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    Walkthrough by Darksteelwing

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 01/11/10 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                             l Helldorado: Conspiracy (PC)       l
                             l Guide/Walkthrough v 1.0           l
                             l By: Darksteelwing                 l
                             l Email: philippi.rachadel@gmail.coml
                             l FAQ started at: January 3rd 2010  l
                             l Finished at : January 10th 2010   l
      This guide/walkthrough is copyright (2010) to me, Darksteelwing. It is
    protected by international treaties and copyright law. This document cannot be
    reproduced, partially or entirely, in any form. It is intended for private use
      Helldorado: Conspiracy and all its characters are owned by Viva Media and
    Spellbound Studios. I have no connection to any of said companies.
        Note: Press ctrl f to summon the search box. Type what is written between
    brackets to go to an specific part of the guide/walkthrough.
          1. Introduction
          2. Overview
          3. Controls
          4. What's new?-------------[CNEW]
          5. Characters--------------[CCHARS]
             a. John Cooper----------[CCOOPER]
             b. Kate O'Hara----------[CKATE]
             c. Doc McCoy------------[CDOC]
             d. Samuel Williams------[CSAM]
             e. Pablo Sanchez--------[CSANCHEZ]
             f. Hawkeye--------------[CHAWKEYE]
          6. Heroes' Attributes------[CATT]
          7. Combo System------------[CCOMBO]
          8. Walkthrough-------------[CWALK]
          9. Tips
          10. Story------------------[CSTORY]
          11. Credits
      Welcome to my guide/walkthrough for Helldorado. This is my very first guide,
    walkthrough, whatever, although I'm a gamer for some good time now. What
    propelled me to do this guide is the fact that I absolutely love strategy games
    and the Desperados series for that matter.
      I mentioned Desperados because Helldorado is in fact the third installment of
    said series. Some people even call this game Desperados 3, and I myself
    considered naming this guide "Helldorado/Desperados 3 Walkthrough". I dropped
    the idea because the name is not technically right.
      I decided to do a walkthrough/guide for Helldorado after searching for one
    myself and not finding it anywhere. Worse than that, I found many sites
    criticizing this game because of its high difficult and shortness.This saddened
    me, as I love this game and its predecessors. So I decided that, if the reason
    people don't play Helldorado is that its too difficult, I would help them by
    making a walkthrough (and help myself, of course, since I had the desire of
    making one for a very long time now). And let me tell you, this game IS hard
      I really hope this guide helps you. Enjoy!
      Introduction finished, let's get the show started!
      I'll start explaining what the name Helldorado stands for. It derives from
    "El Dorado", Spanish for "The Golden One". El Dorado is a legend narrated by
    the indians to the spanish during America's colonization. It was supposedly
    a city which buildings and streets were made of gold. Of course the city was
    just a myth and many searched for it in vain.
      The title of the game is a pun, as El Dorado is some kind of "promised land",
    "utopia", and, well, you know hell is exactly the opposite.
      As I wrote before, this game is actually Desperados 3, so if you played
    "Desperados: Wanted Dead or Alive" or "Desperados 2: Cooper's Revenge" you have
    a pretty good idea what this game is all about. Actually, if you played the
    second one, you'll almost feel like it's the same game, with the exception of a
    few improvements. Helldorado is more a sequel to Desperados 2 than D2 was to
    D1: while Cooper's Revenge takes place some time after Wanted Dead or Alive,
    Helldorado starts exactly after Deperados 2. In fact, Helldorado's intro movie
    is Desperados 2 ending movie, with a few additions, of course.
      Helldorado is an strategy/action game that uses Commandos' formula: instead
    of controlling hordes of characters you control just a few units, 6 in this
    case, every one with its own abilities. You have the standard, aerial view,
    common to most strategy games and an "action view", which is an third person
    view you'll probably use during duels, some stealth situations and inside
    buildings. There are 12 stages and 1 tutorial mission. If it's your first time
    playing a game like this I recommend that you do take the tutorial, as it is
    very complete.
      There is also a feature called Quick Action, which allows you to save some
    actions for different characters and execute them all at once. It might not
    look so important, but it is in a fact a key feature in some situations. If
    you find some stage too difficult, try to include quick action in your strategy
    and it'll probably get easier. This feature is present since Desperados: Wanted
    Dead or Alive, although at that time it could save only 1 action per character.
    Helldorado introduces a Quick Action Mode, which is called "Movie Mode". It
    functions exactly like the normal Quick Action, however, when you execute the
    actions the camera will shift to a more movie-like position.
      The game also offers a noise tool and an enemy viewcone tool. It's impossible
    to beat the game without the viewcone tool. Don't underestimate the noise tool
    tough: it shows you circles around your characters, which indicates how much
    noise they're doing. Any opponent inside the circle will hear your character.
    The color of the view cone shows how suspicious the enemy is. As you or a dead
    body remains in the view, the color will gradually change from green to red:
      1.Green: The enemy is not suspicious;
      2.Yellow: You were seen, although just barely. Most enemies won't do anything
    in this state, but some will keep looking at the same direction. Just crawl
    away from their viewcone
      3.Orange: The enemy does not recognize you as a threat, but soon he will. If
    you manage to get away of his sight, he'll probably go after you.
      4.Red: They discovered you! Enemies have different reactions in this state.
    Some will shoot you like crazy while others will ask for help.
      5.Pink: The enemy is either drunk or fascinated with Kate. If he is drunk he
    will wander about until he falls unconscious.
      When unconscious, a character will have some stars above his head. the stars
    show the character condition:
      1. White/Yellow stars: Those indicate the character is unconscious but will
    eventually wake up. The number of stars indicate how much time is left until
    he does so. If the unconscious character is an enemy, another opponent can make
    him wake up sooner. To avoid this just tie him up with Kate, Doc or Sam.
      2. Red stars: The character is in a coma and won't wake up unless he is an
    enemy and another enemy finds him. Again, this can be avoided by tying the
    character up or simply hiding him.
      Note: whenever there's a character between "" you just have to press said
                                    Aerial View
           left mouse button click------------------confirm action/walk/hit
    double left mouse button click------------------run/hit
          right mouse button click------------------cancel action
      hold down right mouse button------------------control the camera
                      mouse scroll------------------zoom in/out
                             "ESC"------------------opens menu
                               "["------------------activates Quick Action (QA)
             acute accent ---->"´"------------------executes QA in Movie Mode
                           "Enter"------------------saves/executes QA
                       "Backspace"------------------cancels QA
                               "1"------------------select John Cooper
                               "2"------------------select Kate O'Hara
                               "3"------------------select Doc McCoy
                               "4"------------------select Samuel Williams
                               "5"------------------select Pablo Sanchez
                               "6"------------------select Hawkeye
      apostrophe character---->"'"------------------select all available characters
                             "F1"------------------activates charater's 1st ability
                             "F2"------------------activates charater's 2nd ability
                             "F3"------------------activates charater's 3rd ability
                             "F4"------------------activates charater's 4th ability
                   hold ctrl down------------------move with a weapon in hand
                               "T"------------------stand up
                               "B"------------------lie down
                     hold Alt down------------------show enemy's viewcone
                               "N"------------------toggle noise tool on/off
                               "c"------------------combo palette
                               "V"------------------repeat combo
                               "X"------------------view mission objectives
                             "Tab"------------------change view mode
                               "A"-------------------move camera to the left
                               "S"-------------------move camera down
                               "D"------------------move camera to the right
                               "W"------------------move camera up
                               "Q"------------------rotate camera to the left
                               "E"------------------rotate camera to the right
                               "R"------------------reload weapon
    hold shift down and left click-----------------click behind buildings
                           "Pause"------------------pause the game
      Note2: If you want to select more than one character, but not all of them,
    simply hold shift down and press the numbers for the characters you want.
