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    Draft FAQ by MetsRule

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    Madden NFL 06 Draft FAQ
    Created by: MetsRule
    Contact: MetsRule5@gmail.com
    - Table of Contents -
    I. Introduction
    II. Draft Strategies
           A. Arizona Cardinals
           B. Atlanta Falcons
           C. Baltimore Ravens
           D. Buffalo Bills 
           E. Carolina Panthers
           F. Chicago Bears
           G. Cincinnati Bengals
           H. Cleveland Browns
           I. Dallas Cowboys
           J. Denver Broncos
           K. Detroit Lions
           L. Green Bay Packers
           M. Houston Texans
           N. Indianapolis Colts
           O. Jacksonville Jaguars
           P. Kansas City Chiefs
           Q. Miami Dolphins
           R. Minnesota Vikings
           S. New England Patriots
           T. New Orleans Saints
           U. New York Giants
           V. New York Jets
           W. Oakland Raiders
           X. Philadelphia Eagles
           Y. Pittsburgh Steelers
           Z. San Diego Chargers
           AA. San Francisco 49ers
           BB. Seattle Seahawks
           CC. St. Louis Rams
           DD. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
           EE. Tennessee Titans
           FF. Washington Redskins
    III. Madden Generated Players
    IV. NCAA 06 Players
           A. 2005 Draft Class
           B. 2006 Draft Class
           C. 2007 Draft Class
           D. 2008 Draft Class
    V.  Scouting Players
           A. Combine Conversion Table
           B. Positional Breakdown
    VI. Copyright Information
    I. Introduction
    Hello, and welcome to my Madden NFL '06 Draft Guide.  In this guide I 
    will explain how to improve your skills during the NFL Draft in 
    Franchise Mode.  I also have draft strategies for each NFL team.  If 
    you're looking for help in a specific area, you can press CTRL + F to 
    search a term.  If you have any questions or comments on this FAQ you 
    can contact me at madden06draft@yahoo.com.
    II. Draft Strategies
    In this section you will find draft strategies for each NFL team.  I 
    have each team separated into different sections to make it easier to 
    find your franchise team.  I'll have a draft overview for each team 
    which will tell you my reasonings for my first few selections.  Under 
    that I'll have an outlook for the team's entire draft.  If I feel there 
    is a certain college player that would fit well with the team, I will 
    list it in the draft outlook.
    A. Arizona Cardinals
    Team needs: QB, HB, LG
    The Arizona Cardinals are a very young team with a lot of potential.  
    Kurt Warner is 34 years old and will continue to decline.  His decline 
    will become more rapid as the seasons pass by.  With the strength of 
    Quarterbacks in the 2006 draft, I would draft a Quarterback with my 
    first round pick.  
    The Cardinals can also use a Left Guard to take some pressure off of 
    the Cardinal's Left Tackle, Leonard Davis.  I would draft a Left Guard 
    with my third or fourth round pick.  
    Another position the Cardinals need some help with is Halfback.  I 
    would draft a power running back to go along with J.J Arrington.  
    During the off-season I would release Marcel Shipp.  If you draft a 
    power running back you can have a great combination of power and speed. 
    Draft Outlook:
    1st Round: Quarterback, (Matt Leinart)
    2nd Round: Halfback
    3rd Round: Left Guard or best player available
    4th Round: Left Guard or best player available
    5th Round: Cornerback (can use as kick returner)
    6th Round: Center
    7th Round: Tight End
    B. Atlanta Falcons
    Team Needs: WR, SS, DT
    After the Falcons cut the underachieving Wide Receiver Peerless Price, 
    they knew they would need another Wide Receiver.  Alge Crumpler is an 
    amazing Tight End, but he can't do it all.  If you're using the Falcons 
    you should definitely pick up a Wide Receiver for Michael Vick.  I 
    would use my first round pick on a tall receiver Vick will be able to 
    connect with while he is on the run.
    The Falcons top Strong Safety, Ronnie Heard, is only rated 78 overall.  
    I think that the Falcons could use another safety to battle for the 
    starting spot in preseason.  A new safety would help shut down the 
    opposing Quarterback's passing game.
    Another position that can use some help is Defensive Tackle.  The 
    Falcons have good Defensive Tackles already in Rod Coleman and Brandon 
    Mitchell, but they can use some depth behind Mitchell.
    Draft Outlook:
    1st Round: WR, (Derek Hagan)
    2nd Round: Best player available
    3rd Round: Strong Safety
    4th Round: Defensive Tackle
    5th Round: Right Guard
    6th Round: Best player available
    7th Round: Best player available or cornerback
    C. Baltimore Ravens
    Team Needs: QB, FS
    The Baltimore Ravens are an extremely talented team on paper.  It's a 
    different story though when it comes to execution.  Kyle Boller has had 
    his time to emerge as a star in Baltimore, but his time is up.  The 
    Ravens can use a new Quarterback after Boller failed to become a leader 
    in Baltimore.  The Ravens could use a Quarterback like Vince Young, but 
    it's doubtful that the Ravens would have a high enough pick to draft 
    him.  If you can, trade up to pick Vince Young.  If teams are asking to 
    much, like I think they would, draft DJ Shockley.
    Another position the Ravens can use a little help in is Free Safety.  I 
    would draft a Free Safety as a backup to the Raven's current starter, 
    Will Demps.  If Will Demps goes down with an injury the Ravens will be 
    in trouble, due to the Raven's lack of depth at Free Safety.
    Draft Outlook:
    1st Round: QB, (DJ Shockley)
    2nd Round: Best player available
    3rd Round: FS
    4th Round: Best player available
    5th Round: ROLB
    6th Round: HB
    7th Round: Best player available
    D. Buffalo Bills
    Team Needs: WR, LE, LT
    If you take a Wide Receiver with you're first round pick, the Bills can 
    become an offensive powerhouse within a few seasons.  Lee Evans is a 
    great receiver, but the Bills don't have any other good receivers.  The 
    Bills could use another receiver to help out the Bill's inexperienced 
    Quarterback, J.P Losman.
    The Buffalo Bills can use a Left End to help put more pressure on the 
    Quarterback.  The Bills should try to keep there defense off the field 
    as much as possible.  The Bills need the ball in J.P Losman's hand as 
    much as possible, so he can continue to adjust to the NFL.
    Draft Outlook:
    1st Round: WR
    2nd Round: LE
    3rd Round: Best player available
    4th Round: LT
    5th Round: MLB
    6th Round: HB or CB (kick returner)
    7th Round: Best player available
    E. Carolina Panthers
    Team Needs: LOLB, CB, FS 
    The Panthers are a great team that can make the Super Bowl if they stay 
    healthy throughout the season.  One position Carolina can improve on is 
    the Left Outside Linebacker position.  Brandon Short is a decent 
    linebacker, but the Panthers can replace him with a younger player with 
    just as much talent or even more.
    Another position the Carolina Panthers should use a draft pick on is 
    Free Safety.  The Panthers have a 78 overall Free Safety and can 
    improve there depth if they draft a Free Safety.  This could create a 
    position battle during the Preseason.
    Draft Outlook:
    1st Round: Best player available
    2nd Round: LOLB
    3rd Round: FS
    4th Round: CB
    5th Round: P
    6th Round: Best player available
    7th Round: Best player available
    F. Chicago Bears
    Team Needs: QB, LOLB, WR 
    They say defense wins championships, but you need to have some sort of 
    talent on offense to power your team there.  This is why the Bears need 
    to draft a new Quarterback.  Rex Grossman has proven that he is injury 
    prone and will not make it in the NFL.  If the Bears have a top pick, I 
    would try to land one of the top two Quarterbacks available.  The Bears 
    can use another Wide Receiver to draw some coverage off of Muhshin 
    The Bears can also use a Left Outside Linebacker.  Their current 
    linebacker, Marcus Reese, is only rated a 70 overall.  If the Bears are 
    able to draft a linebacker with a rating in the high seventies, there 
    defense will be golden.
