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    Collectible Guide by poochythegenius

    Version: 0.96 | Updated: 11/02/10 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    LU Flags, Gold Bricks, Story Plaques, and Binoculars Guide.
    Table of Contents
    1. Version History, Author's Notes, etc.
    2. Introduction to LEGO Universe
    3. What Are Collectibles?  (And Why Should I Care?)
    ->3.0 Intro
    ->3.1 Flags
    ->3.2 Binoculars
    ->3.3 Story Plaques
    ->3.4 Imagination Bricks
    ->3.5 Treasure Chests
    4. Nimbus System Planet Guides
    ->4.0 What is Nimbus System?
    ->4.1 Venture Explorer Guide
    -->4.1.1 Planet Overview
    -->4.1.2 Binoculars
    -->4.1.3 Story Plaques
    -->4.1.4 General Achievements Guide
    ->4.2 Avant Gardens Guide
    -->4.2.1 Planet Overview
    -->4.2.2 Flags
    -->4.2.3 Binoculars
    -->4.2.4 Story Plaques
    -->4.2.5 Imagination Brick
    -->4.2.6 Treasure Chests
    ->4.3 Nimbus Station Guide
    -->4.3.1 Planet Overview
    -->4.3.2 Flags
    -->4.3.3 Binoculars
    -->4.3.4 Story Plaques
    -->4.3.5 Imagination Brick
    -->4.3.6 Treasure Chests
    ->4.4 Pet Cove Guide
    -->4.4.1 Planet Overview
    -->4.4.2 Flags
    -->4.4.3 Binoculars
    -->4.4.4 Story Plaques
    -->4.4.5 Imagination Brick
    ->4.5 Gnarled Forest Guide
    -->4.5.1 Planet Overview
    -->4.5.2 Flags
    -->4.5.3 Binoculars
    -->4.5.4 Story Plaques
    -->4.5.5 Imagination Brick
    ->4.6 Forbidden Valley Guide
    -->4.6.1 Planet Overview
    -->4.6.2 Flags
    -->4.6.3 Binoculars
    -->4.6.4 Story Plaques
    -->4.6.5 Imagination Brick
    5. Legal Stuff
    6. Special Thanks
    1. Version History, Author's Notes, etc.
    Version History:
    v0.2Alpha-Included information on the Space Ship, Avant Gardens, and Gnarled
     Forest, as of Alpha testing.  Circa January 2010
    v0.3Alpha-Added more info for Gnarled Forest. Added Nimbus Base info. Added
     Special Thanks. All info as of Alpha testing. Circa late January 2010
    v0.3.1Alpha-Added Pet Rock information.  Renamed Nimbus Base to Nimbus Station
     to match in-game change.  All info as of Alpha testing. Circa early February
    v0.4Beta-Renamed Space Ship to Venture Explorer and added General Achievements
     Guide.  All info as of Beta testing.  Circa March 2010.
    v0.5Beta-Added Table of Contents, Legal Stuff, and blank sections for Story
     Plaques, Planet Overviews, "Intro to LEGO Universe", "What Are Collectibles?",
     and "What Is Nimbus System?".  Added a blank section for the then-unreleased
     Forbidden Valley.  All info as of Beta Testing.  5-13-2010
    v0.6Beta-Added Version History.  Added content to "What is Nimbus System?" and
     all Planet Overview sections except for Avant Gardens.  Added info to
     Forbidden Valley section.  Added special Treasure Chest section to Nimbus
     Station guide.  All info as of Beta testing.  5-30-2010
    v0.7Beta-Added some content for "What are Collectibles".  Corrected some
     changed flag locations.  Added a Treasure Chest section for Avant Gardens;
     more will likely be added later.  All info as of beta testing.  9-20-2010.
    v0.75Beta-Added Treasure Chest info for Avant Gardens, Gnarled Forest, and
     Nimbus Station.  All info as of the LAST DAY of Beta Testing.  NOTE: No
     further updates to flag/binoculars locations until after the Founders release
     on 10/12.  9-26-2010.
    v0.8-Fixed some flag locations for Forbidden Valley, added story plaque info
     for the Venture Explorer, and added a Planet Overview of Avant Gardens.  All
     info as of the Founders' Release, and is unlikely to be changed before the
     full release.  10-16-2010
    v0.9-Added content to the "What are Collectibles" section.  First submission to
     GameFaqs.  10-26-2010. (Rejected due to line-break issues.)