    Similarly, if you have a bunch of characters selected and want to deselect
    them, hold shift down and press the number of the character. Of course, instead
    of pressing the matching numbers you can always just click the characters'
    portraits on the left cylinder.
                                    Action View
    "Spacebar"---perform the action represented by the icon up-middle on the screen
                               "W"------------------move forward
                               "A"------------------move left
                               "S"------------------move backwards
                               "D"------------------move right
                               "Q"------------------lean left
                               "E"------------------lean right
                             Mouse------------------controls camera
                             "ESC"------------------opens menu
                               "["------------------activates QA
             acute accent ---->"´"------------------executes QA in Movie Mode
                           "Enter"------------------saves/executes QA
                       "Backspace"------------------cancels QA
                               "1"------------------select John Cooper
                               "2"------------------select Kate O'Hara
                               "3"------------------select Doc McCoy
                               "4"------------------select Samuel Williams
                               "5"------------------select Pablo Sanchez
                               "6"------------------select Hawkeye
                             "F1"------------------activates charater's 1st ability
                             "F2"------------------activates charater's 2nd ability
                             "F3"------------------activates charater's 3rd ability
                             "F4"------------------activates charater's 4th ability
                               "T"------------------stand up
                               "B"------------------lie down
                       "Caps Lock"------------------run/stop running
                               "c"------------------combo palette
    hold Alt down (pointer appears)-------------------allows you to select combos
                               "X"------------------view mission objectives
                             "Tab"------------------change view mode
                               "R"------------------reload weapon
                           "Pause"------------------pause the game
                                  4.What's New? [CNEW]
      I decided to put this part early in the guide because Helldorado is very
    similar to Desperados 2, so you'll probably want to know what's new before
    reading what the characters can do and such.
      First of all, we have the forementioned Movie Mode. It does not actually
    bring anything new to the gameplay, as it functions identically to the Quick
    Actions, but it is very entertaining indeed. There's nothing more rewarding in
    this game than planning an ambush, use Quick Action and watch your enemies
    falling one by one, Movie style! There are many camera angles exclusive to this
    mode: inside a train you will see the corridors, in a building sometimes you'll
    watch your characters from above. It does feel like you're watching a movie.
    The main problem is, actions worth to see in this mode can be pretty difficult
    to plan. I mean, you won't trigger Movie Mode just to see Cooper run and hit
    a guard, right? You'll probably want to watch something more intrincate, and
    planning it is not that easy.
      There are also the Combo moves, which combine 2 character abilities to do a
    different action. Although this is a new feature, I'll explain it after
    detailing the characters so I don't have to explain some of their abilities
      Remember how, in the last game, sometimes you'd have Kate to try to seduce an
    enemy only to discover that said enemy wouldn't fall in love with her? Then the
    guy would just shoot Kate and there goes all your planning... In Helldorado
    some enemies and civilians have icons above their health bar. Although this
    doesn't look like an important issue it really helps you plan your strategy.
    The icons reveal what the enemies are susceptible to. However, ONLY BANDITS
    UNAWARE OF YOUR PRESENCE will display this feature. The icons and what they
      1. Kiss mark: This indicates that the enemy can be seduced by Kate. I'll
    give the details in her section.
      2. Glass: Indicates that the bandit or civilian will drink Tequila and get
    drunk with it if he finds a bottle. I'll explain it in Sanchez'section.
      3. Musical note: If a characters with this icon hears a suspicious noise he
    will follow the sound. By suspicious noise I mean any sounds generated directly
    or indirectly by your heroes. If a civilian sees you and screams, guards with
    this icon will run towards the civilian, for example. Characters with this icon
    will react faster if you try to strike them from behind.
      4. Medal? Actually I'm not sure what this symbol should be. Anyway, an enemy
    with this icon will take action as soon as his viewcone turns to red. Taking
    action means either shooting at you if he is a guard/bandit or shooting at the
    sky, calling all the guards around, if he is a commander. The main difference
    between an enemy without this icon and one with it is that the first will try
    to approach you before trying some shots, while the last will shoot right away.
                                  5.Characters [CCHARS]
      This section will cover Helldorado's playable characters and their abilities.
    If you played Desperados 2 you will recognize all of them. If you played Wanted
    Dead or Alive only you'll miss Mia Young, who was replaced by Hawkeye.
      1. John Cooper [CCOOPER]
      He is the main character and the classic gunslinger. A bounty hunter, Cooper
    prefers doing his job alone, but he asks for help when he needs it. He is a
    natural leader and a master strategist. Cooper is the character who changed the
    least since the first Desperados, having exactly the same abilities he had at
    that time.
      I. Colt: It has average power and range. It can hold 6 bullets and has a
    very good firnig rate.
      II. Throwing Knife: Cooper can throw a knife from almost the same distance he
    can shoot with his Colt, and it makes no noise. The only downside is that John
    has to take his knife back before using it again, of course.
      III. Knife: Cooper stabs an opponent, instantly killing him.
      IV. Musical Watch: You can use this to call an enemy's attention. First,
    choose where to place it and adjust the volume. Then you have 10 seconds to
    hide and prepare an ambush.
      Additional ability:
      Cooper can carry one unconscious character on his shoulder.
      2. Kate O'Hara [CKATE]
      The only woman in the team and Cooper's lover. She is a professional gambler
    and sees life itself as a game, which she needs to win at all costs. She loves
    danger, and that's the main reason she sticks with Coper, as trouble always
    finds him. Kate uses her sex appeal as a weapon, although she has other means
    if worst comes to worst.
      I. Derringer: Kate's weapon of choice has slot for 3 bullets. It's small
    enough to be kept in a garter. It has low power and range, but makes almost no
      II. Make-up Powder: Kate carries a compact with a sedative powder which can
    be blown in an enemy's face. The enemy will display red stars above his head,
    which means he's permanently unconscious, but oddly enough, he won't fall.
    That's right! He'll just stand there with that stupid face the whole stage!
    And the best part is, since he is just standing there, most enemies won't even
      III. Seduce: Activating this will make Kate enter in what I call "Seduction
    Mode". While in this mode Kate will lure the enemies who have a Kiss Mark Icon
    above their heads. You can still make her walk while in this state, although
    she'll be slower. If you run you'll end this mode. Although some characters
    can't be seduced by Kate, they'll take more time to recognize her as a threat
    while in this state.
      NOTE: If Kate seduces more than one enemy, they'll eventually fight over her,
    until only one is left standing. If a guy is in love with Kate and there's
    someone threatening her with a weapon her "lover" will protect her.
      IV. Simulate Blackout: Everyone in a selected area will watch Kate supposedly
    fainting. Enemies with a Kiss Mark Icon above their heads will try to wake her
    up (and fight over her, if there's more than one). Most enemies without said
    icon will just ignore her, but some will walk towards Kate and even shoot her.
    This skill can be used to scare some civilians too.
      NOTE2: Characters knocked out in a fight by a guy that is in love with Kate
    won't call the other enemies' attention, as they somehow know the reason the
    character is unconscious.
      Additional ability:
      Kate can tie unconscious eneies up.
      3. Doc McCoy [CDOC]
      He's the badass guy with an eyepatch of your team. He's a doctor with
    chemistry skills. Doc is not the most cheerful person you will ever find, and
    he knows that. If you didn't play Cooper's Revenge but played Wanted Dead or
    Alive, you'll miss his Scarecrow ability only.
