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    Personal Action/Color Guide by xybur

    Version: 1.01 | Updated: 04/01/09 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                  STREET FIGHTER IV : Personal Action/Color Guide:
    		   Version 1.01 by Hector Caceres (xybur)
    +	Table of Contents						      +
    I	Updates		[UD]
    II	Introduction	[IN]
    III	Assumptions	[AS]
    IV	Characters	[XX]
    	- Abel		[AB]
    	- Akuma		[AK]
    	- Balrog	[BA]
    	- Blanka	[BL]
    	- C. Viper	[CV]
    	- Cammy		[CA]
    	- Chun-Li	[CH]
    	- Dan		[DA]
    	- Dhalsim	[DH]
    	- E. Honda	[EH]
    	- El Fuerte	[EL]
    	- Fei Long	[FE]
    	- Gen		[GE]
    	- Gouken	[GO]
    	- Guile		[GU]
    	- Ken		[KE]
    	- M. Bison	[MB]
    	- Rose		[RO]
    	- Rufus		[RU]
    	- Ryu		[RY]
    	- Sagat		[SA]
    	- Sakura	[SK]
    	- Seth		[SE]
    	- Vega		[VE]
    	- Zangief	[ZA]
    V	Q & A		[QA]
    VI	Contact Info	[CI]
    VII	Credits		[CR]
    VIII	Copyright	[CO]
    + I	Updates		[UD]		   				      +
    -Version 1.01-	March 31, 2009.
    Added some information under the Q & A section, Added URL links to Youtube
    video demonstrations of taunts/colors, Added info on which challenges unlock
    colors/taunts, Did some general cleaning up and slight proofreading.
    -Version 1.00-	March 30, 2009.
    Finished first version of the guide. Took about 10 hours to compile.
    + II	Introduction	[IN]					   	      +
    Why do this?
    Plain and simple, I didn't see this information on the net anywhere. So I took
    it upon myself to take a few hours of my time and compile all of this info in
    one place. We all know that taunts are as valid and important a tactic to use
    in your game as anything else so I thought it strange when I didn't see a
    single guide online explaining what all of the Personal Actions actually did.
    This guide explains roughly what every color scheme is for every character,
    using the default costumes. It also tries to explain what every Personal
    Action (i.e. Taunt/PA) is, with details on what the character does (using text
    stage direction), as well as outlining what the character says during
    (in "quotes"). Sometimes the animations are the same between Taunts, but
    what is said differs. If this is the case, I'll explain it as such.
    If I ever have anything to personally say in the explanation, I'll put it
    within [brackets].
    You have my permission to copy these lists where ever, in whatever capacity,
    and as much of the lists as you want, but please give credit where credit is
    due. I don't expect money for this, I just wanted to do a service to the
    community. I would like credit for my work though, so please don't be a jerk
    and take credit for this wherever you decide to post it.
    + III	Assumptions	[AS]					   	      +
    This guide assumes you have already unlocked every Alternate Color and
    Personal Action from completing the many Survival and Time Trials under
    Challenge Mode. If you have not, below is a list of which specific trials
    unlock specific Personal Actions and Colors. You have to complete each Trial
    in sequential order however to gain access to the next trial in the list, so
    plan on doing next to all of them if you want every Color and Personal Action.
    It should be noted that earning the last color scheme (Color 10) actually
    unlocks a variation on Sakura's alternate downloadable Costume (her Gi-like
    Uniform), that completely removes her skirt and showcases her undies. So, if
    that kind of stuff motivates you, you should unlock all of the colors.
    Color 03	Beat Time Attack Normal 1
    Color 04	Beat Survival Mode Normal 1
    Color 05	Beat Time Attack Mode Normal 6
    Color 06	Beat Survival Mode Normal 6
    Color 07	Beat Time Attack Mode Normal 11
    Color 08	Beat Survival Mode Normal 11
    Color 09	Beat Time Attack Mode Normal 16
    Color 10	Beat Survival Mode Normal 16
    Personal Action 02	Time Attack Normal 2
    Personal Action 03	Survival Normal 2
    Personal Action 04	Time Attack Normal 7
    Personal Action 05	Survival Normal 7
    Personal Action 06	Time Attack Normal 12
    Personal Action 07	Survival Normal 12
    Personal Action 08	Time Attack Normal 17
    Personal Action 09	Survival Normal 17
    Presonal Action 10	Beat Time Attack Level 20
    This guide is assuming you've set your language to English for all characters.
