or starrish team you will be 
    given the task of choosing a sponsor. Be very careful. This decision will 
    affect your whole season. Choose The highest per match sponsor. You might also
    have a win bonus. Check ands calculate and choose. Voila!!! 
    Manager Mode Central.(Almost)
    5> Pager
    Then... You will get a screen of a cheapest PDA Screen.
    and get a load of mails. You must check who the fan favorite is. Because, the
    favourite attracts more tickets. Be sure to play him once every 2 matches. My
    one was Wayne Rooney who had 98 OVR eventually and I suffered a lot with him.
    Sell the little evil man if u hate the favourite. Will lose 10 Fan App.
    6> Sweet Money
    This is like real money. Get Stingy get lots of Shiny Things(Stars, Actually).
    Save and sell. Sort out the young Sh!ts and Turds who do not grow by the 
    growth checker at Manager Mode Central>Team Management>Player Growth. Then at
    the Transfer season sell 'em. Buy The Gems spoon feed em and play 'em!
    7> The Silverware
    Getting silverware is not that hard at the beginning. When you face clubs like
    Fenbahce, Grimsby Town, Crystal Palace.
    But Bayern Munich, Arsenal is tough.
    Fifa07b3.2 The Managerial Suite
    'Everyone thinks they have the prettiest wife at home.' 
    Wenger aimed this subtle jibe at Alex Ferguson in 2002, after Fergie claimed 
    Man Utd had been the best team in the Premiership.
    Fergie does have the best team...
    Life as a manager is not a bed of @ s you must beat it. 
    this is the season you can read  \|/ and I'am here the Lazy Writer. Who takes
    almost a year to complete a FAQ.  |  
    1> Transfers
    Get those youngy players and build a fast team. It should make a strong team.
    I'd. Alexandre Pato, Wayne Mark Rooney, Geovanni Dos Santos. Aguero.
    2> Youngsters
    Check the youngster list on the hints and tips section. 
    When your Scout has reached level 10 send him to scouting Deep Search. You 
    should get dang good players. Exactly pin-point the positions on the list.
    3> The Formation
    I HIGHLY reccomend using the default formation for yer team.
    4> Your Finger Pain
    After 10-20 Matches you will start feeling mentally or physicaly weak. Here are
    the remedies.
    a> Physical Pain Remedy
    The physical pains include dizzyness, partial blindess, disability of hearing,
    finger aching, headache.
    Dizzy and partial blindness 
    May be avoided by leaving the PC for 5 minutes every 30 minutes(I don't do 
    this). Remedy is rest and a cup of tea.
    Disability of hearing
    This can be caused by that Song named Tei!Tei!Tei! and headphones. Staying in
    a quite room for a long time should fix it.
    Finger Aches
    This is done by rapid tapping of the fingers on a hard keyboard or constantly
    trying to strangle the monitor. Can be cured by resting. If not cured dip 
    fingers in a bowl of water mixed with 2 teaspoons of boric powder.
    Too much monitor and sound. Get someone to massage your head or have a pill.
    b> Mental Pain Remedy
    Caused by losing too many matches or winning 'em
    okay enough joking. The Remedies were not a joke. I'm Serious. Guide Writers 
    Honour(pray I won't get in trouble for this)
    b.1> Simming 'em 
    You can quick simulate the matches or visual sim the. The visual Simulation is
    the better of the two evils. It gives you a championship manager view of the
    5> Real World Football Strategies [Experimental]
    Totally like the title says. Try out a few of these and see if they work. I use
    this site to improve my footie abilities.
    For all those young youthfull players who like to learn footie.
    (They don't call me youth cause I started playing football at 13... Ageism)
    Woo Hoo!!! Here it goes...
    Think on Your Feet - Soccer Strategy & Tactics
    The beauty of soccer is that it’s a complex game where the possibilities are 
    endless. Your proficiency in soccer not only depends on your physical coordinat
    ion, but also on your ability to read the game, make quick decisions, and 
    communicate with your teammates. No matter how crisp your dribbling, shooting, 
    and passing skills may be, it’s all useless without strategy.
    Luckily, the objective at the heart of soccer is simple: keep the ball moving 
    and put the ball in the net. But, there are a million and one ways for you to 
    get from Point A to Point B. How well you do so hinges on how rapidly you can 
    assess your situation on the field, weigh your options, and choose the one most
    likely to achieve a goal. 
