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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Kraiz

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       TABLE OF CONTENTS                           [TB.CT]
    1. GAME MECHANICS                              [GM.MC]
       Combat .................................... [GM.KC]
       Driving ................................... [GM.WL]
       Crime & Law ............................... [GM.CR]
    2. MAIN WALKTHROUGH                            [00.00]
       CH01: The Old Country ..................... [01.00]
       CH02: Home Sweet Home ..................... [02.00]
       CH03: Enemy of the State .................. [03.00]
       CH04: Murphy's Law ........................ [04.00]
       CH05: The Buzzsaw ......................... [05.00]
       CH06: Time Well Spent ..................... [06.00]
       CH07: In Loving Memory .................... [07.00]
       CH08: The Wild Ones ....................... [08.00]
       CH09: Balls & Beans ....................... [09.00]
       CH10: Room Service ........................ [10.00]
       CH11: A Friend of Ours .................... [11.00]
       CH12: Sea Gift ............................ [12.00]
       CH13: Exit the Dragon ..................... [13.00]
       CH14: Stairway to Heaven .................. [14.00]
       CH15: Per Aspera Ad Astra ................. [15.00]
    3. COLLECTIBLES                                [CL.TI]
       Playboys .................................. [CL.PB]
       Wanted Posters ... [Coming soon, perhaps as a map?]
    4. CAR DATABASE                                [CB.DB]
    5. CHARACTER BIOGRAPHIES                       [CH.IF]
    6. VERSION HISTORY & CREDITS                   [CD.HT]
    I. GAME MECHANICS                                                       [GM.MC]
    COMBAT                                                                  [GM.KC]
    Whether it be his fists, guns, or vehicle, Vita Scaletta will do anything to 
    take care of anybody who gets in his way. 
    Hand to hand fighting is an effective and well used portion of combat in Mafia 
    2. Use the indicated commands to dodge, punch, hard punch, and finish off your 
    opponents. The best method for fighting is to hold the dodge button until your 
    opponent throws a punch, then strike back after they miss.
    Guns and grenades match well with the new cover system, take cover using the 
    appropriate button and wait for your enemies to become vulnerable. Always aim 
    for the head if possible, if using an automatic weapon such as the Thompson 
    M1A1 aim for the chest and let the recoil of the gun move upwards. Aim for gas 
    tanks whenever possible to take out groups of enemies easily.
    The next method of killing and injuring is to take your vehicle to your 
    enemies. Ramming into unsuspecting enemies, civilians, or police officer will 
    surely kill them. Body inprints on your car can be repaired for a minor fee in 
    the garage, but watch out for those who want to shoot at you. Bullets can 
    seriously harm you when in a vehicle, move quick to avoid being killed in your 
    DRIVING                                                                 [GM.WL]
    One of the most important aspects of Mafia II is driving; however, before you 
    can drive you need to get into a vehicle. You can get into a locked vehicle by 
    smashing windows or picking locks, wiring the vehicle will be done 
    automatically. If you need to get into a vehicle quickly you can hijack one 
    using an indicated button, watch for gang members who might want their car 
    The police can be strict when it comes to speeding, keep an eye on posted speed 
    signs and your speedometer if you want to avoid the law. View the controls 
    section of this walkthrough to look for the "speed limiter" button for your 
    system, this toggle feature allows you to drive without worrying about your 
    Killing people while driving will give you a three star notoriety level, in 
    most cases your license plate will be wanted even after you lose the police. 
    Drive to any garage in town to have your license plate changed for a small fee.
    Vehicles can run out of gas in the game just as in real life, keep an eye on 
    your gas just under the speedometer on the hud, when you get low make your way 
    to a gas station and fill up by driving next to a pump and honking.
    CRIME & LAW                                                             [GM.CR]
    Seeing as how you are part of a mob you will be dealing with crime and law 
    enforcement throughout the game. Various things you can do to break the law are 
    speeding, hit and run, theft, and murder.
    Stealing from stores can have a big payout, especially if you don't get caught. 
    You can rob stores in Empire Bay by holding up the place or by using your 
    fists. The higher the risk, the higher the pay. If you hold up a has station 
    you might not get much money but the clerk will not fight back, watch for him 
    to call the police once you leave. Try robbing a gun store or pub and the clerk 
    or bartender will defend their establishments by pulling out a shutgun and 
    firing, in this case you will have to kill the keeper before you get the 
    reward, which usually results in a wanted level for murder.
    Once you are wanted for murder you need to change your clothes as the police 
    will be looking for you, stay away from convertibles and try not to walk or 
    drive by the police. You can change your outfit by going to your house and 
    changing or by buying new clothes from a boutique when you aren't being chased 
    by police.
    If you are wanted for a crime such as theft or hit and run you can stop for the 
    police and offer them a bribe if you have enough cash. Once you are wanted for 
    murder the police will shoot to kill.
    II. MAIN WALKTHROUGH                                                    [00.00]
    CHAPTER ONE: THE OLD COUNTRY                                            [01.00]
         Sicilty, July 1943
    Begin behind cover and aim for the dictator on the steps. Take him out with a 
    headset and begin shooting the other soldiers when the firefight break out. 
    Move up the stairs when it's clear, watch out for the fire coming from the main 
    doors. Climb through the window to the left of the front doors and move 
    Take cover next to the wood and equip a grenade, hold the aim button to lean 
    from cover and use the fire button to throw the grenage. Equip your rifle and 
    move to the next room, take your time and pickup the weapons and ammo near the 
    table, an SMG works well for the next part.
    When  you're ready take cover next to the door. The soldier will kick it in, 
    shoot the enemy on the stairs then fire at the other enemy soldier above. Once 
    the first floor in clear go up the stairs and make a left, take cover at the 
    next doorway. There are two enemies in this room, one behind the desk and the 
    other behind the crates to the left. After clearing this room mothe to the next 
    door and kick it in. 
    Shoot the soldier in the head, make sure not to hit the hostage. Stay clear of 
    the doors in front of you. Follow the private to the balcony and take cover, 
    shoot the the enemy soldiers on the ground, they will be taking cover behind 
    the stalls and pillars. Move back inside and mount the MG-42. You have infinite 
    ammo so keep pumping the enemies with bullets until the chapter ends.
    CHAPTER TWO: HOME SWEET HOME                                            [02.00]
         Empire Bay, February 8th, 1945
    After meeting with Joe you'll be back in Little Italy. Go up the stairs next to 
    the diner and follow the road the the red blip. Once inside the apartment go up 
    the stairs and to the door next to the power meter. After the scene go to your 
    bedroom and sleep in the bed. 
    When you wake up go to the closet and get dressed. Leave the apartment and 
    begin the fighting tutorial. Follow the onscreen commands to beatup the 
    collector, a good strategy is to hold the dodge button until he attacks, then 
    strike in when he misses. After beating the collector go to Joe's place, at 
    this point you cant steal cars so enjoy the short walk to the red blip. Joe 
    lives on the 3rd floor to the right.
    Once you regain control of Vito grab the [PLAYBOY PLAYMATE #1] magazine from 
    the coffe table and follow Joe to his car. Get in the car and drive, follow 
    Joe's warning about the ice and follow his directions to Giuseppe's. 
    Go to the door and follow Joe upstairs to the glowing door, after the scene 
    browse Giuseppe's products and purchase the lockpicks. Begin the lockpicking 
    tutorial by moving to the lock, use the indicated button to move the sliders 
    and pick the lock. Follow Joe back outside and walk over to the '42 Jefferson 
    from earlier. Use your lockpick on the car, take your time and get used to the 
    mechanics. Once you break into the car a cop will appear and you will have a 
    two star notoriety and your plates will be wanted. 
