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"Glad I only payed $15"

Ahh Far Cry 2 by Ubisoft . So much can be said about it. Very little of it would be good. A few years ago I played that wonderfully overrated piece of rubbish called Assassins Creed, also made by Ubisoft.

It was meant to be this revolution of a game that had all these innovative features, free running, stealth, hidden weapons, deep involving story....and so on. Let me just say I'm not a console gamer. I consider most console gamers to be lacking the intelligence to properly use a PC hence they have to get their idiotic gaming fix from something that is basically idiot proof. Anyway, AC and FC2 were initially going to be console and PC exclusive respectively but one can make the inference that Ubisoft expected to make more money by releasing them multi-platform.

I hated AC. The reasons are very simple. The game play was just absurd. Sure its fun to scale buildings vertically, stealth kill people, hide among the citizens on your town etc but that's all that bloody happened. You go to one district, get your mission, go a kill this person, rinse and repeat. How the hell is that fun? Do Ubisoft think they can insult the PC gamers intelligence? The same goes for FC2. Now let be begin the review proper.

FC2. The apparent equal to the very interesting 2004 Far Cry by Crytech. The original FC was set in a beautiful archipelago of tropical islands. You could see for miles on end and would use all manner of craft to get around said islands. The story was rather weak but it still in my opinion had very solid game play for a shooter.
FC2 is equal in name only. Since Crytech had no input in the creation of this game, one can only assume as to why the hell they decided to name it thus since there is no mention to FC.

Graphics 9/10

The graphics in this game are simply gorgeous even 2 years after coming out. The game is set in a bastardized version of Africa and it shows it rather appropriately. You travel in jungle, desert and on water and it all looks quite lovely. Leaves fall from trees, the wind blows smoke and when you use a flamer on dry grass, fire spreads nicely. It does seem to be bit of a resource hog though as it seemed to really tax my PC and it was only build 9 months ago, so just be mindful of that.

Sound 7/10
The music is just bloody irritating as it repeats around every 5 mins and there are not many tracks. I turned it off because it was so annoying. The sound effects are by and large good. The guns all sound like they should and differ from each other.

Game play 3/10

Ok here we go. The story is virtually non-existent. You choose from one of like 10 characters to start of as and it has no relevance to the story at all. The story is 2 factions in Africa are fighting for supremacy or something and you have to stop the arms dealer supplying them. To the logical brain, that really is not the best way to cease an armed conflict. So the guy who is arming them is the "Jackel" and you have to kill him.

Sounds pretty straight forward right? Well its not. Throughout the game you meet up with so-called "buddies". They apparently help you out on missions and provide vital information. These buddies consistently ask you to help them out and they do things for you but all you work is negated at the end of the 3 Acts that take up the game. You can spend much of the first Act getting your reputation up among your buddies thinking that when your in trouble they will come to the rescue. But this is not the case and its a major let down and really made me wonder as to why the bloody hell they were even included?

So anyway aside from the main story missions you roam the 50km2 worth of countryside looking for side missions to gain diamonds which are the games currency so you can buy new weapons and upgrades. However most of the weapons are just crap and a waste of money. There is also this rather irritating but realistic feature where weapons and vehicles will degrade over time. This means the weapons will jam more often in a fire fight and you will get your arse handed to you because your .50 sniper rifle is not working. Its very annoying.
To get around this you have to regularly change your weapons whenever you come across your armoury. But this can sometimes be on the other side of the freaking map and between there is like 6 enemy outposts. Also re-spawning guards are another irritating but not game destroying feature. It does keep things from being too boring.

Of course with this being a Ubisoft game, we have plenty of filler, that is stuff that the game has that really has no purpose other then to give the impression its longer then it is. Such as assassination missions, fetch quests etc.

Another very annoying feature is every single bloody person in the game wants you dead! You cannot just drive to your mission without being attacked like 4 times by blokes in trucks. The AI is by and large pretty rubbish too. The guys talk among themselves but its nothing too intellectual and their attack pattern is pretty weak and quite predictable.

So in conclusion. I expected a lot from this game. When I saw trailers for it, I was excited and expected something different and deep. The story is the most tacked on piece of crap ever. The characters are very forgettable and the ending is enough to make me vomit. I played all this time for THIS!!!.

And one more note. WTF is up with having save points in your safe houses? I mean its a PC game. You can quick save anywhere. It just seems to be a leftover feature from the console versions. It also shows how shoddy and rushed this game was.

Reviewer's Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Originally Posted: 12/06/10

Game Release: Far Cry 2 (Collector's Edition) (AU, 10/23/08)

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