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    Weapon/Hardware Guide by Da Bomb

    Version: 1.4 | Updated: 08/31/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    ----------[TOMB RAIDER II WEAPON & ITEM GUIDE]-----------
    By Tom 'Da Bomb' Brookes
    This FAQ/guide for Tomb Raider II - The dagger of Xian may not be reproduced in
    any way without my prior written permission. Please do not link to this page
    unless with permission, but feel free to print this off for personal use only.
    Any tampering or plagiarism of this guide is a copyright infringement and
    against the law. You may ask me questions relevant to this guide, but please
    read the guide first, and if you still have a question, please label it
    clearly. Your question(s) will be featured in the FAQ part of this guide (if I
    get enough), and if you want your e-mail address withheld, then by all means
    ask for your e-mail not to be mentioned. My e-mail is tombrookes@epals.com.
    Please do not send Spam or insult my guide.
    Now onto the guide.
    ----------[Version History]----------
    Version 0.9
    July 12, 2003 - Completed the majority of the guide up to the secrets section.
    Version 1.2
    August 16, 2003 - Added 2 items to the hardware list and fixed a few spelling
    Version 1.5
    August 31, 2003 - I corrected the spacing and improved the explanations.
    1.    Introduction
    2.    Your weapons
                - Pistols
                - Shotgun
                - Automatic Pistols
                - Uzis
                - M16
                - Grenade Launcher
                - Harpoon Gun
    3.    Your hardware & Equipment
                - Stopwatch
                - Flares
                - Secrets
                - Small Health Pack
                - Large Health Pack
    4.    Battle Tips
    5.    Conclusion
    NOTE: An FAQ section will be added if I receive enough questions
    	You may be asking right now, "Why create a guide on this topic about such as
    game?" Well, I have designed this guide to give you some interesting
    information about each weapon and tips on how to use it effectively. The reason
    I created a guide for Tomb Raider 2 was because
    a) I have the game
    b) Several people have expressed interest or confusion about the game and
    c) I may help you beat this very tough game.
    Finally, I will not include instructions on how to control Lara, as that is
    what the instruction manual and training course are for. Enjoy! If you cannot
    read this guide because the lines are too long, then it may be best to change
    to a smaller size.
    ----------[Your Weapons]----------
         Though Tomb Raider 2 is more of an exploration game than a shooter,
    weapons are necessary in progressing through each level and eventually beating
    the game. Lara Croft will start off with her trusty pistols and shotgun, but as
    you advance through the game, you will find better weapons that will serve you
    better in some situations than others. This
    guide will express some tips on using the weapons. The ranking shows how the
    weapon fares up to the others, so I have put them in rankings to show the best
    and worst.
    Power: 1.5/10 (Poor)
    Clip Capacity: N/A
    Ranking: 6th (out of 7)
    Overall: 5/10 (average)
    Additional Notes: Reprising their role from the first game, these trusty
    sidearms come with unlimited ammunition and will serve you well at the start of
    the game. I believe these handguns are underrated, because though they are not
    very powerful, they fire rapidly and will never run out of ammunition. Take on
    smaller enemies such as rats and spiders, as these pistols cannot contend with
    tougher enemies such as humans. An exception to this rule is in the event that:
    a) your enemy cannot hurt you so you can take as much time as you want
    b) your other weapons are out of ammunition or
    c) you have a very small amount of ammunition and need to conserve it by using
    the pistols.
    They may have a low power rating, but because they can fire 2 at once, that
    rating does not seem so bad.
    Power: 6/10 (good)
    Clip Capacity: 1
    Ranking: 4th (out of 7)
    Overall: 6.5/10 (decent)
    Additional Notes: The shotgun is your second weapon that you start the game
    with. Unfortunately, you start with only 2 shots (enough to take out a single
    tiger) and you have to reload after each shot. Though this does not take very
    long, it does limit your firing speed, and so increase the amount of damage you
    take while being attacked. Shotgun ammo is also pretty sparse during the first
    few levels, so conserve the ammunition by weakening long-range opponents (that
    cannot hurt you at that time, such as thugs with clubs) with the pistols. To
    make up for all that, the shotgun provides a high amount of damage per shot and
    will easily kill the enemies you face during the earlier levels where you do
    not have better weapons. Overall, it is powerful, but has sparse ammo and a
    slow rate of fire.