    Draft Outlook:
    1st Round: QB
    2nd Round: LOLB
    3rd Round: WR
    4th Round: Best player available
    5th Round: Best player available
    6th Round: SS
    7th Round: CB
    G. Cincinnati Bengals 
    Team Needs: CB, RG, FS
    The Bengals already have a high powered offense featuring there big 
    three, Carson Palmer, Chad Johnson, and Rudi Johnson.  One position the 
    Bengals can improve on is cornerback.  Cincinnati's current starting 
    cornerbacks aren't exactly stellar.  
    Another position that the Bengals need improvement on is their Right 
    Guard.  The Bengals can draft someone with similar skills to there 
    current guard, Bobbie Williams.  You could see a preseason battle in 
    the making here.
    Draft Outlook:
    1st Round: Best player available
    2nd Round: CB
    3rd Round: RG
    4th Round: FS
    5th Round: Best player available
    6th Round: WR
    7th Round: Best player available
    H. Cleveland Browns
    Team Needs: QB, RE, DT
    With the Cleveland Browns being one of the worst teams in the NFL, you 
    should have an early draft pick during your first season.  If I were 
    you, I would draft a Quarterback.  Trent Dilfer isn't going to lead the 
    team to a Super Bowl anytime soon, so you might as well get your future 
    starter in there now.
    The Cleveland Browns also need to improve their defensive line.  The 
    Browns should draft a Defensive Tackle and a Right End.  The Browns are 
    really lacking depth at both positions, which you need for a position 
    like the defensive line.  Players on the defensive line are usually 
    more injury prone then other players.
    Draft Outlook:
    1st Round: QB
    2nd Round: DT
    3rd Round: RE
    4th Round: ROLB
    5th Round: WR
    6th Round: Best player available
    7th Round: Best player available
    I. Dallas Cowboys
    Team Needs: QB, RT, WR
    The Cowboys are in a desperate need for a Quarterback that will be a 
    part of the team for years to come.  Drew Bledsoe is about 33 years old 
    and probably wont play as well as he did a few years ago.  It's time to 
    go out with the old and in with the new.  The Cowboys have a decent 
    team and should have a first round pick somewhere in the middle of the 
    first round.  I would grab the highest rated Quarterback remaining with 
    my first round draft choice.
    Another position the Cowboys should improve on is Right Tackle.  The 
    Cowboys' offensive line is far from what it was during the Cowboys' 
    glory days.  A Right Tackle would help the progression of your 
    Quarterback come along.  Your Quarterback and Tackle should progress 
    with each other, which will be a great force.
    One more position the Dallas Cowboys need some help with is Wide 
    Receiver.  Keyshwan Johnson and Terry Glenn are both in there thirties 
    and it's time to find a replacement.  If you're using my draft classes 
    I would try to draft D. Anderson.
    Draft Outlook:
    1st Round: QB
    2nd Round: RT
    3rd Round: WR (D. Anderson)
    4th Round: Best player available
    5th Round: Center
    6th Round: CB
    7th Round: OLB
    J. Denver Broncos
    Team Needs: DT, SS, RG
    The Broncos need some help on the Defensive Line.  A good Defensive 
    Tackle will help the defense stop the running game.  In the draft class 
    I provide there are a lot of good Defensive Tackles.  If you don't use 
    my draft class I would recommend someone with a high amount of bench 
    press reps and of course someone that is huge.
    Another position the Broncos need help in is Strong Safety.  The 
    Broncos highest rated Strong Safety in the game is only a 71 overall.  
    John Lynch and Champ Bailey are already great to have in the secondary, 
    but a little more help for these players would be fantastic.
    The Broncos already have an amazing offensive line that seems to 
    produce one thousand yard rushers no matter who is running the ball.  
    Although they are already good on the offensive line, they could use 
    some help over at Right Guard.  A new Right Guard would be able to 
    challenge for a starting spot and help the team out a lot.
    Draft Outlook:
    1st Round: DT
    2nd Round: Best player available
    3rd Round: SS
    4th Round: RG
    5th Round: Best player available
    6th Round: WR
    7th Round: Best player available
    K. Detroit Lions
    Team Needs: QB, RT, HB
    Joey Harrington is NOT the answer.  I would do whatever I can to get 
    Matt Leinart.  Joey Harrington has had his time to take over as the 
    leader in Detroit and he failed.  Matt Leinart will become a franchise 
    player for the Lions. His transition to the NFL shouldn't be that bad 
    because of the Lions great receiving corps.
    Along with that new Quarterback the Lions need a Right Tackle.  The new 
    Right Tackle would pass Kelly Butler as the starter.  Butler is only a 
    70 overall in the game and you can do better than that in the draft.
    Another position the Lions can use some depth in is HB.  I'm not saying 
    to draft a replacement for Kevin Jones.  All Jones needs is a new 
    backup.  A power running back behind Kevin Jones would be a great 
    change of pace during the game.  This is a nice way to mix up the style 
    of the game.
    Draft Outlook:
    1st Round: QB (Matt Leinart)
    2nd Round: RT
    3rd Round: Best player available
    4th Round: HB
    5th Round: Best player available
    6th Round: RE
    7th Round: Best player available
    L. Green Bay Packers
    Team needs: RE, CB, SS
    The Green Bay Packers desperately need to improve their defense.  The 
    first step the Packers need to take is a new Right End.  The Packers 
    current Right End is only 76 overall.  With a better player at Right 
    End the Packers will be able to get more pressure on the Quarterback.
    After you improve your Right End, I would work on the secondary.  The 
    Packers have a weak secondary, which is why I would draft a Cornerback 
    and Strong Safety.  A fast Cornerback should also help stop the running 
    Draft Outlook:
    1st Round: RE
    2nd Round: CB
    3rd Round: SS
    4th Round: Best player available
    5th Round: LOLB 
    6th Round: Best player available
    7th Round: Best player available
    M. Houston Texans
    Team Needs: LG, WR, MLB
    David Carr has taken a beating year after year during his time with the 
    Houston Texans.  Since David Carr has pretty good ratings in Madden, I 
    would draft a Left Guard to give him more protection in the pocket.  
    Their current Left Guard, Chester Pitts, is only rated 79 overall.  If 
    you draft a rookie with your first round pick he will be able to 
    progress better then Pitts and will be able to protect Carr for years.
    The Houston Texans also need a new Wide Receiver.  A new Wide Receiver 
    would help David Carr out a lot with another good receiver besides 
    Andre Johnson.  
    One more position I would try to improve if I were controlling the 
    Houston Texans is Middle Linebacker.  Morlon Greenwood is a poor 
    tackler and you can improve your linebacking corps by replacing him.  
    The Texans can use a Middle Linebacker with decent speed and great 
    tackling ability.
    Draft Outlook:
    1st Round: LG
    2nd Round: MLB
    3rd Round: Best player available
    4th Round: WR
    5th Round: HB
    6th Round: QB
    7th Round: Best player available
    N. Indianapolis Colts
    Team Needs: CB, DT, G
    The Colts may have drafted a Cornerback last year, but they still need 
    to improve their secondary.  Nick Harper, Jason Davis, and Marlin 
    Jackson are all decent corners, but they can be improved on.  I would 
    go after a Cornerback with the first round pick.  Indianapolis will be 
    golden with an improved defense.