    This guide is also assuming that you are playing the American version of the
    game and thus using the American names for the characters. I don't have a
    functional enough knowledge of Japanese to adequately translate/transliterate
    the Japanese phrases for all of the characters, so I couldn't tell you what
    the characters are saying in their Japanese voices. I'm assuming Capcom has
    done a decent job translating the phrases from English, so if you don't know
    Japanese, you can probably assume all of these quotes translate to roughly
    the same phrase. If I can get help with this in a future revision, I may
    append Japanese phrases and rough translations/transliterations. These were
    listened to and recorded with the music turned completely off and the voices
    set to the highest volume to ensure that I heard accurately what was being
    said. In some cases, I used studio headphones and my televisions headphone
    jack to listen carefully and to ensure that what I was hearing was accurate.
    All in all, I'm confident that what I write here is accurate to the
    voice samples.
    What this guide is also missing is the colors for alternate costumes, as I
    have not purchased the downloadable content. I find it ridiculous that Capcom
    would charge players for something that is already on the disc, and was
    readily available in the arcades purchased with Battle Points. In a future
    revision,I might update this guide with such costume information (i.e.
    when I can buy it all at once).
    In the meantime, you can view some of the many videos on youtube that
    showcase color schemes of the new costumes. [UPDATE] -GameFAQs user
    StarkMaximum has informed me that the taunt animations DO NOT change as a
    result of the new costumes. The colors DO VARY slightly from character to
    character based on the new costumes, but you can rest assured the taunts stay
    the same regardless of what the character is wearing.
    So, without further ado, here we go!
    + IV	Characters	[XX]						      +
    Abel [AB]
    Color 1 - Default, Light blue shirt, white trunks.
    Color 2 - Red shirt, dark blue trunks
    Color 3 - White shirt, dark trunks
    Color 4 - Black shirt and white trunks
    Color 5 - Yellow shirt, gray trunks
    Color 6 - Almost imperceptibly dark green shirt, white trunks
    Color 7 - Much more green shirt, dark bluish trunks
    Color 8 - Copper colored shirt, black trunks
    Color 9 - Dark purple shirt, white trunks
    Color 10 - White shirt and trunks
    Personal Action 1 - Puts both hands in front of him, open palmed and wide
    eyed, as if coming to a realization that he never knew before, and pulls one
    hand towards his face: "Heh... this is kind of fun!"
    Personal Action 2 - Throws both hands in the air like at the beginning of
    his 'Heartless' special. [There may be potential here for mix up, you can
    cancel into your Super less than one second after starting the taunt].
    Personal Action 3 - Slaps face with both hands twice: "Better be careful."
    Personal Action 4 - Opens arms and then punches with one hand into the other
    hands palm: "Show me what you can do!"
    Personal Action 5 - Pulls one arm back and winds it up as if going to pitch a
    baseball: "I won't hold back!"
    Personal Action 6 - Let's arms dangle at his side and hops up and down twice:
    "Not feeling well today?"
    Personal Action 7 - Turns back to opponent, and pats hands together while
    facing away: "Don't let your guard down!" [Which is hilarious because
    that's what Abel is doing as he taunts]
    Personal Action 8 - In a thick French accent, he adjusts his glove while
    standing straight up: "So let's fight!"
    Personal Action 9 - Same as PA4: "You'll never beat me with confusion in
    your heart."
    Personal Action 10 - Same as PA8: "Words are not necessary."
    Akuma [AK]
    Color 1 - Blue Gi, Red Hair
    Color 2 - Red Gi, Red Hair
    Color 3 - Blue Gi, Blue Hair
    Color 4 - Purple Gi, Purple Hair, Golden Rope around waist
    Color 5 - Dark Green Gi, Red Hair
    Color 6 - White Gi, Red Hair
    Color 7 - Purple Gi, Red Hair
    Color 8 - Greenish/Blue Gi, Red Hair
    Color 9 - Black Gi, Black Hair
    Color 10 - Purple Gi, Golden DBZ Style Hair
    Personal Action 1 - Well known pose: "Die!"
    Personal Action 2 - Turns back to screen: "You don't stand a chance!"
    Personal Action 3 - Posed with one arm pulled back above his head in a fist,
    other arm in front of him open: "Can you withstand my power?"
    Personal Action 4 - Hands clenched and at his sides, pointing downwards: "Go
    on, strike me"
    Personal Action 5 - Pounds fist into the ground causing small rocks to fly
    up: "You are not long for this world"
    Personal Action 6 - Turns back to screen, then puts both arms in the air:
    "Such ineptitude"
    Personal Action 7 - Similar to PA 1, However in this, an aura flares around
    him with a Kanji that looks like it could mean "reduction": "Die!"
