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    Walkthrough by jmindel2

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    Jurassic Park (PC 1993) Walkthrough 
    Level 1: Tyrannosaurus Paddock (with no T-Rex in it)
    You start off next to a wrecked jeep by yourself at the northwest corner of 
    the level. The goal for this level is to collect Tim and Lex and escape. (this
    turns out to be the goal for the entire first half of the game). Find the 
    motion sensor slightly to the left of your starting position. Use the motion 
    sensor to unlock the bunker door. Then wander in the woods to the south until
    you find Tim, he will then follow you around (don’t worry he can’t get hurt 
    by dinos). Then head towards the southwest corner of the level until you find
    a bunker which now has an open door. Grab the tool kit in the doorway and 
    head back north. In the upper part of the level you will find a sewer grate. 
    Walk up to it and Grant with automatically open the bars with the toolkit, 
    and enter the sewer. Tim will now wait here for you. Once in the sewer head 
    directly left and grab the ID card. Then head up and left until you find a 
    box. Push the box into the sewage. Now for one of the most annoying parts of 
    the whole game. You have to push the box all the way across the level to find
    Lex, she is far to the right and this part takes forever. Also how the heck 
    did she get in here anyway? Once you push the box up to Lex she will get on 
    it and ride it like a raft, now push it all the way back to the entrance you 
    came in from. As far as dinos in the sewer the bugs are virtually harmless, 
    the pterodactyls can’t hurt you if you are in the sewage, and the 
    lizard-crocodile-monster things can pack a punch, but can be killed easily 
    with the lightening gun, they also usually roar to announce their presence, 
    if you want to jump out of the sewage. Once you are back outside with Tim and
    Lex head to the upper right corner of the level and go through the security 
    door (you need the ID card from the sewer to open it).  
    Level 2: Triceratops Paddock (AKA the collect a ton of fruit level).
    Password C37EF8D1
    New Dinos: Juvenile triceratops which are easily killed by the lightening gun. 
    2 Adult triceratops that are invincible. 
    You start off the level by yourself next to a collapsed bridge. The nearby 
    motion sensor tells you Tim and Lex are on the other side of the bridge far 
    away (how the hell did that happen?). Now the name of the game is to collect a
    s much fruit as you can find. You start off at the eastern edge of the map, 
    and ultimately need to get to the western edge. As you make your way west you
    should zig-zag back and forth collecting as much fruit as you can find, but 
    don’t kill yourself to find every last piece. A meter will show how much you 
    have whenever you pick up a piece. Don’t worry you DO NOT have to fill this 
    meter. Once you reach the western edge of the map you will see a Jurassic park
    Jeep Grand Cherokee parked. Head north through the broken electric fence. 
    Keep going north past the dead adult triceratops. You will then see a large 
    adult triceratops at the top of a narrow chute. Run out in front of it and 
    start running down as fast as you can, Grant will automatically drop all the 
    fruit you collected, the triceratops will stop to eat it giving you a few 
    seconds to narrowly escape out the bottom of the chute, I’m not sure how much
    fruit is needed, but you can definitely pull this off with less than 100% of
    the meter. Now head east until you come to some hills. There are three 
    spitters on top, you can kill two of them, but it is impossible to kill the 
    third. Jump back down to the west and grab the first aid kit there (you are go
    ing to need full health for the next part). Climb back up on the hill and you
    will see another adult triceratops. Jump down in front of him and stand near
    the rock wall. The triceratops will continually try to ram you, and will home
    in on your position. However it will pause just before charging giving you 
    time to get out of the way. The goal is to get him to hit the middle of the 
    wall (and not you) each time. You will know it was a successful hit if you 
    hear rock slamming sound, and you will know it is a "miss" if you hear nothing
    . When it hits the wall about 10 times the wall will disintegrate. This may be
    one of the harder parts of the game, and you may die a few times before you 
    recognize the pattern and get the timing down right. Dying here sucks because
    you have to go back and collect all that stupid fruit again each time. My 
    advice...ignore the spitter completely, he will only distract you and doesn’t 
    do that much damage, whereas the triceratops does major damage. When the rock
    wall finally breaks down, immediately run down as fast as you can, the 
    triceratops will now be able 1 hit kill you, if you are quick you can make it
    to safety to the south. Now head left long the fence and grab the ID card, 
    then head right to the big bunker and enter.
