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"Cave Story hits home"

Cave Story hits home

Cave Story starts with you waking up in a cavern with no memory's what so ever. From first glances, it's a 2d platform mechanics game with basic controls and pretty old style graphics. (Which add to the feel, don't get me wrong)

The game has relatively easy controls that you can pick up in 10 minutes and there's no really long introduction. Later in game, it doesn't stay simple as to go straight forward. It get's an adventure element added where you have to actually find stuff rather then it showing up in your path. Although the game can be easy at times, there are parts where the game can get pretty hard. Finally, it doesn't force you to pick up every single item, so you aren't forced to get certain items, making it possible for challenge runs.

Although you know nothing of the story before hand, you learn it fast and the plot indulges you quickly. Most games only have one true ending, but Cave Story differs, it has a total of 3 endings, making it a really diverse game. It also adds a little sense of urgency depending on the scenario and it let's you see other character's feelings on the situation. Finally, some parts can be touching at times.

Although the graphics aren't as good as some other games, the music of the game remedies that. Most of the music get's a nostalgic feeling after hearing it a first time. Also, this game has some unique sound effects as well as the graphic designs they used. The game feels and sounds like an older game that wasn't released or had been lost to the world.

Play Time and Replayaility
Going into the game blind would mean at least 4 hours, but going into the game with basic knowledge makes it anywhere between 2 and 3. The game also has multiple endings and possibilities such as taking different weapon choices, skipping some items and so forth, thus making playing through the game multiple times is worth the reward.

Final Thoughts
Cave Story is a worthwhile game to look up on and try playing. Cave Story (The original version) is freeware and doesn't use up a ton of data, so you really should at least try it once. Although the game has been translated already on the Wii Ware for $12, a group has done a translation of the original game with most of it's original dialogue, some of which has been taking out for the Wii Ware release. The game does make an impact on your life remembering the good and bad times with the game.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 08/08/12

Game Release: Doukutsu Monogatari (JP, 12/20/04)

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