Hearts of Iron Cheats


  • Event Cheats

    There's a large number of events that you can type in by changing the numbers after 'event' Press F12 then enter one of the following

    Event 1002-Increases Supply Stockpile by 100

    Event 1003-Increases Manpower by 100

    Event 1007-Increases Manpower by 30

    Event 1009-Decreases Dissent by 3

    Event 1011-Scientist Defects(Steals a technology from a neiboring country)

    Event 1012-Discovers a Accidental Discover (Gain a tech you havent found yet)

    Event 1013-Increases the IC in some of your territory

    Event 1016-Changes Governments alignment, player can choose to go further towards communism or facism

    Event 1040-Steal a tech

    Event 1150-Coup Reduces your nations dissent by 100% (new government type?)

    Contributed By: bensully.

  • Less Dissent

    Press F12 then type event 1009

    Contributed By: Emperor Pilaf88.

  • More IC's (Industrial Capacity)

    Bring up the console by pressing F12, and type in the following:

    event 1013

    Each time you use this code you get some extra IC's in a random province that you own. Keep repeating the code by pressing the up key in the console to get unbelievable amounts of IC. Great for using with minor countries who have practically no chance against the superpower nations.

    Contributed By: Iced~Metal.


  • Cheats

    Press F12 during Single Player mode to display a dialogue to enter these Event Cheats. Type Event then the following numbers to enable the cheat.

    11404 Ministers Die, Dissent Decreased 10
    2600Claim Some Provinces OR the Russian-German Pact
    1050Commander Assassinated
    1060Commander Defect
    1080Commander Executed
    1030Cost Fort Decreased 1
    1017Decreased: Fascism Decreased 5 and Decreased: Communism 15 OR Decreased: Fascism 15 and Decreased: Communism Decreased 5
    4100Dissent Decreased 30
    2500Dissent Decreased 5 Decreased: Fascism 20
    1014Dissent Increased 1 OR Decreased 1
    1015Dissent Increased 1 OR Decreased 1 but 1 Politician Dies
    1008Dissent Increased 3, Supply Decreased 350
    1090Dissent Increased 5
    3200Finnish Winter War Event
    2400Germany Claims Memmel event
    3900Gives Greenland and Iceland to the United States
    1010IC Decreased 1
    1006IC Increased 6
    3600Invites Poland to Enter Alliance With Allies
    3500Italy Claiming Albania Event
    4000Japan Receives Vichy Bases
    2200Join Axis OR Dissent Decreased 25 OR Trigger Event
    2300Join Axis, Dissent Decreased 30
    2100Join Germany OR Germany Annexes Austria OR Dissent Decreased 40
    1020Land Fort Decreased 1
    3700Lend-Lease Act
    1004Manpower Increased 100
    1100Minister Dies
    5000Oil from Romania (Increased 1500)
    4500Pressure On Siam Event
    1001Random Leader Loyalty Decreased 4
    1000Research Sabotaged
    3100Spanish Civil War
    3400Spanish Civil War Intervention
    1005Supply Decreased 100 Dissent Decreased 5
    3300Sweden Intervention in Finnish Winter War
    3800US Oil Embargo Oil (Decreased 10000)
    2800Vichy France Event
    2700War Against Soviets and Soviets Claims Territory
    1120War Entry Decreased 5
    2000War Entry for France Increased 10 and UK Increased 5
    1110War Entry Increased 5

    Contributed By: EPNeo.

  • Cheats

    Press F12 during Single Player Mode to display a dialogue to enter these cheats.

    war100% War Entry Level
    coal5000 Coal
    manpower5000 Manpower
    oil5000 Oil
    rubber5000 Rubber
    steel5000 Steel
    supplies5000 Supplies
    diDI Set to 500
    escortsExtra Escorts
    transportsExtra Transports
    nolimitNo Limit on Troops
    nukeNuclear Bomb
    nowarToggle AI Aggressiveness
    showidToggle Automatic Event Pause
    fullcontrolToggle Control of All Nations
    nofogToggle Fog of War
    difrulesToggle God Mode
    handsoffToggle Province IDs
    norevoltsToggle Revolts

    Contributed By: EPNeo.


  • Steal Technology from a Country

    Pick any nonimportant country(a country that doesnt show up when you start the game). After saving the game, surrender, select your saved game, right click on your country, select the country you want to steal from, then reload the game playing as that country. MAKE SURE YOU ARE PLAYING IN THE SPOT WHERE YOUR COUNTRY WAS. Once you start back up, hit the diplomacy key, select your old country, click ''give technology'', then take whatever you want. Make sure you save afterwards so that you get the technologies.
    Note: this also works for loaning troops or influencing you country.

    Contributed By: edmaster07.

Hearts of Iron II Cheats


  • Alien Invasions

    Press [F12] while in-game.

    alienattack #Aliens will invade the province (# stand for the province ID number) you entered. Be warned since they spread like the plague!

    Contributed By: Fjoeri.

  • Event List

    Press F12 and type the following codes.

