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    Battle/Weapon Tactics FAQ by Samurai_King

    Version: 1.3 | Updated: 02/28/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Battle And Weapon Tactics FAQ
    By: Samurai_King (Stewart Heddle)(redhot53@hotmail.com)(Gamertag: Hailo666)
    1. Contact Information
    2. Version
    3. Story
    4. General War Info (Difficulty Depending)
    5. Brief Weapon Description + Tactics
    6. Non-Weapon Tactics (Defensive)
    7. Boss Tactics
    8. Copyright & Thanks
    1. Contact Information
    This guide/FAQ was written to help those who are new to the game or otherwise
    looking to improve their skills on Gears Of War. Please feel free to email me
    with any questions or any tips that you would like me to add to this guide 
    with, of course, full credit to whoever submitted it. My email address is:
    redhot53@hotmail.com, my names Stewart and I’m from the UK. My emails are 
    checked everyday so expect to get a reply within a few days, Thanks..........
    2. Version
    1.1 (Some updates to come)
    1.2 Added a suggested RAAM tactic
    1.3 Added Suggestions from other Gears players (Beserker #2 and RAAM)
    3. Story
    The Humans on the planet Sera built a marvellous civilization, but after a 
    while different nations began to run out of power, fuel and energy, a liquid
    known as Imulsion was found deep underground and provided a lot of cheap and
    almost unlimited power and energy, Hurray! everyone’s saved right?..... Wrong! 
    the  struggle for power created a huge civil war that spanned the globe, the 
    countries that had no Imulsion waged war against the ones that did and using
    many types of WMD's (Weapons Of Mass Destruction) the warring nations pretty
    much destroyed the surface of the planet Sera. But as if things weren’t bad
    enough, there was a much bigger threat coming to them from underneath the 
    planets surface, The Locust Horde who want every last person on Sera KILLED! In
    their first attack they obliterated and tore through 25% of Sera's Human 
    population. That’s were the main character Marcus Fenix comes in, as a COG
    soldier he had been given orders which he failed to obey and was jailed for
    cowardice, and this is why you start the game off inside a jail cell.
    4. General War Info (Difficulty Depending) 
    {Casual Difficulty}
    I have completed the game on this difficulty, and I have to say, upon 
    completion I felt as if it had been a mere warm up for the 2 main events,
    (Hardcore and Insane) which is no bad thing, cause it breaks you into the game
    and makes the game difficult without being frustrating or boring. Basically
    what I’m saying is the game wont make you stand up and throw your lovely, 
    white, Xbox 360 controller out the window or into the nearest wall! Which is
    always a bad thing to do lol. On this difficulty Cover is needed but no where
    near essential, I’ve run into 3 Drones and Chain sawed all 3, one after the
    other. Like cover, keeping a close eye on your ammo is not essential, but if 
    its 2nd nature to you to do that, you may as well keep doing it. The only 
    enemies to give me ANY bother on this difficulty was Berserker #2 and General
    RAAM. On this difficulty make sure you make full use of the grenades and the
    Troikas (Machine Gun Turrets). Because on the later settings you be able to 
    use them quite so much, especially the Troikas. 
    {Hardcore Difficulty}
    First thing to remember on this setting is that you are no longer #1. Your 
    enemies are 2 times HARDER to kill and you are 2 times WEAKER than on Casual.
    You will instantly find that you're under far more fire than before and also
    you will notice that it hurts a hell of a lot more. Cover is almost defiantly 
    a must in almost every encounter, try and get a flanking idea into your head
    for most of the battles. While you flank make sure you pick off the Locust as
    you go otherwise you may miss some and be killed from behind without warning.