    Personal Action 8 - Posed with one arm pulled back above his head in a fist,
    other arm in front of him open: "Do demons frighten you?"
    Personal Action 9 - Turns back to screen: "Absurd"
    Personal Action 10 - Stand with arms to the side: "You are but a child!"
    Balrog [BA]
    Color 1 - Default, Light Blue trunks
    Color 2 - Dark blue trunks
    Color 3 - Dirty yellow trunks
    Color 4 - Tan trunks, green gloves
    Color 5 - Deep green trunks
    Color 6 - Maroon trunks, blue gloves
    Color 7 - Purple trunks
    Color 8 - Bronze trunks
    Color 9 - Black trunks
    Color 10 - Grayish trunks, Gold gloves
    Personal Action 1 - Pounds fists together 3 times: "C'mon punching bag!"
    Personal Action 2 - Flexes with one arm while patting his bicep with his
    other hand: "I'll knock you out with one punch!"
    Personal Action 3 - Drops one arm to the side, while using his other hand to
    wave at his opponent with a sad look on his face: "You poor, useless sap."
    Personal Action 4 - Puts both gloves in front of him below his waist, and
    shoos the opponent as if motioning them to go away: "Go home and cry to your
    Personal Action 5 - Punches gloves together once: "I'll tenderize ya like a
    Personal Action 6 - Puts one fist in front and beckons the opponent to
    attack: "You ain't nothin' but a chump!"
    Personal Action 7 - Puts both arms down at his side, abrasively asking a
    confrontational question: "Ya scared, chicken?"
    Personal Action 8 - Lifts one glove to his face to scratch his chin while
    the other glove dangles at his side: "Quit wasting my time!"
    Personal Action 9 - Same as PA5: "I'll mess you up goooood!"
    Personal Action 10 - Same as PA8: "You're making me angry."
    Blanka [BL]
    Color 1 - Default, Green Skin with Orange Hair
    Color 2 - Drab grayish color, sort of a "Game boy" palette scheme
    Color 3 - Light green color with a bright orange hair color and shorts.
    Color 4 - Yellow skin with pronounced blue hair and shorts
    Color 5 - Dark gray skin with maroon colored hair
    Color 6 - Dark Mustardy color with deep grass green hair
    Color 7 - Earthy brown skin with a greenish hairstyle
    Color 8 - Bright neon- toned green skin with darker green hair
    Color 9 - Sepia toned skin with a darker toned hair
    Color 10 - Olive green skin tone with a brownish red hairstyle.
    Personal Action 1 - Ducks slightly with hands in front of him: "Come on!"
    Personal Action 2 - Crosses one arm across his chest to scratch his back:
    "Are you scared of me?"
    Personal Action 3 - Plants fists on the ground and howls.
    Personal Action 4 - Points butt towards opponent while scratching it, with
    back towards screen: "Too weak"
    Personal Action 5 - Beats chest with both fists and growls
    Personal Action 6 - Ducks slightly, moves hands forward as if to say 'phsaw'
    and makes a funny raspberry sound from puckered lips
    Personal Action 7 - Same as PA2: "Not good enough!"
    Personal Action 8 - Turns his back to the screen, and then flips around 180
    degrees, while making some sort of weird puckered lip noise
    Personal Action 9 - Same as PA5, with a different battle cry/yell.
    Personal Action 10 - Same as PA4: "I'm stronger than you!"
    C. Viper [CV]
    [Someone needs to get this girl a tailor. She has so many dark colored suits,
    it's like she washed all of them in the same washing machine with a bunch
    of black Sharpies.]
    Color 1 - Default, Black business suit
    Color 2 - White suit
    Color 3 - Dark Navy suit
    Color 4 - Very dark purple suit
    Color 5 - Very Dark green suit
    Color 6 - Slightly greener but still dark suit
    Color 7 - Dark purple suit
    Color 8 - Khaki colored suit
    Color 9 - Muted cyan suit
    Color 10 - Tomato red suit
    Personal Action 1 - With hands at waist: "Quit stalling already, will you?"
    Personal Action 2 - Leans forward slightly and coyly points at opponent:
    "Just lose already!"
    Personal Action 3 - Puts hands to waist, and sighs somberly.
    Personal Action 4 - Crosses arms, using one hand to support her head : "I
    don't have time for this..."
