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    FAQ/Walkthrough by mr_404_Error

    Version: 1.2 | Updated: 01/13/10 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Table of Contents

    1. Table of Contents
    2. Version History
      1. vh
    3. Introduction
      1. intro
    4. Game Play Tips
      1. gpt
    5. Weapons
      1. weap
      2. Type
      3. Manufacturers
    6. Mods and Upgrades
      1. mau
    7. Ammo Capacity Upgrades
      1. acu
    8. Weapon Slot Upgrades
      1. wsu
    9. Storage Deck Upgrades
      1. sdu
    10. Class Mods
      1. cm
    11. Hunter
      1. hunt
    12. Soldier
      1. sol
    13. Siren
      1. sir
    14. Beserker
      1. bes
    15. Classes
      1. class
      2. Hunter
      3. Soldier
      4. Siren
      5. Beserker
    16. Builds
      1. build
    17. Playthrus
      1. play
      2. Playthru 1
      3. Playthru 2
      4. Playthru 3
    18. Enemies
      1. ene
      2. Creatures
    19. Walkthru
      1. wt
    20. Main Quests
      1. mq
    21. Arid Badlands
      1. mab
      2. Fresh off the bus
      3. The Doctor is in
      4. Skags at the gate
      5. Claptrap Rescue
    22. Dahl Headlands
      1. mdh
    23. New Haven
      1. mnh
    24. Salt Flats
      1. msf
    25. Side Quests
      1. sq
    26. Arid Badlands
      1. sab
    27. Dahl Headlands
      1. sdh
    28. New Haven
      1. snh
      2. Two Wrongs Make a Right
    29. Rust Commons West
      1. srcw
    30. Rust Commons East
      1. srce
    31. Crazy Earls Scrapyard
      1. sces
    32. Old Haven
      1. sph
    33. Tips & Tricks <tat>
    34. Claptrap Locations
      1. clap
    35. Achievements
      1. achieve
    36. Mission List
      1. ml
    37. Main Mission
      1. mlm
      2. Fresh off the bus
      3. The Doctor is in
      4. Skags at the gate
      5. Claptrap Rescue
      6. Fix'er Upper
      7. Blinding Nine-Toes
      8. Nine-Toes: Meet T.K. Baha
      9. Nine-Toes: T.K.'s Food
      10. Got Grenades?
      11. Nine-Toes: Take Him Down
      12. Nine-Toes: Time to collect
      13. Job Hunting
      14. Catch-a-Ride
      15. Bone Head's Theft
      16. The Pisswash Hurdle
      17. Return To Zed
      18. Sledge: Meet Shep
      19. Sledge: The Mine Key
      20. Sledge: To the Safe House
      21. Sledge: Battle for Badlands
      22. Leaving Fyresone
      23. Getting Lucky
      24. Powering the Fast Travel Network
      25. Road Warriors: Hot Shots
      26. Road Warriors: Bandit Apocalypse
      27. Power to the People
      28. Seek Out Tannis
      29. Meet "Crazy" Earl
      30. Get Off My Lawn
      31. Hair of the Dog
      32. The Next Piece
      33. Jaynistown: Secret Rendezvous
      34. Jaynistown: A Brother's Love
      35. Jaynistown: Spread the Word
      36. Jaynistown: Getting Whats Coming to You
      37. Jaynistown: Unintended Consequences
      38. Jaynistown: Cleaning Up Your Own Mess
      39. Another Piece of the Puzzle
      40. Not Without My Claptrap
      41. The Final Piece
      42. Get Some Answers
      43. Find the ECHO Command Console
      44. Reactivate the ECHO Comm System
      45. Find Steele
      46. Destroy the Destroier
      47. Bring the Vault Key to Tannis
    38. Side Missions
      1. mls
      2. T.K. has More Work
      3. T.K.'s Life and Limb
      4. By the Seed of your Pants
      5. Get the FLock Outa Here
      6. Braking Wind
      7. What hit the Fan
      8. Circle of Death: Meet and Greet
      9. Circle of Death: Round 1
      10. Circle of Death: Round 2
      11. Circle of Death:Final Round
      12. Why are they here?
      13. Get a little blood on the tires
      14. Hidden Journal: The Arid Badlands
      15. Shock Crystal Harvest
      16. Scavenger: Sniper Rifle
      17. The Legend of Moe and Marley
      18. Scavenger: Combat Rifle
      19. Insult to Injury
      20. Schemin' That Sabotage
      21. Product Recall
      22. Find Bruce McClane
      23. Big Game Hunter
      24. Death Race Pandora
      25. Fuel Fued
      26. Scavenger: Revolver
      27. Well There's Your Problem Right Now
      28. Ghosts of the Vault
      29. Jack's Other Eye
      30. Middle of Nowhere No More
      31. Relight the Becons
      32. Smoke Signals: Investigate Old Haven
      33. Smoke Signals: Shut Them Down
      34. Fire Power: All Sales Are Final
      35. Fire Power: Market Correction
      36. Fire Power: Plight of the Middle Man
      37. Up to Our Ears
      38. Scooter's Used Car Parts
      39. Is T.K. Okay?
      40. I've got a Sinking Feeling
      41. Like a Moth to a Flame
      42. Scavenger: Submachine Gun
      43. King Tossing
      44. Corrosive Crystal Harvest
      45. Hidden Journal: Rust Commons West
      46. Missing Persons
      47. Wanted: Fresh Fish
      48. Circel of Slaughter: Round 1
      49. Circle of Slaughter: Round 2
      50. Circle of Slaughter: Final Round
      51. Middle of Nowhere No More: Fuses? Really?
      52. Middle of Nowhere No More: Small Favor
      53. Middle of Nowhere No More: Scoot on Back
      54. Alter Ego: Burning Heresy
      55. Alter Ego: The New Religion
      56. Alter Ego: Godless Monsters
      57. Bait and Switch
      58. A Bug Problem
      59. Circle of Slaughter: Meet and Greet
      60. Hidden Journal: Rust Commons East
      61. Scavenger: Shotgun
      62. Green Thumb
      63. Scavenger: Machine Gun
      64. House Hunting
      65. Today's Lesson: High Explosives
      66. Earl Needs Food...Badly
      67. Earls Best Friends
      68. Bandit Treasure: Three Corpses, Three Kings
      69. Bandit Treasure: X Marks the Spot
    39. Credits
      1. cred


    I put these quests in the order from main story to side quests. But I did do ALL the quests so if there something you need it will be in here. Its important to remember where places are because you will more than likely head to the same play 3 or 4 times. In this guide I will refer to places you've already been for quicker steps rather than telling how to get to the same place 4 or 5 times. And quest pick-up items have a green shimmer, or light the that shines out of them. BE ON THE LOOK OUT FOR THESE!!! Also be sure to check where quest objectives are. you may be able to knock 2-3 quests out at once. Also, The boss battles I will tell you how to get there but the "How to beat him" is in the enemy section of the guide.


    The Main quest section :D


    This is where you get your first set of quests. Alot of running around, you'll get used to it.

    Fresh off the bus

    Given: Guardian Angel

    Level: 2

    Reward: None

    Objective:Follow Claptrap into Fyrestone

    Description: When you get off the bus there will be a robot that introduces himself as Claptrap. Follow the littel guy to the new you station. Change your name and colors if you want. Afterward follow him to the gate so he can open it. Before going through, Head back to the Red Hotel building and loot everything around it. Climb up on the generators on the south porch for the easiest, but not the only way to get to the red box. Once you've looted the red box head back to the claptrap and follow him to Fyrestone. You will have to kill some bandits along the way but nothing to tough.

    The Doctor is in

    Given: Dr. Zed

    Level: 2

    Reward: 48XP

    Objective: Building 03 Opened: 1, Dr. Zed talked to: 1

    Description: Click the button in front of the building, the door will open and a cinema will play. Aterward talk to Zed.

    Skags at the gate

    Given: Dr. Zed

    Level: 2

    Reward: 114XP

    Objective: Skags killed: 5

    Description: Once the Clap trap opens the gate there are skags all over the lace kill 5 and head back to zed.

    Claptrap Rescue

    Given: Claptrap

    Level: 2

    Reward: 72XP

    Objective: Repair Kit found: 1

    Description: Follow the Claptrap to the gate. Bandits will jump over so kill them. The claptrap will be injured and you'll need to get a repair kit. Head back toward town, the kit is just a red tool box and it's sitting on the table outside the hut with the metal doors.

    -=Fix'er Upper=-

    Given: Dr. Zed

    Level: 2

    Reward: 192XP, $118

    Objective: Power Coupling found: 1, Repaired Med Vendor: 1, Shield Purchased: 1

    Description: Make a left from the Fyrestone entrance. There is a Med vendor on its side. Take its Power Coupling and head back to Fyrestone. Repair Zeds med vendor and buy a shield.

    -=Blinding Nine-Toes=-

    Given: Dr. Zed

    Level: 2

    Reward: 480xp, $313

    Objective: Bandits killed: 8

    Description: Follow your marker from Fyrestone, It will tkae you to a bandit camp. Kill all the bandits,(i know thats more than 8.) There is a Red Box in the middle of the camp along with other various lootables.

    -=Nine-Toes: Meet T.K. Baha=-

    Given: Dr. Zed

    Level: 3

    Reward: 90xp

    Objective: T.K. Met: 1

    Description: From Fyrestone, Head toward your marker. T.K. will be sitting on the porch of a house. It looks like it used to be a farm. A cinema will play, afterward talk to T.K. for the turn in.

    -=Nine-Toes: T.K.'s Food=-

    Given: T.K. Baha

    Level: 2

    Reward: 480xp, $313

    Objective: Food Collected: 4

    Description: From T.K.'s Farm follow the marker west. The peices of food will be in the skag dens so your going to have to be careful becuase alot will attack you at once. Don't forget to loot the skag piles for money and ammo.

