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    FAQ/Walkthrough by shikamaru00

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    Hitman 2: Silent Assassin
    If you want to make a contribution, email me.
    Okay, first of all, Hitman 2 was created by IO Interactive
    and is a trademark of EIDOS Interactive.  This walkthrough
    is owned by me, because I wrote it.  I took the hours to
    make it, so before you use any part of it email me first.  It
    should not be remade in any way, not changed, translated,
    whatever the case may be.  This walkthrough was simply
    for those people who are too annoyed by the difficulty of
    this game and just want to beat it the cheap way.   This is
    an mission-focused walkthrough, so I'll be focusing on the
    missions. I've tried to add some stuff about weapons and
    so on too.  First I'll touch on some basics of play, then we'll
    go straight to the missions.  And also, there are numerous
    ways for completing each level, I'll just state the one I
    found easiest and most fun.  Also, the approximate weapon
    reload times in the weapons section were all timed and
    written by me , and they are all copyright by me, and should
    not be reused in anyway.
    This faq was written and copyright by Riptor aka Shikamaru00 aka
    ThEoNe, see "contributing" to contact me.
    Contents of This FAQ
    1 - Basics
    2 - Game Screens
    3 - Playing Hitman 2
    4 - Mission Walkthrough
    5 - Weapons
    6 - Items
    7 - Cheats and Tricks
    8 - Contributing to this FAQ
    9 - Credits/Version History
    Alright, before we indulge in anything completed, let's get
    the basics of Hitman 2.  First of all, this game is a game of
    stealth, so if you're looking for a shooting fest, this is not for
    you.  Also, better be prepared to be very patient, because
    some of these missions require intense precision to beat.
    Note that the game now has a scoring system for when
    you complete each level.  The game measures how well
    you completed the level, including points on how much
    disruption you caused, innocents killed, and so on.  In this
    sequel, you kill the  target, do whatever else you need to
    do for the mission, and get out.  Quietly.
    _      	               _
    _Basic Movements_
    W-A-S-D.  Mouse.  Nothing much more to it.  Left-mouse
    button attacks with whatever you're holding.  Right mouse
    opens your inventory.  With the space bar, you toggle
    sneak mode on.  Sneak mode is very important to this game.
    With sneak mode on, you can avoid making any noise so
    you can walk up to people from behind without them
    knowing.  The game is precise on noise.  If run or even
    walk, you'll attract attention.  Oh yeah, shift is to run.  Use
    R to reload.  The E button serves as a use button, when
    you move over something usable you will see a small list
    appear on the top-left.  Press E to select one of these
    actions.  Q is a quick inventory option.  I use this as a quick
    weapon holster option.  This is basically all you really need
    to know to play the game.
    _            _
    This game is all about stealth.  I can't stress that enough.  If
    you're seen by civilians walking around with a gun, they'll
    run to the nearest guard to tell him.  If you act suspicious,
    same thing.  This isn't like other games where you could
    run around and even jump on top of someones head and
    they'll be as if nothing happened.  If you're sneaking
    around and someone sees you, goodbye.
    _    	            _
    _Basic Weapons_
    Fiber wire.  That is your main weapon to use in this game.
    It doesn't trigger any metal detectors and it's nice, quiet and
    quick.  Sneak mode and Fiber wire are like brother and sister.
    They're supposed to be used together.  Sneak up to a guy
    from behind and Fiber-wire him outta there.  Other than
    that, you're 9mm SD (suppressed) comes in handy a lot.
    The ballers are you're trademark weapon.
    _              _
    Alright, when you're playing the game, you'll notice a whole
    bunch of bars and stuff at the top left corner.  Here's what
    they mean:
    Health Bar
    The bar with the + sign on the left.  This tells you how
    much health and  how much damage you've taken.  The
    lower this is, the more you better keep safe.  Note that
    Hitman 2 is not like other games in that if you get shot with
    a pistol, you'll survive, but one or two shots with a powerful
    weapon will kill you instantly.  And don't even get started
    with Sniper rifles.
    Threat Meter
    This bar is very important to the game.  Basically, it tells
    you how suspicious the people around Mr. 47 are getting
    of him.  If it's at nothing, you're safe.  When it starts getting
    a little wider, than it's best to leave.  When the black turns red,
    usually it means they've almost figured out your disguise
    and you should beat it!
    This thing is kind of self-explanatory.  I used it for this
    purpose, open your map and see where exactly you have
    to go, then follow the direction using the Compass.
    _        _	
    The map is not too complicated if you know wat you're
    doing with it.  As you may have  guessed, it's a map of your
    surroundings.  There are different levels for variou parts
    of whatever level your on.  For instance, if you are in a
    building with different floors, and you'r on the first floor,
    the map will show you the first floor.  You can look at
    the other floors by going to the top-left and clicking on
    the name of the current map, and selecting whatever other
    part you want to see.
    Circle Points:  This is what I call those the circles with a
    little arrow pointing out.  The arrow refers to what direction
    the person is looking at (all of the circle points mean people).
    Here'sa list of what the circle points mean:
    Light Green:  This is Mr. 47.  You.
    Red: This is your target which is to be killed.
    Orange: Guards.  These are counted as enemies in the
                   mission score.
    Blue: Police.  Should not be killed.
    Green: These are innocent bystanders and should not be
    White:  A very important person (V.I.P.).  This is usually
                  referring to someone crucial to the game or
                  someone you have to protect.
    Exclamation Mark (In Circle) (!) :  This is a Point of Interest
                                                               (referred to as (!)
    from this
                                                                point.)These are
                                                                and they should be
                                                                out at all times.
    Blinking Red Hitman Logo: Agency Pickups.  You usually
                                                     don't need to go to them to
                                                     a mission but it sure makes it
    Lightning Rod: These are power generators.
    Ladder with Arrow pointing up:  These are ladders.  (duh?)
    Circle with Arrow pointing down: These are referring to
                                                                sewer hatches.
    Staircase: Staircase
    Green Box bobbing up and down:  Elevators.
    EXIT Sign:  After completing objects for a level, escape
                          through the exit points to complete the level.
    Alright, that's basically all you need to know.  On to the
    Alright, now, you know the basics to get you started, but playing
    the game is a whole different matter if you don't know what you're
    doing.  Here's some info you'll need.
    -Silent Killing-
    Stealth means not drawing attention to you, and guns ablazing
    is not exactly stealth.  So you'll need to perform Silent Kills.  How?
    It's called Fibre-wiring.  I've said this already once, to kill someone
    silently, you go into sneak mode by hitting space bar, than
    sneak up behind them and click the mouse to Fibre-wire or
    Chloroform them.
    -Keeping Quiet-
    Noise is everything in this game.  If you run, it makes a lot of noise,
    and if you walk, it still makes noise, just not as much.  Sneaking
    or crouching makes no noise, so if you're trying to get past someone
    while their back is turned, do not run or walk, sneak.
    -Quick and Quiet Shots-
    Your 9mm SD is useful.  A well aimed shot or two to the head of
    an opponent will take him out only alerting anyone closeby.  Use
    it if there is someone you need dead but a little farther away than
    You do not want to alert the guards because then they'll be much
    harder to get past.  If you're a postman and then somebody discovers
    what you've done, all the guards will be on alert for a suspicious
    postman.  Don't do anything stupid like shoot a guy once without
    killing him than running away.  You might think that if he's not dead
    yet than it won't count against your stealth, but all you've done
    by leaving him alive is let him contact all the other guards.  If you
    shoot someone by accident, finish the job.
    -Suspicious Behaviour-
    If you go outside, do you see someone running around in front of
    you?  No.  So don't do it here, either.  Running around in front of
    people will never do anything good.
    -One Rifle at a Time-
    You put many handguns inside your jacket.  But, like in real life,
    you can hold only one rifle, and it cannot be hidden in your jacket.
    Holstering it just means putting it on your left hand.
    And here comes the bulk.  Missions are simply formed.  In
    the beginning, you have a briefing of your mission with the
    objectives and usually a photograph of your target(s)
    and sometimes footage.  The missions take place in various
    locations, and you are in that area until you complete all the
    missions in that location.  For instance, say there
    are three missions in India.  When you're finished the level
    before the first of the India levels, then you return to your
    shed where you start the game, it's near your home.
     (Note:  all the weapons you have collected will be in this
    shed.)  When you start the next mission, you can choose
    the weapons you want to take.  But the next three locations
    are all in one location,  connected with each other, than you
    don't choose your weapons (because you don't return
    back to your shed).  Here's the layout of the following
    walkthrough.  When a name appears in stars,
    that is the current location the following missions take
    place.  This means all the following missions up
    until the next star-bordered name takes place in that
    location.  The name of each mission is bordered
    with ==== Anyways, first mission:
    M1 - Gontranno Sanctuary
    Objectives: None
    This is not really a mission, just an introduction to the game.
    This is the first level.  It's not really a mission, it's more of a
    preparation for the game.  In this first level, the story begins
    with a small cutscene than just plops you into the action.
    Move Mr. 47 (Mr. Rieper's codename) around to get the
    feel of it.  Go to the ruins and follow the simple
    instructions.  The bells from the church will ring.  It's time
    for confession.  If you open up the map you'll see a blinking
    circle with an "!" inside of it.  This is a point of interest
    (hereafter referred to as just (!).  In this level's case, it is the
    confession box.  Go back between your shed and the ruins.
    Face west  (direction is in the top left). You'll see a door.
    Go through it (Open it by pressing E and using the mouse
    wheel or W&S to select  option).   Turn right and walk up
    the small set of stairs.  Turn left, then turn through the first
    hall on the right.  Go up the stairs, and you're now inside
    the main hall of the church.  In the back of the benches
    you'll see the confession box.  Go inside.  You'll see a
    cutscene, and another cutscene with the Priest being
    You have to find the parcel the guy left.  Go outside the
    same way you came in.  Check you're map
    and you'll see the point of interest (Note: Clicking on the
    top left description of where you are will allow
    you to switch between maps of the various floors in your
    level).  Now move around you're shed and
    past the well and you'll see a big stairway.  Go up the
    stairs and open the door.  Keep walking straight
    and then when you're in the centre of the big garden
    place, turn left and pick up the parcel sitting there.
    View the cutscene.  Now retrace your steps back to
    your shed.  Another cutscene.
    Now you're in training for the game.  Get out your ballers
    and follow the instructions.  After the basic
    shooting procedure, head down to the toolshed, which is
    basically right across from your shed.  Pick up
    the fibre which is on the wall that the door is on.  Walk up
    to the scarecrow from behind.  Hit space to sneak
    and sneak up to him and fibre-wire him.  After you're done
    with the instructions, head down to the shed
    (your shed, not the tool shed).  Go to the laptop and then
    continue the game.
    Father Vittorio
    Ballers: Auto
    Fiber-Wire: Tool Shed
    Anasthaetic: Tool Shed
    M2 - Anathema
    Objectives: - Kill  "Don" Giuseppe Giulliani
    	  - Take key to prison cell from Don
    	  - Rescue Vittorio in the basement
    	  - Escape
    Okay, let's start the first mission.  First of all, you have to
    eliminate Don Giuseppe Giulliani, and take the key he's
    holding, which is for the basement, where Father Vittorio
    is supposed to be held hostage in.  After rescuing him,
    you have to escape from the villa.  This level takes more
    thought than some of the others if you want that Silent
    Assassin rating.  There are several approaches to beat it.
    The detailed one below is the one I found the
    best, but there are other ways to do it as well.  You can
    change into the postman walking down the path, or
    the delivery boy, whatever.  Let's begin.
    Okay, you start out this level on a rocky hill of some sort.
    If you look at the gates to the villa to the left of you, you'll
    see a postman walk by soon.  Now, you can either wait for
    him to walk across the path and then stop to take a smoke,
    or just run behind him and do it.  Take out your anaesthetics,
    and empty it all into him (press it and hold it until five bottle
    symbols on the top-right of the screen are gone).  Take his
    flowers and then change into his clothes.  You are now a
    postman.  After doing this, hide his body (not behind the
    trees in front of the side door) and then turn around to
    where there is a delivery truck.  If the delivery boy is not
    there (check your map to see if he's coming), then place all
    your weapons in one of the delivery baskets.   Now take the
    path going left to the main entrance (you can run as long
    you're not in the line of  sight of any guards).
    And here's where it all begins.  When you walk up to the
    gates, the guard will tell you to stop and check you for any
    weapons.  If you left all of your weapons in the delivery
    boy's basket, then this won't be a problem.  Continue
    through the gates and then through the main doors where
    a guard with the shotgun is.  The waitress inside will say
    thank you and take the flowers.  She'll then go through the
    doors in the back.  Stand still, do not walk or run anywhere,
    and the guard will follow the waitress.  Now, move
    to the small alcove beneath the stairs on the left.  Run
    around.  The guard will come running back to inspect the
    noise.  He'll look in your direction, but for some reason he
    doesn't notice you.  Sneak up behind him with your
    anaesthetic out and empty your last five bottles into him.
