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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Misfit119

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    Turok Walkthrough
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    Written by: Daniel Acaba 
    GameFAQS ID: Misfit119
    Contact me at: eternalmisery718@yahoo.com
    System: XBox 360 / PS3
    This FAQ Copyright 2007 Daniel Acaba
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    1 - Update History
    2 - About This FAQ
    3 - Controls
    4 - Weapons
    5 - Walkthrough
    6 - About the Author
    1. Update History
    v. 1.0 - 2/24/2008 - FAQ Completed
    v. 1.5 - 2/25/2008 - Changed some details and fleshed out some of the later
    game strategies a bit.
    2. About This FAQ
    Turok is a fun game but it isn't exactly an easy ride. Not that the game is
    particularly hard, it just has a tendency to either be a bit obscure in what
    you are supposed to do or the enemies can be a bit cheesy in how you die. In
    either case this strategy guide is meant to help people get through the more
    frustrating parts of the game with less hair pulling.
    3. Controls
    Left Analog Stick - Move Turok
    Right Analog Stick - Change Camera
    D-pad Up - Select Bow
    D-pad Left - Select left weapon
    D-pad Down - Select Knife
    D-pad Right - Select right weapon
    Blue X / Square Button - Reload
    Yellow Y / Triangle Button - Duck
    Green A / X (Cross) Button - Jump
    Red B / Circle Button - Action button
    Click Left Analog / L3 - Objective Indicator
    LB / L1 - Throw Grenade / Off-hand Secondary Fire
    RB / R1 - Secondary Fire
    LT / L2 - Aim Mode / Off-hand Fire Weapon
    RT / R2 - Fire Weapon
    Dive - Green A / X (Cross) Button while moving left or right
    Change Arrow - RB / R1 with bow equipped.
    Change Zoom - RB / R1 with sniper rifle equipped.
    4. Weapons
    Combat Knife
    This razor sharp carbon plated combat knife allows Turok to move quickly and
    silently, eliminating opponents with a single quiet kill when he approaches
    them without being spotted. Expert users may even be able to attack from the
    Primary Fire: Instant Kill (when trigger is onscreen)
    Secondary Fire: Slash Attack
    Compound Bow
    Turoks trademark bow that has the ability to strike opponents from great
    distances without making any sound. When at full tension, it's power enough to
    pin an enemy to a wall. When equipped with Tek Arrows, this weapon has an
    explosive effect. Turok can attack without being seen with the bow.
    Primary Fire: Fire Arrow (hold to charge)
    Secondary Fire: Change Arrows
    This pistol is accurate and powerful at close ranged and comes equipped with a
    secondary burst fire mode. It can be dual wielded.
    Primary Fire: Fire Single Shot
    Secondary Fire: Burst Fire (three shots)
    Sub-Machine Gun (SMG)
    A standard automatic rifle that can be equipped with optional silencer for
    quiet kill capability. It can be dual wielded.
    Primary Fire: Continuous Fire (hold for automatic fire)
    Secondary Fire: Attach / Remove Silencer
    The Enforcer provides excellent stopping power with a wide blast raidus. It's
    secondary fire is a flare launcher that can be used to lure dinosaurs to
    attack enemies. It too can be dual wielded.
    Primary Fire: Fire Blast
    Secondary Fire: Fire Flare
    This heavy mini-gun unleashes a steady hail of deadly bullets. It takes a few
    seconds to spin up before firing or can be pre-spun for instantaneous response
    using the Left Trigger. The mini-gun has a secondary function that converts it
    into a ground mounted auto turret. This turret will provide covering fire and
    take out enemies with no input from the player.
    Primary Fire: Continuous Fire (hold for automatic fire)
    Secondary Fire: Turn into Turret
    RPG (Rocket Launcher)
    This brutal rocket launcher can be fired in two different modes: a standard
    "dumb fire" mode or a special lock-on mode that provides "fire and forget"
    capability that hunts down the locked on target and kills them.
    Primary Fire: Regular Rocket
    Secondary Fire: Homing Rocket
    Pulse Rifle
    The pulse rifle is an accurate, fully automatic, pulse rifle that fires armor
    piercing depleted uranium slugs. The weapon quickly overheats when fired in
    sustained bursts. It's secondary fire is a rapid-fire disruption grenade
    launcher. These grenades knock down the enemy or blows them out from under
    cover so that you can get a clear shot at them.
    Primary Fire: Continuous Fire (hold for automatic fire)
    Secondary Fire: Disruption Grenade (blows on impact)
    Sniper Rifle
    This high powered rifle is extremely accurate from long range and includes a
    scope for picking off targets at extreme distances. Its secondary function
    provides a selection of zoom ranges from 2x to 10x.
    Primary Fire: Fire Shot
    Secondary Fire: Change Zoom Level
    Sticky Bomb Gun (Blackfly)
    The Blackfly can launch a remote bomb that sticks to its target. Once attached,
    the bomb can be manually detonated from a distance, turning unsuspecting
    dinosaurs into explosive objects. Adding to its functionality is the ability to
    fire spreads of proximity mines that explode with lethal force when an enemy
    approaches them. The sticky gun can also be dual wielded.
    Primary Fire: Fire Sticky Bomb (Press again to detonate)
    Secondary Fire: Fire Proximity Mines
    The fireblade causes short range flame damage with a stream of deadly molent
    heat. Its secondary function is a high-powered napalm grenade that can be
    launched long distances and burn enemies within its raidus.
    Primary Fire: Flame Stream
    Secondary Fire: Napalm Grenade
    These frag grenades can cause explosive and concussive damage over a wide area,
    momentarily disorienting anyone caught in their blast radius.
    Kane's base defenses include both rocket and chain-gun turrets.
    5. Walkthrough
    This is barely a training level, it's more just a few steps honestly. Just stay
    close to the guy who you're supposed to be with, climb the ladder and follow
    him to the armory. See, level over.
    The Lost Land
    Once you have woken up it's time to get the heck off of this ship before it
    blows the heck up. Head straight ahead, the path is mostly linear. Head right,
    drop down the hole there, follow the hall and then head to your left. There is
    a soldier here, follow him through the hatch he opens and then drop down. He
    gets blown up and from this point on you will likely be taking damage as the
    ship blows up around you but you can't die.
    Head right, go through the door, turn right and crouch your way underneath the
    rubble here. Keep moving straight and you will see a soldier trying to open up
    a door, move on over to it and use the Action button to start attempting to pry
    it open. This requires you to cram on the Action button until he finishes up
    opening it. Run forward, jump up and then climb the ladder.
    Now you're finally out of the ship and you have a buddy... for now.
    Keep on following your friend around until he has an unfortunate turn of events
    end up happening. Ignore that for now, keep on moving. You will see a dead body
    up ahead with a gun lying next to it. Run on over and pick it up to initiate a
    cutscene, press the button shown repeatedly to fling off the raptor. Once he is
    dead start rushing forward, there are more raptors around here and it is hard
    to hit them while they are in the high grass. Use the roll evasion ability to
    make your life easier here.
    You will reach a cave like area, go on into it and turn around using the SMG to
    take out any enemies that come for you. Keep moving forward and you will find a
    Hunting Knife, this is your most important weapon in the entire game especially
    for taking out dinos. More on that later. For now move forward a bit and you
    can see an enemy soldier killing a member of Whiskey Company. Rush up behind
    him and use the RT / R2 button to perform an instant kill attack. 
