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Madden NFL 06 Cheats


  • Unlockable Cards

    In order to get each card, get gold in the drill listed.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    #16get gold in the All-Madden Pocket Presence drill.
    #194get gold in the Chase and Tackle drill.
    #195get gold in the Ground Attack drill.
    #197get gold in the Clutch Kicking drill.
    #199get gold in the Swat Ball drill.
    #208get gold in the Pocket Presence drill.
    #209get gold in the Trench Fight drill.
    #210get gold in the Precision Passing drill.
    #211get gold in the Coffin Corner drill.
    #28get gold in the All-Madden Coffin Corner drill.
    #3get gold in the All-Madden Chase and Tackle drill.
    #36get gold in the All-Madden Ground Attack drill.
    #40get gold in the All-Madden Precision Passing drill.
    #52get gold in the All-Madden Swat Ball drill.
    #58get gold in the All-Madden Clutch Kicking drill.
    #96get gold in the All-Madden Trench Fight drill.

    Contributed By: the ultimate68.

NBA Live 06 Cheats


  • Shoe Codes

    Enter the codes in the cheat menu.

    DRI239CZ49Adidas a3 Garnett 3 Shoe
    258SHQW95BAdidas T-Mac 5 (black) Shoe
    HGS83KP234PAdidas T-Mac 5 (white) Shoe
    AI9BUBBA7TAnswer IX Retro
    5223WERPIIJordan Melo 5.5 (baby blue)
    ZXDR7362Q1Jordan Melo 5.5 (varsity maize)
    144FVNHM35Jordan XIV (black and red)
    67YFH9839FJordan XIV (white and green)
    743HFDRAU8Jordan XIV (white and red)
    JZ3SCARTVYS.Carter III Shoe
    RBKAIUSAB7Unlocks The Answer

    Contributed By: Llamaman2, th3l3fty, and SBAllen.

  • Uniform Codes

    Enter in the cheat menu

    193KSHU88JUnlocks Boston Celtics 05-06 Alternate Uniform
    9922NVDKVTUnlocks Cleveland Cavaliers 05-06 Alternate Uniform
    XWETJK72FCUnlocks Denver Nuggets 05-06 Alternate Uniform
    JANTWIKBS6Unlocks Detroit Pistons Alternate 05-06 Uniform
    PSDF90PPJNUnlocks Indiana Pacers New Away Uniform
    SDF786WSHWUnlocks Indiana Pacers New Home Uniform
    XCVB5387EQunlocks new East All-Stars 2005/2006 Away Jersey
    234SDFGHMOunlocks new East All-Stars 2005/2006 Home Jersey
    39N56B679Junlocks new West All-Stars 2005/2006 Away Jersey
    2J9UWABNP1unlocks new West All-Stars 2005/2006 Home Jersey
    654NNBFDWAUnlocks Sacramento Kings 05-06 Alternate Uniform

    Contributed By: chocoboboy182 and taurus27.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 06 Cheats


  • Cheats

    Enter the cheats below as a case-sensitive code.

    CLUB11All clubs for purchase
    THREESTRIPEHave Adidas items.
    PROTECTTHISHOUSEHave Under Armour items.
    ALLOFITSFREEUnlimited money.
    ROIDRAGEUnlock A. Eichelberg.
    BELLEOFTHEBALLUnlock A. Townsend.
    ITSINTHEHOLEUnlock all courses
    WOOGLINUnlock all players.
    ARNIESARMYUnlock Aonold Palmer.
    THEHAWKUnlock Ben Hogan.
    HIGHHOOKUnlock C. McGinnis.
    THREENAMESUnlock C. Montoya.
    THEREALMONTYUnlock Colin Montgomery.
    THECADDYUnlock D. Wheller.
    VERYSNEAKYUnlock Dr. Smyth.
    WHOISTHISGUYUnlock E. Johnson.
    GOPHERUnlock Hal Duf.
    DOUBLEDOWNUnlock J. Dinkerbach.
    HOFFMANUnlock J. Hozzle.
    GOLDENBEARUnlock Jack Nicklaus.
    RUSHBETAUnlock L. Daniels.
    MOCHATIMEUnlock M. Chino.
    NORTONUnlock M. Leblanc.
    DIPPINITUnlock M. Murray.
    BIGHEADUnlock N. Hopkins.
    FEATHERIEUnlock Old Tom Morris.
    VARSITYUnlock R. Iron.
    BAYSIDEUnlock R. Kumar.
    LAZUnlock R. Montague.
    CRIMSONROSEUnlock Rose Carpenter.
    KNOWITALLUnlock S. Whittfield.
    SUZZIEMCQUnlock Suzzane Mcintyre.
    OUTTAMYWAYUnlock Suzzie Mcintyre.
    WANTSMOREUnlock T. Shortknocker.
    FIVEPOUNDSUnlock T. Underwood.
    GOLDENAGEUnlock Tiger Woods with a hat.
    OLDSKOOLUnlock Tiger Woods with alternate old golf outfit.
    THROWBACKUnlock Tiger Woods with an old golf outfit.
    TECHNICOLORUnlock Tiger Woods with old striped pants.
    IDONTHAVEAPROBLEMUnlock Tommy Black.
    POCKETPAIRUnlock W. Rounder.

    Contributed By: sephirosuy.


  • How To Unlock Trophy Balls and Attribute Points.

    Perform these tasks to unlock Trophy Balls in your Resume and earn extra attribute points.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Aces Wild & 3000 Exp PointsHit a Hole-in-One (Ace).
    Birdie Buster & 3000 Exp PointsShoot 12 Birdies in one round.
    Birdie Streak & 3000 Exp PointsShoot 6 Birdies in a row
    First Birdie & 500 Exp PointsMake a Birdie.
    First Distance Putt & 2 Putting AttributesMake a 20 foot putt.
    First Eagle & 1000 Exp PointsMake an Eagle.
    First Long Drive & 2 Power AttributesHit a 300 yard drive.
    First Par & 250 Exp PointsMake a Par.
    First Tournament Win & 1000 Exp PointsWin your first Tournament.
    Long Distance Putt & 3 Putting AttributesMake a 50 foot putt.
    Low Round & 3500 Exp PointsShoot a Sub 60 Round
    Par 4 Green In 1 & 2 Long Game AttributesHit a par 4 green in one shot.
    Under Par & 2000 Exp PointsShoot a Sub-Par Round

    Contributed By: jarrett4.

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