    Another position that needs help from a rookie draftee is Defensive 
    Tackle.  A new Defensive Tackle would put more pressure on the 
    Quarterback and will help your first round corner get more 
    The Colts may have the best offense in the league already but the Colts 
    can use a new Guard.  I would draft a Guard in the later rounds to give 
    the current starters some rest.
    Draft Outlook:
    1st Round: CB
    2nd Round: DT
    3rd Round: Best player available
    4th Round: Best player available
    5th Round: G
    6th Round: Best player available
    7th Round: LOLB
    O. Jacksonville Jaguars
    Team Needs: HB, WR, CB
    Fred Taylor has been on a steady decline the last few seasons.  The 
    Jaguars will most likely have a lower draft pick, so I would go after a 
    young running back.  If you're using my draft classes there are a lot 
    of great running backs available, such as D. Williams and R. Bush.  
    With a good run game the Jaguars' offense should open up.
    The Jaguars have used their first round pick the last two years on a 
    Wide Receiver.  Reggie Williams should progress over time but Matt 
    Jones will have problem progressing due to his low awareness.  With 
    good scouting you may be able to land a sleeper here.
    Terry Cousin does not have what it takes to be a starting Cornerback in 
    the NFL.  Cousin is aging and can be replaced by a younger, more 
    talented rookie.  The Jaguars secondary will become much better if you 
    get a good replacement.
    Draft Outlook:
    1st Round: HB (R. Bush)
    2nd Round: WR
    3rd Round: CB 
    4th Round: Best player available
    5th Round: MLB
    6th Round: Best player available
    7th Round: TE
    P. Kansas City Chiefs
    Team Needs: WR, CB, RT
    The Chiefs have a great Quarterback in Trent Green, who has been able 
    to succeed without great receivers.  Trent Green has only had his Tight 
    End, Tony Gonzalez.  With a young, explosive Wide Receiver the Chiefs 
    can dominate even more on offense.
    Patrick Surtain and Eric Warfield are both around thirty years old and 
    will begin to decline soon.  I would draft a Cornerback now and let him 
    progress.  If you don't draft a Cornerback now your defense might be in 
    trouble in a few years.
    Priest Holmes is getting older and it's time to start giving more 
    carries to Larry Johnson.  A new Right Tackle will help open up holes 
    for Johnson as he slowly takes over for Priest Holmes.
    Draft Outlook:
    1st Round: WR
    2nd Round: CB
    3rd Round: Best player available
    4th Round: RT
    5th Round: Best player available
    6th Round: MLB
    7th Round: FS
    Q. Miami Dolphins
    Team Needs: QB, Any offensive lineman, WR 
    The Miami Dolphins obviously need a franchise Quarterback that they can 
    settle down with.  Almost every team that makes the playoffs has a 
    solid Quarterback that they can rely on.  I would try to get Matt 
    Leinart or Vince Young of you're importing draft classes.  If you're 
    not importing draft classes I would go for a Quarterback projected to 
    go in the Top 5 or Top 10.
    The Dolphins also need a lot of help on their offensive line.  With my 
    second round pick I would choose the offensive lineman you liked the 
    most while you were scouting.  
    One more position I feel needs help on the Miami Dolphins is Wide 
    Receiver.  A new Wide Receiver will give your newly drafted Quarterback 
    another target to throw to.  A young Quarterback needs as many options 
    as possible.
    Draft Outlook:
    1st Round: QB (Matt Leinart or Vince Young)
    2nd Round: Any offensive lineman
    3rd Round: Best player available
    4th Round: WR
    5th Round: Best player available
    6th Round: LOLB
    7th Round: Best player available
    R. Minnesota Vikings
    Team Needs: HB, WR, LG
    After trading Randy Moss in the off-season things have been going 
    downhill for the Minnesota Vikings.  Daunte Culpepper is not the same 
    Quarterback without Moss, which is why I would draft a tall Wide 
    Receiver with good hands and jumping ability.  
    The Vikings can also use a new starting running back.  If you do a good 
    job scouting you can land a future star running back in the second 
    round.  Throughout my time simulating draft classes, I witnessed this 
    happen several times.
    One more position the Vikings should draft is Left Guard.  Adam 
    Goldberg is a decent Guard, but the Vikings can draft a new Guard that 
    can compete with during preseason for a starting spot.
    Draft Outlook:
    1st Round: HB
    2nd Round: WR
    3rd Round: Best player available
    4th Round: LG
    5th Round: TE
    6th Round: ROLB
    7th Round: Best player available
    S. New England Patriots
    Team Needs: CB, HB
    The New England Patriots are obviously the best team in the NFL right 
    now.  I would say that their biggest weakness though, is Cornerback.  
    The Patriots are aging at the Cornerback position and it's time to get 
    a young player in for the future.
    One more position I think the Patriots can use more depth in is Half 
    back.  I wouldn't be replacing Corey Dillon.  This draftee would be 
    used as a backup.  Once Corey Dillon retires this player may be able to 
    take over as the fulltime starter.  
    Draft Outlook:
    1st Round: Best player available
    2nd Round: CB
    3rd Round: Best player available
    4th Round: HB 
    5th Round: Best player available
    6th Round: Best player available
    7th Round: DT
    T. New Orleans Saints
    Team Needs: DT, LOLB, MLB
    The New Orleans Saints have very weak Defensive Tackles.  With the 
    Saint's first round pick I would work on improving their defense by 
    drafting a Defensive Tackle.  Jonathon Sullivan is only a 79 overall 
    and you can easily improve over that in the draft.  
    The Saints also need help in their linebacking corps.  The Saints 
    starting Middle Linebacker and Left Outside Linebackerare both rated in 
    the mid-seventies.  You can greatly improve on this during the NFL 
    Draft Outlook:
    1st Round: DT
    2nd Round: LOLB
    3rd Round: MLB
    4th Round: Best player available
    5th Round: SS
    6th Round: Best player available
    7th Round: Best player available
    U. New York Giants
    Team Needs: WR, CB, DT
    The New York Giants have one of the most dangerous offenses in the NFL.  
    Amani Toomer isn't the Wide Receiver he once was.  I would use my first 
    round pick to replace Amani Toomer.  The Giants offense will be even 
    more dangerous with a rookie receiver.  Can you imagine adding another 
    star to the Giants already amazing receiving corps?
    Another position the Giants can use help in is Cornerback.  Will Allen 
    and William Peterson both ask for a lot of money when their contracts 
    are up and it's almost pointless to keep both of them.  I would draft a 
    Cornerback to help the Giant's struggling secondary.
    One more positon the New York Giants need help in is Defensive Tackle.  
    William Joseph was a bust and never developed into what Giants fans 
    hoped would become a star.  It's time for New York to get another young 
    player on the defensive line.
    Draft Outlook:
    1st Round: WR
    2nd Round: CB
    3rd Round: DT
    4th Round: P (Only if you're 100% he will be good)
    5th Round: FB or Best player available
    6th Round: Best player available
    7th Round: Best player available
    V. New York Jets
    Team Needs: HB, DT, SS
    The New York Jets should draft a running back with their first round 
    pick.  They should draft a running back because Curtis Martin is 
    getting older and will quickly decline in Madden.  I would find a 
    replacement for him as soon as possible. 
    Another position the Jets should look at in the draft is Defensive 
    Tackle.  The Jets should draft a Defensive Tackle because Lance Legree 
    is not good enough to make it as a starter in the NFL.  He's only a 74 
    One more position the New York Jets should improve on in the NFL Draft 
    is Strong Safety.  Their current starter, Jon McGraw, is only a 78 
    overall.  He's also an extremely weak tackler for a Strong Safety.  You 
    should focus on drafting a Safety who hits much harder then McGraw.