    Drive away and lose the police, once they are off your tail go to the bodyshop 
    marked by the red blips and honk your horn. Everything is on Joe so make sure 
    to repar any damages, change the paint if you wish, change the rims, and tune 
    your car before you leave the shop. After leaving the bodyshop follow the path 
    to the next marker, be careful with your new car.
    Once the scene ends shoot the tires out of the old wreck then aim for the gas 
    tanks to blow the car up. Now look for the car crushed across from Mike's 
    office and enter through the mandoor. Grab the [PLAYBOY PLAYMATE #3] magazine 
    from the shelf to your right and go back outside.
    Follow the path on your minimap to the LoneStar bar. Once the scene ends climb 
    the fence and steal the car, you can either shoot the guy on the other side of 
    the fence and take cover or run directly to the car and smash the window. Once 
    you've got the car drive through the gate and run away. You will be chased by 
    enemy gangmembers and cops. Lose them and go back to Mike for your reward.
    Drive back to Joe's apartment and store your car in the garage, you can get 
    your vehicle from the garage anytime you go out from now on. Sleep on the couch 
    in Joe's kitchen to end the chapter.
    CHAPTER THREE: ENEMY OF THE STATE                                       [03.00]
         Joe's Apartment, February 10th, 1945
    After the scene follow Steve to the warehouse, pickup the 
    [PLAYBOY PLAYMATE #18] magazine on the floor near the door. Steve tells you 
    to load crates on the truck, load one of the crates and go to the open door 
    to quit moving crates. 
    Start your new job of collecting fees by going downstairs and to one of the red 
    blips. Speak to the workers using the indicated button to get the money, after 
    the third guy a cutscene will begin. Once you regain control you'll need to 
    defeat the worker. Remeber to hold to dodge button until he attacked, then 
    punch back after they swing. After taking down the worker go back to Derek's 
    office and give him the money and take your cut.
    Drive to Freddy's and meet Joe to get your next job. Once you're done speaking 
    with Joe and Henry drive to the red blip on your map to meet Maria. Enter the 
    apartment and look for [PLAYBOY PLATEMATE #4] magazine next to the shelf in 
    front of you. Now go to Maria's door and let her know what you need. Drive 
    Maria to the hospital and listen to what she has to say about the job. 
    After dropping off Maria drive across the road and walk to the red blip down 
    the alley. Hop the fence and climb through the bathroom window, exit the 
    bathroom to the corridor, acknowledging the warning about the security guards. 
    Walk down the hall and open the brown doors across the elevators and to the 
    lobby. Sneak next to the guard and grab [PLAYBOY PLAYMATE #40] magazine without 
    alarming him then sneak across the lobby behind the pillar. Go through the 
    brown double doors and follow the corridor to the blue door to your left, go 
    down the stairs to the next hallway and go to the metal door on the other end. 
    Under a light and next to a box is [PLAYBOY PLAYMATE #6]. Leave this room and 
    go to the next door to the right, walk to the panel and disable the security 
    Go back to the lobby and up the stairs, on the second floor watch out for the 
    guard then go to left. Go right then another left down the hall to the 
    Director's office. Grab the keys then enter the door across the hall and grab 
    the [PLAYBOY PLAYMATE #5] magazine from the window.
    Backtrack and take two rights down the hall, go left when you see a guard at 
    the ledge, don't get too close. Go through the white door to the left and pick 
    the lock on the barred door. Go to the safe and open it. Once you've got the 
    stamps leave the room and go back down the stairs to the lobby, backtrack to 
    the bathroom then go back out the window to your car.
       NOTE: Having trouble with this mission? Check out my Youtube video below!
    Drive back to Freddy's Bar to meet with Henry and you'll find you you have 
    limited time to sell the stamps. Start with driving to the gas stations nearby 
    then to the stations on the other island if there is time. You do not need to 
    get out of your vehicle to sell the stamps, just honk as you would if you were 
    purchasing gas.
    CHAPTER FOUR: MURPHY'S LAW                                              [04.00]
         Little Italy, February 11th, 1945
    Get dressed and meet Joe at Freddy's Bar, later on you will gain control of 
    Vito outside of the bar with a uniform on. Drive to the mall and approach the 
    glowing door to the jewlery store and pick the lock.
    Follow Joe and take cover when you get to a counter in the bookstore, shoot the 
    Irish thugs if they bother you then grab the [PLAYBOY PLAYMATE #9] magazine on 
    the box after you go up the small stairs. Joe will go the next set of stairs, 
    go to the left towards the doors and get [PLAYBOY PLAYMATE #2] from the floor 
    to the right. Catch up with Joe and guard him from the police until he opens 
    the door. 
    Once on the roof take cover and takedown the cops that follow you, once three 
    of them are dead approach the ledge. Follow Joe across the platform then take 
    cover on the low wall and fire at the police on the next rooftop. Move with Joe 
    to the next area and engage the police once more. Through the next door look 
    straight ahead at get [PLAYBOY PLAYMATE #8] next to the shelve then follow Joe 
    down the fire escape. 
    You'll be wanted by the police once you control Vito again, try to avoid the 
    police and go to the nearest clothing store. Once you make it to Joe's 
    apartment building go down the stairs towards the gate and get the [PLAYBOY 
    PLAYMATE #7] from the floor.
    CHAPTER FIVE: THE BUZZSAW                                               [05.00]
         Joe's Apartment, February 20th, 1945
    Get dressed and leave the apartment. Walk over to the girl that was in Joe's 
    apartment and speak with the guy. After fighting him drive over to Freddy's to 
    meet Joe. Once the scene is over drive to Harry's Shop, marked by a red blip, 
    to get the MG-42. Load the gun into the van and carefully drive to your next 
    marker, use the speed limiter if you have to.
    After the scene use the MG-42 to kill everyone on the road, aim at the gas 
    tanks to make quick work of them. Disarm the MG-42 and follow Henry and Joe to 
    the stairs, go up the stairs and get [PLAYBOY PLAYMATE #11] on the floor next 
    to a door. Now go back down the stairs and kill the remaining henchmen on the 
    road, grab any weapons that they might've dropped to make the next part easier.
    Move across the street to the distillery and kick in the door. Take cover next 
    to the stairs and shoot the henchmen behind the crates and pillars. Move 
    forward with Joe and Henry, watch out for the molotov on the left. Kill the 
    enemies behind the pillars and on the stairs. Go into the office on the left 
    and get the [PLAYBOY PLAYMATE #10] from the shelf next to the lockers.
    Continue up the stairs where you kill the last enemy and grab some cover. Use 
    the cover on either side of the area to move up and kill the guards. Take cover 
    when the elevator and kill the enemies in the lift. Take the lift up and 
    immediately take cover to the left, avoid the warehouse door. Flank the enemies 
    by using the blue mandoor to the left while Joe and Henry face them head on. 
    Grab their weapons move forward, kill the enemy on the stairs then take cover 
    behind the crates. Watch the another guard in this area and move forward to 
    trigger a cutscene.
    After the scene get the [PLAYBOY PLAYMATE #12] next to the wood chairs to your 
    right and make your way out of the distillery. Don't worry about Joe and Henry, 
    they will catch up. When the building shakes watch for two henchmen to come 
    from the next door ahead. Take cover in the next room and kill the third 
    henchman, now turn around the do down the stairs. There are no badies on this 
    floor so move to the door and outside.