    v0.96-Fixed some names that had changed since Beta, fixed all line-break
     issues. Second Submission to GameFaqs
    Author's Note: As an MMOG, LEGO Universe is an ever-expanding, ever-changing
     world.  The Information in this guide may therefore change quite often.  I
      will attempt to keep up with the changes as best I can, but I can't be
     everywhere at once (and some things, like flags, disappear after they've been
     collected)!  Therefore, I need YOUR help to keep this guide up-to-date!  If
     you spot an error, or you find a new item that's not listed in my guide,
     contact me by PM or via mail in LEGO Universe (for purposes of this guide, my
     minifig will be named "Flipz").  Your info will be added to the guide, along
     with a note in the "Special Thanks" section.  In addition, if you play MLN on
     the Lego.com website, I'll also give you 15 clicks, absolutely free!
    Play Well, and enjoy the guide!
    -More Coming Soon!
    2. Introduction to LEGO Universe-Coming Soon!
    3. What Are Collectibles?  (And Why Should I Care?)
    3.0 Intro
    Collectibles are, essentially, items you collect to gain Achievements.  No, I'm
     not talking about collection quick-builds--that's a different mechanic
     entirely--and I'm not talking about coins, health, Imagination, or Armor
     pick-ups, either.  Collectibles come in specific sets for each world, and,
     once all collectibles in a set are gathered, they will award you an
     Achievement.  Most Achievements for collectibles will reward you with coins
     and minor inventory items; however, certain collectibles, like Flags and
     Imagination Bricks, are capable of permanently expanding your health and
     Imagination capacity.  So what are we waiting for?  Let's get started!
    3.1 Flags
    Flags are some of the first collectibles you will find in-game--there's one
     right by your initial landing spot in Avant Gardens, and there's another one
     on your way from Wisp Lee to Epsilon Starcracker.  There are 5-10 flags on
     each world, and collecting them all will award you either a Life Point or 4
     Backpack slots.  Once collected, flags will not reappear.  If you're having
     trouble finding the flags, turn up the volume: flags make a distinctive
     "sparkly" sound that can help you find them when they're hidden.
    3.2 Binoculars
    Binoculars look like...well, binoculars sitting on a stand.  Like those
     pay-per-use binoculars at many real-world tourist attractions, these show you
     a particular view of an area, and they can be extremely useful in gaining a
     sense of what lies ahead.  To "collect" a binoculars, you just have to walk up
     to it and press SHIFT to interact with it.  Binoculars are persistent, which
     means you can go back and look at them again at any time.  Unfortunately, this
     makes it somewhat difficult to know which binoculars you have looked through
     and which ones you haven't, so be sure to look through every pair you come
     across.  (Binoculars that you haven't looked trough yet have a special blue
     glow near the lenses, but this can be difficult to see at range, and visual
     glitches will often prevent the glow from appearing.)
    3.3 Story Plaques
    Story plaques are little square plates near the ground.  Unread plates glow
     bright blue, while plates you have read have a glowing green circle on them
     when you get close.  Like binoculars, to "collect" these you must walk up to
     them and press SHIFT to read them.  You will then be shown a text box with
     some tidbit of story information.  Also, like binoculars, story plaques are
     persistent, but as mentioned earlier, it is quite easy to determine if you've
     read a story plaque or not.
    3.4 Imagination Bricks
    Each main world contains a glowing blue 2x2 Lego brick, hidden somewhere in 
     the world.  This is the Imagination brick, and collecting it will award you
     with an extra Imagination point.  There is only one Imagination  brick per
     world, but it is generally quite difficult to collect, often requiring
     advanced equipment, advanced gameplay techniques, and teamwork to collect. 
     However, the rewards are well worth it!  (Imagination Bricks disappear once
    3.5 Treasure Chests
    There are many golden treasure chests buried in the ground around LEGO
     Universe.  These aren't what I'm talking about.  The collectible treasure
     chests are bouncing above ground and have little gold bricks circling them. 
     These only appear in each world once you have accepted the appropriate mission
     from Johnny Thunder in Nimbus Station.  He rewards you with Faction Tokens for
     most of these missions.  Other than this and the fact that there are only 3-5
     treasure chests per world, they work just like flags.
