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    Walkthrough by maria_p

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                                  SAM & MAX - Season 2
    			             Episode 1: Ice Station Santa
    Walkthrough by Maria P.
                                tttt    jj;;                                      
                              ;;tt..,,  ttii                                      
                              jj..,,;;  ff;;                          ..;;..      
                              jj  ,,;;  ff                        iiffjjttjjff..  
                              jj  ,,;;..ff                      jjtt    ..  ;;jj  
                              jj  ;;,,;;jj                    ff;;  ..ii;;..iitt  
                              jj  ;;::ttii                  ff,,  ,,;;::..iiLL    
                              jj..,,..jj;;                ttii  ,,;;....iiLL..    
                              iiii,,..ff;;              ;;jj  ..,,....ttff        
                              ..jj....jj;;              ff....,,  ..jjtt          
                                jj  ::tt;;            ,,tt  ,,....LLtt            
                                tt::..;;tt;;iiii::    ff......::LLii              
              ;;ffjjtt          ..tt  ..iiii..;;iittfftt    ;;LL::                
              ff..  ttii          jj..            ......  ..LL,,                  
              ffii..  jj        ..ff            ........::tt;;                    
            iittffLL..tt..      tt,,..        ....::iitt::jj          tttt..      
        ::ffttiiffLL..ffLLff,,  tt  ff..    ....::::;;tt::tt      ..ffiiiiff      
        ff..      ..iiff  ..ff  tt  ..      ,,::,,iiiittiitt      ff;;::;;LL      
        ff..ttLLtt  ff..  ..jj  ttiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiittjj..iiiitt::jjGGiitttt..
          ..LL::iiff,,..::::    ..ffLLtt;;..  ....;;ttffiitt::::ff;;..ff,,::::,,GG
          tt;;::LL..jjjjjjttjjii....;;ttLLjjiiiiiittffjj  jj,,::::......::LLLLLLii
          ttiiLLii            iijjjjii......      ..::,,;;jjLL,,::::,,..::GGii    
          ..ffii                  ..ttjjii        ..::,,::::iiLLii::,,....::ttLL..
                                      jj::        ..::GGjjjjjjjjjjff;;ttffii::tttt
                                    jj..      ......::tt..        ..ttii..ttLLGGii
    ::ffjjLLjjfftt          ;;ii;;iitt        ::::::::;;ii                  ii;;  
    ffLL  ff;;  iiLL..    ii;;    ..;;      ..::::::::,,LLii                      
    LLttff,,ff..  ..jjii..ii              ..::::::::::::::ttffii                  
    ,,LLtt::::,,,,;;  ttGG..    LLjjii,,::::::::::::::::::....tttt                
      ..jjLLii;;;;;;,,  iiff    jj..iijjii::::::::iiffjjff;;::..LL..              
          ..jjLLii::..    ;;;;..jj      iittttttttii  ;;GGtt....LL..              
                tttt..::      iiii                    LL::....;;GGii              
                  tttt::,,    LL;;                    LL::::..ii,,jjtt            
                    ttjjii;;..LL..                    iitt::....::::jj;;          
                      ttjj,,::ff;;                      fftt::....::,,LL          
                        ttff::LL;;                        jjtt::....::tttt        
                          iiLLLL                            ff;;::::::jjLL        
      .d88888b                         .d888b.    8888ba.88ba                    
      88.    "'                        Y8d d8P    88  `8b  `8b                   
      `Y88888b. .d8888b. 88d8b.d8b.    d8bad8     88   88   88 .d8888b. dP.  .dP 
            `8b 88'  `88 88'`88'`88    88` d88    88   88   88 88'  `88  `8bd8'  
      d8'   .8P 88.  .88 88  88  88    8b. 88d    88   88   88 88.  .88  .d88b.  
       Y88888P  `88888P8 dP  dP  dP     8888 dY   dP   dP   dP `88888P8 dP'  `dP 
    Hello everyone. Welcome to the first episode of the new season. I hope you're
    having fun already playing the game... I did have a lot!
    This walkthrough is to help you in case you're stuck and having problems going 
    on with the game. I wouldn't suggest to follow it all the way through, although 
    I tried to write the easiest and quickest way to finish it. 
