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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Warfreak

    Version: 0.5 | Updated: 03/26/09 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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    MMMMo.iYvv7c:      .;U#MMM@@@@MM@8v.     .:78#MMMMMMMM@E7,      itIotzo;tMMMMM
    MME. i;;YYi.     .7Q@M@@###@@@W1,     .Y8@MMMM@#####@MMMMME;.    .v2USCCi,IMMM
    M2  .ivYc,     .7WMM@##$#@@@0Y     .X0MMMMM@$#####@@M@#WE92c.      :1Unti  CMM
    @Y.i;;7c.     ;0@M@#$$$#@@Bt.   .cE@MMM@@BbbB@@@@@@01i              .76nXncY#M
    .,cict;.    .z@M@#$$$$@@#z.   .S#MM@@@@BSYoZb6WM@I:    .:vXSI69oi    .vZAY1S;,
    :.,YXi.    ;E@M##$$$#@@0;   .I@MM@#@@#S:i2Qn. :Y;..iCb#MMMMMMMMM#t.    ;U67,ic
    X,i7;.    vWM@#$$$$#@@6.  .1@MM@##@@Z:.ib0i    ,;YS0@MMMMMMMMMMMMM6:   .c61;SQ
    .:1c.    cB@@#$$$$#@#z.  ;WMM@$$#@#t. cEC  .;cc77t8#MM@Q61Yv;vcYS98C.   .YE2:.
    .:7,    ;0@@$$$$$#@@S   1@M@#$$#@BC  Y1, .n@M0vi1#M#Uv.            .     .oz, 
    Y;i.   :b@@#$$$$$@#2. .6@M#$$$#@#1. .:,:o@MM@Yi1Zt,     .,i;vv;i:.        i1z2
    oi.   .t#@#$$$$$#@b, .6M@#$$$#@@9,  .;6@MMM0v. .. .it9Q#@@@MMMM@@@#W8Y.   .c8$
    C.    ;0@@$$$$$#@0; .Z@@#$$#@@@Z:  ,A@MMMW7   .YIQ#@MMM@@@@@@@@@@@MMM#t.  .:n0
    Y.   .n#@#$$$$$#Wv .1@M#$##@#Ec   i0MM$6v. .X0@@MM@@##$$$$$$$$$$$$$#@@8i   .Y6
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    t,.   ;b@@$##8..t#@#$$$@@0c..n#@@o-----------o$$$$$$$$@@WY.  ;0##$$@@A,....:S0
    oi.   .C$@##@Qi ,Z@@$#@#8: :8@@#$|    Tom    |$$$$$$$B#@#U.  ,2$@$$@@6:....c9$
    7;i.   :9#@#@$t. ;$M@@@6. i0M@$$$|  Clancy's |$$$$$#$89B@E:  .7B@#@@Wc.  .it29
    .iX:    i8@@@#0;  ;$MMZ: iB@@$$$$|  H.A.W.X  |$$$$$@$ot0@0i  .;Q@@@W7.   .nz:.
    .inc.    v0@@@@Z:  ;QQi i0@@$$$$$$o---------o$$$$$#@$Cc0@0i   i0M@$t.   .cbI: 
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    i.i7C;.    iZ@M@@WX.  .t#M#$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$#@#EAW@Z,:W@I,  .v$#Y.    i26Y.:c
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    Author: Warfreak
    Version: 0.5
    Date Started: 19/3/09
    NOTE: This Guide will Contain Spoilers. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!
    *~~~~~~~~~~~Watch In Awe, Watch In Awe, Aeria Gloris, Aeria Gloris~~~~~~~~~~~*
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    Table of Contents
     §1 Introduction
        [1.01] Introduction
        [1.02] Version History
     §2 Operations
        [2.01] Ghost Rider
        [2.02] Adder
        [2.03] Cobalt
        [2.04] Blacklight
        [2.05] OFF Certification
        [2.06] Glass Hammer
        [2.07] Backfire
        [2.08] Ulysees
        [2.09] Stiletto
        [2.10] Red Eagle
        [2.11] Torchlight
        [2.12] Iron Arrow
        [2.13] Typhoon
        [2.14] Backhand
        [2.15] Thunderbolt
        [2.16] Wildhorse
        [2.17] Javelin
        [2.18] Twilight
        [2.19] Monarch
     §3 Hangar
        [3.01] Weapons
        [3.02] Perks
        [3.03] Planes List
        [3.04] The Real Life Comparsion
    [A] Contact Information
    [B] Credits
    [C] Webmaster Information
    [D] Copyright Notice
    *~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Now, Let the Guide Begin (o.0)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~*
    [1.01] Introduction
    This is my 48th guide, yeah, it is moving very close to the 50 mark isn't it.
    Anyway, this is a Multi-Platform guide, which means it is a guide that is 
    built for the PC, XBox 360 and PS3 version. This is built on the PC version
    so if there are problems, ask Ubisoft for the PC port o.0
    There are challenges, but unless someone submits them to me, I won't do them
    because I'm generally not a multiplayer person. 
    [1.02] Version History
    Version 0.1 [19/3/09]
    Started guide. Took a day of Total War for this. 
    Version 0.2 [20/3/09]
    Another update. 
    Version 0.3 [21/3/09]
    Completed Storyline. 
    Version 0.4 [22/3/09]
    Completed most of the guide, only the self interest part to go. 
    Version 0.5 [26/3/09]
    Guide complete. 
    [2.01] Ghost Rider
    Your first mission, Operation Ghost Rider gives you three wingmen and you
    are going to bomb Mexico. 
    You start off easy enough, you get to play around with your new plane, so this
    is more or less a tutorial. You need to get used to firing missiles and using
    the controls, so get comfortable, because things can get harder, though it
    might not.
    You start off fighting a few vehicles, you need to take down AA, MLRS and 
    Tanks that are attacking friendly forces. This is quite easy, just get the lock
    on and fire away. 
    After the first wave, you get another wave, with slightly more enemy forces,
    so you might need to fly back and bomb them again. Increase the throttle
    to increase the distance, then decrease the throttle as you make the turn,
    giving you more time to lock on. 
    The next wave is a set of two. You have two groups, so you will need to do
    a few missile runs to take down the enemy. When you move in close to the 
    enemy, you might want slow down to get more locks and fire on the enemy. 
    Destroy both waves and that will complete the easy part of the mission.
    Now, you need to support Ghost Recon, they are trapped and they need a Heli
    Evac. They are pinned down with a fair amount of ground forces. Now, this
    is different, you will have some targets that are blocked by buildings so
    you will need to fly in from a different angle. But after destroying the
    ground units, you have a different threat.
    Enemy helicopters will move in, and engage from about 8000ft. Lock on and 
    fire, move onto the next one and do the same thing. After those helis are
    down, you need to give more ground support, again, multiple flybys will
    be needed if you want to win that area. 
    Then more helis, and after they are down, you get more ground forces and
    then another wave of helicopters. The problem is that the rebels aren't
    smart enough that Helicopters cannot take down a fighter jet armed with
    100+ missiles (its to eliminate landings) and they keep sending them, 
    but after that wave, things get more interesting.
    You will need to fight 3 waves of Su-27 planes. They come into elements of
    2, so you will need to dogfight them. Now, you always want your throttle to
    be extremely high, this is because you want to make sure you are always on
    their tail. Release two radar locked missiles to destroy them, they always 
    need two hits.
    As the waves come in, they get progressively hardly, they will start to 
    fire back at you. Wow, they actually don't like getting shot down. Once you
    get a missile lock, either shoot flares, but one solution that I find works
    well is to have sharp turns with an increased throttle. You are fighting at
    a high altitude so you can trade height for speed. 
    Finally, after those three waves are down, you will have successfully 
    protected the Evac Heli for the Ghost Team from enemy fighters, and that is
    this mission down.
    Normal = 200 XP
    Hard   = 300 XP
    Elite  = 400 XP
    Unlocks the Adder Map
    Unlocks the Su-25 Frogfoot
    [2.02] Adder
    Now, this is where you have joined Artemis, and you get to choose what type
    of plane you are going to use. The game recommends the Su-25 Frogfoot, so 
    you might as well choose that one. We don't quite have access to the best
    planes, such as the Raptor or the Typhoon yet. Given your level, you won't
    have access to other weapon kits, so we have to play with basic. 
    Fly towards the refinery, and here, you need to protect it from enemy attacks.
    First, there will be a set of tanks that you need to take out, there are two
    sets of three tanks, and soon they will be supported by 4 AH-64 Attack 
    Helicopters. You need to take down the Helis first since they are the fastest
    Soon, you will get Jaguar fighters moving in to the refinery, so make sure
    that you take them out. Use your wingmen if need be, they should be on the
    attack until enemy fighters turn up.
    More tanks and helicopters will move in. This is where your wingmen are needed
    to help you give enough strength to intercept the enemy forces. Again, the
    helicopters are the most important targets since they are the fastest 
    followed by AA, which will join in the fray alongside the tanks. There are 
    soon going to be a hell of a lot of enemies.
    You need to really start to worry about the AA, they may spray their ammo
    everywhere but you still need to take them out. Enemy bombers will soon join
    in and basically, unless you do really effective bombing runs, you will 
    be overwhelmed. You need to target units closest to the refinery first. 
    This is hard, enemy AA won't do much damage, but there are a lot of enemies,
    that is the hard part. But that isn't the end. You need to move in to 
    intercept the Badger Bombers, and you have just over 3 minutes to do this.
    Move in with full throttle to shoot them down. 
    This is another dog fight, you are facing several Mig 21s. This aren't too
    good against air, but keep your eye on where missile lock is. Your Frogfoot
    will have 7 flare pods, so that should be enough. Once the lock goes crazy,
    launch flares and hope.
    The bombers will require 4 missiles to take down, so slow down and target
    in on them to get off 4 missiles, since you only have 2 launchers. You need
    to take them all out, which isn't all that hard either.
    Normal = 200 XP
    Hard   = 300 XP
    Elite  = 400 XP
    Unlocks the Cobalt Map
    Unlocks the F-4G Advanced Wild Weasel
    [2.03] Cobalt
    Set in Africa, you can see from the mission stats that you will be facing a 
    large amount of ground forces, with a babble of fighters and enemy naval 
    The recommended fighter is the F-4G Advanced Wild Weasel, since it is able
    to use free-falling bombs. The only other plane will probably be the Corsair
    at this early mission. That is practical, since the Wild Weasel is a good
    fighter jet against ground targets, and you aren't exactly controlling a 
    stealth bomber.
    Now, you are facing a fair amount of well, rebel depots and this is where your
    free-ball bombs are being used. You need to have the little circle in front
    of your plane to enclose what you want to bomb, but you don't need to lock
    on, for once, since it basically destroys everything in the circle. 
    You have just over 20 minutes to destroy all the rebel bases. You need to
    use free-ball bombs against the buildings, and your missiles to take town
    the enemy trucks, since they are mobile and bombs aren't exactly good against
    moving targets.
    Practice with the bombs and you realise that if you slow down, which does
    increase your chances of getting hit by AA, you can easily take out an entire
    camp with a single bomb. What the hell do they put in those bombs I wonder?
    Anyway, continue and blow up all 17 bases.
    Along the way, there are patrol boats in the river, so a little practice 
    on them won't go astray, but if you are on elite, you don't have too much
    ammo to play with, so you might even use your cannon. You need your bombs
    so don't waste them.
    Soon, you need to intercept the General, and he is protected by 5 F-5A 
    Freedom Fighters, so destroy them, they require two missiles each before
    they will go down. There are 5 of them that you need to take down, so 
    hopefully you still have your flares because things tend to get a little
    hairy here. 
    Remember, on this level, you have 20 minutes, which is quite a lot of time
    to complete it, so you aren't in a rush. Intercept the general by getting
    close to him and finish this level off. 
    Normal = 200 XP
    Hard   = 300 XP
    Elite  = 400 XP
    Unlocks the Blacklight Map
    Unlocks the Mig-29 Fulcrum
    [2.04] Blacklight
    This is another mission that apparently suggests bombing but you are facing 
    a lot of enemy fighters and air defence. You are going to need a plane that
    has Multi-Target AA missiles. This is basically a weapon that allows you to
    lock on to a maximum of 4 enemy aerial units. If there are 4 helicopters in 
    a group, you can lock on to all of them, and destroy all of them in a single
    go. Handy to say the least.
    The game recommends you use the Mig-29 Fulcrum, but I prefer the F-2 but it 
    is your choice. Pick a plane that you like and move into battle. 
    Now, this is an escort mission, so basically you need to protect the plane
    from enemy fighters, which all seem to be MiG fighters. These are easy to 
    take care of because of the Multi-AA missiles, they can take down a plane with
    a single shot, compared to your all-purpose missile which takes two shots. 
    If the enemy misses, you probably are going to have a missile lock on you so
    you want to keep and eye out and target them. Note that if you shoot down a
    plane with a lock on you, the lock is gone, obviously. 
    There are several waves of enemy fighters, all of them are vulnerable to your
    Multiple AA missiles. Since they come in groups of 4, your Multi AA missiles
    will be able to take down at least 2 of them, three, maybe even four with some
    luck on your side. 
    Now, after a cutscene, you need to deal with SAM sites. This is actually quite
    hard because what you need to do is when you see the buildings where the SAMs
    are, you need your plane to be facing the entrance to the little cave, and 
    then fire your missiles at it. You will die a few times, mainly from flying
    too low, but practice makes perfect.