    4. Nimbus System Planet Guides
    4.0 What is Nimbus System?
    Nimbus System is a system of planet fragments orbiting near the heart of the
     Maelstrom.  These planets are actually fragments of Planet Crux, which was
     destroyed when the Maelstrom was first created.
    In game terms, Nimbus System consists of the first 6 worlds in LU, released at
     game launch by the developers.  These worlds are immediately available without
     having to download any expansion packs.
    While the game is fairly open-structured (once you leave the Venture Explorer,
     you can complete missions, achievements, etc. in pretty much any order you
     want), there is definitely an "order" in which you should complete the worlds.
     Why?  Because each world on this list is tougher than the last, so you'll need
     the improved equipment from each planet to proceed through the next.
    The suggested order of planets is as follows:
    Venture Explorer
    Avant Gardens
    Nimbus Station
    Pet Cove
    Gnarled Forest
    Forbidden Valley
    4.1 Venture Explorer Guide
    4.1.1 Planet Overview
    After you first create your character, you will find yourself on-board the
     Venture Explorer.  The Venture Explorer is a space ship constructed by the
     Venture League in search of new, uninfected worlds.  Unfortunately, one of the
     engines began leaking Imagination, and the Maelstrom has attacked it.  You
     must escape the doomed vessel while learning the basics of exploring LEGO
    This is a fairly straightforward world: you're in the interior of a small space
     freighter.  However, once you leave this mini-world, you can never return, so
     make sure you accomplish all of the Achievements here before you go.
    4.1.2 Binoculars (5)--Collect all 5 to get an Achievement and little plastic.
     You have to walk up to each and press SHIFT, which will trigger a short
    1.) On the platform, near Bob.
    2.) After doing Bob's first mission and unlocking your Imagination, head back
     towards the start and take the path to the left.  Quick-build the boost pad
     and use it to bounce to a raised platform.  The binoculars are on it.
    3.) Same as Binoculars 3, but on the other side of the ship.
    4.) Head past Bob towards Sky Lane.  Quick-build another boost pad and use it
     to get to another pair of binoculars on a raised platform.
    5.) Next to the far left launch pad (where you will later launch your rocket).
    4.1.3 Story Plaques (3)--Read all 3 to get an Achievement and learn a bit more
     about the amazing world in which LEGO Universe takes place!  (To read, stand
     next to them and press SHIFT.)
    1.) On the central "ring" as you make your way to Bob for the first time.
     You can't miss it.
    2.) Directly behind Bob, on the lower floor.
    3.) Right next to Sky Lane.  Again, you can't miss it.
    4.1.4 General Achievements Guide for the Space Ship
    Since there's no way to get back to the Space Ship level once you finish it,
     there are a few missions you should make sure you complete before leaving. 
     First, smash crates until you have all styles of all rocket modules.  There
     are three modules for each rocket (nose cone, cockpit, and tail) and three
     styles of rockets (classic, pod, and steampunk).  Getting all three modules
     for a particular rocket gives you an exclusive shirt for each style
     (Achievements 1-3), and finding all nine modules unlocks an exclusive space
     helmet (Achievement 4).  Also, be sure you find all of the binoculars here,
     this will gain you a little plastic (and Achievement 5).  Also, don't miss the
     story cards, they'll explain a lot about the story of LU (not to mention
     they'll get you Achievement 6).
    4.2 Avant Gardens Guide
    4.2.1 Planet Overview
    Avant Gardens was a beautiful, peaceful world--at least, before the Maelstrom
     unleashed its assault on it.  When the Paradox Research Facility on this world
     exploded, many of the researchers and their guard mechs were corrupted into
     Stromlings and other infected servants of the Maelstrom.  Your harrowing
     escape drom the doomed Venture Explorer has landed you behind enemy lines, and
     now you must fight your way back to safety.
    This is an easy world, designed to teach you some of the common tasks you'll
     face in LEGO Universe.  Once you're done with that, however, there's still
     plenty to do: the Survival area, a footrace up the Assembly Monument, and the
     only free Player Property area in all of LU (the others cost 500 coins per
     month).  In addition, missions from the other worlds will constantly send you
     back to Avant Gardens to achieve various objectives.
    4.2.2 Flags (10)--Collect all 10 to get an extra Health Point.
    1.) Directly behind the landing pad, hidden in the bushes.
    2.) On the main path by the Dark Spiderling cages, just past Wisp.
    3.) At the end of the path to the left, in the ruined outpost.  Go ahead and
     get your starting weapon first, you'll need it.
