"This game is so good, it can actually sense when you actually want chocolate!!"

Chocolatier is a point-and-click adventure game where you manage your chocolate empire from all over the world. It is an overall good game and often has an uncanny feeling and craving for chocolate whether I play this game.

The story starts at 1880, and it's about the Bamunister (if this is the incorrect name, then I apologize. I couldn't remember the name real well!!) chocolate empire, the feud between two sisters, and trying to regain the glory back on tops. If you can actually pay attention to what the characters are saying, the story can be very compelling and very genuine. And it gives you a break from all the action of ever trying to destroy an evil thing after all.

The goal of this game is to make as much money as possible selling chocolates and other goodies!! The chocolates you're selling looked so good, I really wanted to actually savor it. Eat it. And order that particular chocolate again. But alas, I couldn't. But they still look good anyway irregardless.

The buildings you often will have to go to for goods and selling also looked good. They really feel realistic and very attractive regardless of the location of the area.

And sometimes, you really need to manage a chocolate factory to get things started again. All you really have to do is shoot the ingredients into plates to be made into chocolate. Simple, right? The controls for the shooting is very well done. It was very responsive when I needed it to be.

I also loved the variety of the music in this game. It was composed greatly most of the time, but I think reusing the same music over and over again really made this game rather repetitive.

If you are sick of playing Story Mode, you can always hang out in Free Play mode, where you don't really need to worry about fixing anyone's problems, but yours. It got boring so quickly, I really wanted to go back to Story Mode so I could help someone in need.

This game is real short. I could take you just 2-4.75 hours to beat the entire Story Mode. You can still continue making a lot of moola in both modes, but that's all you can really do after everything is completed.

Chocolatier is an overall good game. Great graphics, perfect controls, awesome gameplay, and a very compelling story really made this game well worth it. But some of the music can be annoying at times, the game is real short, and Free Play mode was just plain old boring. But after all that is out of your way, the best part about this game is that whether I played this game, I always have a huge craving for chocolate after playing some of the game. And for that reason alone, I think that this game is well worth a buy.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 07/07/10

Game Release: Chocolatier (US, 09/27/07)

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