    Drive through the two fences and follow the red marker to your destination, you 
    should lose the police on the way. There is a bodyshop on your way, you can see 
    the icon at the end of the bridge, to make things easier go there to change 
    your plates if the cops aren't chasing you. Now quickly drive to El Greco's 
    before Henry's timer runs out. Drive to Mamma's apartment and meet Francesca.
    CHAPTER SIX: TIME WELL SPENT                                            [06.00]
         Little Italy, February 26th, 1945
    Once you gain full control of Vito walk with the guard down the hall and up the 
    stairs to your cell then use the bed. Once free in the yard go to the bleachers 
    to the right and grab [PLAYBOY PLAYMATE #13] near the sleeping prisoner. Next 
    walk across the basketball court towards the shed, walk between the fence and 
    the shed and get [PLAYBOY PLAYMATE #14] from the ground.
    Turn around and approach the old man playing chess. Brian O'Neil is your 
    toughest fight yet, make sure to doge his attacks and hit him after he swings. 
    After the scene follow the fighting tutorial with your sparring partner. You 
    can either speak to the prisoner using the punching bag for more fighting 
    practice or leave the gym. On your way out you'll be interrupted and begin 
    another fight. Use your counterattacks to tire your opponent and defeat him.
    Follow the prison guard who will hand you off to another prisoner, walk with 
    him to the laundry room for your next fight. Use the moves that you did earlier 
    to take down this opponent. After the fight look for [PLAYBOY PLAYMATE #15] on 
    one of the machines.
    Follow the guard to your next job, cleaning the dirty urinals. Do this several 
    times and go take a shower. In the shower you'll have to fight some more 
    prisoners, take them out one by one. Your next fight is Brian O'Neil once more, 
    fight him just as you did before. Use finishing moves to knock him down, once 
    he takes the knife out a scene will begin, ending the chapter.
    CHAPTER SEVEN: IN LOVING MEMORY                                         [07.00]
         Empire Bay, April 10th, 1951
    Climb the stairs to the top floor of Joe's apartment building and get [PLAYBOY 
    PLAYMATE #50] from the floor down the hallway, then go back down and visit Joe. 
    Go down to the garage drive to your new place. On the way stop at Harry's Shop 
    and get [PLAYBOY PLAYMATE #16] from the floor. Continue to your apartment and 
    park in your new garage enter the apartment building. On the second floor get 
    the [PLAYBOY PLAYMATE #17] magazine from the table, once you're ready take the 
    tour of your new place.
    After checking out your new place go back to Joe's to meetup with Joe and Eddie 
    then go to the Cathouse. After the cutscene get in Eddie's car and follow the 
    radar to the Panetarium to drop the body. Once the body is taken care of drive 
    Joe and Eddie back to Joe's apartment and head home.
    CHAPTER EIGHT: THE WILD ONES                                            [08.00]
         Uptown, April 11th, 1951
    Before leaving your apartment go to the kitchen table and grab [PLAYBOY 
    PLAYMATE #46], now go down and meet Joe and Marty. Drive the truck to are spot 
    marked on your map. Once you get there grab the cigarettes that the customers 
    want, first a pack of reds then a pack of blues. Once the cop shows up toss him 
    a carton of whites and get back in the drivers seat
    Drive to the next spot and continue selling smokes. Chase after the Greasers, 
    who will eventually get away. Phone booths are not displayed on your map, 
    continue driving on the freeway and take a right towards the gunshop, there is 
    a phone booth just down the street from here. After the phone call drive to the 
    Crazy Horse to meet Steve, Marty, and a few others.
    The others will start shooting up the place, save your ammo and let them go
    wild. After a little while grab the Molotov cocktails out of the trunk and 
    throw them at the building. Follow Steve and his crew to the foundry. 
    Immediately take cover and take out your favourite weapon, preferably the 
    Thompson 1928. Shoot gas tanks to do heavy damage and look for plates of food
    if your health gets too low.
    When the first wave is clear look for a shack to the left and go inside, here
    you will find [PLAYBOY PLAYMATE #19] on an oil barrel to the left. Use the 
    traincar to the left of the shack to flank the enemies while your friends 
    attack from the front. Watch for greasers on the catwalk above. Under the 
    catwalk and next to some oil barrels is [PLAYBOY PLAYMATE #21].
    Once you clear the foundry you'll need to take the hotrods to raise the money
    Eddie wants. Before you take off take an immediate left under the stairs, left 
    of the fire is [PLAYBOY PLAYMATE #20] on the ground.
    Go back and get the hotrod and drive it to the indicated spot on the dock. Get 
    out and walk away for your reward. Drive to the Maltese Falcon to conclude the 
    CHAPTER NINE: BALLS & BEANS                                             [09.00]
         Uptown, May 6th, 1951
    Answer the phone and meet Eddie at The Maltese Falcon, ignore the police in 
    your apartment. After speaking with Eddie get [PLAYBOY PLAYMATE #41] at the 
    edge of the bar. Drive to Freddy's to intercept Luca then carefully follow him 
    from a distance, if you get to close a meter will appear, don't let it drain!
    Once Luca goes through the gate get out of your car and go through the hole in 
    the fence to the sewer. Open the sewer door and sneak through. Once you get 
    your sewer shower look to the left and get [PLAYBOY PLAYMATE #23]. Continue 
    through the sewers and take cover once you get back to ground level.
    Go to the obstacle and climb to the pipe then on the platform and enter the 
    slaugherhouse from there. Crouch by the sleeping guard and look between the 
    garbage cans and the coal pile for [PLAYBOY PLAYMATE #22] and continue to the 
    Sneak down the corridor using any cover available, enter the area across from 
    the steel door the butcher closes and to the right twice. In the next room 
    you'll hear two workers talking about becoming a voice actor, here you will 
    find [PLAYBOY PLAYMATE #24] next to shelves against the wall. Sneak behind the 
    cover around the outside of the room and to the sink after a guard enters. Once 
    the workers and the guard leave the room go to the open doorway and to the 
    right again. Two guards will be talking but they shouldn't see you, sneak 
    through the double doors to your right.
    Fight the henchman using counterattacks and your finishing moves. After the 
    next scene you'll start behind cover, kill the enemy behind cover to the left 
    and take cover for the next wave of guards. After killing them go to the brown 
    door and take cover under the window. A couple cars of badies will arrive, 
    shoot the gas tanks to save yourself some ammo then kill the remaining enemies 
    who may have made it inside. Go ahead and take Luca's car and get yourself some 
    fresh clothes.
    CHAPTER TEN: ROOM SERVICE                                               [10.00]
         Villa Scaletta, June 15th, 1951
    Get some clothes and head over to Joe's apartment right away, from here take a 
    car and drive to the Empire Arms Hotel. The garage door is still locked so 
    continue over to the left to an open door. When inside take a right into the 
    laundry hall, when you get to the exit look to your left and go through the 
    door under the "stairs" sign then through the next door straight ahead. You'll 
    see a guard here, go through the open door next to him and grab [PLAYBOY 
    PLAYMATE #25] on the desk next to the worker. Backtrack to the exit and to the 
    closed garage door.
    When Joe gets in go to the next room to change into your uniforms, once you're 
    disguised take the elevator to te 18th floor. Exit the elevator and walk down 
    the hall to the conference room, marked by a red blip on your minimap. You'll 
    be escorted, keep moving and don't let anybody recognize you. When you get in 
    the conference room walk over to the window with Joe to help him cut a hole in 
    The guard will come back, walk over to the stain to start scrubbing it. When 
    it's clean follow Joe back down the hall, once again making sure not to get 
    recognized. When you get to the stairs don't follow Joe right away, go down the 
    stairs and get [PLAYBOY PLAYMATE #27] at the bottom, now go back up and follow 
    Joe to the roof.