    After all that, just clear out the rest of the AA sites there to make way for
    the bomber. Clear the path and that should just about do it. 
    Normal = 300 XP
    Hard   = 400 XP
    Elite  = 500 XP
    Unlocks the OFF certification Map
    Unlocks the F-15 Active
    [2.05] OFF Certification
    You don't get to choose what plane you are in this time, you automatically
    start off with the F-15 Active, which is the version before the F-15 Eagle,
    which happened to be the father to the F-15 Strike Eagle. 
    This is another tutorial how to fly without the assistance that you have
    had for a while now. This is an extremely hard tutorial but you will get
    the hang of it sooner or later.
    Soon, you need to fight drones. They aren't that hard, the first wave will
    be basic target practice. The second wave will be harder, they will move 
    around. They all take a single hit to remove. The third wave will be armed
    with missiles and they will shoot back. They won't do any damage.
    After that, this mission is over, and all is ready for the next mission.
    Normal = 300 XP
    Hard   = 400 XP
    Elite  = 500 XP
    Unlocks the Glass Hammer Map
    Unlocks the Su-27 Flanker
    [2.06] Glass Hammer
    Well, the situation in Brazil isn't going well, and you get to fly some more
    missions. The recommended plane is the Su-27 Flanker, and given that at least
    half the enemy forces are going to be air units, it isn't such a bad idea,
    it is a decent plane. However, there is a fair amount of ground units as well
    so do be mindful of that. You also get to choose what type of control type
    you have, Normal or Expert. Choose which one you want, but most will choose
    Normal, simply because it is quite easy to fly in. 
    This is quite a hectic mission, you need to defend the city using your 
    team and you need to beat all the landing crafts and tanks that the game
    requires you to deal with. You also need to take out enemy bombers, and 
    this is the part where your Multi-AA missiles come in extremely handy, but
    don't use all of it.
    There is going to be a lot of AA fire going on, so you really need to watch
    your back less you get shot down by unfriendly enemy units. You will have a 
    hell of a lot of missile locks on you so you need to pop flares rarely and
    brake more often to avoid more missiles.
    After you have destroyed all that you are supposed to, several enemy aces
    in Su-47s will engage you and fight you. Use your multiple AA missiles to
    deal some damage, and continually use them for the rest of the engagement.
    Do not get hit and avoid when there is a missile lock. 
    Normal = 500 XP
    Hard   = 700 XP
    Elite  = 1000 XP
    Unlocks the Backfire Map
    Unlocks the Mirage 5
    [2.07] Backfire
    The recommended plane for this mission is the Mirage 5 plane, but of course,
    you can choose whatever plane you feel like. Still no F22 Raptor to play with.
    But that can be fixed, sooner or later.
    You start off moving to the Helicopters, and from there, you need to move 
    ahead and knock out the SAM sites. Unlike the ones in the previous mission,
    there isn't a need to bore in on them. After two sites, you need to take out
    a few enemy fighters, so no big deal there either.
    Defend the helis from further SAM sites and more fighters, and then clear
    the SAM site at the insertion point for the Helis. From there, you are going
    to be providing air support to Ghost Recon. Bomb them, and take out the 
    targets that are closest to the Ghost Team.
    But you aren't done yet of course. You need to protect the helis, so you 
    will need to cover them with your missiles. But about half way, you lose
    all your weapons systems except for your cannons. The whole aim here is to
    distract the enemy long enough, killing them if you can with your guns, to
    let the Helis escape. Its hard, but it is all about distraction.
    Normal = 500 XP
    Hard   = 700 XP
    Elite  = 1000 XP
    Unlocks the Ulysees Map
    Unlocks the Mig-33 Super Fulcrum
    [2.08] Ulysees
    The recommended plane for this mission is the Mig-33 Super Fulcrum, so you 
    might as well choose that as your starting plane. Now, the enemy fleet is
    rather easy to deal with, you face some speedboats, helicopters and enemy
    fighters are don't even fight back.
    Just follow your orders and it shall be very easy. The only real resistance
    is at the end where the enemy fighters actually decide to do something and 
    they will fight back. Just make sure that you protect the US fleet as long
    as you can.
    As a plot twist, it seems that your employers don't want to side with the US
    anymore, and they send in their Task Force to attack the US fleet. You now
    side with the US to attack your former employers and your objective is clear,
    to take down the enemy Flagship. 
    Now, you really want to take down the enemy air aces, your former allies. Take
    them our, and the move onto the frigates. You have 8 minutes, but that is more
    than enough time. Take down most of the frigates so you have a relativelyy
    clear path towards the enemy flagship.
    You need a hell of a lot of missiles to sink the flagship. You need a hell
    of a lot. You also need to worry about the frigate's missiles as well as the
    heavy AA fire that you are going to be receiving so you cannot afford to 
    slow down and make yourself a sitting duck.
    Take down that flagship, order your wingmen to attack it as well. They won't
    get killed, so that makes them rather useful killing tools.
    Normal = 500 XP
    Hard   = 700 XP
    Elite  = 1000 XP
    Unlocks the Stiletto Map
    Unlocks F-14A Tomcat
    [2.09] Stiletto
    The recommended plane for this mission is the F-14A Tomcat. This is because
    it has radar guided missiles, but if you want to forgo that, you should get
    the Super Fulcrum, the Mig-33 because it is a nice plane. The Radar Guided
    missiles are nice since it has an extremely long range.
    The first job is to find and destroy three radar beacons. You need to avoid
    the red circles, that will not be one of the things you want to hit. This 
    is why you have no wingmen, you are going to be doing some really tight 
    After that, you need to find the radar hub. Follow the little radar scanner
    that you have closely, they will lead to the radar hub. The stronger the 
    signal, the closer you are, so follow the green light, whilst avoiding the
    red circles. Once you get to the hub, stay close and let loose on the guns
    and blow it up. That should deal a blow to Artemis. Note that you have a set
    amount of time to get to the radar hub, before the enemy realises that someone
    has blown up their beacons. 
    You want to destroy as many SAM sites along the path as you can, because this
    will mean that you have to avoid less missiles later on as your need to
    protect the US bombers. 
    Destroy the radar hub, and then move in to protect the incoming US bombers.
    You will need to take down SAM sites and most importantly, enemy Mirage
    fighters. There will be a lot of them, so if you are in the Mig, you will
    have the multi-AA missiles to play with, giving you an extra advantage. Trust
    me, it is harder to eliminate a group of 4 fighters than a single SAM site 
    and the single missile you need to avoid. That is why the Multi-AA is better
    than the lone Radar Missile. 
    The most important are the enemy fighters, since they can continually harass
    your bombers, but the SAM sites will dish out a fair amount of damage so that
    can also be a problem. You are alone in this mission, which is the worst 
    part of this mission. Wingmen could be useful, but alas, you don't have any.
    Normal = 500 XP
    Hard   = 700 XP
    Elite  = 1000 XP
    Unlocks the Red Eagle Map
    Unlocks the F-16A Fighting Falcon
    [2.10] Red Eagle
    In this mission, you need to defend the United States of America from a
    rogue Private Military Contractor. The recommended outfit for this mission, is
    again, the previous unlock, which is the F-16A Fighting Falcon. I still
    prefer the Super Fulcrum is you have access to it, since you are going to be
    facing a large amount of ground forces, which is nothing your all purpose 
    missiles can't deal with, but the more important is the bomber and fighter
    threats, which your all purpose missiles can get down easily. 
    You start off this mission quite quickly, without all the usual briefing and
    such. You are now above Washington DC, and you need to defend it from the
    attacking Artemis forces. Sure, it does sound fun to fight against the pilots
    you used to fly with, but they are nothing but turncoats, no loyalty. 
    The enemy has taken command over the city, so you and your wingmen are the 
    only offensive unit the US has in the battlefield right now. This is going
    to be a hell of a battle. There are a hell of a lot of enemy fighters, so 
    you and your team are going to be using a hell of a lot of missiles. But don't
    use too many, because this is just the beginning.
    After you have taken down all enemy fighters, you will need to defend the
    perimeter of the city. The circle means nothing can come inside. Target the
    Cargo Planes first, that will stop the tank reinforcements. However, if tanks
    move inside the perimeter of the defence on the ground, target them and 
    destroy them. 
    With the Cargo planes, use cannons if you can, or Multi-AA missiles if you
    have any left. For your all purpose missiles, it requires two sets of two
    missiles to take down the cargo plane. Don't worry, it won't attack.
    You need to defend the ground at all costs. You need you at least wipe out
    the entire tank brigade, which is normally at least 2 tanks in the group,
    with a single run, else you will lose this mission. You need to hold out
    for 6 minutes until reinforcements from Edwards AFB arrive to help you take
    out the rest of the targets. I wonder what happened to Andrews AFB? 
    This is a hard mission, you are facing heavy air battles in the beginning, 
    and air to mud work later on. This is the reason I perfer the Super Fulcrum
    for this mission, long range radar missiles are useless in this battle, 
    MultiAAs have a use at least. 
    Normal = 500 XP
    Hard   = 700 XP
    Elite  = 1000 XP
    Unlocks the Torchlight Map
    Unlocks the F-15C Eagle
    [2.11] Torchlight
    This mission recommends the F-15C Eagle, which isn't a bad choice for once 
    but the problem is that all enemies on this map are enemy fighters, so you
    want one with Air Domination. For me, the best plane is still the Super 
    Fulcrum, since Multi AA missiles are extremely handy against enemy fighters,
    wiping them out with extreme easy. No other fighter comes close to this bad
    boy yet. The reason against the F-15 Eagle is because it doesn't come with the
    Multi AA missiles, using radar missiles instead, which is useless.
    Your goal in this mission is to protect Air Force 1, the plane of the 
    President. This is going to be one hell of an air engagement. First of all,
    they send small groups of FA-18s at you, and they are easily wiped off the
    map. Engage them by moving inside their circle and keep them away from Air
    Force 1. Use your wingmen well to make sure that they don't get a good shot
    at the President.
    More groups will keep joining the frey, and you really need to move quickly,
    double tapping and firing all your missiles to kill a target. After several
    waves and plenty of kills, you will get a small break, so reform on your
    escort target and keep moving, and look at the scenery and how crap the rain
    is to rain on your parade. 
    After a while, a second wave of FA-18Cs move in, getting killed against before
    they can lay a hand on Air Force One. This isn't hard, but you don't to stray
    too far away from Air Force One or else you will have to travel a hell of a 
    lot to keep up. Soon, DeWinter calls and thinks he can kill Air Force One.
    That means he has to get pass HAWX first. 
    The third wave is going to be harder. There is enemy jamming, and your 
    missiles will take a longer period of time to lock on, and that isn't very
    fun at all. Hopefully, if you have MultiAA missiles, now is a good time to
    bring them out and play with them. 
    The third wave is nothing special, and soon, you will have Air Force One
    at November 4, and that means you complete another mission. 
    Normal = 700 XP
    Hard   = 950 XP
    Elite  = 1150 XP
    Unlocks the Iron Arrow Map
    Unlocks the FA-18E Superhornet
    [2.12] Iron Arrow
    As usual, you can guess the recommended plane, and that is the Superhornet,
    and it isn't a bad plane to choose to be quite honest, you are going to need
    those All Aspect missiles against air units as well as your normal multi-
    purpose missiles that you play with. 
    Your main aim is to stay inside the circle around the AWACS plane, and that 
    will reveal all the jammers. Your all purpose missiles can easily disable all
    the jamming stations when they are detected by the AWACS and for every
    station destroyed, it makes it easier on you by increasing the circle, 
    allowing greater operating range. The circle around the AWACS basically 
    removes the effect of the jammers against your plane. 
    Meanwhile, enemy fighters will engage, so your All Aspect missile is extremely
    useful, since they can achieve a lock on without having to target them, which
    is quite useful when you are flying down to take down a jammer. 
    When 5 of the jammers are down, you realise that this mission is going to go
    from air to air to air to mud. You need to assist the ground forces by
    attacking the enemy tanks. Most of the early defenders are easy targets, but
    the last few defenders are surrounded by buildings and you need to head and
    attack from a high altitude to make sure that they are through.
    Your first job is to attack all the enemy tanks engaging your US tanks on
    the ground, so take them out first. They will advance to where the last
    jammer is, and they will attack the remaining defenders, who are behind
    buildings, so take them out. After that, they will capture the building and
    take some time before they can take down the last jammer. That would be the
    easy part.
    The last part is to defend the attack group until the jammer is down. The 
    enemy tries to attack with its helicopters, but a single missile from any
    of your weapons will easily destroy it. There will be a few of them, so
    take them down and head off the Japan.
    Normal = 700 XP
    Hard   = 950 XP
    Elite  = 1150 XP
    Unlocks the Typhoon Map
    Unlocks the F-14B Bombcat
    [2.13] Typhoon
    The recommend plane for this mission is the Bombcat, but given the large
    range of enemy air units, I suggest that you pick an Air Superiority fighter
    like the Super Fulcrum or the Eagle. Those will be handy given the amount of
    aerial fighting that will be going on. 
    This is another hectic battle, you need to protect the aircraft carrier fleet
    from the enemy attacks. They mostly come in the form of enemy air forces,
    and this makes the Eagle one of the best planes for this missile. At long 
    range, you can easily take out targets using your radar missiles, and then
    engage with MultiAA missiles when they come within 20000 ft. 
