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"Don't get tricked by the looks, this game is awesome."

Cave Story, a freeware game developed by Studio Pixel. It's surely a small game with few people knowing about it, isn't it? You are very wrong. Cave Story is an awesome game. IMO, it's in the list of best games ever and I'm not the only one that thinks that. If I could, I'd give this game an 11, but gamefaqs limitations stop me from doing that.

Gameplay: 10/10

Gameplay is... I believe the word is... ah yes, perfect. The controls are easy to understand. Use Z to jump, X to fire, A and S to switch weapon, etc. You get different weapons to suit you different needs. Enemy is on the ground? Use the fireball! Need easy power, missiles do that. In this game, you don't level up, your weapon does. Each level increases it's strength and usefulness (except for a special weapon, which actually shoots ducks at the max level). Each weapon have three levels and you need to collect experience dropped from enemies to level up. Getting hit, however, makes you LOSE experience. Many other elements are also joined together to make the game fun, like fans that blow you around, spikes, some of them even killing you in one hit, and many more.

Plot: 10/10

This must be a simple "rescue person X" game, right? No, the plot is actually very deep and interesting (although cliche a little at some places). You start, and you don't even know what you really are. You,re in the shape of a human, but are you really one? You also seem to have amnesia. As you move in the game, the plot deepens and develops.

Graphics: 9/10

The games only weakness, but a very small one. The graphics aren't "SUPER AWESOME HD LIEK", but they're perfect to represent the game. Would Balrog really be our favorite toaster/TV/lunchbox if he were in three dimensions?

Sounds: 10/10

You next gen gamers might think "o no, teh musik is gona like beeps and boops", but you are very wrong. The sound effects of the game are very good and the music is excellent. They go from the quiet songs in the quieter levels, to the very exciting last battle song. There are light hearted tunes, like the title theme, or some more serious, like before a boss. Awesome is the only way to describe the soundtrack.

Replay Value: 10/10

I tell you, cave Story is NOT a game you playthrough once. There are three endings, the bad, the good and the better. You first playthrough will probably end with the good ending (the bad ending being pretty obvious). However, if you decided to go for the better ending, you should've at least played through the game once. The last real dungeon before the final boss rush becomes MUCH harder and you unlock the secret dungeon, the hardest in the game. Don't worry about being frustrated, though. You,ll be having to much fun to be mad. Another factor that affects replay value is an important choice: How will you upgrade your first weapon? There are three choices, all of them different from the other. Doing a playthrough with each at least once is recommended.

Final verdict: Should you download it: Very yes.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 08/16/07

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