    1. By the opening of the skag cave.

    2. Turn toward your marker, Its next to the cactus lookin thing.

    3. Follow your marker to the next skag pit. Its sitting in the open.

    4. Next to the skag cave.

    -=Got Grenades?=-

    Given: T.K. Baha

    Level: 2

    Reward: 48xp

    Objective: Grenade Purchased: 1

    Description: Head into Fyrestone to the now open weapon shop and buy a grenade from the vending machine.

    -=Nine-Toes: Take Him Down=-

    Given: T.K. Baha

    Level: 4

    Reward: 2,880xp

    Objective: Destoy Barricade: 1, Gun Stash found: 1, Kill Nine-toes: 1

    Description: Follow the marker East around all the skag pits in front of Fyrestone. There will be a plunger to blow up the wall. Once Blown up head into Skag Gully. Follow the marker under the rock bridge to the grave. Check the cross and weapons will fall out. Then head South into Nine-toes' hidesout. After killing him grab the red box on the platform he was on and there will be a white box on top of one of the bleacher's third row.

    -=Nine-Toes: Time to collect=-

    Given: T.K. Baha

    Level: 7

    Reward: 108xp, $2,210, Grenade Mod

    Objective: Zed talked to: 1

    Description: Just go back and talk to zed in Fyrestone.

    -=Job Hunting=-

    Given: Dr. Zed

    Level: 7

    Reward: 108xp

    Objective: Bounty Board Check: 1

    Description: The bounty board is on the right hand side of Zed's shop. The Claptrap will be standing next to it.


    Given: Scooter

    Level: 7

    Reward: 108xp

    Objective: Catch-a-Ride found: 1

    Description: The Catch-a-Ride(C.A.R) Station is just outside the Gate to Fyrestone. You cant miss it.

    • NOTE* Be careful i had a glitch here where i couldnt turn it in. i did a

    seprate quest and then it let me turn it in.

    -=Bone Head's Theft=-

    Given: Scooter

    Level: 10

    Reward: 4,320, $1,552

    Objective: Bone Head killed: 1, Digistruct Module found: 1

    Description: From the CAR station head straight down the road toward the marker. The Digistruct Module is in the bandit camp, guarded by Bone Head himself. Kill him and take the module and cash inside the white chest sitting on the porch. Head back to the CAR station and turn it in.

    -=The Pisswash Hurdle=-

    Given: Scooter

    Level: 10

    Reward: 720xp

    Objective: RUnner Driven: 1, Piss Wash jumped: 1, Gate Switch found: 1

    Description: Spawn a runner from the catch a ride, and head toward to T.K.'s House. Head right once there and you'll see a big ramp jump it and then make a right. It will lead you to a camp with 2 or 3 bandits guarding the gate. Kill them and open it.

    -=Return To Zed=-

    Given: Scooter

    Level: 10

    Reward: 720xp, $1,552, Weapon Slot Upgrade

    Objective: Zed Talked To:

    Description: Go talk to Zed in Fyrestone

    -=Sledge: Meet Shep=-

    Given: Dr. Zed

    Level: 10

    Reward: 144xp

    Objective: Shep Sander Meet: 1

    Description: Travel Back thru the gates you just opened and get the save point which says "Outpost Aird Hills". Shep is standing in the building with the Med Vendor in it.

    -=Sledge: The Mine Key=-

    Given: Shep Sanders

    Level: 10

    Reward: 3,023xp, $2,329

    Objective: Mine Gate Key: 1

    Description: Shep says the Key is at Zephyr Substation, That means point your car in the direction of the Turbines (giant windmills) in the background and head there. Once there kill all of the bandits. The center building with the BIG generators has a note where the key should be. You can get to the roof to get a red chest by hoppin on the railing next to the generator and there are a couple platforms you can jump on to get up there.

    -=Sledge: To the Safe House=-

    Given: Shep Sanders

    Level: 14


    Objective: Mine Gate Key: 1

    Description: Take the Transition to Arid Hills. Folow the path, there will be alot of skags and bandits here, Up the hill. There will be a building with bandits and 2 Snipe POsts in fron of you. Kill the bandits and from the snipe post head right. Fight your way thru the Bandits there to get to Sledges Safe House Transition. Once in there the place is swarming with bandits. Its prety straight forward one way ni one way out one route to take, pretty simple. After getting to the Boss room(Roid Raged Physco) Kill him and there will be a swith hanging down from the ceiling press the button and the key will come out of the center of the floor. Grab it and head out.

    -=Sledge: Battle for Badlands=-

    Given: Shep Sanders

    Level: 17

    Reward:9,408xp, $6,866, Class Mod

    Objective: Kill SLedge: 1, Take the Eridian Artifact: 1

    Description: Head out for Heastone Mine. Once you get there you'll baically be fighting the whole time so be careful. From the entrance kill everything and check all the buildings for loot. THERE IS A TON OF LOOT HERE! after looting that area the gate doesnt open so go up the ramp to the right. Theres a switch up there to open it. you dont have to but its there. There will be a Turret Gun across the other side of you. Take that out with rockets or snipe it. Go up the ramp Past the Turret Gun you can go left and clear all that out if you want. Head right into the mine and make you way to sledge. REMEMBER TO EXPLORE THERE IS LOOT EVERYWHERE! Once you reah Sledges hideout take the elevator up. Kill Sledge, take his shot gun and the artifact which is in the white box and head out to turn it in.

    -=Leaving Fyresone=-

    Given: Dr. Zed

    Level: 18

    Reward: 1,200xp

    Objective: Claptrap talked to: 1, Ernest Found: 1

    Description: Follow the way point along the road. On your map It will be set at a Transition spot. Talk t the claptrap and go into Dahl Headlands. Once you get thru go left up the peak and to Ernest.

    -=Getting Lucky=-

    Given: Ernest WHitting

    Level: 18

    Reward: 2,400XP, Grenade Mod

    Objective: Bandits Killed: 15, Lucky Rescued: 1

    Description: From Ernest, Head to the way point in your car. Clear out the 2 Areas behind Lucky's. After they are cleared out a Badass Brusier will attack you. Kill him and Rescue Lucky.

    -=Powering the Fast Travel Network=-

    Given: Lucky Zaford

    Level: 20

    Reward: 2,376XP, Fast Travel

    Objective: Breakers Throw: 2, Master Switch Flipped: 1

    Description: From Luckys head toward the first waypoint. The 2 breaker switches are on the telephone pole looking things. After flipping the 2nd one head for the waypoint again. Kill all the bandits, The Master Switch is on top of the building.

    -=Road Warriors: Hot Shots=-

    Given: Lucky Zaford

    Level: 18

    Reward: 2,400XP, $1,922

    Objective: Patrols Destroied: 8

    Description: Jump in a car and drive around. The partols are just the enemies in cars.

    -=Road Warriors: Bandit Apocalypse=-

    Given: Lucky Zaford

    Level: 20

    Reward: 10,560XP, Weapon Slot Upgrade

    Objective: Mad Mel Killed: 1, Claptrap talked to: 1

    Description: Folow the waypoint, Mad Mel will appear after you blow up some of the cars in the ring. Kill him and then head toward the next waypoint and talk to the claptrap to get into New Haven!

    -=Power to the People=-

    Given: Helena Pierce

    Level: 20

    Reward: 2,376XP, $2,411

    Objective: Scooters Power on: 1, West Gate Power on: 1, Tenament Power on: 1, Rofftop Power on: 1, North Gate Power on: 1

    Description: Scooters Power is between his ride and the Building. The next one just head out the exit and make a left its behind some tires. The next one is behind the Weapons shop (its pretty easy to see.) The Roof top power is on top of the building with the stairs by the New-U Station. And the Last is out the gate next to the light pole and littel building.

    -=Seek Out Tannis=-

    Given: Helena Pierce

    Level: 21

    Reward: 2,760XP, $2,700

    Objective: Claptrap talked to: 1, Tannis Found: 1

    Description: The Claptrap is by the Southeast gate. From there you will go into the Rust Commons West. Head toward the waypoint. There will be a point that you cant take your car. There will be spiderants and Rakks. Just follow the waypoint to the corner of them map. Shes in the hut.

    -=Meet "Crazy" Earl=-

    Given: Patricia Tannis

    Level: 22

    Reward: 2,880XP, $3,025

    Objective: Path Cleared: 1

    Description: Go into Earls Scrap Yard. Kill the skags along the way. There will be a block in the path, shoot the tanks and it will explode clearing the way. Talk to the door on the right after you go through the path.

    -=Get Off My Lawn=-

    Given: Crazy Earl

    Level: 22

    Reward: 4,320XP, $3,025

    Objective: Bandits Killed: 25, Spiderants killed: 3

    Description: This one is done in the scrap yard. Just run around and kill the bandits till you get 25.

    -=Hair of the Dog=-

    Given: Crazy Earl

    Level: 23

    Reward: 4,950XP, $5,082

    Objective: Bottles of Booze: 24

    Description: Go to Treacher's Landing. The bottles drop off the bandits and they are just laying around. Run around untill you get 24.

    -=The Next Piece=-

    Given: Crazy Earl

    Level: 25

    Reward: 6,480XP, $8,500

    Objective: Krom Killed: 1, Vault Piece Collected: 1

    Description: Enter Kroms Canyon and head toward the way point. Manuver up the canyon being very careful to not get hit by Kroms Turret bullets or rockets. Kill Krom take his piece and head out of the canyon.

    -=Jaynistown: Secret Rendezvous=-

    Given: Patricia Tannis

    Level: 27

    Reward: 3,480XP, $5,331



    -=Jaynistown: A Brother's Love=-

    Given: Taylor Kobb

    Level: 27

    Reward: 6,264XP, $10,661

    Objective: Claptrap Talked To: 1, Taylor Kobb Found: 1

    Description: Follow the Waypoint and talk to the Claptrap, it will make the drawbridges lower. Then continue to follow your waypoint till you start going thru a mountian looking area. There will be spiderants that pop out. dont worry 1 shot kills these guys. Taylor Kobb is inside the hut.

