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    Achievement Guide by arkena

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    Achievements Guide
    VALVE SOFTWARE - PC (2007)/MAC (2010)
    Version 1.0


    Finally, Valve updated Half-Life and its expansion Episode One with achievements coming from the XBOX 360. This guide is normally only for the PC/Mac version of Episode 2. This guide is existing for celebrating the new achievements for the two previous games.


    I'm also getting some informations from Combine OverWiki, an HL wiki very well done (for the description of the achievements and their names):


    • - VICRABB
    • - ARKENA
    • - ARKENA


    • Version 1.0 - 3nd June 2010: Publication of the guide

    Grave Robber

    • Objective: Steal a Zombine's grenade.

    You can have it in every chapter with at least a Zombine. Remember, a Zombine is a Combine Soldier having met an Headcrab. And contrary to the others zombies, that one is tough, he can run and he can brandish a grenade. The only way to steal it (and eventually throw it back) is to use the Gravity Gun.

    Bone Breaker

    • Objective: Kill 30 enemies with thrown physics objects

    Just take anything that can be thrown with the Gravity Gun. Generally, an area with zombies is what works the best, if you have a saw with you. Or you can still take barrels and play bowling.

    Acid Reflex

    • Objective: Kill an acid antlion worker.

    Very easy to achieve, that action is kinda mandatory as you'll meet plenty of them in the Antlion Nest (or in the Victory Mine if you prefer). You can recognize them with their little wings and their acid balls they love to send on you. You meet the first one when you arrive near a cave.

    Into the Breach

    • Objective: Help Griggs and Sheckley hold off the antlion invasion inside the mine shaft.

    You're forced to defend the shaft but be reassured: you have Griggs and Sheckley along with Hopper Mines, with turrets and with infinite ammo crates nearby for your SMG and your shotgun. When you have only a tunnel to defend, you can still carry a turret and help the two men to defend it. However, when it's two tunnels, leave a turret with your new buddies if it's the breach you have to defend (shotgun there is marvelous) else, fight with your turret nearby.


    When it's three tunnels, just place the turrets where Griggs and Sheckley aren't defending or if you have a large wave, leave a turret by Griggs and Sheckley and defend the third one.

    If you have to defend all, leave a turret where your buddies aren't defending and take the breach. At the last wave, the turrets will break but Vortigaunts are coming and help you to defeat the largiest attack you'll live.

    Normally, the first three waves are coming from one tunnel (36/breach/24). Then, you have to defend two tunnels for one wave only (12-36). After that, you'll get two waves coming from the same tunnels for both (12-24-breach). The rest of the game will be about the four entrances, so be prepared for the attack.

    Get Some Grub

    • Objective: Squish every antlion grub in Episode Two.

    You have to kill 333 grubs in one playthrough and some are easy to miss. I recommend you to read that guide by Nibbles:


    But if you're too lazy to keep up with it, I'm giving tips and grubs you can easily miss.

    First of all, when you see grubs near an opening that you can't reach, it's possible that some are in it and harder to kill with pistol. So use a grenade to send it in the hole.

    Don't forget also to look on the walls of a pit or at the ceiling. Some of them are hiding in the web caches, so, don't forget to kill them.

    When you're running, followed by the Guardian, don't forget that some grubs are OUTSIDE holes. Don't hesitate to use your crowbar or your Gravity Gun when you're sure that the Guardian will not appear.

    Here are the grubs you can easily miss:

    • When you drop in the mine, where you fight your first Worker, you have three behind you.
    • In the same area, you'll have to fall in a pit near lockers. Don't do that now but open the locker, you'll find an hidden grub.
    • Don't forget that in the Barnacles room, you have some in the left and in the right.
    • When you're fighting a Worker in the tunnel, after Barnacles room, you'll have a path in the left. There is one grub there but I reassure you, that path is leading to the same room where the Worker were.
    • You have two on a ceiling in an open cavern where you can find a pit.
    • When you meet your first web cache on the ceiling, there is one in it.
    • When you have to take an elevator where you have to put weight, there are three in the shaft, on the right wall.
    • When you take the other elevator in the zombie room, you have one under it and two in the shaft.
    • There is one in the wagon cart with the supply. You can also find three in the cave on the right wall.
    • When you're done with your cart ride and your climbing with the ladder, instead of going in the left tunnel, just go back to your entrance point to kill the grubs that weren't squished by your ride.
    • When you're arriving near the Resistance hideout, don't forget to kill the grubs around the holes.
    • After the Resistance hideout fight, you're again in the mine. You can see two grubs near a "4". Well two others are above on the ceiling. When I tell you to look at the ceiling, it's not for nothing.
    • After passing the vent, you're coming near a pit. Before going down, shoot the two grubs after it.
    • When you drop in the water room with Barnacles, don't forget to check openings instead of running out of the water.
    • A lot are hiding around entrance or exit of tunnels when you're chased by the Guardian, don't forget to check.
    • When you're in the elevator room, with four web caches, some are around the ceiling caches and another one is just inside a wall cache.
    • The last one is found behind wooden planks, when Alyx is healed. The Guardian will show himself at that moment.

    How to know if you're right in the counting? Here are some reference points - counting if you're not killing Grubs before arriving in their room.

    • 23 - When you're fighting your first Worker
    • 60 - Before going your first underwater tunnel (and before getting in the Barnacles room
    • 91 - When the second chapter is loading
    • 93 - When you reach Griggs and Sheckley
    • 142 - When you arrive at the weighed elevators room.
    • 171 - When you're opening the gate for the Vort
    • 209 - After cleaning the pit and the railyard after your cart ride
    • 226 - Before dropping in the Resistance hideout
    • 236 - Before dropping in the vent conduct
    • 263 - Before dropping in the area where the Guardian will finally chase you
    • 311 - After escaping the Guardian
    • 332 - Once the Vort retrieved the nectar
    • 333 - The last one when Alyx is healed, see list above

    Piñata Party

    • Objective: Find and break every web cache in Episode Two.

    For breaking them, you have to use Gravity Gun or crowbar. Pay attention to those containing a Zombine, there is a grenade that can detonate. Also, two of the four webs in the elevator room after escaping the Guardian contain an Headcrab and a black one.


    One that can be easily missed is in the first chapter, while the others are located in the second chapter.

    1To White ForestFirst underground lake before taking the tunnelNo
    2The Vortal CoilFirst tunnel with the VortNo
    3The Vortal CoilAfter first open cavern, when Vort is warning you about the sprayNo
    4The Vortal CoilAfter second open cavernNo
    5The Vortal CoilIn the same tunnel of 4, on the ceilingYes, grenade
    6->9The Vortal CoilThese four are in the elevator room, after escaping the Guardian. Two are on the ceiling and two are on the walls in the right.Yes for two: headcrabs


    • Objective: Defeat both antlion guards outside the White Forest.

    You'll be attacked by two Antlions Guards - a normal one and the Guardian. You can stock the explosive barrels where the last thumper. Once you're triggering their appearance, you can send explosives in their faces and use your SMG grenades. The two guards will go for everything they can throw in your face, so avoid their projectiles, mainly cars and mine carts.

    Meet the Hunters

    • Objective: Survive the Hunter ambush with Alyx.

    When you're in the first stop during your car ride, you'll be ambushed by Hunters. These things are hard to kill without explosives but throwing objects is certainly a good way to kill them. It's also a good time to do Payback.


    • Objective: Kill a Hunter with its own flechette.

    Grab an object like a tire or a metal plate with your Gravity Gun and make sure that the Hunter fires at you. Once you have enough darts, just throw it back to the Hunter to kill it. Just remind yourself that darts are timed to explode when it's not reaching its target, so, don't wait too long. The first ambush is the best moment to get it.

    Puttin' On a Clinic

    • Objective: Defeat the chopper in Episode Two without any misses.

    In HL2, you were using mounted rifles to kill them. Now you can use their mines to kill. It's not a mandatory achievement but it's part of the story. So, how to do? Grab with your Gravity Gun the mine and send it on the chopper before it explode. The goal here is not to miss a shot, so once you're done with one, just quicksave for reloading if you miss the second. Take also your time to aim, being under the chopper can help also.


    • Objective: Destroy the Combine Autogun in the junkyard.