    Draft Outlook:
    1st Round: HB
    2nd Round: DT
    3rd Round: SS
    4th Round: Best player available
    5th Round: Best player available
    6th Round: QB (Hopefully you can pull a Brady)
    7th Round: Best player available
    W. Oakland Raiders
    Team Needs: QB, OLB, SS
    Kerry Collins is extremely old and will decline very fast after a few 
    seasons.  The Oakland Raiders need a replacement for him as soon as 
    possible.  Your rookie Quarterback shouldn't have a lot of trouble 
    taking over with Randy Moss as his Wide Receiver.
    The Oakland Raiders also need help with is Outside Linebacker.  
    Oakland's two Outside Linebackers are rated in the mid-seventies.  I 
    think it's time to draft a new linebacker and let the other progress.
    One more position the Raiders can use depth at is Strong Safety.  The 
    Raiders have two Strong Safeties that are rated 79 overall and they can 
    use another to battle for the starting spot.
    Draft Outlook:
    1st Round: QB
    2nd Round: OLB
    3rd Round: Best player available
    4th Round: Best player available
    5th Round: SS
    6th Round: Best player available
    7th Round: CB
    X. Philadelphia Eagles
    Team Needs: WR, ROLB, HB
    The Eagles have a good Wide Receiver in Terrell Owens, but the rest of 
    their Wide Receivers aren't that good.  I would draft another Wide 
    Receiver to give Donovan McNabb a big target.
    Another position the Philadelphia Eagles should improve on is Right 
    Outside Linebacker.  Keith Adams can use a decent backup behind him in 
    case he gets injured.
    One more position I would go after in the draft is running back.  I 
    would draft a running back to give Brian Westbrook a rest once in a 
    Draft Outlook:
    1st Round: WR
    2nd Round: Best player available
    3rd Round: ROLB
    4th Round: Best player available
    5th Round: HB
    6th Round: Best player available
    7th Round: CB
    Y. Pittsburgh Steelers
    Team Needs: CB, RT, WR
    One position the Pittsburgh Steelers need to improve during the draft 
    is Cornerback.  Deshea Townsend is already thirty years old and the 
    Steelers don't have any other good Cornerbacks behind him.  I would 
    draft a Cornerback as soon as possible.
    The Steelers can also use a replacement at Right Tackle.  Max Starks is 
    only a 77 overall and you can probably draft a player better than that.  
    This will create a good position battle in preseason.
    I think the Steelers should also draft a Wide Receiver.  After losing 
    Plaxico Burress in the off-season to the Giants the Steelers have shown 
    the need for another receiver.  Antwan Randel El isn't the answer to 
    the loss of Burress.
    Draft Outlook:
    1st Round: CB
    2nd Round: Best player available
    3rd Round: RT
    4th Round: WR
    5th Round: Best player available
    6th Round: Best player available
    7th Round: Best player available
    Z. San Diego Chargers
    Team Needs: FS, CB, LE
    The San Diego Chargers are in need of a new Free Safety.  Their current 
    starter, Jerry Wilson, is only a 78 overall.  If the Chargers draft a 
    new Free Safety they will be improving their secondary a lot.
    Another problem I see in the Chargers' secondary is their Cornerbacks.  
    The Chargers' Cornerbacks don't look to good after Quintin Jammer.  I 
    would draft a Corner to help the secondary.
    Draft Outlook:
    1st Round: FS
    2nd Round: CB
    3rd Round: Best player available
    4th Round: WR
    5th Round: LE
    6th Round: Best player available
    7th Round: Best player available
    AA. San Francisco 49ers
    Team Needs: HB, WR, CB
    The San Francisco 49ers probably won't be in the playoffs anytime soon 
    and they're obviously in the rebuilding stage.  I would draft a running 
    back with my first round pick if I was the 49ers.  Kevan Barlow isn't 
    that strong and he is slow too (87 speed).
    Another position I would look into if I were the 49ers is Wide 
    Receiver.  Brandon Lloyd and Rashaun Woods aren't that spectacular and 
    the 49ers can use some talent here.  Alex Smith is going to need some 
    targets to throw to.
    Draft Outlook:
    1st Round: HB
    2nd Round: WR
    3rd Round: Best player available
    4th Round: CB
    5th Round: Best player available
    6th Round: DT
    7th Round: Best player available
    BB. Seattle Seahawks
    Team Needs: MLB, RG, LE
    The Seahawks are in need of a new Middle Linebacker.  With a new Middle 
    Linebacker the Seahawks will become more efficient stopping the run 
    game.  A new Middle Linebacker will also help shut down the passing 
    game when you bring the blitz.
    Seattle can also use a new Right Guard.  There current Right Guard is 
    only a 77 overall.  Matt Hasselbeck isn't going to get much protection 
    from him.
    Draft Outlook:
    1st Round: MLB
    2nd Round: RG
    3rd Round: Best player available
    4th Round: LE
    5th Round: Best player available
    6th Round: CB
    7th Round: Best player available
    CC. St. Louis Rams
    Team Needs: CB, DT, LE
    The Rams have a good offense.  They need to improve their defense 
    though if they want to win more games.  The first step I would take to 
    improve the Rams' defense is draft a new Cornerback.  It's incredibly 
    easy to pick apart the Rams weak secondary.
    The Rams are also weak on the Defensive Line.  The St. Louis Rams need 
    to get more pressure on the Quarterback.  I would do this by drafting 
    either a Defensive Tackle or Left End.
    Draft Outlook:
    1st Round: CB
    2nd Round: LE
    3rd Round: DT
    4th Round: Best player available
    5th Round: FS
    6th Round: Best player available
    7th Round: Best player available
    DD. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
    Team Needs: RG, QB, LOLB
    The Tampa Buccaneers need to work on their offense.  In the game their 
    offensive line is very weak.  I would draft a Right Guard, since that 
    is the weakest position throughout the entire offensive line.  A new 
    Right Guard will give the Quarterback more protection in the pocket.
    Along with the new Right Guard, I would draft a new Quarterback.  Brian 
    Griese is thirty years old, which is when most Quarterbacks begin to 
    decline in Madden.  He's only an 85 overall from the start, so he will 
    fall fast.  You might as well bring in the future of the Buccaneer 
    franchise as soon as possible.
    Another position the Buccaneers should draft is Left Outside 
    Linebacker.  Their linebacker Jeff Gooch is already in his tenth NFL 
    season and is only rated a 78 overall.  I draft his replacement now, 
    but I would keep Gooch as a backup.
    Draft Outlook:
    1st Round: RG
    2nd Round: QB
    3rd Round: Best player available
    4th Round: LOLB
    5th Round: Best player available
    6th Round: DT
    7th Round: Best player available
    EE. Tennessee Titans 
    Team Needs: LE, CB, WR
    The Titans will need to improve their weak defense if they want to 
    become playoff contenders anytime soon.  The first position I would 
    begin to improve is Left End.  Antwan Odom doesn't have the skills to 
    be a starter in the NFL.  Most of the good defenses throughout the NFL 
    have a good Defensive End that puts pressure on the opposing 
    Adam "Pacman" Jones was a good addition to the Titans' secondary last 
    year, but the Titans could use another Cornerback.  Your new Cornerback 
    can be valuable as a third stringer or you can even use him instead of 
    Draft Outlook:
    1st Round: LE
    2nd Round: CB
    3rd Round: Best player available
    4th Round: Best player available
    5th Round: WR
    6th Round: FS
    7th Round: Best player available
    FF. Washington Redskins
    Team Needs: DT, CB, RE
    The Redskins can really use some help on defense.  The Redskins can 
    become a good team if their defense doesn't blow games.  They have the 
    players on offense, they just need to execute.  My first step to 
    revamping Redskins' defense would be to draft a Defensive Tackle.  The 
    'Skins need to stop the running game at the line of scrimmage.