    -=Jaynistown: Spread the Word=-

    Given: Taylor Kobb

    Level: 27

    Reward: 1,740XP

    Objective: Erik Franks talked to: 1

    Description: Head to New Haven, Erik Franks is standing infront of a building way in the back of the town.

    -=Jaynistown: Getting Whats Coming to You=-

    Given: Erik Franks

    Level: 27

    Reward: 4,872XP, $15,993

    Objective: Container Found: 1

    Description: head toward your way point. Go thru the fence and there will be a huge container. Press the button and stand back you will be jumped by bandits and a midget will be waiting for you in the container.

    -=Jaynistown: Unintended Consequences=-

    Given: Erik Franks

    Level: 27

    Reward: 3,480XP

    Objective: Helena Pierce Talked to: 1

    Description: Go back to New Haven and talk to Helena Pierce

    -=Jaynistown: Cleaning Up Your Own Mess=-

    Given: Helena Pierce

    Level: 29

    Reward: 13,391XP, $20,062

    Objective: Taylor Kobb Killed: 1, Claptrap Talked to: 1

    Description: Go to where you killed the guy for Taylor he took over that town. Be alot more careful there will be turrets now. Taylor Kobb is protected by 2. Kill Him and head back to where Taylor Kobb was go up the hill and talk with the only cool looking claptrap in the game.

    -=Another Piece of the Puzzle=-

    Given: Gaurdian Angel

    Level: 27

    Reward: 10,040XP, $15,993

    Objective: Challenge Overcome: 1, Vault Key Piece: 1

    Description: Follow the way point adn kill the lava crabs and what not along the way. You'll Have to fight the Rakk Hive. After killing the Rakk Hive collect the vault piece and head out.

    -=Not Without My Claptrap=-

    Given: Patricia Tannis

    Level: 28

    Reward: 10,800XP, $5,970

    Objective: Claptrap Rescued: 1

    Description: Head into old Haven. From the entrance keep heading to the right till you get to the Claptrap hanging in a cage. Next the building guarded by turrets and a "Moat". Rescue the Claptrap get out of Old Haven.

    -=The Final Piece=-

    Given: Patricia Tannis

    Level: 30

    Reward: 15,360XP, $29,959

    Objective: Bandit Patrols Destroied: 1, Thor Infiltrated: 1, Baron Flynt killed: 1

    Description: Get in your car and blow up the enemy cars. Next proceed into the machine. KILL EVERYTHING in your path. Follow your way point to the elevator that takes you to the top of the machine. You'll kill 2 Badasses and then Flynt will call you out. Run to the tp of Where Flynt was sitting and kill him.

    -=Get Some Answers=-

    Given: Patricia Tannis

    Level: 30

    Reward: 15,360XP, Artifact

    Objective: Tannis Found: 1

    Description: Head to the waypoint the way to get there is that there is a hole in the side of the cliff you can walk through. Kill all the crimsion Lancers and clear out the prison. Then go and talk to Tannis in her cell.

    -=Find the ECHO Command Console=-

    Given: Patricia Tannis

    Level: 31

    Reward: 3,960XP

    Objective: ECHO Console found: 1

    Description: After talking to Tannis Head out the cell. Follow your way point. There will be turrets and Crimson Lancers so be careful get to the console and activate it.

    -=Reactivate the ECHO Comm System=-

    Given: Patricia Tannis

    Level: 31

    Reward: 9,900XP

    Objective: Echo Comms Systems: 3

    Description: There are 3 Towers and they are exactly the same. When you come up to the tower there will be a few Crimson Lance and a Turret. Kill all of them and head inside. The switch is in the secdon floor of the tower behind a door. There is also a red box on each tower roof so be sure to get those.

    -=Find Steele=-

    Given: Patricia Tannis

    Level: 32

    Reward: 20,400XP

    Objective: Steele Found: 1

    Description: Grab a car and Head to the waypoint. Hop out and go thru the rocks again to get there. and you'll enter the Crimson Enclave. This is all one way but its filled with Guardians and Crimson Lances. Just make your way through from waypoint to way point till you get to the end. There will be a Cut Scene

    -=Destroy the Destroier=-

    Given: Guardian Angel

    Level: 32

    Reward: 28,560XP, $9,395

    Objective: Destroyer Killed: 1

    Description: Okay your fighting the vault boss now. This guy has alot of health and will tear you to shreds if your not careful. Go behind the pillar. You'll Have to take out the Purple tentecles first. Using your most accurate weapon should the purple orbs on the tentecles. After they are gone open fire on the blue orb (Its EyE). Hitting it just right will score Criticals. After 1/3 of its Heath is gone it will come out of the vault alittle more and start shooting a beam out of its eye. Just use the same Techniques you've been using and you'll be fine.

    • NOTE* Sometimes it may seem that the beam goes through the pillar. It doesnt

    and you WON'T be hurt at all. Just keep breaking the tentecles and shootin the eye and you'll take him down.

    -=Bring the Vault Key to Tannis=-

    Given: Patricia Tannis

    Level: 32

    Reward: 17,136XP, $234,885

    Objective: Valut Key: 1, Tannis visited: 1

    Description: After the cut scene pick up the vault key which is infront of the pedestal used to open it and take it to Tannis. Time for playthru 2!!!


    I Grouped the side quests for easier Refrence.

    ==T.K. QUests==+
    • NOTE* If not done before you ge thte quest "Is T.K. Okay" You CAN NOT do these


    -=T.K. has MOre Work=-

    Level: 10

    Reward: 360XP, $776

    Objective: T.K. Visited: 1

    Description: Go to T.K.'s farm and talk to him.

    -=T.K.'s Life and Limb=-

    Level: 7

    Reward: 4,320XP, $2,210, T.K.'s Wave

    Objective: Kill Scar: 1, T.K.'s Leg found: 1

    Description: When you enter skag gull make a left and head away from Nine-toes' camp. follow the path till you see the rock bridge you can either go across it or go around. Keep following the path till you see the camp with a big skag in it with a missing leg and sword in its eye. Thats skar kill him and go back to T.K.

    -=By the Seed of your Pants=-

    Level: 9

    Reward: 1,980XP, $1,386, Sniper Rifle

    Objective: Seeds Gathered: 8

    Description: In Skag Gully Head toward the first way point. It will take you to a Yuka plant with red flower looking things. Thats what you have to collect. Follow each way point to collect all 8. Be careful there will be skags everywhere. At the end of this endevor There will be a Red Box waiting for you.

    ==Shep Sanders Quests==+

    -=Get the FLock Outa Here=-

    Level: 10

    Reward: 2,880XP, $2,329

    Objective: Rakks Killed: 10

    Description: This one is really easy. Drive around in the car till you see some rakks circleing the sky. Kill 10 of them and your done.

    -=Braking Wind=-

    Level: 10

    Reward: 3,023XP, $2,329

    Objective: Release Turbine Brake A: 1, Release Turbine Brake B: 1, Release Turbine Brake C: 1

    Description: Head toward the Way point (Zephyr Substation). It will take you into the camp that you did the quest "Sledge: The Mine Key". Kill all of the bandits there.

    A: It will be on top of a bunch of rocks.

    B: Head Toward the Way point. Its on a platform nect to the turbine.

    C: Its on the side of the middle building with the generator you can climb up. Its on a platform between the middle building and the Huts.

    -=What hit the Fan=-

    Level: 13

    Reward: 2,699xp, $4,363

    Objective: Dropppings Removed: 6

    Description: Get in the car, and follow your marker around the road. There is a turbine thats not moving. Shoot all the dropings off to get it going.

    ==Circle of Death Quests==+
    • NOTE* If you die more than 3 time trying these quest it makes it easier for

    you. So if at first you dont succeed try try again.

    -=Circle of Death: Meet and Greet=-

    Level: 12

    Reward: 504XP

    Objective: Rade Zayben met: 1

    Description: Head Toward the waypoint following the road. You Come up to 2 big tin doors blocking a cave entrance. Go inside the cave, cross the bridge, and talk to Rade.

    -=Circle of Death: Round 1=-

    Level: 12

    Reward: 1,680XP, $1,947, Shield

    Objective: Round Survived: 1

    Description: THis is full of skags and a couple of alpha skags. Just remember how to kill the enemies and you'll be fine.

    -=Circle of Death: Round 2=-

    Level: 15

    Reward: 2,652XP, $4,105, Grenade Mod

    Objective: Round Survived: 1

    Description: Its the Same as ROund 1 just more alphas.

    -=Circle of Death:Final Round=-

    Level: 18

    Reward: 4,800XP, $9,612

    Objective: ROUnd Survived: 1

    Description:Same as Round 2 just more alphas and a Badass.

    ==Bounty Board Quests==+

    -=Why are they here?=-

    Level: 7

    Reward: 1,944XP, $1,658, Shield

    Objective: Data Recorder A found: 1, Data Recorder B found: 1

    Description: Go into skag gully. You stat this mission by picking up a Data Recorder on a bed at Skag Gully Entrance.

    A: Follow the way point headed towards nine toes. Head right from Nine-Toes' cave and go around. Cross the bridge kill the skags and recorder A is next to the skag caves.

    B: Follow you Way point. It will take you to where you killed Scar. the Recorder B is next the the skag cave also.

    -=Get a little blood on the tires=-

    Level: 10

    Reward: 1,152XP, $2,329

    Objective: Roadkill: 10

    Description: Just run stuff over to get this one done.

    -=Hidden Journal: The Arid Badlands=-

    Level: 13

    Reward: 2,699XP, $5,454

    Objective: Journal Day 1 Found: 1, Journal Day 43 Found: 1, Journal Day 76 Found: 1, Journal Day 119 Found: 1, Journal Day 172 Found: 1

    Description: These are just Data Recorders hanging around Arid Badlands.

