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"After a long wait Rage is here to impress."

Hello and welcome to Mo7Airbornes review of Rage, Anarchy Edition (EU) on the PC. After a long wait from Id they bring us their latest shooter. It is more of a shooter / racer but we will get to that shortly. With "From the creators of Doom and Quake" on the art work any shooter fan will instantly expect more than an average shooter. The game is the first to show off the new Id TECH 5 engine and it is worth seeing. The game has a familiar story line which you will push a side for more action. You are one of few humans in futuristic waste lands fighting the authorities for little reason other than that is what you're told to do from the moment you leave your cryogenic pod. Luckily you get a few good fights a long the way.

Rage offers a challenge but only to a point. The game is fun because of new powerful weapons and changeable ammunition but it is these which seem to easily over power most enemies on most difficulties. If you are a regular shooter fan you will struggle to find any part of the game that will slow you down on your 10 hour campaign. As the game is pretty short you will find yourself picking up good weapons fairly quickly and this continues throughout, and once you unlock the stronger ammunition in the small vender shops it is pretty much game over for any enemy. There is only a few armour upgrades and they are again easy to find.

The game has two main parts, shooting and driving. Driving adds another level of combat but it is one some people would rather pass on. The driving controls on a keyboard will take a little getting used to. For the first few hours Rage is pretty driving heavy but after that it just becomes a means of getting one from fight to the next. As for the shooter element Rage brings new ideas. Enemies seem faster, smarter and will flank and retreat depending on how much damage they are taking. You will notice little parts of combat you have not seen in other shooters. For many I am sure the game lacks larger scale fights, bigger bosses and the final chapter lacks any tough fights. What Rage does best is smaller, faster enemies which will get at you from all angles making for exciting fights.

Rages controls are simple but take a way the mouse scroller switching through all weapons. Now you have to chose just 4 weapons to scroll through but you can still use number keys 1 to 0 to quick change weapons and F1 to F4 to quick change secondary items for healing or other damage dealing items. You can also quick change ammunition by double tapping a weapons number key or by using CTRL. You will get used to this quickly because it is the new ammunition which adds more to the game than the weapons which are pretty standard.

As stated above this is a familiar story line and looks similar to other shooters in the last few years, but you should expect more from the combat but a little less from the story line. From the start you are only doing what you are told with little freedom and side quests are short and few. Rage does a good job at developing a shattered earth but you will see in all in no time at all. As the story develops you will move a cross waste lands to a few towns which need your help. You will soon see where the story line is going, pretty much no where.

The graphics in Rage are a good standard. I was playing on a high end PC and Rage isn't up with the best of recant games but you will have little to complain about for your money. Environments vary from vast outside areas which you will be driving through to indoor buildings which makes you want to slow right down and enjoy what you are seeing and playing. Light effects and shadows play a big part in sneaking around and often impress. Enemy movement is great and is what will keep you looking forward to the next fight. Sound all so impresses. You will often be turning your head because you think you heard some thing. Enemies will talk to each other and seem to discuss tactics which is a nice touch. The game is a massive step up from the likes of Quake 4 which was only to be expected from this team.

The story line can take a round 8 hours with side missions which can push that to 10 hours. If you start enjoying the racing element to the game you can stretch another couple of hours out of the game. Online modes will struggle to compete with the bigger names in pc online gaming and the story mode has little replay value due to a poor ending you will not want to reach again.

In this very honest review I might have seemed to be harsh at times but it is not as bad as it seems. There is a lot of fun to be had here and you will be playing against enemies which are all ways trying their best to out manoeuvre you. New ammunition types and gadgets force you to think about how you will defeat each enemy. A fan of the driving sections or not the shooter has a lot to offer. Gamers should be happy to see blood and gore back in shooters and this is a great example of how fast and smooth a shooter can be. I would say it is worth the price I paid for it but if you have a console you might want to rent it as the fun and excitement whilst good at the time will not last passed that 10 hour mark.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 10/26/11

Game Release: Rage (Anarchy Edition) (EU, 10/07/11)

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