    Open the door and take the closest possible cover. Watch for the enemies with 
    Tommy Guns on the top level while others with pistols will shoot at you from 
    your level. Use cover to flank them and take them out, pick up any weapons you 
    can as yours has a small clip. After clearing the area move to the top level 
    and take cover as more enemies will attack from the same door you came from. 
    When it's clear walk to the platform and take [PLAYBOY PLAYATE #26] next to the 
    railing, now hiw the switch to bring up the lift.
    Take the lift down to the 18th floor conference room and use the squeegee to 
    clean the window while Joe connects the wires. After the explosion kill any 
    living henchmen in the conference room and move to the bar. Take cover and 
    watch for bullets to come through the glass. Use the bar as cover and shoot at 
    the enemies as they reload. When they are dead move forward and pickup any 
    weapons and ammo that have been dropped. 
    Kick in the left door and kill any enemies in this area then proceed down the 
    hall. An enemy will block the hall with a molotov so move to the next hall over 
    and continue. Wait at the elevator and take it back down to the ground floor. 
    Immediately when the door opens will be an enemy, take him down then move to 
    the open doors to the right. Take cover and get the enemy on the platform above 
    and behind the press. Move to the left and take cover behind the lockers, once 
    again watch for a hostile above and in the hall. Keep moving and take cover at 
    the doorway again, either throw molotov into the room or shoot at the enemies 
    in this room. Move forward to the garage when it is clear.
    Chase the two cars, when the split up make sure you follow the larger one 
    marked on your map. Clemente's ride will slow down just before the underpass, 
    use this opportunity to ram his car and Joe will take care of the rest. Go back 
    to your place and look at the bathroom floor next to the tub for [PLAYBOY 
    PLAYMATE #48].
    CHAPTER ELEVEN: A FRIEND OF OURS                                        [11.00]
         Villa Scaletta, July 27th, 1951
    Take Henry's car to The Maltese Faction, after the scene you'll have to make it 
    to Leo's fast. Henry will have taken his own car so steal one and follow your 
    marker to Leo's place in Highbrooke. Once you get there go through the front 
    When you regain control of Vito immediately turn around and walk along the 
    window, get [PLAYBOY PLAYMATE #47] from the windowsill. Go through the door in 
    front of you to the bedroom then the door to the right; take the next door to 
    your left to the bathroom and pickup [PLAYBOY PLAYMATE #29] from the basket. 
    Turn around and face the laundry hamper, use the indicated button to grab the 
    sheets. After driving Leo to the bus station head home.
    Get in your car and drive to Eric's location marked by the red blip on your 
    map. Head up the stairs to an open door, walk across the hall of this door is 
    another door, open it and grab [PLAYBOY PLAYMATE #28] between the passed out 
    guys legs. Go back and walk through the party to the kitchen to confront Eric. 
    After breaking up the party leave the apartment and head home, answer the phone 
    then catch some sleep.
    Escape out your bedroom window, you have two options: go around the back of 
    your house to fight the Irish mobster and take his gun or sprint straight to 
    the road and steal a car. After making your getaway get over to Joe's 
    apartment, find [PLAYBOY PLAYMATE #49] next to his new bed. If your health is 
    low go into Joe's kitchen and grab a sandvich while he's on the phone.
    Drive over to the red marker on your map and kick in the front door. After the 
    scene grab some cover and start shooting at the enemies in the bar. Once the 
    room is clear you can rob the cash register and restock on weapons and ammo. Go 
    through the swinging doors behind the bar and get [PLAYBOY PLAYMATE #30] on the 
    floor at the end of the hall. Go down the hall across the bar and through the 
    door to the left ouside.
    Mickey will try run way, use an automatic weapon to shoot his gas tank and blow 
    up his car before he can get away. If you missed then chase him down with Joe. 
    After the job is done drive to Joe's place and to Marty's old place in Oyster 
    CHAPTER TWELVE: SEA GIFT                                                [12.00]
         Marty's Apartment, September 22nd, 1951
    Drive to Lincoln Park to meet Henry and Joe and listen in on the plan. After 
    the scene drive to Bruno to get the loan you need to buy the drugs. Now that 
    you've got the money drive to the Sea Gift warehouse for the deal. Follow the 
    Asian gang member inside.
    Follow Joe and Henry when you've got the drugs, just down the alley you'll be 
    swarmed by fake police. Take the stairs to your left across the walkway into 
    the warehouse. On the way you'll see [PLAYBOY PLAYMATE #33] on the floor across 
    from a window. Take cover behind the crates in the warehouse and fire at the 
    enemies below. Go around to the stairs at the other end of the warehouse to 
    flank the enemies, move around and use anything you can as cover. Pickup 
    weapons and ammo before stepping on the loading dock.
    Take cover outside the warehouse door and shoot the gas tanks of the vehicles 
    that by. Once the enemies have been taken care of go down the alley to the left 
    and look behind the dumpter for [PLAYBOY PLAYMATE #31]. Now walk past the gas 
    pumps and you'll see [PLAYBOY PLAYMATE #32] behind the SeaGift Fishing Co. 
    Get into a car and and drive through the courtyard gate, take a right and 
    follow the marker to your destination. Drive quickly and you shouldn't have to 
    worry much about the gang members chasing you, if they get close Joe and Henry 
    will fire at them. If the shootout has alarmed the police your plates will 
    become wanted, you can end the mission with the police next to you so don't 
    worry about changing your plates.
    CHAPTER THIRTEEN: EXIT THE DRAGON                                       [13.00]
         Joe's Apartment, September 24th, 1951
    Meet Henry at the park, when you get there use any available cover to protect 
    yourself while shoot at the Asian gang members. When they are dead follow Mr. 
    Wong back to the restaurant, keep your distance just as you did when you 
    followed Luca.
    When you get to the restaurant appraoch the front door then take cover near the 
    plants. Enemies will be using the bar and booths as cover, after killing them 
    others will come and use the railing above as cover, you can shoot through the 
    railing. Move forward and aim at the other enemies that are shooting from the 
    next level. When clear move to the stairs, a henchman will come from the other 
    side as well as another hiding behind a pillar, kill them and take cover by the 
    windowsill on top of the stairs. Kill the remaining enemies that appear on the 
    ground floor then walk to the last booth to the left and get [PLAYBOY PLAYMATE 
    Go back down the stairs and through the door to the kitchen, the cooks are 
    hostile so kill them and follow Joe down the hall. When you get to a door shoot 
    through it and get two enemies, another will be hiding on the stairs but you 
    can shoot through the railing, the final enemy of this area is on the walkway 
    above you.
    Follow Joe to the next room and down the stairs to the Opium Den. At the bottom 
    of the stairs go to your left and into the small room, grab [PLAYBOY PLAYMATE #
    36] from this room follow Joe to the elevator.
    From the elevator sneak to the right and stealth kill the enemy when he is 
    alone. Move forward to the hall and to the next area. Joe will stealth kill the 
    next guy you see, next to the guy Joe killed is a room, go inside and restock 
    on weapons and ammo then grab [PLAYBOY PLAYMATE #35] across from the table. Use 
    the grenades you picked up the clear the next area, save at least one for the 
    enemes that come down from the elevator.
    When the room is clear take the elevator down and meet Mr. Wong. Go back to the 
    elevator and take it back up, then go straight ahead to the stairs and outside. 