    Day 1: Its in Bone Heads Camp. Kill him(again) and the data recorder is on the left side of the camp next to a Jakobs tank

    Day 43: This one is next to the Red Box in the middle of the camp you did "Blinding Nine-Toes" in.

    Day 76: This one is at Zephyr Substation where you did "Braking Wind" and "Slegde: The Mine Key". It on top f the middle building in the trash container opposite the Red Box.

    Day 119: This ones in the watch tower where you opened the gate during "Piss Wash Hurdle". Just go up the ramp.

    Day 172: Follow your marker to a Bandit camp. There will be Bruisers and Badasses and Rakks, so be careful. Its between a couple of barrels in front of the huts.

    -=Shock Crystal Harvest=-

    Level: 15

    Reward: 3,672XP, Shock Artifact

    Objective: Shock Crystals Harvested: 50

    Description: Go inside the Lost Cave. The crystals will make an explosions noise and be tinted green. Shoot the crystal clusters to harvest them. you get 5 crystals per cluster. Just wonder around the cave till you get 50 of them. The waypoint is the general area not where each cluster is.

    -=Scavenger: Sniper Rifle=-

    • NOTE* these are the spawn points fr the pieces they wont be the same pieces

    everytime. That goes for all the "Scavenger" quests.

    Level: 12

    Reward: 1,932XP, Sniper Rifle

    Objective: Body found: 1, Stock found: 1, Sight found: 1, Barrel found: 1

    Description: Head to the entrance of the Cicle of Death and look to your left. Theres a Bridge there.

    1. The first piece is to the right up the rampway. When you ge to the top go into the hut its on the overhang.

    2. Go out of the Hut make a left go across the brige and its on the table to your right.

    3. Go the rest of the way across the bridge. turn left and jump on top of the tank and then onto the building. Its on some barrels.

    4. Turn right form piece 4 Jump (or fall) to the ground. Turn around, there should be trash in the corner. it next to the mattress.

    -=The Legend of Moe and Marley=-

    Level: 15

    Reward: 6,120XP, $4,105, Fire Artifact

    Objective: Moe killed: 1, Marley killed: 1

    Description: Follw your way point to find them. I recomend toing this AT or ABOVE level 15. Moe is a fire skag and arley is a lightening skag. Kill them and this one is in the bag

    -=Scavenger: Combat Rifle=-

    Level: 15

    Reward: 2,346XP, Combat Rifle

    Objective: Body found: 1, Stock found: 1, Sight found: 1, Barrel found: 1

    Description: From the entrace of the Cicle of Death quests. Look left and there will be a bridge. Go across it and this is the area the pieces are in.

    1. Go across the bridge, its on a create.

    2. Get to the end of the bridge and make a right. Go DOWN the ramp, the 2nd is on some barrels.

    3. Head back up the ramp and go UP the ramp to the right. Continue going to the right through the hut. Go UP the second ramp and go around the second hut. The piece is on the ground.

    4. Head back down to the hut you went thru. Go up the ramp infront of you, make a right and the piece is on some barrels.

    -=Insult to Injury=-

    Level: 15

    Reward: 4,080XP, $2,736

    Objective: Skulls removed: 10

    Description: head to Titians End,(Its to the let when you are leaving Fyrestone.) The skulls will be on Poles and will glow green. Follow the way points and collect the skulls. This place is full of bandits so make sure you kill them all.

    -=Schemin' That Sabotage=-

    Level: 18

    Reward: 4,800xp, $7,689

    Objective: Fuse A placed: 1, Fuse B placed: 1, Fuse C place: 1, Pipeline Destroyed: 1

    Description: Head to Headstone mine where you did "Sledge: Battle for Badlands." Follow the way points and Place the fuses. Next head up to where the mine entrance is and make a left. There will be a plunger on the ground. Press the Plunger and watch the pipeline explode. Its quite pretty :D

    -=Product Recall=-

    Level: 15

    Reward: 3,468xp, $4,105

    Objective: Box of Cigars: 3

    Description: Head Titians End, where you did "Insult to Injury." Go along the mountain side and there will be a path for you to take. Kill all the bandits and grab the first 2 cigar boxes. Head out towards the entranc of the path. Make a right and go out that exit. Look to your right again and jump up those rock to a path. GO to the end of the path and get the 3rd cigar box.

    -=Find Bruce McClane=-

    Level: 15

    Reward: 3,060xp

    Objective: Bruce McClane found: 1

    Description: Head toward the waypoint. it will take you to a shack with bandits. Kill them and go inside the shack. Head down the ramp inside and kill the 2 midgets the come crawling out. Mcclane is on the bed.

    -=Big Game Hunter=-

    Given: Ernest Whitting

    Level: 20

    Reward: 5,280XP, Sniper Rifle

    Objective: Skagzilla Bait: , Skagzilla Killed: 1

    Description: Okay Head to the first waypoint and take the bait from the Bandit Camp. Go to the Next way point. There will be a to get to the way point. Go across, set the bait kill Skagzilla and its a done deal.

    ==Bounty Bord==+

    -=Death Race Pandora=-

    Level: 20

    Reward: 5,280XP, Weapon/Grenade Mod

    Objective: Sythids Killed: 50

    Description: Go to the waypoint. All you gatta do is run over 50 sythids on the track. Make sure you watch the car health it will get damaged from running over them.

    -=Fuel Fued=-

    Level: 18

    Reward: 4,800XP, Weapon/Grenade Mod

    Objective: Fuel Tanks Destroyed: 3

    Description: Head to the waypoint. 2 of the 3 will take you to a bandit camp, kill them all and destroy the tank. The last one(or whatever order you did it in) will take you to a building by the race track. Go into the building and kill the sythids in there. Head for the next door and kill the sytids out there and blow up the tank.

    -=Scavenger: Revolver=-

    Level: 20

    Reward: 3,036XP, Revolver

    Objective: Body found: 1, Stock found: 1, Sight found: 1, Barrel found: 1

    Description: Alright this one is done all by the Catch-a-Ride Station.

    1. Head to the edge of the cliff in front of the "CAR" Station. Its in the broken car.

    2. Go ontop of the "CAR" station. Look toword the Water tower thats next to it. Its on the platfor hanging of the station.

    3. Look at the tank with the fence around it. Jump ontop of the rocks next to it and on the top platform of the Tank is the piece.

    4. It under the awning next to the "CAR" station.

    -=Well There's Your Problem Right Now=-

    Level: 18

    Reward: 6,000XP

    Objective: Valves Closed: 3

    Description: This is the order I did these in.

    1. Theres the one at the "Eye of the Face"(look at your map you'll see it.)

    2. The next is where you got piece "Number 3" at the "Car" Station.

    3. The last is in a small bandit camp. Kill the bandits and shut the valve off.

    -=Ghosts of the Vault=-

    Level: 18

    Reward: 5,280XP, Artifact

    Objective: Artifact found: 1

    Description: Follow waypoint to the mountain in the middle. Go across the bridges, kill the bandits and take the elevator down. Kill the bandits down there, you'll have to fight a badass be careful. Follow the path and then you'll have to fight 3 guardians. Kill them and grab the Artifact.

    ==Helena Pierce==+

    -=Jack's Other Eye=-

    Level: 23

    Reward: 6,000XP, $10,164, Combat Rifle

    Objective: One-Eyed Jack Killed: 1

    Description: Head to the same place as you were in "Market Correction". Kill One-Eyed Jack and head back to Helena Pierce.

    -=Middle of Nowhere No More=-

    Level: 24

    Reward: 4,680XP, $3,794, Class Mod

    Objective: Bounty Board found: 1, Mr. Johns found: 1

    Description: Folow the way point and it will take you to the Middle of Nowhere Bounty Board. Go up the ramp and follow the path and Johns will be next to the far building.

    -=Relight the Becons=-

    Level: 27

    Reward: 10,440XP, $15,993, Sniper Rifle

    Objective: North Ridge Activated: 1, Overlook Activated: 1

    Description: Fast Travel to the Underpass. Head south to the first beacon. Its at the back of the camp. Afterward follow the next waypoint, across the bridge to the next beacon. Remember there are alot of bandits around so kill them before activating the becons.

    -=Smoke Signals: Investigate Old Haven=-

    Level: 28

    Reward: 6,120XO, $11,941

    Objective: Old Haven Investigated: 1

    Description: Follow the way point to the Old Haven Entrace. When you enter there wil be a bunch of bodies. get close to them and there you go.

    -=Smoke Signals: Shut Them Down=-

    Level: 28

    Reward: 6,480XP, $29,854

    Objective: Apartment District: 1, Canal District: 1 Junkyard: 1, Rooftops: 1

    Description: There are a bunch of Crimson Lances around here so be prepared. They are all Located in the Corners of the map. And they will actually put out smoke so if your lost look to te sky. Just follow the waypoints and close each signal.

    ==Marcus Kincaid==+

    -=Fire Power: All Sales Are Final=-

    Level: 21

    Reward: 5,520XP, $10,803, Pistol

    Objective: Weapon Shipment: 1

    Description: Fast travel to the under pass. The INvoice will be infront of the building with the ! above it.

    -=Fire Power: Market Correction=-

    Level: 21

    Reward: 5,520XP, $10,803, Submachine Gun

    Objective: Ammo Drums Destroyed: 6

    Description: The waypoint is a general arean. When you get there, there will be 2 next to eachother insid ethe warehouse. one by the east entrance, one on the roof of the building closest to the west exit and the last 2 are next to the houose on the hill to the north.

    -=Fire Power: Plight of the Middle Man=-

    Level: 23

    Reward: 6,000XP, $6,776, Combat Rile

    Objective: Caches Destroyed: 6, Evidence found: 1

    Description: Head to the waypoint, it will take into a big bandit camp with a bridge going in between. The Caches glow green. destroy them by any means. Go across the bridge from the first part of the camp. The evidence is in a broken wooden create.