    If the fact to destroy it consists in a simple grenade in his core inside the building (and so making it mandatory achievement), the path to it is just full of zombies, toxic areas and crawling, using cars as protection. Don't forget that getting supply boxes in the toxic area can be good but with zombies around, it would be a waste until you need them. Oh yeah, for getting in the building after your crawling passage, just jump on the trunk and then on the roof.

    Hit and Run

    • Objective: Run over 20 enemies with the car in Episode Two.

    Just run over enemies while you're riding the car. The best time to get it is when you're chased by the chopper and that a lot of zombies are on the road or just after the autogun fight, where you'll find again zombies to kill.

    Gordon Propelled Rocket

    • Objective: Unlock the rocket launcher lambda cache in chapter Under The Radar.

    This achievement is mandatory for those wanting Cache Checker. It's the second cache. The how to is explained later in the guide (Cache Checker achievement).

    Quiet Mountain Getaway

    • Objective: Survive the ambush at White Forest Inn.

    When you're coming in the White Forest Inn, you'll get ambushed by the Combines, if the Soldiers aren't really a problem (you can get them from the first floor, by shooting by the windows), the big fight is just Hunters. Don't forget to disable generators in the upper building. There is also another way to trigger ambush without using the car. It's only if you want to skip the big fight incoming.

    Cache Checker

    • Objective: Find every radar cache in chapter Under The Radar.

    That achievement is easy as the caches will be signaled on your radar after the junkyard. One of them is also the subject of Gordon Propelled Rocket. Here are the locations and how to reach them. Note that number 2 is Gordon Propelled Rocket.

    LocationHow to?
    1In a car, just after the toxic areaJut light the explosive barrels
    2In a building, in front of the container siteEnter by the van, then with your Gravity Gun, make the metal plate fall down, put a grenade under it, put yourself on the plate and fly on the upper part. Switch on the electricity and you'll open the cache
    3In the container zone, in front of the building with the rocket launcherIn the building, just remove the planks of the floor
    4Before White Forest InnNear the top, you'll find a small opening with rocks blocking the path. Remove them with your Gravity Gun
    5After White Forest InnOn the side of the road, you should see a sign pointing upward. You'll see boxes in the air. Just throw a rock with your Gravity Gun to knock the supplies down

    Pedal to the Metal

    • Objective: Beat DOG in a race to the White Forest base.

    Nothing really to say apart that you should just use the turbo for getting some advance. Don't forget to save before if you're the looser in the race.

    Secondary Silo Secured

    • Objective: Secure the launch doors on missile silo 2.

    It's story-related, just be sure to take Combines down. It's also a good time to get Hot Potat0wned as some soldiers will throw grenades. I mean, it's nearly the only time I've seen them do even if I know that in other places, they're doing it.

    Hot Potat0wned

    • Objective: Kill a Combine soldier with his own grenade.

    Once one soldier throw a grenade, use your gravity gun to get it back to him. You have plenty fights to do so but as some players, I find the silo fight much more appealing than elsewhere. Combines aren't really a choice for escaping in narrow tunnels.

    Neighborhood Watch

    • Objective: Save all buildings outside the missile silo from destruction.

    It's an hard objective, because the second strider who will arrive will destroy the Sawmill if you're not fast enough. Add also the fact that dear Hunters destroy the bomb when they see it and you're gonna be for an hellish fight. Some people are recommanding to let a device near the sawmill and take another one for the first strider, others are just telling to wait for the second strider and let the first one go on as it's not going to destroy buildings. Saving the Sawmill is buying you time for getting a Magnusson device.


    Don't forget to quicksave and that after every Strider kill, it's saved automatically. If Hunters are around, you can slam your car into them but don't forget to kill them or to avoid them.

    The Cranes are in the left, Sawmill is in the middle and the Water Tower in the right.

