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"Had a lot of unused potential"

The first thing you will notice about this game is how amazing it looks. Amazing sunsets that glimmer through the trees with superbly rendered god rays. You will be blinded when you step out into daylight. Enemies are detailed as are the vehicles, which pick up dirt and grime as you drive. The most impressive graphical part of this game has to be the explosions, which every time they go off will make you stop and stare for a moment. I had to take one point off though for the water and nighttime. While still looking good, when it becomes night, the graphics seem less impressive mainly since there are no lighting effects for things like the moon and stars. The water though has to be the worst looking thing in the game. Not only it is a single color with no clarity whatsoever, but there is no movement at all, the only "movement" there is are wakes and all those are is a white foam mesh.

This is a short section but I though I should include it. The sound in the game is pretty good, but not the best I have heard in a game. The guns sound nice but could have been much better. Vehicles sound almost the same when using things like a Jeep or Assault Truck. Even with these drawbacks however, the voice acting is very good and the explosions are some of the best I have heard.

This game is not good for anyone who can't play a game without story. When playing, I was more compelled to do missions to afford new guns rather than to advance the story. They try at a compelling tale but unfortunately fail.

Do not get me wrong, this game is amazingly fun, but it has some major flaws. The first thing I must address is that this game is NOT open-ended. Once you beat the game your done. Attempting to continue will put you back at your last save rather than in a "free mode". At the very beginning of the game you contract malaria, this (unfortunately) is not a major part of the game and is actually rather annoying. Rather than being put into the story in an interesting way, it forces you to take pill at random times (yes, even in the middle of a firefight) and when taking them you can't move. Rather than being cured at the end of the game, it is used as an excuse to end the game. Missions start out fun but end up getting repetitive (kill this guy, destroy this vehicle, etc...). Even through all this though, this game is (strangely) very fun. A variety of weapons and vehicles, along with the most open world I have ever seen in a FPS allow for every situation to have multiple outcomes (you have to get through a camp full of enemies, you can; snipe them, sneak through without killing anyone, sneak through and kill everyone, drive through, run in guns blazing, set the grass on fire to create a distraction/kill some of them, etc...) Guns jamming can actually create some tension in a firefight, especially in the last area. (the last area is the only part of the game that is closed in). In all, Far Cry 2 is noticeably easier than the original, but the end will still give at least a small challenge to the game.

First of all, if buying this game, I would suggest buying the Xbox360 version over the PC version. (the 360 version already has new down-loadable content), Remember, this is NOT an open ended game, so remember to save often to different spots if you want to keep playing. This game is not for everyones PC, it WILL put an older system through its paces. Other than that I would suggest giving this game a look if you haven't already.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 12/02/08

Game Release: Far Cry 2 (US, 10/21/08)

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