    -=Up to Our Ears=-

    Level: 21

    Reward: 5,520XP, $8,102

    Objective: Pipe 1 cleared: 1, Pipe 2 cleared: 1

    Description: Go to the waypoint. You'll notice that there is nothing coming out of the two pipes that are there. You have to get close for it to count you cant sit on the hill. So go down kill the bandits and shoot the clogs to clean the pipes.

    -=Scooter's Used Car Parts=-

    Level: 21

    Reward: 4,140XP, $10,803

    Objective: Front Fender found: 2, Rear Fender found: 2, Fuel Cell found: 2, Rusty Engine found: 1

    Description: Fast travel to the Underpass. Destroy the Gattling Turrets ASAP! Go to the entrance where the billboard of the car is. 1 fender is under it. When you enter hang a left. Go behind the closed container to the building with the fridge in it, and you got a Rear Fender. A fuel cell is next to the Building the the ! above it. Now go behing that building and grab the 2nd front fender between 2 containers. On top of that building is the 2nd rear fender. The Next fuel cell is in the green pool by the entrance. the Rusty engine is on a container behind a building opposite the entrance with the car bilboard.

    -=Is T.K. Okay?=-

    Level: 21

    Reward: 6,072XP, $8,102, Grenade Mod

    Objective: T.K. Checked on: 1

    Description: Head to Arid Badlands and go to T.K.'s House. You'll find his door open and him hanging from his ceiling. Darn Skags....any go out the backdoor and get the Red Box.

    -=I've got a Sinking Feeling=-

    Level: 27

    Reward: 17,400XP, $26,656, Rocket Launcher

    Objective: Rightious Man sunk: 1, Great Vengence sunk: 1, Furious Anger sunk: 1

    Description: Go to Treachers Landing. Follow the waypoint to the ships. They will have turrets on them, just shoot it with a rocket and down it goes.

    ==Bounty Board==+

    -=Like a Moth to a Flame=-

    Level: 21

    Reward: 8,280XP, $8,102, Shotgun

    Objective: Mothrakk killed: 1

    Description: Go to Arid Badlands and follow the way point. Light all 3 torches and get ready for a fight. Kil Mothrakk and Turn it in.

    -=Scavenger: Submachine Gun=-

    Level: 21

    Reward: 3,450XP, $10,803, Submachine Gun

    Objective: Body found: 1, Stock found: 1, Sight found: 1, Barrel found: 1

    Description: The general area is in the south part of the Commons. Fast travel to Outer Yard for a closer run.

    1. Its on tp of the metal connex(metal container). When you first get into the area.

    2. Its in a tire on the ground.

    3.From "Piece 2" Head toward the gate infront of you. go through it turn right up the hill, and there will be a ramp t your right. Go up it to the top of the building. Its on the ledge below you.

    4. From "Piece 3" Look straight ahead. Theres a chair and cot on an overhang. Jump to the metal piece sticking out and its on the cot.

    -=King Tossing=-

    Level: 21

    Reward: 5,244XP, $5,401, Submachine Gun, Shield

    Objective: King Wee Wee Killed: 1

    Description: Go into Tetanus Warren. Follow the waypoint to the end of the path. King Wee Wee will come out of the gate. Kill him and collect the reward.

    -=Corrosive Crystal Harvest=-

    Level: 21

    Reward: 5,520, $2,700, Artifact

    Objective: Corrosive Crystals: 50

    Description: Its the Same as the SHock Crystal Quest just shoot the clusters to gather them.

    -=Hidden Journal: Rust Commons West=-

    Level: 23

    Reward: 6,000XP, $20,328

    Objective: Journal Day 224 Found: 1, Journal Day 321 Found: 1, Journal Day 457 Found: 1, Journal Day 481 Found: 1, Journal Day 493 Found: 1

    Description: These are scattered through Rust Commons West.

    Day 224: Travel to the Underpass. Go to the Bandit camp with the 3 Huts. Its in a small open box under the mini tent.

    Day 321: Go South to the Sludge complex. its sitting on a pair of boxes.

    Day 457: Head down the river under the plant. Its on the small patch of land in the river.

    Day 481: Keep heading down river and make a left at the fork, keep left. Climb up the stairs and grab the Journal.

    Day 493: head backward and walk along the right side. Keep going and there will be a camp. Under the red tarp is the journal.

    -=Missing Persons=-

    Level: 24

    Reward: 1,560XP, $3,794

    Objective: Shawn Stokley found: 1

    Description: Head to the waypoint, he is at the top of the watch tower.

    Two Wrongs Make a Right

    Level: 25

    Reward: 5,670XP, $8,500

    Objective: Reaver Killed: 1

    Description: Go to Kroms Canyon. Follow your waypoint till you get to the gate. Open it kill the bandits and Head left. He will come out from behind the hut.

    -=Wanted: Fresh Fish=-

    Level: 27

    Reward: 17,400XP, $26,656, Rocket Launcher

    Objective: Fish Collected: 20

    Description: Head to Treachers Landing. When you get there, there will be signs witha fish on them and a line going into the water throw a grenade in the water and collect the fish. The waypoint will lead you to the next fishing hole.

    -=Circel of Slaughter: ROund 1=-

    Level: 26

    Reward: 6,720XP, $14,280, Shield

    Objective: Round Survived: 1

    Description: Enter the arena and there will be stuff you can climb on and what not. You will ahve to fight bandits in here. They will coe from the boxes on the ground and the Creates will drop from the top. Kill them and you win.

    -=Circle of Slaughter: ROund 2=-

    Level: 29

    Reward: 7,439XP, $26,749

    Objective: Round Survived: 1

    Description: Same as Above just more Badasses.

    -=Circle of Slaughter: Final Round=-

    Level: 28

    Reward: 7,200Xp, $35,825, Class Mod

    Objective: Round Survived: 1

    Description: Same as above Just more Badasses

    ==Hudson Johns==+

    -=Middle of Nowhere No More: Fuses? Really?=-

    Level: 24

    Reward: 6,240XP, $15,178

    Objective: Fuses Collected: 3

    Description: Hop in a Car and head north, the fuses are in the skag piles.

    -=Middle of Nowhere No More: Small Favor=-

    Level: 24

    Reward: 6,240XP, $15,178

    Objective: Spiderants killed: 5

    Description: Head to the waypoint because those are the only ones that will count for the quest. Just run 5 of them over and your done.

    -=Middle of Nowhere No More: Scoot on Back=-

    Level: 24

    Reward: 3,432XP, $11,383, Shield

    Objective: Helena Talked to: 1

    Description: Head over to New Haven and talk to Helena Pierce.

    ==Middle of Nowhere Bounty Board==+

    -=Alter Ego: Burning Heresy=-

    Level: 24

    Reward: 6,240XP, $7,589

    Objective: 1st Scripture Burnt: 1, 2nd Scripture Burnt: 1, 3rd Scripture Burnt: 1

    Description: This is pretty simple. Just follow the waypoints to the scriptures. They are all in Little Huts.

    1. Head north from the Underpass fast travel. Kill everything and burn the Scripture.

    2. From the Middle of Nowhere Bounty Board Make a right. Its in the hut.

    3. Head south from the Middle of Nowhere Outpost. In the Hut.

    -=Alter Ego: The New Religion=-

    Level: 27

    Reward: 6,240XP, $7,589

    Objective: Pamphlets Collected: 6

    Description: From the Caldron Fast Travel Head to the waypoint. Go inside the gate and kill the bandits. The pamphlets drop from their Bodies. Look inside the Church for goodies also.

    -=Alter Ego: Godless Monsters=-

    Level: 29

    Reward: 8,369XP, $20,062, Pistol

    Objective: Slither killed: 1

    Description: Go the the Trash Knoll(north part of the map.) Slither is a sithid that pops up from the center pile with the cross lookin thing. Kill him and go collect the reward.

    -=Bait and Switch=-

    Level: 27

    Reward: 6,960XP, $5,331

    Objective: Queen Tarantella killed: 1, Abdomen Replaced: 1

    Description: Head to the Trash COast. Follow the waypoint and when you get there you'll be Attacked by Queen Tarantella. Kill her and take her abdomen. Follow the next waypoint to the middle of the Bandit Camp. Replace the abdomen and get out of there.

    -=A Bug Problem=-

    Level: 27

    Reward: 6,960XP, $21, 324, Shotgun

    Objective: Reetching Seeps Sample: 1, Widowmaker killed: 1, Fetid Cauldron Sample: 1, Helob killed: 1,

    Description: Follow the waypoint to the first sample. Collect it and kill widowmaker. Then go the next waypoint and take that sample and kill Helob. The Ground will shake when they are coming so be ready for them.

    -=Circle of Slaughter: Meet and Greet=-

    Level: 26

    Reward: 1,008XP

    Objective: Chuck Durden met: 1

    Description: Head to the waypoint in Rust Commons West. Hes In the shack where you did the "Scavenger: Sub Machine Gun."

    -=Hidden Journal: Rust Commons East=-

    Level: 26

    Reward: 6,720XP, $28,560

    Objective: Journal Day 578 Found: 1, Journal Day 616 Found: 1, Journal Day 653 Found: 1, Journal Day 684 Found: 1, Journal Day 718 Found: 1

    Description: These are scattered arounf the Rust Commons East.

    Day 578: Grab a car and head for the waypoint. This is the hardest one to find. To the right of the bridge is a house and to the left of a house is a pillar with a cardboard Box. FLip the box over and you got it.

    Day 616: Head back to the bounty board and keep to the left wall. Its under the gaint mushroom

    Day 653: Head northeast to a bandis camp its behind the matress leand up on the rock.

    Day 684: Go to the northeast drawbridge. Its under a piece of metal next in the Tower.