    4.) Go into the cave and up the rock steps.  The flag is hidden behind some of
     the rock outcroppings.
    5.) At the base of the Monument, take the main (Green) path.  After the first
     bridge, jump up the ledge and walk behind a rock to the flag.
    6.) Later on the Green path, there is a raised platform with an Imagination
     pick-up on it.  Jump to the pick-up, then jump to the rock ledge nearby.
     Smash the cave wall, and grab the flag.
    7.) As you take the Orange path to the top, you will collect a flag as you
     travel on the boost pads.
    8.) Take the Yellow path up the Monument.  Just after the elevator, the Flag is
     on the giant minifig's right shoulder.
    9.) On the road at the end of the monument race, head left (back towards the
     start).  The flag is at the end of the road.
    10.) Somewhere in the plaza with the shop and the picknickers.
    4.2.3 Binoculars (9)--Collect all 9 to get a few coins.  You have to walk up to
     each and press SHIFT, which will trigger a short cut-scene.
    1.) On the landing pad.  Visible from the start.
    2.) Just past Wisp Lee, the Paradox Researcher.
    3.) Near Epsilon, the Sentinel Scout.  Can't miss it.
    4.) Near the Sentinel Captain, in the base.
    5.) On the path to the Monument, left side.  It's on the side of the gap with
     the Quick Build.
    6.) On the big road (the one that leads to the launch pads).  After climbing
     the Monument, turn left and walk down the path.  It's on the left.
    7.) In the main plaza, on the near end.  Next to the Ninja.
    8.) In the main plaza, on the far end.  Next to the shop.
    9.) On the cliff's edge, in between two of the launch pads.  It's hidden by the
     rocks, you'll have to play with the camera a bit to find it.
    4.2.4 Story Plaques (5)--Read all 5 to get an Achievement and learn a bit more
     about the amazing world in which LEGO Universe takes place!  (To read, stand
     next to them and press SHIFT.)
    Coming Soon!
    4.2.5 Imagination Brick (1)--Collect it to get an extra Imagination Point.
     Climb the Monument using the Yellow path.  (From the starting point, go up the
     path, then turn around at the quick-build button.  Go up the path you find,
     then follow the yellow barriers into a cave.  Smash the walls, and then
     quick-build the elevator and ride it to the top.)  Once at the top, jump from
     the giant minifig's shoulder to the top of his hand.  The Imagination brick is
     inside.  It may take several tries to get it, it's a tricky bit of jumping.
    4.3.6 Treasure Chests (5)--These work just like Flags, but you need to collect
     these for Johnny Thunder's mission for Venture. Instead of extra health, your
     reward will be the Venture Stamp, which you will need if you ever want to join
     a Faction.
    1.) Hidden by some rocks, near where you first arrived (by the Paradox
     Research facility).
    2.) In a hidden cove near the Spiderlings
    3.) In a cove in the rock wall in the area to the left of the
     Sentinel Encampment (opposite the Spiderling area).
    4.) On a ledge on an outer wall of the Monument.  Take the green path to the
     spot with the first quick-build bouncer, but don't use it.  Jump to the outer
     ledge, and walk to the flag.
    5.) Hidden inside a smashable outhouse in the Picnic Area.
    4.3 Nimbus Station Guide
    4.3.1 Planet Overview
    Nimbus Station was created by the Nexus Force as a safe haven for minifigs
     everywhere.  There are no enemies here, so don't worry about equipping
     weapons--they're unnecessary.  Just sit back, relax, and enjoy everything that
     this planet-wide park has to offer you.
     This planet serves as the main "hub" between all of the other planets in
     Nimbus System.  This is where you can join a Nexus Force Faction, as well
     as where you learn to race.  There are four unique regions of this world:
     Faction Plaza (a central plaza where you can learn about Factions and how
     to join them), Red Bricks (a concert area where you can gain a number of
     music-based weapons, toys, and Achievements, not to mention the Station's
     Imagination Brick), the Race Area (a pit stop where you'll learn to race),
     and Assembly HQ (where you'll find a very well-stocked brick vendor, and the
     launch pad to Pet Cove). You'll need to visit all four if you want to
     experience all this world has to offer.
    4.3.2 Flags (10)--Collect all 10 to get an extra Health Point and a ___.
    1.) On the path to the main pavillion from the launch pad for Avant Gardens.
     It's in a small nook to the left.
