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    Walkthrough by PianoChampion90

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    Time Paradox
    Prehistory, In the Woods:
    Take the smooth rock. Go left to the clearing. Look at the tree. Go to the
    clearing behind the rocks. Go left to the rocky ledge. Give the egg to the
    guard. Walk left some more to discover a helmet. Go right. Go to the alcove in
    the middle. Pull the vine, then go to overgrowth at left side. Enter all areas
    to find a bowl and steel glove. Go right to the alcove again. Continue right to
    the woodland. Use the glove wit the papyrus plant. Use the bowl with the honey
    puddle. Return to the tree at the start and use bowl with tree stump. Look at
    the tree stump now to get a flint stone. Go right to the clearing with a cave
    entrance. Use the papyrus on the cave. Use the flint with the leafs. Collect
    the creeping vine in the cave entrance. Also take the wooden pole. Enter the
    Prehistory, In the Caves:
    Go to the alcove. Pick up the torch. In the middle is a rocky cache. You will
    get a battery. Go down into the cave complex. Use the battery with the ghetto
    blaster so that the crown falls down. Take it. Walk right to the cave complex.
    Give the smooth rock to rockheads. Use the vine on the rockheads. Go down into
    the lava pit.
    Use the wooden pole with the rock plug above to kill the monster. Enter the
    cave complex left, swing over the lava, then left again. Get the camera and the
    mushroom. Return to the alcove. Give the mushroom to Ugh so that he falls
    asleep. Take the caveman for a key. Return to the lava pit, continue to the
    cave complex on the right and use the allow key in the rock door. Go through
    and use the alloy key with the time machine. Use the gold crown with it too.
    Prehistory, In the Swamps:
    Go right three times. Enter the forest area to the mid-right. Grab the tin and
    go up in the middle to find a sword in a stone. Take the left path, use the
    helmet with the olive tree to fill it with oil. Walk right back to the sword
    and use the oil in the helmet on the sword. Take the sword.
    Walk down, right and take the flower. Look inside the flower for some seeds. Go
    left, down, right. Return left when the witch shows up. Return right and use
    the sword on the witch. Continue right and use the camera with the thug. Enter
    the clearing. Use the torch on the T-Rex. Talk to the Woodcutter: "Can you help
    me?" - "How can you help me?". Walk right twice and give the seeds to the
    dinosaur. Give the tin of beans to it as well so it leaves. Continue right
    until reaching the waterfall.
    Middle Ages, In Town:
    At the Inn, take the sleeping drunk. Go left outside and give the food to the
    beggar. At the Inn again, use the cards with the gamblers. Walk to the Market
    Place. Take the bellows at the left pillar and walk to the Town Hall. Take the
    bushes for some berries. Walk right to the castle.
    Talk to the gardener: "Exactly, what is this thing?" - "That's interesting..."
    Enter the castle gate and walk down to the forest. Talk to the sprite: "Who are
    you?" - "What's a...?", "What's so special...?" Take the wand. Go left twice
    and talk to the Crone: "Hi, what are you doing?" - "What kind of business?" -
    "Yes." Continue left and take the mask. Go left to the farm and talk to the
    farmer: "Hello." - "Do you grow herbs?" - "Do you think I could have some?"
    Walk right to the village and open the man in stocks. Return to the crone
    before the one you talked to and give him the dandelion, garlic, moles bane and
    elderberries in exchange for the medicine. Return to the market place and give
    the medicine and cash to the smith. Walk right and up in the middle to enter
    the building here. Use the happy mask with the desk and then the sad mask with
    the desk to open a panel. Enter the panel. Walk right down the passage and talk
    to the Imp at the end: "How do I get past the force field?" - "The force field
    is in the way" - "Nah, You're no Romeo". Open the panel in the wall and use the
    iron wire with it. Walk right into the dungeon and use the bellows with the
    dragon. Escape the dungeon via the stairs.
    Middle Ages, In the Castle:
    Go up in the middle and use the wand with the box. Take the box contents. Go
    left and give the sleeping potion to the guard. Give the goblet to the guard
    and he will asleep. Open the oak door. Talk to the priest: "Why are you locked
    in here?"
    Walk left, right and open the door below the painting. Inside the library, use
    the pendant on the window. Take the spell book from the right bookshelf. Walk
    left, right through the secret time room door and then down, up into the
    Use the holy water on Morgana. Push the button that appears in the fireplace.
    Go through the fireplace. Look at the Crypt. Use the spell book, wand and hat
    with the Crypt as it says. Talk to Merlin: "Ok you're free, what's next?" -
    "How do we do that?". Return to the library and take the hole where you found
    the spell book earlier. Return to the secret time room door and use the alloy
    key with it.
    This is my guide, but I did not make the game.
    If you want to host this guide on your own site, just do it already and do not
    clutter my inbox about it.

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