    * NOTE: Now here's a key thing about using the knife. Enemies cannot hear your
    movements but they can see your pretty well if you aren't standing in the high
    grass or behind something. This is important since if there are two enemies you
    only need to worry about one seeing you before you rush up on someone and shank
    him. Also take note that while you're performing a kill animation you cannot be
    hurt by melee attacks but can still be shot. Use this when fighting dinos and
    be mindful of it when fighting humans.
    Continue along the path up ahead and you will encounter another enemy, knife
    him and keep on moving. When you reach the end of the area you will see an
    enemy rushing at you but one of the Whiskey Company men takes him down. Now it
    is you two looking for survivors. Make sure to pick up the ammo off of the dead
    body of the soldier he just killed and reload the SMG.
    As you proceed forward a large group of enemy soldiers will come rushing out at
    you and your buddy. The game reminds you about aiming mode so use it and fire
    off in bursts at the enemies that come after you. Try to hang back and duck
    back behind cover whenever you get too hurt although it's likely not to ever be
    an issue here. Keep shooting them until they are all dead, grab their ammo and
    continue onward with your buddy.
    When you hear a chopper overhead enemies are going to pour into the next large
    open area. Use your aimed mode to start popping the enemies that come out after
    you. Try to wait until they move into one of the closer positions and aim for
    the head/chest area and fire off a few shots. If you hit them in the head they
    are pretty much dead. Keep on shooting them until you hear a loud noise from
    your left. Just watch the ensuing chaos, pick up any ammo on the floor and get
    ready for the next level.
    Bad Blood
    Head forward until you reach a drop down, start making your way down without
    falling too far down in one shot. Once you reach the bottom then start heading
    out. You will see a helicopter trashed in the distance, you have to investigate
    it. Move that way cautiously, about five or six of the smaller raptors rush you
    as you go there. Use the SMG to take them out from a distance and keep moving.
    If they close in and you find yourself performing cutscene after cutscene to
    kill them, roll to a side and pull out your knife and start using the auto-kill
    ability of it.
    Once they are cleared out follow Slade. You will rather quickly find yourself
    on the receiving end of a raptor attack, knock him off and then use your knife
    to kill him off. Keep your knife out and stay close to Slade, he will use his
    gun on the enemies and when they close in knife kill them. Keep on doing this
    and you will kill the four or so of them that come.
    Move forward, take out your SMG and kill the little raptors up ahead. Once they
    are dead head onward and climb up the vines as instructed by Slade. As you keep
    going forward you will see three small raptors up ahead, try to kill them as
    fast as you can. If they get away they will be up ahead, I'll point out where
    they hide. Proceed forward until you see a dinosaur with a strange shaped head,
    this is a Parasaurolophus, these guys aren't dangerous unless you hit them with
    a stray bullet. The one or two raptors that got away will be down there as well
    so take them out and then hop down.
    Move towards the ledge straight ahead and then take a right, ducking down and
    going under the passage. Grab the grenades and then double back to the open
    space with the dinosaurs. Look for a vine covered wall and climb up it. Up this
    path you will soon encounter a swarm of dinos, first from the right and then
    the left path. Kill them all and then keep moving along the left path to find a
    fallen log, cross it.
    As you move forward you will see a bunch of dinosaurs in an area underneath you
    and a passage to your right. They can come from that passage or behind you,
    luckily only the smaller ones come from behind. Stand on the ledge and fire at
    the dinos down below you and try to kill all of the little ones before you pull
    out your knife and kill that raptor with it.
    Head to the right and look around, you should see a corpse over here with more
    SMG ammo and another grenade, grab that and hop off the ledge. Now climb up the
    vine wall and proceed forward until you see a helicopter fly by. Seems like you
    need to get through that base, so it's time to do a little barn storming. Head
    to the right, following Slade and stop when you see a raptor kill a soldier. 
    If you charge down there you will find raptors and enemy soldiers duking it out 
    meaning you will fight in a fairly chaotic battle. But if you hang back the 
    raptors will usually kill off the soldiers, leaving you to go in and play clean 
    up. Just get on the ledge near the drop off and crouch, so long as you don't
    fire at anyone you will be ignored.
    If you are going with the second option, of waiting, then stand around and wait
    for Slade to hop down off the ledge and move forward. This means that one side
    killed the other. I prefer to use my knife to slice these raptors to death in
    one fell move but take them out as you prefer. If you see one down Slade, move
    over to it and wait for him to kick it off and then grab it for a kill. Keep on
    moving around a lot though, don't stand around or you will get knocked for a
    pretty mean loop.
    Kill them all and then search for ammo until you're maxed on it (300 rounds).
    Now head for the burning wreckage and go on through it to find a bow in your
    path. This is, arguably, the best weapon in the entire game.
    * NOTE: The bow is probably the best weapon in the game. Since enemies don't
    react to sound it means that you can fire the bow from either close up or far
    away. If you're close but cannot get near enough to the enemy to knife them due
    to another enemy hit them with the bow. It's a very good weapon and can pin an
    enemy to a wall with its powerful shot. You do need to fully charge the shot by
    holding the trigger down long enough. Once its fully charged you can only hold
    it like that for a short time before he automatically lets it loose, you can
    tell this is going to happen if the controller starts vibrating. If you aren't
    ready to let the arrow go then slowly depress the RT / R2 button to release the
    tension on the arrow.
    Sneak ahead and you will see an enemy standing near a wall and two soldiers who
    walk off to the right. Use the bow on the guy in front of you and then take out
    the two to your right however you please. There are a few more enemies down the
    pit in front of you, so head to the right and start creeping that way using the
    bow or SMG to take them out.
    Now look for a green tree looking bridge, it will go forward and curve to the
    right. Go onto that and take the right path, killing the two enemies that are
    over on the ground here. With them dead move forward and pull out the bow and
    arrows, snipe off any enemies that you see in the distance. Now continue on the
    bridges and stick to this path, killing any stragglers that come out at you.
    You will reach a point where a helicopter will fly overhead, quickly move to
    the left behind the rocks and lean out. Start shooting at any enemies that you
    see, going behind the rocks when you need to heal and keep it up until they are 
    gone. Drop down and continue forward, taking a right at the dead end. Gather up
    the ammo and then double back, taking the left this time.
    Keep going ahead and take a right when you reach the next fork, they both go to
    the same place but the right path is better strategically. Watch the soldier
    kill off the dinosaur and then catch him in the head with the SMG. Now hop down
    and move forward until Slade suggests you split up. Yeah, ignore him. Stay up
    here where you are and start sniping them off with the bow. Once they are all
    dead, there's about seven of them, hop down and start picking up ammo before
    you proceed forward. Stay alert though, there are dinos on the loose here.
    Continue forward and ignore the friendly Paras here. Up ahead are two guards, I
    suggest hanging back and getting the first one with a bow shot before you move
    forward and kill the other with the SMG. It's very likely that all this ruckus
    will draw out two angry raptors that are protecting their nest, if they do end
    up running around kill them with your knife.
    Now look for a ladder nearby, run over to it and climb up as quickly as you can
    do so. From up here start raining arrow death upon all the enemies that you can
    see to your left. Once they are dead look for more arrows on the ledge that you
    are standing on and then step onto the pipe attached to this platform and start
    moving along it. Use your new vantage point to wipe out the rest of the enemies
    that you can see.