    Another position the Redskins should focus on is Cornerback.  The 
    Redskins starting cornerbacks are both in their thirties and will 
    become a problem if they're not replaced soon.
    Draft Outlook:
    1st Round: DT
    2nd Round: CB
    3rd Round: Best player available
    4th Round: RE
    5th Round: Best player available
    6th Round: WR
    7th Round: Best player available
    III. Madden Generated Players
    The Madden Generated players in this game aren't as good as the players 
    you will get if you use draft class from NCAA '06.  The attributes are 
    much more realistic in draft classes and you will have the real 
    players.  Scrambling Quarterbacks will not come out of the draft with a 
    speed rating of 95 and an acceleration rating of 45.  I would only use 
    the Madden generated players if for some reason you can not access 
    draft classes.
    In order to be successful in drafting Madden generated players you need 
    to scout the players well.  For example, when you look at a Quarterback 
    make sure you read his notes carefully.  Sometimes the scouting notes 
    and will conflict with the original projections of the player.  The 
    scouting notes on the player are more up to date, so you should listen 
    to what they say before the original notes.
    IV. NCAA 06 Players
    The players used when importing draft classes are much more realistic 
    and have the player's actual names if you named them yourself.  If 
    you're viewing this guide on GameFAQs, you can go to the Game Saves 
    section and I will have my draft classes there.  You will need a Max 
    Drive to download these rosters.  A Max Drive can usually be found at 
    EB Games or Gamestop for $30.  As you can see below, I have listed some 
    of the top players for each position for each draft class, along with 
    there overall.  The overall you get when you import these players may 
    be different.  However, they should only be a difference of 1-2 overall 
    points, if that.  The overalls change because each player receives 
    different scouting notes each time they are imported.  
    A. 2005 NFL Draft Class
    M. Leinart 84 OVR
    V. Young 83 OVR
    B. Smith 81 OVR
    R. McNeal 81 OVR
    D. Hackney 81 OVR
    DJ Shockley 79 OVR
    C. Whitehurst 79 OVR
    B. Gradkowski 78 OVR
    K. Clemens 78 OVR
    B. Croyle 76 OVR
    D. Williams 86 OVR
    R. Bush 85 OVR
    L. Maroney 82 OVR
    A. Broussard 81 OVR
    D. Moore 80 OVR
    T. Whitehead 80 OVR
    L. Hobbs 78 OVR
    G. Riggs 78 OVR
    P. Daniels 78 OVR
    A. Hall 78 OVR
    R. Powers-Neal 83 OVR
    B. Leonard 83 OVR
    A. Byrd 81 OVR
    L. Vickers 81 OVR
    Q. Hill 80 OVR
    T. Murphy 79 OVR
    J. Davis 79 OVR
    D. Anderson 79 OVR
    J. Runnels 79 OVR
    B. Schnittker 79 OVR
    D. Hagan 80 OVR
    D. Anderson 79 OVR
    G. Jennings 78 OVR
    M. Haas 78 OVR 
    J. Hicks 78 OVR
    J. Boulkright 77 OVR
    M. Nance 77 OVR
    T. Hall 76 OVR
    C. Sharon 75 OVR
    E. Davis 75 OVR
    M. Lewis 80 OVR
    M. Herian 78 OVR
    D. Thumas 77 OVR
    T. Day 76 OVR
    G. Mills 76 OVR
    J. Klopfenstein 75 OVR
    T. Bienemann 75 OVR
    A. Clarke 74 OVR
    J. King 74 OVR
    D. Ferguson 82 OVR
    D. Joseph 80 OVR
    E. Winston 79 OVR
    J. Scott 79 OVR
    D. Colledge 78 OVR
    A. Whitworth 78 OVR
    M. McNeil 78 OVR
    D. Inman 77 OVR
    S. Heyer 77 OVR
    A. Steinavich 77 OVR
    A. Lips 80 OVR
    M. Jean-Gilles 79 OVR
    M. Setterstrom 76 OVR
    K. Chiasson 75 OVR
    T. Reed 75 OVR
    A. Merz 75 OVR
    D. Stevenson 74 OVR
    T. Lutui 73 OVR
    A. De La Garza 72 OVR
    C. Pino 72 OVR
    M. Pegory 77 OVR
    G. Eslinger 75 OVR
    K. Cook 74 OVR
    M. Kiwanuka 86 OVR
    E. Henderson 85 OVR
    L. Howard 78 OVR
    M. Oliver 76 OVR
    M. Rice 75 OVR
    M. Kudla 75 OVR
    T. Hall 75 OVR
    L. Woodley 73 OVR
    T. Lupui 73 OVR
    D. Tapp 72 OVR
    R. Wright 85 OVR
    G. Watson 83 OVR
    O. Harris 83 OVR
    H. Ngata 81 OVR
    J. Mahelona 79 OVR 
    G. Anderson 78 OVR
    D. Dvoracek 78 OVR
    S. Fifita 77 OVR
    C. Wrotten 77 OVR
    J. Jolly 77 OVR
    C. Greenway 81 OVR
    A. Hawk 79 OVR
    R. Hurley 76 OVR
    A. Nicholson 75 OVR
    T. Howard 74 OVR
    C. Ingram 73 OVR
    R. McIntosh 73 OVR
    D. Ryans 73 OVR
    B. Carpenter 73 OVR
    S. Toone 72 OVR
    A. Hodge 79 OVR
    D. Jackson 75 OVR
    A. Harris 74 OVR
    S. Havner 73 OVR
    G. Wilkinson 73 OVR
    F. Roach 73 OVR
    T. McGarigle 72 OVR
    K. Simon 70 OVR
    W. Derting 70 OVR
    T. Williams 67 OVR
    J. Williams 80 OVR
    C. Griffin 78 OVR
    A. Zemaitis 77 OVR
    A. Allen 77 OVR
    A. Youboty 77 OVR
    E. Bassey 76 OVR
    J. Wyatt 76 OVR
    D. Hunter 76 OVR
    R. Houston 75 OVR
    M. Hudson 75 OVR
    G. Blue 80 OVR
    P. Watkins 80 OVR
    J. Appel 79 OVR
    D. Landry 79 OVR
    N. Salley 79 OVR
    J. Addae 79 OVR
    T. Coley 79 OVR
    J. Simpson 78 OVR
    V. Meeks 78 OVR
    L. Landry 78 OVR
    D. Bing 83 OVR
    L. Means 80 OVR
    G. Threat 80 OVR
    M. Huff 79 OVR
    K. Jackson 78 OVR
    D. Bullocks 78 OVR
    N. Moser 78 OVR
    M. Lorello 76 OVR
    D. McCleskey 75 OVR
    J. Page 75 OVR
    J. Medlock 75 OVR
    C. Hughes 73 OVR
    T. Pegram 67 OVR
    N. Bazaldua 65 OVR
    B. Jones 63 OVR
    T. Malone 85 OVR
    J. Torp 76 OVR
    K. Basler 73 OVR
    J. Stelly 74 OVR
    A. Podlesh 71 OVR
    B. 2006 NFL Draft Class
    O. Jacobs 85 OVR
    C. Henne 84 OVR
    C. Leak 84 OVR
    B. Brohm 81 OVR
    T. Smith 79 OVR
    P. Thompson 79 OVR
    T. Palko 79 OVR
    S. Keller 77 OVR