    Here are the Striders incoming - can be useful for the next achievemment - and take note that numbers 12 and 13 could have been removed by Valve:

    1. Coming from the Cranes - not meant to destroy something
    2. Coming from the Sawmill - will destroy it
    3. Coming from the Water Tower, not meant to destroy something
    4. Coming from the Cranes - not meant to destroy something
    5. Coming from the Sawmill - not meant to destroy something
    6. Coming from the Water Tower - not meant to destroy something
    7. Coming from the Cranes - will destroy the building south of it
    8. Coming from the Water Tower - will destroy the building south of it
    9. Coming from the Cranes - not meant to destroy something
    10. Coming from the Sawmill - not meant to destroy something
    11. Coming from the Water Tower - not meant to destroy something
    12. Coming from the Sawmill - not meant to destroy something
    13. Coming from the Cranes - not meant to destroy something

    Now that I got that achievement, I'm telling you more or less what I've done. Once arrived at the Sawmill, I took my Magnusson and put it somewhere in the right. Then when the attack begins, wait a little to see the Strider and the Hunter, send a rocket into the latest, then go take a Magnusson Device from the supply and shoot it on the Strider and kill it. Then run towards or use your car to get to the bomb you've put in the right of the building and run towards the right. Once you see the Strider, shoot the bomb and kill the enemy. Don't forget that you can still save the building while that giant is preparing his shooting.

    After that, well, I took care of Striders 3, 4, 5 and killing Hunters also. I've also made a stop to the building south of Water Tower to resupply. I didn't run to Strider 6 but instead, I took a Magnusson at the Sawmill (because I stayed in the whole area for 4 and 5 after my stop) and I ran with my car at the Cranes for Strider 7. There are Hunters but they can't keep up with the Strider's speed as it's fast-walking. Kill the enemy, don't worry about Hunters, just run to the building south of Water Tower. You should have Strider 6 nearing it without Hunters. Just take a Magnusson Device in the barn and kill him.

    Hunters from Strider 7 will arrive, so kill them. Once it's done and if you have the same timing and bad habit to drive awfully, Strider 8 should be announced. Take a device and run to more or less half the road on the right. Kill the Strider then if you wait a little, kill the Hunters.

    More Striders will be announced, so run to the other supplies (two buildings south of Cranes) and I don't know why but the three Striders were following the same path: from the Cranes. So I saw the one coming really from the Cranes before the others (it took time to get their asses there), I slammed into the Hunters and I shoot the Strider. Just in time because the two others were coming together with two Hunters. I slammed into them then I took a Magnusson from the building (I didn't have the time to take one before) and I shoot one of them then I took another device (I was lucky that they weren't so far away from the building) and I run to the last Strider. I shoot him. When the speaker tells that you've been victorious and that the staff must return to the base, you'll get the achievement and if it's on your first play, you'll get the next one also.

    Defense of the Armament

    • Objective: Save the missile silo from the Combine offensive.

    You just need to kills any Striders and any Hunters incoming. You don't have to worry about the buildings, though if I were you, I would save at least one for not having too much ride to do. For knowing from where they're coming, see Neighborhood Watch above.

    Little Rocket Man

    • Objective: Send the garden gnome into space.

    You can find the gnome when Alyx is contacting for the first time White Forest, it's just under a bed. Now, you have to know that you have to carry it through the game until you arrive in the rocket room and that you put it in the rocket. You'll unlock the achievement in T-Minus One when it's sent to close the portal.


    As you may now, you have to carry it. However, for fighting, you can let in a corner and take it after. Don't forget that if you can't go back, you'll have to download a save.

    You can find many skips points: for example, when you have to go with the Vort inside the Nectarium, you can let the gnome in the mine shaft, where Alyx is wounded or when you have to go on the bridge for the car, you can send your gnome where G-Man was.

    During your ride with the car, the gnome has a tendancy to get out when you're too fact, when you're knocking something, etc. You'll have to stop frequently. If you don't want to worry about it, just try to launch it in areas you'll have to go through. You can also let him in the car when you're stopping somewhere (apart during the chopper fight). Let him also in the garage while you're going to disable the autogun.


    • Author: Vinciane Amorini (vamorini(@) - cleo_rabb(@)
    • Country: Belgium
    • Version: 1.0
    • Dates: 2 June 2010

    Don't hesitate to email me about an achievement that I got wrong!


    I don't mind you picking my guide for publishing it on your site but please, notice me and credit me. Oh and I don't want you to edit my FAQ for making your site appear on it. This work is copyrighted, so, you can't take it and make you the author when you're not.

    Cette solution est protégée par les droits d'auteurs (loi belge pour ma part). Aussi, veuillez les respecter. Je n'écris pas pour gagner de l'argent, donc, soyez sympa de ne pas vous faire passer pour l'auteur ou d'utiliser ce document pour vous faire de l'argent.