    Once you have killed off all the visible enemies creep further along the pipe
    and you will see two more emerge from a door. Kill them off as well and then
    follow the pipe to its end, dropping off here to find two grenades. Now use the
    door on the second floor into the MG facility and you will find a pistol with
    some ammo and a lot of SMG ammo. I prefer using a pistol and SMG but choose how
    you like.
    Now go back down to the bottom floor and go through the door here. Slade will
    run off through the forward door once you're inside so head through the left
    door. Use the boxes here for cover and start picking off the enemies with your
    bow and SMG. You can easily pick up the Impaler Ribbon achievement here. Search
    the area for ammo and then look for a ladder, you can head up there to get some
    more arrows. There is also a Blackfly (the sticky bomb gun) nearby if you so
    desire it. Proceed ahead when done.
    You will find yourself in a mist filled coolant room of some kind. The mist is
    a good shield for your movements but the minute you attack one enemy everyone
    will know where you are unless you knife them. I suggest slipping in and avoid
    any enemies you can and rush up the first staircase. If you can knife the guy
    that tries dropping the barrel on you then you will be able to get into cover
    and fire at enemies that try coming at you from all directions. Kill everyone
    on your floor and then climb up to the third floor and finish off the enemies
    here. Look for a large doorway and go through the door here.
    You will end up in a computer room, so head to the right to grab some ammo. Now
    double back and take the left path until you reach an area where three guards
    come running into the area. If you have a Blackeye use that to weaken/kill them
    and then finish the last one off however you like. Keep moving and you will
    be inside of a room full of catwalks with lots of guys who like to throw oodles
    of grenades. Use your SMG and bow to kill some of them and then rush forward
    and then head left.
    Over here you should see a ladder, take the ladder up and you will find some
    arrows and an SMG up here. Use this vantage point to kill off the rest of the
    enemies. Once all of the enemies are dead make your way back down and head for
    the large doors across from where you came in. As you near them three guards
    will rush you, take them out with your SMG or Blackeye and then move on. You
    will get a message from Slade telling you to meet up with him. Sure.
    Go forward until you reach a room with lots of boxes. Stick to the left side
    and look for a ladder. Climb up the ladder and you will find some arrows, grab
    them and move forward slowly. You will see three guys down below over here, you
    can kill them however you like. Move forward and another guard will come into
    the room - kill him, drop down and head for the door. There are guards on your
    level and above you, all needing to be killed. Get rid of them and then hop on
    the elevator with Slade.
    As it goes up you will be attacked from all angles, this isn't so bad on normal
    but it's a killer on the higher difficulties. Try to keep your back to some of
    the boxes and look around killing any enemies you see. If an enemy happens to
    take you by surprise move away and reorient yourself as you wait to heal. No
    biggie. If you see them dropping some flaming barrels quickly get away from the
    things and stay safe.
    When your ride comes to a stop hop off the elevator and take some cover away
    from the fire and shoot the enemies dead. Once they're gone head up onto the
    walkway and start heading towards the objective but stay frosty a group of two
    or three guards will come running out at you. A grenade or sticky bomb will get
    rid of them no problem. Now go through a door and you will see a red glowing
    panel, this is the blast door override. Blow it up to open said doors. Now jump
    down onto the lift and get ready for the only hard part of this level.
    As you are trying to rid the lift to its apex the enemies will literally be
    pouring into the room and this time you MUST kill some of them. If you don't do
    so then they will fill up the floors faster than you can hide and you will be
    killed really fast. So try to stay mobile and keep killing off all the enemies
    that you can until the lift passes them enough for you to ignore them and focus
    on the other enemies. Enemies above you are also more dangerous than the ones
    on your level since they can hit you even while you hide behind boxes.
    Once you reach the top of the building that's it, level over.
    Death Valley
    This is a pretty action packed chapter but it can get really annoying really
    fast if you don't figure out what you need to do quickly. It starts off with a
    bang and just doesn't let up, so don't let this chapter frustrate you.
    When the area begins you are across from a cave that you need to get to, sadly
    there are a bunch of raptors in your path. To make matters worse as you start
    to cross the area the T-Rex is going to come crashing out. There are a number
    of ways to deal with this but I've found the following to be the most useful.
    Follow the right wall as you go through this area and stay close to it. When
    the T-Rex comes barreling out you should see a log to your right. Rush into it
    and stay hunkered down there. If you see any raptors kill them off with a well
    placed bow shot but don't fire your gun or you will get the big boys attention.
    Wait until you see the Rex move past your log and pull out your knife and bring
    up your objective marker. Quickly rush for the cave that you need to reach and
    don't stop for nothing.
    Once you are into the cave area jump into the hole to escape those guys but go
    from bad to worse. In these caves you are going to have to fight oodles of the
    raptors so be careful and ready for anything. Keep moving until you head under
    some passages and you will eventually find a shotgun that Slade snatches up for
    himself. Great. A dinosaur is going to attack you now so kill him off and then
    go after the other two that are in the pit below to avoid them coming after you
    frmo behind. Now use the ramp to start heading deeper into the caves.
    As you walk a raptor will come from your left out of a slightly lit hole, use
    your knife on him and keep going with Slade, knifing away at the raptors. In a
    bit some more raptors will come at you in a group of four, I used the Blackeye
    to set a bomb that killed one and knocked two down and then I knifed them to
    death. You may find using the SMG easier or just using the Blackeye repeatedly.
    Moving further along you will go to cross a rock bridge to sunlight but it will
    collapse under you. Quickly grab the shotgun from the corpse here. These guns
    are a damn near necessity, I heavily suggest keeping it in your inventory at
    all possible times. Start moving forward again to reach a cave with an ungodly
    amount of raptors. You can either try to lure them out to you or you can try to
    evade them. I chose to move along the left wall quickly, knife the first one
    that I saw (he was attacking an enemy guard) and then use a flare to distract
    the dinos by making a group of them kill one of their own.
    Stick to the left wall and quickly move, you will find yourself having to fight
    off three raptors, use the shotgun to get rid of them and then climb up the
    vines near the wall here to get out of the caves. Keep moving forward and hop
    off the ledge and you should see a log, go on into it and you will see a large
    Dilophasaurus come rushing out. He's really big and can do a lot of damage to
    you very quickly.
    When Slade distracts the Dilo shoot him in the side with your bow once or twice 
    and then pull out the shotgun. A raptor will come from the rear and try to 
    knock you out of the log, knife him to death and then turn and keep on shooting
    at the Dilo with your arrows. He will go down soon enough so move out and start
    knifing the raptors to death. You will need to kill between eight to ten of
    them before the area is considered clear.
    Now head on over to where Slade indicates and climb up the vine wall to reach
    a cutscene. This leads into meeting another teammate, Reese. Follow them as
    they walk to reach another chapter.
    * NOTE: This is pretty much the only really good level to get the kills needed
    for the Man or Animal achievement.
    From where you start creep forward until you see the enemies here. Where you
    are now you should have a clear shot at several people, forget about it. If you
    get their attention now things get really hectic in a bit. Instead stick to the
    left wall and keep creeping that way until you see some raptor eggs. Wait until
    momma comes out to protect her eggs and kill her. Now pick up the plasma rifle
    here and turn ot the enemies. Hit all the ones you see in the head with arrows
    and keep firing until you hear the yells of more raptors. This is your cue to
    get the heck out of dodge. Rush forward and you will see a vine ladder. Go on
    up it.