    2.) Above a Quick-build next to the tall Sentinel building.  This quick-build
     is a little glitchy, so be patient.
    3.) On the path behind the Paradox building, on the way to the launch pad to
     Forbidden Valley.
    4.) Behind the launch pad to Gnarled Forest.
    5.) Near the Assembly HQ, just past the property launchpad.  You'll have to
     jump over the edge to get it--don't worry, there's a narrow strip of ground to
     land on.
    6.) Near the gateway to Starbase 3001, hidden in the trees.
    7.) Behind the stage at Red Blocks.
    8.) Under the ramp into Red Blocks.  Jump off of Johnny Thunder's ledge
     and turn around to see it.
    9.) Take the path to Race Place.  Hug the right-hand wall as you enter.
    10.) In Race Place, near the big circular platform.
    4.3.3 Binoculars (10)--Collect all 10 to get an Avaitor's Hat With Goggles
     (+1 Armor boost).  You have to walk up to each and press SHIFT, which will
     trigger a short cut-scene.
    1.) Near the launch pad to/from Gnarled Forest.
    2.) Near the Assembly HQ, to the left of the quick-build statue.
    3.) On the path to the Concert Area.
    4.) ???
    5.) ???
    6.) ???
    7.) ???
    8.) ???
    9.) ???
    10.) ???
    4.3.4 Story Plaques (5)--Read all 5 to get an Achievement and learn a bit more
     about the amazing world in which LEGO Universe takes place!  (To read, stand
     next to them and press SHIFT.)
    Coming Soon!
    4.3.5 Imagination Brick (1)
    In the Concert Area, build all four Choice Builds near the front of the stage
     to the same Concert Effect.  When you do this, a pair of platforms will
     appear, making a staircase from the DJ's platform to the top platform.
     Carefully jump up there for the Imagination Brick.  If you perform a dance
     emote while on the platform, you'll also achieve the Leader of the
     Band Achievement.
    4.3.6 Treasure Chests (3)--These work just like Flags, but you need to collect
     these for Johnny Thunder's mission for Venture. Instead of extra health, your
     reward will be the Venture Stamp, which you will need if you ever want to join
     a Faction.
    1.) On the table next to Johnny Thunder.  You (literally) can't miss it.
    2.) In Race Place.  You can't miss it.
    3.) In Brick Annex, in front of the quick-build statue.  You can't miss it.
    4.4 Pet Cove Guide
    4.4.1 Planet Overview
    A tiny island in an endless ocean, Pet Cove has one purpose and one purpose
     only: to teach you how to tame and use pets.  Dominated by an enormous
     lighthouse, this world is actually smaller than the Venture Explorer...but it
     has a LOT more to do.  To learn more about Pet Cove's opportunities, talk to
     Coalessa, the Pet Taming specialist, in the central part of this world.
    4.4.2 Flags (5)--Collect all 5 to gain the Pet Dig ability.  They look like
     dog tags (blue circle with a yellow paw print).  You won't be able to see
     them until you've tamed your first pet and talked to the minifigure on
     the other side of the jump to the Lighthouse.
    1.) In the trees near the launch pad.
    2.) Hidden inside one of the smashable doghouses near the terrier area.
    3.) Floating above one of the smashable fire hydrants in the terrier area.
     Smash the Hydrant and you'll be launched into the air, collecting the tag.
    4.) On a small ledge by the Lighthouse.  Repair the bridge, then jump from it
     to the ledge.
    5.) Hovering in the air, nearby a pet boost pad.  Use the pad, then turn around
     from the ledge and double-jump to it.
    4.4.3 Binoculars (4)--Collect all 4 to get an Achievement.  You have to walk up
     to each and press SHIFT, which will trigger a short cut-scene.
    1.) Near the launch pad.  you can't miss it.
    2.) ???
    3.) ???
    4.) On top of the Lighthouse.
    4.4.4 Story Plaques (2)--Read both to get an Achievement and learn a bit more
     about the amazing world in which LEGO Universe takes place!  (To read, stand
     next to them and press SHIFT.)
    Coming Soon!
    4.4.5 Imagination Brick (1)
    Use boost pads to get to a rocky ledge with a pet trigger.  Have a friend stand
     on the connected boost pad, then jump on the trigger.  They will return the
     favor once they collect the Imagination Brick.