      I. Buntline: Doc's weapon is the best in my opinion and of course the one I
    used the most. It has high power and medium range and its downside is the time
    Doc takes to reload it - but that's not a problem if you know when to fall
    back, right? It holds 6 bullets. It is also the noisiest of your heroes'
      II. Sniper Rifle: Doc makes some changes in his Buntline, turning it into a
    Sniper Rifle. With this Rifle you can shoot from one side of the stage to the
    other, just make sure there's no building on the way.
      III. Gas: Doc carries some knockout gas vials with him. Using those he can
    put a group of enemies to sleep. This skill affects your heroes too should they
    be in range, so watch out!
      IV. Healing: Doc heals a character about half his maximum health.
      Additional abilities:
      Doc can tie enemies up with a rope and awake an unconscious hero. He also has
    a skeleton key, which he uses to open locks.
      4. Samuel (Sam) Williams [CSAM]
      Here's our favorite pyromaniac of all time! Sam's personality is in stark
    contrast with Doc's: Sam is always smiling and cracking jokes. If you played
    the first Desperados you know McCoy and Sam are always arguing. Sam loves life,
    but his real crush is on explosives.
      I. Winchester: Sam's Weapon holds 12 bullets. It has great power and range.
    Its accuracy is horrible when the target is too far though.
      II. Dynamite: He couldn't be called a pyromaniac without these now, could he?
    Not at the time and place he lives, at least... Dynamites affect a wide area
    and kills the characters in the middle of that area while knocking the ones
    closer to its perimeter out (of course, this also depends on the character's
    stamina). If your heroes are inside this area they'll be hit too, even Sam.
      III. Nytroglycerin: Remember when Sam captured a snake in a sack back on the
    first game? Remember how you would put it behind a corner and an unlucky enemy
    would step on it and die soon after? Now Sam carries cans of nytroglycerin,
    more fit to his character, which work exactly like the snake did in Wanted Dead
    or Alive. Except that they make boom, of course!
      IV. Pack of Dynamites/TNT: This is Sam's most unused ability, as it is
    available in few stages and are unique. It can only be used in some marked
    areas. It works like Sam's second ability, but affects a larger area. After
    putting it on the ground you have to shoot it for it to explode. Make sure
    you do it far enough, though.
      Additional ability:
      Sam can tie unconscious enemies up.
      5. Pablo Sanchez [CSANCHEZ]
      Sanchez is as strong as a bear, which explains his nickname, Grizzly. He used
    to be the leader of a bandit group, but now he fights at Cooper's side. Despite
    his raw strenght, Sanchez is kind in nature and very cheerful.
      I. Shotgun: Sanchez' weapon is the one with most power, but has medium-to-low
    range. It has the advantage of hitting many enemies if they're close enough to
    each other. It holds only 2 bullets though.
      II. Rock Throw: With his strenght, Sanchez can throw rocks bigger than his
    hands. Their advantage is that they can be thrown from behind some buildings
    and stones, hitting the target while Sanchez is hidden.
      III. Tequila: Sanchez leaves a bottle of Tequila on the ground. Any character
    who has a Glass Icon above his healthbar approach the bottle and after some
    wondering drink the tequila. Then he'll just wander about until he falls
    unconscious (note that if an enemy sees a character knocked out by this method
    he won't suspect anything, as he somehow knows the character is drunk).
      IV. Beartrap: It functions exactly like Sam's Nytroglycerin, except that it
    hits only one enemy when triggered. Don't put it in obvious places as the
    enemies will simply pass by its side.
      Additional ability:
      Sanchez can carry one unconscious character.
      6. Hawkeye [CHAWKEYE]
      The only indian in your team. He was rescued by Cooper's group during the
    last game and helped him with his revenge. Hawkeye is the son of the Chief of
    the Tribe of The White Wolf and was trained both in combat and in shamanic
    arts. He is noble and honorable, and only helps Cooper because he sees honesty
    in his eyes.
      I. Bow and Arrow: Hawkeye's weapon has great power and range, but can only
    hold 1 arrow per time. This makes duel difficult, as you'll constantly find
    Hawkeye "reloading" his bow. The best part of the Bow is that it makes
    absolutely no noise.
      II. Tomahawk: It functions exactly like Cooper's knife, although Hawkeye is
    more silent and thus more reliable in stealth situations.
      III. War Cry: For a part, it works like Kate's Simulate Blackout, the only
    difference being obviously that the enemies don't have any simpathy for Hawkeye
    and will shoot him right away. This can be used to scare some civilians and to
    draw enemies' attention. Just be sure to take Hawkeye away of the point you
    used the War Cry, as enemies will eventually find him.
      IV. Healing: Using his shamanic skills Hawkeye cures friendly unities in an
    area to full health.
      Additional ability:
      Hawkeye can carry unconscious characters.
                               6.Heroes' Attributes  [CATT]
      During the game, you'll often find an enemy or a group of them which can be
    defeated in more than one way. For example, it is easier to kill some bandits
    with Sam's Dynamite than with Doc's Gas, but the dynamite will reveal your
    position while the gas is way more silent. To take the best course of action,
    however, you'll have to take more than the characters' abilities into account.
    Who does less noise when walking, Cooper or Doc? Who punches harder, Sam or
    Hawkeye? Those are what I'm calling attributes, and I'll present them here in
    a comparative manner:
      1. Noise (while walking, crouching or running): You can see how much noise
    a character does using the noise tool, which will display a green circle around
    each hero. Depending on the floor you're walking on, yur character will make
    more noise. From the most silent to the noisiest:
                     Hawkeye < Kate < Sam = Doc = Cooper < Sanchez
      2. Weapon's noise: The noise your guns do when fired. It is represented by a
    red circle when the noise tool is on. Again, from the most silent to the
                     Hawkeye < Kate < Cooper < Sam = Sanchez < Doc
      3. Strenght: Every character can hit an enemy either by clicking on him when
    a fist appears on the pointer (during aerial view) or by pressing the spacebar
    when a fist appears on the top center part of the screen during action view.
    How many punches it takes to knock someone down and how much time the character
    will be unconscious is determined by the hero's strenght. Starting from the
                     Sanchez = Hawkeye > Cooper = Sam > Doc > Kate
                               7.Combo System  [CCOMBO]
      The greatest improvement regarding gameplay in Helldorado is the Combo
    System: you combine two characters' abilities and you have a completely new
    skill. You have one combo available for each combination of two heroes, which
    means 15 new skills. The problem with this feature is the shortness of the
    game: by the time you can use all the characters together the it's almost the
    end of Helldorado (by the way, there's only one mission with all the characters
    for the entire game). It's odd that they put so much effort on this feature -
    for every combo you have at least 3 possible dialogs between the heroes you're
    using - and yet it's not a key element. In fact, you can beat the entire game
    without using a single one of these, although you'll probably do out of
    curiosity, as I did. To do a combo, you can either select the desired one in
    the combo-palette or press simultaneously the respective numbers of the
    characters you'll use in the combo.
      1. Cooper + Kate - Lovers: Fan service time here! You know that kind of movie
    scene where the good guy is running away from the bandits, sees a woman on the
    other side of the street and has the bright idea to go there and kiss the girl,
    hiding his own face, while the bad guy just keeps searching for him? One would
    think that this combo works exactly like that, but it doesn't! It is there just
    for you to see Cooper and Kate kissing each other. Thumbs up for Cooper's
    comment, though: "Uh, Kate... the others could see us...".
      2. Cooper + Doc - Gunslingers: Cooper and Doc will shoot everyone in an area
    you select. Beware! When I say everyone I mean everyone, guards and civilians
      3. Cooper + Sam - Brawlers: Cooper and Sam will punch everyone in an area
    you select.
      4. Cooper + Sanchez - Clean Up Crew: Cooper and Sanchez will carry all the
    bodies from an area you select to the place where you activated the combo. Note
    that the bodies will be carried one by one, so it may take a while.