    Especially by the Chainsaw wielding locust from the later levels lol. Id also
    advise picking up the COG TAGS on the Casual setting, its just easier. Make 
    sure you have plenty of grenades because on ANY difficulty level they will 
    still blow most enemies to bits in one blast. (Tip: There’s always grenades to
    pick up, normally in dead end places or behind things, sometimes in plain view)
    Troikas will be a lot harder to use, you more likely to die while on them. It 
    may be due to flanking enemies or grenades. The more powerful guns will be good 
    secondary weapons, try and keep your Lancer for its Chainsaw and also back it 
    up with something like a Longshot or a Torque Bow. On casual you are able to 
    stand up from cover and normally run to some other cover while taking shots, 
    on Hardcore id suggest not even trying to do that, use the (A) Button Battle
    moves such as the Dive for instance. Once again the only things to really 
    bother me were the Berserker #2 and General RAAM (Obviously lol).
    {Insane Difficulty}
    Ok, well I’m not going to lie but i haven’t finished the game on this setting 
    yet. I’m in the process of doing it, but as of yet it is not done. All I can
    really say to you (considering I haven’t completed it) is that its amazingly
    difficult and as far as I can tell your 3 times Easier to be killed and your
    enemies are 3 times HARDER to kill! And from what I’ve been told RAAM is..
    well...INSAIN! lol. Once I’ve completed it i will fully finish this section.
    Coming Soon...
    5. Brief Weapon Description + Tactics
    {SNUB PISTOL}~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    This is your small pistol equipped to the (d-pad DOWN) button, not to be 
    confused with the bigger magnum type gun. This pistol can generate a pretty
    good rate of fire but the damage is relatively low, it has a reserve ammo
    amount of 72. Also a click of the right stick will zoom the aim of the gun.
    Well on Casual and Hardcore I’ve never....never had the need to use either 
    of the pistols at any time, I have used them since and I can conclude that
    you should rely on your 2 primary weapons and only use the pistols if your
    in absolute need. Best results are achieved when used with cover and
    getting a Perfect, Active Reload to boost its damage, and also using the
    zoom. Aim for the head and torso while avoiding close contact with enemies
    while using this particular gun.
    {BOLTOK PISTOL}~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    This is the other, bigger, more powerful pistol of the game also mapped
    to the (d-pad DOWN) button when swapped for the SNUB. This pistol is
    much stronger than the SNUB but also much slower, a few well placed shots
    can take out a Drone in 3-4 hits. It reminds me of a futuristic 
    This pistol is stronger BUT its also slower, i would advise aiming for their
    head and torso. As I’ve said before I’ve never found myself actually needing
    to use any pistol, but if you want to conserve some ammo try it out. When using
    weapons like the pistols make sure you stay behind cover, because in a heated
    fire-fight I don’t think it will stand against a full Locust barrage. Once 
    again avoid getting to close, use the zoom and Perfect, Active Reloads. The 
    ammo is also less than the SNUB.
    {LANCER ASSAULT RIFLE)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    This is the COG's standard assault rifle, and i use the term 'standard' very
    loosely. How many assault rifles do you know with a CHAINSAW on the end! its
    pure brilliance and very bloody to. It basically looks like a futuristic
    version of most assault rifles you see around in real life, except a little
    chunkier and also with the afore mentioned Chainsaw bayonet. Holds a MAX of
    660 rounds of ammo and is fully automatic, its also about 85% accurate.
    Ok then the Lancer, there’s just so much to say, it can be used in a number of
    ways and my personal favourite is using the Chainsaw to slice enemy Locust in
    half. Basically find the unsuspecting Locust and hold down the (B) button
    to start up the chainsaw and when you get close enough SQUISH, SLICE and SPLAT!
    There’s Locust all over you, and everything else in a 2 meter radius  lol. Its
    amazing to see, almost poetry in motion (very bloody poetry all the same).