    4.5 Gnarled Forest Guide
    4.5.1 Planet Overview
    An untamed jungle filled with a cacophony of noise.  A river winds its way
     through a Ravine many stories deep.  A Pirate crew waits on a beach, their
     ship caught in a tree.  Darkness falls, clouds gather, and swords clash in a
     rainy, rocky canyon battlefield.  Such is life in Gnarled Forest, an
     unexplored wilderness dominated by Pirates and their Nexus Force allies,
     the trailblazers of the Venture League.  "If it's loot and adventure yer
     after, Gnarled Forest be the place.  But beware, matey.  These jungles have
     been tainted by the Maelstrom.  Here be monsters."
    Your most important goals on this planet lie with Captain Jack Hook at the
     Pirate Encampment...on the other end of the planet from your initial landing.
     Time to get hiking!  Note that if you wear a Pirate Hat or another piece of
     Pirate-style headgear when you launch to Gnarled Forest, you'll land directly
     at the Pirate Encampment.  Rather handy, don't you think?
    Note: If you have not joined a Faction and gotten your Faction equipment yet,
     you won't be able to access Gnarled Forest OR Forbidden Valley.  Of the two,
     Gnarled Forest is much easier, and it will give you the powerful weapons and
     armor you'll need to take on Forbidden Valley, so I'd reccommend coming here
    4.5.2 Flags (10)--Collect all 10 to get an extra Health Point and a Pirate
     Flag tool that can recharge you and your friends' Imagination.
    1.) From the starting area, go up the hill on the right and quick-build the
     red X.  A buried treasure chest will appear, get a Pet to help you dig it up.
     Grab the flag that appears.
    2.) As you cross the Ravine for the first time, a flag will be on the platform
     next to the waterfall.
    3.) Hidden behind some crates near Turtle Terrace.  They're on the opposite
     end of the bridge from the lake.
    4.) In the Maelstrom clearing (with all the cursed treasure chests).  It's
     next to the platform with the Venture scout.
    5.) From the platform with the Venture scout, follow the path and go right at
     the fork.  After the cave, turn around and cross the pond.  Quick-build the
     red X in the small cave and have a Pet dig up the chest.
    6.) On the path to Brig Rock from the pirate on a rock ledge, go straight past
     the skeleton cage (into the small nook).  Quick-build another red X and have
     your Pet dig up the chest.
    7.) When you arrive at Brig Rock, head to the right side and jump up to the
     ledge with the quick-build pieces.  Quick-build the moving platform, then use
     it to get to the other side.  Quick-build the boost pad, and jump from the
     slide to the platform with the jailed Ninja.  Turn around and activate your
     Speedy Cap (or use a Quicksicle), then run up the slide and double-jump from
     the top to the flag.  It WILL take more than one try. Note: This method was
     inspired by Sim533's method for collecting the Imagination Brick in this
     world; see below.
    8.) After you leave Brig Rock and climb up to the monkey with the gun, head to
     the right.  Jump off the ledge with the pirate jailer, and land in front of
     the ninja cage.  Continue jumping across ledges until you come across a ledge
     with a quick-build boost pad.  Build the pad and use it, then walk to the edge
     of the platform.  The flag is hovering in mid-air; just jump off the ledge
     and grab it.
    9.) On the beach with Captain Jack Knife, go to the small cave with all the
     boxes. Smash them to find the flag.
    10.) Near the lake in Crocodile Corner, the flag is floating in mid-air.
     Simply double-jump to grab it.  NOTE: You cannot access Crocodile Corner or
     the Pirate Race Area without a Pirate Hook.
    4.5.3 Binoculars (9)--Collect all 9 to get a Telescope accessory.
      You have to walk up to each and press SHIFT, which will trigger a short
    1.) On the landing pad.  Visible from the start.
    2.) On the near edge of the Ravine.
    3.) On top of the giant skull in the Ravine (visible from binoculars 2).
    4.) In Turtle Terrace (seen from binoculars 3).
    5.) In the cave near Elephant Escarpment.
    6.) In Elephant Escarpment.
    7.) Next to Captain Jack Knife.
    8.) On a high ledge near Crocodile Corner.  NOTE: You cannot access Crocodile
     Corner or the Pirate Race Area without a Pirate Hook.
    9.) Across from the buildings in the Pirate Race Area.
    4.5.4 Story Plaques (5)--Read all 5 to get an Achievement and learn a bit more
     about the amazing world in which LEGO Universe takes place!  (To read, stand
     next to them and press SHIFT.)