    There will be lots of cops around, spring across the street and steal a car, 
    once you turn the corner the cops will lose you, change cars and go straight 
    down the alley to Dipton Aparrel to change your clothes. Now clear from the 
    law, bring Joe home to end the chapter.
    CHAPTER FOURTEEN: STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN                                    [14.00]
         Oyster Bay, September 25th, 1951
    Meet Joe outside and get in the car, you are assigned to take out a rat. Make 
    sure you don't wreck the car. Drive to the rats house following the marker, 
    once Joe kills him drive away. Take a right on the next road and follow the 
    marker to Joe's car. 
    After dropping off Joe head to the docks by follow the marker, there is a 
    clothing store on the way. When you get to the docks follow Derek and his crew 
    to the disgruntled workers. Chase Derek to the warehouse while killing off his 
    guards. He will begin throwing explosives at you while his henchmen attack, 
    useing a shotgun against the enemes on the stairs is a good strategy while 
    avoiding the flaming object being hurled towards you. 
    Once you are clear to go on the stairs grab the Thompson 1928 and kill Derek as 
    he tries to escape. Go to his office and get his money, if you still need more 
    cash to pay off Bruno take cars to the crusher in Mike B's yard. When you have 
    enough money head to Joe's apartment. From here you'll need to drive to the red 
    blip on your map to see if Eddie knows where Joe's here. Next, go see if 
    Guiseppe has heard anything on Joe's whereabouts. Once you find out what 
    happened to Joe race over to the Mona Lisa bar and find him.
    After waking up and taking control over Vito sneak around the area and take out 
    the guards silently. When the three of them are dead find the catwalk next to 
    the stairs and walk across it. On the other side walk to your right and around 
    the corner you'll find [PLAYBOY PLAYMATE #44].
    Make your way down the stairwell, the first group you encounter are three 
    enemies, use headshots to kill them then take cover to the left. Some of the 
    henchmen are in the open os carefully aim for their heads when you are 
    shooting. Clear the area with Joe and continue down the stairs, next to a 
    barrel will be an enemy with a shotgun, kill him and pickup his shotgun. Look 
    to your left and get [PLAYBOY PLAYMATE #37] from the pallet.
    Climb up the ledge and take cover behind the crate, after firing a few shots 
    you may want to sprint across the corridor to the next stack of cover. When 
    clear go through the doorway to the right and grab [PLAYBOY PLAYMATE #38] from 
    the corner of the area. Move ahead when the area is clear and take out the last 
    two enemies further down, making sure to grab the Thompson when it is dropped. 
    Continue through the building with Joe and down more stairs, grab the grenades 
    then take cover. Use the grenades to help clear the area, using your Thompson 
    on the enemies across. Move down the stairs to the lobby and finish the rest of 
    the henchmen. Now outside, get a car and drive Joe t El Greco's for healing. 
    CHAPTER FIFTEEN: PER ASPERA AD ASTRA                                    [15.00]
         Oyster Bay, Septermber 26th, 1951
    After your encounter with Leo get a car and drive to the observatory. After the 
    scene sprint to cover and kill the enemies shooting at you, make sure to take 
    some ammo as you go up the stairs. Walk along the path and use your minimap to 
    see the location of enemies, with a Thompson 1928 or M1A1 you don't have to 
    worry about taking cover here if you can quickly kill the groups of henchmen.
    Enter the observatory and take cover, watch for an enemy to throw a grenade and 
    look out for an enemy on the roof above. When the room is clear look at the 
    stairs going down, push the bar out of the way and go down the stairs and grab 
    [PLAYBOY PLAYMATE #45] fom the floor and go back. Go up the next stairs to the 
    roof, again an enemy will throw a grenade. If you move quick enough to can kill 
    three of the enemies before they can make it to cover, the fourth will be 
    straight ahead behing the bushes. Go straight and kill the next two then turn 
    right and go around the corner and pickup [PLAYBOY PLAYMATE #39]. 
    Go into the room and walk straight past the telescope and get [PLAYBOY PLAYMATE 
    #43] from the ground under the stairs. Now go down the stairs to the right and 
    take cover next to the doorway. Kill the enemies here, use grenades if you have 
    them and move ahead. In the next room more enemies will appear, one might try 
    charge you with a shotgun so watch out. Once it is all clear go ahead and go 
    through the green doors.
    Stay in cover behind the seats and kill the first wave of enemies and quickly 
    sprint to the middle, climb over the ledge and grab [PLAYBOY PLAYMATE #42]. 
    This area is a good place to stay for the rest of the waves of enemies, don't 
    let them see your back and continue to fire at them as they appear until the 
    scene begins.
    Once the scene ends walk with Joe and leave the observatory.
    III. COLLECTIBLES                                                       [CL.TI]
    PLAYBOYS                                                                [CL.PB]
    I.                      CHAPTER TWO
    Playmate #1: Sitting on the coffee table in Joe's apartment.
    Playmate #3: After meeting Mike Buski, walk through the office door at the car 
    crusher. This issue is on the shelf to your right.
    II.                   CHAPTER THREE
    Playmate #4: Left of the small shelf inside Maria Agnello's apartment building.
    Playmate #40: On the edge of the lobby desk in the Federal Building.
    Playmate #6: In the basement of the Federal Building go through the first door 
    on the left of the far wall. The issue will be next to a box under the light.
    Playmate #5: On the windowsill of the Industrial Specialist's office, which is 
    right across the hall from where you get the key to the safe.
    III.                   CHAPTER FOUR
    Playmate #9: In the bookstore of the mall, this issue is on a stack of 
    Playboy's behind counter.
    Playmate #2: On the staircase immediately after #9 go down the stairs, this 
    issue is on the floor to the right.
    Playmate #8: When you go through a green door on the roof go straight and look 
    for this issue on the floor next to shelving.
    Playmate #7: Back in Joe's apartment building, go down the stairs to the gate, 
    the issue is on the floor in front of the gate.
    IV.                    CHAPTER FIVE
    Playmate #11: After using the MG-42 go up the stairs, the Playboy is on the 
    floor in front of a door.
    Playmate #10: In the office on the first floor of the distillery, issue is on 
    the shelf next to three lockers.
    Playmate #12: On the floor next to the wood chairs right after Henry is shot.
    V.                      CHAPTER SIX
    Playmate #13: Behind the bleachers in the prison yard to the right of where you 
    take control of Vito.
    Playmate #14: In between the chainlink fence and shed near the basketball court 
    and guard tower.
    Playmate #15: Following your second fight in the laundry room, look for the 
    issue on one of the laundry machines.
    VI.                   CHAPTER SEVEN
    Playmate #50: Inside Joe's apartment building, before visiting him go to the 
    top floor and look for the issue on the floor down the hall.
    Playmate #16: Stop at Harry's shop, this issue is on the floor next to the 
    Playmate #17: Sitting on a table on the second floor of your new apartment 
    VII.                  CHAPTER EIGHT
    Playmate #46: On the kitchen table of your apartment, get it before leaving.
    Playmate #19: After defeating the first wave of greavers enter the wood shed on 
    the left, issue is on an oil barrel inside.
    Playmate #21: Next to oil barrels underneath a catwalk greasers were standing 
    on to shoot you.
    Playmate #20: Before taking a hot rod look to your left and walk under the 
    stairs, go to the right, this issue is on the ground between the fire and bed 
    to the left.
    VIII.                  CHAPTER NINE
    Playmate #41: On the edge of the bar after speaking with Eddie at the Maltese 
    Playmate #23: When you are showered in the sewer follow the left fork to the 
    gate, issue is in plain sight.