    You aren't Crenshaw in this mission, rather a fighter group from the Aircraft
    Carrier. Still, you fight like him, so take down all the enemy fighter groups
    and protect the carrier at all costs. 
    After they are down and the 10 minutes is up for the carrier to finish being
    resupplied, you will need to destroy the Atremis fleet blocking the 
    harbour. This means you need to first protect the carrier and then you need
    to assault the enemy carrier.
    Your Dragon team, the Japanese Self-Defence Force fighter team will attack the
    naval units, so you need to take out the enemy Harriers and the helicopters
    that the enemy will send to attack and try to destroy the carrier. Use all
    your remaining AA missiles on them. 
    Now, the naval units are left. There are a lot of SAM sites onboard the 
    destroyers, so if you still have radar missiles, use them now because they
    will dish out a fair amount of damage. Otherwise, your normal missiles will
    suffice. You need 4 hits to sink a Cruiser, 5 to sink a Destroyer.
    To kill a vessel, just centre them on target, fire the first wave of 
    missiles. For destroyers, slow down and let loose another pair of missiles.
    and then kill them with your cannon. This is a good mission for cannon kills
    if you can do that. Cruisers need two waves of missiles, or one with cannon
    After the escorts are down, focus on the enemy aircraft carrier. This is the
    perfect piece of cannon firing, mainly because the enemy is slow and is a 
    very large target. After that, you are back in the boots of Crenshaw and you
    need to recapture Norfolk Naval Base. 
    Normal = 1000 XP
    Hard   = 1200 XP
    Elite  = 1500 XP
    Unlocks the Backhand Map
    Unlocks the F-117A Nighthawk
    [2.14] Backhand
    There are a large range of enemy ground forces, so the Nighthawk isn't such 
    a bad idea since it is probably your best weapon against enemy ground units
    at this current time. However, the plane is extremely hard to handle, so if
    you want, the Bombcat is another good alternative, one that I'll be using
    on this mission.
    This is not an easy mission to say the least. First, you need to take out
    three Radar systems, and you need to fly using the ERS system, which is
    like flying through some hoops. This is hard because you are going to be 
    making very tight turns using ERS, and stepping out of it will pretty much
    kill you from all SAM missiles. The ERS path will disable the threat of the
    SAMs, so any missile lock while in the ERS path will be rendered moot. 
    You need to do this three times, the first two times, the ERS will take you
    back outside the SAM envelope and you need to fend off some enemy fighters.
    This is the easy part, following the ERS is the hard part of this mission.
    After that, its air to mud. 
    You need to use your free-fall bombs to wipe out groups of enemy units 
    including tanks, MLRS and most importantly, AA gun. You need to move and 
    support all three task forces while they being their assault on Norfolk. 
    Move in, take out as many unit groups as you can with bombs, and then take
    down the survivors with your missiles. This is the easier part of the mission,
    the ERS was crazy.
    Normal = 700 XP
    Hard   = 950 XP
    Elite  = 1150 XP
    Unlocks the Thunderbolt Map
    Unlocks the Eurofighter Typhoon
    [2.15] Thunderbolt
    The Thunderbolt Map recommends the Eurofighter Typhoon, but this map has a
    nice mix of ground and air units, more ground then air. For me, I still 
    prefer the Eagle with the Long Range Interception III kit, since I have radar
    missiles, Multi-AA Missiles and my normal missions, and is overall a faster
    plane than the Typhoon. It is again, your choice. 
    Your mission here, without the aid of your wingmen, is to move and destroy
    three sets of generators, and this is actually not as easy as it seems. You
    need to fly such at when you reach one of the nodes, your altitude needs to
    be below 3000ft for insurance. That may sound like a lot, but it really isn't
    so you really need to stick close to the ground. The maximum limit is 3600ft,
    any higher and you will be hit by the EMP field.
    The first node that you target will be easy, there are no enemy forces there
    and all you need to do is to fly low and destroy the 5 generators. Between
    you and the second node is a patrol of Su-47s, but I won't worry about them,
    my Eagle took all four birds down with a single salvo. Not bad eh?
    Move onto the second node, and here it gets a bit hairy. You will face SAM
    sites and AA guns protecting each of the generators, so here, your Radar
    missiles will shine like the sun. You can engage them from a distance, and the
    good thing is that you don't have to avoid missiles, because it will be hard
    to avoid missiles when you have no space to avoid them in. Pop flares if 
    need be. 
    After the second node is down, you have 7 minutes to take down the last node.
    There are more enemy patrols flying around, so you either avoid or engage. 
    They are still using the Su-47s, so if you avoid them, it is quite easy, or
    you can move in fast and multi-missile them into the next life.
    The third node is the same as the second node, they are still protected by
    SAM sites and AA guns, so again, use your Radar Missiles to get an long range
    kill on the SAMs and the AA guns, and missile the Node to finish it off. This
    is quite easy, but the crazy flying is hard.
    Remember, you can head into the EMP field for a short period of time if you
    need to make a turn. However, stay there too long and you will be killed,
    and that isn't what you want. Next stop, Florida. 
    Normal = 700 XP
    Hard   = 950 XP
    Elite  = 1150 XP
    Unlocks the Wildhorse Map
    Unlocks the Rafale C 
    [2.16] Wildhorse
    The recommended plane is the Rafale C, which is a good plane, but the 
    existing kit sucks. I still prefer the Eagle with the Long Range Interception
    III kit, mainly because it has Multi-AA missiles and Radar Missiles, though
    the Superhornet and the Super Fulcrum isn't a bad choice either. I used the
    Eagle, but you really need a plane with Radar Missiles, that is a definite.
    Now, what you first need to do is to defend the shuttle. There are going to 
    be several cargo planes, dropping all sorts of ground units onto the 
    battlefield. It is imperative that you taken down the enemy cargo planes, and
    you don't have time to muck around. They are perfect cannon kills, but since
    time does not permit, let loose a single radar missile and it will go down.
    Use your strike missiles to take down the tanks and APCs, they usually come
    in pairs of two, so it is easily handled by a single salvo of those missiles.
    If enemy units get too close to the shuttle, you want to quickly engage and
    take down those units, regardless of whether you are busy attacking the cargo
    plane or not. Just being inside the radius allows them to damage the shuttle,
    and you cannot afford to let the shuttle go down.
    During this, enemy fighters and attack craft will move in to attack the
    shuttle as well, using A-10A Thunderbolt IIs and Eurofighter Typhoons against
    the shuttle. Your Multi-AA missiles will work well here. The Typhoons are
    faster, so it may be harder to target, but the Thunderbolts are slower, making
    perfect sitting ducks.
    After all 5 cargo planes and their associated forces are down, it is time 
    for the shuttle launch. If you think that the mission is way too easy, you're
    right. A group of fighters along with an AWACS plane has moved in, aborting
    the launch from the AWACS jammers. Your HUD is going to be bad, you cannot
    see what is what going on.
    However, you can still target the enemy, so you will have to go by the sound
    of the lock on and fire. MultiAA missiles are good here mainly because they
    have a lower lock on time and they are also instant kills on the enemy
    fighters. Once the fighters are down, you can see the lone AWACS plane, and
    you can shoot it down. I'd advise against cannoning the plane, mainly because
    it is hard to see how far away you are.
    Finally, the shuttle is lifted off, but still, not finished. You need to
    take down two cruise missiles that have been fired at the Shuttle. This is
    where you need to use your Radar Guided Missiles. Lock onto the cruise 
    missile, and keep the lock on when you use your Radar Missiles. This will
    always give a 100% instant kill if you lock on the entire time. Do this
    to both of the missiles and finally, the shuttle is free, and the SLAMS
    network is back online. 
    Normal = 1000 XP
    Hard   = 1400 XP
    Elite  = 1600 XP
    Unlocks the Javelin Map
    Unlocks the A-10A Thunderbolt II
    [2.17] Javelin
    The recommended plane is the A-10A Thunderbolt II, which is a fine plane to
    fight with, given that 93% of targets are ground forces. An alternative
    can be found in the F-14B Bombcat if you want one, but try out the Warthog
    if you want. The Thunderbolt has a nice range of weapons, but they are going
    to be air threats and the Thunderbolt isn't specifically good unless you
    have the Multi-AG and Multi-AA kit ready to go. The A-10 is quite slow, so
    that could be a problem. 
    Your main mission here is to assist all three strike groups and the 
    periodical bomber fleets. The three strike teams relatively far apart, so you
    really need to hit the throttle on this mission. Cluster bombs will be a 
    useful tool here, as well as free fall bombs, they can wipe out several enemy
    units in a single shot. 
    You need to save Alpha Team, and then move on to save Bravo team. After that,
    the bombers will arrive and guess what, they will assist you but they need
    some help, so you need to defend them from the Mig-29s that will attack it
    and the occasional Su-47 that is sent to target you. That is the whole point
    of wingmen. 
    Save the bombers and then save Charlie team as they advance, but then, you
    really need to be all over the place. After saving Charlie team, you will
    need to save the next group, which is Bravo team, so assist them. Take
    down the enemy units, and you don't really need to assist Alpha team until
    you finish off the enemies attacking Bravo team because some bombers will
    fly in and finish off the enemy attackers for Alpha team. 
    You only have 10 minutes, so you really need to scramble in this mission.
    If you do fail, you'll realise how intricate this mission is. After all
    the enemy firebases have fallen, your three ground teams advance on the
    base and they will attack it, and you have the job of providing fire 
    Again, bring out the Cluster bombs and literally pound every unfriendly unit
    there is on the battlefield without mercy. Target all the enemies, flying
    low and dangerous if need be, and target them and take them all out to
    finish this mission, and then, its off to LA. AND YOU GET THE RAPTOR!
    Normal = 1000 XP
    Hard   = 1400 XP
    Elite  = 1600 XP
    Unlocks the Twilight Map
    Unlocks the F-22 Raptor
    [2.18] Twilight
    The recommended plane for this mission is the F-22 Raptor, and who doesn't 
    want to fly the best plane that the USAF currently has to offer, well in 
    2009 anyway. You are best to use this plane since you are practically fighting
    air units, with 88% fighters and the rest a gaggle of ground units.
    We start off this mission with the goal of escorting the AWACS bird, and you
    have to protect it for just under 11 minutes. Not that hard I hope. There
    is just going to be a lot of enemy fighters here, so you really need to
    engage them and defeat them. There are many Mig-23 fighters as well as Su-34s
    that will attempt to take down the AWACs plane, so engage with your Raptor
    and show them who's boss.
    They aren't too hard, but don't let them get too close to the AWACS bird 
    because that will result in the loss of this mission. You need to protect
    it until there is about three minutes left in the timer, and that will be
    when all the enemy reinforcements will stop turning up to engage your
    With a few minutes to go, the AWACS bird finds the source of the radiation
    and where the nuke is hidden, but the problem is that you haven't done enough
    and you are forced to use the ERS mode and follow it to successfully take
    down the nuke. 
    After some hairy flying, you should be able to take down the nuke, and that
    means the end of the war between Artemis and the United States, with their
    nuclear weapons gone, SLAMS back online and HAWX taking down all their
    targets and knocking out Artemis successfully, the war is over. 
    But the game ain't over yet. We still need to take down DeWinter, and by
    take down, it means eliminate, for good.
    Normal = 1000 XP
    Hard   = 1400 XP
    Elite  = 1600 XP
    Unlocks the Monarch Map
    Unlocks the YF-17 Cobra
    [2.19] Monarch
    You don't get a choice for this mission, you automatically start off with the
    F-22 Raptor and you are here on a black ops mission, meaning that you 
    pretty much are doing this one alone and you have no backup as of yet. Your
    goal is to assassinate DeWinter.
    Right now, you need to fly extremely low, below 1600 ft in altitude, and you
    need to do this for a long, long distance. This is easy if you don't move
    your controls at all, adjusting for pitch and turning left and right by
    simply moving the pitch. 
    After you reach the checkpoint, you want to move extremely fast. This is
    where controls are necessary. It is too hard to destroy enemy AA because that
    involves moving higher and you risk getting detected if you do. That is a 
    problem, so move fast and avoid all enemy AA units. Throttle up and move to
    the nav point.
    Once you reach the nav point, you can fly up now. Your single goal is to
    destroy DeWinter's hideout, and that pretty much wraps it up. You have 
    completed the storyline.
    Normal = 500 XP
    Hard   = 500 XP
    Elite  = 500 XP
    Unlocks the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter
    Unlocks the XA-20 Razorback
    Unlocks the Ground Assault II Weapon Pack for XA-20 Razorback
    Unlocks the Close Air Support III Weapon Pack for XA-20 Razorback
    Unlocks the Precision Bombing Weapon Pack for XA-20 Razorback
    [3.01] Weapons
    There are many weapons available to your jets, and they will all perform
    the same, so you might as well figure out how to use them properly now and
    their best use.
    Engagement Range = 3000 ft
    The cannon is one of your weakest weapons, and it has infinite ammo, though
    it does take some time to reload all the ammo you have spent. This is a 
    last resort, and only if you want to either save ammo or you have no ammo.
    As such, the cannon is best used against stationary ground units, such as
    buildings, or against slow moving enemy air units, such as the Cargo Planes.