    Day 718: Head back to the bounty board. Go to Hudson Johns, its in the shack between the big box and the wall.

    -=Scavenger: Shotgun=-

    Level: 24

    Reward: 3,588XP, Shotgun

    Objective: Body found: 1, Stock found: 1, Sight found: 1, Barrel found: 1

    Description: Head to the waypoint. It will take you to the Cannal (where press the buton to open the doors to let your car through.)

    1. On top of the Building just behind the Catch-a-Ride.

    2. On top of a box on the other side of the water.

    3. On top of the building with the Vending machines.

    4.This is kinda hard it may tak a few tries. From "Piece 3" do a runnig jump to the silo thing. From there Do a Running jump to the piece.

    -=Green Thumb=-

    Level: 29

    Reward: 7,439XP, $20,062, Shotgun

    Objective: Valves Found: 1, Water Pump Off: 1

    Description: Go east across the Bridge in RUst Commons East. Follow the waypoint to the valve. Kill the bandits in the camp around it. Once you have the Valve head to Janistown and attach it to the pipe and turn it off.

    -=Scavenger: Machine Gun=-

    Level: 30

    Reward: 4,416XP, Machine Gun

    Objective: Body found: 1, Stock found: 1, Sight found: 1, Barrel found: 1

    Description: Head to the Machine at Salt Flats. the entrance area is the only place the parts are. This place is full of Crimson Lances.

    1. From the Entrace turn right. Look up and you'll See the first piece. you can get it from the ground.

    2. Turn around and head along the path. Theres a Square Metal Building to you right its on top.

    3. Go around the bulding and Face West-Northwest. Its ontop of the 2 metal Silos

    4. Go back to the entrance and move right along the wall, Its ontop of the hut.

    -=House Hunting=-

    Level: 27

    Reward: 6,960XP, $15,993, Sniper Rifle

    Objective: Bleeder killed: 1

    Description: Head to the Trash Coast. Follow the way point to a little house with a dock next to it. Bleeder will show up, kill him and collect.

    -=Today's Lesson: High Explosives=-

    Level: 22

    Reward: 7,200XP, $9,075, Grenade Mod

    Objective: C-Charge found: 1, C-Charge placed: 1

    Description: Follow the way point to the C-Charge. There's a ton of bandits so take your time. Once you get the C-Charge head to the next way point. After you blow the charge theres a fence that falls down and you can get the Red Box.

    -=Earl Needs Food...Badly=-

    Level: 25

    Reward: 9,720XP, $21,250

    Objective: Can Skag Meat: 10

    Description: Head into Kroms Canyon and follow the waypoints. The cans are in order so when you ge the last can you can get out. There are alot of bandits so take your time getting the cans.

    -=Earls Best Friends=-

    Level: 27

    Reward: 6,612XP, $15,993, Sniper Rifle

    Objective: Earls Friend Rescued: 1

    Description: Head into the Trash Coast. Follow the way point and it will take you to a bandit camp. Earls friend is a Skag with a saw blade collar on him. Release him from the cage and your home free.

    -=Bandit Treasure: Three Corpses, Three Kings=-

    Level: 28

    Reward: 10,800XP, $5,970

    Objective: Bandit Keys found: 3, Strong Box found: 1

    Description: These are all simple. Follow the Way Point and get the keys off the 3 dead bandits. After you got the Last key head to the Next way point for the strong Box.

    -=Bandit Treasure: X Marks the Spot=-

    Level: 28

    Reward: 7,200XP, $29,854

    Objective: Strong Box found: 1

    Description: Head to Dahl Headlands. Follow the waypoint all the way to the edge of the cliff. DO NOT JUMP OFF!!!! Theres a ramp you take down to the strong box. It has a midget inside kill him and collect the box.

    Tips & Tricks <tat>

    Okay first off i know you want to make money and good gear so ill let you in on this little secret. When you get to New Haven there are 2 red boxes and 3 white ones. And the secret basement witha white and red chest. The box locations will be described by standing in front of the New-U Station in the town.

    1.Go straight ahead to the building with the stairs. Go up the stairs and there should be a dryer with a box on it. jump on top of the box and up to the roof. The white box is behind the antenna.

    2.Turn right from the New-U and head towards the building with the railing. jump on top of the railing then to the awning, then there should be a piece of tin up against the wall to the right jump on top of that then to the roof the red box will be there.

    3 & 4.Head left up the stairs and across the wood planks. Jump the railing and the white box is around the corner to the right. Head toward the awning, Jump onto the fence and onto the awning. The red chest will be under the awning to the right. Just jump to the ledge and there you go.(if you miss the jump there is a jakobs tank you can climb on next to a fence, climb to the fence and back to the ledge.)

    5.The last box is the one the claptrap shows you after you rescue him.

    Secret Basement

    You must have the quest "Another Piece of the Puzzle" and DO NOT do any part of it. Instead when you get the quest go back to New Haven and from the New-U Station Head around the building infront of you. There should be a shack with a mailbox in front of it. Look at the doorknob and move forward. You'll go through the door and there will be an elevator in the middle of the room. Take it down and kill the few enemies that will be down there along with a red and white chest.

    You can always find videos on youtube for these locations and tricks if you cant follow my directions.

    Lost Mines

    Location: Easily found in the middle of a path as you proceed thro the mine

    Repair kit: Is at the waypoint sitting in a pipe (easy to find)

    Reward: None

    Sledge's Safehouse

    Location: At some point near the begining of the area, you go up a ramp. After you come down from upstairs, you will come to a hallway turn right and down the hallway is the claptrap

    Repair Kit: Go back upstairs to the way point, the repair kit is hidden above your head, look up to get it.

    Reward: Weapons Locker


    Location: Next to the bounty board

    Repair Kit: Go to the waypoint, the repair kit is above you on a balcony, either jump and press your loot Button or go around up the stairs and jump to the balcony.

    Reward: Weapons Locker

    Tetanus Warren

    Location: When you come to your first fork in the tunnels, he is by the south eastern end wall, next to a couple of big boxes.

    Repair Kit: From the claptrap take the left tunnel (north west tunnel) when you get to around where the repair kit is. You should be facing east(ish) you will see a BBQ'd skag on a spit. Go up the walkway to your left, turn right when you get to the shelter. you will need to jump from that shelter to the next, I suggest a running jump.From this shelter turn right again, and jump to the next platform.You should be able the see the Kit from there.

    Reward: None

    Earl's Scrapyard

    Location: If you look on the map, there are 2 sections to this area, the claptrap is in the northern section, against a north eastern wall.He is in a bandit encampment.

    Repair Kit: Is out in the open, and is easily seen.However from the claptrap, you can either take a long way around to get to it or the quick way requires some jumping. From the claptrap head south, then turn right, you should see on your compass if your looking the right way, there should be an item cabnet in front of you. Jump ontop of that.Then look left, and jump on to the piece of scrap metal, turn right and from there you should be able to jump to the platform where the repair kit is.


    ==Krom's Canyon==+

    Location: There is a fork in the canyon, take the right path.If you are looking at map, on the right path, the claptrap is all the way north, and then on the western side.You need to go up a ramp, then accross a bridge to get to him.Just a warning, it is again in a bandit encampment.

    Repair kit: This one is hid a little fiendishly, as its suspended in the air by a rope.From the claptrap turn east, and then across the bridge, now once accross the bridge, turn to look in the direction of the waypoint you should be able to see it from a ledge, now to get to it, all you need to do is to jump from roof top to roof top. Shoot any barrels in your way before jumping across.

    Reward: Weapons Locker

    ==Trash Coast===+

    Location: As soon as you pass the vending machines, turn south, and then just head straight. Again this claptrap is in a bandit encampment.

    Repaiar kit: This one is hiding ontop of a pipe thats quite high up. So what you need to do is:Follow the pipe to the first trash pile that you come to. Its also the first bend in the pipe. Just after the bend in the pipe, you will see the pipe support thats next to a rock.You need to climb up the trash pile then jump onto the rock,heres a little ledge that you can stand on. From the ledge walk forward a little and turn right. Jump again and now your ontop of that rock. From here jump onto the pipe, walk to the end, and pick up the kit.

    Reward: None

    ==Old Haven==+

    Location: Before you can get this claptrap, you need to rescue another before hand, for the mission "Not without my claptrap". Ok when you you enter Old haven open your map, you should see a $ symbol at the south western side of the map. The clatrap is in that big greyed out building.Hes in a room on the south part of the building, and the door is on the western side of the building.

    Repair kit:Ok go to the waypoint.Get to the south side of the building, that the waypoint is pointing to. There are some stairs on the next building south of the waypoint.Once you get to the top, turn around so you are facing north, You should notice an opening to your left, you need to do a running jump to make it accross.Once accross, the kit is through the door on your right, I also found a weapons crate up there too which is a nice bonus.

    Reward: None

    ==Salt Flats==+

    Location: Hes in Flynt's encampment at the digging machine, not on the machine itself but in the walled off area. In the area he is at the north eastern point between a couple of cylinder containers.

    Repair kit: At the waypoint, not hidden.

    Reward: Shows you to a weapons crate.

    ===Crimson Fastness==+

    Location: In the room after the New-U and vending machines, south end of the room.

    Repair kit: Is at the waypoint, out in the open.

    Reward: Shows you to a room with 2 weapons crates, also is a shortcut for the mission "Get Some Answers"


    There are 117 achievements you can earn. Most of them you can get just by normal playing and others you have to work on so grab your gun and get to gettin those achievments. Some are just bigger versions of others like Headhunter-War Criminal. Ill just give a HOW TO on the first one. Also Its Easier to do Multiple Achievements at once like doing the Slayer achievements and Vehicular Manslaughter, or the waepon Achievements.