    Playmate #22: In the room of the slaughterhouse with the sleeping guard, the 
    issue is between the garbage and the coal on the left.
    Playmate #24: In the room with two butchers and a guard, issue is on the floor 
    next to shelves on the other edge of the room.
    IX.                     CHAPTER TEN
    Playmate #25: Go through the open garage door and to the laundry hall, take a 
    left before the exit then through the door straight ahead. From here go through 
    the door next to the guard, issue is on the desk next to the worker.
    Playmate #27: Before following Joe to the roof go down the stairs and look to 
    the right.
    Playmate #26: On the window-washer platform, collect it before stepping on the 
    Playmate #48: Next to the tub on the floor in your bathroom.
    X.                   CHAPTER ELEVEN
    Playmate #47: After the scene turn around and walk down the hall, issue is on 
    the windowsill.
    Playmate #29: Go through the door at #47, take a right then a left. Playboy is 
    on the basket in the bathroom.
    Playmate #28: When entering the apartment with the pink floor go to the next 
    door straight ahead and find the issue between the passed out guys legs.
    Playmate #49: Next to Joe's new bed in his apartment.
    Playmate #30: After killing the enemies at the bar go through the swinging 
    doors and follow the hall to the issue on the ground.
    XI.                  CHAPTER TWELVE
    Playmate #33: After meeting the police go up the stairs on the catwalk and 
    follow it to the dark hallway. This issue is on the floor to the right about 
    halfway down the hall.
    Playmate #31: Go down the alley next to the loading dock and look behind the 
    Playmate #32: Pass the semi truck and past the gas pumps, issue is on the 
    ground behind the SeaGift Fishing Co. truck.
    XII.               CHAPTER THIRTEEN
    Playmate #34: Once the restaurant is clear go up the stairs and take a left, 
    issue is on the booth at the very end to the right.
    Playmate #36: In the small room at the bottom of the stairs to the opium den.
    Playmate #35: In the room next to the guy Joe stealth kills.
    XIII.              CHAPTER FOURTEEN
    Playmate #44: At the construction site walk across the catwalk and to the 
    right, issue is around the corner.
    Playmate #37: At the bottom of the stairs with the fire, this issue is on a 
    pallet to the left.
    Playmate #38: After #37, clear the area and go through the doorway to the 
    right, issue is on the floor ont he far right side.
    XIV.                CHAPTER FIFTEEN
    Playmate #45: Once you've entered the observatory, the stairs going down aren't 
    actually blocked, go down and find the issue on the floor.
    Playmate #39: On the roof after killing two enemies go to the right and around 
    the corner.
    Playmate #43: Enter the telescope room from the roof, go straight past the 
    telescope, this Playboy is on the floor under the stairs.
    Playmate #42: In the planetarium, when clear sprint to the middle and get the 
    issue from the floor. This area is a good place for cover for the rest of the 
    IV. CAR DATABASE                                                        [CB.DB]
    Basic max. power: 131 bhp
    Top speed:        123 mph
    Weight:           1887 lb
    Basic max. power: 188 bhp
    Top speed:        104 mph
    Weight:           4314 lb
    Basic max. power: 139 bhp
    Top speed:        94  mph
    Weight:           3858 lb
    Basic max. power: 164 bhp
    Top speed:        96 mph
    Weight:           3858 lb
    Basic max. power: 160 bhp
    Top speed:        100 mph
    Weight:           3607 lb
    ISW 508
    Basic max. power: 150 bhp
    Top speed:        120 mph
    Weight:           2899 lb
    Basic max. power: 129 bhp
    Top speed:        91  mph
    Weight:           3571 lb
    Basic max. power: 161 bhp
    Top speed:        102 mph
    Weight:           4129 lb
    Basic max. power: 188 bhp
    Top speed:        105 mph
    Weight:           4564 lb
    Basic max. power: 91  bhp
    Top speed:        62  mph
    Weight:           5357 lb
    Basic max. power: 118 bhp
    Top speed:        96  mph
    Weight:           3695 lb
    Basic max. power: 110 bhp
    Top speed:        95  mph
    Weight:           3571 lb
    Basic max. power: 110 bhp
    Top speed:        95  mph
    Weight:           3571 lb
    SHUBERT 38
    Basic max. power: 84 bhp
    Top speed:        82 mph
    Weight:           3131 lb
    Basic max. power: 84 bhp
    Top speed:        76  mph
    Weight:           3969 lb
    Basic max. power: 84 bhp
    Top speed:        82 mph
    Weight:           3131 lb
    Basic max. power: 150 bhp
    Top speed:        69  mph
    Weight:           9922 lb
    Basic max. power: 162 bhp
    Top speed:        102 mph
    Weight:           3450 lb
    Basic max. power: 150 bhp
    Top speed:        104 mph
    Weight:           2851 lb
    Basic max. power: 84  bhp
    Top speed:        79  mph
    Weight:           3595 lb
    Basic max. power: 90  bhp
    Top speed:        83  mph
    Weight:           3571 lb
    Basic max. power: 60 bhp
    Top speed:        70 mph
    Weight:           2579 lb
    Basic max. power: 165 bhp
    Top speed:        63  mph
    Weight:           10141lb
    Basic max. power: 165 bhp
    Top speed:        63  mph
    Weight:           9921 lb
    Basic max. power: 165 bhp
    Top speed:        63  mph
    Weight:           9921 lb
    Basic max. power: 165 bhp
    Top speed:        63  mph
    Weight:           10195lb
    Basic max. power: 51  bhp
    Top speed:        70  mph
    Weight:           2403 lb
    Basic max. power: 190 bhp
    Top speed:        110 mph
    Weight:           3307 lb
    Basic max. power: 228 bhp
    Top speed:        118 mph
    Weight:           3307 lb
    Basic max. power: 82  bhp
    Top speed:        67  mph
    Weight:           3274 lb
    Basic max. power: 110 bhp
    Top speed:        93  mph
    Weight:           3307 lb
    Basic max. power: 194 bhp
    Top speed:        117 mph
    Weight:           2981 lb
    Basic max. power: 94  bhp
    Top speed:        60  mph
    Weight:           7231 lb
    SMITH V8
    Basic max. power: 84 bhp
    Top speed:        79 mph
    Weight:           2571 lb
    Basic max. power: 166 bhp
    Top speed:        125 mph
    Weight:           4233 lb
    Basic max. power: 63  bhp
    Top speed:        60  mph
    Weight:           2077 lb
    V. CHARACTER BIOGRAPHIES                                                [CH.IF]
    I.                    VITO SCALETTA
    Vito Scaletta came to America from Sicily as a child, learning about poverty 
    first-hand in Empire Bay's Italian ghetto. He watched his father work himself 
    into an early grave and soon decided that life inside the law wasn't for him. 
    Growing up on the streets, Vito crossed paths with Joe Barbaro, a loudmouted 
    bully who eventually became his best friend. Vita and Joe were the brains and 
    the brawn behind a hundred petty crimes, all the while watching the 
    neighborhood's wealthy gangsters and dreaming of the good life. Now an adult, 
    Vito is determined to make something out of hmself at all costs.
