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    FAQ/Walkthrough by ExtremePhobia

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    Viva Pinata Guide
    By ExtremePhobia	
    July 16, 2008 - v0.1
    1. Introduction                        [xxIntroxx]
    2. For the Novice Gardener             [xxNovicxx]
       2.1 On Pinatas                      [xxPinatxx]
          2.1.1 Basics                     [xxBasicxx]
          2.1.2 Romancing                  [xxRomanxx]
          2.1.3 Variants                   [xxVariaxx]
          2.1.4 Evolution                  [xxEvoluxx]                
       2.2 On Plants                       [xxPlantxx]
       2.3 On The Village                  [xxVillaxx]
       2.4 On Your Land                    [xxLandsxx]
       2.5 On Tower of Sour                [xxTowerxx]
          2.5.1 Sour Pinatas               [xxSoursxx]
          2.5.2 Non-pinatas                [xxNonpixx]
       2.6 On the Post Office              [xxPostsxx]
       2.7 On Leveling                     [xxLevelxx]
    3. The Road to Greatness               [xxGreatxx]
       3.1 First few levels 	       [xxFirstxx] 
       3.2 Taking Five to Ten	       [xxFivesxx]
       3.3 15 Levels of Fame               [xxfiftexx]
       3.4 Rolling 20                      [xxRollsxx]
       3.5 25 Carat                        [xxTwentxx]
       3.6 30 Levels Young                 [xxYoungxx]
       3.7 Rule 35                         [xxRulesxx]
       3.8 38 Calibur		       [xxCalibxx]
    4. Closing Remarks                     [xxClosexx]
    5. Legal                               [xxLegalxx]
    1. Introduction                        [xxIntroxx]
    Welcome to an attempt at an incredibly hard guide to write.  Unlike most games,
    Viva Pinata is infinitely open ended with the credits coming almost before the
    game even starts.  There's no real definite goal like saving the world or even
    hitting some kind of population or Garden Value mark. In fact, the main story
    is added purely as background without actually giving you a purpose. Viva
    Pinata lets you decide on your own goals and so this is far more a "guide" than
    a walkthrough. I will, hopefully, help you achieve what you want to achieve
    and, if at all possible, I'd like to think that I might give you direction 
    where the game does not. 
    2. For the Novice Gardener             [xxNovicxx]
    This section probably extends beyond it's use for Novices. If you aren't sure
    about some game mechanic or another, hopefully you can find help here.
    2.1 Pinatas                            [xxPinatxx]
    Pinatas are immortal papier mache animals that live on Pinata Island. When one
    bursts in your garden for some reason, it is sent to just beyond the boundaries
    to roam free. Don't worry, they'll be back. Your "purpose" is to lure them to
    your garden. If you get them to stay and live in your garden then you can send
    them off to parties around the world, after which they'll return to your
    2.1.1 Basics                           [xxBasicxx]
    There are a variety of Pinatas on Pinata Island for you to discover, tame, and
    buy. Each Pinata has it's own personality and abilities. Each one has it's
    likes, dislikes, feared predators and prey. Some can be frustrating and some
    can be helpful. Every pinata can change there colors once, which is
    called a variation. In fact, some can evolve (original isn't it?) from one
    pinata to another.
    Once you hit a certain level, pinatas may decide to "appear" and walk around
    just outside your garden. Once they appear, you can look in the journal's
    encylopedia for information on how to get them to visit. When they visit, they
    will cross the boundary into your garden but they will leave shortly unless
    you convert them to residents, which is also in the journal. Once they become
    a resident, they are yours until you sell them, they get eaten, or you beat
    them to death with a rusty shovel. If this happens, you can replace them by
    visiting Gretchen Fetchem or luring them back.
    2.1.2 Romancing                        [xxRomanxx]
    Romancing is how you make more pinatas. Once you have two of the same species
    of pinata living in your garden, you can't lure any more. There are only two
    ways to get more pinata once this happens, one of which is romancing. Long
    story short, when two pinatas love each other very much... and eat the right
    food/pinatas, have a nice yard for the kids to grow up in, and a house of the
    right type... then you can TRY to get them to romance.
    Once the requirements have been fulfilled, little hearts should pop up over
    their heads. Once this happens, direct one to the other and they will dance a
    little. Once they finish, you have to play a mini game similiar to Operation.
    Move one pinata through the course without crashing into the sides of the
    course to get to the other, collecting coins as you go if you wish, after which
    the two pinatas will move off to the house and dance some more. After a minute,
    they'll come out and a few minutes later, their egg will be dropped off. Soon
    the egg will hatch with a new resident of the same species.
    It's important to note that after two members of a species successfully
    romance, you can fulfill all of their requirements to romance again with a
    romance candy from Costalot's with the exception of the house. This should even
    fulfill land requirements like "x pinometers of water."
    There are really only two exceptions to the rules. Flutterscotches of every
    color will always produce White Flutterscotch offspring. The other is that
    every species only romances with others of it's own species... except for the
    Swanana and Rashberry who can romance with each other (using Joy Candy from
    Ivor Bargains) and in the "Mystery House" to produce a Pigxie. They can still
    romance with their own species for more of that species and if you have two
    Pigxie, they can romance to get more Pigxie but to get the first, this is the
    only way.
    For the Master Romancer awards, you do NOT need to romance anything. You
    can get the Master Romancer award for a species without the Romance Award. The
    way the game tracks for the Master Romancer award is by how many of the given
    species you have in your garden at any given time. If you ever hit seven of any
    species, you will get the Master Romancer Award for that species. That means
    that if you are lazy (like me) you can have Gretchen hunt enough down for the
    award or you can be effecient and use her and romancing to get it faster.
    2.1.3 Variants                         [xxVariaxx]
    With the exception of the Flutterscotch, every species of pinata can change
    into one of three colors. Once they change, they can not change back nor can
    they change into a new color. After you get your Master Romancer award,
    you should remember to keep three to change into variations if you want to get
    the awards for those.
    To change into a new variant, the pinata usually has to eat one or two
    different things after which it will immediately change colors. It can get 
    confusing though because it's not always obvious what they have to eat to 
    change. Sometimes a pinata will have to eat a Sunflower to change but in other
    cases a pinata might have to eat just the flower head or the ungrown flower
    seeds. If it doesn't work the first time, try the different parts.