    Level 3 Stegosaurus Paddock  
    Password 4D9458D1
    New Dinos: Stegosaurus, which for some strange reason just stand there 
    repeatedly slamming the cliffs with their tails causing rocks to fall all over
    the place. 
    You start off the level in the bunker (with a raptor symbol) with the games 
    first 3D section. As far as I know there are no actual raptors during this 
    part though I have not explored this level extensively. Just use the minimap 
    to navigate until you find the exit door by trial and error, this part is 
    rather boring. 
    Now you are back outside and the name of the game is dodging boulders and 
    finding white cubes. Also beware, the pterodactyls do a surprising amount of 
    damage if they hit you. I find that is it better to just run as fast as you 
    can to get past parts rather than trying to strategically dodge each boulder.
    Initially you head east, then head up a few levels. You want to eventually 
    make you way to the northwest corner of the map, along the way you have to 
    navigate many staircases and small cliff jumps with the aide of several white
    cubes. Once you are at the northwest corner head due east over some bridges a
    nd you will eventually find Tim and Lex randomly standing on a bridge. Once 
    you find them life is easy again. Make your way to the northeast corner and 
    through a door to end the level. 
    Level 4 Gallomimus & Dilophosaurus Paddocks  
    Password 15AC78D1
    New Dinos: Gallomimus: they stampede around but are pretty harmless. 
    T-Rex: more on this later
    Ichthyosaurus: Will kill you if you fall in the water. 
    Part 1: Gallomimus Paddock.
    From where you start head down slightly and then left. You will come upon a 
    random barrel of oil on the cliffs. Push it directly down until if falls over
    the cliff edge. This is extremely important as you cannot beat this level 
    without doing this. Head back to where you started the level and then down 
    some small cliffs. As you pass the bunker Lex and Tim will run inside and the
    door will break (how convenient). The motion sensor will tell you there is 
    another access door way to the south. From here head west. The gallominus will
    stampede all over the place, but they are easily dodged, and don’t do that 
    much damage. Grab the first aid kit at the western edge and head down through
    the narrow crevice. Take a deep breath because the next part is both scary 
    and hard. Jump down, and grab what looks like rifle ammo. It is actually road
    flares. Run to the right as fast as you can and never let up. Do not try to 
    kill any of the dinos, and ignore them the entire time even if they are 
    hurting you, this is because the T-rex is now chasing you. Every time the 
    T-rex enters the screen turn to face it and throw one flare, if you mess this
    up even once you are dead as you don’t have extra flares. If you do die, it 
    is the most amusing death scene in the game (if only for the sound effects). 
    When you are down to one flare you will come up on a small trench with a 
    busted barrel of oil in it. Run across it exactly where the barrel is and you
    will hop to the other side, if you hit the trench elsewhere you will fall in
    and die before you can get out again. Now the crucial part, turn and fire the
    last flare directly into the trench and the oil will ignite and the T-rex 
    will stop on the other side, mess this up at all and you will certainly die. 
    There is a glitch in the game where the busted oil barrel will often appear in
    the trench even if you never pushed it off the cliff at the beginning of the
    level, however it will NOT ignite even if you hit it with the flare, so it 
    really is necessary to push the barrel off at the beginning. The rest of the 
    level is cake. Head to the right and find Tim and Lex. Now head down slightly
    and begin a very long hike west with virtually no dinos, you will find a door
    and exit. 
    Part 2 Dilophosaurus Paddock
    From where you start, jump down and head left to the giant gate. The gate 
    computer terminal will tell you you need to go find Dennis Nedry’s ID card. 
    The kids will stay here while you go do that (which takes very long time). 
    From the gate head slightly south and you will see a pit going under an 
    electric fence. Jump down and use the white cube to get back up the other side
    . From here head east and cross a few rock bridges. Then head north to find a
    motion sensor and use it to open the bunker door. After that head east along
    the north bank of the river. If you fall in you are dead. The trick is use 
    Grant’s small circular shadow as a guide for how close you are to the edge, 
    because in some parts the width of the walking area is like one pixel. Once 
    you reach the eastern edge of the level you will find the exit door in a large
    wall, however it needs an ID card. Head directly south, and through a path in
    the woods to find the bunker with the ID card. Head back to the exit door and
    Level 5: Pterodactyl and Brachiosaurus Paddock and Dilophosaurus Paddock again
    (warning this level is insanely long)
    Password 13AE78D1
    New Dinos: Adult Pterodactyl: They fly around dropping boulders for some 
    reason, they are pretty harmless.