    Now stop moving and crouch down, readying your bow. A chopper will start to
    drop off bad guys so try to pick as many off as you can here. Move forward and
    you will be attacked by a raptor, kill it. At this point its going to become a
    giant running fight so try to thin out the enemies using your grenades and the
    alt-fire of the plasma rifle. Once you've defeated most of them follow the
    objective marker. As you pasa a large tree more will come, take them out and
    keep on moving.
    Eventually you will have some weird sounds emanate from the jungle and get a
    few flashes of a weird dino moving high on the ledges. Hop down off the ledge
    and you will get to meet this dinosaur... thing. It's like part cat, part dino
    and I have no idea what the heck it is. Nothing historical I would think. 
    Anyways stab up the first sucker you come across and start moving forward. As
    you make a turn you will be attacked by another so give him the same treatment.
    Following hot on their heels is a third so wait for him to try leaping at you,
    roll out of the way and knife it.
    Further ahead you will come across another one, kill it and turn to your right.
    You should see Reese here, when you see him another one will attack you so take
    it out only to be attacked by two albino ones. Kill them both and keep moving.
    As you move more will jump at you but they shouldn't be an issue. Two more will
    rush you as you try to take the cave that leads you to the exit. Eliminate them
    to reach the area that ends the chapter.
    * NOTE: Apparently the dinocats are called Lurkers. Not a very imaginative name
    for a new species of dinosaur. Blah. I like dinocat better.
    Ghost in the Shadow
    This area is freaking huge and it turns in on itself. Luckily in all my times
    playing this level I have found that the best path, and the one with all the
    good ammo, is by sticking to the left wall. You also avoid the lions share of
    the weird cat dinosaurs. Keep moving along the left wall and you will soon see
    a ramp, go up it and you will be assaulted by a dinosaur. Kill it and grab up
    the ammo and grenade. Now hop down and keep moving. Go up the second ramp and
    grab the arrows and tek arrows before hopping down and going to the left.
    At this point I had to deal with two of the dinocats so be ready if they're in
    your way. Keep your knife out at this point and rush forward, this is a totally
    straight run. Jump up the rocks and keep moving, picking up a plasma rifle as
    you go if you don't have one (there's a lot, and I mean a lot, of ammo for it
    in this level).
    When you reach the fork pick a direction and go. You will find they lead to the
    same cave that when passed through leads to a dinosaur filled area. Hit one of
    the raptors with a flare to draw out the others and watch them kill the lit up
    one. Now use your plasma rifle to kill whateve ryou see before leaning out. Get
    your knife ready and start cutting through all the dinosaurs here. They don't
    seem to stop coming so when you have a clear path just run for it.
    You will exit the canyon area into an open field. Kill the little raptors that
    come after you and turn to your left, going up the hill. Take out your plasma
    rifle and get ready, there are four or five enemies pinning down one of the men
    from Whiskey named Cowboy. Once they're dead and you have cowboy with you move
    forward. You will see a Dilo fighting some soldiers, let the soldiers kill off
    the dilo and then pick them off with your bow. Turn to your right and walk a
    bit and you will see a land bridge, go over it to reach the other side.
    Kill off any soldiers that are left and move forward. At the top of the hill
    there is a single enemy so kill him before continuing on. A helicopter is going
    to drop off a bunch of enemies in this next area, use your bow and plasma rifle
    to take them out. If the enemies go anywhere near the large barrels shoot the
    barrel to blow it up and kill the enemy. Keep it up and you will wipe out the
    enemies in no time.
    With that done just follow Cowboy or the objective indicator to find where you
    need to go. Chapter done.
    Mother Superior
    * NOTE: If you are trying for the "Sell your Shotguns" achievement, get rid of
    your shotgun ASAP so you don't risk firing it.
    Alrighty, time to go looking for that Comm unit. Luckily you've got two meat
    shields with you, guess how long they're gonna last? Move to the left and stay
    with the wall here, this area is confusing but you will be much safer if you
    simply stay to one of the walls. The left worked best for me, so move through
    the concrete section and get a moving. Up ahead you will be attacked by some
    dinosaurs, kill them and keep moving on. When you exit the cave one of the guys
    gets a bullet in the head for his troubles. Oops.
    From where you are move to the nearest cover and start looking for enemies you
    can counter-snipe with your bow. If you find yourself unable to hit targets
    from your vantage point then quickly move to another one when the snipers are
    in between shots. Rolling can help you lose your head if you're not as careful
    as you should be.
    There is a sniper all the way to your right and some more enemies to your left.
    Take out that sniper with your bow and creep forward, trying to get the sniper
    straight across from you. Don't bother the enemies in the bottom area though,
    some dinos are going to come into the base and attack the troops. Wait it out,
    taking out any dinos who make their way to you and then start heading down a
    bit. Two enemies will run out from the left hand side to greet you, snipe 'em.
    * NOTE: When you move into the enemy base there is a sniper rifle to be had in
    one of the enemy roosts. If you are trying for the no shotguns achievement then
    pick it up. It will help you kill enemies from a distance since it can fire a
    bit faster than the bow can.
    Now move in towards the enemy base and start collecting the ammo but be ready
    a dinosaur is going to ambush you. Take him out to recieve another objective,
    hold the base while it is under siege by enemies. Find some solid cover and get
    down. Wait for the enemies to close in a bit and then lean out with your pulse
    rifle and start blasting away at them. If you see them moving in a tightly
    packed group either send a grenade over there or use the alt-fire on the pulse
    rifle to scatter and kill them.
    After you have killed the first wave some reinforcements will come via chopper,
    kill them in the same way and you will be done here. A second group will be
    dropped in as well, they're usually to your left so get them too. Bring up your
    objective indicator and then follow it to your left. See that path there? Yeah
    some raptors and new dinosaurs are going to charge you when you get close to 
    that path. The raptors you can knife but the new ones, spitting dinos you can
    ID by the large sac on their throats should be handled via pulse rifle. With
    them dead you can move on.
    You will cross a bridge soon enough. Once you do so quickly move forward and
    take out your bow. There are enemies down below and a sniper on the far side of
    the area. Take out the sniper and then start plucking at the enemies down there
    as fast as you can. Switch to your pulse rifle when they get close in on you
    and finish them off. A second wave will be dropped in out of sight so wait it
    out and start killing them off.
    Now continue forward and watch the Rex when he appears. You're heading in the
    same direction he took his dinner... I mean your squad member.
    Turn to your left and head up the stones there by jumping to reach an upper
    level. Keep going this way and you will be able to drop down into a swamp. Yuck
    for you. Pull out the bow and see if you can hit any of the roaming dinosaurs
    in the distance, if not hop down with a gun at the ready and blast at them. You
    might have better luck with hitting them if you have a sniper rifle. Once they
    get too close pull out the knife and slice them to death. Head forward and go
    towards the hill.
    As you start to climb the hill a raptor will charge you, take your knife and
    stick it in his eye. Now pull out your pulse rifle, SMG or shotgun and turn to
    look behind you. Two super raptors are going to be coming out. I call them
    super raptors since they are nearly impossible to knife due to their ability to
    bite you repeatedly in four hit combos that can kill you. Cheesy, obnoxious and
    knifing them is more trouble than its worth. Don't bother, just aim for the
    face and fire your weapon. When the three dinos are dead head up the hill to
    find a cave.