    T. Edwards 76 OVR
    D. Tate 76 OVR
    M. Vick 74 OVR
    A. Peterson 88 OVR
    T. Moss 84 OVR
    R. Taylor 84 OVR
    J. Thomas 83 OVR
    L. Booker 82 OVR
    C. Brockington 82 OVR
    C. White 82 OVR
    C. Lewis 81 OVR
    B. Calhoun 81 OVR
    D. Wynn 80 OVR
    M. Hart 76 OVR
    T. Castille 85 OVR
    D. Todd 82 OVR
    B. Snow 80 OVR
    B. Hancock 79 OVR
    J. Battle 79 OVR
    B. Davis 79 OVR
    D. Rosario 79 OVR
    S. McDougle 77 OVR
    B. Lau 77 OVR
    C. Anderson 76 OVR
    C. Taylor 82 OVR
    D. Jarrett 82 OVR
    R. Moore 81 OVR
    S. Smith 81 OVR
    J. Swain 80 OVR
    J. Hill 80 OVR
    S. Holmes 80 OVR
    S. Breaston 79 OVR
    A. Caldwell 79 OVR
    S. Bailey 77 OVR
    V. Davis 84 OVR
    L. Pope 83 OVR
    M. Spaeth 78 OVR
    S. Chandler 75 OVR
    R. Coleman 73 OVR
    B. Celek 72 OVR
    J. Newton 72 OVR
    B. McCall 71 OVR
    D. Coats 71 OVR
    B. Patrick 69 OVR
    J. Blalock 83 OVR
    M. Otto 81 OVR 
    L. Brown 80 OVR
    D. Free 80 OVR
    C. Johnson 79 OVR
    T. Tupola 79 OVR
    A. Kotzur 77 OVR
    M. Jones 77 OVR
    K. Williams 77 OVR 
    R. Harris 76 OVR
    K. Studdard 79 OVR
    D. Lineberry 76 OVR
    D. Mezes 76 OVR
    B. Grubbs 75 OVR
    S. Satele 74 OVR
    R. Smith 74 OVR
    B. Daniels 73 OVR
    J. Simontitis 73 OVR
    B. Whitaker 73 OVR
    N. Jones 72 OVR
    K. Mann 75 OVR
    M. Maddox 74 OVR
    K. Young 74 OVR
    J. Sullivan 71 OVR
    R. Riley 69 OVR
    M. Williams 84 OVR
    J. Moore 79 OVR
    R. Edwards 79 OVR
    A. Carriker 78 OVR
    R. Willis 75 OVR
    V. Abiamiri 75 OVR
    B. Robison 75 OVR
    M. Elmore 75 OVR
    J. Richardson 74 OVR
    T. Crowder 73 OVR
    C. Dickson 81 OVR
    R. Armstrong 80 OVR
    J. Harrell 80 OVR
    B. Curvey 79 OVR
    X. L-Kennedy 78 OVR
    M. Love 78 OVR
    J. Clark 78 OVR
    Z. West 77 OVR
    B. Atkins 77 OVR
    R. McDonald 76 OVR
    B. Toal 77 OVR
    P. Posluszny 76 OVR
    H. Blades 74 OVR
    P. Burgess 74 OVR
    E. Sims 74 OVR
    A. Brown 73 OVR
    D. V Wheeler 73 OVR
    J. Kerr 72 OVR
    D. Brooks 72 OVR
    M. Freeman 71 OVR
    A. Brooks 84 OVR
    B. Siler 79 OVR
    K. Parham 78 OVR
    K. Hall 76 OVR
    D. Harrington 75 OVR
    T. Taylor 75 OVR
    Z. Latimer 73 OVR
    J. Warren 71 OVR
    L. Everson 71 OVR
    D. Richard 70 OVR
    D. Hester 84 OVR
    A. Cromartie 82 OVR
    J. Wade 79 OVR
    L. Hall 79 OVR
    A. Huffman 77 OVR
    M. Pitts 75 OVR
    D. Webb 76 OVR
    G. Sharpe 76 OVR
    A. Davis 76 OVR
    D. Hughes 76 OVR
    T. Zbikowski 87 OVR
    C. Campbell 81 OVR
    T. Washington 80 OVR
    A. Shanle 78 OVR
    J. Gattis 78 OVR
    D. Goldson 78 OVR
    R. Mundy 78 OVR
    J. Roy 77 OVR
    J. Wending 76 OVR
    J. Billingsley 75 OVR
    B. Pollard 80 OVR 
    E. Weddle 80 OVR
    D. Brooks 79 OVR
    S. Piscitelli 78 OVR
    P. Ghee 77 OVR
    T. Bell 76 OVR
    J. Brown 76 OVR
    M. Wimbush 75 OVR
    M. Paschal 75 OVR
    E. Wicks 74 OVR
    M. Crosby 71 OVR
    G. Rivas 68 OVR
    J. Peattie 65 OVR
    B. Fields 78 OVR
    J. Scruggs 74 OVR
    R. Dougherty 74 OVR
    C. 2007 NFL Draft Class
    E. Ainge 83 OVR
    B. Meyer 82 OVR
    D. Woods 80 OVR
    A. Morelli 79 OVR
    R. Bomar 79 OVR
    B. Mauk 78 OVR
    B. Johnson 78 OVR
    K. Wright 78 OVR
    J. Durocher 78 OVR
    J. Booty 77 OVR
    M. Lynch 86 OVR
    D. Walker 85 OVR
    B. Jackson 84 OVR
    K. Grady 83 OVR
    B. Washington 83 OVR
    J. Stewart 83 OVR
    C. Jones 83 OVR
    L. Hamilton 83 OVR
    C. Stewart 83 OVR 
    A. Young 82 OVR
    A. Foster 82 OVR
    T. Rawls 81 OVR
    D. Ware 78 OVR
    P. Hillis 86 OVR
    D. Holbert 84 OVR
    C. Davis 84 OVR
    C. Alexander 83 OVR
    M. Cox 81 OVR
    J. Niutapuai 81 OVR
    B. Evans 80 OVR
    J. Hellmndollar 79 OVR
    J. Valentine 79 OVR
    M. Pitre 78 OVR
    T. Ginn 85 OVR
    C. Johnson 83 OVR
    L. Leggett 82 OVR
    L. Sweed 82 OVR
    R. Meachen 81 OVR
    C. Colvin 80 OVR
    W. Lewis 80 OVR
    D. Goodman 80 OVR
    A. Arrington 79 OVR
    E. Doucet 78 OVR
    Z. Miller 85 OVR
    S. Hogan 83 OVR
    G. Olsen 82 OVR
    M. Rucker 80 OVR
    T. Casey 77 OVR
    S. Baker 84 OVR
    J. Long 81 OVR
    J. Greco 79 OVR
    A. Millington 78 OVR
    D. Miller 76 OVR
    B. Richardson 77 OVR
    A. Boone 75 OVR
    H. Johnson 75 OVR
    R. Miller 75 OVR
    T. Luellen 75 OVR
    S. Tevaga 77 OVR
    K. Elder 77 OVR
    T. Miller 77 OVR
    W. Arnold 74 OVR
    Q. Harris 74 OVR
    D. Woods 73 OVR
    D. Morse 71 OVR
    J. Thompson 70 OVR
    J. Byers 71 OVR
    J. Earnes 71 OVR
    A. Spieker 74 OVR
    L. Hart 71 OVR
    R. Krutilla 70 OVR
    E. Williams 71 OVR
    T. Goins 58 OVR
    L. Jackson 82 OVR
    E. Moncur 79 OVR
    J. Jack 79 OVR
    C. Harrington 78 OVR
    S. McClover 79 OVR
    J. Adams 75 OVR
    Q. Graves 74 OVR
    M. Alaeze 73 OVR
    J. Moss 72 OVR
    G. Gunheim 71 OVR
    F. Okam 83 OVR
    J. Ostrowski 79 OVR
    N. Hyaden 80 OVR 
    M. Hall 79 OVR
    A. Brach 77 OVR
    S. Ellis 77 OVR
    R. Pitoitua 76 OVR
    C. Powell 76 OVR
    T. McCray 76 OVR
    D. Pressley 76 OVR
    W. Williams 79 OVR
    W. Jefferson 77 OVR
    S. Kegler 76 OVR
    T. Williams 77 OVR
    V. Redd 75 OVR
    K. Rivers 74 OVR
    B. Ruud 72 OVR
    S. Crable 73 OVR
    A. Highsmith 73 OVR
    J. Dias 72 OVR
    V. Hall 78 OVR
    J. Dizon 72 OVR 
    J. Goff 67 OVR
    N. Fuhr 67 OVR
    J. Abbate 67 OVR
    D. Mendoza 67 OVR
    A. Crooks 67 OVR
    J. Engstrom 66 OVR
    N. Jackson 65 OVR
    D. Ingram 59 OVR
    J. Joseph 81 OVR
    M. Walker 80 OVR
    P. Oliver 77 OVR
    M. Grant 77 OVR
    T. Thomas 77 OVR
    T. DeCloud 77 OVR
    Z. Bowman 77 OVR