    The Chainsaw is an INSTANT kill melee attack basically. I would advise blind
    firing with the Lancer when your enemies are close or a medium distance from
    you, the reason being that, because its a fully automatic gun its accuracy is
    dropped. When poking out from cover to aim with the left trigger its much more
    accurate, and 50%-75% of your clip should be able to kill 1 (and if your 
    lucky 2) Locust. I find throwing a grenade and and watching the Locust run from
    thier cover, then popping out to fill them full of lead with the automatic fire
    from the Lancer is very affective, if you have no grenades, pepper thier hiding
    place with bullets until they pop up to shoot you, and obliterate thier face
    with your automatic fire. As with all weapons getting a Perfect, Active Reload
    helps a great deal to dishing out damage, especially when theres 4-5 Locust
    bearing down on you. The Lancers damage is medium, and medium - high after
    a Perfect Redload. The last thing to keep in mind is to keep a good weapon
    to compliment the Lancer, a Shotgun for instance to deal with close up foes.
    The COG have the Lancer, The Locust have the Hammerburst. In my opinion it 
    looks like a futuristic version of an AK47, but I can assure you its bigger
    and packs a lot more punch. I’m afraid to say this gun cannot give your enemies
    the gory end that the Lancer is famous for, its just a basic (B) button melee
    attack. It holds a huge 720 rounds.
    This gun is not fully automatic, it fires in bursts of 6 bullets, which
    are much more accurate than that of the Lancer and also the blind fire from
    this gun is amazingly accurate, I’ve killed 2 Drones in cover and a Boomer near
    enough at once, all while blind firing. Getting a Perfect, Active Reload just
    compliments the guns accurate, not only is it accurate but not it hurts them 
    more to. Throwing grenades and mowing down the fleeing Locust still works well
    here, although the short breaks between the bursts can make it a little more
    difficult to hit them as they flee. firing at the head with this gun is
    a must, it basically turns their brains to mush, it seems to do it a lot 
    quicker than the Lancer can (only while shooting them in the head of course)
    Otherwise its pretty much the same on damage. Its damage is medium and 
    medium - high after getting a Perfect, Active Reload. Use this weapon if 1.
    You need the accuracy. 2. You have no Lancer ammo, and 3. If you have
    something to help the Hammerburst out, like a Shotgun or a Torque Bow, 
    Something powerful basically.
    {GNASHER SHOTGUN}~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    This shotgun beats all shotguns in any game ever. Even the likes of the Halo 2
    Shotgun. Its Big, Meaty, Powerful and can destroy most Locust in one blast.
    It doesn’t look to different from how tactical shotguns look today. It holds
    39 shells and with a good reload these are pure destruction in your hands.
    Right, first off, don’t think you can shoot this thing and kill Locust from 
    miles away, because you just cant. But used in the right way can be hugely
    effective. One way to use it is to hide behind some cover and fire off a few
    random shots at them to gain their attention, then wait for them to run over
    to your cover and as they get close blind fire at them, 1-2 shots should kill
    them easily, AND the best part is if they get to close blind firing will
    rip them apart and turn them into chunks of meat. They work very well against
    Wretches (Lambent or Regular) one shot will kill them in almost every case. 
    Getting a Perfect, Active Reload means one close up shot will blow enemies to
    bits, which is always fun lol. This is not good enough on its own to be your
    main weapon, it should be used as a backup only, along side maybe a Lancer or 
    a Hammerburst. As long as u aim for their chest/neck/head they should die in
    one shot, which is always handy.
    {LONGSHOT SNIPER}~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    A long slender gun, with a neon blue scope on top. Holds 24 high velocity
    sniper shells that can take the head of any Drone careless enough to be in the
    sights, which thankfully is a lot of them lol. Only 1 shot until the gun has to 
    be reloaded. A shooter has to have a good sniper rifle otherwise its just not 
    a shooter.
    Well this is truly an amazing and powerful gun, but not without flaws and there
    are quite a few, despite what a lot of people may think. first the good things,
    you can kill Drones in 1 hit to the head in a bloody fountain type display. 