    Boss: T-Rex
    When you reach the end of the cave drop down and Mr. T-Rex comes crashing into
    the area. Quickly get under the tree in the middle of the area, this is your
    only real safe haven here. Keep firing at the T-Rex whenever he leaves himself
    open to it but don't get complacent. He will occasionally shove his face into
    the openings in the tree roots and try to bite you, move to the opposite side
    away from him to avoid this. You can open fire once you have moved to safety.
    Keep this up and eventually he will fall on his side, quickly run over to him
    and whip out the knife. When the prompt appears quickly run over to him, ignore
    his thrashing about and quickly stab him in the eye to end the fight. If you
    aren't quick enough he will tail whip you, sending you flying and get back to
    his feet. That's bad. When he dies you will be knocked out and the game will
    move on.
    Once you have control of Turok again pick up the pulse rifle, or both it and
    the shotgun if you aren't going for the achievement. Now start heading on down
    the hill. You will be attacked by some small raptors, shoot them dead as soon
    as you can since visibility isn't that high right now.
    Moving further along you will see what look like smaller T-Rex type dinosaurs
    coming for you. Start hitting them with shots the moment you see them and try 
    to take them out before they even get anywhere near you. If you get hit even 
    once by these pains in the ass you will be killed before you can fight back 
    since they don't react to being shot in the face repeatedly. Repeat this 
    whenever you see a new one and keep moving. You will also be jumped by two
    albino raptors, I suggest shooting them as well since they can be hard to fight
    in this dark, open area.
    You will soon reach some large metal bay doors, guarded by a raptor. Kill it
    from a distance and then go on over and yank open the doors to get inside. Yank
    open the doors here as well to get inside the facility.
    As you head on you will see a raptor milling about with his back to you, you
    might be tempted to whip out the knife and gut him but don't. As soon as you go
    to attack him, a second raptor will come at you from behind. Instead use the
    pulse rifle to blow him away and then quickly turn to shoot the other. If you
    aren't fast enough and get hit, no worries. He isn't that hard to kill so long
    as you open fire as soon as you can. 
    Heading forward you will see a turret. Run over to it and use it to take out 
    the enemies who come at you, the first wave is from in front of you and the 
    second comes from your right. Now move off the turret and go straight and then 
    take a left at the ramp and you will find your way back outside.
    From here it is a simple matter of heading towards the objective marker to find
    the exit to this level. You will get attacked by a raptor, who you can shoot to
    death easily, and then a Lurker who pounces on you as you go. Finish the little
    cutscene kill and then continue onward to the exit. Chapter complete.
    Killing Fields
    As soon as the level starts back up to the weapon cache in the middle of the 
    area and armor up. I suggest that you bring the sticky bomb and pulse rifle 
    with you. Once you're full up on ammo move forward a bit and you will see some
    enemies up the hill. Use your bow and start sniping them, aim for the closest 
    ones first and work your way back. If they start closing in use the sticky bomb 
    or tek arrows to blow them down.
    Once you've wiped out the first wave a chopper will drop some more in except
    that these guys have mini-guns, one that is set up like a turret. Use either
    your sticky bombs or tek arrows, I prefer the arrows, to take out the turret
    and then kill off the two mini-gun soldiers. Drop the sticky bomb 
    Head forward and go into the valley. Whip out the shotgun or pulse rifle and
    start cutting down the enemies here as you move forward. A rocket will soon
    knock Turok on his rear end. Get up and take him out quickly since he will very
    quickly exploit the stupid knockdown system in this game. If given half of a
    chance he will continually knock you down until you are dead, don't give him
    time to do this. Either a sticky bomb or the pulse rifle's alt-fire will make 
    short work of him. 
    Run on over to his smoking dead carcass and drop your non pulse rifle weapon 
    and grab the rocket launcher. Now start making your way back to the ammo stash 
    at the very beginning of the level.
    Boss: Spider Tank
    As you move a huge tank will come rolling into the area, don't stop running.
    Get back up the hill to the start of the level and stock up on rockets. Now
    look around the wall and pop the tank with a rocket and then run to the other
    side of the cover. Reload and then fire off a shot at the tank. If both shots
    hit then the tank is a goner and the chapter is over.
    The Shortest Straw
    Move to the right wall as soon as the level starts and stick there, it's the
    quickest way to get where you need to be. Now start cutting down the horde of
    small raptors that rush your position with your shotgun. When they're dead
    begin moving forward until you reach a clearing. Backpedal and use the shotgun 
    to take down one or two of them and then knife the last one. Now keep on 
    When you reach the military base go around the fence and into the compound and
    yank open the doors here. Look around and you will see a ladder in the lefthand
    side of the room, unfortunately you cannot get to it. After a moment a cutscene
    will play and then some giant scorpions will burst into the room through the
    floor. You can get to the ladder due to their antics but it isn't going to be 
    easy. Pull out your shotgun and run for the ladder. Blast the scorpion in your 
    way repeatedly until it is dead and then keep moving.
    Climb the ladder and look around, you will see a chopper. There's your target 
    but you have to make your way through an army of scorpions to do so. Look
    around and you should see a minigun, grab it and head for the ladder here. To
    the left of it is a drop, go the quick way rather than using the ladder. Now
    move forward, plant the mini-gun using its alt-fire and then get your knife out
    so that you can move faster.
    Run for the other ladder across from you as fast as you can and climb it. Once
    you reach the top get on the turret and open fire on the scorpions so that your
    two squad mates can come up after you. They will make a nice distraction in the
    next part of this. Once they are on top nearby you take out your shotgun and
    hit the two scorpions in your path with flares. These seem to panic them and
    cause them to not attack you, seems they don't like fire. Interesting.
    Take the knife in hand and start running towards the chopper. Hop off the roof
    and keep on moving, if you are moving fast and have the knife out you should be
    able to do this without a problem. Dodge past the one that pops up in your way
    and you will reach the chooper. Chapter completed once you do so.
    Down and Out
    So you've fallen down into another cave. Some elite soldier you are. But you do
    have a flamethrower. If you remember the flares from the previous level you are
    already one step ahead of the game here. The scorpions hate fire, it scares the
    beejezus out of them and sends them skittering all over the place. With the
    flamethrower in hand you can kill scorpions easily and scare them as well. Just
    be sure to reload when none of them are around. When fighting them try to use
    the flames to scare them away and then run for it, it's more efficient not to
    try and fight every last one of them.
    The only way to navigate this place is using the walls, keep one of the walls
    near you at all times. By this I mean make sure that you pick either the right
    or left walls and stick to it. Don't mvoe between them or you might get turned
    Now move to the right hand wall and stick to it. When you come across the pair
    of scorpions start hitting them with the fire and try to push them towards the
    third one that's trying to come up on you. Take out the three of them or just
    scare them enough to allow you past and run for it. Reload as you hop between
    the ledges and you will reach a bridge. Sprint for it and then jump across the
    gap that appears in the middle of it.
    Now up ahead you should see a wall you cannot pass but there's a peculiar jet
    of steam it looks like that rises up in the middle of the wall. Stand back just
    a bit and fire your flamethrower at the wall when you hear the hiss of air. The
    whole wall will blow up and allow you to progress. Now take the left path and
    stay that way, you should pick up some ammo.
    Now continue along your path, things get fairly linear from here. Just stick to
    your wall and you will be fine. You will have to blow your way through two more
    barricades so do so and keep going. A trio of scorpions will attack as you pass
    the final one, either avoid them or use the vent to cause an explosion to kill
    them. Then keep on moving until you reach a fork in the road. Take the right
    path to reach some much needed ammo and then double back and take the passage
    to your far left, it's a drop down.