    There aren't any tricks to it, you need to move the centre of your HUD over
    to a little reticle that is in front of a target when you are within the
    engagement range. Target the reticle to score hits, but this is hard if you
    have a sensitive plane. However, if you hit, they do decent damage, dealing
    about 3-6% damage depending on the target. 
    --==Cluster Bomb==--
    Engagement Range = Variable
    The Cluster Bomb is like a free-fall bomb, you have a little rectangle on the
    ground, and this is where the bomb will destroy everything inside that little
    circle. As such, cluster bombs are good against stationary ground targets
    because they don't move.
    Cluster bombs are harder to use than the free fall bomb, mainly because of
    their blast radius. However, they are as powerful as the free fall bomb and
    planes can generally carry more of these cluster bombs than they can with
    your normal free fall bombs.
    If you want to use this, as well as the free fall bomb, you want to level
    your plane and have your plane as slow as possible, which gives enough time
    to lock on to all the targets and bomb the crap out of them. Make sure that 
    all enemy AA is out of play before you do this.
    --==Free Fall Bomb==--
    Engagement Range = Variable
    The little brother of the Cluster Bomb, this weapon has a large circle on
    the ground, and this circle determines what objects will be destroyed. Like
    the cluster bomb, there are good against stationary ground objects, but if
    you want to target ground units, you need to compensate for movement.
    Free Fall bombs are easy to use, available to you in the third mission, and
    they are quite fun. You can easily take out an entire group of enemy buildings
    or units with a single bomb, and normally, you don't get too many for a 
    mission, so you don't want to be wasting them.
    Like a cluster bomb, you want to being at throttle down, at about 540 knots
    and you want your plane to be level, therefore, it will get the best position
    for a bomb run. Two bombs are more than enough for a large cluster of enemy
    --==Joint Strike Missile==--
    Engagement Range = 8000 ft (air units), 12000 ft (ground and naval units)
    This missile is your all purpose missile, it will target everything and
    everything, as long as you get within range of the target you want to 
    blow up. They are your mainstay weapon, all planes will carry these. 
    These will destroy a ground unit with a single missile, so tanks and AA guns
    don't stand a chance, neither would SAM batteries. Tougher units such as
    naval vessels will take at least 4 hits to take down, some will take more. 
    Air units, such as interceptors and fighters will take two before they are
    destroyed, while bombers and cargo planes generally take 4 hits before they
    To use these, it depends on the target. Ground units generally move in 
    groups of two, and since this is a fire and forget missile, target one, 
    lock on, fire, change target, lock on, fire. They should take down both,
    and you want to slow down so you have enough time to lock onto both without
    crashing down.
    For air units, once you get the lock on, double tap to fire both missiles.
    These are generally good missiles to use if you want to take out survivors
    of the Multi AA missile, mainly because of the benefits that one has over
    this. These are missiles that you will be using all the time, they are the
    everything missile.
    --==Multi Target AA Missile==--
    Engagement Range = 20000 ft
    This is a very powerful AA weapon. This can target up to four targets in
    a single go, and that could mean wiping out an entire air squadron of
    fighters or helicopters in a single go.
    These are easy to use. You have a long engagement range, and since enemies
    tend to use Joint Strike Missiles, you have an easy shot at taking down 
    most of them before they even come close. The best place to use them is
    to attack the enemy from the side or back, this is because they don't have
    room to fly around to dodge it.
    Air aces will use flares, so you need to quick switch back to the JSM and
    take them out quickly. As such, these are ideal against weaker enemy 
    fighters, and best of all, helicopters. Helicopters usually get to travel
    is groups of four, and this can target four missiles. Move to about 20000
    ft, and lock on to all four, and fire. All four helis will be shot down.
    The best thing about this missile is the damage. Given that you normally
    need 2 shots to down a fighter, if one of these hits an enemy fighter, 
    that is more than enough to down it, so you really want these to hit and
    not miss.
    --==Multi Target AG Missile==--
    Engagement Range = 24000 ft
    This is the ground varient of the Multi Target AA missile, where you can
    target up to four ground targets with a single missile. Again, this is 
    very useful, though you won't be getting four targets, you normally get
    about two given that enemies tend to travel in pairs. On open fields, you'll
    get your four targets.
    Again, these are easy to use, they have a long engagement range, so you can 
    easily take down those SAM sites before they even get to look at you, but
    generally speaking, this is for ground units, I've got something else against
    those pesky SAMs. 
    These missiles are quite slow, but they are fire and forget, so once you
    let loose the missiles, just fly off, so the enemy can't give a good lock
    on you and counter attack to make life a bit more difficult.
    --==Radar Guided Missile==--
    Engagement Range = 40000 ft
    My favourite missile, though the hardest to use, this is the very advanced
    version of the Joint Strike Missile, where it can target all units. This is
    not however, a fire and forget missile.
    To use this missile, you have a large reticle in front of you. Lock onto a
    target, and you must have the lock on for the entire time, you have to be
    locked on the entire trip of the missile to hit. That is important. However,
    this compensates for having an extremely large engagement range as well as
    dishing out lashes of damage.
    This is best used as a first shot against enemy aircraft, as well as an
    excellent tool to wipe out enemy SAM sites and AA guns from a distance, 
    without the fear of getting shot down in response. These will basically 
    wipe everything off, except powerful naval vessels, with a single missile.
    This is hard to use initially, but once you get the hang of using this 
    missile, you'll appreciate the usefulness of this missile.
    --==Rocket Pod==--
    Engagement Range = Variable
    This is like the ground attack version of a cannon, basicaly put the target
    on the centre of the screen and fire and hope for the best. I dislike this
    weapon mainly because it replaces a more useful weapon such as the Multi
    Target AG missile or the Radar Guided Missile.
    This is more of a last resort weapon, so I don't use it much. Your Joint
    Strike Missiles do a far better job and have a much longer range than this
    Not really a weapon, but it still shows up as one. Flares are only useful
    when you have a missile lock, and you can't brake and turn or throttle up
    and fly away from it. 
    Flares aren't that useful, it is quite easy to break the missile lock on
    a plane, and as such, you don't need to bother with flares. I only use
    flares when I get shot down too many times and I can't afford to take 
    any more damage. However, these are extremely effective, and they will
    dodge the missile for you. 
    [3.02] Perks
    The planes in HAWX have perks, that is, benefits and disadvantages to flying
    each one of them. These are important because they can drastically change the
    course of a battle to your favour.
    Air to Air Specialisation - Plane locks very fast on air targets
    Dual Cannons - This plane is equipped with two on board cannons
    Electronic Warfare - This plane has access to an Electronic Warfare weapon
                         pack in versus.
    Fast Recovery - Airplane recovers from stall fast
    High AOA - This plane can achieve a high angle of attackwithout the use of 
               thrust vectoring
    Increased Payload - This plane carries an increased load of ammunition
    Low Payload - This plane carries a reduced load of ammunition
    Slow Recovery - Airplane recovers from stall slow
    Stable - Airplane enters stall slowly
    Stealth - The plane is harder to lock by the enemy
    Thrust Vectoring - This plane has thrust vectoring
    Unstable - Airplane enters stall fast
    Versatile - Plane locks on fast on both air and ground targets
    [3.03] Planes List
    Here is a list of all the planes that can appear in the game, as well as 
    the three pre-order planes, which can be obtanied via the necessary codes.
    If you want to have a looksee, the cheats page on GameFAQs will have it, or
    the boards. Search for your platform however. 
    I won't list the stats, you can easily see that yourself, but I've give a 
    brief history of each plane later on for interest.
    MiG-21 Fishbed            - Start
    Su-23 Frogfoot            - Complete Mission 1
    F-4G Advanced Wild Weasel - Complete Mission 2
    MiG-29 Fulcrum            - Complete Mission 3
    F-15 Active               - Complete Mission 4
    Su-27 Flanker             - Complete Mission 5
    Mirage 5                  - Complete Mission 6
    MiG-33 Super Fulcrum      - Complete Mission 7
    F-14A Tomcat              - Complete Mission 8
    F-16A Flying Falcon       - Complete Mission 9
    F-15C Eagle               - Complete Mission 10
    FA/18E Superhornet        - Complete Mission 11
    F-14B Bombcat             - Complete Mission 12
    F-117A Nighthawk          - Complete Mission 13
    Eurofighter Typhoon       - Complete Mission 14
    Rafale C                  - Complete Mission 15
    A-10 Thunderbolt II       - Complete Mission 16
    F-22 Raptor               - Complete Mission 17
    YF-17 Cobra               - Complete Mission 18
    F-35 Joint Strike Fighter - Complete Mission 19
    XA-20 Razorback           - VIP Plane
    Saab 35 Draken            - VIP Plane
    A-12 Avenger II           - Pre Order Bonus, Level 21
    F-18 HARV                 - Pre Order Bonus, Level 33
    FB-22 Strike Raptor       - Pre Order Bonus, Level 30
    MiG-25 Foxbat             - Reach Level 2
    A-7B Corsair II           - Reach Level 3
    EF-111A Raven             - Reach Level 4
    F-5A Freedom Fighter      - Reach Level 5
    F-2                       - Reach Level 6
    A-6A Intruder             - Reach Level 7
    AV-8B Harrier II          - Reach Level 8
    Mirage 2000 C             - Reach Level 9
    F-20 Tigershark           - Reach Level 11
    F/A-18 RC                 - Reach Level 12
    EA-6B Prowler             - Reach Level 13
    Mirage F1                 - Reach Level 14
    F-5B Tiger II             - Reach Level 15
    Mirage IV P               - Reach Level 16
    YF-12A                    - Reach Level 17
    Mirage III                - Reach Level 21
    JAGUAR                    - Reach Level 22
    Mirage 2000-5             - Reach Level 23
    F-14D Super Tomcat        - Reach Level 24
    F-15E Strike Eagle        - Reach Level 25
    Su-32 FN                  - Reach Level 26
    F/A-18C Hornet            - Reach Level 27
    F-16C Fighting Falcon     - Reach Level 30
    X-29                      - Reach Level 31
    Su-34 Fullback            - Reach Level 32
    Sabb 39 Gripen            - Reach Level 33
    Su-35 Super Flanker       - Reach Level 34
    YF-23 Black Widow II      - Reach Level 35
    Su-37 Terminator          - Reach Level 36
    Su-47 Berkut              - Reach Level 40
    [3.04] The Real Life Comparsion
    This section is dedicated to the planes in the game. I will put them in terms
    of their manufacturer, as a comparsion between the planes in the game and 
    their real life comparsions. Note that only one single plane in the game
    doesn't exist, the XA-20 Razorback. 
    XA-20 Razorback
    The Razorback is the only plane that doesn’t actually exact in real life or 
    was considered as a prototype. If it was in production, it will be classified 
    as the A-20 Razorback, because the X stands for eXperimental. If it is to be 
    designed, it will be an attack plane such as the Thunderbolt II and designed 
    to provide close ground support. They are air to ground aircraft, mainly to 
    assist with missions such as ground support, suppression fire. There is no 
    mention of who designed this aircraft either. A shame, it is a nice aircraft, 
    armed with stealth capabilities. 
    Basic Stats
    Mirage III
    The Dassault Mirage III is a French built interceptor aircraft, designed to 
    basically fight against enemy aircraft, both fighters, and most importantly, 
    bombers. One of the oldest planes in the game, it was in active service in 
    1961 and still in service as of today. This plane compares well with many of 
    the new jet engine aircraft, given that this is designed just after the 
    Korean War. This plane has spawned several variants such as the Mirage 5 and 
    the Mirage IIIV. 
    Basic Stats
    Crew = 1
    Max Speed =  km/hr
    Combat Range = Unknown
    Wingspan = 8.22 m
    Height = 4.5 m
    Length = 15 m
    Weight = 7,050 kg
    2X 30mm DEFA 552 Cannons
    Rocket Pods
    Air to Air Missiles
    Air to Ship Missiles
    2X Fuel Drop Tanks (Capacity Unknown)
    Mirage IV P
    The Dassault Mirage IV P is a design that modified the original Mirage IVA, 
    named Mirage IV P with the P standing for penetration. They have all been 
    disbanded. They were originally built off the Mirage IV which was a 
    supersonic strategic bomber and reconnaissance aircraft that is capable of 
    supersonic speeds. This was designed by the French to carry their nuclear 
    deterrent, or their nukes and drop them on unsuspecting enemies. Only 62 were 
    ever built, and although they have been produced after the Mirage III, they 
    are still in service, unlike the Mirage IV, which have all been retired. 
    Basic Stats
    Crew = 2
    Max Speed = 2,350 km/hr
    Combat Range = 1,240 km
    Wingspan = 11.84 m
    Height = 5.65 m
    Length = 23.50 m
    Weight = 14,500 kg
    Sensor Pod for Reconnaissance
    Mirage 5
    The Mirage 5 is an attack variant of the Mirage III that has been listed. The 
    Mirage III was successful enough so that several variants have been produced, 
    such as this one. Again, this plane was designed and completed in the 1960’s, 
    so any current operators of this plane will not fair well against any modern 
    aircraft. This plane is designed to take down enemy ground units, something 
    that the Mirage III could not do, due to the construction of the Mirage III 
    as an interceptor aircraft and the Mirage IV based as a strategic bomber. 