    Also you get to dish out death from a long way away. It has a normal (B) button
    melee attack just like most weapons. And a Perfect, Active Reload almost 
    insures that the next shot you fire will kill even if it hits them in the
    stomach for instance. Now the bad, up close its awful just plain awful. The
    gun is a huge disadvantage to you if they get in to close, and also only 1 shot
    before you have to reload and can you I’m imagine: your about to kill 
    something, like a Boomer for instance, you need one more shot and you screw up 
    the Active Reload, next thing you know your splattered up the wall from the 
    Boomers rocket. Its ammo stock of 24 is pretty generous considering its power,
    but like i said it has many flaws, if you know how to use it, it can be your 
    best friend. RAAM does not like a sniper shell to the skull on any difficulty
    I can tell you that. The Longshot mixed with Lancer attacks can destroy him in
    under 3 mins. To use the Longshot make sure you find yourself a good bit of 
    cover, and keep a watch for flanking enemies, but most of all aim for their 
    ugly faces and blow them clean off.
    The weapon of choice for (you guessed it) the Locust Boomer and a big piece of
    kit it is. Its basically a monstrous Rocket Launcher, with rockets that can
    blow Human and Locust into little tiny bits. Its not like anything I’ve seen in
    real life i have to say lol. This weapon can have 12 rockets at max.
    There’s not a huge amount of  battle tactics involved in using this, point, 
    shoot BOOM! that’s it really. Use some cover pop up and shoot and the thing you
    want to obliterate, repeat. Just make sure you have a clear shot and nothings
    to close to you when you fire, otherwise you'll hit something that’s close to
    you and probably blow yourself up. Throwing a Grenade and waiting to see them
    run right at your rocket is very amusing i have to say. That’s all the tactics, 
    I can really offer you with this weapon, i try to avoid using it when possible
    because of the limited ammo for it. Ill use it a little more and add some more
    at a later date.
    {TORQUE BOW}~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    This is a very powerful futuristic Bow type weapon, with arrows that stick into
    their target and explode for an instant kill. The most ammo I’ve ever held at 
    one time was 12 arrows, I’m not sure if that’s the MAX but its defiantly enough
    to take out a lot of enemies.
    Well this is an extremely powerful weapon, IF you hit any enemies with it of
    course. The 12 arrows that you get can potentially kill 12 Locust (including a
    Boomer in 1 shot). It has a regular (B) button melee attack, but it hurts a lot
    more then any other because of the bows blades. only melee attack stronger is
    of course the Lancers Chainsaw. A laser designator and a small reticules will 
    appear to show you where your aiming, once you have them in your sights let go
    of the trigger and stick 'em with an explosive arrow and watch chunks of meat
    rain down from the sky. It goes take time to charge the shot, if you don’t 
    charge it enough the arrow wont reach the target, make sure to give yourself
    time to charge because if you don’t you can find yourself killed while charging
    especially on Hardcore and Insane. Beware when you know an enemy has it, on 
    Casual a well placed shot can almost kill you, 2 and your dead for sure. this
    gun is defiantly a good idea to use against RAAM, the Longshot and the Torque
    Bow are a brilliant combo for killing him. I personally prefer the Longshot and
    {HAMMER OF DAWN}~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    An amazing weapon although the use of it is limited, Its a satellite that 
    shoots a yellow laser down to the point that the user of the gun 'paints' as
    a target. Its similar to Unreal Tournaments Ion Painter I’m sure you will all
    agree. It has unlimited usage as long as the satellite is over head and online.
    Its about the same size as the gnasher shotgun.
    The MOST powerful gun in the game, almost all Locust will explode into a bloody
    mess with the slightest touch from the laser that comes down to earth. This
    thing will fry anything it touches in 1-2 strikes, Berserkers, Seeders, trust 
    me there isn’t much that this thing wont kill. the no really tactic to using 
    this because the weapon is Story Sensitive as i like to call it. I call it
    Story Sensitive because you get told when to use it and how long for, you never
    REALLY get to run wild with it. Only thing you really need to know is that when
    you 'paint' a target don’t target the enemy, TARGET THE FLOOR UNDER IT. Makes
    It easier because the laser needs a few seconds to lock on and trying to lock 
    on  to a constantly moving enemy is harder than hitting the floor. It has the
    (B) button melee attack like all the weapons except the Lancers Chainsaw.