    The Flutterscotch is a special exception. Every Flutterscotch starts off white
    but they can change to one of eight other colors. The number of colors isn't
    the only thing that is unique about the transformation. Every color of the
    Flutterscotch is considered it's own species of pinata. Oddly enough, though,
    changing to the new colors don't count as an evolution even though they change
    into new species. 
    2.1.4 Evolution                        [xxevoluxx]
    Yes, I know what you're thinking. Pokemon rip off. What else were they going to
    call it though? Anyway, an evolution is a completely new species that you can
    obtain in a few different ways. Sometimes it involves eating something and
    others it involves special egg hatching. Each evolution also has 3 variants of
    it's own. There are only eight evolutions so I'm just going to list them here.
       Candary - Feed a Sparrowmint a buttercup
       Zumbug - Feed a Horstachio both a blackberry and a daisy
       Juicygoose - Feed a gooseberry to a Quackberry
       Lackatoad - Feed a nightshade berry to a lickatoad, followed by a shovel tap
       Reddhot - Light and drench (watercan) a tafgly by having it fly over a torch
       Salamango - Have a Newtgat eat a chili
    The last two are the Twingersnap and Fourheads. For a Twingersnap you need to
    romance two syrupents and then watch their egg. Eventually the egg will start
    taking big hops on the ground and after the third big hop you need to smash it
    with your shovel to reveal a Twingersnap. To get a Fourheads, you need to
    follow the same process except using two Twingersnaps and a Twingersnap egg.
    2.2 On Plants                          [xxPlantxx]
    Plants serve a few different purposes. Aside from providing you with a little
    bit of aesthetic pleasure, they can be used for food, romancing requirements 
    and, my personal favorite, money. If you grow a plant from a seed and use
    fertilizer correctly then you can sell the plant for roughly ten times the cost
    of the seed. If you grow ten plants at a time, you can start to rake in as much
    as 5000 coins in one easy go.
    There are two types of plants. There are flowering plants, like lilacs and 
    water lilies, which can be fertilized at any time, and trees, which have to be
    fertilized at specific times. Almost all plants can be fertilized three times.
    The only noticible plant that doesn't is the Gem Tree which only needs to be
    fertilized once. What this really means is that if you want to make money, then
    flowers are really the way to go. They aren't quite as expensive or profitable
    as trees but they are far easier to fertilize and grow to full potential.
    As a general rule of thumb, trees should be fertilized just after beeing
    planted as well as each time leaves shake down from their branches. This 
    doesn't always hold true though. Sometimes you don't need to fertilize it just
    after planting or during a particular growth stage and you'll have to
    fertilize twice during another. In fact, there are every some trees that are
    particularly picky that you have to fertilize when buds appear but before the
    buds burst. Sometimes I just take fertilizer to it constantly until the tree
    has grown fully. It can run you 300 coins but it'll give you the bonus growth
    Also, as a side note, both the Croacodile and Taffly can help with fertilizing.
    If a taffly eats the fruit product of a plant, it will produce the correct
    fertilizer for that plant. Croacodiles on the other hand can use "Crocodile
    tears" which will fertilize the plant once with what is equivalent to the
    Special Mix fertilizer.
    Special Mix Fertilizer always acts as the correct type of fertilizer and can
    be bought from Ivor Bargains when his shop opens.
    And while I've spent a considerable amount of time talking about fertilizer,
    don't forgot that you still need to water your plants. If the leaf in the water
    meter turns blue then you've watered too much and if it turns brown it needs
    watering. Try and keep it between those two stages in the green area. You can
    kill the plant if you water it too much or not at all. Be careful, too, because
    not all plants water at the same pace. I accidentally killed a pumpkin once
    because I put the long pour on once and I turned my head to talk to someone. By
    the time that I looked back it was already dead... which is saying something
    because it was almost dead from neglect before I watered it.
    2.3 On the Village		       [xxVillaxx]
    The Village is where you get your odds and ends. There are eight "shops" in the
    village that provide a number of different services. These are:
        Costalot's - General store. Good for almost everything, especially seeds.
        Arfur's Inn - You can get helpers here to water plants amongst other things
        Petula's - You can get domestic pinatas and accessories here.
        Ivor Bargain's - Specialty shop. Sells things like the One-Pour Water Can
        Gretchen's - She will hunt down a member of any species you've made resident
        Bart's - He will transform things, e.g. Honey into a bottle of medicine.
        Willy's - He builds all major buildings, particularly houses for romancing
        Doc's - He'll do garden calls to come and heal your sick pinatas
    Each will open in time with the exception of Ivor whom you will have to give
    1000 coins to when he visits you first. Until then he will periodically wander
    your garden as Ivor Beggar, Once you give him enough money, he'll decide to
    open up a shop.
    Also, if once you vists Doc's once, you will be able to call upon his services
    by simply highlighting a sick pinata and hitting the A button. The same applies
    for Costalot, except you highlight an object or pinata and hit the B button to
    bring up the sell option.
    2.4 On Your Land                       [xxLandsxx]
    Your land is actually pretty simple. Having dry, cracked dirt is only useful
    for hatching a Dragonache egg and only if you want a dirt Dragonache. If you
    do, keep a small area the size of an egg and then beat the rest of your garden
    to a dark, moist dirt field.
    Now comes the "difficult" part. At first all you can do is lay down short grass
    but later you have to choose between short grass, long grass, and a pond.
    By "difficult" I mean not at all since it most it's time consuming. Your land
    can always be changed to one of the other types of land, with the exception of
    dry dirt. You can make a pond anywhere or fill any pond in. You can plant long
    grass over short grass or cut long grass to make short grass.
    So really the only two considerations when it comes to your land will be
    what is required to get certain pinata to visit your garden and what you want
    your garden to look like.
    You will gain more land after levels 11 and 21 to reach a size of 100 square
    2.5 On the Tower of Sour               [xxTowerxx]
    If you've played the game really at all you must have noticed the Sour pinatas,
    particularly the Sour Shellybean. If you haven't played yet, Sour pinatas are,
    well, sour. There are eight different Sour Pinatas and they each cause problems
    in your garden in some way or another, most leave sour candy behind while they
    run around and cause some other trouble. Sour Candy, in case you wanted to
    know, will make your pinatas sick if they eat it.
    The good news is that Sour pinatas aren't hopeless cases. You can tame Sours 
    and, instead of causing problems for you garden, will help your garden. My
    favorite Sour is the Bonboon that comes much later because when you tame him
    he will wander around the garden dancing to keep your other pinatas from 
    fighting with each other.