    Hop down and keep on moving. When the tunnels star collapsing in don't worry
    about it, just wait it out and then move forward. Duck down to pass through the
    low passage and you will reach a vertical drop. Don't hop down into the middle
    straight off the bat, you must use the narrow ledges around the room to make
    your way down to the bottom here. It follows a mostly clockwise spiral until
    you get near the bottom so just move carefully.
    Once you reach the bottom-most ledge hop off and start heading forward. Duck
    down to get through the narrow passage and keep on moving. Drop down when you
    reach the next ledge and you will be in a large cavernous area. You know what
    that means, right? Boss fight!
    As you try to cross the bridge you will be attacked by a sea monster, yay!
    Boss: Sea Monster
    This guy is a bit of a pain but he isn't all that bad once you get the groove
    of the fight. Don't be surprised if you die here, just come back armed with a
    bit more knowledge of his patterns and handle him.
    Take note of the three vents on the floors, they're the same as the ones you
    were using to blow up the barricades, see where this is going? You must lure
    the creature over the vent and then blow it up with a fireball. Now remember
    that these vents do not explode immediately, it takes a few moments to explode
    when you fire at it. 
    Also, only one of them is lit at any given moment so try to stay near the one 
    that is lit. It will start with the right one, then the middle, then the left, 
    then the middle and back to the right before repeating. They only change when 
    you blow one up with the flamethrower so standing your ground works just fine 
    here and is suggested.
    To start with the creature will rear back and take bites at you. What you must
    do is wait for it to rear its head back and as it comes towards you blow up the
    vent. This will cause the fireball to catch the creature in the face and hurt
    it. It might take some time to get used to the exact timing but with a bit of
    practice, and some luck, you should get it in no time.
    Once you hurt him move to the next vent and wait. He will either try to take a
    bite out of you or he will splash underwater, he seems to go underwater a good
    90% of the time. If he goes underwater he will come up with his tentacles up
    and attempt to swipe at you, simply jump before you are hit to dodge this. If
    you see his front tentacles are lower than the rear ones he is going to throw
    rocks at you instead of attacking you. These are a bit of a pain to dodge but
    if you watch the rock you will see what direction its going in. So if it seems
    to have a spin to the left, roll right.
    After you have ignited the second vent on him he will stop throwing rocks and
    using the sweep and begin flinging the stalactites at you. He throws these in
    a pair and you can either dodge them by stepping between them or just rolling
    in one direction to evade the one closest to you. Regardless of how you do it
    this stage isn't too hard to handle so long as you don't get hit twice in a row
    by these. If you do, you're dead simple as that. Just wait him out and then use
    the third vent on him to take him out.
    Once it's dead continue forward, using its body as part of the bridge, and get
    towards the next caverns. Take a right at the first fork and keep on moving.
    You will soon hit a checkpoint, grab up the flamethrower from the floor here
    and keep it at the ready. You are going to have to fight off a tremendously big
    horde of scorpions as you move through the caverns ahead. I heavily suggest
    that you hunker down near one of the vents and, if the AI doesn't crap out,
    Slade will be with you and can help you. Once you've wiped out the scorpions go
    ahead forward.
    Soon you will see a scorpion mauling a soldier, let it kill him and then kill
    it off. Grab the pulse rifle and drop your flamethrower. Go up the ladder and
    use your knife on one of the guys here and then kill the other. Now drop down
    off this ledge here towards the enemies. You will now be in a scorpion infested
    pit but you don't want to stay here. Run for the ladder and go on up it, using
    the flares from the shotgun to keep the scorpions at bay.
    Get up on the ledge and take out all the enemies you immediately see, notably
    the guy on the turret to your right. Once they're dead a near endless stream of
    enemies will begin pouring in, use the boxes here as cover and take them out.
    Now look up and to your left, kill the sniper. Hop across the pits and proceed
    forward, up the ladders you find to finally end this level.
    Heroes End
    Head out through the cave and walk forward, you will see some weapons there.
    Pick up the sniper rifle and make sure you've got a pulse rifle and start going
    forward. As you start climbing up a hill you will hear the sounds of combat. On
    the other side of the hill are two huge dinosaurs attacking some soldiers. Pull
    out the sniper rifle and start shooting away at the dinosaurs. These guys are
    tough and can kill you in two shots, since there are two of them this means you
    want to kill at least one of them.
    Once they are dead head forward and you will be attacked by a few raptors. Take
    them out however you like and keep on moving forward. Bring up your objective
    marker and follow it, you will soon find some more dinosaurs, wipe them out and
    keep going. Occasionally you will be ambushed by some dinosaurs, I suggest that
    you backpedal with the pulse rifle until they are dead. Don't melee them or
    Slade just might kill you with their gunfire.
    * NOTE: If you haven't noticed before Friendly Fire is turned on, meaning that
    your squadmates can hit, and hurt, you. To make this even worse is the fact
    that they will tend to stand behind you when firing. It's not that bad before
    but it gets absolutely hellish now. More on that later.
    When you hear the APC coming take out your tek arrows and blow up the soldiers
    that are walking alongside it, there should be two of them. Now move out a bit
    and wait for some soldiers to emerge from the APC. As they do so some raptors
    and a lurker will start attacking them, pummel the lot of them with tek arrows.
    You should try to kill the lurker with tek arrows while it attacks a soldier or
    move into the high grass and try to do it with your knife. Any stragglers can
    be handled via your sniper rifle.
    Once they are all dead move to the APC quickly and take out your pulse rifle.
    Start picking off the enemies but try to stay behind cover the whole time. A
    small cutscene will play, showing you Lopez taking out a chopper. Nice. However
    this segues into an ambush, not so nice.
    You can either try to fight the battle here or you can simply run for it. I
    choose to run to the southeast of where you start and jump onto the upper level
    here. I had to kill a few soldiers but the rock up on this ledge provided good
    cover from all directions and I didn't die repeatedly here. Just keep fighting
    them until you have taken them all down, it might be a while.
    Once you've taken out the enemies another cutscene will play, this time showing
    Lopez being shot down by the chopper. Oops. Grab up his rocket launcher, use
    the alt-fire and lock onto that birdie and blow it down. Now take out the pulse
    rifle and start taking out enemies around you. With the area cleared continue
    * NOTE: Your buddy with the chaingun can and will screw up your aim by filling
    you full of bullets.
    Head up the hill, under the passage and towards a cavern. Use your pulse rifle
    or a shotgun on the dinos you run across and keep moving, you don't want to get
    ambushed here. Crouch and slide into the cavern and head on through. Take out
    the dinos here feasting on a corpse, I prefer a tek arrow and then pulse rifle
    shots to do so. Now it's time to siege an enemy base but this one, unlike all
    of the other ones, is fully populated by them.
    Rush straight for the base and you should see a ladder. Kill anyone you have to
    but get up that ladder. Once you've reached the top grab the sniper rifle and
    hang back. The enemies cannot hurt you very much while you're up here, grenades
    will not make it up here. Keep on killing them and a rocket launcher foe will
    come out, use one of the walls for cover and pop him in the chest.
    * NOTE: If you are going for the Sniper! achievement this is the absolutely
    perfect place to do so. Its safe, plenty of ammo and you can heal easily.