    Brachiosaurus: These are actually just scenery and have no actual effect on 
    the game
    Part 1 Pterodactyl Paddock
    The Pterodactyl section is very easy. Just hug the northern wall and walk 
    around. If you see a nest with eggs in it, jump down and detroy the eggs with
    your lightening gun, in one of these nests is an ID card. Keep hugging the 
    north wall until you come to a door and you will head to the Brachiosaurus 
    Part 2 Brachiosaurus Paddock
    From your start postion head down the stairs and go south until you come to a
    river. Hug the south bank of the river and head far to the east. Cross a 
    bridge to the north bank of the river. Now hug the river bank again and head 
    far to the west. Up on a hill is a motion sensor which now tells you to 
    collect embryoes. Use the motion sensor to open the pterodactyl door. You now
    have 60 seconds to complete the next part so hurry. Go slightly northeast from
    here and you will start seeing "embryos" on the ground, they look like little
    white bullets. Collect them all easily, until your meter is filled. On ground
    near a crashed jeep is Nedry’s ID card. Then climb up and head back to where 
    the motion sensor was. You can now open the fence door and then go in the gray
    door in the wall. 
    Part 3 Pterodactyl Paddock (again)
    You start on the eastern edge of the map and your exit is in the southwest 
    corner. From where you start go down and climb up several hills to get a white
    cube. Push it back down to ground level and push it to the northern part of 
    the level and start climbing up. From here on out you want to keep pushing 
    westwards and slightly southwards. You will need to use white cubes 
    occasionally to help you on your way. Of note there is a bridge you need to 
    extend. You will see some sort of apparatus near the river, walk past it to 
    see a big machine, shoot the machine with one of your weapons to extend the 
    bridge, then backtrack and cross the river. Head to the southwest corner and 
    Part 4 Dilophosaurus Paddock (again)
    You start in the southeast corner in dense woods. Head due west through a 
    twisting maze of woods until you see a raft randomly in the river. Hop in the
    raft and steer it due east. Go as fast as you can and ignore the icthyosaurus
    attacks, and keep pushing east. You will come to an overpass that leads you 
    Part 5 Pterodactyl Paddock (for the third time). 
    You start off in the raft, be careful to dodge the spikes. Head east until you
    see a waterfall, a bit before the waterfall you can get off the raft on the 
    south bank, head down through the crevice and hop back on the raft after it 
    has gone over the waterfall. Keep heading east and you will hit the exit. 
    Level 6 Brachiosaurus and Dilophosaurus Paddocks (both again)
    Password: 72AF98D1
    Part 1 Brachiosaurus Paddock
    You start off in the raft, keep heading east until you see an island with a 
    motion sensor on it. Pull the raft up to the lower edge of the island and you
    can hop onto it. Use the motion sensor to open the fence door. Then hop back 
    in your raft and head to the northern edge of the river, you will see a small
    step where you can hop off the raft. Now you need to head back to where 
    Nedry’s jeep crash was and collect all the embryos again (this is a major game
    design flaw). Grab the same ID card again and head east through the fence door
    again. Instead of going through the gray door go up the large stone staircase
    to the point where you very first came into the brachiosaurus paddock. Head 
    due south to the southwest corner of the level and go through the open fence 
    Part 2 Dilophosaurus Paddock (for the third time)
    Head due west through a maze of woods. You will eventually see a motion sensor
    on a rock hill. Use a white cube to get to it and unlock the fence door. Keep
    heading due west until you come to the fence door. Go through it and head 
    straight north to the main gate where Tim and Lex are, the gate is now wide 
    Level 7 Visitors Center
    Password: FDC478D1
    New Dinos: Raptors: These guys are very aggressive and do a lot of damage. 
    They also take several bullets to take down. Luckily the game plays "raptor 
    attack" theme music when they come up to you to warn you. 
    Honestly, levels 7 through 10 are all the same, you have to navigate through a
    3D level shooting raptors. This is pretty hard as raptors do a lot of damage.
    There is not much need for a walkthrough for this part as you just have to 
    walk around until you find the thing you are looking for and the game will 
    tell you how to do this (like following the pipes on the ceiling). Here are 
    the codes for these last few levels. 
    Level 7: FDC478D1
    Level 8: 9DC498D1
    Level 9: BDC4B8D1
    Level 10: 5DC4D8D1
    I hope this has helped anyone still playing a game from 1993

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