    Another great thing about taming Sours is that once you tame one, you get a
    totem for your Tower of Sour that represents that species of sour. You can
    turn each individual totem on or off at will to disallow or allow that species
    of sour from showing up in your garden. The great thing is that the tower only
    keeps the sour versions out and not the normal versions so you don't even have
    to turn the totem off to get more of that particular species of pinata.
    The last thing of note with the Tower of Sour is that it is attributed to your
    gardener, just like your level, money, and awards, so that if you go to any
    other garden while still using the same Gamertag, it will come with you. That
    means that you could build the full tower of eight totems and then start a new
    garden that will never be invaded by sours, unless of course you turn the 
    totems off.
    2.5.1 Sour Pinatas                     [xxSoursxx]
    Sour pinatas will always be sighted outside your garden one level before they
    visit it. You can't really tame them so much as let them run their course and
    see the light. You need to let them do whatever they want and afterwards they
    will seek out their requirements for being tamed, just have them ready. They
    have to visit, be sour, and de-sour themselves without you popping them.
    Here's a list of the eight sours and how to tame them.
        Shellybean - eat an apple seed
        Sherbat - eat a Jack 'o Lantern
        Crowla - Birdbirth in the garden and drinks a bottle of medicine
        Profitamole - eat two mushrooms and a Red Flutterscotch
        Macaracoon - you have five Master Romance awards and it eats a Cluckles
        Cocoadile - 160 pinometers of water and eats a Sweetooth and Swanana
        Mallowolf - eat a Pigxie
        Bonboon - Loses a fight to a Syrupent, Twingersnap, or Fourheads
    Of course you could always look at the pinatas information in game and it will
    tell you the same thing but in case you want to be prepared, there it is. Also,
    for the Bonboon, it's a lot easier to do with a Twingersnap or Fourheads. Keep
    mind though that the Bonboon has to fight them. You can't try and start the
    fight or else the game will treat it more like you were trying to watchdog
    your garden and get the Bonboon out. If it wins under these circumstances, it
    would have the same effect as if you had broken it with your shovel.
    2.5.2 Non-pinatas                      [xxNonpixx]
    The non-pinatas are annoying NPCs that you can't break to get rid of. There are
    three of them, the first of which is Dastardos who breaks sick pinatas. Soon
    enough you'll meet Ruffians and eventually Professor Pester who cause all sorts
    of trouble. The good news is that eventually you can buy a Dastardos Scare
    Statue and the Captain's Cutlass. The Dastardos statue will keep Dastardos out
    of your garden while the Captain's Cutlass will keep the Ruffians and Pester
    from coming by. In fact, you should get the Cutlass should be available even
    before Pester comes by. While they don't contribute to the Tower of Sour, they
    do fit into the annoyances category so I figured I'd put them in here.
    2.6 On the Post Office                 [xxPostsxx]
    The Post Office is pretty useless most of the time. The Post Office is the
    extent of online gameplay in Viva Pinata. From here you can send pinatas and
    items to anybody with a Live account or, even without a live account of your
    own, you can atleast send packages to yourself to use in other gardens. It
    really isn't useful because most items can be boughten with ease and there
    aren't so many pinatas or a difficulty in getting them that really lends itself
    to trading or anything like it. So the only real use is to move pinatas around
    in your own gardens. In fact, I almost didn't include this section because of
    how useless it seemed and really I put it in because they don't really tell
    you much about it and I figured I'd let you know that it isn't worth your time
    figuring out.
    2.7 On Leveling                        [xxLevelxx]
    The leveling system is a pretty good idea and it's not particularly difficult
    to understand. Basically, each award you get carries with it a certain amount
    of experience. Leveling is the basic way of unlocking things. Almost everything
    requires you to be certain level first and then maybe requires something else. 
    The game keeps track of which awards you've gotten and which awards are known
    to you. It will NOT show you awards for pinatas or plants that you don't know 
    exist yet but the awards are essentially the same for each species. That is 
    NOT to say that they provide the same amount of experience. As an example,
    early plants maybe gain you a few petals on the experience meter but toward the
    end you will get a chance to grow the Oak tree which can give you over 40
    petals of experience. Generally, the further into the awards section something
    is, the more experience you will gain from getting the award.
    The main ways you are going to level up are from getting the main awards for
    pinatas, including visiting, residing, romancing, master romancing, and the
    three different variations and from growing plants to full maturity. Plants
    will grant you experience the first time you successfully fertilize them the
    first, second, and third times as well as for it reaching maturity. If you miss
    the first fertilizing step and get the second and third, when you go back to
    grow the tree again, you will won't get the last growth bonus award until you
    successfully fertilize the tree all three times, not just when you fertilize it
    the time you missed on the last attempt.
    3. The Road to Greatness               [xxGreatxx]
    Let's face it, what you REALLY want to do more than anything if you've played
    this game is you want to shut up gramps. This section is NOT meant to get you
    up to the max level (level 108). What I will try to get you to is level 38
    because once you hit level 38 you have removed all the level requirements for
    everything except for a title change. I'm going to try and give you more than
    enough things to do to get you to the next level while trying to provide the
    path of least resistance. If you get stuck, just look up the level span where
    you are and I'll give you easy ideas for leveling up.
    3.1 The First Few Levels               [xxFirstxx]
    The first few levels are pretty easy. This should be the only time you really
    HAVE to talk to Leafos. Just follow Leafos' instructions and she'll give you a
    shovel that you can use to hammer the dry dirt to expose nice, moist soil.
    After the first time you use the shovel, you should be able to access it by
    simply pushing pushing up on the directional-pad. Later you'll be able to do
    the same for grass packets (right) and the watering can (left) but in both
    cases you will need to use them once from the X menu first. 
    Speaking of the grass packet, you should get that right about now. Use it to
    coat the garden in grass. There really isn't any benefit to having moist soil
    instead of grass. By the time you have the garden covered in grass you should
    have atleast one and probably two Whirlm residents. 
    Once you have two whirlms, Willy builder should offer to build you a whirlm
    house for free. You'll have to place the building shed on your land somewhere
    and soon Willy will show up to start building. Once he enters, a timer should
    show up on the door to tell you when he'll be down. When he finishes, he'll
    exit the scafolding and replace the timer with a ribbon. When you see the
    ribbon, it should take one good whack with the shovel to reveal the whirlm
    house. DO NOT OPEN IT BEFORE YOU SEE THE RIBBON! If you do then it will cancel
    Now that you have this house and a couple of Whirlms, you can get them to
    romance and make more. The nice thing about Whirlms is that they require no
    more than a house to romance and if you ever end up with less than two they
    should return in less than a day for free. Abuse this. Romance the whirlms as
    much as you can. Whirlms are worth 100 coins when sold and are a requirement
    for romancing Sparrowmints. 