    E. Wright 76 OVR
    R. Minor 75 OVR
    M. Harrison 75 OVR
    K. Simpson 91 OVR
    T. Cade 81 OVR
    K. Jackson 82 OVR
    M. Scott 80 OVR
    N. Lyles 78 OVR
    A. Reddick 77 OVR
    M. Reiter 77 OVR
    R. McPherson 77 OVR
    R. Girvait 76 OVR
    Q. Demps 75 OVR
    D. Whitner 83 OVR
    D. Kelson 78 OVR
    R. Nelson 79 OVR
    T. Johnson 79 OVR
    R. Malik 76 OVR
    J. Jackson 75 OVR
    C. Godfrey 74 OVR
    C. Steltz 74 OVR
    J. Adams 74 OVR
    T. Joiner 74 OVR
    T. Meloff 66 OVR
    A. Serna 67 OVR
    T. Bell 64 OVR
    A. Perez 72 OVR
    C. Brokenicky 70 OVR
    B. Woods 64 OVR
    B. Kern 64 OVR
    D. 2008 NFL Draft Class
    K. Freeman 88 OVR
    X. Lee 84 OVR
    B. Olson 83 OVR
    B. Reid 84 OVR
    J. Forcier 82 OVR
    J. Steffy 80 OVR
    D. Arrington 80 OVR
    S. McGee 80 OVR
    A. Lawson 79 OVR
    M. Sanchez 80 OVR
    J. Gwaltney 84 OVR
    M. Lucky 84 OVR
    J. Lucas 83 OVR
    M. Manson 82 OVR
    R. Jennings 82 OVR
    L. Coker 82 OVR
    A. Johnson 81 OVR
    J. Charles 81 OVR
    D. Blackman 81 OVR
    R. Belton 83 OVR
    D. Johnson 82 OVR
    T. Lawson 81 OVR
    M. Clapp 80 OVR
    N. Hughey 80 OVR
    M. Quillen 76 OVR
    M. Jones 76 OVR
    D. Koronkiewcz 77 OVR
    J. Lawson 76 OVR
    L. Stafford 77 OVR
    D. Jackson 82 OVR
    P. Turner 81 OVR
    D. Dutch 80 OVR
    M. Manningham 80 OVR
    J. Shipley 78 OVR
    M. Hardy 78 OVR
    K. Jones 78 OVR
    S. Lyman 77 OVR
    K. O'neal 77 OVR
    D. McPhearson 76 OVR
    R. Nicol 80 OVR
    D. Thompson 80 OVR
    K. Davis 76 OVR
    R. Keeling 74 OVR
    M. Onaga 73 OVR
    O. Darby 73 OVR
    B. Allen 72 OVR
    C. Sundberg 70 OVR
    M. Hinton 70 OVR
    P. Ullman 72 OVR
    R. Youngblood 84 OVR
    B. Giacomini 83 OVR
    D. Doering 81 OVR
    L. Murtha 81 OVR
    E. Monroe 79 OVR
    D. Richardson 78 OVR
    R. Terry 78 OVR
    A. Lanis 76 OVR
    S. Sester 77 OVR
    P. Trautwein 76 OVR
    S. Olsen 78 OVR
    C. Rachal 77 OVR
    C. Dockery 75 OVR
    G. Collins 74 OVR
    A. Strauder 74 OVR
    B. Stabler 73 OVR
    J. Watkins 73 OVR
    R. Martin 72 OVR
    G. Harrison 71 OVR
    A. Christianson 71 OVR
    T. Bird 77 OVR
    R. Schmidt 73 OVR
    A. Caldwell 73 OVR
    J. Aleman 56 OVR
    N. Grimes 58 OVR
    C. Smith 74 OVR
    M. Frost 73 OVR
    J. Julmiste 74 OVR
    W. Young 73 OVR
    K. Mims 73 OVR
    D. Harvey 69 OVR
    K. Grant 70 OVR
    T. Jamison 70 OVR
    A. Narinsky 68 OVR
    J. Berryman 68 OVR
    F. Moala 88 OVR
    C. Alexander 81 OVR
    W. Morrisey 82 OVR
    C. Bright 81 OVR
    K. Weston 77 OVR
    B. Daniel 77 OVR
    J. Carter 77 OVR
    A. Jones 76 OVR
    M. Krovl 75 OVR
    D. Richard 73 OVR
    W. Williams 85 OVR
    D. Brown 76 OVR
    D. Connor 76 OVR
    E. Henderson 74 OVR
    D. Holmes 72 OVR
    R. Reynolds 72 OVR
    J. Henderson 72 OVR
    R. Stampler 69 OVR
    M. King 69 OVR
    A. Littlejohn 68 OVR
    M. James 75 OVR
    R. Maualuga 75 OVR
    D. Johnson 72 OVR
    C. Harden 71 OVR
    C. Lofton 71 OVR
    L. Coleman 71 OVR
    J. Thaxton 70 OVR
    T. Sales 70 OVR
    J. Burns 69 OVR
    C. Horne 65 OVR
    J. King 84 OVR
    R. Council 80 OVR
    J. O'Neal 80 OVR
    H. Dalton 79 OVR
    C. Stewart 77 OVR
    T. Ford 75 OVR
    D. Wolfe 74 OVR
    K. Lewis 73 OVR
    D. Gorrer 72 OVR
    C. Jackson 73 OVR
    K. Hicks 86 OVR
    J. Davis 80 OVR
    L. Ponder 80 OVR
    D. Patrick 79 OVR 
    J. Pinkard 76 OVR
    A. Veragia 77 OVR
    W. Wheatley 77 OVR
    J. Schnifano 77 OVR
    S. Gandy 75 OVR
    A. Griffin 72 OVR
    K. Ingram 77 OVR
    R. Cox 75 OVR
    J. Justice 76 OVR
    N. Patterson 75 OVR
    W. Harris 75 OVR
    C. Higgs 72 OVR
    R. Smith 71 OVR
    T. Dance 72 OCR
    J. Mitchell 71 OVR
    D. Harris 71 OVR
    M. Danelo 64 OVR
    J. Sparks 63 OVR
    A. Lemon 62 OVR
    Z. Mesko 65 OVR
    J. Richardson 63 OVR
    R. Bean 62 OVR
    V. Scouting Players
    In this section I will teach you how to scout players.  There are two 
    split sections you will find here.  The first section is a table that 
    will convert combine results into Madden ratings.  The second section 
    will tell you what the notes mean for each position.  It will also tell 
    you what the positions initial abilities mean (ex: Arm Strength = Throw 
    A.  Combine Conversion Table
    40 Time
    Ability: Speed
    Clocked 40 Yard Time          Rating
    4.25 - 4.37				90-99
    4.38 - 4.51				80-89
    4.52 - 4.68				70-79
    4.69 - 4.85				60-69
    4.86 - 4.96				50-59
    4.97 - 5.10				40-49
    Shuttle Drill
    Ability: Acceleration
    Shuttle Drill Time            Rating
    3.75 - 3.94				90-99
    3.95 - 4.09				80-89
    4.10 - 4.26				70-79
    4.27 - 4.48				60-69
    4.49 - 4.64				50-59
    4.65 - 4.82				40-49
    4.83 - 5.05				30-39
    Cone Drill
    Ability: Agility
    Time	                        Rating	
    6.60 - 6.83				90-99
    6.84 - 7.05				80-89
    7.06 - 7.28				70-79
    7.29 - 7.54				60-69
    7.55 - 7.76				50-59
    7.77 - 7.97				40-49
    7.98 - 8.20				30-39
    Bench Press Reps
    Ability: Strength
    Bench Press Repetitions	      Rating	
    39 - 44				90-99
    30 - 38				80-89
    24 - 29				70-79
    19 - 23				60-69
    14 - 18				50-59
    6  - 13				40-49
    Ability: Jump
    Vertical                      Rating
    42 - 38				90-99
    35 - 37				80-89
    33 - 34				70-79
    30 - 32				60-69
    27 - 29				50-59
    24 - 26				40-49
    20 - 23				30-39
    B. Positional Breakdown
    Arm Strength = Throw Power
    Pass Accuracy = Throw Accuracy
    Scouting Notes for Quarterback:
    - He has an unbelievable arm.