    Basic Stats
    Crew = 1
    Max Speed = 2,350 km/hr
    Combat Range = Unknown
    Wingspan = 8.22 m
    Height = 4.5 m
    Length = 15 m
    Weight = 7,050 kg
    2X 30mm DEFA 552 Cannons
    Rocket Pods
    Air to Air Missiles
    2X Drop Tanks (Capacity Unknown)
    Mirage F1
    The Mirage F1 is the successor to the Mirage III, based as an air-superiority 
    fighter and attack aircraft, basically a normal fighter aircraft. This is the 
    most successful of the second generation of European aircraft, though 
    thoroughly useless in modern times due to the advances in avionics. The 
    Mirage F1 has had many, many export variants built, more so than most of the 
    modern planes which are all based on a few variants. One of the more famous 
    battles was one between an Iraqi Mirage F1 and an unarmed EF-111A Raven, and 
    somehow, the Raven won and shot down the enemy Mirage F1. This was the only 
    EF-111A aerial kill ever recorded. 
    Basic Stats
    Crew = 1
    Max Speed = 2,573 km/hr
    Combat Range = 425 km
    Wingspan = 8.44 m
    Height = 4.49 m
    Length = 15.33 m
    Weight = 7,400 kg
    2X 30mm DEFA 553 Cannons
    Rocket Pods
    Air to Air Missiles
    Air to Ship Missiles
    Air to Ground Missiles
    Reconnaissance Pods
    Mirage 2000C
    This is another fighter aircraft based on the Mirage III. It seems that the 
    Mirage III set the standard for many of the future Mirage fighter aircraft. 
    This is a multirole fighter aircraft, designed to provide air defence and 
    ground support. This plane is a competitor to the F-16 Fighting Falcon, and 
    it has since been replaced by the Rafale C  in the French Air Force, though 
    many of these planes still remain in service in nations that the plane has 
    been exported to. This has led to the development of the Mirage 2000-5, 
    though they share many similarities. 
    Basic Stats
    Crew = 1
    Max Speed = 1,480 km/hr
    Combat Range = Unknown
    Wingspan = 9.13 m
    Height = 5.30 m
    Length = 14.36 m
    Weight = 7,600 kg
    2X 30mm DEFA 554 Revolver Cannons
    Air to Air Missiles
    Air to Ground Missiles
    Rocket Pods
    Mirage 2000-5
    To compete with the might of the USAF, the Mirage 2000 was improved in order 
    to compete with the newest variants of the F-16 Fighting Falcons. The Mirage 
    2000-5 is a direct improvement from the Mirage 2000C, making the initial 
    fight in 1991. The Mirage 2000-5 was designed as a fill in between the Mirage 
    2000C and the Rafale C, both designed by Dassault. The Mirage line of 
    fighters are all Dassault owned and made. With new technology built into the 
    Rafale C, the Mirage 2000-5 Mk 2 has been designed to remain in service until 
    the French Air Force decides to entire it. 
    Basic Stats
    Crew = 1
    Max Speed = 1,480 km/hr
    Combat Range = Unknown
    Wingspan = 9.13 m
    Height = 5.30 m
    Length = 14.16 m
    Weight = 7,600 kg
    2X 30mm DEFA 554 Revolver Cannons
    Air to Air Missiles
    Air to Ground Missiles
    Rocket Pods
    Rafale C
    The Dassault Rafale C is a modern multirole fighter designed for the French 
    Air Force and the French Navy. The C variant of the Rafale is a single-seat 
    fighter, compared to the Rafale B which is a twin seater and Rafale A, an 
    aircraft carrier based fighter. This fighter has been compared with the 
    Eurofighter Typhoon and the US Navy’s F/A-18 E/F Superhornet. More variants 
    of the Rafale have been since designed, Rafale D, a semi-stealthy plane, 
    Rafale M which is another carrier aircraft and the Rafale N, a two seater 
    which has been cancelled. This is the best that the French Air Force has to 
    offer built specifically by them. 
    Basic Stats
    Crew = 1
    Max Speed = 2,390 km/hr
    Combat Range = 1,852 km
    Wingspan = 10.80 m
    Height = 5.34 m
    Length = 15.27 m
    Weight = 9,500 kg
    1X 30mm GIAT 30/719B Cannon
    Air to Air Missiles
    Air to Ground Missiles
    Air to Ship Missiles
    Nuclear Missiles
    SPECTRA electronic warfare system
    Infrared tracking system
    Eurofighter Typhoon
    A fighter designed by European communities, hence the name Eurofighter, is a 
    multirole fighter, capable of air-to-air duties and air-to-ground duties. It 
    was designed as something as a competitor to the US Navy’s F/A-18 Hornet, and 
    has evolved as one of the best aircraft of the fourth generation of fighter 
    jets, pushing it into the 4.5 generation, but not making it to the fifth 
    generation, thanks to the F-22 Raptor. It is capable of defeating most fourth 
    generation aircraft in mock combat tests, but has yet to face off against the 
    Raptor, however, given combat tests against Su-35, the Raptor has kills of 
    10.1:1 whilst the Typhoon has kills of 4.5:1
    Basic Stats
    Crew = 1
    Max Speed = 2,495 km/h
    Combat Range = 2,900km
    Wingspan = 10.95m
    Height = 5.28m
    Length = 15.96m
    Weight = 11,000 kg
    Mauser BK-27 Gatling Cannon
    Air to Air Missiles
    Air to Ground Missiles
    Laser Designator
    A-10A Thunderbolt II
    The Fairchild A-10A Thunderbolt II is a close air support, ground attack 
    aircraft, one of the toughest planes in the US arsenal, enabling it to take 
    several hits from armour-piercing rounds and explosive projectiles and still 
    return to base. These aircraft are designed to take down enemy tanks with 
    their cannons, as well as provide ground support to ground forces. The 
    Warthog as it is called by the pilots due to the design. Designed as a 
    replacement for attack aircraft shot down during Vietnam, the Thunderbolt II 
    is to stay in the USAF until 2028 where it will be replaced by the F-35 
    Lightning II.
    Basic Stats
    Crew = 1
    Max Speed = 833 km/hr
    Combat Range = 467km
    Wingspan = 17.53m
    Height = 4.47m
    Length = 16.26m
    Weight = 11,321 kg
    30mm Avenger Gatling Cannon
    Rocket Pods
    Air to Air Missiles
    Air to Ground Missiles
    Electronic Countermeasures
    Laser Designator
    2X Fuel Drop Tanks (Capacity 600 Gallons)
    --==General Dynamics==--
    F-16A Fighting Falcon
    The General Dynamics F-16A Fighting Falcon is the first of the many variants 
    produced of the Fighting Falcon. Originally created by General Dynamics and 
    Lockheed Martin, this is a single engine multirole fighter. This is somewhat 
    one of the weaker planes in the USAF. The versatility of the F-15 Strike 
    Eagle, F-22 Raptor and the Navy’s F/A-18 Hornet has now removed much of the 
    need for the Fighting Falcon. However, it still remains as one of the most 
    heavily produced fighter planes among Western nations. Built as the first 
    fighter to sustain 9-g turns, it is planned to remain in service with the 
    USAF until 2025, when it being replaced by the F-35 Lightning II. 
    Basic Stats
    Crew = 1
    Max Speed = 2,414 km/hr
    Combat Range = 550 km
    Wingspan = 9.8 m
    Height = 4.8 m
    Length = 14.8 m
    Weight = 8,670 kg
    20mm M61 Vulcan Gatling Cannon
    Air to Air Missiles
    Air to Ground Missiles
    Air to Ship Missiles
    Infrared Decoys
    Electronic Countermeasures
    Laser Designators
    3X Fuel Drop Tanks (Capacity 300-370 Galleons)
    EF-111A Raven
    The EF-111A Raven is an electronic warfare plane that is based on the 
    venerable F-111 Aardvark, an plane so old that it will probably be older than 
    most of the readers, it was designed in 1964. This plane has been retired, 
    replaced by the EA-6B Prowler. Only 42 of these planes were ever built, and 
    their main aim is electronic warfare which was basically a plane for ground 
    mapping as well as, most importantly, jamming systems that basically moot the 
    effect that radar guided missiles pose to friendly fighter aircraft. Though 
    it is not armed normally, it is capable of actually carrying weapons if need 
    be. However, given that this is a support aircraft, it will, more often than 
    not, be escorted by friendly fighters. 
    Basic Stats
    Crew = 2
    Max Speed = 2,985 km/hr
    Combat Range = Non-Combat
    Wingspan = 19.2 m
    Height = 6.1 m
    Length = 23.17 m
    Weight = 25,072 kg
    Possible Air to Air Missiles (Sidewinders)
    Possible 2X Fuel Drop Tanks (Capacity 600 Gallons)
    F-14A Tomcat
    The Grumman F-14A Tomcat is the result of experimentation to improve the 
    performance of the F-111 Aardvark. Introduced  in 1974, and retired only 
    recently in 2006, the Tomcat is one of the most common planes in the game, 
    with three variants, the Tomcat, Bombcat and the Super Tomcat. The F-14A 
    variant of the Tomcat is the all-weather interceptor variant of the Tomcat. 
    Like the F/A-18 Hornets and their variants, the Tomcat was only used by the 
    US Navy, and Iran, and not the United States Air Force interestingly enough.  
    Basic Stats
    Crew = 2
    Max Speed = 2,485 km/hr
    Combat Range = 926 km
    Wingspan = 19.55 m
    Height = 4.88 m
    Length = 19.1 m
    Weight = 18,190 kg
    1X 20mm M61 Vulcan Gatling Cannon
    Air to Air Missiles
    Precision Strike Munitions
    F-14B Bombcat
    The Bombcat is an upgrade of the original Grumman F-14A Tomcat, this was 
    built to improve the performance of the Tomcat. It was built with better 
    radar systems, which increases the performance of its bombing runs, and 
    instead of being designed as a interceptor, is has changed into the role of a 
    multirole fighter, capable of taking down both ground and air targets. The 
    improvements over the original Tomcat is that is has much better fuel 
    efficiency, making it easier to take off and land on aircraft carriers, as 
    these were carrier aircraft, given their operation by the USN. 
    Basic Stats
    Crew = 2
    Max Speed = 2,485 km/hr
    Combat Range = 926 km
    Wingspan = 19.55 m
    Height = 4.88 m
    Length = 19.1 m
    Weight = 18,801 kg
    1X 20mm M61 Vulcan Gatling Cannon
    Air to Air Missiles
    Air to Ground Missiles
    2X Fuel Drop Tanks (Capacity 267 Gallons)
    F-14D Super Tomcat
    The Super Tomcat is the last variant of the Tomcat, being the most advanced 
    of them. Built with better jet engines and radar systems, as well as a better 
    structure as well. Updated with modern technology, the F-14D Super Tomcats 
    are the ones that were last retired by the USN. Armed with a Multirole 
    Fighter role in mind, this is the premier of carrier strike craft until the 
    introduction of the F/A-18 Hornet. Only 50 or so were built, and 18 were 
    upgraded from the F-14A Tomcat to the F-14D Super Tomcat. 
    Basic Stats
    Crew = 2
    Max Speed = 2,485 km/hr
    Combat Range = 926 km
    Wingspan = 19.55 m
    Height = 4.88 m
    Length = 19.1 m
    Weight = 18,950 kg
    1X 20mm M61 Vulcan Gatling Cannon
    Air to Air Missiles
    Air to Ground Missiles
    LITENING targeting pod
    2X Fuel Drop Tanks (Capacity 267 Gallons)
    The X-29 was a product from Grumman and it was an experimental aircraft, 
    based on the existing F-5A Freedom Fighters. They were developed from the 
    Freedom Fighters and built to test out cutting edge technology to apply to 
    newer aircraft designs. This plane became the first forward swept wing 
    aircraft to reach supersonic speeds, and NASA continued using the X-29 until 
    1991. If you are interested, there are several X-29s, well, only two, on 
    display, the best one would be in the National Museum of the United States 
    Air Force. 
    Basic Stats
    Crew = 1
    Max Speed = 1,770 km/hr
    Combat Range = Unknown
    Wingspan = 8.29 m
    Height = 4.26 m
    Length = 14.7 m
    Weight = 6,260 kg
    A-6 Intruder
    The Grumman A-6A Intruder is the first variant of the Intruder. This is an 
    attack aircraft, and they only remain in service as the EA-6B Prowler, the 
    electronic warfare plane, because these have been retired since 1997. Armed 
    with the DIANE system, it allowed this plane to operate in all weather 
    conditions, a situation that has plagued aircraft engineers for a long time, 
    given that planes used to operate only in clear conditions. This is the 
    first of the variants, and the only one available to you in game, so you 
    don’t get more advanced variants. 
    Basic Stats
    Crew = 2
    Max Speed = 1,040 km/hr
    Combat Range = 5,222 km
    Wingspan = 16.2 m
    Height = 4.75 m
    Length = 16.6 m
    Weight = 11,630 kg
    Air to Air Missiles
    Rocket Pods
    Land and Sea Mines
    A-7B Corsair II
    The Corsair II is a carrier based attack aircraft, capable of supersonic 
    speeds and used to replace the A-4 Skyhawk. It was originally designed to 
    operate in the US Navy, but it was later adopted by the US Air Force. The 
    A-7B is an improvement over the original Corsair armed with newer engines 
    and only 196 were constructed. The A-7B has seen service since 1967, and used 
    to train pilots for the then upcoming F-117 Nighthawk.  The Navy was so 
    impressed by the Corsair II that they even custom made their own plane with 
    newer equipment. 