    Generally, it's a relaxing game, you can't die or do anything irreversible. So 
    you can just lay back and enjoy it :-)
    If you have played one of the previous Sam & Max episodes you're already 
    familiar with all these, but some important notes for the newcomers:
    You can find the game menu (Save, Load, Quit, other game options) by clicking
    on the cog at the top left and you can return to the game by clicking on it 
    Everything can be controlled with the mouse. Click at the place you want to
    walk to or double click to run there. Click on the objects to interact with 
    Click on the box at the left bottom corner to open your inventory and then
    click on one of its objects to select it. While the mouse pointer is changed to 
    a little picture of the object you've just picked, you can use it on other 
    objects or characters simply by clicking on them. There's no combination of 
    inventory items in this episode.
    In some of the mini games it includes, you may find it easier to use the arrow 
    keys and A and D keys on your keyboard, or a combination of mouse and keyboard 
    as they both can work at the same time as alternatives.
    In this walkthrough when I say left/right I mean the left/right side of the 
    screen as you see it (not the character), unless I mention otherwise.
    By the way, I only mention the things you need to go on with the game. There
    are many more things to do for just the fun of it.
    In the Office 1
    The game starts in the office... oh no, not Mr. Spatulla, anyway... outside 
    there's a giant robot threatening to destroy the neighborhood starting from our 
    building... lucky us! Take a good look at him outside the window and you'll 
    notice that it is actually wind-up, which means that ...it won't work without 
    its wind-up key.
    This time there aren't any things to collect in the office, but you can always 
    play around the room and talk to the neighbor through the hole in the wall. 
    Neighborhood 1
    When the banging gets to your nerves and you decide to do something about it,
    go outside and talk to the robot. Pick the choice "I have a question" and then 
    pick the only question that no one could ever answer: "Why do fools fall in 
    That makes him stop everything else he was doing and fall in deep thinking 
    turning his back towards the office window!
    In the Office 2
    Now, you have the time to go back into the office, look outside the window - 
    just click on it - and grab the wind-up key. Yeah, robot down!
    Watch the cutscene during which you'll notice that the label on the robot's
    foot indicates that it's been made in Santa's workshop!
    North Pole - Outside 1
    At the end of the cutscene you'll end up driving to the North Pole.
    Oh, here are the soda poppers again… how annoying! You'll remember them if you
    have played the previous episodes. They are actually no use in this episode 
    except of giving you some information, so go talk to them... you'll learn that 
    there are gun shots inside Santa's workshop... :-) sounds like fun! 
    Before you go inside the workshop - using the green door at the right - take a 
    look around and notice the things which will come handy later on: the yellow 
    snow reclamation at the right side, the tiny topiary (small tree shaped like a 
    star) at the left side of the workshop right under the chimney! At the far left
    there's Santa's sleigh... yoo-hoo, wanna go for a ride? Don't get too excited 
    we're not using it soon :-(
    North Pole - Inside the Workshop 1
    Now, go inside the workshop and meet the elves. Exhaust the dialogue with the 
    elf at the left wearing the red suit, which is the supervisor elf – I'll call 
    him red elf. He'll tell you that someone else is outsourcing the gifts 
    production now and he'll suggest that you use the gift machine/gift dispenser - 
    that's the giant worm behind him with one green and one red operating computer 
    screens at its sides. The second elf next to the tree wearing the green suit - 
    the only worker left - will tell you that his problem is that he can't do his 
    job which is to water the Christmas tree with his tears because he is too happy
    too cry! We should do the good deed of the day and help him cry! All you have
    to do is tell him that "Santa isn't real" - you'll find it in Sam's dialogue. 
    Yeah, he cries alright... when he's done take the watering can with his tears 
    that he left in front of him.
    Now you can play around as much as you like, but there are some things you 
    should do:
    Pick up "Boxing Betty" and the "World's simplest maze" that you'll find under
    the Christmas tree because you gonna need them to go on with the game.
    Also pick up the gift tags you'll find near the green computer.
    Once you're there take a look at the presents in the green computer screen - 
    there's nothing to do with them now, but keep them in mind because we're gonna 
    need to send some gifts to our loving ones, soon!
    Also, notice a couple of more things that we'll gonna need later in the game:
    On the red computer screen there's the winners screen of the game "Mimesweeper" 
    and among them the quite irrelevant name "Shambling Corporate Presence".
    There's also:
     - A canon at the self above the elves, which is loaded!
     - A trampoline in front of the gift machine,
     - A red switch at the right of the Christmas tree that switches on and off the 
     airplane flying around the room,
     - A slimy crate at the right side of the front door, which is covered with 
     "Gelatinous goo" and its tag says it's from "Lower Manitoba" and there's a 
     flounder pounder behind it.