    Take his clothes and his gun and drag him back to the
    alcove where you just hid (Note:  If you drag him from the
    arm and his legs are sticking out of the alcove all you do is
    move to his legs and 47 will automatically drag him using
    his legs.  This way, you can kind of fold his body out of
    Anyways, next walk through the door on the left that the
    guard came out of.  You're in a small dining room now.
    Turn right and go through the door that you see.  You're in
    another hallway.  Go straight forward into the door directly
    in front of you.  Make sure there are no guards in the
    kitchen or going inside the kitchen by using your map.
    DO NOT RUN inside the kitchen.  The cook is paranoid and
    will see through your disguise.  Anyways, the delivery boy
    has delivered the basket containing your weapons already.
    Pick them up but make sure nobody sees you doing it,
    especially the cook.  Once you've got your weapons,
    turn right and right again where you'll see stairs.  Go up
    the stairs and open the door.  Walk straight forward into
    the balcony, if you turn left and past the foor, you'll see
    that you can keep walking past the balcony on a ledge.
    Walk across the ledge (don't run!) until you get to the roof
    of the 1st floor.  Walk along that roof until you get to the
    balcony of the Don's office.  Check the map(2nd floor) to
    see if he's inside.  (Note: There's a guard who walks along
    the balcony, although he doesn't come to the side facing
    the roof that you came from.  Just hide there if he's coming,
    then when he's left, go).  Now,  move to the other side of
    the balcony (where the guard I just mentioned comes from)
    and go through that door.  The Don is facing the other way
    , so hit "sneak" mode and then sneak up behind him and
    fiber-wire him.  After doing this, retrace your steps and go
    back to the kitchen the same way you got here.  Now, turn
    left go towards the door that you originally reached the
    kitchen with, but turn right instead of going through the
    door and you'll see a stairway going down from the
    kitchen.  This is to the basement.
    Walk down the stairway and keep walking through the hall
    until you get to the first door on your left.  Open it and
    you'll see that Father Vittorio is not there.  You'll contact
    Diana from Agency through your earcom and she'll confirm
    that Vittorio isn't there.  Now all you have to do is escape
    (Note: The guards will be informed to watch out for a sneaky
    bodyguard soon, so be quick).  Keep going through the
    basement hall until you get to steps leading outside.  Go
    up the steps and then turn right.  You'll see a door with a
    guard in front of it.  Go past a guard until you're outside the
    entire villa then run to the exit for freedom!  Enjoy the
    Suppressed Silverballers that you get from getting Silent
    Assassin on this mission. (Note:you can get a sniper rifle
    from the garage before you leave if you want it.)
    *If you want to escape in James Bond style, then pick up
    the key to the car in the garage from one of the plain
    clothes guards (the one in white) who usually lounges
    around the pool area in the back.  Get to the car and watch
    the cool cinematic.
    *You can get the sniper rifle from the garage at the beginning
    of the level and snipe the Don out from the mountains.
    *You can kill the postman and guard but you are risking
    your Silent Assassin rating.
    * If you don't empty a full five bottles into the postman and
    guard of anaesthatics than they'll wake up quickly and
    tell on you before you can do anything.
    * You can beat the level by shooting everything you see
    *Sneak up to baskets behind the cook because if you walk
    she'll know you're there and she's really paranoid so she'll
    keep looking behind at you every couple of seconds, which
    means if you're picking up one of your guns while she turns
    Black suited guards
    Plain clothes guards
    Don Giulliani
    Lawyer in green suit
    Delivery boy
    Flowers:  Postman at front
    Room Key:  Don
    Spoon:  From Cook
    Golf Club:  Don's bedroom
    Car Key:  Plain Clothes Guard (White shirt)
    Kitchen Knife:  Kitchen
    Deagle:  Guard in white shirt, Study
    R93 Sniper:  Garage
    Revolver:  Don
    Shotgun:  Guard in front of main doors
    9mm Pistol:  Guards
    Shotgun Ammo:  2nd floor room, rooms north of kitchen,
    Pistol Ammo:  2nd floor room, Study,
    MAG Ammo: 2nd floor, study
    2.45 ACP Ammo: Dining room, Garage
    M3 - St. Petersburg Stakeout
    Objectives: - Kill  the General at the Meeting
    	  - Don't Harm Anyone Else at the Meeting
    	  - Return to the Subway Train to Escape
    Alright, this level starts off annoying and becomes fun later.
    One of the most annoying things in this level are the
    civilians.  When they see you with a gun, they'll yell this
    thing which sounds like "Safratz!" (most likely Russian for
    "A gun! A gun!").  This yell is so annoying I broke
    my keyboard when I kept hearing it.  Anyways, as
    annoying as they are, leave them alone.
    Okay, you start with a short cutscene.  Now, you're outside
    the train facing forward in the station.  Turn right and go
    towards the lockers.  (Note: Make sure no civilians see
    you with weapons!).  Go to locker 137 and pick the lock.
    Open the door after it's been picked, check to see if there
    are any civilians around, then pick up all your weaponry.
    Now by this point both the civilians in the metro should
    be going away from you at the same time.  Grab the chance.
    Wait till they go past the stairway out of the metro
    which will be on your right, then go up the stairs.  Follow
    the hallway up the (not moving) escalators.
    To the left, after climbing the escalator, you should see a
    doorway leading down steps.  DO NOT GO.  Move
    backwards about halfway down the escalator and check
    for guards.  There should be 2, but one is probably on
    his way up and outside.  Now move to the doorway but
    don't stand directly in front of it.  Down the steps there is
    one more guard who patrols the room.  Wait until he goes
    right and out of view, then WALK down the steps slowly.
    Wait until he goes past some lockers or almost there and
    then go to a door which is on the right after you go down
    the steps..  Close the door behind you.  Now, to the left is
    a locked door.  Pick the lock and go through. (Hint: Pick locks
    faster by pressing map)
    There will be a hallway.  Go down the hallways until you
    are at the sewers.  Look around cause you'll be spending
    plenty of time in the sewers from this point on.  Turn right
    and keep going until you get to a kind of bridge.  Walk
    across the bridge then turn left and keep going until you
    get to the first hallway off the right.  Go through the
    hallway till you get to the ladders (Note:  Check your map.
    You should be at the north-eastern exit).  Now go up the
    ladders (Note: When you are almost finished the ladder,
    being able to see the streets, check if there is a guard
    coming.  He won't see you unless you come all the way up.)
    Once your out on the streets, check your map, make sure
    no guards can see you, then move torwards the truck on
    your right and change into the guard uniform in front of it.
    Now go back down the sewers and back out the hallway.
    This time, turn right and keep going right until you reach
    the first hallway on the right.  Go through the hallway and
    check your map, you should be at the north-western sewer
    Now go up the ladder and get out.  Check to see if the
    coast is clear, then go down the slope which is south of
    the hatch you just came out of.  Now you are on the streets.
    Check your map for a building that is north-west of the
    Pushkin building.  It will have a (!) (Point of Interest) on it.
    Move towards that building with the aid of your map.
    Don't get too close to guards and if you're within range,
    walk, don't run.  Don't draw attention.  You're sniper rifle is
    suspicious enough from far away (Note: Holster your
    sniper rifle before you head for the building.  It may not
    seem to do anything, but it does).  Once you close to the
    building go through the door on the right (not the main
    doors).  Now turn right through the doors, through the
    hallway to the next doors, then turn left to see a stairway.
    Go up the stairs, turn left, left again, then up the second
    flight to the third floor.
    Now once you're on the third floor, do not go through the
    doors directly to the left.  Instead proceed down the left
    hallway to another set of doors and go through them.  If
    you followed the directions carefully you'll be in a room
    with two more double-doors, and two windows to the left,
    one of which is open.   Get your sniper rifle ready and aim
    in at the window where the meeting is taking place.  Diana
    will contact you with clues she's found about which one is
    the general you need.  I personally think it's much more
    fun listening to the clues and then figuring out who it is,
    but if you're too lazy, I'll tell you which one the general is.
    (Note: Skip the next paragraph if you want to figure it out
    Now, there are four generals in the meeting.  One is almost
    out of sight in a brown jacket.  Not the guy you want.
    There is one walking around.  Not the one you want.
    There is a guy smoking a cigar wearing sunglasses.  Not
    the one.  The guy you want to kill is the one who is sitting
    closer to the window, drinking his hand (it's supposed to
    be a beer but I don't see a cup).
    After you kill him retrace your steps back to the metro station.
    Again, watch out for the patrolling guard and civilians.
    Head for the metro train and you're done.  Your Silent
    Assassin prize is a Sawn Off Shotgun, this is a normal
    shotgun except since it is shorter (Sawn Off) you can
    holster it under your shirt or whatever like a handgun so
    you can carry it around with you unsuspiciosly instead of
    walking around with a huge shotgun in your hand.
    - If you wasted too much time just bust into the building
    annihalating everything
    - The guards are smart.  Don't go near them.
    - Kill the wrong general and Diana will whine at you,
    sounding very much like an angry mom
    - If you want an AK rifle, than kill the guard walking past
    the truck when you get the clothes and take his AK.  Hide
    it in the sewers and pick it up on your way out.  But then
    no keep Sniper Rifle.  Choose what you want more.
    Grey coat guards
    Brown suit guards
    Night Vision Goggles: Locker 137.
    SVD Sniper Rifle: Locker 137
    9mm Pistol: Locker 137, Black Suit Guards
    AK Rifle: Regular Guards
    .54 Pistol: Some Guards
    Pistol Ammo: Locker 137
    Sniper Ammo: Locker 137
    M4 - Kirov Park Meeting
    Objectives: -Kill General Makarov
    	  -Kill his mafia connection, Igor Kubasko
    This level is FUN!  It's also probably one of the easiest
    levels in the entire game.  All you have to do is kill two
    people in the park.  Now, you can bust in and kill them than
    run away, but the method I wrote down is much more fun,
    plus you get the Silent Assassin rating.  Anyways, here
    Right when you begin the mission, you'll see a collection of
    dumpsters to the right of your line of sight.  Run to them.
    Quickly, before the guard approaching sees.  When the
    guard comes, hide behind a dumpster.  The agency pick-up
    is between the two dumpsters closest to the road.  Pick up
    the two car bombs.  You don't really need anything else for
    this method.  Now proceed to the sewer hatch in the middle
    of the road.  Watch out for guards first, of course.
    In the sewer, go through the hallway and turn left, keep
    going left until you get to the first opening off the left.
    Go through the hallway and check your map.  You should
    be at the southern-most sewer hatch.   Go up the ladder.
    But wait!  What's this?  There's something blocking the
    ladder.  It's the limousine.  That's good for you.  Place the
    car bomb.  Now get out of the hallway from the sewer
    hatch, go across the bridge, and turn right.  Keep going
    until you get to the first opening on the left.  Walk through
    the hallway and turn left and keep going until you get to
    the bridge off the right.  Go across the bridge, turn left.
    Keep going left, ignore the first opening off the right, and
    go through the second.  Check map, you'll be at the most
    northern hatch.  Go up the ladder but watch out for the
    driver.  Stay halfway in the hatch.  Wait for the driver to
    come and take a leak on the building.
    Go behind him (sneak) and fibre-wire him.  Take his clothes.
    Now walk back out the way he came in an you'll see a limo.
    Walk up to it.  You'll arouse no suspicion because you're
    after all, the limo driver.  In fact, the guards don't even seem
    to notice that for some reason you're bending down and
    putting something bomb-looking under the car. Anyways,
    go back into the sewers and retrace your steps back to the
    first sewer hatch you came from.  Run to your speedboat to
    escape the level. (Note: You get Silent Assassin but it's not
    a perfect Silent Assassin.  You can chloroform the driver if
    you want.)
    -You can also win the level by going into a church and
    sniping them out, but this causes alerts
    -The driver does not leak for very long so be quick
    -Save the game before going back through the sewers to
    the exit and just watch the limousines blow up
    -Wait - if I just killed the driver, hows the limosine being
    -The guards don't seem to notice if you pull out a gun as the driver
    Grey coat guards
    Target guards
    Limo Driver
    SVD Sniper Rifle - Agency Pickup
    Car Bombs - Agency Pickup
    9mm Pistol - Bodyguards
    9mm Pistol SD - Agency pickup
    AK Rifles - Soldiers
    Sniper Ammo - Agency Pickup
    Pistol Ammo - Agency Pickup
    M5 - Tubeway Torpedo
    Objectives: -Find your equipment ot the Army depot.