    Basic Stats
    Crew = 1
    Max Speed = 1,123 km/hr
    Combat Range = 1,150 km
    Wingspan = 11.81 m
    Height = 4.90 m
    Length = 14.06 m
    Weight = 9,033 kg
    1X 20mm M61 Vulcan Gatling Cannon
    Air to Air Missiles
    Rocket Pods
    Nuclear Bombs
    EA-6B Prowler
    The Grumman EA-6B Prowler is a variant and the only existing version of the 
    A-6 Intruder. This is designed as an electronic warfare plane, and it is 
    different to the EF-111A Raven because it is allowed to carry weapons 
    compatible to its goal of electronic warfare, armed with HARM (High-Speed 
    Anti Radiation Missile) and tactical jamming pods. Although it is old, it is 
    still in service with the USN to this day and it is bound to replaced by the 
    modification of the F/A-18 Hornets, the EA-18G Growler. 
    Basic Stats
    Crew = 4
    Max Speed = 1,050 km/hr
    Combat Range = 3,861 km
    Wingspan = 15.9 m
    Height = 4.9 m
    Length = 17.7 m
    Weight = 15,130 kg
    HARM Anti-Radar Missiles
    Tactical Jamming Systems
    5X Fuel Drop Tanks (Capacity 300 Gallons)
    --==Lockheed Martin==--
    F-117A Nighthawk
    The F-117 Nighthawk is the first of the Stealth Bombers designed by the USAF, 
    and it popularised the term of stealth bomber and its image with synonymous 
    with a stealth bomber. The problem is that the designation was wrong, it 
    should be B-117 Nighthawk due to the F prefix leads to air to air fighter, 
    whereas B stands for Bomber. The USAF wanted to keep this plane a secret to 
    the point where that all planes where hidden inside from Soviet satellites, 
    giving it the nickname of Cockroach. Also of note that pilots of these planes 
    would be known as Bandits X, where X was the order of the pilots who have 
    flown the Nighthawk. They have since been retired and replaced by the B-2 
    Spirit. It was replaced due to the excessive amount of money to maintain the 
    stealth technology. 
    Basic Stats
    Crew = 1
    Max Speed = 993 km/hr
    Combat Range = 1720 km
    Wingspan = 13.20 m
    Height = 3.75 m
    Length = 20.08 m
    Weight = 13,380 kg
    F-22 Raptor
    Currently the best plane ever designed, the Lockheed Martin/Boeing F-22 
    Raptor is the first of the fifth generation aircraft, being a stealth air 
    superiority fighter. They are exceptionally deadly, given their stealth 
    properties and their abilities to shoot down enemy aircraft and bomb ground 
    units. The technology of the Raptor is a secret such that even allies of the 
    US, long-standing allies are not able to purchase the F-22 Raptor. The Raptor 
    has high expectations to meet, given it is to replace the venerable F-15 
    Eagle. It is currently the best aircraft in the world, defeating all current 
    aircraft with relative ease. 
    Basic Stats
    Crew = 1
    Max Speed = 2,410 km/hr
    Combat Range = 759 km
    Wingspan = 13.56 m
    Height = 5.08 m
    Length = 18.90 m
    Weight = 19,700 kg
    1X 20mm M61A2 Vulcan Gatling Cannon
    Air to Air Missiles
    Air to Ground Missiles
    4X Fuel Drop Tanks (Capacity 600 Gallons)
    FB-22 Strike Raptor
    This plane is still a concept plane, designed as an interim between the 
    current B-1 Lancers and the B-2 Spirits with the future 2037 Bomber. This is 
    another stealth bomber, armed as a mixture of their normal Air Superiority 
    fighter as well as the current bombers. This is built as a regional bomber, 
    replacing the tactical role of the F-111A Aardvark. It is designed with an 
    accurate GPS system, apparently making a small bomb as lethal as a 2000 pound 
    bomb.  Technology is currently underway to develop a larger internal capacity 
    for the Raptor, given that it hides its armaments to avoid detection. 
    Basic Stats (Based on the F-22 Raptor)
    Crew = 1
    Max Speed = 2,410 km/hr
    Combat Range = 759 km
    Wingspan = 13.56 m
    Height = 5.08 m
    Length = 18.90 m
    Weight = 19,700 kg
    1X 20mm M61A2 Vulcan Gatling Cannon
    4X Fuel Drop Tanks (Capacity 600 Gallons)
    F-35 Lightning II/Joint Strike Fighter
    The F-35 Lightning II is a stealth multirole fighter, designed to be the US 
    Navy’s version of the F-22 Raptor. This is the result of the Joint Strike 
    Fighter program by several leading Western nations. This plane has been 
    questioned since it is considerable less powerful than the Raptor, which is 
    of concern to several participants of the program. This plane is designed as 
    a carrier based aircraft, with some variants having a vertical takeoff and 
    lift function, similar to the Harrier. This plane is designed to replace the 
    F-16 Fighting Falcon, A-10 Thunderbolt II, F/A-18 Hornets, F/A-18 E-F S
    uperhornets and AV-8B Harrier II. It has big expectations, it will be 
    introduced in 2011. Time will tell about its performance. 
    Basic Stats (Predicted)
    Crew = 1
    Max Speed = 1,931 km/hr
    Combat Range = 1,090 km
    Wingspan = 10.65 m
    Height = 5.28 m
    Length = 15.37 m
    Weight = 29,036 kg
    1X 25mm GAU-22/A Gatling Cannon
    Air to Air Missiles
    Air to Ground Missiles
    F-16C Fighting Falcon
    This is an improved single seat version of the original F-16A Fighting Falcon 
    designed by General Dynamics. The F-16C Fighting Falcon is produced by 
    Lockheed Martin, as it took over General Dynamics and their production of the 
    Fighting Falcon. They have upgraded jet engines and enhanced all weather 
    capacities as well as overall general performance. These are still in 
    service, waiting to be replaced by the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter/Lightning II 
    which also happens to be designed by Lockheed Martin. 
    Basic Stats
    Crew = 1
    Max Speed = 1,470 km/hr
    Combat Range = 550 km
    Wingspan = 9.8 m
    Height = 4.8 m
    Length = 14.8 m
    Weight = 8,670 kg
    1X 20mm M61 Vulcan Gatling Cannon
    Rocket Pods
    Air to Air Missiles
    Air to Ground Missiles
    Air to Ship Missiles
    Infrared Decoys
    Electronic Countermeasures
    Laser Designators
    3X Fuel Drop Tanks (Capacity 300-370 Gallons)
    This plane was developed by Lockheed Martin that led to the development of 
    the famous SR-71 Blackbird, one of the fastest planes in the world. It was 
    developed from the A-12, the Lockheed Martin A-12, not the cancelled A-12 
    Avenger II. This was cancelled because it was believed that the Soviets did 
    not possess a bomber that was fast enough to warrant the use of the YF-12. 
    This is different from some of the other planes because of the excessive 
    length of the plane, designed as an Interceptor plane. 
    Basic Stats
    Crew = 2
    Max Speed = 3,661 km/hr
    Combat Range = 4800 km
    Wingspan = 16.95 m
    Height = 5.64 m
    Length = 30.97 m
    Weight = 27,604 kg
    Air to Air Missiles
    --==McDonnell Douglas/Boeing==--
    F-4G Advanced Wild Weasel
    The McDonnell Douglas F-4G Phantom II, is also known as the Wild Weasel V, 
    which is used by the Wild Weasels flight group until they were replaced with 
    the Fighting Falcon. The Wild Weasel was designed for the role of Radar 
    destruction, they are tasked with destroy enemy air defence systems, which 
    is one of the most dangerous roles, they are basically destroying radar 
    installations, and more dangerously, a SAM site. Now, the Phantom IIs are 
    now not in service, they are instead being converted into drones. 
    Basic Stats
    Crew = 2
    Max Speed = 2,370 km/hr
    Combat Range = 680 km
    Wingspan = 11.7 m
    Height = 5.0 m
    Length = 19.2 m
    Weight = 13,757 kg
    1X 20mm M61 Vulcan Gatling Cannon
    Air to Air Missiles
    Air to Ground Missiles
    F/A-18 RC
    I personally did not find much in terms of information, but these are 
    apparently the planes that are currently being used by the Blue Angels. 
    They are still battle ready, they are actually former navy fleet aircraft, 
    only on loan to show off how cool air power is. It is based off the F/A-18B 
    Hornet, the current plane of the Blue Angels. It is still designed by 
    McDonnell Douglas, which is now a part of Boeing Integrated Systems. 
    Basic Stats
    Crew = 1
    Max Speed = 1,915 km/hr
    Combat Range = 537 km
    Wingspan = 12.3 m
    Height = 4.7 m
    Length = 17.1 m
    Weight = 11,200 kg
    1X 20mm M61 Vulcan Gatling Cannon
    Air to Air Missiles
    Air to Ground Missiles
    Air to Ship Missiles
    Rocket Pods
    Infrared Decoys
    Electronic Countermeasures
    Targeting Pods
    3X Fuel Drop Tanks (Capacity 330 Gallons)
    F-18 HARV
    The HARV is another variant of the F/A-18 Hornet, but it is built to be used 
    by NASA and is an experimental aircraft, used to test high angles of attack 
    using thrust vectoring. This was in use until 1996, basically the same as a 
    X-29, because it is used to test new technology, rather than being a 
    prototype for military use. I’ll list the stats of the normal Hornet, given 
    that it was a variant of the normal Hornet, and not the improved Super 
    Basic Stats
    Crew = 1
    Max Speed = 1,915 km/hr
    Combat Range = 537 km
    Wingspan = 12.3 m
    Height = 4.7 m
    Length = 17.1 m
    Weight = 11,200 kg
    1X 20mm M61 Vulcan Gatling Cannon
    Air to Air Missiles
    Air to Ground Missiles
    Air to Ship Missiles
    Rocket Pods
    Infrared Decoys
    Electronic Countermeasures
    Targeting Pods
    3X Fuel Drop Tanks (Capacity 330 Gallons)
    F/A-18C Hornet
    The last updated single version of the normal Hornet, before they were 
    improved with the Superhornet. This was built only for the United States 
    Navy and their carrier fleet, and they are not in use at all with the United 
    States Air Force. Built effectively by Boeing, they are the primary strike 
    aircraft of the carrier fleets, until they will be replaced by the multirole 
    F-35 Lightning II. The Hornet was built over building a variant of the 
    Fighting Falcon. With many of the Navy’s fighters and attack planes, as well 
    as electronic warfare aging and needing replacement, the Hornet has filled 
    many of the roles, upgrading to the Superhornet, with the EA-18 Growler 
    being developed to fill electronic warfare. 
    Basic Stats
    Crew = 1
    Max Speed = 1,915 km/hr
    Combat Range = 537 km
    Wingspan = 12.3 m
    Height = 4.7 m
    Length = 17.1 m
    Weight = 11,200 kg
    1X 20mm M61 Vulcan Gatling Cannon
    Air to Air Missiles
    Air to Ground Missiles
    Air to Ship Missiles
    Rocket Pods
    Infrared Decoys
    Electronic Countermeasures
    Targeting Pods
    3X Fuel Drop Tanks (Capacity 330 Gallons)
    F/A-18E Superhornet
    The Superhornet, developed by Boeing, is an advanced variant of the normal 
    Hornet. This was built as a replacement to many of the attack aircraft that 
    the US Navy had, aging badly, and this plane filled the void created by the 
    retirement of those aircraft. The Navy also needed a fleet defender, having 
    cancelled a naval variant of the F-22 Raptor. This would be the last of the 
    fourth generation aircraft for the US military, being generation 4.75, and 
    these will be replaced over time with the Lightning II. These are to be 
    succeeded officially with a sixth generation fighter in 2024, though if 
    stealth is fifth generation, what’s sixth generation? Invisible strike 
    Basic Stats
    Crew = 1
    Max Speed = 1,900 km/hr
    Combat Range = 722 km
    Wingspan = 13.62 m
    Height = 4.88 m
    Length = 18.31 m
    Weight = 13,900 kg
    1X 20mm M61 Vulcan Gatling Cannon
    Air to Air Missiles
    Air to Ground Missiles
    Air to Ship Missiles
    Rocket Pods
    Infrared Decoys
    Electronic Countermeasures
    Targeting Pods
    4X Fuel Drop Tanks (Capacity 480 Gallons) OR
    1X Fuel Drop Tank (Capacity 330 Gallons)
    AV-8B Harrier II
    The Harrier Jump Jet was a joint American and British project, and it is most 
    famous for its ability to have vertical takeoff and landing. This was an 
    extensive redesign of the original Harrier Jump Jet. This is only used in 
    the United States Marine Corp, which is an military in its own right, having 
    aircraft and armoured vehicles, borrowing ships from the United States Navy. 
