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"A good game - but a bit funky"

How would you like to be a plant like creature? Or maybe a devil? Well, this game lets you. A role-playing/action simulation game lets you take control of one of many different funkey characters, and do whatever you want.

This game can be found at any basic store for about fifteen dollars. Then, you can buy expansion packs for the game for about five dollars extra, and every expansion pack you buy, you get another character.


Unlike most simulation games, this game actually has a solid storyline. An evil tyrant has locked away portals built by the peaceful tribe of funkeys, limited their areas. He reigns in fear if the special gem stone, which can stop him.

But - sadly, the game doesn't seem to stick to the good plot it has very much. You can unlock portals, but it's not like you're on a quest for the gems, you just play along the simulation. So the game does get a bit boring after a while, plotwise.

Occasionally there are more things unlocking some minor things that are just for fun, but are non-canonical though, so it makes little to no difference on how you play. So, you basically just play along.

Learning Curve

Why I gave it a 10.1/10 can be discovered by any five year old who plays the game. You could pick it up. As long as you can click, you can play. Doesn't really take a genius or master at video games to play this game.

You'd think it'd get boring after playing right, if it's so simple. Not really - there's always a tough challenge that's optional for those who tire of the easy tough. Try playing your mini-games on Very hard. You'll get smoked.


Gameplay is generally fun. You walk around the world, picking up anything you find. With certain Funkeys bought, you can go to different worlds, and repeat the whole process over again.

As you progress, you can do different mini-games, which in my opinion is the core of the game, as that's basically all you do for fun. There's not much else to do, but play mini-games, almost like a collection. And on top of that, all but two games require a peculiar funkey to play! Two to five dollars for a small mini-game? I don't think so!

One of the few things besides the mini-games that keep the fun going is your crib. For those old guys, it's your house. You can collect furniture in a wide array of ways, from flipping coins into sewers, to mini-games. And all the mini-games you win, you get extra coins. More coins means you can buy many things to customize it with.

And the cribs are really up to your imagination - there's much you can do. There's about twenty item categories, and you can rotate them and such. You can also buy patterns and paint to paint the floors and wall. You can even paint only an individual section of wall too, so you can mix and match if you want.

The last fun thing is collecting stuff from roaming around. Roaming around a universe doesn't seem fun, but when there's hundreds of little nik-naks to toy around with, it can be fun!

There's many little stuff that can get you things, like you can check under spots. You can look on the ground for shiny Hoodwinks, or into some of the clubs and various hot spots for funkeys.

System Usage

The PC does have a lot to offer - from Internet, to a keyboard, to the mouse. To be frank, it doesn't use too many of it's wide array of possibilities.

Although you do click to move, and you use it to your advantage, it's not much fun just clicking to get around. The good thing about it is that it uses the Internet - so you can go to a friend's crib, and it updates.

Replay Value

The game drops because of it's low replay value. A game that never ends must never get boring, wrong again. As I said - there's little to do, and little to keep you busy. All you do is mini-games all day.

What brings this up is that it updates - with new funkeys to buy and expansion pakcs, and it's on the Internet, which allows it to update with new areas, glitches and bugs can be fixed and new things are added.

This thing for some people might have you ignore it after a solid hour of playing, but it can be good fun for a family to sit around the computer and enjoy a good game of U.B. Funkeys.


This is a decent game. It can be fun to play - for a whilem but gets boring after a while.

Summing it up...
+ Decent storyline
+ Fun and challenging mini games
+ Constantly updating and changing

- Gameplay doesn't match up to storyline - non-canonical storyline relationship to plot
- Gets boring after a while

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 12/03/07

Game Release: U.B. Funkeys (US, 07/01/07)

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