                   Marked "FCK"
                         -Kill General Mikhail Bardachenko
                         -Free the prisoner from 2nd basement
    One word sums this mission up.  ANNOYING.  This level is
    so frustrating, long, generic, sometimes boring,  sometimes excessively hard.
    it's just annoying.  That's all there is to it.
    Note: The following method does not get you Silent
    Assassin.  This method is the method which will not have
    you breaking your keyboard in frustration.  For silent
    assassin, kill no one, get guards clothes in the hq. room,
    and don't shoot cameras.
    Okay, I expect you've learned the basics by now, so no
    more detailed where to turn, walk stuff.  Check your map
    and go to where there's a big red arrow.   When you go up
    the hatch, make sure the guard isn't there.  Now go straight
    and hide behind the cargo.  When the guard comes, he'll
    turn around.  Sneak up behind him, don't kill him.  The
    instant he goes away, check your map.  The guard at the
    far end will go to answer the phone, and another guard who
    is at the west point will start to move.  Grab this chance to
    move across and hide inbetween a small U formed by cargo.
    Now when no guards are watching move towards the next
    cargo area.  Hide there until the guard answers the phone.
    When he does walk across and then behind the cargo marked
    FCK.  Pick up the stuff.  Now keep watching for the guards
    and move back to last cargo stack.  The west guard will
    probably be down off his platform.  Wait till he goes back
    up, hidden behind a cargo stack until you dash back to the
    U shaped cargo.  If the guard is near the manhole you came
    from, don't go inside the U, just behind it, or he'll see you.
    Just keep checking your map, your surroundings until you
    have the perfect moment, then run inside the truck (by just
    running into it from behind).
    (Alternate ways: Shoot everybody and get inside the truck,
    or ignore the truck and go by sewers)
    Once inside the truck, go all the way back, and CROUCH.
    Crucuial.   When the truck reaches the hq. do not get out.
    Check your map to see if the two guards up from you are
    facing the other way.  Then get out.  Your disguise doesn't
    shield the fact that there's something strange about a guy
    kneeling behind crates in a truck.  Okay get out, but use
    the truck as cover until the guy who's on the other side of
    the truck leaves and goes into base.  When he does, if the
    other guard from behind the truck comes  up, then sneak so
    he doesn't see you then go up the entrance to the base.
    When you're inside, there is one guard patrolling around
    here.  Watch out for him.  Go behind crates to avoid contact.
    Now move towards the basement elevator and go in and
    go to the 1st basement.
    (Note: There are security cameras all over the basements
    so don't so anything stupid like pulling out your ballers or
    killing somebody)
    Okay, wait for the guard in front of the elevator to leave the
    corridor.  Move forward and out of sight of the first camera,
    then get your 9mm Pistol SD and shoot.  move down the
    corridor, out of sight of the next camera, and shoot it.  Then
    hide in alcove until the guard comes back.   When he returns
    go around the corner and then you'll be in an area where
    there is a door in front of you and a fence door with an
    AK to the right.  Go through that door then turn left.  Shoot
    the table lamp and the two hanging bulbs.  The place will
    now be in a frenzy.  Walk calmly through the door left of the
    platform where the guards are sitting, into the server room.
    There'll be the server on the left.  Shoot it (with 9mm).  Now
    the colour on it should be red.  Now go outside through the
    next door (Not back to control room) and you'll be in a
    corridor.  All the cameras are all red now.  Turn right and
    move towards the room with the (!) in it.  Change into the
    officer uniform.  Go back out (Don't go into guard room by
    accident).  Now move towards where there is a big
    explosion symbol on your map.
    Go to the symbol and you'll see the thin wall, so thin you
    can almost see inside.  Go close enough that it can be
    dropped, than get out the mini-bomb and drop it.  A guard
    might come in, if he does, just hide behind the cargo.  Now
    go towards the elevator icon.  When the guard comes along,
    hide in an alcove.  Go up to the elevator and go inside and
    press 2nd basement.  Now move through the hallway DO
    NOT go through the first door to your left.  You should
    now hear very unconvincing chatter between the General
    and the prisoner.  Now you want to go to the observation
    room, and there is a guard patrolling  right in front of it's
    entrance.  Wait till he goes into the guard room, then go
    down (walk calmly as the door to the guard room is open
    and they can see you) to the observation room, pick the
    lock and look through at where the general is beating the
    Now, through the observation glass panel you'll see the
    general beating the prisoner.  Get out your 9mm pistol
    (ballers work better, actually).  Aim directly at the general.
    If you do it right, then the bullet will go through the glass
    and also hit the general.  This will not alert any guards. If
    you missed the general or if he doesn't die and you keep
    shooting, the guards will be alerted.  Climb through the
    window to view a cutscene, then follow the prisoner back
    to the elevator and go inside.  Press 1st basement to view
    another cutscene.  Now walk calmly past the guard at his
    desk.  He doesn't seem to notice that the prisoner is with
    you, and doesn't seem to care that the other guard pressed
    the alarm.  Now head back to where you put the bomb.
    Don't go inside the room with the bomb.  Make sure no
    guards can see you (by the way, on the way there there will
    be a guard but don't mind him, just walk past him).
    Detonate the bomb. (Note: Make sure you are close enough.
    It's usually good enough to be inside the room with the
    bomb but far back.  If you're too far, the guards who come
    rushing from the noise will start shooting you.
    While in the sewers, run right, then across the bridge, then
    keep going till you get to the exit (opening off the right,
    check map) but STOP running once the guards enter the
    sewers.  Funny thing is they find it more suspicious if
    you're running like everyone else than if you're walking
    calmly while everyone else is in a frenzy.  Go to the exit,
    view the cutscene, and that's it.
    -Contributed Tips-
    -(J.B.) there is a way to avoid all the guards in the
    tunnel. When you have some patience, you can just drop the bomb and let it
    explode. All the guards will come in, and go into the tunnels, but
    after a few minutes all the guards will go out of the tunnels and you can go to
    the elevator to save the prisoner. Maybe it takes some more time, but I
    believe it is saver.
    -To get Silent Assassin, don't shoot the cameras, it'll be
     much harder though.  Only shot should be the general.
    -If you leave on the elevator without waiting for the
    prisoner to get on, the cutscene will show the guard pressing
    the alarm with the prisoner right beside him.
    -Even if the guards spot you in the truck, it will still go
    -If you detonate the bomb before you're close to the
    entrance than the guards will be in the sewers before you,
    making it much harder to get around.
    -Another way to play the mission is to place the pager on a
    table near the general than phone it to get his attention
    Grey coat guards
    Grey coat officers
    Phone - Agency Pickup
    Pager - Agency Pickup
    Night Vision Goggles - Agency Pickup
    AK Rifle - Guards, Agency Pick-up #2
    9mm Pistol Sd - Pickup, General
    Combat Knife - General
    Deagle - Headquarter (!)
    MAG Ammo - Headquarter (!)
    5.56 Ammo - Top-Left of HQ, Warehouse
    M6 - Invitation to a Party
    Objectives: -Kill the General
    	  -Secure Suitcase
    This level is fun to play at beginning with the first objective
    but the second one is kind of annoying.  It's the last of the
    St. Petersburgh levels, and I'm sure you're tired of them by
    now.  This level takes place in an embassy, actually it's a
    party.  You don't have an invitation so you can't waltz into
    the party.  There are many ways to beat this level, the
    following is the one I like.
    Here we go.  You start out at the dock with your trusty
    speedboat behind you.  There's a waiter smoking but leave
    him alone.  Go to the agency pick-up.  Don't get too close
    to the patrolling black-suited guards.  Pick up the poison
    and the 9mm if you need it.  Now go to the eastern entrance
    to the embassy and lock-pick the door.  Go inside and
    along the path but watch out for the guard who patrols
    around here.  Stick behind some trees for cover if he comes
    near you.  But he turns the other way eventually.  When
    he does, go forward, all the way.  You should see a garage
    to the left of you with a door beside it.  Now open your map
    and check the Embassy Basement map.  See where the
    guard at the eastern point is.  Or you can just look through
    the keyhole.  If he's moving away from the door, go through.
    Walk slowly, and then dash for the small little room type
    thing in front of you.  Hide there till he goes the other way,
    then proceed to the hallway to the left.  Now go into the
    door on the left of the hallway (It will have a (!) in the map).
    Change into the waiter clothes.  You are now a waiter.
    Now move along the hallway to the kitchen.  Ignore the
    guards and just walk.  In the kitchen, move towards where
    there is a bucket next to a champagne glass.  Pick up a
    champagne glass.  move into the room to the right where
    noone can see you, then right click, and select poison, and
    watch 47 put poison in the champagne glass.  Now go back
    to the kitchen and move towards the south-western stairs.
    Go up the stairs and through the fancy-looking doors.
    Turn right and you're now in the hall.  Go through the main
    doors on the left, and you're in the ballroom.  Wait for the
    general to come, and give him the champagne glass with
    Check your map for the other red target and follow them.  If
    you were fast, then the amabassador isn't there yet and you
    can  go into the room behind the office and wait for them to
    come.  Chloroform the agent holding him up and take the
    briefcase (and the chocolate if you want).  Now you want
    to go back to the first floor, hide the briefcase, get invitation
    guests clothes by just following them than chloroforming out
    of sight.  Then pick up the briefcase than leave.
    -There's a cheque in this level that's supposed to do something
    but I still dno't know what
    Door Key-Waiter By River
    Invitation - Guest
    Kitchen Knife - Kitchen
    Chocolate - Waiter, Safe
    Poison - Agency Pickup
    Champagne Glass - Kitchen
    Broom - Waitresses
    9mm Pistol SD - Agency Pickup
    .54 Pistol - Agent
    SMG - Basement, Guards
    Deagle - 1st floor
    SMG Ammo - Basement, 2nd floor, Basement north room
    Pistol Ammo - Agency Pickup, Basement, 1st floor
    MAG Ammo - 2nd floor, 1st room right of ballroom
    M7 - Tracking Hayamato
    Objectives: -Kill Hayamoto Jr.
    	  -Plant Bug on Hyamato Jr.'s corpse
    Listen to the music inside the house.  It's really good.
    Anyways, this level is pretty easy and short to play
    through, but it kind of paves the way for the next few
    Japanese missions which become increasingly harder.
    The target is Hayamoto Jr, a guy in a white suit.  The mission
    takes place in a small building, with an easy pathway
    to beat it.  In fact, I think it's probably one of the easiest
    levels.  Fun, too.
    Alright, you begin the mission behind a big boulder, with
    two guards coming up in front of it.  They will go a little
    distance then turn around.  Make sure the guard at the
    door to the right isn't there, than move along to the bush
    along the edge, than to the next huge boulder along the
    path.  hide behind it until the guard moving along is all the
    way down at the end of the path.  Go to the big garage doors,
    open them, go inside, then close them.  Okay, you're now in
    the garage, and there's a messed up car in there.  Go up to
    the car, and sound the horn, the guard inside will come out
    to inspect the noise.  Hide to the right of the door before he
    comes in or he'll notice you.
    Now, go inside the door he came from (sneak, don't walk or
    run, that'll make noise and the guard'll turn around and see
    you).  Go through the paper doors at the right of the room
    you're in.  Now turn left and go through the next paper doors
    which are on the same side as the one you just came from.
    Now check your map, and wait for the guard behind there
    to go join all the other guards, out of your sight.  Now
    sneak forwards (if you walk, they'll see you) and  then go
    through the doors on the right.  You should now be in a
    kind of living room type thing.  Now go straight through
    the doors you see which lead into like a storage cabinet
    area.  Now go through the doors (make sure no guards are
    there) and then through the door which is a little bit to the
    left (has (!) on map).
    You'll see chef's robes beside the beds.  Change into them,
    and go back outside into the hallway.  If you turn left, you'll
    see the huge paper doors waving.  Do not go into them yet.
    First, make sure the guard who goes in there is not there,
    that he's going outside.  Then go into the kitchen, don't
    mind the real chef, go straight into a small hallway the
    guard who patrols there went outside through, then through
    the door on the left.  Cut the fugu fish.  The guard should
    not be back inside yet.  Go outside again, then go to a small
    platter you see on the desk (I thought it was an ashtray at
    first).  Place the transmitter and the fugu fish on it.  Go back
    to where the fugu fish was and wait for the guard who patrols outside to come
    back in and go
    into the kitchen.
    When he's in the kitchen, get out of your hiding spot and
    go through the back door (where that guard came from).
