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    Intelligence Database Guide by RichPlaystation

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    Command and Conquer 3: Kane's Wrath By RichPlaystation
    A guide to editing the intelligence files.
    This guide is produced in accordance with Kanes' word of NOD, please
    respect the wishes of Kane and plan for the Brotherhood of NOD. 
    This guide is produced in accordance with Kanes' word of NOD, please
    respect the wishes of Kane and plan for the Brotherhood of NOD.
    "...and so Kane stepped into the light and saw the worlds fate, and only 
    the righteous followed". - Tacitus Prophecies 8:24
    "Hence my purpose is to relate ... without either anger or zeal, from any 
    motives to which I am far removed" - Tacitus.
    "Let them hate me, provided they respect my conduct" - Tiberius.
    "And Cain went out from the presence of The Lord, and lived in the 
    Land of Nod, on the east of Eden" - Genesis 4:16
    If you wish to go to a certain part of this guide, highlight then copy 
    the part of the text at the start of each contents that looks like 
    [xx01xx] or such, then press ctrl and F. Then paste in and 
    search the page for it, it will be the second search of the page.
    Guide Versions: 
    [1.00] - Guide Created, my second ever guide.
    Contents as follows:
    [xx01xx] What is this guide for?
    [xx02xx] How to find and edit the IDB files.
    [xx03xx] NOD IDB File Edits.
    [xx04xx] The Broken Files.
    [xx05xx] FAQs and other stuff.
    [xx06xx] Credits and etc.
    [xx01xx] What is this guide for?
    Well to start with, IDB stands for Intelligence Database. This FAQ is 
    JUST for editing the IDB files and not much else, there are other 
    guides for in game help or missions objectives and such already.
    [xx02xx] How to find and edit the IDB files.
    Ok so first of all I am going to make this as simple as possible, as
    I myself am not very computer literate (and I'm not old!).
    I am doing this via Windows Vista, though I am led to believe it is 
    much the same for Windows XP. Click the following:
    Start. (Bottom Left corner of your screen).
    For Files and Folders....
    Put in the search bar 'IDB' (without the quote marks, obviously).
    Then click the down arrow next to 'advanced search'.
    Then click the box next to:
       'Include non-indexed, hidden, and system files (might be slow)'
    Now open the file named 'IDB'.
    Now open each IDB file, (via the names listed below) which will open 
    in notepad, then in turn to copy and paste in the relevant information 
    into the correct folders.
    Then file (up in the left corner of the window you just opened) and
    then click save. That should just about do it :-)
    [xx03xx] NOD IDB File Edits.
    Name of File: 008_Nod_Field_ReconIDB
    0101_TibResearchA = 1
    0102_TibResearchB = 1
    0201_Treasury = 1
    0301_MoKSighting = 1
    0302_TacitusA = 1
    0303_TacitusBio = 1
    Name of File: 009_Nod_WeaponryIDB
    0101_Awakened = 1
    0102_Enlightened = 1
    0103_Redeemer = 1
    0104_TiberiumTrooper = 1
    0105_Specter = 1
    0106_ConfessorCabal = 1
    0107_Purifier = 1
    0108_ZoneRaider = 1
    0109_Shatterer = 1
    0110_Slingshot = 1
    0111_Hammerhead = 1
    0112_MARV = 1
    0113_CombatEngineer = 1
    0114_Behemoth = 1
    0115_RocketHarvester = 1
    0116_HeavyHarvester = 1
    0117_Eradicator = 1
    0118_ReaperTripod = 1
    0119_Prodigy = 1
    0120_ShieldedHarvester = 1
    0121_Cultist = 1
    0122_ShardWalker = 1
    Name of File: 010_Nod_RumorsIDB
    0101_MarcionCorrupt = 1
    0201_AlexaChildhood = 1
    Name of File: 011_Nod_BackgroundIDB
    0101_MarcionBio = 1
    0102_KaneInTubeA = 1
    0103_KaneInTubeB = 1
    0104_KaneInTubeC = 1
    0105_KaneInTubeD = 1
    0106_KaneInTubeE = 1
    0107_BlackHandBio = 1
    0108_SteelTalons = 1
    0201_AlexaBio = 1
    0202_MarkedOfKaneBio = 1
    0203_ZOCOM = 1
    0204_Reaper17Bio = 1
    0205_Traveler59Bio = 1
    [xx04xx] The Broken Files.
    One thing before I start, THERE AREN'T ANY! But in saying that alot of people
    seem to be confused about where to get a few of them, some just plain glitch
    and therefor only appear you restart a mission, though it doesn't happen often.
    Other than that, people seem to have trouble with 0118_ReaperTripod = 1 and
    '0120_ShieldedHarvester = 1' and '0122_ShardWalker = 1', which can all be
    gotten near the end of the mission called 'Tacitus Interruptus'. Instead of
    taking the MCV all the way up the hill path take it to a safe spot 
    (your base perhaps) and get ready to destroy the Scrin force coming into the
    area from the North-East hill top, you get all 3 IDB entries after destroy each
    of the waves of enemies.
    [xx05xx] FAQs and other stuff.
    I did what you said but I see GDI & Scrin file folders too, what's going on?
    A. You probably opened the IDB folder for Command and Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars,
    if you wanted files for that too, I have already done a guide like this for 
    that game already, go check it out!
    Q. I can't find the files on Linux/My Mac/Windows 95 etc. where are they?
    A. How the hell should I know? Seriously though, I've never used any of them,
    maybe try asking on the message boards, I don't know much about computers.
    Q. Your Guide is amazing.
    A. That's not a question, but thanks!
    Q. How do I get in contact with you?
    A. .....why, what for? If it's something about the guide then email me at
    rich UNDRSCORE faq AT hot mail DOT co DOT uk, my email is written 
    like that so no annoying spam scanners can pick it up. Just edit it 
    accordingly and send me an email if you need to.
    [xx06xx] Credits, thanks and etc.
    Electronic Arts, for making C&C3.
    Thanks to me for playing the game, because no one else is going to thank me.
    Thanks to Kane, for showing us the light.
    Do NOT reproduce this guide anywhere, by
    reading this guide you have joined the Brotherhood of Nod, congrats! 

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