    Personal Action 5 - Puts one hand at waist, and uses other hand to explain:
    "I'm just gonna make it hurt more."
    Personal Action 6 - Moves one arm in a circular motion, placing it on her
    waist. and then asks : "Ready to give up yet?"
    Personal Action 7 - While tightening her glove below her waist and her back
    turned to the opponent: "Go ahead and attack so I can counter you."
    Personal Action 8 - With back faced to the screen and hands on her waist:
    "It'll all be over soon."
    Personal Action 9 - Puts hand up to her face as if to adjust her glasses:
    "Getting tired, huh?"
    Personal Action 10 - Same as PA4: "C'mon, let's finish this."
    Cammy [CA]
    Color 1 - Default, Green suit and Red Hat/Gloves
    Color 2 - Deep cerulean/green color, dark orange gloves and hat
    Color 3 - White costume with matching camo, light purple gloves and hat
    Color 4 - Violet-ish costume with chocolate brown gloves and hat
    Color 5 - Baby blue costume, with brown red hat and gloves
    Color 6 - Deep blue (almost indigo) suit, with dark orange hat and gloves
    Color 7 - Black suit, deep maroon hat and gloves
    Color 8 - Mostly mid tone purple costume with matching camo stripes
    Color 9 - Dark olive green costume, deep purple hat and gloves
    Color 10 - Brown Red costume, with matching camo, hair is similar color to skin
    Personal Action 1 - Makes 'neck cutting' motion: "Come on!"
    Personal Action 2 - Chops hands toward opponent, palm facing downwards:
    "I'll let you have it!"
    Personal Action 3 - Turns back to screen, hands on waist: "Weak!"
    Personal Action 4 - Crosses arms and looks away: "How banal"
    Personal Action 5 - Places one hand on other arm while other hand clenches
    fist: "How dreadful"
    Personal Action 6 - Puts hand on other wrist as if checking pulse: "Not much
    of a workout"
    Personal Action 7 - Turns back to opponent, puts fist in other hand: "Is that
    all you can do?"
    Personal Action 8 - Turns back to screen, hands on waist: "How disappointing"
    Personal Action 9 - Stands tall, grabs glove and tightens it: "Exterminate"
    Personal Action 10 - Crosses arms and looks away: "I knew you were weak"
    Chun-Li [CH]
    [The queen of calisthenics, Chun-Li takes every opportunity to stretch, pull,
    and otherwise tone her body during most of her taunts. I guess she forgot to
    stretch before the match.]
    Color 1 - Default, Blue Dress with Brown stockings
    Color 2 - Light purplish/blue dress, light brown stockings
    Color 3 - Pink/Salmon colored dress
    Color 4 - Gray Dress
    Color 5 - Dark green dress, with a gray undertone
    Color 6 - Bright yellow dress
    Color 7 - Light green dress
    Color 8 - Darker purple dress
    Color 9 - Mid tone green dress
    Color 10 - Black dress with red detailing and grayish stockings.
    Personal Action 1 - Does sort of a curtsy, one hand behind her back and the
    other hand in front of her open palm and flat: "Sorry!"
    Personal Action 2 - Puts hand near her face and yawns.
    Personal Action 3 - Puts hands behind her back and leans forward:
    "Your timing needs some work"
    Personal Action 4 - Hands behind her with fingers interlocked and leans
    forward with a school-girl giggle.
    Personal Action 5 - Taps the base of her neck with a fist, then plants both
    hands at waist and adjusts her neck as if trying to pop a kink in it:
    "Are you feeling okay?"
    Personal Action 6 - Crosses arms: "Come on, get real"
    Personal Action 7 - Interlocks her hands in front of her, and then pulls them
    back and above her head in a full body stretch with a slight grunt.
    Personal Action 8 - Same as PA3: "Were you planning on hitting me at some
    Personal Action 9 - Same as PA4: "Your skills just aren't good enough."
    Personal Action 10 - Same a PA6, in a cheerful voice: "Don't hesitate now!"
    Dan [DA]
    [King of the taunts, need I say more? I think all of his taunts are unique]
    Color 1 - Default, Pink Gi
    Color 2 - Orange Gi, like Goku
    Color 3 - Green Gi
    Color 4 - Lime green Gi
    Color 5 - Deep purple Gi
    Color 6 - Pastel green Gi
    Color 7 - Bold blue Gi, Blonde hair
    Color 8 - Bold red Gi (like Ken), Blonde hair
    Color 9 - Black Gi
    Color 10 - Gold Gi
    Personal Action 1 - Puts back to screen, waves at opponent to attack:
    "Ora, ora!"