    Good throw power.
    - This QB's speed reminds me of McNabb or Culpepper. 
    Amazing speed.
    - Has a good touch, knowing when to take some velocity off. 
     Good Awareness
    - Stands strong in the pocket, maintaining his composure under 
    Good Awareness
    - Recently diagnosed with severe fumbilitis. 
    Poor carrying skills
    - This kid is the next Brett Favre.
    High overall.
    - As fast as Jeff Garcia.  He's got enough speed to matter.
    Decent speed.  Around 60-65 speed.
    - Very accurate QB.  He reminds me of a young Brett Favre.
    Great throwing accuracy.
    - Good enough speed to outrun ends or backers to the corner.  
    His speed is decent.  It'll be around 60.
    - Puts good velocity and zip on tosses.
    Very strong passer with high throwing power.
    Run Power = Break Tackle
    Hands = Carry/Catch
    - Cuts back to the lanes with effortless grace - has good moves.
    He has great agility.  Probably a speedy back.
    - Has blazing speed, something NFL teams covet at the HB position.
    His speed rated at least 92.
    - Hits the holes with authority and has above average field vision.
    He has great acceleration and decent awareness.
    - Has an aggressive blocking nature and is quick to pick up the blitz.
    Great pass blocker.
    Run Power = Break Tackle
    Run Blocking = Run Block
    Pass Blocking = Pass Block
    Hands = Catch/Carry
    - Very quick study who rarely misses his assignments.
    Good awareness.
    - Runs with the ball secure.
    He has good carrying skills.  This is important.
    - Has the leg drive to move the pile.
    Good break tackle skills.  If he has good blocking, draft him.
    Wide Receiver
    Run Power = Break Tackle
    Hands = Catch
    Kick Return = Kick Return skills
    - Has above average leaping ability.
    Good jump rating.
    - His agility will rival Harrison or Moss.
    They're comparing him to two greats.  DRAFT HIM!
    - If you work on his hands in training camp, he will be great.
    Draft him if you think you can improve him in training camp.
    Tight End
    Run Power = Break Tackle
    Run Blocking = Run Block
    Pass Blocking = Pass Block
    Hands = Catch/Carry
    - Will extend to make the catch in traffic.
    Good jumping skills.
    - He struggles to get out and neutralize the edge rush.
    Bad blocker. 
    Offensive Line
    Run Blocking = Run Block
    Pass Blocking = Pass Block
    - Hard worker who will do anything the coaches ask.  Smart kid.
    Very good awareness.
    - Great run blocker at the tackle position.  That's huge in the NFL.
    Good skills at run blocking.
    - Needs to improve his strength.
    I wouldn't draft someone with this note.  They usually have an 
    extremely low strength.
    Defensive End
    Tackling = Tackle
    - Hard wrap-up tackler who puts all of his weight behind his strikes.
    Good tackling skills.  Hits with force.
    - Has no problems recognizing the plays and digesting the playbook.
    High awareness.
    - Fast enough to drop back in pass coverage stringing the plays wide 
    Good speed for a Defensive End.  A player comparable to Osi Umenyiora.
    Defensive Tackle
    - Shows the nasty nature to punish Quarterbacks.   
    Good strength and tackling skills.
    - Reads blocking schemes with good awareness.
    He has good awareness.
    - Hits so hard, he flattens Quarterbacks.
    He has very good tackling skills.
    Tackling = Tackle
    Hands = Catch
    - Consistent wrap up, drag down tackler.
    He has decent tackling skills.  He won't be amazing though.
    - Raw talent with impressive linear speed.
    Not only is he fast, but he has raw talent.  He'll likely have a high 
    overall and become very good.
    - Has the strength needed to take on the lead blocker.
    He is strong and can use his power to burst through the line.  Most 
    strong players are also good tacklers.
    Tackling = Tackle
    Hands = Catch
    Kick Return = Kick Return skills
    - Breaks on the ball quickly and flashes good closing quickness.
    A speed Cornerback.  This will be important when he tries to keep up 
    with the elite Wide Receivers.
    - Strikes and wraps the ball carrier securely.
    Most Cornerbacks don't have the greatest tackling skills, so this will 
    give him an advantage.
    - Called by many one of the fastest athletics on foot. 
    This is very intriguing.  I would draft him no matter what.  If he is a 
    bad corner, you can still probably use him as a kick returner.
    Tackling = Tackle
    Hands = Catch
    Kick Return = Kick Return skills
    - Leaps for the ball at its highest point.
    Good jumping skills and good awareness.
    - Consistent face up tackler who works well in space.
    A good tackler with decent strength.
    - Is very active staying in the receiver's face.
    A physical safety who hits hard.
    Kick Power = Power
    Kick Accuracy = Accuracy
    - Soccer-style kicker who has shown very good leg strength on FGs.
    He has good power in his kicks.
    - Seems best kicking in a dome - struggles in poor conditions.
    He is probably inconsistent.  I wouldn't draft him if I played in bad 
    weather often.
    Kick Power = Power
    Kick Accuracy = Accuracy
    - Good solid rookie punter when it comes to accuracy.
    He's an accurate punter.  He may be like a Jeff Feagles type.
    - Outstanding leg strength.  Future All-Pro punter.
    He has good leg strength.  If you see this note and the one above it 
    you should definitely draft him if you need a punter.
    VI. Copyright Information
    Copyright 2005 Thomas Barnett
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for 
    personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or 
    otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use 
    of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display 
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