    After you've killed all the enemies it will get quiet for a bit. Ditch your
    sniper rifle and head down the ladder. As you head further into the base some
    enemies will come out, kill them. While you're doing this choppers are going to
    try to drop in troops after troops after troops and it's going to get hard to 
    manage. Your squad will yell at you to try opening the door at some point, run
    over to it and do so to end this chapter.
    Salt in a Wound
    Open up the doors to allow yourself progress into this area. Pick up a shotgun
    from the walls but keep your pulse rifle, you need the range. There is going to
    be plenty of shotgun ammo here though so hold onto that. Now start heading on
    until you hear movement.
    You will enter a room and hear the soldiers are looking for you. Good to know.
    Sneak out to your right and you should see an enemy standing there, shoot him
    in the back with your bow. If this doesn't raise your enemies alert then start
    moving forward and look to your left for more and take out a second one. Once
    the enemies know you're there get your pulse rifle out and gun them down.
    Go up the staircase and head over the walkway. As you go you will find yourself
    facing down an enemy, shoot him dead and pick up his mini-gun, ditching the
    shotgun for a moment. Keep moving and you will see a staircase down and hear
    more enemies. Creep on over to the staircases top and place the mini-gun as a
    turret there and run backwards. Grab up your shotgun, switch to the pulse rifle
    and go back. Your mini-gun will kill most enemies but sweep up whatever is left
    of them.
    Now head down the stairs but leave the mini-gun there. Go forward and you will
    find a locked door. More enemies are going to come from the direction you came
    in so get ready. Now your turret will keep them busy a bit so try to shoot at
    them with your pulse rifle while they are fighting with it. Eventually they are
    going to start coming downstairs, retreat near the door and use the boxes as
    cover while you and your partner fight them off.
    The door will open once you've killed the enemies, head on through. When you
    get to the next door take out your shotgun and open it. The moment its open you
    will be pinned down by a raptor, kick it off and then hit it with a flare. The
    other raptors will attack him leaving you free to dispose of them with the gun
    of your choice. Move forward, get on the lift and head on up.
    After a bit of walking with your squad you will come across a ship. Your luck
    being what it is, some raptors will attack once you find it. Jump onto the box
    nearby and use your shotgun to take out the raptors. Keep hitting them with, or
    just distracting them with, flares to make this easier. Once they're all dead
    the squad will run into the control room, follow them in for a cutscene.
    Now head on out to find yourself ambushed by a chopper. Sprint to the right and
    follow that path to an enclosure. Move forward, grab the rocket launcher and
    duck back into the enclosure. Now wait there for a few moments and you will
    notice that the guns stop firing every so often. When they do so lean out, hit
    the chopper with a rocket and roll back into cover. It only takes one succesful
    hit to take the whirly-bird down.
    Now bring up your objective marker and follow it. Go through the door that
    Shephard is standing near and take out your knife or shotgun. There are two
    raptors here that will attack so kill them off and keep moving down the nearby
    staircase. The chapter will end once you do so. 
    End of the Road
    Start moving forward, sticking to the left so as to avoid the flying rocks and
    the lava. As you move along you will see some Parasalophasurs rushing at you,
    move to the side and get out your shotgun or rocket launcher. Four of the big
    Allosaurus looking dinosaurs are going to come rushing at you. Use the rocket
    launcher if you have it and shoot at the ground in front of them to take them
    out in one shot. If you don't have the launcher then use the shotgun to flare
    them and distract them while you pump them full of lead.
    Moving forward you will get a little cutscene showing you a tower and bridge
    with a closed gate off in the distance. There are flying bugs here but they are
    of no concern for the moment. They're only a threat in large numbers so get
    your knife out and start running, and jumping, across the bridge.
    As soon as you reach the other side you will be told to get on the turret and
    ahelp him take out the bugs. Ignore him and run for the ladder and go up to the
    top. From up here, ignore your friend, and start shooting at the bugs. They
    seem to have a much harder time hitting you while you are up here so shoot them
    until they start hurting you too much. At that point go over to the ladder and
    head down it a bit and then jump off.
    When you hit the ground there will be a doorway across from you, it should be
    open by this point. Run on over to it and go inside and take out your pulse
    rifle. Patrol the doorway and kill any bugs that start poking their nose inside
    but don't worry about the rest. Restock on ammo while you're in here and just
    wait. When your squadmate leaves the room take out your knife and follow him. 
    Ignore the bugs again and just run for your life. After a bit of running you
    will meet back up with your squad.
    Once the cutscene ends start moving forward. A short cutscene will play that
    puts an arrow through poor ol' Reese. Your squad will rush forward but do not
    move. Wait for a bit and the T-Rex will come charging out, totally distracting
    the soldiers. Now jump over the rocks with your knife out and make a break for
    the gate to the base.
    You are in the base but in more danger than before. Pull out your pulse rifle
    and start running forward. Kill any enemies in your immediate path and look for
    a ditch. Drop down into it and press against one of the walls. You are shielded
    from being hit from all directions while down here so move up and down the
    ditch and try to kill every enemy that you can see. Once you think you've shot
    everyone you can hit immediately make your way up the ladder and run to the
    left, right into the building.
    Restock on ammo in here and take out either your pulse rifle or sniper rifle.
    Stay to the side of the doorway and lean out, shooting enemies dead. Keep this
    up until you think you've gotten them all. Now rush out and drop into the new
    ditch. Pull out your knife, kill the raptor that attacks here and immediately
    run for the ladder. When you hit the top there's another armory building to the
    right, run inside.
    Grab up the rocket launcher and some ammo and lean out. Start firing your
    rocket launcher at the enemies, blasting the ground or walls nearby to try and
    take them out. Use up all of the launcher ammo here except for two shots. Take
    out the rest of the enemies and then head out and take the ladder on the left 
    wall (facing the doorway) and go on up. Take out all the soldies that you see
    and proceed forward.
    Follow this ledge along and use your pulse rifle or sniper rifle to start
    getting rid of the enemies along your path. There is a turret at the far end of
    the platform, a tek arrow, rocket or grenade will get the guy off of it. Kill
    any remaining enemies and move forward, to your right is a door. Head inside,
    grab some ammo and climb the ladder to find yet more ammo. The next ladder will
    lead you to enemies so take it whenever you're ready.
    Go up the ladder and turn to your left. There are going to be enemies on both
    the upper and lower levels so be careful and take them out carefully. It might
    take a bit but now's not the time to die. As soon as you take out the lot of
    the enemies a helicopter is going to come flying in. Take out your launcher and
    shoot it in the tail as you hide behind one of the walls, one shot is all that
    it takes to wipe it out.
    Your squad is going to open up the gate behind you so head on through to end
    this chapter.
    Into the Breach
    Yay for the sewers! Hop down and go into the sewers proper after Whiskey
    company and move forward unti you see Slade about to blow a door. Once he has
    opened it up a bit go on over and tear it open with the action button and go on
    through. Now stay on the platform you are on and go to the left. You should see
    a small room at the end of the path, hop into it. This room has lots of ammo 
    for the pulse rifle. Grab one or just restock before you hop down into the
    sewers. Search this area for some grenades and a shotgun before going over to
    the ladder and heading up.
    Once you've climbed both ladders you will be just outside a doorway into a much
    larger room. Now take out your bow and use it to silently snipe off the enemy 
    right in front of you and then pull out your pulse rifle and go over to the
    ramp right in front of you. There's some more grenades and pulse rifle ammo
    right behind the ramp, grab it if you need it and then head on up.