    Coming Soon!
    4.5.5 Imagination Brick (1)--Collect it to get an extra Imagination Point and
     a ___.
    Go to the top of the cliff, activate your Speedy Cap (or just use a
     Quicksicle), get a running start and jump toward the brick.  If your aim is
     true, you'll just manage to grab the brick.  Sim533 devised this method
     during Beta Testing, when the column puzzle originally guarding this brick
     was removed due to glitches.
    4.5.6 Treasure Chests
    1.) Next to the property launch pad in the Pirate Camp
    2.) In a small cove in Brig Rock.
    3.) Remember that slide in Brig Rock you used to get Flag 7? Jump from it to
     the platform near its bottom.  It's hard to miss once you get there.
    4.) Hidden in the waterfall in Crocodile Cove.
    5.) Hidden in the waterfall in Turtle Terrace.
    4.6 Forbidden Valley Guide
    4.6.1 Planet Overview
    So, you think you've seen everything LEGO Universe can throw at you?
     Think again.  Judging by the mysterious and arcane arts the Ninjas of this
     world have adapted, Forbidden Valley was already a rather strange place before
     the destruction of Planet Crux; now, with the dark power of the Maelstrom
     invading and twisting the world to its will, the place is positively
     mind-bending.  Floating boulders, armor that comes to life, winds that carry
     you across bottomless chasms--Forbidden Valley has all of it, and more.
     Of course, those with a darker side might feel right at home here; the
     mysterious Paradox faction has set up shop in the further realms of this
     world.  Not only does the Paradox Refinery look totally awesome, but it also
     houses the world's Imagination Brick.
    You know that last shred of sanity you were clinging on to after
     Gnarled Forest?  You'd better put it somewhere safe; otherwise, you're gonna
     lose it.  This is a truly strange planet; H.P. Lovecraft himself would be
     astounded by the insanity that runs rampant in this place.  Unfortunately for
     you, you're going to have to endure all of it if you want to complete your
     collection of Flags, Imagination Bricks, and Binoculars.  Well, we have a LOT
     to do, so let's get started!  Oh, and one more thing?  Don't look down.
    NOTE: This world is a LOT tougher than Gnarled Forest ever was; in fact, you
     shouldn't even ATTEMPT to come here until you're done with that world.
     Make sure you're equipped with the best gear you can get your hands on, and
     be sure to leave plenty of room in your backpack--you'll need it.  Also, bring
     as many Maelstrom Infected Bricks as you can--they're more valuable than gold
     here, and a number of missions require them in large amounts.  With that in
     mind, you're ready to travel to the mysterious Forbidden Valley!!
    NOTE 2: Remember how wearing Pirate headgear when traveling to Gnarled Forest
     will take you striaght to the Pirate Encampment?  Well, the same goes for
     wearing Ninja headgear to Forbidden Valley; once you get a Ninja cowl, you
     can wear it when traveling to Forbidden Valley to come straight to the
     Great Tree.  
    4.6.2 Flags (10)--Flags (10)--Collect all 10 to get an extra Health Point and
     a Ninja Flag toolthat can recharge you and your friends' Imagination.
    1.) Next to the ramp by the Ninja Gate (on the left).
    2.) Hidden inside a rock, on the low ledge before the first wind-gap.
    3.) Next to the bell shrine on the Ronin Battlefield.
    4.) Next to Master Fong in the Great Tree.  It's just around the corner of the
     Hidden Dojo building.  Be careful not to fall of the edge as you grab it!
    5.) Hidden behind a rock and a shrine near the foot of the Great Tree.
    6.) Floating in the wind-gap leading to Cavalry Hill.  VERY annoying to get.
     If you miss it on any try, continue to the other side and try again; if you
     try to turn around in mid-air you'll just end up falling.
    7.) Near the Fallen Gate, smash the light-colored shrine.  Build the boost pad
     that appears, and use it.  This flag is in the area with the green dragon pets.
    8.) Past the ninja barrier, there is a boost pad leading to the Paradox
     Refinery.  Turn left, and the flag is on the path leading to a lost pirate.
    9.) Once you pass Brick Fury, you will see a raised cliff in the area with all
     the ronin and horsemen.  Jump onto a smashable rock, then jump from there
     onto the cliff edge.  The flag is on top.
    10.) Next to the gate to the Dragon Battle area.