    There is a guard who patrols in circles here.  When he turns
    left off the rock path, go follow the path but stop before you
    go out in the open (stay between fence & building).  If the
    guard is going in the opposite direction (not facing you,
    towards the exit), then hug the garage wall and move
    forward until you can move no more because of the building.
    The guard will turn and then walk back towards the fence
    and he'll see you but he sees nothing suspicious about a
    chef standing still between a garage and a wall.  When he
    passes into the big square area in front of the garage.
    Move south (to the southern fance wall).  Hide behind the
    boulder to the right.  Move forward towards those guards
     moving together (one in vest, other in suit).  Go behind the
    bush in front of the boulder you started in.   By this point
    you should have the objectives completed because the
    maid should have given the guy the food and he should've
    eaten it by now.
    Anyways, move towards the boulder you started behind.
    Before you make your exit, make sure both objectives are
    complete, because the transmitter should be completed first
    (when he eats the fish the transmitter goes in him immediately),
    and the kill H. Jr. one should take a little while longer (the poison
    in the fish takes a while to kick in).  Once both are complete,
    wit for the guards to be facing away from the exit and be
    past the boulder before you run for the exit, and freedom.
    And your Silent Assassin rating.
    -Extras Hints-
    -I think if you wait by the exit and then immediately leave
    when kill Hayamto Jr.s objective is completed, than the
    "guards have found dead Hayamato Jr." alert won't show
    up and you'll have a perfect score.
    -When you're leaving the level, do not run, and do not let
    the guards see a chef exiting the area, it's not normal
    -The maid is better at seeing your disguise
    Poison Fugu Fish - Backroom in house
    Kitchen Knife - Backroom in house
    SMG - Guards
    9mm Pistol - Some Guards
    SMG Ammo - Garage
    Pistol Ammo - Left of (!) Room
    M8 - Hidden Valley
    Objectives:  -Find the Secret Passage
    This level is either frustrating, hard and annoying, or easy
    and simplistic, depending on the way you play it.  If you
    decide to play it the brave way, there are snipers all over
    the area you visit, and they almost never miss.  Walk two
    steps, and suddenly, "Sniper target acquired", and you're
    dead.  If you take the easy way as listed below, then it'll be
    one of the easiest mission in the game.
    From your starting point, move around the trees to your left,
    behind the ring of trees to avoid being spotted by snipers.
    Head towards the Agency Pickup but do not turn the corner
    of the building because there is a guard on the other side
    that you need to watch out for.  Once turned the other way,
    go to the pick up and get your crossbow and so on.  You
    don't really need them.  Now before the guard turns around,
    go behind the truck.  When he starts walking back, dash to
    the nearest tree than slowly move towards the underground
    hatch near you.
    Go down the ladder but make sure the guard is not there
    (check map).   When he gets out of the room,  go down into
    the room fully.  Wait until he goes into the next room before
    getting of the room your currently in and going out.  Now
    dash straight outside of your little alcove room and hide
    between the two roads and between two pillars.  The four
    guards up at the beginning of the road should not have
    seen you.  Wait for the next truck and then get on and
    crouch.  The truck will start, now check your map.  Wait for
    the truck to take you to the three patrolling guards, patrolling
    together.  It should stop beside them.  Wait for them to go
    past the truck, then get off the truck and hide behind the
    pillar right beside the truck.  Now follow the patrolling
    guards, (not too closely, or they'll hear you and turn around).
    When they turn around a pillar, this is your cue to move
    forward.  When they are all going in the other direction on
    the opposite side, move to the next pillar.  Now move to the
    right side of the pillars and run to where you see the truck
    that you just came in.  (Note: Do not let the guards see you,
    keep to the right of the pillars)
    Now dash to the next pillar (beside the truck) and then the
    guard facing the back of the truck will come to the front.
    When he does, move to the following pillar , and then sneak
    to the next one (you have to sneak because the guards
    are right in front of you, after all).  You should now be at a
    pillar where you see a door.  Now, the guards are
    facing the truck, so run, run and run from the right of the
    pillars and keep going down the main tunnel until
    you get to the next checkpoint area (where there should be a
     room to the south with one guard patrolling - check
    your map).  Three guards are patrolling, but their pattern is
    done so that it leaves an opening for you to proceed
    every few seconds.  Do this, wait for the truck, then let it
    take you all the way to the exit.  (Note: If this gets too annoying
    for you, then snipe out the four guards who were around
    the truck at the second check-point then get on the truck.)
    -You can just hop on the truck and wait for it to take you all
    the way to the entrance, but if you want to do this you have
    to have no guards see you or if they do, only when the
    truck is moving so it could take a lot of tries.  Plus no Silent
    -Don't even try to beat this level through the surface.
    -Even if you've killed all the guards, the truck will still go.
    -The Snipers on the surface almost never miss
    -Changing clothes won't help much because the guards will
    see an extra out-of-place guard and check for your I.D.
    (which you do not have)
    Nightvision Goggles - Agency Pickip
    Crossbow - Agency Pickup
    SMG-SD6 - Guards (both white and black suited)
    Custom W2000 - Ninja Snipers
    Crossbow Bolts - Agency Pickup
    SMG Ammo - Guards (both kinds)
    M9 - At the Gates
    Objectives: -Get to the castle undetected
    	   -Wait for briefing
    This level is not really fun, more or less.  You have the same
    basic landscape as the previous level, although there's no
    underground, and the surface is a lot easier to go through.
    However, snipers are still frequent, don't let your guard
    down.  It's basically another A-B mission, no assassination
    involved.  And by the way, don't try shooting everything
    in sight unless you take out the snipers with your crossbow
    (if you bothered to bring it).
    Alright, here we are, landing in a frustrating snow covered
    area.  Move towards the right towards a little hill along the
    side.  There is a guard on this hill but he should be on the
    far side right now.  Keep going until you're close enough to
    him and hide behind trees.  When he starts heading north,
    empty five bottles of chloroform into him.  Now move along
    the edge of the mountains.   Once you get to the point where
    if you turn north the castle is right in front of you, move
    towards the castle, not on the main path, and not too close
    to any guards.  Turn right around where the path slopes
    down and go towards the right generator.
    There should be three rocks surrounding the generator area.
    Hide behind the closest to you. Wait till the guard moves a
    little more away from you then go to the middle one.  Now
    while he's still moving away, if you run to the last boulder
    in time, he should stop, but not see you.  If this doesn't work,
    just wait for him to turn around.  When he turns around,
    go into the generator fence (do not run).  Go west of
    generator and you'll see the off switch.  Turn it off.
    (Note:  You can also just shoot at the little section which
    connects the two parts of the generator together to blow it
    up, the force of the explosion will kill the guard around it,
    but does not count as a kill for you (good thing)).
    Now move forward along the back of the castle, past the
    guard guarding the back in a line (you'll see the north-
    eastern back entrance but don't go in it), when he has his
    back to you then advance along the back and go to the
    north-western entrance to the castle.  Enter the laser-
    deactivated entrance and you'll see that there is another
    laser doorway ahead of you, so you can't go anywhere.
    There is a concealed doorway to the right of you, hidden
    among the wooden wall to look like the wall.  Open it.  Turn
    left, and go through the door up on the stairs.   Move along
    the room and go out on the far left exit.  Move towards the
    laser doorway.  To the south you should see stairs.  Don't
    go through them, instead to the left there is a kind of ledge
    and snow leads up to them.  Go up the little snow steps
    behind the stairs and then move along until the end where
    you should see a second building with a tiny ledge on it.
    Go onto the ledge, then press left and forward and run
    which will make you move along the ledge without falling.
    Fall down after the ledge turns (don't try to turn with it).
    Now if you keep going south you'll see the off switch for
    the second generator.
    Now move along the rocks toward the ramp that you see.
    The ramp is going in the east direction.  Go up the ramp
    and through the door (note: hide behind rocks because a
    guard will come out to patrol. When you're inside the door,
    hug the left wall with curtains so the ninjas on the roof won't
    see you.  Keep going and you'll see the third generator.
    Turn it off then go to the door nearest to you beside the
    sword rack.  Check your map to see if the guard outside is
    looking in the direction of the door.  When he's not looking
    move through the door then hug the wall of the door you
    just came from and move leftwards until you pass the
    building and can see where there used to be a laser doorway.
    Go through, move up the ramp, turn right, head northwest,
    past two wooden doors, but do not go down the ramp, turn
    east and you'll see a previously laser-guarded doorway.
    Go through it. Turn right ,and go up stairs.  Turn north, and
    you'll see the doorway with lamps.  That is your exit.
    -Again, don't let the guards see you because they'll check
    your I.D.  The disguise is mainly for the snipers not to shoot
    you from far away.
    -If there is a warning: "Now looking for suspicious ninja" ignore
    it because it doesn't do anything to your score.
    -It's possible to finish the level without getting the third
    -Shooting everything is again not a very intelligent idea.
    Katana Sword - Ninjas (black suited)
    SMG SD6 - White Suited Guards
    Custom W2000 - Snipers
    SMG Ammo - White Suited Guards
    M10 - Shogun Showdown
    Objectives -Eliminate Hayamoto
    	 -Secure the Missle Guidance System
    There's that music again.  Don't be intimidated by the large
    number of floors in this level, they're all tiny.  Overall I'd
    say this is another annoying level, it's not that much fun to
    play.  The guards will get annoying after a while.  And by
    the way, this mission directly continues with the last one,
    so where's 47's guard disguise?  Oh well.
    Okay, here we go.  To the left of you is stairs.  Before the
    stairs are two wooden walls.  The right one has a concealed
    doorway.  Go through it, and up the stairs.  Check the map
    for the guard there to face the other way.  Now open go left
    and go to the crates at the end.  (Note: Wooden floorboards
    make noise, try to step on the beams).  Go towards the
    stairs going down without the guard spotting you and walk
    on the beams instead of floorboards because guards behind
    the laser doorway will spot you.  Once your down, to the
    right is a concealed doorway.  Go through it.   Now check if
    there are any courtyard guards meditating in front of the
    Buddha statue,  if there are, hide behind the huge red
    curtain on the left of you.  When they leave, get the keycard
    on the wood panel then move forward.  There's a kind of
    intersection ahead that a guard patrols through.  If the
    guard is going forward (you can see him) follow behind
    (at a safe pace).  If he's just approaching the intersection
    from a different direction, than wait at the curtain on the
    same side of the buddha statue.
    Now keep to the right of the hallway and pass the
    intersection because there is a ninja concealed up on the
    roof to your left.  (Note: It's best to wait for the patrolling
    guard to already turn the corner ahead of you before
    proceeding.  Once you pass the intersection, and turn the
    corner, hide until the patrolling guard turns that corner too,
    than move ahead and go through the door that you see.
    (Note: Another patrolling guard and ninja is here, use same
    trick) ( Note#2, if the guard is coming up towards the
    intersection ahead of you and he'll see you, then hide to the
    right of where he'll come out, beside the wavy curtain and
    he won't see you.  Or you can always go all the way back,
    crouch in front of door's dark spot, and then shoot at the
    candle near where you are.
    When he's turned the corner, again hug the right wall and
    move towards that corner (note: the right wall-sticking is
    to once again avoid a ninja who is also on the roof on the
    left instersection path).  Go around the corner and once
    again is a door.  Go through it (make sure the patrolling
    guard doesn't see you).  Now check map to look inside the
    first door on your left.  The guards should be facing away
    from the entrance.  Sneak inside, through the bed and then
    off the laser fence.  Make sure you're as away from the
    guards as possible.  Pick up the bomb and bomb remote in
    that room.  Sneak back out (I don't care what you say, but
    these guards should be able to see a guy in a puffy jacket
    walking past them, even if you are sneaking).  Anyways, now
    go back to the hallway and keep going down.  Ignore the
    second room.  Go into the square intersection and turn left
    and you'll see a door.  That goes into the room I just told
    you to ignore.  Sneak, and open it (make sure the guards
    inside are facing away first).  They are watching T.V.  The
    second you get in the room, step right.  This make take
    several tries before you get it right.  It's best to open the
    door without standing in front, then wait for the guard
    farthest from you to sit forward on his knees.
    Anyways, go right and change into the black clothes that
    you see.  Walk out.  (Note: If you run up to the Heli-pad the
    guard won't notice you but if you walk he'll want to check
    your ID.  If you go behind the helicopter the clever fellow
    will forget about you.  Make sure the guard who can see
    you goes away, then place the bomb under the helicopter.