      5. Cooper + Hawkeye - Blood Brothers: Cooper and Hawkeye will kill everyone
    with their knife and tomahawk in an area you select (again? It seems Cooper has
    a thing for these "select an area" skills). Again, civilians and guards are
      6. Kate + Doc - Chemists: Kate gives Doc her Make-up Powder so he can mix it
    with his Gas. Controlling Doc, you can throw the new gas in a group of enemies
    to knock them out... but wait! Isn't that exactly what Doc's Gas alone does?
    Yes, but this skill has the unique advantage Kate's Powder has: although the
    affected enemies display red stars above their heads, which means they are
    harmless for the rest of the stage, some opponents won't notice their strange
    behavior. The difference is, if you use Doc's Gas any enemy will notice your
    target down on the ground, while if you use the Chemists Combo some enemies MAY
    not notice. This Combo spends 1 Make-up Powder and 1 Gas Phial.
      7. Kate + Sam - Binders: Kate and Sam will tie every unconscious non-playable
    character in an selected area.
      8. Kate + Sanchez - Kidnapper: Sanchez pretends he is kidnaping Kate by
    carrying her over his shoulder while she screams in protest. Any character who
    sees this will start to laugh (that's just because this combo is possible
    solely in a stage filled with bandits only - not guards). You can use it to go
    to anywhere on the stage, as no one will be suspicious about you.
      9. Kate + Hawkeye - Cupid's Arrow: Kate puts some powder on Hawkeye's Arrow.
    Controlling Hawkeye you can shoot freely as you would with a normal arrow. If
    the enemy you shoot is near other people tough, they'll be incapacitated (the
    one you shot will die, of course). As they will be standing, some enemies may
    just ignore them. This Combo spends 1 Make-up Powder and 1 Arrow.
      10. Doc + Sam - Jokers: Doc mixes his Gas with sam's Nytroglycerin. Using
    Sam, you can place the can wherever you like. When an enemy steps on it the
    Gas will spread and leave the people in the area unconscious. This Combo spends
    1 Gas Phial and 1 Nytroglycerin.
      11. Doc + Sanchez - Distillers: Doc inserts his Gas inside a bottle of
    Sanchez' Tequila. Enemies who have the Glass Icon above their heads will take
    the bottle. It functions almost exactly as Sanchez' standard Tequila, but the
    enemy will faint after the very first sip. The Gas will be released from the
    bottle, leaving enemies in the area unconscious as well. This Combo spends 1
    Gas Phial and 1 Tequila.
      12. Doc + Hawkeye - Tsetse: Doc attaches a Gas Phial to Hawkeye's Arrow.
    Using Hawkeye you can shoot freely as you would with a normal arrow. If
    the enemy you shoot is near other people tough, they'll be knocked out,the
    one you shot dies. This Combo spends 1 Gas Phial and 1 Arrow.
      13. Sam + Sanchez - Incendiaries: Sam uses a lighter to put Sanchez' Tequila
    on fire, producing smoke. You can place the bottle wherever you like and
    enemies who see it will walk towards the bottle (even the ones without the
    Glass Icon, as they are curious about the smoke, not the tequila). After some
    wondering they will just go back to where they came from. This Combo spends
    1 Tequila.
      14. Sam + Hawkeye - Missile: Sam attaches a Dynamite to Hawkeye's Arrow.
    Controlling Hawkeye you can shoot freely as you would with a normal arrow, but
    as soon as the target is hit the dynamite explodes, killing the people near
    it and knocking out some that are not so close. This Combo spends 1 Dynamite
    and 1 Arrow.
      15. Sanchez + Hawkeye - Actors: Sanchez pretends he just captured an Indian
    roaming the place. This functions almost exactly like Kate + Sanchez combo, as
    the enemies won't be suspicious about you, but it does have one advantage:
    since Sanchez is pointing his Shotgun to Hawkeye's head, you can quickly shoot
    an enemy.
                                8.Walkthrough  [CWALK]
      Helldorado has 12 stages and a training mission. I won't describe the
    training mission since the game itself tells you exactly what to do. If you are
    new to the series I strongly recommend you do training stage. Beware though, as
    once you start the training mission YOU HAVE TO FINISH IT BEFORE MOVING TO THE
    ACTUAL GAME. You'll fully understand the last two stages only if you play the
    training mission, as it has some story elements on it too.
      I will tell you here the objectives of each of the 12 stages and make a
    step-by-step guide on how I beat each one. As it is a strategy game though,
    it's possible to beat every single stage in many different ways.
      Note: If you are following my walkthrough and see itens lying on the ground
    (e.g. Doc's Gas Phial, Sam's Dynamite, etc) just take them, even if I don't
    say so. I skip some of these "take item" steps simply because they totally ruin
    the pace of the walkthrough. If you need an item that is not on the way I'm
    taking of course I'll tell you. Keep in mind that this is a strategy game, so
    the more itens you have the better your options should be.
      I.1 - The Meeting in the Forest [CI1]
      Characters: Sam, Sanchez and Hawkeye.
      Your first mission is to discover if the group around the campfire is a group
    of bandits or just cowboys. To do so you'll have to make Hawkeye sneak to the
    yellow glowing point near the woods. Next to the point there's a bandit though.
    Just take the arrows on the right side of the screen when he's not looking and
    shoot him. Go crounching to the glowing point. You'll discover the guys are
    bandits, which means... shooting time! For the next part of the stage you'll
    have to steal 3 TNT barrels from 3 different points using Sam. But you first
    have to kill the guys on the campfire. Just take Sam's Dynamite (which is in
    the woods around the campfire) and throw it on them. If any of them survives,
    just change to action view and use Sam's Winchester.
      As the first stage, it's really simple... you can try every ability of your
    characters and become more familiar with them. To beat the stage, after killing
    the guys on the campfire, I just changed to action view, killed some enemies
    with Sam, took cover, reloaded the Winchester, killed some more and so on...
      I.2 - The Game with the Engineer [CI2]
      Characters: Sanchez. Sam is unlocked after third mission.
      Your first mission here is to make the engineer drink a bottle of Sanchez'
    Tequila. You can't show any agressiveness (by punching guards or civilians) or
    the alarm will be sounded. The game tells you to put the tequila in a place
    where only the engineer himself will see it, but there are many guards around
    and all of them will drink the tequila if they see it. Also, even if he sees
    it, the engineer doesn't pick it up right away, while the guards do. The trick
    here is to put the Tequila right in front of the engineer and when a guard
    approaches just take the tequila back. The guard will go back to his position
    while yhe engineer will keep wondering. Just put the bottle in front of him as
    many times as it takes for him to drink it.
      Tip: Whenever the tequila is consumed, there will appear another one behind
    the barman. There's no limit for what I know, so if a guard picks the tequila
    it is not the end: in fact, there's a pretty cheap way of beating this stage,
    you'll just need lots of patience. Later on this stage you'll have to fight the
    guards, and the ones who drunk the tequila will remain unconscious. So, in this
    first part of the stage, if you keep leaving tequilas everywhere like crazy
    there will be less guards to fight later on. However, the tequila behind the
    barman will appear only after someone drinks it, and as it takes time for them
    to do so, you'll spend a lot of time. If you are playing in medium difficult
    there will be 2 tequilas behind the barman, while in hard mode there will be
    just 1.
      When the engineer drinks the tequila, you'll receive a new mission, well, not
    new exactly: since the engineer isn't drunk yet you'll have to give him another
    bottle. There will be another tequila behind the barman. You can do the same
    thing again, although this time around there's a pretty good spot to leave the
    tequila: follow the engineer until he stops in front of a woman and a guard.