    Personal Action 2 - Ducks on one knee and flexes his arm: "What's the
    Personal Action 3 - He hops up in place and grabs his arm: "Woohoo!"
    Personal Action 4 - Points at opponent vindictively, and moving his head
    in a circular motion: "Don't underestimate me."
    Personal Action 5 - Quickly turns around and pokes butt out from behind him
    while standing on the balls of his feet and leaning forward with a thumbs
    up: "Piece of cake!"
    Personal Action 6 - Swings one arm in the air from his side, smiling: "Here I
    Personal Action 7 - Feigns putting one arm on a flat surface (like a counter),
    and then uses his other hands pinky to pick something out of his ear, then he
    looks at it: "I'm awesome!"
    Personal Action 8 - Crouches slightly putting weight on his leg with one arm,
    while first patting his chest and then motioning towards his opponent with his
    other arm: "You, should be my apprentice!"
    Personal Action 9 - Turns around with butt facing opponent, and then slaps
    it twice in quick succession, finishing with one more butt thrust: "Put your
    back into it!"
    Personal Action 10 - [It's actually surprisingly similar to Ken's PA 7.] He
    stands on one foot flamingo style, using his free foot to scratch an itch
    on the leg he is standing on, and then brings one of his hands behind his
    head to scratch it while he looks up. His other hand is planted on his belt:
    "You don't know what real fighting is."
    Dhalsim [DH]
    [This guy has some of weirdest taunts in the game, I did my best to explain
    them but they're just wild. Check them out for yourself before using them in
    a match.]
    Color 1 - Default, Yellow bottom
    Color 2 - Yellowish skin, green bottom and arm/leg bands
    Color 3 - Blueish skin (as if asphyxiated), orange bottom
    Color 4 - Curry yellow skin, and blue gray pants and arm/leg bands
    Color 5 - Black skin with green pants and arm/leg bands
    Color 6 - Red skin with dirt brown pants
    Color 7 - Bubblegum Pink skin with cotton candy blue pants and arm/leg bands.
    Color 8 - Cyan blue skin with sort of yellowish/green pants and arm/leg bands
    Color 9 - Gray body with purple pants
    Color 10 - Solid Gold with orange pants.
    Personal Action 1 - Stands with both hands at side toward opponent: "Cultivate
    a pure heart."
    Personal Action 2 - Levitates off the ground for a second: "Yoga!"
    Personal Action 3 - Lifts himself up to the top of the screen with a huge
    stretchy leg and arcs towards the opponent with head upside down: "You hesitate"
    [This pose can be held for a good second or two if you want, leaving you open,
    but can be cancelled into a block stance at any time after he finishes
    saying 'You']
    Personal Action 4 - Wraps arm around his body and behind his back to scratch
    an itch on his stomach on the same side of the stretching arm: "Too impatient"
    Personal Action 5 - Does a handstand: "Calm yourself"
    Personal Action 6 - Twists his entire body upwards in sort of a double
    helix: "You are not ready for yoga"
    Personal Action 7 - Same as PA2: "You lack strength"
    Personal Action 8 - Same as PA3: "Hatred begets weakness"
    Personal Action 9 - Same as PA4: "You are capable of more"
    Personal Action 10 - Same as PA5: "I do not fight for pleasure"
    E. Honda [EH]
    Color 1 - Default, White and Blue bottom
    Color 2 - Slightly darker blue and off white bottom
    Color 3 - Pink and white bottom
    Color 4 - Bright yellow and orange bottom
    Color 5 - Green and white bottom
    Color 6 - Pink and white bottom
    Color 7 - Gray and white bottom
    Color 8 - Creme gray and white bottom
    Color 9 - Gold and Dark gold colored bottom
    Color 10 - Black and red colored bottom with pale skin
    Personal Action 1 - Crosses his arms and stands proudly: "Wanna get a bite
    to eat?"
    Personal Action 2 - Stomps foot on the ground and adjusts his back by twisting
    it slightly: "We're just getting started!"
    Personal Action 3 - Puts out hand in front of him and bevels his head in a
    360, a sumo-like pose: "Concentrate!"
    Personal Action 4 - Stands proudly and slaps chest: "Go on, attack me!"
    Personal Action 5 - Uses hands to rub neck while standing straight: "Put
    your back into it!"