    The best way to improve your strategy is to play with and against the best. 
    If you play a good team and you’re constantly put under pressure, you’ll be 
    forced to play the ball quickly. Whether you’re playing professionally or with
    your friends at the park, try to play at a game-like intensity all the time. 
    Don't do things that you know you wouldn't get away with if you were playing a 
    good team. This kind of discipline will keep your mind sharp.
    Playing with a wide variety of people will also expose you to new strategies 
    and techniques. Be a conscious and observant player so that you can add these 
    experiences to your strategic artillery. Even carefully watching the pros at 
    work will make you a better player, as long as you make a real effort to 
    understand how teams get a winning edge and look for an opportunity to apply 
    that strategy yourself on the field.
    Although strategy is best learned on the field, there are several principles 
    that you can benefit from becoming intimately familiar with…
    Back to the Basics
    Soccer is ultimately about getting the ball into the right person's feet: the 
    one who has the most time and space (i.e. faces the least pressure) and is in 
    the most advantageous position to score (or make that goal scoring pass).
    The key to playing good soccer is to keep the ball moving by playing one and 
    two touch soccer—that is, passing and moving off the ball and being creative. 
    The ability to do this goes back to a good first touch, using your body to 
    shield the ball, and knowing what you want to do with the ball before you get 
    Take a look at these two videos of a counter attack and simply wonderful 
    The Counter Attack[http://www.soccer-training-info.com/the_counter_attack.asp]
    Great Passing[http://www.soccer-training-info.com/great_passing.asp] 
    Generally, you want to spread out on offense and become a compact unit on 
    defense. On offense, use the entire field to break up the defense, creating 
    gaps and spaces to attack. 
    The best way to open up spaces in the opposing team’s defense is to keep the 
    ball moving. Let the ball do the work. Play it into the forward’s feet, and 
    then have him or her lay the ball off to someone making a run through towards 
    the goal or, if the forward is covered, lay it back to the midfielder, who 
    plays the ball wide. The wide midfielder then tries to get a cross in, or 
    switches the ball back to the other side where there is more space. 
    Your strategy, when you play the ball to the forward who is tightly marked, is 
    to draw the defense into this player. Once the forward gets a touch on the ball
    and holds the ball up with a touch or two, the midfielder can get the ball 
    back and pass to another player who’s now open, since the defense has collapsed
    around (or at least shifted their focus on) the forward. The pass can then be 
    made behind the defense to get them chasing the ball with their heads turned.
    In general, switch play and keep the ball moving on offense, so your opponent 
    cannot close down your space and make it difficult for you to make a pass, and 
    so you can find holes in their defensive structure by stretching them out. 
    In moving the ball laterally, you can find time and space and pick out a 
    teammate in a goal scoring or advantageous position.
    On defense, you want to do the reverse of what you do on offense: stay compact 
    as a team unit and defend with numbers. For instance, if the opponent is 
    attacking down the right side, then the far right midfielder can move into the 
    middle and help out, since the opposing player on the far side is not as 
    dangerous as those attacking with the ball. 
    Of course, he or she must still be aware of the player they are marking, but 
    they must gamble, in a sense. If the opposition makes a long pass to the far 
    left winger, he or she needs to be able to get there before the ball does, and
    then the whole team will have to shift positions to the right side. If the far 
    right midfielder ventures too far into the middle, they won’t be able to 
    adequately cover their marked player. But if he or she gauges it properly, 
    they’ll be able to arrive before the player has time to control the ball and 
    attack down the line. 
    Whether you’re on the offensive or the defensive, you’re going to have to 
    become adept at moving through the field. Keep in mind that the better you are 
    at cutting through the opposition when your team has the ball, the better 
    you’ll be at defending against such tactics when you’re on the defensive.
    The Run-Down
    The important thing to remember is to make runs that lead to goal scoring 
    opportunities or open up space for a teammate. 
    If you make a run in behind the defense, for example, and that doesn’t work 
    out, check back to the ball, get the ball and lay it off and then make that 
    run behind the defender again, so the midfielder can chip or loft the ball to 
    you in the air. Or, if the midfielder on the left side has the ball, you 
    (as the center midfielder) can make a run down the line to receive the ball or 
    open up space for the left sided midfielder to take his opponent on the dribble
     and move into the open space in the middle. 
    If there's an opportunity to take the defender on, go for it. If not, lay it 
    back to the center midfielder and break down the line again to receive theball.