    Now if you look south-east you'll see the stairway going
    down.  Go down and you'll be at your starting point.  Go
    through the concealed door to the wooden-floored 1st
    floor again (deja-vu?).  Anyways, this time turn off the
    key-card ahead and ignore the two guards.  They'll be a
    little suspicious though.  No red threat meter though.  Now
    ignore the stairs going up and go to the ones leading to the
    basement.  Now go down, through the door, then through
    the door straight ahead to the left, not the one directly to
    the left of the one you came out of.  Go down the next flight
    of stairs, and deactivate the lasers.   This is the museum.
    North-east of where you are is the missile guidance system.
    Pick it up.  You might also want the .22 SD pistol which is in
    one of the display cases.
    Head back to the 1st floor ("floorboard floor") but don't go
    back outside into the floorboard area.  Just go up the stairs
    up until the second floor.  Go to the stairs at the other end
    of this floor.  At the 3rd floor, go through the doors on the
    right, then through the doors on the left, then through the
    doors on the right and you should see an area with many
    monitors and such.  Head inside that room and press the
    button.  Now go back down to the 2nd, then 1st floor.  Go
    out of the laser-protected area back into the "floorboard
    floor" and then through the right door where you came from.
    Go down stairs, through the door and you're back where
    you started this mission.  Doesn't really matter if you run,
    because they're all running too.   Look out and wait for a
    frantic Hayamato to escape on his helicopter (the button
    you pressed was to sound the alarm).  When the helicopter
    starts to lift, take out your bomb remote and detonate the
    bomb to hell!  Then meekly run away to freedom.
    -If you play the long way by just going up to the 6th floor,
    and killing the guy in person, than there is a woman who is
    on the 4th or 5th floor who you can save.
    -The ninja's on the roofs may not be as intelligent as the
    guards but they sure pose much more of a challenge.
    -Ignore the guards after you press the alarm.  If a guard wants
    to check your I.D. on your way back to the exit keep walking
    away then hide in the alcove behind the wooden concealed
    door near the exit and they'll just forget all about you.
    -The .22 SD pistol has an integrated silencer.
    -I don't care what you say, but those guards playing chess
    should've been able to see you.
    Keycard -  Northeast wings (!)
    Missile Guidance System - Museum
    Special Card - Lei Ling(woman on the 5th floor), Hayamoto
    Bomb Remote - Storage room (see below)
    SMG SD6 - Storage room (near guards playing chess),
               guards, some black suited guards
    Deagle - some black suited guards
    Katana - Ninjas (black suited guards who sit on roofs)
    Bomb - Storage room (see above)
    .22 SD - Museum
    SMG Ammo - Storage Room
    M11 - Basement Killing
    Objectives - Find and Kill Charlie in the Basement
    	 - Disable the Surveillance System for Direct
    Here's the first Malaysia mission.  It's pretty fun, takes place
    in a bog corporation company.  If you brought along a rifle
    like an idiot, be prepared to dump it immediately before you
    get out of your booth.  Nothing much else to say.  By the
    way, get all the stuff you can at the weapon selection
    because you're starting in a new location.
    Alright, you're behind a booth.  What do you do?  Get out.
    Duh. (alchohol wears off)
    Huh?  What?  Oh yeah, malaysia.  Anyways, head over to
    the agency pickup area. which you'll get to by going right,
    right, and right again.  Go through the door, watch out for
    the guard who patrols here.   Make sure he's in the other
    room before you go in and take your stuff.  Everything.  If
    the guard is heading back (check your map) hide to the
    right of the door (his left when he enters) then let him walk
    past you and get out from behind him.  Now go back out
    the door you came from and go to the door straight ahead.
    The laundry room (why is there a laundry room on the main
    floor of a big corporation building?  So the customers can
    have their shirts cleaned while they wait?).
    There is one laundry rom guard and another guard who just
    goes to the laundry room every now and then.  When the
    first guard goes back to the guard room and the other is in
    the laundry room, go into the store room straight ahead and
    wait for the laundry room guard to leave the laundry section.
    Then go into the laundry room and drop the smoke bomb
    through the laundry chute.  Go and hide behind the
    washing machines to the right for the guard to come back
    and when he hears the alarm and starts getting frightened,
    you can just go past him.  Now head to west side of the
    building and go to the fire dept. and then through the door
    on the left.  At the north of this room are firemens clothes,
    so pick change into them, and then pick up a fireman's axe.
    (Note: Do this all quickly while the place is in a frenzy so
    notbody notices you.)  No go north and through the metal
    detectors (the guards think it's just the axe that's making
    them beep, instead of weapons).   Go through the little
    opening on the east to get to the elevator and go to the
    Now go straight then left into a room with monitors.  Shoot
    the monitor at the left of the entire table.  Then go down the
    flight of stairs.  Pick lock the door and then go up to Charlie.
    You can sneak behind him and take him out with the fireman's
    axe (as implied by the mission starter screen).  Or just shoot
    him.  Now go back up the stairs and through the elevator to
    the left of the stairs.  Mission accomplished.
    Okay, I know I said I was only gonna state one way to beat
    the mission but the next way to beat this mission was just
    so fun...I had to list it.
    First, go get your weapons from the agency pickup.  Drop
    the weapons except for the smoke bomb through the laundry
    chute.  Now go to the (men's) bathroom and wait for the pizza
    guy to come in.  Fibre-wire him and take his clothes (and hide
    him).  Go to the food dept.  and make sure guards don't
    come too close to you.  Wait for the order for Mr. Sidjan
    and than wait for the guy at the counter to pass you the
    food.   (NOTE: I'm talking about the bathroom on the west
    side of the building)
    You proably know what comes next.
    - You cause no disruption by doing almost anything if you
    are a fireman during the alarm on the main floor
    -In the basement, the guards will be very suspicious if you're
    in the surveillance rooom
    -If you're quick enough, you can drop the bomb, run out of
    the laundry section before any guard comes in, and then be
    in front of the fire dept.  right when the alarm starts so you
    have plenty of time left.
    -If Duke Nukem 3D can have actual mirrors, why can't Hitman
    -They don't find it weird when a guy goes into the women's
    -If you go up to the counters at the beginning then you can ask
    each person how to get to the basement (short cutscenes).
    They all say no, obviously.
    -When you are the pizza boy, if you just go up to him with
    the pizza (don't kill him) he'll stand up, not take the pizza
    and then the chair he sat on moves by itself for some reason
    Pizza - Food Dept.
    Fireman's Axe - Fire Dept.
    9mm Pistol - Agency Pickup
    Deagle - Ground floor, southeast room
    Smoke Bomb - Agency pickup
    MAG Ammo - Ground floor, southeast room
    Pistol ammo - Agency pickup, Basement storage
    M12 - Graveyard Shift
    Objectives: -Plant hacking device
    Easy, short level.  Get's annoying at the end with the skybridge.
    Move forward, turn left, go towards the kitchen.  Shoot at the
    webcam which is filming the wonderfully exciting life of a
    cofee pot.  Hide to the right of door (of the person walking in).
    Wait till the System Admin. (V.I.P. in map) gets the munchies
    and comes to the kitchen (although all he does is scratch his
    butt) then empty five bottles of anaesthetic into him.  Take
    his clothes and get out of there and then go past the elevator
    you started from and through the southern exit of the little
    hallway you were in.
    Turn right, ignore the guard and go left through the main doors
    that you see.  You'll be in a room with a lot of cubicles.  Ignore
    the guy on his computer and don't get close to him.  Check
    your map and head towards the system admin. room.  Get the
    keycard on the table.  Now head towards the room marked
    SERVER on your map.  Plant the hacking device in the server.
    Now remember on the way to the system admin room there
    was a big bridge type thing with lights and so on.  That's the
    skybridge.  You want to go back there.  You'll notice there are
    no doors.  You'll have to improvise, huh?  Make sure there
    are no guards too close to you, then shoot the glass, jump
    through and hide behind the first tube thing.  I noticed that
    if I shot the right window with a .22 silenced than the guards
    in the building weren't alarmed, even though it said "guards
    alarmed by sound of breaking glass".
    Now on the skybridge there are two guards, you have to time
    their locations to move forward, all the while hiding from the
    gaurds looking through the window back at the building.  If
    both guards are warming their hands through the left of the
    skybridge together, don't be afraid to sneak past them  (Note:
    your noise of walking is not as easily heard because it's outside
    + rain).   Note: Even if the guards see you if you just ignore
    them and keep walking towards the hatch at the end of the skybridge
    they forget about you.
    -This method gets Silent Assassin
    -The administrators are all playing games on their computers
    - what a fun job
    -Kill everything you see works with this level
    Keycard - System Administrator room
    Nightvision goggles - North-west (!)
    9mm Pistol - System Admin room, guards
    Fire Axe - Eastern Guard room
    Pistol ammo - Guards, eastern guard room, System admin room,
    northwest (!), south-right (!)
    M13 - The Jacuzzi Job
    Objectives: -Kill Charlie Sidjan
    	  -Steal the Money
    	  -Steal the Statue
    One of the easiest levels to get Silent Assassin on.  This is probably by far
    the smalles (as in actual area size) mission
    Uh-oh.  Standing on a ledge a hundred floors up of a building
    isn't a really good idea, is it?  Well, too bad, Mr. 47 doesn't
    seem to care.  Move along the ledge, crouching when you
    get to windows.  Enjoy the beatiful Malaysian cityscape as
    you go along (yeah right).  Anywas, keep ledging along till
    you are the western balcony.  Check your map for the northern
    western room with the (!) in it.  You should see a green circle-point.
    It's the secretary inside playing solitare.  She faces south-
    west but when she moves from south-west to north-east,
    then sneak inside the room past the secretary who is checking
    the safe.  (This is where the money you're supposed to steal
    is.)  Now go through the door north-west of you into the
    hallway and into the door directly ahead.  You should now
    be in the fuse room (generator).
    Blow the fuses and everything should go dark.  Rush back
    into the secretary's room now.  If you were quick, the safe
    will still be open and you can get the money.  If not, just open
    it yourself, take the money, then close it.  Now rush back out
    to the balcony and go through the only other door in the
    balcony.  To the right is the statue on a display.  Get that.
    2 objectives complete.  Now we just have to get Mr. Sidjan.
    Return to the first balcony that you started in (run on the
    ledges because it's too dark for the people inside to see.
    Now go through the door, stay away from any guards.  Turn
    left and left door and go through the hallway.  The left foor
    in this hallway is to the jacuzzi room that Charlie is in.  The
    other one if to the bathroom where the ladies inside go sometimes.
    (Note: Call the elevator before you enter the jacuzzi room
    so you don't have to wait around when they find out Charlie
    is dead.)
    Check your map.  If the ladies are in the jacuzzi room, go in the
    jacuzzi room.  If they're in the bathroom, or if even one or two
    are in the bathroom.  Wait beside the bathroom door for them
    to come out.  When they're all in the jacuzzi go into the jacuzzi
    room and hide behind the seperator to the right.  Wait for
    them to go out.  If only one or two go out, the other will sit
    beside Charlie, so just go up and chloroform her, then fiber-wire
    Charlie.  Run back to the elevator you should have called
    earlier and escape.
    -The guards can still see you in the dark
    -The ladies have guns
    Statue - Main area
    Night Vision Goggles - table in main are
    Money - Safe in secretary room
    Revolver - Ladies, room right of elevator
    9mm Pistol - Guards
    SMG - Backup Guards
    M14 - Murder at the Bazaar
    Objectives: - Eliminate Liuetenant Ahmed Zahir
    	  - Get Map of Location of Warheads from Liuetenant
    	  -Eliminate Colonel Mohammed Amin
    	  -Get key from Colonel
    Welcome back to Sicily, 47.  Have a good stay because we
    won't need you for a - wait we have a mission for you.  Very
    funny.  Anyways, this is the first in a series of bland desert
    levels.  The objectives here are pretty easy, simplify them to
    kill two guys and take their stuff.  Their are, as Diana says,
    two parts to this level.  But I mean that in a different way.  Their
    is the village, with the houses and so on, and then the Bazaar,
    which is the market place.  One target is in the huge main area,
    and the other is in the Bazaar.  The mission is easy enough.
    Welcome to the sand country.  Move left, and keep going along
    the path.  Look to your right.  Ignore the opening with the vase,
    and keep going until the right side buildings open up a second
    time.  (Just check your map).  The building is the Liuetenants
    quarters.  Go to the back entrance, don't let the guards see you,
    and two guards come back here to smoke their hands (I don't see
    cigarettes).  When they're gone, sneak through the back door
    and up the stairs (you have to sneak because the Lieutenant is
    looking the other way  and if he hears noise he'll turn your direction.
    If he isn't looking away from the stairs, run around downstairs
    at the place where you want him to look.  Then go upstairs,
    sneak behind him and fibre-wire him.  (Apparently he just tells
    everyone he's going for an afternoon nap, and instead enjoys
    standing still staring into space).  Take the coordinates from him.