    If you've followed this guide exactly, Congratulations!  You have found all of
     the Flags in Nimbus System!  You will be awarded the "Nimbus System Collector"
     Achievement, and will be awarded 4 backpack slots.  Not too shabby, eh?
    4.6.3 Binoculars (9)--Collect all 9 to get ___.  You have to walk up to each
     and press SHIFT, which will trigger a short cut-scene.
    1.) Near the rocket launch pad, at the start of the world.
    2.) Next to the wind-gap between the Ronin Battlefield and the Great Tree.
    3.) Across from the shopkeeper in the Great Tree.
    4.) On the path to Cavalry Hill
    5.) On the path to the Fallen Gate
    4.6.4 Story Plaques (7)--Read all 7 to get an Achievement and learn a bit more
     about the amazing world in which LEGO Universe takes place!  (To read, stand
     next to them and press SHIFT.)
    1.) By the Great Ninja Gate.
    2.) By the entrance to Ronin Battlefield.
    3.) Near the Dojo in the Great Tree.
    4.) By the entrance to Cavalry Hill.
    5.) By the Ninja gate in the Forbidden Crypt.
    6.) By the entrance to the Paradox Refinery.
    7.) By the entrance to the Dragon Battle.
    4.6.5 Imagination Brick (1)--Collect it to get an extra Imagination Point.
    At the Paradox Refinery, there are 2 sets of smashable pipes.  You must smash
     and quick-build them multiple times, until they become consoles near a
     creepy-looking head in a tank.  Each quick-build requires 8 Imagination, and
     there are multiple quick-builds, so you'll need to stock up on Notion Potions
     and other Imagination-restoring consumables before you begin.  Note that once
     you quick-build the pipes, they'll remain in that spot until you (or someone
     else) smashes them; if you keep running out of Imagination in the middle of a
     quick-build, just leave the pipes alone after quick-building them once, then
     gather some more Imagination, and THEN smash and re-build the pipes.  Also
     note that unlike the piles of pipes, the consoles WILL disappear after a short
     time, so make sure you have both piles of pipes ready before you take the
     final step.
    To start, smash the pipes in the area with all the enemies and quick-build
     them (they will appear a short ways up the path).  Replenish your Imagination,
     then smash the pipes again and quick build them (this time, they'll move to a
     high ledge).  Replenish your Imagination again, then use a ranged weapon to
     shoot the pipes and quick-build them again (if you have trouble aiming, use
     your mouse).  The pipes will appear in the clearing next to the refinery;
     leave this pile of pipes alone for the moment.  Now, smash the other pile of
     pipes and quick-build them twice (they won't move very far).  Now, replenish
     your Imagination (making sure you have at least 16 Imagination available).
     Smash both sets of pipes, then quick-build them into consoles near the head
     in the tank.  Run up to each and press SHIFT; you won't have much time.  If
     you are successful, the head and tank will disappear, and the Imagination
     brick will be in their place.  Grab it before the tank reappears, and you're
    If you've followed this guide exactly, Congratulations!  You now have all 5
     Imagination Bricks in Nimbus System!  You will be awarded the "A Feat of
     Imagination" Achievement, and will be awarded 4 more slots for your Backpack.
     Not too shabby, eh?
    5. Legal Stuff
    Copyright 2010 Eddie Gabele
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
     private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
     publicly without advance written permission (as noted below). Use of this
     guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly
     prohibited, and a violation of copyright.
    The following websites, and ONLY the following websites, have permission to
     host a copy of this guide:
    GameSpot (www.gamespot.com)
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    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
     respective trademark and copyright holders.
    6. Special Thanks :-)
    Special thanks to Bugefun for helping me with a binoculars location on the
     Venture Explorer.
    Special thanks to Vanderdecken12 for a flag location on Nimbus Station.
    Special thanks to Brickan for showing me several flags I was missing on
     Gnarled Forest.
    Special thanks to Sloopofwar for several binoculars locations on Pet Cove.
    Special thanks to Sim533 for helping with a number of improvements to this
     guide, as well as additional information on the Imagination Bricks in
     Gnarled Forest and Forbidden Valley.
    Special thanks to everyone at MLN Team who helped me survive in-game long
     enough to actually FIND this stuff.  Thanks, guys!
    Special thanks to  everyone at LEGO and NetDevil, for creating such an
     awesome game.  You ROCK!!

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