    Then, walk far inside the room to the left of the gift machine and notice the
    record player and the North Pole itself - the spinning sign.
    And lastly knock on the door to Santa's room at the left of the record player,
    North Pole - Outside 2
    Go outside of the workshop - through the door next to the Christmas tree. Now 
    that you have the watering can you should find something that needs watering
    and growing... yeap, let's water the tiny topiary. Watch it becoming a giant 
    How convenient, it's reached Santa's chimney... wanna climb it? Yes you do... 
    click on the tree and watch Sam & Max in the cutscene landing in Santa's room.
    North Pole - Santa's Room 1
    Here you can't access the areas close to Santa because he is... possessed and 
    shoots at everybody.
    So, go to the right of the fireplace and pick up the parchment with the
    exorcism instructions. It says that you need the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse 
    action figures, that you have to place around the North Pole and sing the demon 
    song... impressive!
    Then go to the left side of the fireplace and pick up the Christmas record - 
    with the demon song! -  from the record shelf.
    There's nothing else here so exit the room - from the fireplace.
    North Pole - Inside the workshop 2
    Go inside the workshop again and ask the red elf about the horseman action 
    figures. You'll find out that they were shipped to your neighborhood... so
    let's go and look for them (go outside to the Desoto and back to the office..).
    Bosco's Inconvenience 1
    Once you're out of the car go to the left and enter Bosco's inconvenience
    store. Ask him about the package and he'll tell you that it maybe a bomb. Keep 
    talking about the bomb and he'll tell you that he heard it ticking but he's not
    that sure... He needs our help to decide what to do with it... just keep that
    in mind for now. Exit the dialogue and look above your head at the x-ray
    viewer... there's a horseman in the package! You can't take it yet, so let's
    find the other three first.
    Neighborhood 2
    Go outside the store. Notice the little mouse running next to the store–that's
    Jimmy's wife, we'll deal with her later... 
    Go to the left to find the robot again. On the rock infront of it there's Jimmy
    wearing a giant boxing glove! Talk to him and you'll see the 2nd horseman
    behind him... watch the cutscene to find out that it's actually the trophy for 
    the boxing championship taking place inside the robot. Click on the hole "robot
    innards" to find out that you're too big to fit… thinking of anyone in small 
    size who's good at boxing? Exactly!
    Pick Boxing Betty from your inventory and put her in the hole... Now we have to
    win 3 matches, the last one is against Jimmy with the giant glove!...not really
    that difficult... Don't worry if you lose, you always get the chance to try 
    again. The rules are the same in all 3 matches. Use the controls: move mouse 
    left/right (or use the right/left arrows on the keyboard) to dodge and click 
    right/left mouse buttons (or use A or D keys) to punch. Your opponent is 
    vulnerable when he raises his hand otherwise he has a good defense. You have to
    hit him when his hand is up but try not to be late because he'll punch you 
    first. You just need to synchronize your moves... too early or too late punch
    results you to get hit and loose one of your lives - the harts you see at the
    bottom of the screen.
    Once you win all three matches, you have the horseman in your inventory... but 
    victory comes with a great price to pay... Jimmy wants to kill himself! We have
    to help him.. it's Christmas time after all! When the cutscene is over, you get
    a dialogue and a chance to convince him to come down and not commit the
    suicide. You can exit the dialogue and come back later, but let's do it now.
    Keep talking to him... no, Max won't convince him... try "think of your loved
    ones" and you'll find out about his wife Mary. You can exit the dialogue now,
    we can't save him yet.
    Stinky's Diner 1
    You still have to find the other 2 horsemen... Go to the right again, pass 
    Bosco's, pass Sybil's and enter Stinky's Diner (the door under the purple sign 
    that writes Stinky's). Watch the cutscene and meet Stinky, you'll learn that 
    they're playing a Trivia game. Notice the action figure at the bench behind 
    Stinky, that's the 3rth horseman. It's actually the trophy for the Trivia
    winner and we have to have it. 
    Walk to the left... Well, well all of our good old friends are here... Sybil 
    with Lincoln at the back and the recording Bug at the middle table eating a 
    delicious sandwich. The table near the door is empty with a trivia pad on it 
    waiting for us. Let's talk to everybody first. You'll learn that the Bug
    doesn't get along with his family except from his father. Pick the second 
    question twice to listen to the story about his father. We'll help him with his
    psychological problems later on. Next talk to Sybil and Lincoln until their 
    answers to your questions start repeating. Sybil will reveal that Stinky plays
    dirty and never let her win even though her answers are the right ones. Lincoln
    needs our help with the Trivia answers and he'll choose the answer you tell him
    that is the right one!