    ==12 Days of Pandora==+

    Description: Master the technology of Pandora

    Reward: 5,000 exp


    Assault Rifle Kills 12/12 Pistol Kills 11/11 Shotgun Kills 10/10 SMG Kills 9/9 Sniper Rifle Kills 8/8 Meele Kills 7/7 Critical Kills 6/6 Shock Kills 4/4 Incendiary Kills 3/3 Faces Melted 2/2 Grenade Kills 1/1

    How TO: Just kill the number of stuff with the weapon. "Faces Melted" is Killed by Corrosion.


    Description: Kill 50 Human enemies

    Reward: 1,000 exp

    Requirements: Humans Killed 50/50

    How To: Kill Bandits and the Crimsion Lance. I just ran around Firestone encampments.

    ==Not Really a People Person==+

    Description: Kill 250 Human enemies

    Reward: 2,000 exp

    Requirements: Humans Killed 250/250


    Description: Kill 1,000 Human enemies

    Reward: 5,000 exp

    Requirements: Humans Killed 1,000/1,000

    ==War Criminal==+

    Description: Kill 2,500 Human enemies

    Reward: 20,000 exp

    Requirements: Humans Killed 2,500/2,500

    ==Lucky Shot==+

    Description: Kill 100 Enemies with Criticals.

    Reward: 1,000 exp

    Requirements: Critical Kills 100/100

    How To: Anything killed witha Critical counts for this one. I went thru the East and West Commons and killed Spiderants and Bandits.

    ==Crack Shot==+

    Description: Kill 250 Enemies with Criticals.

    Reward: 2,000 exp

    Requirements: Critical Kills 250/250

    ==Dont you ever miss==+

    Description: Kill 1,000 Enemies with Criticals.

    Reward: 5,000 exp

    Requirements: Critical Kills 1,000/1,000

    ==Brain Surgeon==+

    Description: Kill 2500 Enemies with Criticals.

    Reward: 20,000 exp

    Requirements: Critical Kills 25,00/25,00


    Description: Kill 5 Enemies in Succession with no more than 7 seconds beween them

    Reward:500 exp

    Requirements: Kills 5/5

    How To: This is a tougher one at the high levels. It counts if your in a car so i drove around Firestone squishing and shooting things till i got it.

    ==Chain Killer==+

    Description: Kill 10 Enemies in Succession with no more than 7 seconds beween them

    Reward:1,000 exp

    Requirements: Kills 10/10

    ==Killing Spree==+

    Description: Kill 15 Enemies in Succession with no more than 7 seconds beween them

    Reward:2,000 exp

    Requirements: Kills 15/15

    ==Conveyor of Death==+

    Description: Kill 25 Enemies in Succession with no more than 7 seconds beween them

    Reward:5,000 exp

    Requirements: Kills 25/25

    ==Action Hero==+

    Description: Kill 50 Enemies using your Action Skill


    Requirements: Action SKill Kills 50/50

    How To:Anything Killed with your Action Skill counts so go nuts. I just did this Thru play thrus. If your going after this Spec into it so it will kill faster.

    ==Beware! Mad Skills!==+

    Description: Kill 250 Enemies using your Action Skill


    Requirements: Action SKill Kills 250/250

    ==Why Do You Even Carry A Gun==+

    Description: Kill 1,000 Enemies using your Action Skill


    Requirements: Action SKill Kills 1,000/1,000

    ==Your Kung FU is Best==+

    Description: Kill 2,500 Enemies using your Action Skill


    Requirements: Action SKill Kills 2,500/2,500

    ==Seasoned Killer==+

    Description: Kill 500 Enemies

    Reward: 1,000 exp

    Requirements: Kills 500/500

    How To: Anything goes have at it.

    ==Numb to the Voices==+

    Description: Kill 1,000 Enemies

    Reward: 2,000 exp

    Requirements: Kills 1,000/1,000

    ==Terror of Pandora==+

    Description: Kill 4,000 Enemies

    Reward: 5,000 exp

    Requirements: Kills 4,000/4,000

    ==I am become Death...==+

    Description: Kill 10,000 Enemies

    Reward: 20,000 exp

    Requirements: Kills 10,000/10,000

    ==Pocket Change==+

    Description: Earn 10,000 Dollars.

    Reward: 1,000xp

    Requirements: Earned Money 10,000/10,000

    How To: You get this from selling and collecting money. The fast way is the New Haven loot trick.

    ==Money. It buys Happiness==+

    Description: Earn 250,000 Dollars.

    Reward: 2,000xp

    Requirements: Earned Money 250,000/250,000

    ==The Rich Get Richer==+

    Description: Earn 1,000,000 Dollars.

    Reward: 5,000xp

    Requirements: Earned Money 1,000,000/1,000,000

    ==How Much For The Planet?==+

    Description: Earn 9,999,999 Dollars.

    Reward: 20,000xp

    Requirements: Earned Money 9,999,999/9,999,999


    Description: Win 10 Duels


    Requirments: Duels won 10/10

    Hot to: Get a friend to help, or get another account and just duel yourself.

    ==Smack Down!==+

    Description: Win 50 Duels


    Requirments: Duels won 50/50

    ==Braggin Rights==+

    Description: Win 250 Duels


    Requirments: Duels won 250/250


    Description: Win 1,000 Duels


    Requirments: Duels won 1,000/1,000

    ==Skag Slayer==+

    Description:Kill 50 Skags


    Requirements: Skags Killed 50/50

    How To:Run around skag gully to do this one. They all respawn so its pretty fast. Remember that you can do all the creature slaying ones in the car and it will count for your car achievements as well!

    ==SIT! STAY! PLAY DEAD!==+

    Description:Kill 250 Skags


    Requirements: Skags Killed 250/250

    ==I hate dogs==+

    Description:Kill 1,000 Skags


    Requirements: Skags Killed 1,000/1,000

    ==You Ae The Skagpocalypse==+

    Description:Kill 2,500 Skags


    Requirements: Skags Killed 2,500/2,500

    ==Spiderant Slyer==+

    Description:Kill 50 Spiderants


    Requirements: Spiderants Killed 50/50

    How To: Run around the Commons and squish them with your car.

    ==Bug Crusher==+

    Description:Kill 250 Spiderants


    Requirements: Spiderants Killed 250/250

    ==I Hate Bugs==+

    Description:Kill 1,000 Spiderants


    Requirements: Spiderants Killed 1,000/1,000

    ==The Exterminator==+

    Description:Kill 2,500 Spiderants


    Requirements: Spiderants Killed 2,500/2,500

    ==Rakk Slayer==+

    Description:Kill 50 Rakks


    Requirements: Rakks Killed 50/50

    How To: Ran around Firestone and both Commons to do these.

    ==If it flies, it dies==+

    Description:Kill 250 Rakks


    Requirements: Rakks Killed 250/250

    ==Rakk Flak==+

    Description:Kill 1,000 Rakks


    Requirements: Rakks Killed 1,000/1,000

    ==If i cant fly, no one flies==+

    Description:Kill 2,500 Rakks


    Requirements: Rakks Killed 2,500/2,500

    ==What is that thing?==+

    Description:Kill 50 Guardians


    Requirements: Guardians Killed 50/50

    ==The Vault is Mine==+

    Description:Kill 250 Guardians


    Requirements: Guardians Killed 250/250


    Description:Kill 1,000 Guardians


    Requirements: Guardians Killed 1,000/1,000

    ==Dominant species==+

    Description:Kill 2,500 Guardians


    Requirements: Guardians Killed 2,500/2,500

    ==Spray and Prey==+

    Description: Get 50 Kills with Combat Rifles.

    Reward: 1,000xp

    Requirements: Rifle Kills 50/50

    How To: Ran around Firestone killing stuff.

    ==Size Matters==+

    Description: Get 250 Kills with Combat Rifles.

    Reward: 2,000xp

    Requirements: Rifle Kills 250/250

    ==Make Chunks==+

    Description: Get 1,000 Kills with Combat Rifles.

    Reward: 5,000xp

    Requirements: Rifle Kills 1,000/1,000

    ==One Man Army==+

    Description: Get 2,500 Kills with Combat Rifles.

    Reward: 20,000xp

    Requirements: Rifle Kills 2,500/2,500


    Description: Get 50 Kills with Pistols.

    Reward: 1,000xp

    Requirements: Pistol Kills 50/50

    How To: Same as above.

    ==Size Doesnt Matter==+

    Description: Get 250 Kills with Pistols.

    Reward: 2,000xp

    Requirements: Pistols Kills 250/250

    ==No one's laughing Now==+

    Description: Get 1,000 Kills with Pistols.

    Reward: 5,000xp

    Requirements: Pistol Kills 1,000/1,000


    Description: Get 2,500 Kills with Pistols.

    Reward: 20,000xp

    Requirements: Pistols Kills 2,500/2,500

    ==Get off my Lawn==+

    Description: Get 50 Kills with Shotguns.

    Reward: 1,000xp

    Requirements: Shotgun Kills 50/50

    How To: Same as above.

    ==Taste the Red Mist==+

    Description: Get 250 Kills with shotguns.

    Reward: 2,000xp

    Requirements: Shotgun Kills 250/250

    ==Instant Autopsy==+

    Description: Get 1,000 Kills with Shotguns.

    Reward: 5,000xp

    Requirements: Shotgun Kills 1,000/1,000

    ==Buckshot Legend==+

    Description: Get 2,500 Kills with Shotguns.

    Reward: 20,000xp

    Requirements: Shotgun Kills 2,500/2,500


    Description: Get 50 Kills with Launchers.

    Reward: 1,000xp

    Requirements: Launcher Kills 50/50

    How To: Same as above.


    Description: Get 250 Kills with Launchers.

    Reward: 2,000xp

    Requirements: Launcher Kills 250/250


    Description: Get 1,000 Kills with Launchers.

    Reward: 5,000xp

    Requirements: Launcher Kills 1,000/1,000

    ==KA BOOOOM!!!==+

    Description: Get 2,500 Kills with Launchers.

