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"Borderlands---An FPSRPG of experimenting. Not bad experimenting, though."

Borderlands---An FPSRPG of experimenting. Not bad experimenting, though.

Borderlands is great. Its a great game, and is really fun to run around looting every single thing.

VERY LACKING. You may be thinking "Aren't RPGs supposed to have good stories?" Well, this is an FPSRPG because of its really good RPG elements. The story doesn't detract from the game experience. Its supposed to nudge you from place to place, which works well. The basics of the story is that you are 1 of 4 vault hunters(No, it doesn't have to be co-op, but it can) and you have to well, find the vault. A vault was found on Prometheus by the Atlas Corporation, and rumors popped up. And there's a guardian angel, who helps vault hunters find the vault.

Also, the ending is the worst ending I've ever seen.

The gameplay in this game is probably the best I've ever played. I've played A LOT of games, too.

First off, you have 4 classes. They are the Siren, who specializes in elemental damage and can "Phasewalk" to get around easily.Then there is the Berserker, who specializes in rocket launchers and can go berserk and beat people up.And then the Soldier, who specializes in Combat Rifles and Shotguns and can place down a Scorpio Turret. Finally, there is the Hunter, who specializes in Sniper Rifles and Pistols/Revolvers, who can throw his pet bird bloodwing to attack enemies. They ALL can use other weapons if they want, too.

Then, there is the weapon system. No 2 weapons are the same. They may have the same model, but they can have different rates of fire, different accuracy, different damage, different effects, and even different rarity. Rarity usually shows how powerful the weaponry are. There are exceptions, though. A level 10 purple sniper rifle can be weaker than a level 30 white sniper rifle. It goes from White-Green-Blue-Purple-Yellow/Light Orange-Orange-Dark Orange. The rarer the weapon, the more it costs.

Also, there is the skill system. This is great. First, at level 5, you gain your first skill point to put into your action skill. These are the skills I mentioned in the classes. Then, there are 3 branches of skills you can use. They usually specialize on one thing, like Mordecai's sniper branch focuses on sniper rifles. You can't put everything into the best skill(Last one on the branch), you must work your way down in increments of 5. These skills can really change the game, and help in life-or-death situations.

And then, there is the questing. The questing is what you would expect from an RPG. Go here, kill x amounts of monsters/find x amount of items/kill boss/perform miscellaneous tasks. However, surprisingly it doesn't get boring. The combat system makes it really fun and the EXP really helps with leveling.

Fifth, there is the second playthrough. You just finished the game? Only level 36? Want to play through it again and do more things? Go ahead! Exit the game, load up the second playthrough. Enemies will be tougher and certain bosses will become a big threat. This really helps the replay value. And after that, you get playthrough 2.5, which every enemy is a level 48-52, and you stay at where you originally did instead of restarting the whole entire game.

Finally, the combat. Borderlands has a really fun combat system. You would think killing the same boss over and over again until he gives negligible experience points would be boring. Its not! For the enemies, they all can use real weapons in the game. You could find a bandit with the Hellfire SMG!(Really powerful SMG) Or a Rusty Sniper rifle. This really helps the game, making the game really fun.

Art style/Graphics: 10/10

The game has a wasteland feeling, but not like fallout 3. It is cell-shaded, which really helps how great the graphics are. In some of the later missions, it gets snowy, and that looks really great with the whole game. This game looks beautiful on 1080P and maxxed settings, and feels like you actually are in this cell-shaded wasteland. The enemies are easy to tell whos different, and the items look different so you can easily know if you want it or not.

However, there are some bland textures. But these aren't even noticable. I noticed this at level 45 looking straight at the ground. They won't make a difference. At all.

The game is not demanding, making it available for a lot of people. Even though its not demanding, it still looks beautiful. This really helps the game to attract new people. Lower end computers can still run this game easily.

Controls: 10/10

Standard PC controls, fully customizable, and helps. I've heard of some people having problems, but I haven't had it. It even comes with aim-assist for people who really need help aiming, but it gets in the way of people who are good at aiming.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 11/16/09

Game Release: Borderlands (US, 10/26/09)

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