    The center midfielder can also make an overlapping run. The right sided 
    midfielder can play a one two with the forward who is posting up. There are 
    numerous options if everyone on the field is looking to put themselves into 
    position to receive the ball and help one another.
    To execute these types of exchanges (a give and go or overlap) you need to 
    lead the defense into believing you are going in a different direction. Keep 
    them on their heels; lay the ball off at the right time. You can always start
    over. If one side of the field is too clogged up and crowded, then switch the 
    ball to the other side. It could be two square exchanges of the ball and then 
    on the third pass, someone breaks into the open space to receive the ball in 
    behind the defense.
    Starting over can mean making a run to get yourself open or setting up your 
    defender for a return pass. Dart down the line, checking back to get the ball.
    Make an angled run into the middle, then checking to the outside. Essentially, 
    this is making space for yourself by taking the defender with you into the 
    middle and then breaking to the outside. Draw the defender away from the space 
    you want to receive the ball in - and then check back into the space you just 
    opened up. It could even just be walking five yards towards the sideline and 
    then breaking back to the middle. Check back to the ball at an angle. This way 
    you will have more space to turn and see the field, as your body is already 
    half turned. You can check back to the ball side on so you can see where you 
    want to play the ball next, and keep your body between you and the defender 
    (control the ball with the outside of your foot).
    Book 5 - Frequently Asked Questions
    "Ummm... Numbered questions" ---"Deadpool"
    Q2> Is the Game balanced?
    A2> Oh, yeah it is. The difference between Reading and Manchester United is sma
        all. Very Small. (for those with less I.Q like the quesstionairre, that was
    Q3> Is Pro Evolution Soccer better?
    A3> I don't think so. I heard the club names are different. Player names are 
        intact though. Gameplay is better than FIFA 08. These are all heard. I did
        not play Pro Evo Socccer. The hairstyles in PE08 sux hard.
    Q9> Where is Holland?
    A9> Due to liscencing issues, these teams are only available in the FIFA WC.
        You can download them for sure. ;) 
    Q10> Where is Diego Maradona or Zinedine Zidane in Classic XI?
    A10> God Knows about Maradona. Zidane just retired. Slow Brain.
         Get the http://www.sweetpatch.tv/index.cfm?articleid=1830&articleactio
    n=do_download&linkid=912  -FIFA Creation master and download the Zidane from
         http://www.soccergaming.com . Theres Maradona out there somewhere.
    Q11> How do I score goals?
    A11> See tactics in line 601. If you are using notepad. Press Ctrl+G and enter
         601 and press enter.
    Q22> Whats the LAS(Left Analog Stick) in Keyboard?
    Q22> Shift.
    Q23> Why is the pass key moved to Q? is there any way to change it?
    A23> Its moved because dive pass and change players are causing interferences.
         No, You cannot change it.
    Q1> Which is the best team?
    A1> Here Goes the big list:
        1> Manchester United
        2> Barcelona
        3> Inter Milan
        4> AC Milan
        5> Liverpool
        6> Arsenal (Young Players)
    Q2> Does the area have any effects on scouting?
    A2> Nope. Except for the Names. If you choose Germany you get T. Goeke types of
        names and for England you get Carruthers.
    Q3> Which sponsor do I choose?
    A3> Simply choose the one who pays you highest per match funding. If you win a
        lot choose the highest % of win bonus like 600000 and 28% win bonus.
    Q4> How do I sell my players?
    A4> Go to Manager Mode Central/Transfers/Club Transfer List and click on the 
        players then click on the change status.
    Q1> I read your guide mate and it was really helpful. Thanks. Anyway, 
        how do I access my game tactics if I use a laptop to play?
    Hello Gabriel,
    Well one of the drawbacks of playing FIFA in a laptop is Tactics. Since you 
    dont have the num keys it can be bad. But I think u can get a way around it. 
    Here are the list of things u can do.
    1> Get a software which can change keyboards functions (like making Pause/Break
     into num 1)(Tweak UI might have this option). (Google it)
    2> Buy a Dual-Analog Stick gamepad.
    3> Buy a USB Keyboard.
    BTW, This is my first mail after the 3 guides. Hope this helps. Feel free to 
    mail me anytime. And thanks for finding my guide helpful. If u see anything 
    wrong with it . Mail me.
    Q1> Will you write a guide about FIFA 08?