    Follow the catwalk and you will end up in another room and be asked to kill the
    people inside silently. Due to the proximity of the enemies here you will have
    to use the knife if you actually wish to do this, the enemies are just far too
    close to each other for you to be able to do this without alerting them. Kill
    them loud and dirty or sneaky as you like before going down the ramp. There are
    two enemies down below and a third and fourth who will come out the door up on
    top of the ramp.
    Head on over to the ramp that leads upwards it and go into the room here. Get
    ready to start taking out enemies and head up the other ramp, passing through 
    the door there as well. There are more enemies up ahead, use your bow to get a 
    silent kill if you can and then take out the rest. Check the room for ammo and
    then head up the staircase, gunning down the enemies in your way.
    Go up the stairs and gun down the enemies here, moving forward. Use the various
    structures around you to protect you from the enemies but keep up the forward
    momentum. One of the problems I've noticed in this place is its very easy for
    an enemy to get lost while trying to flank you and end up coming up behind you
    long after you should have killed him. Don't let that happen, keep moving. 
    In the hallway you should see a turret, make sure it isn't used or you will be
    turned into swiss cheese. If you need to, use a tek arrow to knock the person
    using it into the next life. When you reach the rear area of the room you will
    be locked in, double back to your right and look for a room there. Go inside 
    and grab up all of the ammunition here and then look around, your squad will 
    have opened up a door, go on through it.
    Your squad comes to the realization that they need to blow this place up, so of
    course it's up to you to plant the bombs. Head to the right and you will be
    moving towards the generator room, the room what need blowing up. Pick up the
    mini-gun as you head that way, keeping your pulse rifle.
    When you actually enter the generator room you will notice that there are a
    bunch of flying bugs here as well as a few soldiers. Don't worry about them, so
    long as you keep moving you will be fine. Go to the ladder, head on up it and
    stop. Plant the mini-gun right here to provide you with a bit of covering fire. 
    Run to the right and go to the three rooms in turn, as you near them Turok will 
    plant bombs in them. If you find an enemy in your path then quickly shank him 
    and keep on moving, you don't want to dawdle here.
    As you reach the third room to plant the bomb you should see a downed soldier
    with a mini-gun near him, pick it up and plant it to keep the bugs busy. Go 
    down the ladder quickly, I suggest jumping from at least half-way down to not
    leave yourself open for too long. Double back the way that you came and pick up
    your weapon. When you near the control room time for a little nappy time.
    Once he wakes up you need to get out of the place before it blows sky high,
    sounds like fun. Take out your pulse rifle, or your shotgun if you picked on up
    on the way, and start moving forward. The scorpions migth be a threat so shoot
    them with a flare if possible or just kill them ASAP. The soldiers will not be
    as much of a threat since there's usually only one or two at a time, knock them
    off and keep moving. Just follow the path and you will be fine.
    The only major threat will be the large core room where you will have to deal
    with soldiers and flying insects. The problem here is that Whiskey company will
    get caught up fighting the bugs, and dying to them, while you're running for
    your life. Try to escape it and move along, they will catch up. Plant the mini-
    gun you should have picked up when you reach the upper level to help you thin
    out the soldiers here. Once you pass through this second level ditch the mini-
    gun for a shotgun off the wall and move on.
    Predictably the ground will fall out from underneath him (three times in one
    game? That's a record) and you will be in the middle of a brawl between a bunch
    of scorpions and raptors. Snatch up a shotgun if you don't already have one and
    fire off a flare at one of the huge dinosaurs, this will cause the other 
    enemies int he room to attack him like crazy. If any scorpions come towards you
    hit them with a flare but do NOT attack the enemies. Try your best to avoid
    attacking anyone or you will find yourself eaten very fast.
    Once you have killed the rest off one of the Allosaurus enemies will charge in
    through the door and try to eat your face. Take him out with the shotgun, hit
    him with a flare if you need to trip him up, and take him out. Once he's dead
    you can head through the door that he opened for you to exit the chapter.
    An Eye for an Eye
    From where you start run toward to spaceship to complete your intial objective.
    Once Turok jumps down you will be at a hallway, be careful here it is full of
    enemies. Rush straight forward when you see a brightly lit area, ignoring the
    horde of enemies and pick up the mini-gun. Step out just a bit, plant the mini-
    gun and start sniping enemies with your pulse rifle while it lays down covering
    fire. Stay here with it until the enemise are dead and then wait for the group
    of enemies to stop coming. 
    Pick up the mini-gun and move forward. When you get into the room, use the
    middle pillar as cover and place the mini-gun as a turret and the two of you
    should start clearing the room. Use grenades and the alt-fire of the pulse
    rifle to clear out the enemies. If you still have a tek arrow it is invaluable
    in taking the enemy off the turret. 
    Once you have cleared the room leave the mini-gun where it is, run outside and 
    use one of the two turrets to take down Kanes ship, it takes three shots. You 
    may want to fire a shot at him, duck back and stay out of sight and then come
    back out and shoot off another shot.
    This prompts a button press mini-game, a la God of War, with Kane. Actually it
    is more similar to the Krauser fight of Resident Evil 4. The two of you will be
    fighting one on one, armed only with knives. The buttons that come up however
    are random so you will simply have to be on your toes and be quick about the
    presses. It isn't particularly hard but it can be tricky on your fingers.
    Once Kane has been defeated there is only one foe left to fight: That damnable
    T-Rex. It's time for a final showdown between you and him. Unfortunately there
    are no easy hiding spots so you are going to have to run. Fast. When you gain
    control of Turok take out your knife, turn left and run towards the lava gap.
    Get over it and grab the shotgun and search the immediate area for some ammo.
    Look around for another box nearby and once you've located it fire a flare past
    the T-Rex's head to distract him. Pull out the knife and sprint for the next 
    box, grabbing up whatever ammo and weapons you happen to find.
    Now to actually fight this sucker.The bad news is that the T-Rex is faster than 
    you even if you run with your knife out. However the good news is that he can't 
    turn for crap. Now if you put your side to a box and walk backwards, turning 
    with the box when you reach the edge, you will find yourself easily able to 
    keep the box between you and him.
    Open fire on him and keep shooting at his front half and head when you have a
    clear shot. I would suggest NOT dual-wielding. Your aim can get a bit erratic
    when you are doing so, just keep firing and switch weapons when needed. If he
    starts getting too close to you then fire off a flare past his head to distract
    him and keep spinning with your cover. He should fall down on his side sooner
    rather than later if you keep this up.
    * NOTE: If you're running really low on ammo and feeling dangerous you can lure
    the Rex near the exploding barrels and blow them up once he's near them. It can
    do some pretty serious damage to the old girl and hopefully take her down.
    With the T-Rex on his side rush over to finish her off and to finish the game.
    Congrats, you beat Turok!
    6. About the Author
    My name is Daniel Acaba, I live in New London, Connecticut and I am 24 years 
    old. Im a huge video game fan, although I dont have the time to play as much 
    anymore. I love writing reviews, but Im going to start trying to do more FAQs
    as well. I'm also a freelance writer, currently writing reviews for two gaming
    So far Ive written the following FAQs: 
    Genji: Days of the Blade - PS3
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    Ninja Gaiden Sigma - PS3
    Lair - PS3
    Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner: Raidou Kuzunoha vs. the Soulless Army - PS2
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