    So romance until you have atleast seven of them to get the Master Romancer
    award for them. Once you have seven, feed a couple to the Sparrowmints (which
    should already reside in your garden) and romance more. 
    You probably have your experience meter by now and, if you haven't already, 
    will get a seed from Leafos shortly that you should plant in your garden. This
    is where you learn about the watering can. If the leaf in the water meter turns
    blue then it's over watered and if it turns brown then it's underwatered. Try
    to keep it in the middle somewhere though some simple seeds like this really
    don't require much, if any watering to survive.
    By now you should be able to talk to Willy Builder and have a few different
    pinatas running around just outside if not inside your garden. Have Willy build
    a Sparrowmint house. From now on, if I say Romance, I'm not going to tell you
    to build a house and just assume you know you need one that matches the species.
    Romance the Sparrowmints, each time feeding them Whirlms (they are free after 
    all) until you have seven of those. Now you can sell all or any extra whirlms 
    that you have laying around for some quick cash. Don't worry, they'll be back
    very soon and it won't cost you any to bring them back. Save the Sparrowmints
    for now.
    Right around now you should be level three which opens up Costalot's. 
    Generally as a rule of thumb you should always buy any new seeds and grow
    them as much as you can. This will provide you with pretty good experience as
    well as a way to make some money. You can also use these seeds for a variety of
    pinata requirements. You will frequent this place often, redundancy intended.
    Things to know about Costalot's - Don't buy the first watering can but if you
    feel compelled, you can buy the next one. Eventually a "Packet" option will be
    added. Buy this so you can plant long grass. Fencing should be used very
    sparingly until you get to level 35 or so. You shouldn't really have many
    problems with fighting pinatas until later and right now your garden is so
    small in size that fences can be far too much of a hinderance. Decorations only
    take up space right now but some are used for romancing later. Paving LOOKS
    nice and that's about it.
    You should also meet Seedos. He will give you two free seeds every time he
    visits (talk to him twice) for free which you can plant and then sell or use
    as you wish. Right now this is exceptionally helpful though later you'll
    more than likely just go to Costalot's for your quick and easy seed fix.
    In fact, plant a few simple flowers in your garden to attract Tafflies to your 
    garden. If they haven't appeared, they should soon. Daisies or buttercups 
    should work nicely. Grow at least four of your. You may also want to plant a 
    turnip which will be used for a variant later. If you are feeling particularly
    far sighted and have reached level four, you can also plant a large number 
    (like ten) poppies for romancing your tafflies later. You also want to plant
    seven buttercups.
    Now if you'd like you can do a few quick variants. Right now you can only
    do three variants provided you have a taffly (which you should). Odds are you 
    won't keep these, they are likely to get eaten at some point, and so don't get 
    too attached. 
    These three are pretty simple, feed a turnip you planted earlier to a whirlm 
    for one variant and then feed a thistle flower (should flower quickly) head to
    a Sparrowmint. Beware with the Thistle though, it is a weed and if you don't 
    get rid of all parts of it when you are done with it then it will find a way to
    spring back up. The last one should come with feeding a buttercup seed to the
    Taffly. If you can buy some poppies it is recommended that you go for the
    Taffly Romance Master award at this point.
    If you want to go for an evolution at this point and you can afford to buy a
    Firebrand from Costa's (should be under Garden Items). To get this variant you
    need to fly a Taffly over the Firebrand in a way that would catch him on fire
    and then quickly douse him with the wateringcan. Once the fire is out, it
    should transform into a Reddhot. 
    The great thing about Reddhots is that they are worth quite a bit of coin. 
    They are worth 2100 coins when sold, as opposed to the Taffly which is only 
    300 coins. Remember that it costs you 4 coins for daisy seeds to get a taffly 
    and then 2 coins per each taffly after (because they have to eat one of them 
    to become a resident). Since you should have seven tafflies right now you can
    turn those seven tafflies into 14,700 coins and after that you should be able
    to make 4,194 a day (6 coins for seed costs). You're suddenly very rich and if
    you had seven tafflies you should have had seven Reddhots which gives you the
    Master Romancer Award. Don't forget to feed one a bluebell seed for a variant
    and romance the last two before you sell them so you can get the regular
    Romancer award.
    Here's another quick evolution you can do and get a pretty easy Master Romancer
    in the process. Remember those Sparrowmints that you were saving. Have them all
    eat the buttercups you planted. This will give you an evolution and your Master
    Romancer award for having seven of them. They don't sell for as much as the
    Reddhots but they are still twice the value of Sparrowmints. Feed one of them
    a bluebell flower for a variant. Same as the Reddhots though, you might as well
    mate two Candaries before you sell them so that you can get the regular 
    Romancer award. 
    3.2 Taking Five to Ten                 [xxFivesxx]
    This is where the guide begins to change. You should have a pretty comfortable
    feel for how things work now and so long explanations are pretty useless for
    the most part. From here on out I will be using lists more to give ideas on the
    easiest way for reaching the next level. The first few levels are pretty linear
    but this is where things will start to really open up. With any luck, from now
    on you'll really only need my guide for reference for moving forward when you
    aren't completely sure what else you can do. I hope this helps you play the
    game without taking away the discovery for you. I will, however, try to provide
    you with information on new features as they come. I will also assume that you
    are capable of romancing as you wish. I will not direct you to romance any
    more without an exceptional reason.
    You should, at this point, be at least level 5 or very close to it. If you've
    managed to get a little ahead, good for you. 
    Things to come in the next few levels:
       Gretchen Fetchem
       Miss Petula
       Bart's Exchange
       Arfur's Inn
       The Pond Shovel Head
       Sour Pinatas
       Plant List
       Pinata List
       Variant List
    Gretchen Fetchem should have also appeared at this time. She will fetch a
    member of any pinata species that has had a resident member in any of your
    gardens at any point. Her normal price is the exact same as the base sell value
    of a pinata and the express service is twice as much. Any pinatas that she
    brings you count toward the seven that you need for your Master Romancer award
    but they do not net you the Romancer award which you have to get fair and
    square. She is completely optional, if you don't want to use her, that is up to
    you. Keep in mind that using her service can be very efficient when coupled
    with actually romancing a pinata... or if you're just plain lazy.