    These are the best grenades I’ve used in a game, except maybe the Covenant's
    'Sticky' Grenade lol. I like the way they are swung on a chain, makes them feel
    as if they have got some weight to them, unlike most games where it looks like
    your throwing some ping pong ball. The Grenade is a ball full of explosives,
    covered in spikes, attached to a chain and they blow up big time. You can hold
    4 at once.
    First off i have to say these are great, i use them all the time because even 
    on Hardcore or the Insane setting they can blow a Drone or sometimes a Boomer 
    to pieces in one blast, these make the biggest explosion on the game and its 
    not uncommon to kill 2-3 Drones at once. The explosion is bigger than the 
    Torque Bow's arrows and the Boomshots rockets. They are really useful for
    either killing groups or making enemies run out into the open just to meet your
    Lancer Chainsaw or a barrage of hot lead. Grenades are everywhere look in dead
    ends  and behind things that look as if there could be a COG TAG there your 
    likely to find x2 Grenades or at least some ammo. They can also get rid of 
    RAAMS Kryll Shield. They have a special melee attack to, press (d-pad UP) to
    equip them get up close and press (B) button to melee attack with a grenade, if
    done correctly the grenade with stick to them, dive away using the (A) button
    and finally......Watch them get blown to kingdom come. Keep an eye on the blue
    line of trajectory, that will show you whereabouts your grenade should land, be
    careful though because sometimes the line doesn’t take something that’s
    very close to you into consideration and you will throw the grenade, it will
    hit what’s in front of you and land at your feet. If you don’t avoid it, you 
    will be nothing but a smoking pile of meat.
    6. Non-Weapon Tactics (Defensive)
    Some people say that a good defensive the basis of a good offence. Failure to
    prepare is preparing to fail. Pretty much anything can be used as cover, from
    cars to walls, to pillars to sandbags. And if your playing Hardcore or Insane
    i would advise using it as much as possible, even on Casual get into the habit.
    Make sure your in a position where your in control, even if your in cover and
    your outnumbered, STAY WHERE YOU ARE, let them come to you and deal with them 
    as you see fit. Melee attacks are always good especially the Lancers or the 
    Torque Bows, remember when you get in close STOP SHOOTING and hit them. Unless
    your using a shot gun because one shot should blow a Drone to bits at close
    range. For anyone who didn’t realise its the (B) button to do a melee attack 
    with all weapons, except the Lancer where you have to HOLD the (B) button.
    Grenades are good for keeping enemies away from you and splattering them if
    your lucky, throw a few then retreat if needed or pop out of cover and mow them
    down with your other weapons. Get into the habit of using the (A) button battle
    moves while engaged in combat, its much more efficient and makes the game more
    intense. tap (A) and a direction to dive and role in the direction you pressed.
    Tap (A) pressing the control stick to a wall to 'take cover', move left and
    right to walk along the walk while still in cover. While in cover hold the
    control stick towards the wall and press (A) to climb over it. There’s many
    variations on these moves try finding what works best for you. also you can
    HOLD (A) to get a very cinematic crouching run. While you retreat always walk
    FACING your attackers because turn around and your likely to be shot and 
    destroyed from behind, shoot and run. Good Luck.
    7. Boss Tactics
    This is a small tactics section on how to defeat the bosses, i have not wrote
    them in any particular order. Tips and hints from others are welcomed in this
    {Berserker #1}~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    This is the first boss you come up against, Its a huge, ugly, mean, female
    Locust and to make maters worse cannot be hit by any weapon unless you use the
    Hammer Of Dawn on it first. Its blind so can only attack using sound or smell,
    if you reload or walk fast it will turn in your direction and run at you like
    a runaway train (and if your not lucky run right through you). You see a cut-
    scene with the Locust leading the Berserker with chains, but it breaks free and
    runs off, one of your squad members runs around the corner in fear and gets
    pummelled and squished to death. after the cut scene you can go round to were
    the soldier was killed to find a COG TAG by his lifeless, twisted body. Proceed
    through the building until you come to a corridor with a high ceiling. 