    A1>  Wrote it. ^.^ . :D
    Q2> Can I use GeForce 4 ti or MX?
    A2> No.
    Q3> Gimme some good Fifa sites....
    A3> http://www.fifa4fans.de/index_e.php
    Q3> I get a message saying cannot save.
    A12> You probably turned your save file read-only. Got to my doc and right-
         click on the FIFA 08 folder and go to properties un-check the read-only
         and press OK. Your PC or game probably turned off while saving. No comin'
         back, mate.
    Q13> How Do I copy the game onto a disc and play it?
    A13> I do not help piracy.
    Q14> How to make a No-CD or No-DVD for the game xxxxxx?
    A14> Check http://forums.megagames.com/forums/showthread.php?t=41360
    Q15> Can I play songs with WidowsMediaPlayer or Winamp?
    A15> Yeah.but sumtimes th game crashes. Heres the songs you might wannalisten..
    Songs - Artists(Alphabetically)
         1> Hit 'em Up - 2Pac       
         2> In Da Club - 50 Cent
         3> Hey Mama - Black Eyed Peas
         4> My Humps - Black Eyed Peas
         5> Suicide Messiah - Black Label Society
         6> Guerillas in the Mist - Da Lench Mob
         7> Funky Enough - The DOC
         8> Road House Blues - The Doors
         9> Break on Through - The Doors
         10> Riders on the Storm - The Doors feat. Snoop Dogg (NFSU2 Exlcusive)
        11> Running Blind - Godsmack
        12> Voodoo - Godsmack
        13> Bad Bad Men - Gwar
        14> Your So Real - Matchbox 20
        15> Crush 'em - Megadeath
        16> Symphony of Destruction - Megadeath
        17> Duke Nukem Theme - Megadeath
        18> Enter Sandman - Metallica
        19> Enter Sandman - Motorhead
        20> Hellraiser - Motorhead
        21> Kom Igen - Outlandish
        22> I Only Ask of God - Outlandish
        23> Aicha - Outlandish
        24> Stillborn - Ozzy Osbourne feat. Zack Wylde
        25> Hellraiser - Ozzy Osbourne    
        26> Hot in the Club - Wayne Marshall
        27> Ahora - Zion y Lennox   
        Use the FIFA 08 Music Changer...http://tinyurl.com/ypzfc
    Book 6 - Epilogue
    1> Contact
    You may contact me.for chatting I use 
    I have a Hi5, Gamespot(duh), and Neoseeker Account. Although I don't submit at
    neoseeker. Also FaceBook
    You Can contact me (send any questions I will answer 'em) at 
    and you can chat wimme at MSN
    I come around using MiG33 and Internet.
    Gamespot banned my account for some reason. GameFAQs respectively.
    Gamefaq: Your account has been disabled in another CNET website...
    Bl00dee effers still accept my guides.
    2> Contact Rules
    You may send me any questions. But no Viruses and Spams. I hate it. I Am 
    respecting you by letting me send joke questions and stuff. I Respect!:^
    Other Works by me
    Diablo II and Diablo II: LoD (Finished but GFaqs didn't Accept)
    Sims: all(Same Reason)
    GBA: WWE Survivor Series : (Done_
    FIFA 07 Hints 'n Tips
    FIFA 07 Guide full and Final
    FIFA 08 Full and Finaled
    Whilst sending, the subject must be the name of the game.
    e.g Fifa 07 :Help
    1st of all I wanna thank Allah. Without his help in every step in my life
    I woulda disintegrated like TV Shows.
    I wanna thank my Dad for his constant help. He taught me how to use a 
    PC. He taught me how to be a good person. He taught me economix.
    He pays interest(money and the interest) to my interests. I cant begin to think
    how much he helped, helps and is helping me in my life
    My brother and my 2nd sister(I am the youngest of the 4.. Like CR7) who
    supports and understands me.
    Virtual Cop 2 and Cadillacs and Dinosaur... My 1st two games.
    My Friend Safin and Nafiul for teaching me how competitive FIFA can be. They
    also taught me how to play football(soccer all you Americans).
    CJayCee gr8 site man. Gimme back my account.
    Adriano for the RAS Fix.
    www.whoateallthepies.tv for a few quotes.
    www.kickette.com also for a few quotes.
    Soccer Skills & Tactics by Glenn Moore for a few quotes and teaching me how to
    spin the ball and improving my game of football.
                                   !Thats All Folks!

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