    Automatic Pistols
    Power: 2/10 (poor)
    Clip Capacity: N/A
    Ranking: 5th (out of 7)
    Overall: 6/10 (decent)
    Additional Notes: The automatic pistols are basically as more powerful version
    of your first sidearms that fire slightly quicker. Because of this, enemies can
    be taken out faster with less ammunition used. The problem with this weapon is
    that ammunition is again scarce and hard to come by. For this reason, they
    should only be used for easy targets, such as spiders, rats or the occasional
    long-range thug. Disappointing.
    Dual Uzis
    Power: 3/10 (poor)
    Clip Capacity: N/A
    Ranking: 3rd (out of 7)
    Overall: 7.5/10 (good)
    Additional Notes: These powerful dual Uzis are fast firing handguns that can
    easily kill tough enemies. A lot of ammunition is available, so these are an
    excellent set of weapons to use that will be your main weapons during the
    latter half of the game. Try not to go crazy with these, as they will run out
    of ammunition quickly, but in short bursts, they are excellent. If you have not
    got any M-16 ammunition at the end of the game, then the Uzis are
    a good replacement that you can take on the dragon with!
    M-16 Machine Gun
    Power: 4/10
    Clip Capacity: N/A
    Ranking: 2nd (out of 7)
    Overall: 8.5/10 (great)
    Additional Notes: The M-16 is an excellent weapon that is similar to the Uzi.
    Ammunition may be hard to come by in certain areas, so be conservative. This
    may not be to hard, because its high rate of fire and sheer power will easily
    take out all kinds of enemies. Save this for the hard enemies such as
    mercenaries, ninja's or the dragon, otherwise you will soon be relying on your
    Uzis. In a word: Excellent!
    Grenade Launcher
    Power: 10/10
    Clip Capacity: 1
    Ranking: 1st (out of 7)
    Overall: 9/10 (excellent)
    Additional Notes: The grenade launcher is your most powerful weapon that will
    destroy all common enemies in a single shot. Multiple enemies can be damaged by
    a single grenade, if they are close together. Do not worry about damaging
    yourself if you are too close to the blast, as for some
    reason the explosion does not hurt you. The problem with this weapon is that it
    has a slow firing rate (though that is cancelled out by the sheer power it has)
    and has a very limited amount of spare ammunition lying around, so be
    conservative. Save this only for the toughest enemies!
    Harpoon Gun
    Power: 3.5/10
    Clip Capacity: 4
    Ranking: 7th (out of 7)
    Overall: 4.5/10
    Additional Notes: This weapon may seem attractive, because it is the only
    weapon that works underwater and so the best to use against frogmen, but
    unfortunately it has many problems that lessen its effectiveness. Firstly, the
    power of the weapon is poor and usually serves only to stall an enemy, so
    unless you use a different weapon, it will take many shots to kill a person.
    This is made worse by the fact that only 4 shots can be fired, and then you
    have to reload. As with the shotgun, this will increase the risk of damage
    being done to you. Ammunition is also incredibly sparse, which may be useful
    because it will deter many from using it. Overall, it is a poor weapon, even if
    it is more versatile than all others. Basically, only use this if you
    absolutely have to!
    ----------[Hardware & Equipment]----------
    The stopwatch is a useful tool that can be accessed in the gameplay menu. Lara
    traded her compass from the original game, so directions such as North, East,
    South, and West cannot be used. Instead, you get several statistics, such as
    how far you have gone in a level (in terms of meters and kilometers), how long
    a level has taken, and how many health packs used (a small health packs
    registers as 0.5 of a pack while a large medi pack registers as 1). The watch
    will also see if you have missed any secrets during the course of the level.
    Some levels in Tomb Raider are covered in a cloak of shadows, so Lara has
    brought along a few flares to pierce the darkness. Be sparing with these, as
    they are quite rare to find and you only start of with two. Though they may not
    do any damage, they will illuminate traps, switches and other important
    passageways. They even work underwater and last for around a minute. Because of
    this, the flares are invaluable to you and are necessary to help you progress
    through the game.
    In most levels you are able to find secrets that will lead to new discoveries.