    Go ahead and click on the Trivia card on the table near the door... If you play
    a few times you'll find out that Stinky is indeed playing dirty, always 
    declaring as the right answer the one that nobody has given... so we'll trap
    her in her own game. There are actually 4 different answers for each Trivia
    question and 4 different opponents -including us as a team - so all we have to
    do is guess what the other three are gonna answer and pick the one left...
    It took me a while to figure this out but here's what happening: Bug always 
    picks the D answer no matter what, Lincoln picks the one you tell him and Sybil
    picks the actual correct answer! 
    So click on the pad to see the question... keep in mind the actual correct 
    answer and exit the dialogue with out giving any answer yet - scroll down and
    click "never mind".
    Let's use as an example the question "When did the war of 1812 begin?"
    The choises are: A) 1812, B) 20,000 years B.C, C) March3, 2004, D) Bangers and
    Sybil is going to answer A - the correct one and Bug will answer D. So go talk
    to Lincoln: choose "let's talk trivia" and then tell him that you think the 
    right answer is B and exit the dialogue.
    Go back to your table and click on the pad again. Give C as your answer and
    that was it... If you have advanced to a different question don't worry, just 
    use the same method.
    Once you've done that correctly, watch the cutscene - we have 2 horsemen in our 
    inventory and we're out of the Diner! You can go back inside and have a chat 
    with Stinky... Ask "how's business" and "your feet hurt?". Keep that in mind.
    Once you're outside of the Diner go to the right to find a garage door. Enter 
    the garage, watch the cutscene, notice our 4rth horseman on the bench at the 
    right and go on with the dialogue: pick the first two questions to get some 
    information... you'll learn that machines don't like the "torture me Elmer" toy 
    - unlike dogs, rabbits and humans :-). Then pick the last question "Can we pimp 
    our car?"... yeah, the horseman is just the right ornament for our Desoto, so 
    pick the answer "We want that horseman", then pick "Yes, please" to be 
    transferred to a driving mini game. 
    Your goal is to run over 30 Elmers in 60'. Use the right/left keys to move the 
    car accordingly. If you click on the goggles at the left bottom you'll gonna 
    quit the challenge but still be in the mini game. You can practice and start
    the challenge again. If you wanna quit the mini game just click on the office
    icon at the right bottom of the screen. You can also shoot Elmers by clicking 
    on the gun at the left bottom side and then aim with the mouse - the pointer 
    changes to target mark... you can have fun with the horn, too... anyway...
    When you're done and have won the mini game, you can pick up the horseman of 
    death from your car's hood or leave it there a little bit longer to enjoy the 
    driving and scare the pedestrians! You can play the mini game again just for
    the fun of it...
    North Pole - Inside the workshop 3
    There's only one horseman left in Bosco's package, but we can't take it yet. We
    need to take a little trip to the North Pole again.
    Once you're there go inside the workshop, click on the green computer screen
    and pick the "Obsess-o-matic stopwatch" gift. Yeah, it's ticking alright! Take
    the gift tags out of your inventory and click on the packed present to attach 
    Send it to Bosco, of course.
    Before you go do the same to send the "Foot bath and piranha aquarium" gift to
    Bosco's Inconvenience 2
    Go back to Bosco's store and watch the cutscene. Now we have all 4 horseman and
    we're ready for the exorcism! 
    Stinky's Diner 2
    Before you leave for the North Pole go talk to Stinky again. She's got our 
    present and left her sock on the bench - between the cashier and the mustard. 
    Pick it up... eww, stinky :-D
    Let's go to the North Pole again.
    North Pole - Inside the workshop 4
    Pick up the horseman from Desoto's hood (if you haven't done it yet) and then
    go inside the workshop.
    Put the 4 horsemen around the North Pole - take them one by one from your 
    inventory and click on the sign. It doesn't matter in which order you're
    placing them. Now, take the satanic record from your inventory and put it on
    the record player to start the exorcism. It actually waits for you to sing 
    along... or at least to say the code phrase each time the record's stuck. You
    have to remember the clues we found when we're looking around the room.
    Here's the right answers: 1) Like Gelatinous goo, 2) In Lower Manitoba, 3) like
    Mimesweeper, 4) Shambling Corporate Presence. Notice that if you fail the
    record returns into your inventory. Put it on the player again to give it one
    more try.
