The Spy Kids Collection has two great CD-ROM games plus FREE spy glasses that let you see behind you! Spy Kids: Mega Mission Zone allows kids to travel through the action-packed locations from BOTH Spy Kids I and II films collecting gadgets and doing everything that makes spying fun. Infiltrate enemy strongholds, evade bad guys in spy vehicles, diffuse booby traps, hack into computers, elude security systems, solve puzzles, and track enemy spies with high-tech gadgets to earn full clearance as a Level One Spy Kid. So grab a disguise and prepare to become a Spy Kid! Spy Kids 3D: Game Over: Juni has returned from retirement to save the world from an evil inventor who has created an online game that traps players into the world of video games. Time to suit up for your next adventure in the third dimension. Enter the world of a 3-D video game, where the exciting world of spies comes to life and where kids must play their best spy skills.

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