    II.                     JOE BARBARO
    Joe Barbaro is a career criminal and lifelong friend of Vito Scaletta. Brash 
    and unpredictable, Joe can seemingly make trouble out of nothing. As a child, 
    Joe was the neighborhood bully. He met Vito when the younger boy offered to 
    fight him for a place in his gang. Over the next 10 years, the two of them made 
    a great team, rational Vito keeping wild Joe in check as they enjoyed a life of 
    petty crime. These days, Joe lives large-strong booze, fast cars, and loose 
    women. Moving up the criminal ladder is the perfect way for him to feed his 
    III.                 HENRY TOMASINO
    The son of a Sicilian mobster, Henry Tomasino was sent to America in 1931 by 
    his father to escape Mussolini's crachdown on the Sicilian mafia. Upon arriving 
    in Empire Bay, Henry came under the protection of family friend and ruthless 
    mob boss Alberto Clemente. Now a full member of the Clemente family, he is 
    regarded as a loyal soldier and respected hitman. Henry is reserved and has few 
    friends. His sole motivation is pride.
    IV.                   MRS. SCALETTA
    Vito's mother, Maria Scaletta, has seen tough times. She came to America with 
    her husband, Antonio, and their two children seeking a better life. Instead, 
    America brought little but poverty and hardship. She watched as her husband's 
    will was broke through years of toil and alcoholism, and as her son turned to a 
    life of petty crime. Devoutly religious, Maria has faith that God will save her 
    family and steer Vito to an honest life. Now a widow after Antonio's death, 
    Maria still lives in the small family apartment with her daughter, Francesca.
    V.                     MR. SCALETTA
    Antonio Scaletta married his wife, Maria, in the tiny Sicilian village of San 
    Martino in 1920. Their daughter, Francesca, arrived one year later, soon 
    followed by Vito. In 1932, Antonio and his family made the long journy to 
    America. Arriving in Empire Bay nearly penniless and unable to speak English, 
    Antonio accepted work and housing from union boss Derek Pappalardo. Trapped in 
    a vicious cycle of backbreaking labour an extortionate rent, Antonio grew 
    distant from his family as he turned to drinking, his dreams shattered. He 
    drowned at the Southport docks in 1943 after falling into the water, apparently 
    VI.              FRANCESCA SCALETTA
    Francesca Scaletta is Vito's older sister. A shy and quiet girl, she graduated 
    from high school with honours and has run the church youth club since she was 
    sixteen. Francesca tried to steer Vito away from the local street gangs when 
    they were young, rewarding him with candy for doing chores and attending 
    church. Now that they're older, all she can do is pray. Francesca, or 
    "Frankie" as Vito calls her, lives at home with her mother, supporting them 
    both with her bookkeeping job at the Trago Oil Co.
    VII.                           ERIC
    Eric Reilly was born in Empire Bay to Irish immigrant parents in 1918. He grew 
    up in Millville, working with his father servicing trucks for Trago Oil. Eric 
    married Sara Collins, the daughter of the Trago motor pool boss, in 1936. After 
    the wedding, Eric was rarely at home, stumbling in late at night after drinking 
    with his delinqent friends and often verbally and physically abusing his wife. 
    She left him after two miserable years. Eric lost his job soon after, and now 
    earns money working occasional bar shifts and dealing marijuana.
    VIII.                         MARTY
    Martin Santorelli was born in Empire Bay in 1933. His dad worked asa  
    projectionist in the huge theatre in midtown, so Marty watched a lot of movies 
    as a kid, especially gangster films. Marty dreamed of life in the mob, and in 
    his teens took to hanging around at Freddy's Bar, just like his childhood 
    neighbor and role model, Joe Barbaro. He now runs errands for Joe - delivering 
    messages, collecting his winning bets, and waxing his car. He nags Joe to let 
    him come along on some of his jobs, but Joe see Marty as a kid brother and too 
    naive to get involved in serious business.
    IX.                    EDDIE SCARPA
    One of the most dangerous men in Empire Bay, Eddie Scarpa is a jovial 
    sociopath. Once a Moretti family hitman, Eddie now runs many of Carlo Falcone's 
    rackets out of the Maltese Faction restuarant. Born in 1908 in Tamborra, Eddie 
    fell in with organized crime at an early age. He and Carlo met while smuggling 
    liqour into Empire Bay during Prohibition. When Carlo became the head of the 
    Moretti (now Falcone) criminal family, he wanted to reward Eddie so he 
    appointed him the owner of the Cathouse. The two are still close friends, 
    although Carlo secretly views Eddie as a liability due to a poorly concealed 
    drinking problem.
    X.                      LUCA GURINO
    Luca Gurino is a capo in the Clemente family, a position which he rose after 
    entombling his predecessor in the foundation of the Culver Dam. Always 
    meticulously presented, Luca tries to mask his crude nature with an air of 
    sophistication, though his ignorance always shows through. He was involved in 
    the Clemente's bootlegging operation during Prohibiton, and afterwards 
    attending to some of the family's more grim tasks at the Clemente 
    slaughterhouse, where his ruthless nature drove him up the ranks.
    XI.                DEREK PAPPALARDO
    Federico "Fat Derek" Pappalardo is a Vinci family capo and head of the local 
    chapter of the longshoreman's union. He started working the docks as a 
    strikebreaker in 1916. It was his involvement in dockyard smuggling that led to 
    his introduction to the Vinci crime family. After spending two years in prison 
    for embezzlement, he played a prominent role in Empire Bay's Vinci-Moretti war 
    in the early 1930's, after which he was rewarded with his current position. He 
    then married Frank Vinci's goddaughter, bringing him further prestige. Derek is 
    vulgar, violent, and greedy - perfect attributes for his job.
    XII.                  CARLO FALCONE
    Carlo Falcone arrived in America in 1913 and quickly fell in with the <oretti 
    family. He ran their bootlegging operation during Prohibition, working with 
    Eddie Scarpa to run alcohol from Canada. Carlo secretly conspired with Frank 
    Vinci to assassinate Tomaso Moretti in 1933, bringing the Vinci-Moretti war to 
    an end and taking control of the Moretti family himself. An apt strategist and 
    modernizer, Carlo has no time for Sicilian mafia traditions. He recognized that 
    the mob got rich through Prohibition, and that they need a similar revenue 
    stream to stay a peace.
    XIII.              ALBERTO CLEMENTE
    Alberto Clemente is head of the Clemente crime family. After killing a Palermo 
    police captain for his uncle Silvio in 1920, he fled to Empire Bay. There, 
    through his uncle's underworld contacts, he eventually made big money smuggling 
    liquor during Prohibition. He was approved by the Commission to start his own 
    family in 1929. Though powerful, Clemente's gang is still seen as second-rate 
    by the other families. This is mostly due to Clemente's crooked business 
    practices, even by mob standards.
    XIV.                    FRANK VINCI
    Frank Vinci is the long-standing boss of the Vinci family. Arriving in Empire 
    Bay in 1908 with close friend Leo Galante, Vinci quickly set up extortion 
    rackets in the Italian immigrant community. His gang ruled the city for the 
    next decade. Frank operates discreetly, having close ties to politicians and 
    polce. When Prohibition cash dried up in the early 30s, tension between the 
    Vinci and Moretti families erupted into a full-scale war. This conflict cost 
    Vinci his underworld primacy, but he remains a powerful advocate of traditional 
    mafia values, especially when it comes to drugs.
    XV.                     LEO GALANTE
    Leo Galante is a consigliere to Frank Vinci, and the mastermind behind the most 
    successful criminal organization in Empire Bay's history. Upon arrival in 1908, 
    the pair set up the Vinci family; Leo strategized and Frank provided the 
    muscle. The pair took control of the Southport docks in the early 1920s, which 
    made for easy smuggling of alcohol during Prohibition. Leo's passion lies in 
    sports, especially boxing and horse racing. For 20 years, Leo ran the city's 
    biggest bookmaking operation. He was arrested for fixing fights in 1943 and 
    sentence to five years in jail.