    Objectives 1 and 2 complete.
    A guard downstairs will probably enter the house.  He's
    looking away from the door, and if he isn't, make him by running
    around upstairs in a area you want him to look.  Now sneak
    back down the stairs and enter the back door behind his back.
    Go back to where you started (it's best actually to sneak away
    from the house because the guard inside will hear you and come
    out, suspiciously.  Now back where you started, if you turn to
    the right of the path, you'll go to the bazaar.  Keep walking down
    the bazaar path and then go through the empty stall at the
    right and hide behind the crates.  Wait for the colonel to come
    and smoke his hand with the guard waiting outside.  Fibre-wire
    him and drag him behind the crates.  Holster your fibre-wire
    Take his key to warheads and then go out, turn right, and go to
    the exit.
    -The second the Liuetenant hears noise he'll pull out his guns.
    -Watch the talk between the Colonel and the civilians in the
    Bazaar.  I'd really like to know why the guard hits them with his
    gun.  Prices too high?
    -The threat meter will rise when you're seen by people but
    it'll never go up to red.
    Key to Warheads - Colonel
    Coordinates - Liuetenant
    SVD Sniper - Guards Quarters
    9mm pistol - Lieutenant
    AK Rifle - Guards
    Sniper Ammo - Guards Quarters
    M15 - The Motorcade Interception
    Objectives: -Find your contact, Get the weapons
                   	  -Kill the local Khan
                         -Spare the UN troops
    Doesn't the name sound like the title of a movie?  Anyways, this
    level is pretty fun.  Basically the guy you have to kill is arriving in
    a limo guarded by UN troops and what you have to do is kill him while
    the limo is moving without hurtig anyone else.  Pretty tricky, eh?
    Not really, it's pretty easy when you think about it because that's
    the only real objective and it's a simple one too.  Anyways, enough
    of my chit-chat.  Here we go.
    At the beginning of the mission, check your map and move towards
    where you're agency pickup is (a V.I.P. will be there).  Guards will be
    circling the area around this place.  Wait for the mosque to call for
    prayers (or something like that, just listen for the voice over the intercom
    sounding thing).  When most of the guards leave, wait for a guard
    to come and then fibre-wire him.  Take his clothes.  Don't get too
    close to civilians cause they will see your weapon and report it.
    (Note: If trying to fibre-wire the guys get annoying, then drop
    your M195 in a visible are and they'll come to look at it and then
    just shoot them.  You won't get Silent Assassin, though)
    Now make your way to the main road right in front of the gates, and
    then to the mosque (it's the place south with a lot of guards bunched
    together on the map).  Go up the stairs, then up the ladder to the
    roof.  Go a little to the side of the big circle tower roof thing, then
    look to the side which will be the road that the motorcade will be
    entering from.  When the motorcade turns to enter the gates
    aim and shoot the engine of the front UN truck.  (Note: This is a waste
    of shots for your score so if you think you're good enough just
    shoot the guy in the moving limousine.  If you can't do it, than
    shoot the engine).  When the limo stops because of the busted
    engine, shoot the target inside.  He's on the farther side.
    Now get down from the roof by the stairs behind you and run
    for the exit.  If done correctly, one shot will count, and Silent
    Assassin will be yours.
    - You can also just snipe out the guy from from behind the crates.
    -Don't kill his friend or the mission will fail
    -The UN soldiers are intelligent and will find you in a matter of
    seconds, no matter how well you're hidden
    -The rifle is LOUD
    -The guards will take a few seconds before they realize all the UN
    soldiers are firing at you
    M195 Rifle - Agency Pickup
    AK Rifle - Guards
    M4 - UN Guards
    M60 - UN Guards
    2 .50 CAL Ammo
    M16 - Tunnel Rat
    Objectives:  -Access the Base
                          -Kill Yussef Hussein
                          -Transport the cargo to the surface
    Last desert level.  And it seems to want to go out in extreme
    annoyance.  Another really frustrating level that's small but tough
    to beat.  Apparently sometime from the last mission 47 decided
    to change back to civilian clothes, instead of keeping the guards
    clothes which would have made this so much easier (if life were
    like that, we wouldn't need a visa card).  Anyways, begin:
    Move towards the large area from the position you're in now.  From
    there, move around the large rock walls and then go through the back
    opening when both guards aren't looking.  (Note: I'm talking about the
    nearest underground entrance from the starting point.)  Now run around to
    make the guy guarding the entrance move to the side then sneak
    up and pick the lock (note: remember, after you hear the click,
    open and close the map and the lock-picking will be done quickly).
    Objective one complete.
    Now once you're underground, there should be a guard there.  Wait
    till he's out of your line of sight then go into the main area (check your
    map to make sure there are no other guards who will see you) then
    go into the sewer area which is near the inner walls.  Crouch (note:
    moving while you crouch will enable 47 to breathe but don't crouch
    for too long without moving).  Now move north in the tunnel and
    keep going (stick to the right wall so no one sees you) until you get
    to an area with the ladder going up behind a large stack of crates
    and to the left should be a (!) which is the power generator.  Now go up and
    hide behind the
    Now, the following method is just a whole load of chance.  Go back
    into the sewers and then get out a supressed gun (.22 from Shogun
    Showdown works best) and shoot the lights in front of you).  If it's
    timed perfectly, the guard in front of the crates will not run to sound the
    alarm.  Then you dash to the generator in the opening and turn it
    off.  If you can't, then just dash to the generator and turn it off so the
    guards who just ran to sound the alarm won't be able to.  Then turn left
    and run through a little tunnel and then to the first bed on the right in
    the guards room that the tunnel leads to.  Change into the guards clothes,
    pick up an AK and head eastwards to the main halls.  Turn right,
    check your map for a door which leads to a circular room.  Go there
    (just keep walking right and you'll see the door).  Go in quickly
    before the guards get too suspicious and then sneak up to the door
    on the right, get out your fibre-wire, go in the door, and then fibre-wire
    your target who is admiring his collection of magnificent white boxes.
    (Note: Before entering this room it's best to wait for the guard guarding
    the door to move away first)
    Now get back out to the hallway and move away from the guards,
    then when nobody's looking, drop back into the sewers and move
    in a clockwise direction until you are at the area nearest to the north-
    western (!).  That's the cargo.  Get up and call the elevator then press
    for Ground Level than hide behind the cargo.  Now watch the little
    cutscene.  Diana tells you some formal sounding "secure the perimiter"
    stuff, but all it means is kill the guards.  There are two guards you
    have to worry about, they're guarding one of the entrances which
    happens to be in front of the H-Pad.  The first one goes to leak behind
    the entrance.  Take him out first.  Then the other one leaks right beside
    the entrance, so take him out after the first one.  View the cutscene and
    you're done.
    -The guards by the H pad don't really get suspicious if they see you.
    -If you want to cut through the generator tunnel keep your back to the guards
    because they will recognize you as the guy who turned off the generator
    -Don't try to be a genius and turn off the generator the second time,
    because then the elevator won't work either
    -M60 is a valuble weapon.  Make sure you get it
    Nightvision Goggles - Starting area underground
    M60 - Bodyguards, guard's room
    AK - Guards, guard's room
    Deagle - Target, torturing guard
    Anesthetic (3) - Circular room beside target room on table
    5.56mm - guard's room
    MG Ammo - guard's room
    M17 - Temple City Ambush
    Objectives: -Meet Agent Smith
                         -The Agent must survive
                         -Kill the two assassins and photograph their bodies
                         -Bring the photos back to the agent
    Easy, kind of fun mission.  It's your first in India, and it's probably
    kind of refreshing to see a colour other than sand-orange.  This
    mission is relatively easy if you know what you're doing, nothing
    hard.  In fact, the India missions are probably the most fun in the
    game (after Tracking Hayamato).  Here we go:
    Move towards your first agency pick-up point.  Now talk to the guy.
    You can pick-up the SP12, a really strong shotgun, if you want, but
    I reccomend not to, because without it you can roam around and
    nobody will be suspicious.  Anyways, now you should know the
    location of Agent Smith (he'll be the next agency pickup).  Go over
    to him (his location is random) (Don't run around too much, also).
    Now go through the door, and if it's locked, there will be a side door.
    The guy inside (agent smith) will start shooting, but none of the shots
    will hit you.  The cutscene will show (agent smith = bad voice acting).
    Now check your map for two enemies.  One is not moving, the other is
    enjoying a little walk.  Head for the not moving one first.  Steer clear
    of the other one, make sure he can't see you.  He'll be the guy in a
    baseball cap walking around in cultist's clothes.    It's best to walk
    through the streets around the market to the other side where the
    assassin will be.  He's a sniper and he's waiting for you on the top of
    a store.  Go up to the store and fubre-wire him from behind.  Photograph
    him and leave.  Might as well take his clothes.
    Now for the other one.  This guys a bit trickier because he's moving
    around, but you can handle it, after all you are the "legend" of the
    assassin business.  Follow him around from far away so that he doesn't
    see you until no people can see then kill him with a supressed weapon.
    Photograph him and get your *** back to agent smith.  This is
    hard so be content if even one civilian is around, just let him run
    around yelling when he sees you shoot him.  I found that a good
    place to get the guy is between the small connecting thing between
    the first market area and the second.
    Anyways, now that that's done, we have to get to the exit.  Once you're
    in the store, the secret exit is a little square carpet piece covering hole
    to the left of when you get in.  Mission complete.
    -There's a purple turban guard who, if he sees you with a weapon,
    will come after you and kill you.  Steer clear.
    -This mission needs precision to get Silent Assassin.
    -Don't try to snipe the guy from the window
    SP12 - Agency Pickup #1, sack store in village, eastern sack shop
    Deagle - 2nd agency pickup
    SMG-SD6 - Purple turban guard
    SMG - Assassin (appears after completing everything but escape)
    R93 Sniper Rifle - Assassin on 2nd floor of store, assassin (see above)
    SMG Ammo - Shops (too many to list), assassin, purple turban cultist
    Shotgun ammo - Agency pickup #1
    7.62mm - Shops (too many to list)
    M18 - The Death of Hannelore
    Objectives  -Pick up door key to hiding place
                         -Kill Dr. Von Kamprad
                         -Hide the body of Dr. Von Kamprad- Check your map
                         -No civilians must be killed
    Here's another level which sounds a lot like a movie.  It's pretty fun,
    very easy to beat, the whole thing.  The objectives to this level are
    pretty self-explanatory.  Dr. Von Kamprad is your target.  She's very
    dumb and not very careful so killing her is easy enough if it were'nt
    for those dumb civilians.  Anyways, here we go:
    Alright, so we start out behind a canoe of some sort. Check around
    you to make sure there are no guards.   A guard who comes quite close
    to your location should be heading away from you through a little
    hole in the hills before you move.  When he does that, go forward
    in the direction your facing (west).  Stick to the hills.  However, if
    a stationary guard is westwards preventing you from advancing (
    although he is facing the opposite direction), then stick to the
    beachy area, and go west and you should reach a sewer entrance (not
    ladder, just walk-in type).  Now check your map and head towards the
    only ladder there is (but once you get there, do not go up the ladder,
    it's suicide).  Instead, go through the first sewer opening to the right,
    and go up that ladder, but halfway through, when you can see above
    you, make sure there are no guards there.
    Now move to the nearest room on the right as long as there is no one
    inside, from here, hide and sneak your way to the room with the (!)
    up north.  Change into the patient clothes, and you have a decent
    disguise as of now.  Now move back to where you came from and
    towards the storage area where your agency pickup is.  Get the poison,
    and the door key.  Now move towards the stairway which
    is at the north of this little ring.  You can't see the stairs, it's behind
    doors which are guarded by......guards.  When they move to ther right,
    to smoke, go through the left doorway, then right to get to the
    main area.  If you keep going straigh to the right a little after you
    enter this area, you'll end up in the hallway with stairs.  If not, just
    check your damn map, that's why it's there.
    (Note: Get close to the nurse and she'll take you to the target's
    Now the target will start talking to you and then get up and look outside
    the window.  Use this chance to pour poison into her drink.  When
    she drinks it, drag her into the room behind her desk immediately.
    Then through the other door into the tiny connecting room.  Wait
    for the patient who comes in to come, look around, and then leave
    because you don't want him to accidentally come in while you're taking
    the doctor to her hiding place.  Now when he leaves go back to the
    office, drag her through the door you came from, and put her in her
    hiding spot.
    Now it's your choice how you want to escape.  Either go back the
    way you came in, or climb through the window in the middle of the
    pool.  Then go to your speedboat to exit the level.
