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ArtistRobert Day
ArtistKevin Knight
Artwork DesignerGary Blake
Assistant ProducerLiam Hill
Assistant ProducerDerren Toussaint
Associate ResearcherChris Jones
Coding Team Lead / Logic ProgrammerAlex Tait
Coding Team Lead / Real World ProgrammerKevin Brennen
Coding Team Lead / Tools and Technology ProgrammerJon Atkins
Database ProgrammerGavin Hutchinson
Football ConsultantMervyn Day
Game DesignAlec Fu
Game DesignThomas Hooper
Game DesignerRudolf Kremers
GUI ProgrammerKelvin Ward
Head of Database ProgrammerTim Ward
Head of Research / Deputy Studio ManagerRichard Green
Junior ResearcherIan King
Junior ResearcherAkram Suleman
Lead DesignerAdam Shaikh
Lead Front End Programmer / GUI ProgrammerRichard Steer
Lead Logic Programmer / Match Engine ProgrammerAlex Whittaker
Lead ProgrammerMichael Braithwaite
Localisation ManagerAlex Bush
Logic ProgrammerGary Hall
Logic ProgrammerDavid Lovegrove
Logic ProgrammerEd Pechorro
Logic ProgrammerStefano Prosperi
Match Engine ProgrammerOmar Abouzekri
Match Engine ProgrammerAlejandro Lopez Correa
Match Engine ProgrammerPaul Price
Match Engine ProgrammerSteve Screech
ProducerLuke Didd
Real World ProgrammerPeter Allen
Real World ProgrammerIan France
ResearcherLudovic Carceles
ResearcherRyan McGill
ResearcherStephen Morrison
Senior DesignerJodie Brock
Senior ResearcherDerek McAvoy
Studio ManagerDavid Rutter
Technical Designer / Game DesignAnthony Kyne
Tools and Technology ProgrammerWill Ormerod


Data and credits for this game contributed by odino, RudolfKremers, oliist, and Hardkoroff.

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