    XVI.                  STEPHEN COYNE
    Stephen Coyne is an enforcer for the Vinci family. Steve grew up in rural 
    Birkland, moving to the city at the age of sixteen. While being arrested for 
    battery, Steve badly beat an EBPD officer and was sentenced to ten years, of 
    which he served five. It was in prison that he started working as muscle for 
    fellow inmate Derek Pappalardo, a relationship that continues on the outside. 
    Steve can never be a full member due to his Dutch-Irish heritage, but became 
    the family's most trusted associate after he assassinated rival boss Tamaso 
    Morretti to end the Empire Bay mob war.
    XVII.                 BRIAN O'NEILL
    Dipton and Kingston are two of the oldest districts in Empire Bay, and the 
    O'Neill gang that rules these areas has a longhistory. Brian O'Neill is the 
    grandson of Jimmy O'Neill, head of the Empire Bay's once-powerful Irish mob. 
    The O'Neill clan first settled in the city in the early 1800s. Brian has his 
    own ragtag gang of flunkeys, and employs them in rash and violent criminal 
    acts. Smash-and-grabs, burglaries, muggins, and hold-ups are Brian's 
    specialties - anything where his brute force and limited intellect can earn him 
    the cash for a night out and the company of the city's many prostitutes.
    XIX.                       MR. WONG
    Mr. Wong holds the rank of Enforcer in Empire Bay's Triad criminal 
    organization. He operates out of the Red Dragon restaurant in Chinatown. The 
    young Zhe Yun Wong came to America as forced labour on a ship smuggling opium. 
    He escaped when they made port at Cape Peak, and headed east to Empire Bay. 
    Penniless and unable to speak English, he fell into servitude to the Triads. He 
    moved up the ranks slowly, guarding opium dens and eventually masterminding 
    their smuggling operation. He killed his cousin for stealing a shipment of 
    opium, proving his loyalty and thus earning his current position.
    XX.                 ANTONIO BALSAMO
    Antonio "Tony Balls" Balsamo is an aging mafia soldier in the Falcone rime 
    family. Tony has worked for the Falcone family for over twenty years. He was 
    once Tamaso Moretti's personal driver, and was badly injured when a car bomb 
    killed Moretti in 1933. Since then, he has spent most of his time working the 
    Falcone family's protection rackets. His most recent assignment is to protect 
    the family's accountant, Harvey "Beans" Epstein, and the secrets he holds.
    XXI.                        GREASER
    Street punks known as Greasers first appeared across America in the early 
    1950s, named after their slicked-back hairstyles. Greasers interests include 
    motorcylces, hot rods, and rock and roll. Rebellious troublemakers, greasers 
    are the dirier side of the rock and roll generation - barely organized, tough 
    delinquents with attitude. Greasers in Empire Bay are led by ex-U.S. Army tank 
    engineer Billy "Bones" Barnes, and hang around the garages and vacant lots of 
    Millville, racing their cars, drinking alcohol, and partying.
    XXII.                   MIKE BRUSKI
    Mike Bruski runs the junkyard in Riversike. Ostensibly a mechanic, Mike is a 
    career criminal, having served two brief prison terms in his early twenties for 
    involvement in Lost Heaven bank heists. After his second stretch, Mike moved to 
    Empire Bay and used his stashed earnings to open a junkyard. Mike runs various 
    scams - trading in stolen auto parts, fencing stolen goods, and allowing the 
    mob to use his junkyard to dispose of incriminating evidence.
    XXIII.                        HARRY
    Nathaniel Harold "Harry' Marsden III is a gun nut who sells blck market 
    military ordnance out of his basement ship in Kingston. He served six years in 
    the U.S. Army and fought in France in WWII. It was in Normandy, during a 
    nighttime visit to a whore house, that Harry earned a discharge when he poked 
    his left eye on a branch while climbing over a fence. Upon returning to Empire 
    Bay, Harry worked with some Army contacts to get his hands on surplus ordnance. 
    In between studying military history and drinking with fellow war vets, he 
    supplies weapons to various organized crime elements in the city.
    XXIV.                         BRUNO
    Bruno Levine is a mob-backed loan shark based out of asmall office in 
    Southport. He sits at the top of a network of loan sharks in Empire Bay, and is 
    officially sanctioned by the Commission. He lends mob money to small-time 
    sharks, crooks, and businessmen, charging extortionate rates of interest and 
    backed up by mob muscle. He is fair in so far as he treats all debtors equally. 
    He will honour his side of any bargain to the letter, but expects the same in 
    return. Numberous stories exist those those who have failed to pay Bruno back 
    on time.
    XXV.                       EL GRECO
    Andreas "El Greco" Karafantis is an expatriate Greek doctor. He provides 
    discreet medical services to Empire Bay's mafia families. El Greco studied 
    medicine in London, and originally served as a doctor in the Greek Embassy. He 
    was transferred in 1927 to the office of the U.S. Ambassador in Empire Bay. El 
    Greco was dismissed from the embassy three years later after a dalliance with 
    the Ambassador's wife, and went into private practice. After being handsomely 
    rewarded for saving the lives of a number of gangsters during Empiree Bay's 
    Vinci-Moretti war, he began offering his services to the underworld.
    XXVI.                      GIUSEPPE
    Giuseppe Palminteri was regarded as Italy's most talented forger and safe 
    cracker, renowned by the underworld and police alike. He often worked directly 
    for the Sicilian mafia, including when he helped to break thirteen notorious 
    gangsters (including Alberto Clemente's uncle Silvio) out of Palermo jail in 
    1917. When Mussolini rose to power, Giuseppe relocated to Empire Bay, where he 
    once again began providing illicit services to the city's mob families. Now 
    retired, Giuseppe is a friendly old man with no known family, who lives only 
    for his craft.
    Freddy Macchione is the bartender and proprietor of Freddy's in Little Italy. 
    Freddy's was a speakeasy during Prohibition, funneling alcohol smuggled by 
    Alberto Clemente to thirsty customers, and enjoying protection from Clemente's 
    gang. After Prohibition, Clemente capitalized on Freddy's gambling debts to buy 
    into the bar, funded a refit,a nd re-opened it as a bar and restaurant. 
    Freddy's now plays host to the day-to-day operations of the Clemente family, in 
    addition to laundering money from Clemene's protection racket.
    XXVIII.                JACK OLIVERO
    Jack Olivero is the bartender at the Maltese Falcon, one of the classier 
    restaurants in Empire Bay and the base of the Falcone family's operations. Jack 
    worked for Eddie Scarpa during Prohibiton, running alcohol out of Tamborra. 
    When Jack was arrested for smuggling in 1928, he refused to cooperate with 
    authorities and did his time. He was rewarded with his current job by Eddie and 
    Carlo upon his release. These days, Jack is happy to work the bar at the Falcon 
    and turn a blind eye to the daily traffic of mobsters, money, and contrband.
    XXIX.                    SIDNEY PEN
    Sidney Pen, or "The Fat Man" as he is widely known in the Empire Bay 
    underworld, is a crooked businessman and former associate of Alberto Clemente. 
    Clemente bought a stake in Pen's Empire Bay Cab Co. in the late 1920s and began 
    laundering his bootlegging profits through the company. The two fell out when 
    Pen opened a distillery in Sand Island in 1939 and refused to give Clemente a 
    piece of the action, assuming the evidence he had against him would keep him 
    safe. After his men killed two would-be hitmen sent by Clemente, Pen stepped up 
    his personal security.
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