    However, it is set to be replaced with a variant of the F-35 Lightning II, 
    which also has the VTOL ability. It is rather interesting as an aircraft, 
    though VTOL is a useful ability on the smaller carriers that the Marines 
    Basic Stats
    Crew = 1
    Max Speed = 1,070 km/hr
    Combat Range = 556 km
    Wingspan = 9.25 m
    Height = 3.55 m
    Length = 14.12 m
    Weight = 6,340 kg
    1X 25mm GAU-12U Equalizer Cannon
    Air to Air Missiles
    Air to Ground Missiles
    Targeting Pod
    A-12 Avenger II
    The Avenger II was one of the cancelled projects in the USN, it was built as 
    an naval attack aircraft, which interestingly enough, had stealth 
    capabilities. It was designed as an all-weather naval stealth bomber, 
    nicknamed the Flying Dorito, which is similar in terms of looks as the F-117 
    Nighthawk. Because it was cancelled, there are some stats that are missing. 
    However, because this attack aircraft was cancelled, it was eventually 
    replaced with the F/A-18 E/F Superhornet, which took over its bombing 
    abilities, though it still lacked the stealth capabilities. 
    Basic Stats
    Crew = 2
    Max Speed = 930 km/hr
    Combat Range = 1,480 km
    Wingspan = 21.4 m
    Height = 3.4 m
    Length = 11.5 m
    Weight = 17,700 kg
    Air to Air Missiles
    Air to Ground Missiles
    F-15 ACTIVE
    Again, this was another of the experimental aircraft that was converted from 
    one of the frontline fighters, the F-15 Eagle. The ACTIVE stands for Advanced 
    Control Technology for Integrated VEhicles, and it is different from the 
    normal Eagle with the a modified airframe , thrust-vectoring nozzles, and it 
    has the ability to take off with a shorter distance than a normal Eagle. 
    This was retired in 1991, when it was no longer needed for testing and the 
    plane itself was then reused in the ACTIVE program, and now it is used for 
    the Intelligent Flight Control System. 
    Basic Stats
    Crew = 2
    Max Speed = 2,650 km/hr
    Combat Range = 4,405 km
    Wingspan = 13 m
    Height = 5.64 m
    Length = 19.7 m
    Weight = 12,232 kg
    None, Technology Demonstrator
    F-15C Eagle
    The F-15 Eagle was built by Boeing and it is used as an air superiority 
    fighter, one of the best fighter planes ever built, which later spawned the 
    attack variant of the Strike Eagle as well as the ACTIVE plane. Also, this 
    is one of the planes that have successfully tested and destroyed a satellite 
    using a missile. This plane is to be supplanted by the F-22 Raptor for air 
    superiority missions, and it is to be in service beyond 2025, which is more 
    than 50 years in service, as it is introduced 9 days into the year 1976. 
    Basic Stats
    Crew = 1
    Max Speed = 2,660 km/hr
    Combat Range = 1,967 km
    Wingspan = 13.05 m
    Height = 5.63 m
    Length = 19.43 m
    Weight = 12,700 kg
    1X 20mm M61A2 Vulcan Gatling Cannon
    Air to Air Missiles
    Air to Satellite Missiles
    Electronic Countermeasures
    F-15E Strike Eagle
    The Strike Eagle is built off the F-15 Eagle, but instead of the air 
    superiority role that the Eagle played, this was used as a strike aircraft, 
    an all-weather strike aircraft, which is built for long range interception 
    of enemy targets. This plane is designed to take over the roles of the F-16 
    Fighting Falcon and the A-10 Thunderbolt II. One of the newest stories is 
    about this plane, Boeing has presented the F-15SE Silent Eagle, which is 
    proposed as a fifth generation fighter implementing technologies found in the 
    F-22 Raptor. Whether it is to be accepted is to be determined. 
    Basic Stats
    Crew = 2
    Max Speed = 2,660 km/hr
    Combat Range = 3,900 km
    Wingspan = 13.05 m
    Height = 5.63 m
    Length = 19.4 m
    Weight = 14,300 kg
    1X 20mm M61 Vulcan Gatling Cannon
    Air to Air Missiles
    Air to Surface Missiles
    Infrared Decoys
    Electronic Countermeasures
    Targeting Pods
    3x Fuel Drop Tanks (Capacity 600 Gallons)
    MiG-21 Fishbed
    The Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21Fishbed is one of the first in terms of jet engine 
    planes, designed as a prototype for the delta wing on the planes. This was 
    one of the first Soviet planes to achieve a speed of Mach 2 and combines the 
    role of fighter and interceptor, effectively becoming an air superiority 
    fighter. This aircraft is the most produced combat aircraft in the entire 
    world, with 10352 planes produced all over the world and spawning the Chengdu 
    J-7 by the Chinese.  For some reason, importers in the US import these planes 
    to sell to private collectors. 
    Basic Stats
    Crew = 1
    Max Speed = 2,175 km/hr
    Combat Range = 1,210 km
    Wingspan = 7.15 m
    Height = 4.13 m
    Length = 14.5 m
    Weight = 8,825 kg
    1X 23mm GSh-23 Cannon
    Air to Air Missiles
    MiG-25 Foxbat
    The Mikoyan-Gurevich Mig-25 Foxbat is a high speed interceptor and 
    reconnaissance aircraft, which scared the Western nations to the point where 
    the F-15 Eagle was developed as a response. It is armed with an extremely 
    powerful radar for its time and equipped with air to air missiles. The 
    specifications of the plane was still a secret and unknown to the West until 
    a Soviet pilot in his Foxbat defected his plane to Japan and from there, the 
    specifications have been leaked. It isn’t heavily armed though, making it 
    weak in modern times.  It does have an extremely high top speed though.
    Basic Stats
    Crew = 1
    Max Speed = 3,490 km/hr
    Combat Range = 1,730 km
    Wingspan = 14.01 m
    Height = 6.10 m
    Length = 19.75 m
    Weight = 20,000 kg
    Air to Air Missiles
    Infrared Missiles
    MiG-29 Fulcrum
    The Mikoyan-Gurevich Mig-29 Fulcrum was developed as a response to the F-15 
    Eagle, given its technical superiority over existing Soviet fighters, and 
    that happened to be a counter to the MiG-25 Foxbat. This is an interceptor 
    as well as a multirole fighter. This is one of the premier strike aircraft 
    of the Soviets, and now, the Russians and all their allies. Since its 
    production, it has spawned many variants, and this includes the MiG-33 
    Super Fulcrum and the MiG-35 Fulcrum-F. This is also used by the USAF for 
    training purposes. 
    Basic Stats
    Crew = 1
    Max Speed = 2,445 km/hr
    Combat Range = 700 km
    Wingspan = 11.4 m
    Height = 4.73 m
    Length = 17.37 m
    Weight = 11,000 kg
    1X 30mm GSh-30-1 Cannon
    Air to Air Missiles
    Electronic Countermeasures
    MiG-33 Super Fulcrum
    The MiG-33 is actually the MiG-29M, known as the Fulcrum-E, or more commonly, 
    the Super Fulcrum. This was basically a technological improvement over the 
    frontline Fulcrum, which is rather interesting, and serves as the frontline 
    fighter against any possible threats. It was designed as a fighter, and it 
    was also armed with the ability to use air to surface missiles, something 
    the original Fulcrum lacked. This is one of the older variants of the 
    Fulcrum, with the Fulcrum D replacing most of the roles designed for the 
    Super Fulcrum. 
    Basic Stats
    Crew = 1
    Max Speed = 2,500 km/hr
    Combat Range = 2000 km
    Wingspan = 11.4 m
    Height = 4.73 m
    Length = 17.37 m
    Weight = 22,400 kg
    1X 30mm GSh-30-1 Cannon
    Air to Air Missiles
    Air to Ground Missiles
    The Mitsubishi F-2 is basically the same as the F-16 Fighting Falcon, 
    produced under license from Lockheed Martin and set for production by the 
    Japanese. This was designed as cheap counter to the Su-27s and the MiG-29s 
    that are in service in nearby countries. This program is however, more 
    expensive than the normal F-16 Fighting Falcon produced by Lockheed Martin 
    for exports. However, given the license, the F-2 contains newer technology 
    not available in the F-16 under export license, though it works out at $108 
    million per F-2 produced, compared to the cost of the F-16 which hovers 
    around $15 million per F-16. 
    Basic Stats
    Crew = 1
    Max Speed = 2,448 km/hr
    Combat Range = 834 km
    Wingspan = 11.13 m
    Height = 4.69 m
    Length = 15.52 m
    Weight = 9,527 kg
    20mm JM61A1 Cannon
    Air to Air Missiles
    Air to Ground Missiles
    Air to Ship Missiles
    YF-23 Black Widow II
    The Black Widow is a proposed fighter that was built by Northrop, the plane 
    was a combination of features gathered from the company’s previous planes, 
    the B-2 Spirit and the F/A-18 Hornet. This was a really funny looking 
    aircraft, designed to meet requirements set by the USAF for survivability, 
    supercruise, ease of maintenance, and most importantly, stealth. Only two of 
    these were built, for experimental reasons, but it was not accepted, it was 
    beaten by what is now known as the F-22 Raptor. However, it is being 
    considered as a competitor to the FB-22 Strike Raptor, for bombing roles. 
    Basic Stats
    Crew = 1
    Max Speed = 2,655 km/hr
    Combat Range = 1,480 km
    Wingspan = 13.30 m
    Height = 4.30 m
    Length = 20.60 m
    Weight = 14,970 kg
    1X 20mm M61 Vulcan Gatling Cannon
    Air to Air Missiles
    YF-17 Cobra
    The Cobra was designed as an alternative to the F-15 Eagle because many 
    considered that the Eagle was too expensive in terms of cost and in terms of 
    maintenance cost. However, this plane was not accepted and this lost out to 
    what is now known as the F-16 Fighting Falcon. This plane, however, was 
    basically a predecessor to the F/A-18 Hornet and the Superhornet. This was 
    designed as a lightweight fighter, which is what the Hornet is. However, it 
    is used in the production of the Superhornet, which is similar in size to 
    what it was designed to replace, the F-15 Eagle. 
    Basic Stats
    Crew = 1
    Max Speed = 2,300 km/hr
    Combat Range = 4,810 km
    Wingspan = 10.5 m
    Height = 5.0 m
    Length = 17.0 m
    Weight = 7,800 kg
    1X 20mm M61 Vulcan Gatling Cannon
    Air to Air Missiles
    F-5A Freedom Fighter
    One of the oldest planes still in operation, the F-5A Freedom Fighter variant 
    was launched in 1959, which makes it a grand 50 years old at this time of 
    writing. This was designed as a fighter and attack aircraft, it was low 
    cost and low maintenance, but there was no interest in this aircraft by the 
    USAF. However, when the Government wanted to sell cheap fighters to allies 
    during the Cold War, this plane was chosen due to its low cost. It spawned 
    one of the better fighters, it spawned the F-5E Tiger II. 
    Basic Stats
    Crew = 1
    Max Speed = 1,485 km/hr
    Combat Range = 2592 km
    Wingspan = 7.70 m
    Height = 4.01 m
    Length = 14.38 m
    Weight = 3,667 kg
    2X 20mm M39 Cannons
    Air to Air Missiles
    Rocket Pods
    F-5E Tiger II
    The Tiger II is a development from the previously shunned F-5A Freedom 
    Fighter, it is built as a lightweight supersonic fighter. It was designed as 
    a fighter and attack aircraft, and was designed as Northrop won a contract 
    to make a replacement for the F-5A Freedom Fighter, a cheap, low maintenance 
    aircraft. The plane will then evolve in the form of the cancelled YF-17 
    Cobra, which lsot out to the F-16 Fighting Falcon, but was used in the 
    F/A-18 Hornets. This was also built for American allies, and stills sees 
    service in many air forces. 
    Basic Stats
    Crew = 1
    Max Speed = 1,700 km/hr
    Combat Range = 1,405 km
    Wingspan = 8.13 m
    Height = 4.08 m
    Length = 14.45 m
    Weight = 4,349 kg
    2X 20mm M39A2 Pontiac Gatling Cannons
    Air to Air Missiles
    Air to Ground Missiles
    Rocket Pods
    3X Fuel Drop Tanks (Capacity 150 or 250 Gallons)
    F-20 Tigershark
    The Northrop F-20 Tigershark was another light fighter, built as another 
    evolution from the F-5E Tiger II. It was built, but it did not enter 
    production because foreign policy during the Reagan administration developed 
    the need for frontline fighters, such as the F-16 Fighting Falcon, which was 
    a competitor, and although it was cheaper to purchase and operate, no orders 
    were placed and it was cancelled. It was superior to the Fighting Falcon in 
    terms of speed, armament capabilities, radar capacities and greater beyond 
    visual range air to air capacity. 
    Basic Stats
    Crew = 1
    Max Speed = 2,572 km/hr
    Combat Range = 555 km
    Wingspan = 8.1 m
    Height = 4.2 m
    Length = 14.2 m
    Weight = 5,090 kg
    2X 20mm M39A2 Pontiac Gatling Cannon
    Air to Air Missiles
    Rocket Pods
    Saab 35 Draken
    This is a plane developed solely by the Swedes, developed as a fighter plane 
    designed to take on enemy bombers and enemy fighters. Comparable to the 
    venerable F-104 Starfighter, it was solely developed for the needs of the 
    Swedish Air Force. It is like a plane of no other, it has extremely large 
    wings, that take a larger wing area than other planes. They are all based as 
    air to air fighters, and as such, they were poor ground support aircraft. 
    They were eventually retired by all operators by 2005, and 644 were built. 