    walk down
    it towards the huge door and the Berserker will bust through it and probably
    scare the living hell out of you the first time. As you look at her there’s a 
    door to the right which you have to run through, you should be able to make it
    right away but if your not confident dive through using the (A) button. Make
    sure she follows you, you will be prompted to look to the door at the end of
    the rooms. They are smash-able, stand in front of them and let get the 
    Berserker to run at you, dive out the way and let her break through them, keep
    repeating this until your outside (on the last door you have to get through a 
    timer will start, this is how long you have to use the Hammer Of Dawn). Now you
    should be outside with the Berserker, Use the Hammer Of Dawn to hit the 
    Berserker and after that some people like to hold the laser over her to kill 
    her. I personally use the Hammer Of Dawn to hurt her then use my Lancer or 
    Hammerburst to shoot at her. (All i can tell is that the laser somehow melts 
    her tough skin enough so that regular bullets hurt her. Just make sure your 
    clear to dive away from her charge otherwise you will role into a piece of 
    scenery and be ripped to bits by the Berserker. Keep using the laser and 
    avoiding her, or use my shooting tactic until she is dead.
    {Berserker #2}~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    You will enter a big greenhouse type building, you will hear Markus say things
    like 'quiet' and you will also find the Hammer Of Dawn which just tells you 
    that there’s going to be a Berserker near by. You will walk through a huge, 
    high room and see that the middle of the wall is whiter than all the other 
    parts, which kind of makes you think "OH I see its gunna break through it!" 
    but your wrong, nothing happens! so then you think oh they tried to scare me
    lol, then proceed to the small arch way type door to the left, and prepare to
    come face to face  with the 2nd Berserker like I did lol. You need to get
    through the opening the Berserker comes through. once you do she WILL NOW burst
    through that wall to head you off, get past her and continue through the next 
    room, basically go through the next door way to find a smash-able door, as you
    get there she will smash through the wall to head you off again (like before)
    this time you need to make her smash through the door into the next huge room.
    In here there’s loads of stone pillars, make her smash them because it will 
    break the glass in the greenhouse roof, which in turn makes the Hammer Of Dawn
    able to fire. There’s a time limit on how long you can use the Hammer there’s 
    and clock at the top of the screen. Use the same tactics for killing her as 
    the first one (Hammer her to death, or Hammer + Shoot). As soon as its dead 
    you’ll  notice the clock doesn’t stop and you have to escape the building 
    before it collapses, in the far left corner as you walk into this room there’s
    a fire blocking your only encase route, go to the wall exactly opposite the 
    door you used to enter this room and you'll find a valve turn it and the water
    will put out the fire. As soon the fire is out go outside and continue
    the fight.
    For Berserker #2 Ringwraith775 suggests that if you hit it with the Hammer of
    Dawn after it breaks the first pillar, you can run up behind her and Grenade
    Tag her (Stick the Grenade to her back) and she will die in one blast. Also 
    he points out that this will let you keep the Hammer Of Dawn to use in the 
    next area for quite a while.
    {Berserker #3}~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    This one is pretty easy, this is on Act 5 (The train level) you'll notice that
    there are no Hammer Of Dawns anywhere to be seen, and there’s a little dialogue
    of Marcus saying something like "were using the hammer!" and  gets told that
    he cant. The Berserker appears as Jack tries to rip the door. He appears at the
    back of the train, he will break through the boxes as soon as Marcus yells 
    "Berserker!". There are several ways to deal with this one, and none include 
    the Hammer Of Dawn. The easiest is  to stand somewhere there’s a gap (at the 
    back of the train) and get her to charge you, role left or right and she falls
    right off the train.  If you lure the Berserker back a few cars, there is a 
    release button, press it while she’s on it and it will de-rail and end of 
    Berserker. The 3rd way is using the Fuel Tank that Dom mentioned, lure her on 
    to the fuel tank car GET OFF IT and throw a grenade into the tank to blow it, 
    and the Berserker up. All relatively easy but id go with the 2nd I find it 
    works best. Good luck.
