How do you recharge magical items?

  1. I have tons of magical staffs and weapons that are out of energy, how can you recharge them?

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  1. Recharging Weapons

    Purchasing Recharges

    The easiest (but most expensive) way to recharge enchanted weapons is to pay for a recharge at a Mages Guild. Each Mages Guild has one member who will provide recharging services, as listed under Other Services. This costs 1 Gold for every unit of charge. Unless you're rolling in cash, or the charge required is very small, this method of recharging can be prohibitively expensive.

    You may also purchase filled soul gems from various merchants in the game for roughly one quarter the cost of the recharge fee (see Soul Gem costs for details). The drawback of this approach is that merchants will only have a limited supply of soul gems at any time; you may need to wait a week before they restock.

    Varla Stone Recharging

    Varla Stones can be used to recharge all the magical items in your inventory.

    A list of all the Ayleid ruins that contain Varla Stones is provided on the Varla Stone page. Once you have one in your inventory, activating it will fully charge all enchanted weapons and staves in your inventory. Each stone is worth 1000 gold, but it isn't wasteful at all considering that this is far less than what you'd spend on those same recharges at a guild. Keeping one or two Varla Stones in your inventory may be a wise thing in case your trip to Oblivion doesn't go entirely according to plan and lasts longer than you'd wish.

    Varla stones are not to be confused with the smaller, cyan Welkynd stones, also found in ruins, which can only be used to refill your magicka. Welkynd stones are much more common than Varla stones. Both Varla and Welkynd stones are unique, non-random, non-leveled items and don't respawn (the only exception being the Varla and Welkynd stones in Vahtacen, which are random in number but still not respawning).


    Soul Trapping

    By far the cheapest method is to capture creatures' souls in Soul Gems and use their energy to recharge your weapons. Tips for collecting souls are provided on the Soul Trap article. Click on a filled gem in your inventory, it will bring up the menu.

    Tip: do the Azura's Star quest, it is a reuseable grand soul gem.

    Pro-Tip: this was copied/pasted from (Unofficial Elder Scroll Pages) which was found in seconds with a google search (search string: oblivion recharging weapons, first link). This game has an extremely strong community following, almost anything you want to know is answered somewhere.

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