    For example, in the first level, you will find a stone dragon, a Jade dragon
    and a Gold Dragon. There are usually 3 secret statues in each level, which
    match the above descriptions.
    Small Health Pack
    The small medi pack comes in handy after short battles, as it will increase
    your health by 50% to a maximum of 100%. In order to conserve these, only use
    them when you have less than 51% health left, as otherwise you will be wasting
    this. If on fire or drowning, it is possible to continuously heal yourself, but
    performing this trick will eventually kill you anyway. Very useful, so conserve
    them as best you can.
    Large Health Pack
    These large packs will increase your health by 100% to a maximum of 100 so in
    other words, this is an instant heal. Rarely use these on the earlier levels,
    as they become very scarce on later levels. Again, you can keep yourself alive
    if on fire or drowning, but that is not recommended. Overall, the large health
    pack is incredibly useful and should be conserved until desperately needed.
    ----------[Battle Tips]----------
    	You may need all the help you can get in Tomb Raider, even with all the above
    weapons and hardware. Because of this, I have provided several tips that will
    help you either avoid a fight or get out of one unscathed.
        O   There are many more human enemies than there were in
            the original game (players were annoyed by the
            continuous killing of wildlife), which adds a
            greater degree of difficulty to the game. Most human
            enemies can follow Lara anywhere, so do not let the
            fact that they are on a different platform than your
            character fool you.
        O   When shooting a group of enemies, remember to
            release the trigger each kill to ensure you do not
            continue pumping rounds into a dainty morsel.
        O   If you are in a fight and are losing, do not be
            afraid to retreat. Run around a corner, raise your
            gun, and the stupid enemy will follow you!
        O   Try to confuse enemies by using Lara's athletic
            capabilities. Jumping over an enemy will cause
            it/him to attack in the wrong direction while you
            get ready to fire.
        O	  Do not ever let yourself get cornered, as if a thug
            with a club traps you, you will not be able to
            escape easily nor fire your gun(as soon as you try
            to fire, he will hit you again).
        O	  The AI in Tomb Raider 2 is not impressive, so it may
            be worth your while to use that to your advantage.
        O	  If being attacked on the ground, do not jump into
            any nearby water! If the water is not deep enough,
            you will simply wade and will not be able to jump in
            any direction, which will make you an easier target.
            Even if the water is deep enough to swim in, you
            will only be able to fire your harpoon gun, which,
            as said before, should only be used for aquatic
        O	  Lara has limited underwater combat capabilities, so
            it is always best to fight on land.
        O	  Animals can easily be killed; jumping to a platform
            that cannot be reached by their attack will allow
            for you to kill them with your pistols while they
            try to attack you.
        O	  Do not waste health packs; small injuries require no
            Medical treatment, so only health when you are close
            to death. Do not be too late though!
        O	  Save the best guns for the hardest enemies, and use
            the poorer guns for your common enemies.
        O   Don't be afraid to just not fight. Leaving an enemy
            behind will save ammunition, and possibly health.
            Sure, it/he may attack you once or twice, but that
            may not be as bad as using a lot of ammunition and
            losing even more health.
        O	  If you have been set on fire by the flamethrower
            wielding enemies or the final dragon, then jump into
            a refreshing pool of water to put out the flames.
        O   Try to listen, so that you can identify any nearby
            threats. Thugs will grunt and shuffle while Eagles
            will squawk.
    Unfortunately, those are all the combat tips I can think of now. Check at a
    later date for more, or if you have any then please send them in! Your name
    will be added to the Credits list.
    	I have enjoyed creating this guide and I hope have enjoyed reading
    it and found it useful. Send in your questions for an FAQ section, and join me
    again for more FAQs.
    Other Guides I am working on:
       - The Lord of The Rings: The Two Towers combination &
          upgrade guide (this combination guide explains every
          upgrade you can purchase, if you should buy it and
          most importantly, why)
      -  Medal of Honor: Frontline weapons FAQ (an explanation
         & description of each weapon in this great game, plus
         some battle tips)
       - Gran Turismo advanced techniques & tactics (a
         description of every dirty  trick you can use and a few
         advanced racing techniques)
    Thanks to Core Design for creating this game, gamefaqs for hosting it and you
    for reading it!

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