    Leave the tequila behind the woman and wait the engineer drink it (leave
    another tequila to the guard, as things will be pretty easier without him
    around). Now you'll just have to follow him and wait for him to either relieve
    himself or fall unconscious. If he stops to relieve himself, just knock him
    out, as he is out of the guards' view this time. You'll watch a cutscene: a
    woman will find Sam and Sanchez with the unconscious engineer and she'll alert
    the marshall. Back to the game you now can control Sam as well. You have two
    objectives now: take your weapons and the TNT back (they're inside the saloon)
    and explode the water tower with the TNT to divert the guards attention from
    the train. Since the guards were allerted you can't walk freely around the town
    this time.
      With Sanchez knock the first two guards by sneaking behind them and punching
    them. Knock the sleeping guard and the one patrolling near the barn. Another
    guard will often come to see the horses in the barn. Do the same thing to him.
    Knock the two guards patrolling the saloon out in the same fashion, although
    you may need to use Sam this time, as Sanchez is much too noisy. Enter the
    saloon (crouching) and take the weapons and TNT (enter with one character per
    time or you may be spotted). There are some guards near a rock next to the
    stable if you go to the limit of the screen behind the rock the viewcone of the
    guard facing that direction won't reach you. Take Sam and Sanchez there and
    head to the water tower through the place where there is an ox, always avoiding
    the enemies' viewcones, of course (you may need to sneak and knock some of them
    out, though, as they almost saw the heroes during my playthrough). Near the
    water tower there are 4 guards. Lure one of them with Sanchez' Tequila and hit
    the one farthest from you with a rock. Use a Quick Action to have Sam and
    Sanchez punch the remaining two. Now just place Sam's TNT on the glowing point
    next to the water tower and that's it.
      I.3 - Time to Go! [CI3]
      Characters: Sam, Sanchez and Hawkeye.
      The hardest stage in my opinion. The train is too big for you to escape.
    Since the weapons we want to steal are in the two first wagons, your first
    objective is to unhitch the other wagons by using the wheel between the second
    and the third wagons.
      Next to Sam and Sanchez there are two guards and one commander. Wait until
    one of the guards goes away and use Quick Action to have Sam and Sanchez punch
    one enemy each. Just do it after the guard patrolling the area just beneath
    your starting position is far enough, though. Then have Sam hit that third
    guard before he comes back. Hide the three unconscious enemies behind the rock
    and tie them up. Now wait until a guard patrolling the area near the rock
    passes by and knock him out using Sam. Near the stables there is a guard and
    a commander. The commander will often come out of the gate. When he does so,
    use Quick Action to throw a stone on the guard and punch the commander with
    Sam. Hide the bodies inside the stable or behind the rocks and tie them up.
    Near the stables there are two other guards patrolling: one right next to the
    stables and the other around the mercantile (where you put the tequila behind
    the woman last stage). When the first is near the barn you can punch him from
    behind, while you can use a tequila knock the other one out. Now go up the
    stairs of the watchpost thing right above the mercantile (next to the water
    tower) and knock the two guards out by punching them from behind with Sam.
    With the train on the north, take Sanchez to the left side of the watchpost.
    Change to action view and you'll see a guard looking in your direction. Go
    towards him and as soon as a interrogation mark appears above his head, leave
    a tequila where Sanchez was and get out of there. When the guy falls
    unconscious use Quick Action to have Sanchez throw a stone on the commander
    and Sam punch the other guard. Now you'll have to take the guards right in
    front of the train with a succession of Quick Action, taking them out in pairs.
    If you have enough stones you may want to hit the guard on the train as well.
    Use a stone and Sam's punch with QA to knock the first two when the commander
    is not looking their way. When the commander goes back to his position, use QA
    to throw a stone on him and punch the guy guarding the train with Sam (you'll
    have to crouch, or the guards on the other side of the train will hear you).
    Then you can take the remaining commander and guard on this area by simply
    punching them from behind (again, you'll have to crouch, as you are in a wooden
    floor). Just take Sam or Sanchez to the wheel (don't bother the group of guards
    next to it, they won't notice you in time - if you're crouching, that is.
      Now you have to take all your characters to the train's engine. Sam and
    Sanchez are almost there. Now we finally get to use Hawkeye. There's a guard
    looking towards him, but his viewcone will sometimes turn to the train. When it
    does, stand up and knock the guard out. Enter the wagon and punch the guard
    from behind. Go to the next wagon and knock the other guard out. Now you'll
    get to the wheel. Just take Hawkeye to the engine and you cleared the mission.
      II.1 - A Heavily Guarded Bank [CII1]
      Characters: Cooper for the first part and Kate for the second.
      You'll have to take Cooper to the hotel so he can have a better view of the
    bank. Kill the bandit on the upper floor by throwing your knife at him, and
    when the other approaches punch him. Take your knife back and stab the second
    bandit. Take his body behind the church. In front of the church, there's a
    property with a palm-tree. There's a bandit there whose viewcone prevents you
    from going through the property. Kill him with your knife and go towards the
    hotel. There will be 3 more bandits there, you can take them all out with your
    knife. The last bandit is in the room you must reach to clear the first
      Now you'll be in control of Kate. Since there are too many people around the
    bank, she came up with a plan, which involves stealing clothes from a dancer:
    Kate wants to create a commotion inside the saloon so the people will divert
    their attention from the bank. You'll have to take her to the saloon and knock
    the dancer out. Just enter Seduction Mode and go through the street where
    there's a buggy, avoiding the guards who don't have the Kiss Mark icon above
    their heads. Don't worry about the civilians, they may run away but won't call
    the guards. The guards will follow you for a while, but once Kate gets out of
    their view they'll stop and return to their positions. Don't forget to pick
    the Make-up Powder on the street, because when you reach the back of the saloon
    you'll have to fight.
      Behind the saloon there are three bandits and one civilian (the bald one).
    This civilian will punch Kate if he sees her though, so you'll have to knock
    him out too. the three bandits are near some crates. One of them will patrol
    the area. Sneak behind the one near the tree as soon as he is left alone and
    kick him 1-2 times to knock him out (there's a bug though, sometimes you'll
    punch him countless times and he won't fall unconscious. If this happens to
    you just use the Make-up Powder on him). Then follow the bandit patrolling the
    area and knock him out. Take the Make-up Powder on the ground and do the same
    thing to the last bandit. Now wait until that bald civilian stops in front of
    the back door of the saloon. Go up the stairs and knock him out. Open the door
    and use the Make-up on the bandit. When you enter the saloon several bandits
    and guards may chase you. However, as the stage ends as soon as the dancer is
    knocked out, just run to the second door and give her a well placed kick.
    Stage Clear!
      II.2 - The Bank Robbery [CII2]
      Characters: Cooper and Kate.
      Kate's plan worked! Now most of the civilians and guards are around the
    saloon. Cheers! You'll have to take Kate out of there though... Seduce the two
    guards outdoors, take them to Kate's starting position (or else the civilians
    will see you knocking them out), kick them and tie'em up. When you enter the
    saloon there will be one guard facing you at the end of the corridor and one
    facing the other direction. Use the Seduce ability. When the viewcone of the
    guard at the end of the corridor is pink, use Make-up Powder on the one nearer
    you. Then just walk towards other guard KO him and tie him up. When you reach
    the end of the corridor you'll clear the first mission.
      Let's use Cooper now. There are three bandits in the hotel. Kill them all in
    the same fashion: wait until they look away and throw your knife at'em. Now
    have Cooper turn round the hotel while crouching, so nobody sees him. When
    you reach a small wooden door, take a look around. You'll see some crates. Hide
    behind them.