    Miss Petula will sell you a variety of domestic pets and accessories for your
    pinatas to wear which will raise their value. Sometimes accessories are used
    for romancing requirements but most of the time they are just for aesthetics.
    I, personally, don't buy the domestic pets early. Each one is a pinata on it's
    own for which you get awards so I save them until later levels. It's feasible
    that you could go from level 34 or 35 to level 38 by buying seven of each at
    the end. It's instantaneous, you can buy in bulk, and it will give you awards
    for residency as well as Master Romancer Awards.
    Bart will come to your garden on request, much like the Doctor, and transform
    one item into another item. He has three options, bronze, silver and gold,
    which will all produce the same item if successful but change in their rate of
    success. I've never used bronze but silver is roughly 50% and gold is always
    a 100% success rate. Gold is a little more than double silver but you don't
    have to find extra materials if he fails. You should really never hurt for coin
    enough that you should ever not use Gold.
    Arfur's Inn is pretty simple. You walk in, pick a helper, place the contract
    in your yard and soon a helper will come to your garden, remove the contract
    and work. All helpers have work hours so they won't be there all the time. The
    hours listed in a helpers information tab are the hours that they will leave
    and return to the village which is about a half hour off each end. If you buy a
    Helper House from Willy then it gets rid of this so that they start working
    at almost exactly the time listed. To dismiss a Helper you need to highlight
    them and access the X menu. Pick the "Send Home" option which will let you send
    them home for the day or Fire/Sack them. You can also give them money which
    will make them happier and more productive. Never give them more than 100 coins
    at a time, it's a waste.
    The Pond Shovel Head is used to dig small ponds for your garden. Doing so will
    lure some water loving pinatas. Soon you will have the long grass packet which
    will give you all three types of land. Unfortunately there isn't really any
    optimal mix of short grass, long grass, and water that will keep everyone happy
    so you really just have to mix it up as you go so you get what you want. Note
    that pinatas will not run away if you take away something they needed to become
    a resident, provided they are already a resident.
    Assuming that you've reached level five, you should have had a Sour Shellybean
    wandering your garden. You can break these if you'd like but you definitely 
    should break the sour candy they leave behind to keep your pinatas from getting
    More important than breaking stuff though, is that we're going to tame this
    ugly looking little guy. All it requires is an apple seed and a little time.
    Buy and drop (don't plant it!) the apple seed in the garden and next time the
    Sour Shellybean decides to roll through town, let him do his thing without
    breaking him and once he's done being Sour, he should go and eat the apple seed
    which will shortly result in it changing into a regular Shellybean. Breaking
    the Sour Shellybean at any point while it's visiting will prevent it from
    trying to satisfy it's taming requirements. However, you can still break the
    sour candy it leaves behind so your pinatas don't eat it. This won't effect his
    attempt at joining your garden. Note that regular Shellybeans eat weed seeds so
    keeping this guy around can be helpful or hurtful depending on if you need a
    weed for something.
    At level ten, another Sour pinata will visit, the Sour Sherbat. Once again, you
    need to allow him to run his normal course in the garden afterwhich he has to
    have access to a Jack 'o Lantern to become a resident. To get a Jack 'o Lantern
    you need to grow a pumpking in your garden and then visit Bart's and have him
    transform the pumpking into a Jack 'o Lantern.
    Since you should be level five, you should have access to atleast three
    types of fertilizer. Following is a list of plants you should grow to full
    maturity by fertilizing and water. This should also net you some experience.
    Buttercup     	: Yellow
    Carrot        	: Orange
    Corn          	: Yellow
    Daisy         	: Yellow
    Turnip        	: Purple
    All of the plants should be doable at level five and each one will take the
    listed fertilizer three times but at any point while it can still be watered.
    Once the water meter is gone, it has stopped growing and fertilizer will have
    no effect.
    Since this section covers levels five to ten, I'm going to continue this list
    for everything up to level ten. If you get stuck, see if you can plant and 
    fertilize any of these.
    Apple Tree    	: Red
    Blackberry    	: Purple
    Hazzle Tree   	: Brown
    Poppy         	: Red
    Watercress    	: Green
    Poison Ivy    	: No Fertilizer required
    The first couple of trees are listed here and they can be pretty tricky to grow
    but don't worry, just keep trying. Generally, for trees, you should fertilize
    just after planting and then once after each time it shakes off leaves.
    The Poison Ivy plant is listed here. It is a weed and will spead rapidly if not
    kept in check. All weeds will provide you with an award for growing it but
    you don't get any bonus growth awards from them so it's a good idea to destroy
    them as soon as they are done growing, which is almost immediately.
    Also, the Blackberry tree only requires one dose of fertilizer just when it
    starts flowering.
    After level 10 you have access to every type of fertilizer except for the all-
    in-one special mix which is not "required" by any of them and really only saves
    you from experimenting. What this means is that you should, after level ten, be
    growing each new plant as they become available.
    These are requirements for residency, not for visiting or romancing. In some
    cases, the numbers might not match the numbers in the journal, for instance
    the Arocknid. The Arocknid only needs tafflies or raisants to visit but since
    it needs to eat two to become a resident, if you only have four then it will
    eat one and then leave because it's visit requirements are no longer met. 
    Quackberry  	: 4% water
                	  1 Corn Plant
                	  1 Piece of bread (Use Bart on a piece of corn)
    Squazzil    	: 1 Hazel tree      Get Sqauzzil BEFORE Pretztail
                	  3 Hazelnuts            
    Bunnycomb   	: 4% grass          Get Bunnycomb AFTER Squazzil
                	  2 carrots
    Mousemallow 	: 1 Turnip
    Syrupent    	: 2% grass
                	  1 Mousemallow (eat)
    Pretztail   	: Night
                	  1 Bunnycomb (eat)
    Raizant    	: 1 fruit tree of any kind
               	  3 fruit of any kind
    Buzzlegum   	: 6 buttercups
    Arocknid    	: 5 Tafflies or Raisants
                	  2 Tafflies or Raisants (eat)
    Lickatoad   	: 2% water
                	  1 Taffly (eat)
    Newtgat     	: 3% water
                	  3 watercress flowers
    Mothdrop    	: Light in the Garden (Firebrand works)
    Fudgehog    	: 6 Whirlms
                	  3 thistles (just to be safe)
    Badgesicle  	: 4 nocturnal residents
                	  1 newtgat (eat)
                	  2 pumpkins (eat)
    Flutterscotch 	: 4 daisies
    Jameleon     	: 5 different colored Flutterscotches
    Cluckles	: Petula's
    Doenut		: 8% Long grass
    		  15 Gooseberries or Blackberries
    Kittyfloss	: Petula's
    There are two evolutions to get around these levels. We will get the 
    Twingersnap and then use the Twingersnap to get a Fourheads. You will need two
    Syrupents. Romance the two of them to produce an egg. Once you have this egg,
    take out your shovel and watch the egg. It will jump around every now and then
    but eventually it will break into three very large leaps in quick succession,
    land, and then hatch. Wait for it to land after it's third large hop and then
    smash open the egg with the shovel to reveal a Twingersnap.