    This is bar far the easiest fight in the entire game, this thing looks mean
    but its nothing really. basically shoot its underbelly and it will open its 
    mouth, then shoot the mouth to make it retreat back somewhat, keep doing this
    until its on the metal square (Lambent Wretches will appear from above and
    behind you but don’t let it worry you, Dom can kill some and you can easily
    dispatch the rest of them). Blow up the 2 metal bits holding the metal 
    square to the rock, there’s one on the left and one on the right, grenades work
    best, but guns will also do. The Corpser will then sink and the fight is over! 
    Easy right!?
    {General RAAM}~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    OK HERE WE GO! This guy is big, ugly, mean and has a huge gattling gun! first
    thing to remember is that given the chance he will, in fact, rip you into tiny
    bits. His gun hurts like hell, especially on Hardcore and Insane and he has a
    shield made up entirely of Kryll! OK so your probably thinking, ok how do I 
    possibly beat something like that? Well here’s how: Before you enter the area 
    he is in you will find that your in the AMMO CAR. Go back and pick up the 
    Longshot and ammo and anything else laying around, I use the Lancer and 
    Longshot. Now as the cut scene finishes and the battle begins take cover 
    behind the 1st wall that you see, wait till both sides of the trains barriers 
    fall flat then walk quickly into the darkness then back behind the wall to 
    disperse the Kryll shield (TIP: He CANT be hurt while he has his Kryll shield
    round him). After  the shield disperses use the Longshot and aim for his face,
    Perfect Active Reload is going to help a lot here. Keep doing that and 
    hopefully he should die very soon, if he gets to close do the same thing except
    use the Lancer to blind fire at him. If he walks right up to you, RUN to the
    same wall at the opposite end of the car (near the Troika) and repeat what I’ve
    already told you. Of course on the harder difficulties its harder, but keep at
    it and just be more careful. All i can say now is GOOD LUCK and destroy him.
    {Rodney Dejesus}~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    For the RAAM fight, just throw grenades at him to get rid of his Kryll shield 
    and then spray him with lancer bullets until he is dead. On Hardcore the
    grenades take the Kryll away for a shorter ammount of time.
    For the RAAM fight Reaver suggests shooting him in the head with the Tourque
    Bow, which gets rid of the Kryll (and damages him) and then you can pelt him
    with Lancer fire, repeat until he dies. 
    8. Copyright & Thanks
    -Thanks to Epic for making the game and Microsoft for making the wonderful 
    Xbox360 to play it on.
    -Thanks to my friend Chris Ardley for buying the game and suggesting that i do
    the same.
    -Thanks to my girlfriend Lauren Selfe for showing me exactly how NOT TO PLAY 
    this game, but in all fairness fighting Berserker #1 was funny lol.
    -Thanks to Rodney Dejesus for his General RAAM, Grenade and Lancer tactic.
    -Thanks to Reaver for his General RAAM, Tourque Bow and Lancer tactic.
    -Thanks to Ringwraith775 (Eli) for his Beserker #2, Grenade Tag tactic.
    -Thanks to Bonita McQueen For pointing out the Boomshot holds 12 rockets.
    -Thanks to The Nightmare Alpha for his brilliant weapon descriptions, they 
    gave me the confidence to have a go at writing my own.
    -And finally thanks to all who read this guide and use it to extend their 
    Gears Of War skills.
    I the Samurai_King (Stewart Heddle) claim full ownership of this FAQ/Guide.
    This FAQ/Guide MAY NOT be copied, sold, distributed or used for any other 
    public purpose unless the proper permission is asked for BEFORE use.
    Copyright 2006. Samurai_King (Stewart Heddle)
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