      Back to Kate, have her KO the bandit outdoors with the make-up and when the
    other one looks away do the same thing to him. Use Kate's Seduce ability and
    take her near Cooper's current position, avoiding the guards without the Kiss
    Mark Icon (note that the small wooden door I mentioned before is right next to
    the bank which is your goal). If the guards are still following Kate, walk a
    bit more until they lose her. When they do, hide Kate together with Cooper.
    When the two civilians in this area gather (a middle aged man and a dancer) use
    Kate's Simulate Blackout ability to scare them away. Wait until the cowboy goes
    away and use Kate's Make-up Powder to KO the guard and the marshall resting in
    the shadows of the tree. Have Kate seduce the guard patrolling in front of the
    bank's backdoor while Cooper punches that cowboy and bring his body to the
    shadow of the tree. Kick the guard with Kate and tie him and the cowboy up.
    There are 2 guards, one marshall and one civilian inside the bank. If you enter
    using Kate's Seduce Mode none of them will react before you reach the glowing
    point that marks the goal. End of stage.
      II.3 - The Second Try [CII3]
      Characters: Cooper, Kate and Doc.
      Geez, the bank was a trap! Now you have to take your heroes to the barn,
    where the money really is. Take all the rifle ammo on the church and use Doc's
    Sniper Rifle from the church's rooftop to kill as many bandits as you can. You
    need to kill: the one near the church's wall, the two inside the wooden housen
    and the one walking on the street (he passes by the wooden house). Attract the
    guards with Cooper's watch and punch'em. Hide their bodies at the church's side
    and tie them up. Near the crates there is a guard. Use Cooper's watch to take
    him out of the others' view and KO him. Bring the body to the church. Defeat
    the one patrolling the area just ahead the last guard was. Now this gets
    tricky: you'll have to take Doc's Gas and Kate's Make-up, but you'll have to be
    fast enough so no one sees you AND don't make much noise. Which means you'll
    need to swith between running, crouching and walking pretty quickly. Use Doc's
    Gas t take out the commander and the two guards - if you time it right it's
    possible, just throw the gas when the commander is walking, but if you can't
    just have Cooper punch the guard nearer to you while Doc takes care of the
    others. Use QA to have Kate use her Powder on the two guards on the other side
    of the street while Doc uses his Gas. The guy on the rooftop will see the
    unconscious guards, but if he does not see any of your heroes he will go down
    the stairs. You can hide Cooper at the very side of the stairs and hit him as
    soon as he steps on the ground. Simply punch the guy near the oxes and take his
    body out of there.
      Now you're able to reach the barn but, you'll see two groups of enemies. One
    group can be seduced by Kate and the other not. Also, there is a guard inside
    the barn who often will come out and another one who will come from the side of
    the building. Both can be seducted by Kate. Make sure these two guards are
    coming when you place Kate near the groups and activate her Simulate Blackout
    ability. Those two guards don't need to be in the area of effect of the ability
    but they must see Kate when she's on the ground (don't get the group which
    can't be seduced inside the area. They will shoot Kate if you do so). The guys
    will stare at Kate. When their viewcone turns to orange/red for the first time,
    don't worry, they'll just star to fight over Kate until only one is left
    standing. Before that happens though, make sure you have Cooper as near as
    possible without getting him inside anyone's viewcone. You'll need him because
    there's a commander on the street who sees a part of the front of the door. If
    this commander sees somebody lying on the ground he'll sound the alarm and it's
    game over. He takes time to notice the bodies though, and we'll take advantage
    of that. Back to Kate, when all the guards but one are unconscious, kick the
    last one. When that commander is far enough, have Cooper take the bodies
    closest to the street near the fence (don't leave them too much to the left as
    some guards on the left side of the barn may see them). Have Kate tie them up
    as quickly as you can, as they don't stay unconscious for much time. Now have
    Doc throw his Gas on the remaining group while Cooper punches the commander on
    the entrance of the barn using QA.
      Change to Action View and have Kate enter the barn. Use her Make-up Powder on
    each of the four guards and get to the back of the wagon.
      III.1 - Like a Cat [CIII1]
      Character: Hawkeye.
      This stage is pretty straightforward. You have to take some arrows, shoot the
    enemies, take some more arrows, repeat. Hawkeye is the most silent character in
    the game, so take advantage of that: if you can kill an enemy without being
    noticed by anyone, do it. However, if it is not possible, don't fear fighting
    them. This stage can get tricky if you're playing in Desperado (Hard) Mode
    though, as there will be fewer arrows for you to use. You'll have to watch out
    for Hawkeye's biggest flaw as well: the time he takes to "reload" his bow. If
    you engage in a battle, shoot once, fall back, let Hawkeye take another arrow,
    shoot again, repeat. I usually go towards the water tower, passing behind the
    houses to avoid the main street.
      Once you get out of the village there'll be one more mission: kill the
    enemies who are preparing a trap to get Cooper, Kate and Doc. There will be 3
    groups, let's start with the one with the horses. Don’t waste your arrows with
    then: simply use Hawkeye’s Warcry and they will fall unconscious from their
    horses. The other groups are easy as well: simply sneak up on them and use the
    tomahawk or the bow. If you run out of arrows, there are some inside the hut
    behind the house on that area. Kill all the bandits and it's done.
      III.2 - The Widow [CIII2]
      Characters: Cooper, Kate and Hawkeye.
      Finally some shooting time. This was the easiest mission of the game, for me,
    at least. This is where you can use the real power of the 3rd person view:
    shift to it, simply take Cooper and go shooting like crazy! Well, not really...
    you do need some strategy to kill the enemies: at the very beginning you will
    have exactly 6 bullets for Cooper and 9 for Kate. Hawkeye will have 2 arrows.
    Kate needs 2 shoots to kill an enemy, so she is not your best choice. If you
    want to use Hawkeye, there are some arrows just behind the rock next to your
    location. However, his shooting rate is very low. Your best choice is Cooper.
    Since you have only 6 bullets at the begining, you should first kill isolated
    enemies. There are two guys just above your location. After killing them, you
    should have around 14 bullets. Kill some more enemies without making much noise
    (shooting the bandits from afar shoul do it). Once you have enough bullets,
    it’s simply a hit-and-run game: go to a group of bad guys, shoot 3-4 times,
    fall back, let Cooper reload his gun and go at’em once more. As abstract as it
    sounds, it IS that simple. Just be careful to not stand still in front of the
    enemies, even if they’re a bit far away from you: after shooting, Cooper will
    automatically reload the Colt, and you’re certainly dead if an enemy shows up
    at that time.
      This is the firts time you can use Kate and Hawkeye's combo, Cupid’s Arrow.
    At the very beginning you can use it for stocking some bullets. Approach a
    group of bandits and shoot one of them with the Cupid’s Arrow. The one you hit
    will be dead and the others will fall unconscious.
      For the first part of the stage, you have to save the mother of a boy who
    knows the widow’s whereabouts. Making your way there is pretty easy, but make
    sure all the enemies around that place are dead before you save the woman,
    because as soon as you kill the men around her there will be a cutscene, and
    after that all your characters will be next to the house where you found the
    boy’s mother. If you don’t kill all the guys near said house before saving the
    mother you’ll be pretty vulnerable when all the enemies attack your three
      Now you have to find the widow. She’s the blue dot on the map. Right behind
    the place where she is, you will see another building. If you pay attention on
    the map, you’ll notice two red dots on said building. Those are snipers that
    will shoot you once you try to reach the widow. Make sure they’re dead before
    entering the building where the widow’s hiding. End of stage!.
      III.3 - The Depot [CIII3]
      Characters: Cooper, Kate, Doc and Hawkeye. Sam and Sanchez are unlocked as
    soon as you free them.