    -Contributed Tips-
    -(Opie)In the beginning one of the guards will start in one of three places:
    walking towards
    the canoe your hiding behind, just standing there with his back facing you at a
    crossroad in
    the path, or walking up the cliff thing. If he is walking towards your canoe he
    will stop in
    front of the canoe with his back to you and will stay there for a little bit.
    You can get into
    sneak mode and either put him out with chloroform or fiber wire him. If you
    chloroform him
    you have to be quick inside. But if you fiber wire him you won’t get a Silent
    Assassin rating.
    Then you take his clothes and walk through the door with two guards guarding
    it. There will
    be a little suspicion (possibly red) but nothing where they pull out their guns
    (God I hate it when
    they do that!). Then you go to the room to the left with the patients clothes
    in them and change
    into them. Then you do what you said after that point.
    -From far away, you're patient disguise works but up close, susupicions
    arise, although nothing serious
    -Don't be an idiot in front of patients
    -Make sure the patient cannot see before emerging from sewers
    -If you go up the main ladder from sewers, you emerge right
    in the middle of the garden pool with guards all staring right at you
    -Forgot the poison?  Fibre-wire works too
    -Run along the beach to the speedboat when exiting before the
    guards get suspicious about a patient running around outside
    the compound
    Poison - Agency Pickup
    Door Key - Agency Pickup
    9mm Pistol - Agency Pickup, guards
    AK - Agency pickip
    M19 - Terminal Hospitality
    Objectives  -Kill the Cult Leader
    	  -Escape the Island
    Not exactly the hardest mission you'll face but it's tricky.  This is
    the final of the India levels, so say goodbye.  Your objective is to
    kill the Cult leader who is currently in this hospital getting some
    operation.  Killing him is easy enough.  It's getting to him that's the
    problem.  Well, here goes:
    Well, here we are, to the side of the entrance pillar type thing.  Move
    forward and turn at the rock.  Now go up the stairs on the right side
    of the stairs, there is a guard up there.  Now go to sneak mode and go in
    the doorway from the stairs when he looks in the other direction.  Now
    sneak past him across and down the stairs at the other end (note:
    the stairs are just because going across this area on land is too annoying).
    Now keep going until you get to the area around the tempe (check your
    map for the square shaped thing with a (!) in it.
    Now there are two openings which lead to the temple are.  Go through
    the second one which heads for the start of the actual temple, ignore
    the opening which leads to the pool of water in front.  When no guards
    can see you, dash over to the other side and change into the guards
    clothes (orange).  Now go in through the main entrance, turn right
    at the picture of the hindu god.  Now you'll be in an area with weapons
    in the corner.  Pick up the AKs.  Now head back outisde.  Now you
    have to get to the north-western entrance to the hospital.  Go in, and
    get up the stairs to the second floor where your agency pickup is.
    Now go to the area where the room to your agency pickup is, but
    don't go inside yet.  Ignore any guards who tell you to stop, they
    pose no threat.  Now when the nurse leaves the office, go through
    and lockpick the door into the agency pickup area.  Open your briefcase
    beside the computer and get all the stuff inside.  Now move into
    the room north of the one your in right now to get the doctor's clothes.
    Drop the AK you're holding (doctors generally don't walk around
    with huge guns ^_^)
    Now go back to the agency pickup point.  Check your map and the nurse
    should be at her desk.  Now go back outside and head for the elevator.
    Go down to the basement.  Now move southwards and to the first
    POI.  Get the scalpel on the operating table.  (Note: Remember to not let
    any guards see you lockpick the doors)  Now go to the lowest
    POI.  Go over to the switch on the generator and toggle it to off.
    Now go to the area where the operations are, and find a bald guy
    lying on an operating table.  I played this level a couple of times and
    for me he was always on the bottom-right room, but I'm guessing it's
    different each time.  Now take out your scalpel and perform your
    phony operation to kill him.
    Now go through the door to the
    right of the hallway and then through the other door to get outside
    again.  All you have to do now is move around the place.  Go up
    the stairs when the sea is blocking you, cut across the main area to
    the stairs that in the beginning you cut through, and go down the
    left stairs to your speedboat.  A guy who looks exactly like you will
    fire at you as you go down.  Don't follow him when he runs away, and
    make sure that you don't shoot him cause this will alert the guards
    and you can say goodbye to Silent Assassin.
    Finish the level, watch the cutscene (Sergio = horrible voice acting),
    and you're back in your shed.
    -If you follow the bald guy somehow I'm pretty sure I heard that
    an explosion will kill you or something (not confirmed)
    -The Uzi's some guards are using are pretty good, grab em
    when you have the chance
    Room Key - Agency Pickup
    Nightvision Goggles - Agency Pickup
    M20 - St. Petersburgh Revisited
    Objectives - Kill Sergei Zavorotko
    	  -Escape to the Metro
    The second-last level would be expected to be something worth
    looking at but you're just back at boring old St. Petersburgh.  We
    have a new mission going on, kill Sergio, the old supplier of your
    missions.  If you have a brain, and you watched the last cutscene,
    you would sense something fishy going on, but a mission is a
    Alright, you can do this mission the proper way, or the lazy-guy
    way.  I'll list the lazy guy way.  The proper way is more fun, though.
    The proper way is to carry out your mission, go to the building
    where you snipe through the window, snipe the target, discover
    that it isn't him and then realize that there is someone shooting you.
    Here's the lazy way:
    You start out in the metro.  Go up the stairs and out of the metro.  Now
    there are two entrances to the Pushkin building area.  Choose one of
    them, but do not go in the broad circular are surrounding the area.
    First check which side you can see a sniper through a window in the
    Pushkin building.  Whichever window (one facing lake and other
    facing streets) he's on, go to the Pushkin
    building the other way.  You might want to enter one side to make him
    go there to snipe you, then go around the other way.  Get in through
    the main doors, then up the stairs at the right, you'll be in a meeting
    room.  Sneak up to the keyhole on the door exactly to the left on
    the wall of the one you came from.  The sniper is inside.  Open the
    door and sneak behind him, then fibre-wire him.
    Watch the cutscene, then change into his clothes.  Now run like mad
    for the exit any way you want, although sewers are better, less
    shotgun-weilding guards.  Get to the metro and leave this level.
    -Go to the room with the target to find out that it is just a cardboard
    cut of the enemy - a trick
    SVD Sniper - Agency pickup
    W2000 Sniper Rifle - 47's clone (17)
    SP12 - Guards
    Deagle - Guards
    Sniper Ammo - Agency Pickup #2
    M21 - Redemption at Gontranno
    Objectives: -Kill all of Sergei's Bodyguards
    	  -Save Vittorio by Killing Sergei
    The last level in the game.  The atmosphere is dark and chilly.  The
    once happy church is dark and rain drizzles onto it's roof.  Guards
    crawl around the church, killing anything that moves.  The birds
    have left.  Doesn't it sound like a horror movie?  Well this level is
    dripping with atmosphere and it's fun, too.  You're back at Gontranno,
    now, and it's up to you to save Vittorio, thanks to the two-timing
    betraying, no good agency.  Let's go:
    (This is the last mission, not really a mission, so who cares about
    stealth.  The beginning stealth is only because you have no
    weapons.  The guards are all over the place and until you want
    to follow my long and boring stealth walkthrough, just go on
    a shooting spree with your favourite rifle)
    You start in a little alcove in the courtyard.  Wait a few seconds and move
    forward.  Two guards are moving to the right of you.  One circles the
    courtyard and the other, back and forth from the door.  When he
    has his back to you, sneak to the door as long as he can't see.  When
    he starts to turn around, go through the door, behind the right door
    and beck and hide to the side where a little ledge covers you.  The guard
    on the stairway will turn around but he won't see you.
    Now there is another guard who patrols down here, when he turns, hit
    sneak mode, and follow behind him until you're close enough.  If you
    started moving behind him soon enough, right when he stops to turn
    around, that will be the perfect time to fibre-wire him.  Drag him to where
    you were hiding (behind the stair)  Now go to the shed (the weapons
    one, not your house).   First get your crossbow.  Go outside of the shed,
    and aim at a guy who's sniping from the ruins.  Now when the guard
    infront of the doors to the courtyard is moving to the left and cannot see
    you, move to the ruins and snipe him out.  After he's out, go back to
    your shed and get your 9mm SD.
    Go through the door to the church beside your shed and then go to
    the far locked room (stay away from the stairs!) and get the church
    key.  (Shoot the guard on your way their with the 9mm pistol SD)
    (Note: I found that a better way to snipe the guy at the courtyard
    entrance was to quickly dash from the shed to behind a pillar in
    the little box area beside the scarecrow, then to snipe him when he
    turns away from you)
    Now go to the courtyard doors, get your 9mm pistol, check your map
    and wait for the guard who circles the courtyard to go far away, than
    get in and shoot the patrolling guard.  Wait for the circling guard than
    shoot him too.  5 down.
    Now go back to your shed (home shed).  Between the shed and the
    ruins is the door that you went through earlier.  But between your
    home shed and the wall of the church is a secret door.  If you can't
    find it, walk right up to the door to the church inbetween the ruins
    and your shed and then just strafe left.  Anyways, go through that
    door (Note:  Do not walk on wooden stairways, sneak, thay make
    noise).  Now when you reach the first floor (two doors on the left,
    wooden staircase on the right) open the door to the left, the guy
    should be facing away from you.  Shoot two times in the head and
    he'll go down.  Now move to where he was.  There is a guard
    on the other side of this wall.  When that guy looks the other way,
    move to the right a little and deliver two shots into his head.  7 down.
    Now go to the door on the opposite of where you just came from.
    A guard is looking in your direction but pick him off before he
    can do anything.  Now go up the stairs, do not go through the door
    on the right, take the one on the left.  Shoot the guys on the balcony
    by crouch-walking.  Now crouch-walk across to the next doorway and
    then run across the long tunnel-type thing to the next balcony and
    take em out too.  Pick up a sniper rifle and pick out all the guys
    at the bottom.  A good way to do this is to shoot them through the
    glass on the balcony.  They most likely will not see you.  Take all
    the guards out, the ones on the balconies and on the ground floor
    and the 1st objective is over.  Now you'll hear someone saying
    something about releasing the devil within or something.  This is
    your cue to kill Sergei and get Vittorio.  Go to your shed and pick
    up your good weapon (I reccomend the M4 if you have it, if not,
    M60 or SP12 works good, if not that either than just get a da**
    Go back to the church and go into the main area and into the confession
    box.  Shoot the little glass panel with a heart on it.  You'll see a
    little cutscene and then it's up to you to take out Sergei.  After he
    dies (don't expect one of those FPS boss types, he's not really that
    hard, if you pummel at him with an M60 he's dead in a couple of
    seconds.  The SP12 won't even let him shoot you) you'll see a
    cutscene with 47 looking down on Sergei's dead body.  Then
    another cutscene with 47 rescuing Vittorio.  And finally, the ending
    will show and the credits will come rolling down.
    *****Congratulations!  You have now beaten Hitman 2*****
    And that's it, you've beaten it.  Note that you get an extra savegame
    where you can play any mission you feel like playing.  A little extra
    which I found fun:  when you're in the Sicily area,
    you can have a little target practice with the flying birds or pigs or
    whatever.  Anyways, enjoy the ending and thanks for reading this
    walkthr- whoops, not there yet, still some more sections to go.
    Section Layout:
    For handheld weapons:
    Game Description
    Summary of Weapon
    For shooting weapons:
    In-Game name
    Clip Capacity:
    Apprx. Reload Time: (Approximate Reloading Time-I did this myself
    for fun.  Handguns basically have almost equivalent times)
    Handheld Weapons
    -Surgeon' Scalpel-
    Surgeon' Scalpel
    Operating theatre classic
    The scalpel is a minor weapon used in only one mission to deliver a
    false operation.
    Used to pacify, not harm, your enemy
    Chloroform your enemies so that they are knocked out, not dead.  If
    you need someone out of your way for a minute or
    two, chloroform works best.  Note: They will wake up sooner or
    later and tell someone that someone chloroformed them,
    beware of use.
    -Fibre Wire-
    Strangulation Cord
    Fiber Wire. Does not trigger metal detectors
    Your main weapon in the game.  Obiviosuly intended for use with
    sneak mode.  Have fun with it.
    -Kitchen Knife-
    Kitchen Knife
    Standard Kitchen Multi-Purpose Slicing Tool
    Not exactly what you want in the middle of a fight.  Mainly just a
    decoration for your shed.