    Once you've made it watch the cutscene, to find out that it isn't over yet... 
    Now, we need to find the 3 spirits of Christmas.
    North Pole – Santa's Room 2
    Go to Santa's room, through the door this time and look into Santa's safe - 
    that's the box that Santa was sitting on before the exorcism. Watch the 
    cutscene in which you release the 3 spirits of Christmas.
    Alright, now before you go outside to meet the 3 spirits remember to use 
    Stinky's sock on the stocking stuffer... when you're done you'll have a sock 
    full of coal in your inventory box... could come handy... 
    North Pole - Outside 3
    Head outside to meet the 3 spirits.  The two of them are on each side of
    Santa's workshop door – the spirit of the past on the right and the spirit of
    the present on the left. The 3rd one, which is the spirit of the future, is on
    the far left, close to the sleigh. Each one has opened a portal and waits for
    you to go through it.
    To the Past
    Let's start from the past... click on the spirit to get some info then click on 
    the portal to go to the past. Looking back at the past makes you realize that 
    you're responsible for Jimmy's misery! We have to give back what we've taken 
    from him: the boxing glove. Here's what you should do. You can ignore Leonard, 
    then take the maze out from your inventory and click on the rat hole to place
    it in front of it. Turn on the TV to "call" Mary outside and she'll get trapped
    in the maze. Now that you have Mary in your inventory, click on the portal to 
    return to the present time and then drive back to the office.
    Neighborhood 3
    Remember that we left Jimmy on the wall? He's still there. Give him Mary and 
    watch the romantic cutscene! When it's over you'll have the glove in your 
    inventory and can go back to the North Pole to continue what's left to be 
    To the Past 2
    Go again into the portal to the past and give Jimmy his glove back. Yeah, we 
    saved the Christmas past! Watch the spirit of the past getting back into the 
    bottle during the cutscene. 
    To the Present
    Great, let's go to the next one. Talk to the spirit of the present. Before you
    go into the portal click on the yellow snow reclamation to pick up a snow ball.
    Click on the portal of the present that takes you to Stinky's Diner, where you
    see the whole bug family arriving. Click on the bug family, watch the cutscene
    and use the snow ball on the recording bug. If it's melted go back through the
    portal and grab another one. Ones you've made it and have saved the Christmas
    present watch the spirit of the present returning into the bottle. 
    To the Future
    And now to the future... Click on the spirit to talk to him, then click on the 
    portal to go to the future. Now that we've saved everyone else we have to save
    ourselves! You can play around as much as you like, but you actually have go 
    back to the North Pole to finish the job, so click on the portal.
    North Pole – Outside 4
    Take a good look at the sleigh's back and you'll see a boiler that runs on
    coal. Use the sock full of coal on the boiler and... that was it! Watch our
    great rescue in the cutscene. Now that we've saved ourselves and the Cristmas
    future, the 3rd spirit returns in the bottle.
    Use the spirit bottle on the Shambling Corporate Presence monster standing next
    to the Desoto and watch the cutscene... ooh no... Santa got possessed again!
    North Pole - Inside the Workshop 5
    When the cutscene is over you'll find yourself trapped into the workshop. You
    can't go anywhere because Santa shoots at everybody again! Ok now, you wanna 
    save Santa, not to kill him, so stop shooting back :-D Use the green computer 
    once more and select any gift you like, it doesn't matter. Once the gift is in 
    front of you, take out your gun and aim to the red switch next to the door 
    making sure that the plane stops right above the trampoline! Then shoot at the
    canon which is now on the floor. The canon ball should hit the gift box, drop
    on the trampoline, jump up and land onto the airplane! If it doesn't, keep 
    shooting at the red switch to get the airplane at the correct position. You can
    try as many times as you need to get it right. Once you have the canon ball 
    onto the airplane you can certainly do some Santa bombing! Shoot the red switch
    to get the airplane moving and shoot it again to stop it above the flounder 
    pounder right behind Santa and... You've made it, yoo-hoo...
    Now that we got rid of Santa for good, guess who's gonna deliver the gifts... 
    Last important notes
    Special thanks to Makis for his help ;-)
    Contact info
    For any issues you can contact me at: maria@funside.info
    Game Saves
    If you need any of my game saves you can find them on: 
    Copyright notice
    This walkthrough is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative 
    Works 3.0 Unported License - http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nd/3.0/
    Thanks for reading,
    Maria P.

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