      Note: If you're curious about any combo, this is your chance to try it, as
    this is the only stage where you'll have all the heroes with you. This is also
    the last stage you'll play with Hawkeye. At least he had an entire stage
    dedicated to him in III.1.
      This is stage is easy to explain but not that easy to beat. The first thing
    you need to do is to get out of the house where you found the widow. The
    problem is that there are many enemies outside. Some of them you can shoot from
    the house, but eventually you'll have to go down the stairs to shoot the
    others. And they have a very good aim, as they killed me many times in two
    shots. That's why I said it is easy to explain but not easy to do: all you have
    to do is shoot'em, but you may need to restart sometimes. There are some
    snipers inside the houses around, shoot them first to increase your lifespam
    (shoot them through the windows). Once you have cleaned this first area the
    stage is pretty easy though. Your goal now is to free Sam and Sanchez, who have
    some guns pointed to them. In the last game we had a similar stage, although
    the hostage was Kate at that time. In that stage, if the guys pointing their
    guns to Kate noticed you were around they would kill her. At this time however,
    there's nothing like that. You can kill all the enemies around the building the
    other heroes are in and they won't be executed.
      Once you have all the heroes, you have to save the widow's son, who is in a
    house marked on your map. That's where the stage becomes easy, in fact. There
    are many itens around and you can use all the combos. You can kill every enemy
    around the house with Sam's Dynamite, or you can enter the house using Sanchez
    + Kate combo...there's no limits to how you can clear this stage. Once the
    enemies are down just take Doc inside the house and make him open the door.
      Note: This stage makes me wish the game was longer and had more missions with
    all the heroes available. The Combo system is amazing but gets obsolete when
    you don't have many heroes with you...
      IV.1 - The President [CIV1]
      Character: Kate. This is the last stage you'll play with her. She has this
    entire stage dedicated to her anyway.
      Note: Wanna see a reference of the first Desperados? At the beginning of the
    stage, change to action view. Wait until there's no enemy around and cross the
    street. There will be a poster on the wall of the building. If you get close
    enough, you'll realize it is one of those Wanted posters and that the picture
    on it is that of Kate in her Desperados 1 look! There's even an "Wanted Dead or
    Alive" writing there! In the first game, we found Kate in this city and she was
    kidnapped due to her cheatings in poker. To have her on your team you had to
    save her from the inside of a ship. It's kind of ironic that in Wanted Dead or
    Alive we had to rescue her and now we can control her alone at the very same
      We are in New Orleans! Since guns are forbidden here, only Kate can enter the
    city (as her Derringer is hidden under her skirt) - which made me wonder: why
    the hell the guards shoot her at this stage?! Later I realized it's because of
    that Wanted poster we saw right now. Anyway, your goal is to enter the ship and
    warn the president about the danger. Once more, you can't kill any opponent,
    since they are all guards.
      Turn the camera until Kate’s starting position is at the south. See that
    building right on the other side of the street? At its right there's the table
    where the guns are being deposited. Three guards (1 commander and 2 soldiers)
    look towards the table, but two of them will often patrol the area. As soon as
    the commander is in front of Kate, go towards the table. One of the guards will
    be looking at the other side. Wait until the other one comes to the table and
    reveal his viewcone. Notice there's an area behind the other guard the viewcone
    does not reach. Go through this area and stop when you are between that
    building we used for reference and the one next to it. There will be some
    crates and two soldiers there, each soldier watching a different street.
    Ignore the one watching the street you just came from and lure the other to the
    front of the crates with Kate's Seduction ability. Knock him out and tie him
      Now turn on Seduction mode and walk down the street until you see some crates
    - if someone is still following Kate you can knock him out near the Mercantile.
    This is where this stage gets tough. On the other side of the crates there are
    five guards, and only one of them can be seduced by Kate. Turn Seduce Mode on
    again and go through the two first guards (one behind the crates and other on
    the left side of the house). The guy who falls in love with Kate should have
    seen her by this time. When the guards point their guns to Kate, the one who
    likes her will come to save her! Bad thing is that he's only one against 2-3
    enemies, so take your chance and get away as soon as he runs towards the other
    guards. Don't run though, keep using Seduction Mode. The other guards won't
    attack Kate if you do that. Regardless of the outcome of the guards' fight, if
    you are out of their view they'll leave you alone. Take cover on the building
    next to you, stay behind the crates on the corner.
      Keep using Seduction Mode. There's a guy patrolling the bridge wait until he
    walks towards the ship and go to the bridge. Every guard who can see Kate now
    can be seduced, so just get on the bridge and knock the patrolling guard out -
    funny thing is, even if they see you kicking their friend, the guards won't see
    Kate as a threat. It's pretty easy from here on: just go up the stairs, walk
    towards the front of the ship and when you see a door, open it and enter. Don't
    bother the civilians or the guards (even the ones who can't be seduced won't
    pursue Kate). Enter the room where the president is. Stage clear!
      IV.2 - The Bomb [CIV2]
      Characters: Cooper, Doc, Sam and Sanchez. This is the last time you'll play
    with Sam. He is the only hero who's not on the last stage and doesn't have an
    entire stage for him...
      Begin this level by throwing a stone on the guards on the balcony when he's
    not on the view of enemies on the street. When the marshall is not looking to
    your direction have Sam/Doc and Sanchez/Cooper go up the stairs - if the guard
    is near the corner you'll only need Doc or Sam. Tie the guard up and have
    either Cooper or Sanchez carry him. Leave the guard near the corner and take
    cover on the corner. This way, the two other guard will eventually see him and
    get closer. When they do, knock them with your character who is hidden behind
    the corner. Don't worry, they have different timings.
      Take the Gas Phials wih Doc and throw 1 of them when the three
    marshall/sheriff-like characters gather. There are another two guards just
    ahead and another one who patrols the area and sees these two guards. When the
    patrolling guard comes closer, use Quick Action to have Doc use his Gas Phials
    on the two guards and Sanchez throw a stone on the other one. Don't run on this
    area or you'll call the civilians attention. Take the street they are not
    looking to. At the end of the street, there's a group of bandits guarding some
    precious itens. Two of them and a civilian are near some crates. These three
    you should KO with Doc's Gas, while the others you may kill by shooting them -
    just don't use Doc this time and the marshall/sheriff - like opponents won't
    hear you.
      If you followed this guide you should have 2 Gas Phials now. If you do, just
    take Doc, walk towards the marshall-like guys and as soon as they see him
    throw the Phials (one should KO three of them while the second should KO the
    other one and the civilian with a hat, as he calls other guards). Now you'll
    have to put Sam inside the house overflowing with bandits. To kill them, I used
    Sam himself, as his weapon is pretty good. I put the Nytroglycerin can near the
    entrance too. Leave the other characters near the table with the weapons: in
    case some guard appears, retreat with Sam. As the guard is giving chase to Sam,
    use Sanchez' stone on him or Doc's Gas if several guards appear. Just move Sam
    to the glowing point and you are in the final level.
      IV.3 - El Cortador [CIV3]
      Characters: Cooper, Doc and Sanchez.
      The last stage has two missions: make it to the island without being seen and
    then kill El Cortador before he kills the president. The first part is very
    simple. First make Doc enter the house your characters are hiding behind. Knock
    the guard on the first room out and take the gas phials. Open the door to the
    next room and wait the three characters who are there to gather (don't worry,
    they won't see you) and use a gas phial on them. Now open the door to the
    street. There are two guards patrolling the area on horses. Wait until they
    both are out of sight and cross the street (crouch for the first few steps, or
    else the guy next to the door will hear you). Walk behind the woman and go to
    the open area, where there's a guard. Just knock him out with a punch. For this
    first mission we'll need only Sanchez and Doc, but later you'll need Cooper
    too, so bring him and Sanchez to this area using the same method. Near your
    location there's a group of four guards surrounding a Gas Phial and another
    guard watching them.
