Review by kangkebon

"Bad story, cover by excelent graphic, but..."

Story (5/10)
For the first time player, its really confuse, whats the real mission. And I just know when I see the loading menu. But still, to much to do. I mean, my opinion is "its not complete, if u dont do the side mission". But diferent player, diferent opinion right ?

Gameplay (3/10)
I dont meant its worst, but.... some controls are different from other FPS. I know we can chance that, but some doesnt change the gameplay. The "real" was make it so hard. Like the map, its so real, but that which make it so hard to play. Espesially when we lost direction, we should open the map. And when Its open, its cover more than half your screen (it alomst centered). Maybe its doesnt matter, but when we on the mission, got to kill/find someone/something, an in the dangerous situation, great chance you'll be death if using the map. Map button are the 3rd button we ussually use, after shoot button and movement. Too much time to do things, like use bandage. Its often I die while Im recovering, its "really" different... The jamming things too, its real, but make it harder to play...

Graphic (10/10)
Perfect. What should I say ? When all setting ultra, and maximum AA, its hard to see the enemy who hide in the grass. Really really hard... When you see the fire, damn... I think its the best fire I ever see (in the game). The bad things are, its require high-end VGA to play with this graphic. But its the game I review, not the VGA.

Sound (9/10)
Almost perfect. The music, car, shooting, environtment, chat... When the car try to hit me, the sound really good, its make my heart jump to find the car. The bad was the grass which underfire, its to noise... In my opinion maybe the ratio was wrong, and (in my opinion to) some of the music make me bored.

AI (3/10)
I doesnt like it. I know the accuracy are diferent by difficulty, but they can shoot us whereever the range (except between-ing obstacles). I cannt hide in the grass, they always notice me, especially the sniper.

Overall (6/10)
I recomend this game, just because the graphic was perfect. The gameplay really bad. And we cannt hide from enemies, even before attacking. If u just have fun, just play it. But for low budget, it would be useless for 50 dollars, except you free downloading the crack version.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 12/02/08

Game Release: Far Cry 2 (US, 10/21/08)

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