Weapon Proficency, Missions Where They Shouldn't Be and Missing SDU?

  1. I've been playing for a while now and only noticed that my weapon proficiency levels haven't gone up in a while. Does the kills in Mad Moxxi DLC not count towards it?

    Almost certain my mission problem is online related. I have missions that I haven't started before, yet they have already appeared on the mission log, and some old ones that I already completed, but popped up again. When I tried completing the old ones, it says turn in, but I when I arrive to a designated 'turn in' waypoint, I can't turn in!

    Also, I got an SDU from the 'Prove Yourself' mission. But before remembering to use it, I wanted to go online to finish the other Moxxi Missions and then I remembered I won it, but it's not in my inventory at all!

    Then I did some googling and that's when I found out that online mode is heavily bugged and glitched but I couldn't find solutions to any of these problems!

    Would really really really appreciate any help! Sorry if my question is a bit long!

    User Info: Mugsi

    Mugsi - 7 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Kills in Moxie's do not improve weapon proficiencies because they are dependent on EXP from kills. If you killed a boss and got 1000 EXP towards your total, the weapon you had equipped will gain 1000 EXP in its respective proficiency slot. Note that completing quests or challenges do not contribute towards weapon proficiencies, only kills. Enemies in Moxie's do not give EXP, as you may have noticed, and thus don't influence weapon proficiencies.

    As for the SDU... It doesn't actually give an SDU. It gives a skill point. Even if someone else turned in the quest you got a skill point. You probably thought yo leveled up, but you didn't. To confirm that you didn't, purchase a skill reset. Do not allocate any points yet. Instead, note the number that tells you how many free points you have(above the icon where your skill icon should be). Without Moxie participation, it should be CURRENT_LEVEL-4, so if you were level 5, 5-4 is one (which is when you unlock your skill :P) and level 34 will be 34-4, or 30. "Prove Yourself" gives an additional skill point outside or leveling, so it's CURRENT_LEVEL-4+1, or simply CURRENT_LEVEL-3. So a level 23 guy who complete "Prove Yourself" should have 23-3, or 20 skill points. You can also complete the quest upon playthrough two again for an additional skill point, which'd be CURRENT_LEVEL-4+1(PT1)+1(PT2), or CURRENT_LEVEL-2. So my level 61 hunter who has beaten the quest both times should have 61-2, or 59 skill points available, which is exactly what I get when I reset my skills.

    Hope that helped.

    User Info: jdyoungs

    jdyoungs - 7 years ago 0 0

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