Review by Big8Ball

Reviewed: 09/28/09

The FUN does NOT last

After playing round 50 + hours of Far Cry 2 and completing the game I felt the need to give a review.


PROS: Grass swaying the wind looks amazing, water reflections, weather effects are superb, sun shines beautifully, moon shines great as well. Guns look great, clouds actually move across sky and form different shapes. Vegetation looks crisp. Lots to see as far as jungle, desert, grasslands, swamps, rivers, canyons, villages, towns, bridges, etc. Heat effects coming from barrel of gun, cool animations. Rain and fog are awesome! Animals look good but run kind of funny. Fire spreading is awesome.

CONS: Leaves are stiff. Trees swaying hard in the wind look ridiculous. Colors are bland. Buddies sometimes appear stiff and wooden. Blood sucks. Blood comes out of an enemy when you shoot him and then disappears in the air. Half-Life had better blood and that was over ten years ago.


PROS: Satisfying weapon play, fun exploration, a few cool missions, war lord meetings are cool, weapon upgrade system, lots of weapons, different ways to approach a mission, buddies save you from death. Health system is smooth, and controls are pretty fluid. Weapons jamming, malaria and vehicles repairing add to the realism. I like the map system and diamond collecting as well. Exploring for jackal tapes and just catching the sights is fun.

CONS: EVERYONE outside of the cease fire zone immediately tries to kill you. Driving starts off fine but ends up becoming a cumbersome chore. Guard posts are fun to scout out at first, but become repetitive quickly. The guard posts also re spawn too quickly killing any immersion. Missions start off really fun but then become repetitive and often take place in the same location several times. There are no advanced controls like prone and peek. Sprinting is too short. Game world is too big. The controls are kind of clunky compared to other PC shooters. Enemy accuracy is too good. Being stealthy is too difficult. Cannot carry certain weapons combinations. For example you cannot carry a sniper rifle and an assault rifle at the same time. Many weapons are almost useless. Jumping is stiff and low which leads to get tangled up on logs or roots during a critical fire fight. Enemies have too much health. There isn't really much interactivity in the world. Too repetitive. I felt like the game never rewarded me for anything except finding diamonds and blowing up convoys.


PROS: Music is decent. Weapons sounds are great. Nature sounds are fantastic.
Explosions are great and thunder sounds awesome.

CONS: Music grows repetitive, some weapons are too loud, voice acting is horrible. Seriously, the voice acting in this game sucks really bad. Sounds like it's artificially sped up and gives me a headache.


PROS: The beginning of the story.

CONS: The story starts good but ends up making no sense at all. The ending sucked. If your looking for a good story DO NOT look here. Far Cry 2's story is as interesting and compelling as a comic strip in the newspaper.


To sum it up Far Cry 2 is a fun game, but the fun doesn't last. For me, almost every aspect of the game became repetitive and tiresome. By the end of it I was grinding through it just for completion but wasn't having fun. The graphics are some of the best I've ever seen but the game play totally falls short. Also, the game never really rewards the player for doing things. You just kind of do things to do them but don't gain anything from it. The story never satisfies and it has nothing to do with Far Cry 1.

Bottom Line: More Cons than Pros.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Product Release: Far Cry 2 (US, 10/21/08)

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