    Reward: 20,000xp

    Requirements: Launcher Kills 2,500/2,500

    ==Rat a Tat!==+

    Description: Get 50 Kills with SMGs.

    Reward: 1,000xp

    Requirements: SMG Kills 50/50

    How To: Same as above.

    ==So many little holes==+

    Description: Get 250 Kills with SMGs.

    Reward: 2,000xp

    Requirements: SMG Kills 250/250

    ==Bullet Hose==+

    Description: Get 1,000 Kills with SMGs.

    Reward: 5,000xp

    Requirements: SMG Kills 1,000/1,000

    ==Human Tsunami==+

    Description: Get 2,500 Kills with SMGs.

    Reward: 20,000xp

    Requirements: SMG Kills 2,500/2,500

    ==One Shot One Kill==+

    Description: Get 50 Kills with Sniper Rifles.

    Reward: 1,000xp

    Requirements: Sniper Rifle Kills 50/50

    How To: Same as above.

    ==Ill wait back here==+

    Description: Get 250 Kills with Sniper Rifels.

    Reward: 2,000xp

    Requirements: Sniper Rifle Kills 250/250

    ==Brain Ventilator==+

    Description: Get 1,000 Kills with Sniper Rifles.

    Reward: 5,000xp

    Requirements: Sniper Rifle Kills 1,000/1,000

    ==Finger of God==+

    Description: Get 2,500 Kills with Sniper Rifles.

    Reward: 20,000xp

    Requirements: Sniper Rifle Kills 2,500/2,500


    Description: Get 50 Kills with Meele.

    Reward: 1,000xp

    Requirements: Meele Kills 50/50

    How To: Same as above.


    Description: Get 250 Kills with Meele.

    Reward: 2,000xp

    Requirements: Meele Kills 250/250


    Description: Get 1,000 Kills with Meele.

    Reward: 5,000xp

    Requirements: Meele Kills 1,000/1,000

    ==Heavyweight Champion==+

    Description: Get 2,500 Kills with Meele.

    Reward: 20,000xp

    Requirements: Meele Kills 2,500/2,500

    ==Hot! Too Hot!==+

    Description: Get 25 kills with Incendairy attacks

    Reward: 1,000xp

    Requirements: Fire kills 25/25

    How To: Get a weapon with fire damage and plug away, or with your action skill depending on what artifact you have equipt.


    Description: Get 250 kills with Incendairy attacks

    Reward: 2,000xp

    Requirements: Fire kills 250/250

    ==Plays with Matches==+

    Description: Get 1,000 kills with Incendairy attacks

    Reward: 5,000xp

    Requirements: Fire kills 1,000/1,000


    Description: Get 2,500 kills with Incendairy attacks

    Reward: 20,000xp

    Requirements: Fire kills 2,500/2,500


    Description: Get 25 kills with Shock attacks

    Reward: 1,000xp

    Requirements: Shock kills 25/25

    How To: Same as Above.

    ==Nikola is a friend of mine==+

    Description: Get 250 kills with Shock attacks

    Reward: 2,000xp

    Requirements: Shock kills 250/250

    ==Puts forks in Sockets==+

    Description: Get 1,000 kills with Shock attacks

    Reward: 5,000xp

    Requirements: Shock kills 1,000/1,000


    Description: Get 2,500 kills with Shock attacks

    Reward: 20,000xp

    Requirements: Shock kills 2,500/2,500

    ==Chemistry Rocks==+

    Description: Get 25 kills with Corrosive attacks

    Reward: 1,000xp

    Requirements: Corrosive kills 25/25

    How To: Same as Above.

    ==Why is the floor all gooey==+

    Description: Get 250 kills with Corrosive attacks

    Reward: 2,000xp

    Requirements: Corrosive kills 250/250

    ==Mixes household Chemicals==+

    Description: Get 1,000 kills with Corrosive attacks

    Reward: 5,000xp

    Requirements: Corrosive kills 1,000/1,000


    Description: Get 2,500 kills with Corrosive attacks

    Reward: 20,000xp

    Requirements: Corrosive kills 2,500/2,500

    ==Boom goes the dynamite==+

    Description: Get 25 kills with Explosive attacks

    Reward: 1,000xp

    Requirements: Explosive kills 25/25

    How To: Same as Above.

    ==Too bad about the Tinnitus==+

    Description: Get 250 kills with Explosive attacks

    Reward: 2,000xp

    Requirements: Explosive kills 250/250

    ==Crosses border for Fireworks==+

    Description: Get 1,000 kills with Explosive attacks

    Reward: 5,000xp

    Requirements: Explosive kills 1,000/1,000


    Description: Get 2,500 kills with Explosive attacks

    Reward: 20,000xp

    Requirements: Explosive kills 2,500/2,500

    ==Road Rage==+

    Description: Kill 25 Enemies with a Vehicle

    Reward: 1,000xp

    Requirements: Vehicle Kills 25/25

    How To:Just run stuff over. I did this one by going around the track squishing Scythids.

    ==Vehicular Manslaughter==+

    Description: Kill 150 Enemies with a Vehicle

    Reward: 2,000xp

    Requirements: Vehicle Kills 150/150

    ==School bus Driver==+

    Description: Kill 500 Enemies with a Vehicle

    Reward: 5,000xp

    Requirements: Vehicle Kills 500/500

    ==Hell on wheels==+

    Description: Kill 1,000 Enemies with a Vehicle

    Reward: 20,000xp

    Requirements: Vehicle Kills 1,000/1,000

    ==Whats in here==+

    Description: Open 50 Lootable objects.

    Reward: 1,000xp

    Requirements: lootables Opened 50/50

    Hot to: Anything you open counts. Boxes, Mailboxs, Skagpiles, Lockers, ect.


    Description: Open 250 Lootable objects.

    Reward: 2,000xp

    Requirements: lootables Opened 250/250

    ==Wilderness Survivor==+

    Description: Open 1,000 Lootable objects.

    Reward: 5,000xp

    Requirements: lootables Opened 1,000/1,000

    ==No stone unturned==+

    Description: Open 5,000 Lootable objects.

    Reward: 20,000xp

    Requirements: lootables Opened 5,000/5,000

    ==Ooo! Shiney!==+

    Description: Open 5 Chests.

    Reward: 1,000xp

    Requirements: Chests Opened 5/5

    How To: Do the New Haven loot trick and you'll get it easy.

    ==Treasure Hunter==+

    Description: Open 25 Chests.

    Reward: 2,000xp

    Requirements: Chests Opened 25/25

    ==Swag Master==+

    Description: Open 100 Chests.

    Reward: 5,000xp

    Requirements: Chests Opened 100/100

    ==Envy of Pirates==+

    Description: Open 500 Chests.

    Reward: 20,000xp

    Requirements: Chests Opened 500/500

    ==How much for the Gun==+

    Description: Sell 50 Items.

    Reward: 1,000 xp

    Requirements: Sold Items 50/50

    How To: Anything sold counts. The New Haven Loot Trick works pretty Fast.

    ==Gun Runner==+

    Description: Sell 100 Items.

    Reward: 2,000 xp

    Requirements: Sold Items 100/100

    ==Arms Dealer==+

    Description: Sell 400 Items.

    Reward: 5,000 xp

    Requirements: Sold Items 400/400

    ==Merchant of Death==+

    Description: Sell 1,200 Items.

    Reward: 20,000 xp

    Requirements: Sold Items 1,200/1,200

    ==Impulse Buyer==+

    Description: Buy 5 Items.

    Reward: 1,000xp

    Requirements: Bought Items 5/5

    How To: All i did was go to the Med Shop, Buy everything, and then sell it back. Do it a few times and you'll get it. Remember only medical supplys show up so anything you dont wanna sell drop before you do this.

    ==Good Consumer==+

    Description: Buy 50 Items.

    Reward: 2,000xp

    Requirements: Bought Items 50/50

    ==I want it all==+

    Description: Buy 200 Items.

    Reward: 5,000xp

    Requirements: Bought Items 200/200

    ==Self Contained Economy==+

    Description: Buy 500 Items.

    Reward: 20,000xp

    Requirements: Bought Items 500/500

    ==Lots of shots==+

    Description: Shoot 2,000 Times

    Reward: 1,000 xp

    Requirements: Shots Fired 2,000/2,000

    How To: The way I did this was get inside a car with a machine gun attachment and put a rubberband around my mouse. It counts for EVERY shot fired so if that gets boring then go around with an Assault Rifle or SMG.

    ==Keep Fireing==+

    Description: Shoot 10,000 Times

    Reward: 2,000 xp

    Requirements: Shots Fired 10,000/10,000

    ==Who made that man gunner==+

    Description: Shoot 22,000 Times

    Reward: 5,000 xp

    Requirements: Shots Fired 22,000/22,000

    ==I fired every bullet ever==+

    Description: Shoot 100,000 Times

    Reward: 20,000 xp

    Requirements: Shots Fired 100,000/100,000


    Description: Get 2 Seconds of Vehicle Hang Time

    Reward: 500 xp

    Requirements: Vehcle Hang Time 2,000/2,000 (I dont know why its not 2/2 maybe millaseconds?)

    How To: Im not sure if hang time is carried over but i got a second player to Meele me at the top of a ramp in Dahl Headlands. You go flying, its pretty fun.


    Description: Get 3 Seconds of Vehicle Hang Time

    Reward: 1,000 xp

    Requirements: Vehcle Hang Time 3,000/3,000

    ==This is not a flight simulator==+

    Description: Get 4 Seconds of Vehicle Hang Time

    Reward: 2,000 xp

    Requirements: Vehcle Hang Time 4,000/4,000

    ==Orbit Achieved==+

    Description: Get 5 Seconds of Vehicle Hang Time

    Reward: 5,000 xp

    Requirements: Vehcle Hang Time 5,000/5,000