    To get a Fourheads, Romance two Twingersnaps and then go through the same
    process with the Twingersnap egg.
    Taffly      	: Poison Ivy Flowerhead
                	  Blackberry Seed
    Sparrowmint 	: Watercress Flower
    Whirlm      	: Watercress Seed
    Reddhot     	: Carrot Cake (transform Carrot)
    		  Bluebell seed
    Shellybean  	: Bluebell Flower
                	  Ear of Corn
    Quackberry  	: Bluebell seed
    Squazzil   	: Watercress Seed
    bunnycomb   	: Pumpkin
    Mousmallow  	: Bluebell and Daisy
    Syrupent    	: Buttercup Flower
                	  Bluebell Seed
    	    	  Bottle of Medicine    (transform Honey)
    Pretztail   	: Bluebell Flower 
    Raizant     	: Bluebell seed and a blackberry
    Buzzlegum   	: Bottle of Medicine
    Arocknid    	: Bluebell
                	  Jack o' Lantern
    Lickatoad   	: Apple and a Carrot
                	  Bluebell seed
    Mothdrop    	: Bluebell seed, turnip, and a carrot
                	  Daisy Flowerhead
                	  Pumpkin and a Watercress flower
    Fudgehog    	: Bluebell Seed
    		  Poison Ivy Flower
    Badgesicle  	: Apple
    Flutterscotch 	: poppy (red)
                  	  watercress (green)
                  	  bluebell (blue)
                  	  buttercup (yellow)
                  	  thistle (purple)
    Jameleon     	: bluebell seed
                   	  carrot cake
    Cluckles	: Bluebell Seed
    		  Bottle of Medicine
    Doenut		: Jack 'o Lantern and Corn
    Twingersnap	: Bottle of Medicine
    Fourheads	: Bluebell Flower
    		  Bottle of Medicine
    Kittyfloss	: Bottle of Medicine
    		  Bluebell Flower
    Newtgat		: Bluebell Flower
    Sherbat		: Bluebell Flower
    3.3 15 levels of Fame          [xxFiftexx]
    Things to look forward to :
         Bigger Garden
         Ivor Beggar
         Pinata Central
         Sour Crowlas
         Treecutter Shovel
    First, if you've done everything I've listed thus far it's more than likely
    that you've gone pretty far ahead. It's probably not an exaguration that you
    would probably have hit level 15 by now.
    When you hit level 11, the boundaries of your garden will expand, giving you a
    little more land to work on and work with. This will carry over to all gardens.
    The next upgrade comes at level 21.
    Ivor Beggar should appear around level 12. He's harmless and all he wants is a
    little bit of coin to pay off his debts or something. He seems pretty useless
    but this is a game so it should almost be obvious that being generous is a good
    thing. So give him 1000 coins.
    When you give him 1000 coins, he will never revisit your garden. Even better,
    soon after he will open a specialty shop where he'll sell all sorts of neat
    things. At first he'll have some unique items but none of them will really be
    too useful and you can hold off. After you reach level 20 he will become far
    more useful. He'll start selling the Special Mix Fertilizer which will work
    on any plant. At 24 he'll start Selling the One Pour Wonder which is both a 
    bottomless and single pour (really?) watering can. Water once with this and 
    the plant will never need to be watered again. You can grow plants in twice the
    quantity generally by using this. It's only one of the items you'll want.
    Anything that shows up in his shop after you reach level 20 is probably
    something you'll want to buy atleast once.
    Pinata Central is where requests are sent for pinatas to go to parties. Every
    now and then you'll be asked to supply some pinatas for Pinata Central. If you
    provide the pinatas inside of the time limit, their value and happiness will
    increase when they return as well as bringing some happiness candy with them
    for the other pinatas. This should start at around level 14.
    At level 15 you may be visited by Ruffians. These guys are NOT pinatas. you can
    not tame them and you can not break them. Until level 30, the only thing you
    can do about them is bribe them with 100 gold coins. After this they will leave
    you alone. They don't seem to appear as much as Sour pinatas and occassionally
    you'll get a warning that they're coming. Just remember to get rid of them as
    quickly as you can because they will destroy whatever they get their hands on.
    The Tree Cutter Shovel isn't really anything super. It lets you cut down trees,
    which can be useful, but it's probably not something you'll do frequently.
    Chili		: Red
    Gooseberry   	: Green
    Sunflower    	: Yellow
    Toadstool    	: Weed
    Again, be careful with the toadstool. It's a weed, requires no fertilizer and
    grows uncontrollably if you don't stamp it out as soon as you've gotten your
    growth award.
    Sour Crowla 	: Birdbath and a Bottle of Medicine
    Barkbark	: Petula's
    Rashberry	: Petula's
    It's time for another Evolution. The tough part about this is getting the
    Quackberry. Once you've got a Quackberry, feed it a Gooseberry to change it
    into a Juicygoose
    Just after you do that one, if you have Newtgat, you can get a Salamango out
    of it by feeding a chili to it.
    Crowla		: Bluebell Seed
    Barkbark	: Bottle of Medicine
    		  Poison Ivy FLowerhead
    Bunnycomb       : Gooseberry seed
    Candary		: Gooseberry fool (transform Gooseberry)
    Doenut		: Thistle Flower and Gooseberry fool
    Fudgehog	: Chili
    Pretztail	: Gooseberry Fool
    Raizant		: Sunflower
    Rashberry	: Watercress seed
    		  Poppy seed
    Salamango	: Gooseberry
    Shellybean	: Gooseberry
    3.4 Rolling 20                         [xxRollsxx]
    Things coming around during these levels:
        Professor Pester
        Odds and Ends
    Not much happens on your way from 15 to 20. You should however be visited by
    Professor Pester rather soon... Though oddly enough, I never was. I've been
    told that he's a pain in the rear but I got to level 30 without seeing him and
    dropped a Captain's Cutlass. I'm guessing you can bribe him like the Ruffians
    but I don't actually know for sure. I guess it's even possible that I bribed
    him without even knowing it.