    -Combat Knife-
    Specialist Army Knife
    Standard military double edged light combat knife
    Not much better than the kitchen knife
    Japanese Katana
    Beautifully crafted ancient intrument of war
    The symbol of the japanese ninja brought to a video game for
    hacking and slashing purposes
    -Golf Club-
    Golf Club
    Titanium sporting instrument. Inertia driven
    Hey!  Someone replaced the ball with this guard! ^_^
    -Fire Axe-
    Fireman's Axe
    For breaking down doors and other obstacles
    Oh I can proably think of another use for it.......
    And those are all your basic hand weapons.  Next are the actual
    shooting weapons.  Note, Everything from title to weight is
    info directly from the game.  I got the approximate reload time
    -SilverBaller .45-
    Semi Automatic Handgun
    Caliber: .45 ACP
    Clip Capacity: 7
    Length: 21.6cm
    Weight: 1.076kg
    Apprx. Reload Time: 3.18 seconds
    Your trademark weapon.  Packs a hell of a punch that sends enemies
    flying.  Have fun with it.
    -SilverBaller .45 Suppressed-
    Ballers SD
    Semi Automatic Handgun W. Silencer
    Caliber: .45 ACP
    Clip Capacity: 7
    Length: 41.6cm
    Weight: 1.257kg
    Apprx. Reload Time: 3.18 seconds
    Same as above, except silenced.
    -9mm Pistol-
    Semi Automatic Handgun
    Caliber: 9mm
    Clip Capacity: 15
    Length: 21.7cm
    Weight: 0.95kg
    Apprx. Reload Time:  2.75 seconds
    Another common weapon in the game.  Not exactly the most powerful
    thing you'll ahve but it's very handy in a time of need.
    -9mm Pistol Supressed -
    9mm SD
    Semi Automatic Handgun W. Removable Silencer
    Caliber: 9mm
    Clip Capacity: 15
    Length: 41.7cm
    Weight: 1.26kg
    Apprx. Reload Time:  2.75 seconds
    Same as above.  Yet supressed. 0_0 Wow
    Stub-Nosed .357 Revolver
    Caliber: Mag.
    Clip Capacity: 6
    Length: 20cm
    Weight: 1.06 kg
    Apprx. Reload Time: 3.05 seconds
    Basic weak revolver which is usually used by the target of your
    mission.  Not exactly what you want in the middle
    of a gunfight, but useful if you have nothing else.
    Semi Automatic Handgun
    Caliber: Mag.
    Clip Capacity: 8
    Length: 15.9cm
    Weight: 1.897 kg
    Apprx. Reload Time: 2.63 seconds
    Watch those baddies fly!  It looks small but it packs a punch
    equivalent to almost the ballers.  Useful.
    -5.45mm pistol-
    Russian Service Pistol
    Caliber: 5.45mm
    Clip Capacity: 10
    Length: 16cm
    Weight: 0.46 kg
    Apprx. Reload Time: 2.49 seconds
    Another pretty weak handgun which you wouldn't really want in
    your hand in a tough fight.
    -.22 Supressed-
    Pistol with Integrated Silencer
    Caliber: .22
    Clip Capacity: 12
    Length: 42.2cm
    Weight: 1.12 kg
    Apprx. Reload Time: 2.60 seconds
    Pistol with a silencer built into it.  Nothing special during a fight.
    12 Guage Double-Barelled Shotgun
    Caliber: 12 Guage
    Clip Capacity: 2
    Length: 115.7
    Weight: 3.2 kg
    Apprx. Reload Time: 2.91 seconds
    Strong shotgun which basically draws as much attention to you as
    humanly possible.
    -Sawn-Off Shotgun-
    12 Guage Double-Barelled Shotgun
    Caliber: 12 Guage
    Clip Capacity: 2
    Length: 65.4cm
    Weight: 2.8 kg
    Apprx. Reload Time: 2.91 seconds
    Shotgun, as above, but sawn off so that it fits inside your coat,
    enabling you to holster it hidden,
    unlike the normal shotgun.
    -SP12 Shotgun-
    Full-Automatic Combat Shotgun
    Caliber: 12 Guage
    Clip Capacity: 8
    Length: 93cm
    Weight: 4.2 kg
    Apprx. Reload Time: 1.50 seconds
    The father of the other two shotguns.  Can fire 8 shots without
    reloading and reloading is quick.  Incredible to have
    in a tough situation.  Make sure you grab it in the Temple City
    Ambush missions.  Doesn't even take long to reload.
    Rifles / Machine Guns
    -AK Assualt Rifle-
    Russian AK-47 Derivative
    Caliber: 5.45mm
    Clip Capacity: 30
    Length: 67.5cm
    Weight: 3.1 kg
    Apprx. Reload Time: 2.81 seconds
    The first machine gun you'll see in the game.  It's a Russian assualt
    rifle which packs a good punch into your enemies.
    30 shots until reload time.
    -M4 Rifle-
    Carbine Assualt Rifle
    Caliber: 5.56mm
    Clip Capacity: 30
    Length: 84cm
    Weight: 2.54 kg
    Apprx. Reload Time: 2.90 seconds
    Let's just put it this way, when you have this weapon, the guards
    will start treating you like a guest.  It packs a hard
    shot into anything it touches and doesn't leave any time for
    rebound attacks.  Nothing stands in your way when
    you have the M4.  (Get silent assassin 5 times in a row for it)
    -M60 Light MG-
    Light Machine Gun
    Caliber: 7.62mm
    Clip Capacity: 100
    Length: 110cm
    Weight: 10.5 kg
    Apprx. Reload Time: 2.84 seconds
    Another strong gun.  It's very loud attracting attention very easily.
    It does, however, bring in some nice firepower to any
    battle of yours.  Watch them go down.
    -Sub Machine Gun- (SMG-SD6 = integrated silencer)
    Delayed Blow-Back Sub-Machine Gun
    Caliber: 9mm Parabellum
    Clip Capacity: 30
    Length: 68cm
    Weight: 2.55 kg
    Apprx. Reload Time: 3.26 seconds
    The Japanese-preferred weapon.  It's light, quick and deadly.  Nice
    to have on your side.
    -UZI 9mm-
    Rugged Sub-Machine Gun
    Caliber: 9mm Parabellum
    Clip Capacity: 30
    Length: 47cm
    Weight: 3.7 kg
    Apprx. Reload Time: 2.88 seconds
    Supposed to be stronger than most others although overall it doesn't
    really stand out much from the others.
    It's still amazingly strong and deadly though.
    Sniper Rifles
    What's a stealth game without sniper rifles?
    SVD Sniper
    SVD Sniper
    Russian Sniper's Rifle
    Caliber: 7.62mm
    Clip Capacity: 10
    Length: 125.5cm
    Weight: 4.31 kg
    Apprx. Reload Time: 2.89 seconds
    Between Shots: 1.84 seconds
    The second sniper rifle you'll see.  Not exactly the most accurate
    thing you'll find, but it works.
    R93 Sniper
    R93  Sniper
    Sniper Rifle
    Caliber: 3.08 Winchester
    Clip Capacity: 6
    Length: 119cm
    Weight: 4.8 kg
    Apprx. Reload Time: 3.70 seconds
    Between Shots: 1.94 seconds
    First SR in the game.  It's a basic Sniper rifle with nothing fancy.
    W2000 Custom Sniper
    Custom Rifle
    Custom version of the W2000 sniper rifle.  Few exist.
    Caliber: .300 WinMag
    Clip Capacity: 10
    Length: 90.9cm
    Weight: 8.6 kg
    Apprx. Reload Time: 3.30 seconds
    Between Shots: 1.63 seconds
    Extremely powerful and deadly Sniper Rifle. Supposedly the most powerful sniper
    in the game.
    W2000 Sniper
    W2000 Rifle
    Collector's Sniper Rifle
    Caliber: .300 WinMag
    Clip Capacity: 1
    Length: 90.5cm
    Weight: 8.31 kg
    Apprx. Reload Time: 3.30 seconds
    Collector's sniper rifle?
    Hunting Crossbow
    Compund Hunting Crossbow
    Caliber: Crossbow bolts
    Clip Capacity: 1
    Length: 124.8cm
    Weight: 2.9 kg
    Apprx. Reload Time: 3.50 seconds
    Head shots kill.  Anything else doesn't.  Slow to reload.  Huge.
    But it snipes out enemies without having the loud noise that normal
    sniper rifles make.
    Okay, the idea of listing each item in each mission, it's been done
    to death, hasn't it.  Well, I'm not going to do that.  Here is a list
    of every single item possible in the game.  Do whatever you want
    with it:
     -Small summary
    Door Key
     -Remote controlled bomb
    Church Key
     -Delivery Package
    Delivery #2
     -Delivery Package
    -Small Statue
    -Mild and Delicious
    -Micro GPS Transmitter
    Car key
    Locker Key
    Room key
     -Party Invitation
     -Mobile Phone
     -Combination to Safe
    Cocktail Tray
     -Wooden Spoon
    Chamagne G.
     -Champagne Glass
    Glass of Water
     -Wads of Money
     -Travel Brochure
     -Personal Pager
    Car Bomb
     -Pizza Box
    Smoke Bomb
    Special Card
     -Special Keycard
     -Remote Controlled Bomb
    Bomb Remote
     -Bomb Remote Controller
     -Location of Warheads
    Poisoned Fish
     -Poison Fugu Fish
    Map of Hospital
    Delivery #3
     -Delivery Package
     -Chocolate Box
    Guidance System
    Dust Broom
    Hacking Device
     -Hospital Identification Badge
    Sushi Bowl
    Now these are all of the items which IO software has included
    in the game, meaning it is officially it is an item that is possible to
    have in your inventory in the game.  It doesn't mean, however,
    that you can get them in the levels.  Some can only be gotten
    through using a cheat.  Read the cheats section for more.
    So, don't like to play fair, eh?  Well, you sissy (joking ^_^),
    here's all the cheating you can handle, but don't expect
    something easy like the other games.  This takes a bit more
    In your main folder of Hitman 2 open up the Hitman2.ini file.  Add these
    EnableConsole 1
    EnableCheats 1
    The following cheats are enabled directly in-game. Don't type
    them in too fast, though.
    IOIRULEZ  	Toggles god mode
    IOIGIVES 	Equips all weapons
    IOIEQPWEAP 	Equips SMG-SD6 and 9mmSD
    IOIHITLEIF 	Replinishes health
    IOIPOWER 	Enables megaforce
    IOIER 	Toggles bomb mode
    IOINGUN 	Toggles nailgun
    IOISLO 	Toggles slow-motion
    IOIHITALI 	Toggles Ali mode
    IOILEPOW 	Toggles lethal charge
    IOIGRV 	Toggles gravity
    The following cheats must be opened from the console, by pressing
    the ~ (tilde) key.
    INVISIBLE 1  	Toggles invisibility (exchange "1" for "0" to disable)
    GOD 1 	Toggles god mode (exchange "1" for "0" to disable)
    INFAMMO 	Infinite ammo
    GIVEALL 	Equips all weapons
    IP_TIMEMULIPLIER X 	Alters game speed, where "X" is speed
    			(1 is normal)
    Dual Handguns:
    Get the ballers from your inventory, drop the ballers, get out another
    handgun, go pick up the ballers.  Now select another handgun from
    your inventory.
    I know, it's pitiful having only one trick........contribute!
    Any contributions to this FAQ would be greatly appreciated.  By
    contributions I mean any additional information on anything and
    additional approaches to levels would be greatly appreciated.
    Also, if you have any comments, suggestions or criticism for my
    FAQ, it would be great appreciated.  I'll answer any questions about
    the game you have.
    Email me at shikamaru00@yahoo.com
    I check my email every day, so there's a 100% chance I'll answer
    1.00 - First Completed version
    - Added hints/extras and weapons/items info for the missing levels
    - Completed some enemies/innocents list for  the levels
    -Added two contributed tips to two levels, Death of Hannelore and
    Tubeway Torpedo.
    the following sites can post my faq
    Contributions as of Jan 1, 2003:
    Opie - Death of Hannelore Tip
    J.B. -  Tubeway Torpedo
    Hidden credential:
    Thanks to:
    Okay, about this, I was preparing this for an acadamy award, but as
    soon as I figured out that I wasn't going to win one, I decided to use it
    for this faq.  First of all, I'd of course have to thank IO Interactive
    for this wonderful idea of a game which has everything.  Congrats
    to you and I hope you become millionares.
    Also a friend of mine (z X z I z) who actually let me borrow
    Hitman and this got me hooked on it.  Other than that, I'd like to
    thank myself because I wrote this entire thing!
    (just kidding)
    Anyways, thanks for reading my very first FAQ I've ever written,
    hope you enjoyed using it and hope you enjoyed Hitman 2.  I
    enjoyed writing this FAQ and.....that's it.  Cya in my next faq!

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