    Basic Stats
    Crew = 1
    Max Speed = 2,120 km/hr
    Combat Range = 3,250 km
    Wingspan = 9.42 m
    Height = 3.89 m
    Length = 15.34 m
    Weight = 7,865 kg
    1X 30mm M-55 ADEN Cannon
    Air to Air Missiles
    Rocket Pods
    Saab 39 Gripen
    The Swedish version of a multirole bomber, the JAS 39 Gripen was designed as 
    a replacement of the Saab 35 Draken and the Saab 37 Viggens. This was chosen 
    over the US F-16 Fighting Falcons, the F/A-18 Hornets and the F-20 
    Tigersharks. This appears the same as most of the multirole fighters that are 
    currently in service with most air forces. The most interesting part of the 
    Gripen was the fact that the plane could take off and land on public roads. 
    Remember, Saab planes are designed specifically for the Swedes, and this was 
    apparently part of their defence strategy. This strategy was complemented by 
    the fact that it could be refuelled by land crews on the roads within a 
    period of 10 minutes, as well as being re-armed. This has made it a useful 
    aircraft for peace-keeping, where runways aren’t as common in countries where 
    they are based for peace-keeping roles. 
    Basic Stats
    Crew = 1
    Max Speed = 2,130 km/hr
    Combat Range = 800 km
    Wingspan = 8.4 m
    Height = 4.5 m
    Length = 14.1 m
    Weight = 5,700 kg
    1X 27mm Mauser BK-27 Cannon
    Air to Air Missiles
    Air to Ground Missiles
    Rocket Pods
    Electronic Countermeasures 
    SEPECAT Jaguar
    A joint project between the British and the French, this is a ground attack 
    craft that is similar to the A-7 Corsair and the venerable Mitsubishi F-1. 
    This has now been replaced by the various fighter aircraft in France and 
    Britain, in France, replaced by the Rafale and in Britain by the Eurofighter 
    Typhoon. Built by Dassault and British Aircraft Corporation, this has since 
    been sold to India and remains as one of their frontline attack craft until 
    it will be replaced by some sort of MiG fighter or Sukhoi fighter. It appears 
    in the game as a bomber, which is inaccurate. 
    Basic Stats
    Crew = 1
    Max Speed = 1,593 km/hr
    Combat Range = 535 km
    Wingspan = 8.69 m
    Height = 4.92 m
    Length = 16.83 m
    Weight = 7,000 kg
    2X 30mm ADEN or DEFA Cannons
    Rocket Pods
    Air to Air Missiles
    Reconnaissance Pods
    Fuel Drop Tanks (Capacity Unknown)
    Anti-Radar Missiles
    Su-25 Frogfoot
    This is the same as an attack aircraft under the US designation, it is built 
    for close support missions, meaning it is to assist ground forces in meeting 
    their objectives. The Sukhoi Su-25 Frogfoot was launched in 1981, active in 
    many of the Eastern European militaries, built because the other bomber 
    aircraft did not match the needs put forward by the army for a specific 
    anti-armour role. The best comparison with USAF aircraft will be the A-10A 
    Thunderbolt II, it is built for an anti-armour role as well as having heavy 
    Basic Stats
    Crew = 1
    Max Speed = 950 km/hr
    Combat Range = 375 km
    Wingspan = 14.36 m
    Height = 4.80 m
    Length = 15.33 m
    Weight = 10,740 kg
    1X 30mm GSh-30-2 Cannon
    Air to Air Missiles
    Air to Ground Missiles
    Rocket Pods
    Su-27 Flanker
    The Sukhoi Su-27 Flanker is designed as an air superiority fighter, which 
    lead to the design of the many Flanker variants. This is also a fighter that 
    is designed as a response to the F-15 Eagle, and it was progressively altered 
    throughout its designed to match the specifications of the F-15 Eagle. It is 
    designed as an AWACS killer, designed to take down enemy AWACS support 
    planes that generally support most fighter plane flights by the USAF.  It is 
    similar to the MiG-29 and is a larger aircraft than that. However, it has 
    seen limited action, unlike the F-15 Eagle. 
    Basic Stats
    Crew = 1
    Max Speed = 2,500 km/hr
    Combat Range = 3,530 km
    Wingspan = 14.7 m
    Height = 5.93 m
    Length = 21.9 m
    Weight = 16,380 kg
    1X 30mm GSh-30-1 Cannon
    Air to Air Missiles
    Air to Ground Missiles
    Su-32 FN
    The Su-32 FN is a Fighter plane for the Navy, hence the FN. This plane was a 
    plane that was developed from the Su-27 and then it was used as a precursor 
    to the design of the Su-34 FN. There isn’t much in the way of information of 
    the Su-32 FN but it is an improvement in terms of technology and armament 
    over the Su-27 Flanker. It is set to match the F/A-18 Hornet, another 
    carrier based plane. These are strictly for the aircraft carrier operations, 
    though they are later replaced by the Su-34 FN. 
    Basic Stats
    Crew = 1
    Max Speed = 1,900 km/hr
    Combat Range = 1,100 km
    Wingspan = 14.7 m
    Height = 6.09 m
    Length = 23.34 m
    Weight = 38,240 kg
    1X 30mm GSh-30-1 Cannon
    Air to Air Missiles
    Air to Ground Missiles
    Air to Ship Missiles
    Su-34 Fullback
    The Sukhoi Su-34 Fullback is a fighter-bomber that is designed as a strike 
    aircraft, more along the likes of the F-15 Strike Eagle. This is set to 
    replace the old Su-24. However, they are developed only recently and the 
    Russian Air Force expect the planes to be completely operation by 2020, 
    which by then faces competition from the F-35 Lightning II and, which is 
    more interesting, the F-22 Raptor. Combat simulations against the Raptor 
    have failed, with at least 10 Fullbacks being shot down for each Raptor. 
    This demonstrates the clear advantage the fifth generation plane has over 
    the newest fourth generation planes. 
    Basic Stats
    Crew = 2
    Max Speed = 1,900 km/hr
    Combat Range = 1,100 km
    Wingspan = 14.7 m
    Height = 6.09 m
    Length = 23.34 m
    Weight = 39,000 kg
    1X 30mm Gsh-30-1 Cannon
    Air to Air Missiles
    Air to Ground Missiles
    Rocket Pods
    Su-35 Super Flanker
    This is designed as the Sukhoi Su-35, used as an air superiority fighter, 
    strike fighter and multirole fighter, a plane of the 4.5 generation.  This 
    was developed from the Su-30 fighter, and at the current point in writing, 
    only 12 exist. Again, this does not compare to the F-22 Raptors, it is more 
    along the lines of comparing to the F-15 Strike Eagle, which again, means 
    that the Raptor shows superiority over these fourth generation fighters. 
    However, with the development of the Su-37, several of the Super Flankers 
    have been converted to the Terminator. 
    Basic Stats
    Crew = 1
    Max Speed = 2,700 km/hr
    Combat Range = 3,600 km
    Wingspan = 15.3 m
    Height = 5.90 m
    Length = 21.9 m
    Weight = 17,500 kg
    1X 30mm GSh-30-1 Cannon
    Air to Air Missiles
    Air to Ground Missiles
    Su-37 Terminator
    The Su-37 Terminator, which it is named in game, is the Sukhoi Su-37 
    Flanker-F, which has been developed from the Su-27 Flanker. This is designed 
    a multirole fighter, though it is still an experimental fighter and thus it 
    is not a complete aircraft, so official information is rather slim because 
    it isn’t complete. More modifications are done in order to match the F/A-18 
    Hornets and the MiG-35, but still are not set to match the F-22 Raptor. The 
    only Su-37s that are in existence are the two that have been converted from 
    the Su-35 Super Flanker. 
    Basic Stats
    Crew = 1
    Max Speed = 2,500 km/hr
    Combat Range = 3,700 km
    Wingspan = 14.7 m
    Height = 6.43 m
    Length = 22.18 m
    Weight = 18,500 kg
    1X 30mm GSh-30-1 Cannon
    12 Hardpoints for Fuel or Missiles
    Su-47 Berkut
    There is currently one of these in the world, designed as an experiment 
    fighter, set for a role as one of the fifth generator fighters for the 
    Russian Air Force. It is known to NATO as the Firkin. The plane is comparable 
    to the X-29, which was basically a test plane for new technology, not set for 
    a role in combat. However, although it is a fifth generation fighter, it 
    still cannot match the technology of the F-22 Raptor, though still a fifth 
    generation fighter. This will lead to new technologies for the Russian Air 
    Force in terms to technologies, so it will be a mystery what will come out 
    of it. 
    Basic Stats
    Crew = 1
    Max Speed = 2,500 km/hr
    Combat Range = 3,300 km
    Wingspan = 15.16 m
    Height = 6.3 m
    Length = 22.6 m
    Weight = 16,375 kg
    1X 30mm GSh-30-1 Cannon
    Air to Air Missiles
    Air to Ground Missiles
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    won't read crap like "Hw Tis in Gme" because it is lazy and inconsiderate. But
    that doesn't mean you send me a business letter detailing what information you
    want to know either. 
    Finally, if you see that there is something wrong in this FAQ, or something 
    that you think should be included in it, please send it in, the worse you can
    do is to have it rejected, but if I think it is a good addition, I'll add it
    with the next update as well as give you credit for the addition. Corrections
    are always welcome.
    I will also NOT RESPOND to the following:
     * Phishing Sites
     * Attempted Scams
     * Mass Spamming
     * Forward Messages
     * Advertising
     * Technical Issues
     * Illegal Activities
     * Unrelated Emails to the Game
     * Emails about Another Game
    All problems with technical issues to do with the gameplay such as bugs and
    glitches should be sent to the developer or publisher, or look for fixes or
    ways to avoid it. All technical issues with hardware should be sent to the 
    manufacturer of the piece of hardware in question. 
    The secret email address is:
    hillsdragon13 [at] [ho.tm.ail] [dot] [co.m]
    Now, the legend:
    [at]        = @
    [ho.tm.ail] = Remove the .'s
    [dot]       = .
    [co.m]      = Remove the .'s
    If you feel generous, you can send money via Paypal to that address. It is
    completely optional, but I'm curious to see how much I can milk, I mean make
    out of this. All donations are appreciated, seeing I have to pay for the 
    game this guide is for, and that does cost money, more since I'm faced with
    the outrageous prices found in Australia. 
    It may be a pain in the ass, but most smart people could figure out the real
    email address. The problem is that people would normally Ctrl+F to find the
    email address without reading the relevant guidelines, as well spamming sites
    which always find their way to my inbox. 
    Also, do not add me to your MSN, Yahoo or any other instant messaging system
    because you will be blocked and deleted permanently. Also, I will not accept
    invites to be your Facebook friend, or join any other social networking site
    because all invites will be rejected. 
    [B] Credits
    The credits section is where all the credits for the guides go. Anyone or
    anything that remotely helped out with this guide goes here, and that goes
    for all those people out there who have interesting information to send in.
    You know, your name could be on this list as well. 
    CJayC, The Creator of GameFAQs, thanks for all the memories
    SBAllen for administrating GameFAQs, keep up the good work
    You, no point of writing if no one is reading
    <Insert Developer> for developing the game
    ASCII Generators for the ASCII Art
    Me for making it, yes, I'm that arrogant =)
    [C] Webmaster Information
    This is where all the sites that this guide can appear on are listed. If the
    site name is not on this list, that means that either they are accepted by
    me but not listed, due to logistical reasons (this is the same copyright 
    section as all the other guides, and no point listing a Civ 4 site on a Sims
    game), or they are not allowed outright. 
    Anyway, POINT OUT ALL SITES NOT LISTED HERE. It will be up to me what site is
    allowed or disallowed.
    www.GameFAQs.com <Master Copy> 
    NeoSeeker and SuperCheats will have the guides a full day after it appears on
    GameFAQs. This is because those two sites grab any new update from me from
    GameFAQs itself, so if you are itching for the newest version, please check
    www.GameFAQs.com first.
    Why, because they stole some of my works before, and I will not forget that.
    No amount of goodwill will be able to repair what you have done. 
    [D] Copyright Notice
    This game is Copyright <Insert Year> <Insert Developer>. All Copyrights are
    held by their rightful owners as well as any Trademarks used. 
    This document is protected by copyright laws in many countries, so please 
    don't steal. This FAQ can be used for personal use, which means you can store
    a copy on your home PC, your IPod, USB Drive, etc. You cannot use this FAQ to
    sell for your own financial gain. Doing so is fraud, and I will promptly have
    all the money gained wired for directly to me. 
    If you do sell it, and you are caught, I will launch court proceedings if 
    necessary. If a website steals this, I will have your site shut down, either
    through talking to your server, Internet Service Provider, and if you are a 
    big site, through your advertisers. It might start with a small email of 
    request, but I can snowball it. In fact, I will. 
    You also cannot claim this guide as your own. You are not allowed to use this
    guide and submit this to another website, claiming it as your own work. I will
    google search random phrases from my own FAQ just to ensure that it hasn't 
    been stolen or hijacked by other people.
    I am also not affiliated with any corporation, and I was not paid by any
    developer, publisher or distributor for the production of this guide. This was
    done solely out of my own free time and will, a dedication to the gaming 
    industry in general. 
    This document is copyright <Insert Year>. All Rights <Insert Witty Line>
    This FAQ uses the V2.01 Template. 
    END OF FILE              Watch In Awe, Aeria Gloris                END OF FILE

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