    You now have access to perhaps my favorite plant, the Tulip. You can grow ten
    of these with ease, water them all and fertilize them. Once you're done growing
    them, you can shake down each of them (though don't do them all at once because
    they'll stop dropping things after about the third plant). Normally when you
    sell the plant you get 600 coins for them but when you shake them down, if you
    sell the flowers that they drop, you can get 150 coins for each of the four
    flowers they drop plus a little extra for the plant stalk, and you get four
    more tulip seeds that you can plant for free to boot. If you're lazy then just
    sell the plants and buy new seeds, it will go a lot faster that way.
    Fir		: Brown
    Monkeynut	: Brown
    Tulip		: Purple
    Venus Trap	: Weed
    Water Lily	: Purple
    Buzzenge 	: Fir Tree
                    : 5 Candaries for visit and 3 to eat
    Cinnamonkey	: 1 Fully grown Monkeynut tree
    		: 3 fully grown trees
    		: 8 Monkeynuts (eat)
    Goobaa		: Petula's
    Ponocky		: Petula's
    Horstachio	: Ponocky
    		  50% grass
    		  8 apples (eat)
    Sour Profitamole: 2 Mushrooms
    		  1 Red Flutterscotch (eat)
    Pudgeon		: Petula's
    It's time for another Evolution and it'll more than likely be your last. Get
    hold of a Horstachio and feed it a Blackberry and a Daisy. You should now have
    the last evolution!
    Arocknid	: Water Lily Flower
    Badgesicle      : Water Lily and Honey
    Bunnycomb	: Water Lily Flower
    Buzzenge	: Buttercup
    		  Bluebell Seed
    		  Bottle of Medicine
    Candary		: Water Lily Seed
    Cinnamonkey	: Chili
    		  Blackberry Seed
    		  Water Lily Flower
    Crowla		: Water Lily
    Flutterscotch	: Water Lily Flower (Pink)
    		: Tulip (black)
    Twingersnap	: Venus Pinata Trap
    Goobaa		: Bluebell
    		  Tulip seed
    		  Water Lily Seed
    Ponocky		: Piece of bread
    		  Water Lily Flower
    		  Bluebell Seed
    Horstachio	: Watercress Flower
    		  Bluebell Flower
    		  Chili seed
    Kittyfloss	: Water Lily flower
    Lickatoad	: Gooseberry and Bluebell Flower
    Mousemallow	: Cheese
    		  Gooseberry seed and a daisy
    Newtgat		: Water Lily Seed
    Pretztail	: Water Lily Flower
    Profitamole	: Water Lily Seed
    		  Watercress flower
    Pudgeon		: Bluebell Flower
    		  Blackberry Jam
    		  Gooseberry seed
    Quackberry	: Water Lily Flower
    Raizant		: Water Lily
    Reddhot		: Water Lily flower
    Sherbat		: Sunflower
    		  Chili Seed
    Sparrowmint	: Water Lily Flower
    Squazzil	: Water Lily seed
    Whirlm		: Water Lily seed
    Zumbug		: Bluebell Seed
    		  Water Lily Seed
    3.5 25 Carat                           [xxTwentxx]
    Things to come:
        Garden Space
    So far I really haven't included the Helpers. Sure they can be kind of useful
    but really you can live without them and in most cases they'll eventually just
    take up space. The Diggerling is a different case though. If you hire one of
    these and then buy a Mine from Willy Builder, they will go into the Mine and
    dig up all sorts of things. Most of them are just good for more coin but
    eventually they'll dig up a one of a kind item. This item is a Dragonache Egg.
    Dragonaches are unique in a number of ways. First of all, once fully grown, it
    will have a base value of 11,000 coins. You can't put accessories on it but
    this will net you the 10,000 pinata value achievement if you want.
    Oddly, the Dragonache egg will not hatch on it's own. You NEED to have a
    cluckles hatch it. Not only that but the hatching of the egg is crucial to the
    type of Dragonache you get. Depending on what type of ground it hatches on, you
    will get a different type of Dragonache. Once it hatches, you can't change it's
    Variant so choose wisely. I tell you this BEFORE I tell you about the extra
    land you'll get because there is a Dragonache type that requires dried dirt
    which is only available before you smash it with the shovel. Once you do this,
    you can't get it back, you actually won't be able to get a Diggerling until 26.
    You've been warned
    For help choosing which type you want you should visit this site for pictures:
    You can only have one Dragonache, which you can dismiss through the X menu and
    retrieve through Gretchen. She will only bring back the one you dismissed, not
    a new one,
    It will also not cacoon on it's own. To get it to cacoon you need to get it to
    eat five different things. The Dragonache must eat (or drink) a bottle of milk
    and a snapdragon flower. He must also eat a Dragumfly, a Reddhot, and a
    Salamango. He can eat any of these five things in any order you'd like I think.
    Once he's eaten these, be prepared because he's going to BIG when he comes out.
    One last note, Mines are great ways of raising the value of your garden.
    It's time for the last Garden Space boost. This will give you all of the space
    you could possibly have and of course it will also take affect in your other
    gardens. You should now have 1000 pinometers of space. Enjoy!
    At level 24 you should visit Ivor and buy the One Pour Wonder, which is good
    for doubling your Tulip production. Level 25 will see a "Dastardos Scarer" at
    Ivor's that you can place in your garden to be rid of Dastardos for good.
    Nightshade	: Purple
    Snapdragon	: Purple
    Sour Macaracoon : 5 Master Romancer Awards
    		  Cluckles (eat)
    Moozipan	: Petula's
    Sweetooth	: 14% Water
    		  3 Fir Cones
    		  2 Water Lilies
    There's another Evolution here. This one is very easy actually. Get a hold of a
    Lickatoad and tell him to eat a Nightshade berry. As soon as he has eaten it,
    tap him with the shovel and he should evolve into a Lackatoad.
    Twingersnap	: Snapdragon Seed
    Lackatoad	: Bluebell Flower
    		  Water Lily Seed
    Macaracoon	: Water Lily Seed
    		  Bluebell Seed
    Moozipan	: Sandwhich
    		  Banana tree seed
    		  Water Lily and a Snapdragon seed
    Profitamole	: Nightshade Seed and Bluebell seed
    Rashberry	: Nightshade berry
    Salamango	: Nightshade Seed and Milk
    Squazzil	: Snapdragon Flower
    Sweetooth	: Bluebell
    		  Bottle of Medicine
    3.6 30 Levels young                    [xxYoungxx]
    Some almost final things:
        Obligatory nothing
    Actually, nothing really happens in this stretch either... unless you visot
    Ivor. At level 30 he'll begin selling the Captain Cutlass which you can place
    in your garden to keep both Ruffians and Pester out of your garden for good.
