Strikes, Riots and Rebellions. How do I stop them?

  1. So I've taken most of Europe as Sweden and but I keep having money issues from exempting tax from lots of conquered cities and eventually its still not enough to fund my huge army and stop rebellions. I've rebuilt most of the junk in those cities that gets destroyed during a siege or takeover but they keep rioting an rebellion and eventually my large army is forced to stay behind and kill the rebels. I find it hard to take over the world since I've spent 5 years just behind and reconquering cities and killing rebels. Right now I'm at 1750 and its near impossible for my quest for world domination.

    It's just impossible to please the lower class people. How do I stop this from happening? My friend said I should change to a republic or constitutional monarchy but I doubt it will work.

    P.S. My government type is absolute monarchy atm.

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    CaptainSnake - 8 years ago

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  1. If it is religious difference that's bugging everyone, slow down and turn some towns into churches. If they're just plain angry because of conquest, destroy some of your schools, assuming you have more than 4, and replace them with happiness buildings.

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  1. I, also playing as Sweden had the exact problem around the same time. You're getting more and more schools, correct? You're building improved mining facilities and clothes and iron factories. The people who live in the countries aren't used to such awesome machinery as the one that your country probably is using, and it's costing them their jobs. At the same time, the progress in your schools and the philosophical knowledge is making them angry.

    Best thing is probably not to upgrade anything that brings down the happiness in the lower classes in awhile, and perhaps let them destroy some of the factories, if they want to. Replacing stuff with bawdyhouses and such can also help.

    Hope this helped. ~Crin

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  2. Your solution to slow down a bit once you conquer a new region keep your army at the capitol for a few turns get rid of any schools (in my opinion you only need 4 schools tops) and build one church reduce the taxes on lower class to minimal and hike the nobility tax to the max, while doing all that recruit 6 militia to stay in that region that should keep the people from rebelling. I have found that taxing the crap out of the nobility and bare minimum on tax for lower class keeps regions happy

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  3. I forgot to add that make sure you exempt them from taxes for atleast 2 turns and bring a highly religious zeal priest with you.... they do help

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  4. Secular humanism and Abolish of Slavery also help. Secular humanism minimizes any religious unrest and ditching slavery makes the lower classes happy.

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  5. I play the dutch and managed to capture spain, it helps to keep a large army in the capitol. build buildings that improves happines, exempting the region from taxes helps, but how much depends on the tax % for that area. hope it helps, it worked for spain and they were pissed :P

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  6. Turning into a Republic would help greatly, though if you don't want to do that you can just destroy all the non-Protestant buildings and either build Churches or Brothels.

    (Republics make the lower classes happy btw)

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  7. just don't make too much school. Only build school at a very high happiness region.

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  8. As absolute monarchy i would make the people in the home region deep unhappy, in the other regions you can destroy universities, they make when they are build out -6 and change them with pleasure domes, build better government houses and opera's.

    in short: make revolution and less universities

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  9. Oh, and your friend was right

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