    Event 1016+1 Political Left OR +1 Political Right
    Event 4102+1000 supplies, +500 rubber
    event 1002200 more supply resources
    event 8009Ballistic Missle Researchable
    event 1014Choose Dissent plus 1 or -1
    event 1009Dissent -3
    event 4100Dissent -30
    event 1008Dissent plus 3 Supply -350
    Event 1012Get Blueprints of current Reaserch
    event 1010IC -1
    event 1006IC plus 6
    Event 1013Increase Industrial Efficiency 1%
    event 1110increase war support by 5
    event 1005Military Parade (lose dissent and supplies)
    event 1003Military Volunteers (more manpower)
    event 8011nuke-waste bomb available
    event 1003plus 100 Manpower
    event 1007plus 30 Manpower
    event 1001Random leader loyalty down 4
    event 2024ruce with Russia(discontent agree= -50% disagree= +15%)
    event 1000Sabotage Research
    event 8018SAM Researchable
    Event 1011Steal Blueprints
    event 1040Steal Tech from Enemy
    event 2011you get Czechoslovakia (before Germany have take it)

  • Misc. Codes

    Hit [F12] and enter cheat:

    nevilleAI folds to all demands and suggestions (pre v1.2 patch)
    fullcontrolAI on/off
    showxyCoordinates on/off
    nofogFog on/off
    nukeGives a nuclear bomb
    dissentGives plenty of dissent
    energyGives plenty of energy
    escortsGives plenty of escorts
    metalGives plenty of metal
    moneyGives plenty of money
    oilGives plenty of oil
    rareGives plenty of rubber
    rubberGives plenty of rubber (pre v1.2 patch)
    suppliesGives plenty of supplies
    transportsGives plenty of transports
    difrulesGod mode on/off
    handsoffHands on/off
    manpowerMore manpower
    showidProvince ID's on/off
    norevoltsRebels on/off
    acceptallthe AI (computer) accepts anything you propose
    nolimitTroop limits on/off
    nowarWar on/off
    freedomYou can now do any reform you like
    robespierreYou can now do any reform you like (pre v1.2 patch)

    Contributed By: revolution9, Krayzie K, and swordfish2222.

  • Various codes.

    During the game, press F12 to bring down the console menu. Then type the codes and press enter. Press F12 again to dimiss the console menu.

    event 11Agreement with USSR on Tannu Tuva
    event 71Anti-Comintern Pact
    event 50As Germany: End of the Vichy Regime
    event 36As Italy: Option to surrender to Allies or keep on fighting untill the end
    event 17As Japan: Option to attack Pearl Harbor or not
    event 18As Japan: Option to attack Pearl Harbor or not
    event 43As Japan: Surrender to Allies or keep fighting untill the end
    event 65As UK: Churchill as prime minister or not
    event 12As USSR: Annex Tannu Tuva
    event 1Coup in Japan
    event 6Coup in Yugoslavia +option for Yugoslavia to join Axis or not
    event 47Devide Korea into 2 parts
    event 42Germany surrenders to USA + creation of bufferstates
    event 38Germany surrenders to USSR
    event 46Independant Korea or not
    event 8Iraq switches sides to Allies
    event 7Iraq switches sides to Allies
    event 37Italy surrenders to USA + Italy becomes puppet of USA
    event 22Japan in war with USSR
    event 45Japan surrenders to USA
    event 13London in Axis hands: UK surrenders to Axis
    event 20Marco Polo incident: Japan in war with Nat. China
    event 4Option for war against Yugoslavia
    event 5Option of war against Yugoslavia
    event 74Tripartite Pact
    event 72Tripartite Pact
    event 30USA transfers 50 destroyers to UK + USA gets Carribean Islands
    event 77Warshaw uprising
    event 78Warshaw uprising: Aid Poland or not
    event 14Washington in Axis hands: USA surrenders to Axis
    event 15Washington in Japanese hands: USA surrenders to Japan
    event 70World War 3: War against USA
    event 69World War 3: War against USSR
    event 3Yuguslavia breaks the Pact of Steel

    Contributed By: Fjoeri.

Hearts of Iron II: Doomsday Cheats


  • Cheats for Doomsday

    While playing the game press F12 and type in the code you desire.

    event 998-1 National Dissent and +25 Manpower
    event 997-10 National Dissent
    event 995-2 National Dissent and policies move 1 towards Closed Society
    event 1009-3 National Dissent
    event 1005-5 National Dissent and supplies +100% of Daily Max Income
    nuke+1 atom bombs
    event 1013+1% Industrial Efficiency
    event 1006+1% Industrial Efficiency and +1 National Dissent
    event 1003+100 Manpower
    event 996+2 National Dissent and +15 Manpower
    event 1007+30 Manpower
    event 1001+5 National Dissent
    money500 money
    energy5000 energy
    manpower5000 manpower
    metal5000 metal
    oil5000 oil
    rare5000 rare meterials
    supplies5000 supplies
    acceptallAI accepts all your diplomatic deals
    event 1015Either +1 National Dissent or -1 National Dissent & one of your ministers is no longer available
    nofogFog of the war will gone.
    event 1012get blueprint of current research
    freedomMake any reform you want
    event 1016National Policies move 1 towards either Political Left or Political Right
    event 1014National Policies move 2 towards either Authoritarian or Democratic
    event 1010One of your Industries is destroyed (-1 IC)
    event 1000One of your research projects has been sabotaged (progress delayed)
    event 994Policies move 2 towards Open Society and either +3 National Dissent or +5 National Dissent & policies move 1 towards Democratic
    event 1008Supplies -200% of Daily Max Income and +3 National Dissent
    event 1002Supplies +200% of Daily Max Income

    Contributed By: gamepolice, robsont, fmer50, and the_indonesia.

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