    You can also get the Platinum Shovel Handle too.
    Banana Tree	: Yellow
    Bullrush	: Brown
    Chippopotamus	: 14 Watercress in garden
    		: 10 Watercress (eat)
    		: 10 Water Lily (eat)
    		: 10 Bullrush (eat)
    Sour Croacadile : 16% water
    		  Sweetooth (eat)
    		  Swanana (eat)
    Drugumfly	: 20% water
    		: 12 Bullrushes
    		: Win fight against Reddhot
    Fizzlybear	: 5 Jars of Honey
    		  20 fir cones
    Swanana		: 25% water
    		  2 Sandwhiches (eat)
    Bark Bark	: Banana Split
    Chippopotamus	: Watercress flower and a Mushroom
    		  Water Lily Seed and Bird of Paradise Flower
    		  Bottle of Medicine and a Jar of jam
    Croacadile	: Water Lily Seed
    		  Bluebell flower
    		  Buttercup Seed
    Dragumfly	: Bluebell seed
    		  Poison Ivy Flower
    Fizzlybear	: Sunflower Seed
    		  Watercress seed
    Flutterscotch	: Bullrush (Brown)
    Juicygoose	: Banana
    Lackatoad	: Banana Tree Seed
    Newtgat		: Bird of Paradise flower
    Salamango	: Banana
    Swana		: Bottle of Medicine
    		  Gooseberry Seed
    		  Snapdragon flowerhead
    Zumbug		: Banana Split and Carrot Cake
    3.4 Rule 35                            [xxRulesxx]
    Last minute changes
        Nothing new
    This time there really isn't anything new going on. You can buy Gem seeds from
    Ivor if you'd like and grow Gem trees but otherwise, the only thing of note
    is the arrival of the Sour Bonboon. I like this guy, you should get him. Just
    have Twingersnap or Fourheads in the garden and you should be good.
    Bird of Paradise: Orange
    Orchid		: Green
    Sour Bonboon	: Lose a fight with a member of the Syrupent family
    Chewnicorn	: Have Horstachio Master Romancer award
    		: Fully grown Gem Tree
    		: 15 gems (eat)
    Eaglair		: 15 different species as current residents
    		  Fully grown Oak Tree
    		  4 Buzzenges
    Galagoogoo	: Moon-on-a-stick
    		  20 Tulips
    		  2 Mothdrops
    		  a Helper
    Sour Mallowolf	: Pigxie (eat)
    Parrybo		: Bird of Paradise
    		  1 Banana Tree
    		  10 Bananas (eat)
    Bonboon   	: Orchid
    		  Bluebell flower
    		  Watercress Seed and Bird of Paradise Seed
    Chewnicorn	: Water Lily Seed
    		: Ear of Corn
    		: Water Lily Flower and Bluebell Flower
    Crowla		: Bird of Paradise
    Eaglair		: Buttercup seed
    		: Bluebell seed
    		: Bottle of Milk
    Flutterscotch	: Bird of Paradise
    Galagoogoo	: Sunflower
    		  piece of bread
    		  poison Ivy flower
    Jameleon	: Orchid Flower and a Bottle of Medicine
    Juicygoose	: Bird of Paradise sedd, Water Lily seed and Poppy Flowerhead
    Mallowolf	: Blackberry
    		  Water Lily Seed
    		  Bluebell Seed
    Parrybo		: Venus Pinata Trap flower
    		  Bluebell Flower and a Nightshade Berry
    Quackberry	: Bird of paradise seed
    3.4 38 calibur                         [xxCalibxx]
    The Final Countdown
        The End
    You have pretty much reached the end. If you haven't gotten Petula's domestic
    pets then you can buy seven of each now (at 35) and probably make it the rest
    of the way. If you already have and you still haven't made 38 then at 37 you'll
    get the Oak Seed at Costa's. It's almost impossible to not go from 37 to 39,
    forget about not making 38. The Oak tree is a little bit of a pain to grow, you
    need to fertilize it when there are buds on the tree, but once you've got it,
    you're going to be rolling in experience.
    If you've reached 38 then you've got pretty much everything. There are no
    pinatas you can't get because of your level. You can buy just about everything,
    with the exception of the Bonboon totem block which comes at 39. You probably
    have this already though if you tamed the Sour Bonboon. Congratulations! Hope
    you enjoy the freedom you've earned.
    Oak Tree	: Green
    Elaphanilla	: 20 corn
    		  4 blackberries
    		  4 gooseberries
                      4 monkeynuts
    Roario		: 7 Doenuts (eat 2)
    		  7 Zumbugs (eat 2)
    		  Garden Value 50,000 Coins
    Cluckles	: Oak Seed
    Doenut		: Oak Seed
    Elaphanilla	: Bluebell
    		  Poppy Seed
    Juicygoose	: Oak seed
    Parrybo		: Oak Seed
    Roario		: Bottle of Medicine
    		  Bluebell Seed
    		  Sunflower Seed
    4. Closing Remarks                     [xxClosexx]
    I hope my guide helped you in some way or another. I know it's not the neatest
    or prettiest or even remotely the most organized but I still like to think it's
    If you have any comments or recommendations you can E-Mail me at:
    Extreme Phobia -\- at -/- gmail -dot- com
    Hopefully you should be able to figure out what my e-mail address is. I don't
    need more spam, sorry if it's difficult. Please make the first two words of 
    the subject "Viva Pinata". I appologize if the e-mail gets sucked up by the
    spam filter and I don't respond, I hope you can understand that I have other
    things to do in life.
    Also, I do need to thank Pinataisland.info for getting ME through the game and
    helping my fill my own Journal, from which this guide is based. If you hit a
    snag and aren't entirely sure what to do I strongly encourage you to check out
    this great wiki on everything Pinata Island.
    5. Legal                               [xxLegalxx]
    This work is copyright Brandon Fusco. All names with the exception of my own
    and ExtremePhobia are copyright Rare or their other respective holders. I give
    permission for this to be published only on GameFAQs.com and Gamespot.com.
    You have permission to save and print or copy this work for personal use only.

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