      Use Quick Action to have Sanchez throw a stone on the lonely guard while Doc
    knock the others with the Gas (there are two stones for Sanchez in front of the
    building next to the one the four guards are near). Shooting time! Just pick
    the character you think shoots the best and clean the storehouse. One or two
    guards may show up depending if the character you used makes much noise (I'm
    looking at you, Doc!) or not. Just knock'em out with gas or a stone. Inside the
    storehouse you'll find Doc's Medical Kit and Gas Phial and Sanchez' Stones. Now
    comes the tricky part: as soon as you cross the bridge there will be a
    cutscene. You'll discover the only reason El Cortador did not kill the
    president yet is that he's searching for a nice angle to do so. Your mission
    now is to infiltrate the building El Cortador is in and defeat him. If he
    notices your presence though, he'll just shoot the president and game over.
    Yeah, that means no shooting in the island. Let's start killing the guy who
    sometimes wanders behind the first building on the island, out of anyone's
    sight. Simply throw Cooper's knife to do so. There's a guy next to a fence near
    the house. Wait until the viewcone of the bandit who is in front of him moves
    away and throw your knife on him. Wait until the other character comes close to
    the body and punch him from behind. Now let's go to the house on the opposite
    side, next to the sea. There's a pair of enemies talking right in front of it.
    Use Doc's Gas to silence them. Next to the same house there are two other
    enemies chatting, but one of them will go near the ocean sometimes. Stab the
    bandit who was left alone and quickly follow the other and kill him too. At
    this area there's an enemy sleeping. He probably won't do any harm, but kill
    him just in case. Next to this area, there's a character who's for the most
    part alone, althugh occasionally the bandit with white shirt will come and talk
    to him. From behind the crates next to the place you just came from, kill the
    standing enemy with the throwing knife. When the bandit with white shirt comes
    near to see what happened, kill him. Now there's only one enemy left outdoors.
    Kill him when he is between the crates using your knife and take Doc's Gas
    Phial. Now go near the window with a bandit with his gun in hands. Use Quick
    Action to kill him with Cooper's Throwing Knife while knocking the two other
    bandits behind him with Doc's Gas Phials. Now let's put Sanchez' Stones to use.
    There's a bandit guarding the building's entrance, but his viewcone won't stop
    moving. Save a Throw Stone command with Quick Action to hit him. When the
    viewcone starts moving to the other side, just step in there and execute the
    Quick Action. See those two guys inside a room with two windows? Use Quick
    Action to throw some stones on their heads through the windows. Knock the one
    enemy that is left in the building (other than El Cortador and his bodyguard)
    out with a simple punch. Recover Cooper's Knife (go up the stairs only when
    the bandit outside is talking to his friend). Now take Sanchez near the fence.
    There's a spot there where Sanchez can hit the bandit behind the building with
    a stone. Wait for the other bandit to leave and throw the stone. Now have
    Cooper quickly kill the other, before he notices his fallen comrade. Go towards
    the gate and then throw your knife through the window right on El Cortador's
      Congratulations! You just finished Helldorado!
      1) Use Quick Actions wisely. You can use it to avoid some bugs of the game:
    let's say you just commanded a character to go running towards an enemy. As
    soon as the enemy is visible, you order your unit to hit him. Normally, your
    character will stand still for a few seconds  and only then follow your new
    command. These few seconds may mean your death if the bandit sees your
    character. If you save the “hit the enemy” action, you can just run towards the
    enemy and when you’re near him you can just press enter and that won’t happen.
      2) In places where there are many buildings or trees, if you have trouble to
    see your enemies hold down "Alt" to reveal them.
                                  10.Story [CSTORY]
      I'm putting this here at the end so you won't read it by accident while
    looking for the walkthrough. If you're reading this you either were searching
    for it, just finished the game or are almost doing so. That way I won't spoil
    anyone's game.
      Helldorado starts where Desperados 2 ended: Cooper finally avenged his
    brother. As he stands in front of his grave, Kate approaches and they kiss each
    other. On the rooftop of a church near the cemetery, Doc is watching as he
    whispers "damn it".
      Back to his room, Doc is drawing something. As the camera approaches we see
    a drawing of Kate's face. From the shadows, someone approaches Doc and injects
    a sedative in his neck. This is the ending movie for Desperados 2 and part of
    the intro movie for Helldorado. We then see Cooper entering the church. After
    he gets cornered by some guys, we see him talking to Angel Face's widow. Angel
    Face was the main villain in the last game. The widow declares Doc is poisoned
    and that she has the antidote, but will only hand it over to Cooper if he
    completes some tasks for her.
      That's how the game starts. The first task is to steal some weapons which are
    in a train. Sam, Sanchez and Hawkeye complete this task in the first three
    levels of the game. Then we have the second task, the bank robbery, which is
    cleared at the end of the sixth stage by Cooper, Kate and, still struggling
    against the poison, Doc.
      When the heroes are about to regroup, Sam and Sanchez are caught in an ambush
    while Hawkeye escapes. Another ambush was prepared for Cooper, Kate and Doc,
    but fortunately Hawkeye spoils it and saves the three. This happens during and
    after chapter III.1 - Like a Cat, the seventh level.
      After being saved by Hawkeye, Cooper, Kate, Doc and Hawkeye himself pursue
    the widow. When they find her, they discover she was the one being blackmailed
    all along! The bandits have her son and wanted Cooper and his friend out of
    the way so they could murder the president. The widow gives them Doc's antidote
    and begs Cooper to save her son. The four heroes go to the rescue of Sam,
    Sanchez and the widow's son. This happens during the eighth and ninth stages.
      The group now goes to New Orleans, where the president is about to make a
    speech and El Cortador, the one who was blackmailing the widow, plans to kill
    him. El Cortador is the guy you helped to escape from prison in the training
    stage. That's why I told you you wouldn't understand completely the last two
    stages if you did not played the training level. The guy was manipulating you
    from the beginning, even in prison! Hawkeye parts ways with the group, as he
    cannot enter the city due to the bad relationship between the indians and the
    white men at that time. Since guns are not allowed in the city, Kate is the
    only one to enter, as her Derringer is hidden in her garter. She alerts the
    president, who believes her and postpones his speech. Kate stays on the ship
    for the rest of the game. This takes place in mission IV.1, the tenth stage.
      Due to the commotion created by the president's announcing he would postpone
    the speech, the others are able to enter the town with their guns. They defeat
    a group of bandits and Sam defuses a bomb they would use to divert the general
    public's attention from the president. Believing it was over, Cooper asks Sam
    to tell Kate the good news and that the president could make his speech. As
    Sam leaves, Cooper and the others realize none of the bandits was El Cortador.
    They then watch powerless as El Cortador gets out of a wardrobe and runs away.
    To make things worse, Sam succeeds in telling Kate there was no danger anymore
    and the president decides to make his speech. This happens during and after
    chapter IV.2, the eleventh mission.
      Cooper, Doc and Sanchez invade El Cortador's hideout and defeat him, saving
    the president during the last mission. Then there's the ending movie: we see
    the playable characters (with the exception of Hawkeye) inside the president's
    ship. They are nominated "Honorable Citizens of the United States" and all
    their crimes are forgiven, as they were all for a bigger cause. Sanchez is not
    so happy: what will his family think of him? As Kate and Cooper are ready to
    kiss each other again, fireworks explode on the sky, a gift from the president.
      Thanks to Spellbound Studios and Viva Media for doing this game.
      Thanks to you, for reading my very first Walkthrough.
      Copyright 2010
      All Rights Reserved

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