    Personal Action 6 - Squats and faces the screen, then claps hands in front
    of him: "What an honor"
    Personal Action 7 - Same as PA3: except he chuckles heartily
    Personal Action 8 - Same as PA2: "What a shame"
    Personal Action 9 - Same as PA4: "You can't hurt me!"
    Personal Action 10 - Same as PA5: "Come on already, let's get going!"
    El Fuerte [EL]
    [The great thing about Fuerte's taunts is that to activate them you have to
    hit the fierce kick button. Which means you can hold fierce kick, and after
    2 seconds of charge time, if you feel threatened from an oncoming attack,
    you can just let go of that kick and say hello to your opponent in a very
    direct way. With quesadillas.]
    Color 1 - Default, White pants and mask, gold belt
    Color 2 - Black pants, gold mask
    Color 3 - Light blue pants and mask, orange belt
    Color 4 - Light lime green suit and mask, gold belt
    Color 5 - Pink colored mask and suit, gray belt
    Color 6 - Lilac colored suit and mask, blue belt
    Color 7 - Cream colored pants and mask, purple belt
    Color 8 - Deep blue pants and mask, red belt
    Color 9 - Pink pants and mask, green belt
    Color 10 - Black suit, red belt
    Personal Action 1 - Crosses arms and does a Mexican hat dance in a circle:
    "Your flavor lacks punch!"
    Personal Action 2 - Puts hands at waist and does a slight pelvic thrust:
    "Can I whip you up a little something?"
    Personal Action 3 - Crouches facing screen, putting hands together, and
    then standing up with arms extended to the sides, in a Spanish accent:
    "Viva Mexico!"
    Personal Action 4 - Same as PA2: "What's your favorite dish?"
    Personal Action 5 - Puts arm in the air with hand open in a matter of fact
    style, and then clenches fist and flexes arm: "You can't fight if you can't
    Personal Action 6 - Takes a step forward, and puts hand in front of him
    motioning to stop, in a frenetic voice: "Be careful cooking with fire!"
    Personal Action 7 - Does really painful looking splits: "You fighting
    or sleepwalking?"
    Personal Action 8 - Same as PA1: "This is like eating cold food!"
    Personal Action 9 - Takes a step forward, faces opponent and puts hands
    out to his sides: "Let's heat things up!"
    Personal Action 10 - Rotates back and forth at his waist, with his hands
    in the arm, flexed: "You hungry, or what?"
    Fei Long [FE]
    Color 1 - Default, Black pants
    Color 2 - Dark blue pants
    Color 3 - Deep purple pants
    Color 4 - Dark green, muted pants
    Color 5 - Lightish blue pants
    Color 6 - Brown pants
    Color 7 - White pants, paleish skin
    Color 8 - Gold pants
    Color 9 - Light violet pants
    Color 10 - Blood red pants
    Personal Action 1 - Faces screen, puts both arms at the side and then forward
    with a Bruce Lee style high pitched: "Hoooo-ah!"
    Personal Action 2 - Stands tall, and waggles finger towards opponent: "Who
    wants some 'Fu?" [possibly as in Kung Fu]
    Personal Action 3 - Stands tall and adjusts his pose, then snubs his nose with
    thumb toward opponent: "Hmph... Weak"
    Personal Action 4 - Steps back and low in kung fu pose, one hand towards
    opponent with pinky extended: "That's it?"
    Personal Action 5 - Completely lays down on the ground, with hand supporting
    head: "Boring" Then kick flips himself back to neutral position [This one is
    probably one of the more hilarious taunts, and it should be noted that even
    though you are completely on the ground, you can guard at any time after the
    initial touchdown on the ground, so you're not vulnerable]
    Personal Action 6 - Turns back to screen, then puts arms to side and faces
    opponent: "I'll show you what I can do."
    Personal Action 7 - Places both hands in the air above while facing the screen
    then forward with a Bruce Lee style high pitched: "Hoooo-ah!"
    Personal Action 8 - Turns back to opponent, then lifts one leg very high above
    his head while his other foot is on the ground like a flamingo: "You can't
    handle the kung-fu"
    Personal Action 9 - Same as PA2: "Tsk, tsk, tsk"
    Personal Action 10 - Stands tall and adjusts his pose, then snubs his nose
    with thumb, toward opponent: "This'll be quick"
    Gen [GE]
    [I think this guy has one of the longest taunts as far as words go. Check out
    his PA6, it's pretty intense, almost melodic.]
    Color 1 - Default, Purple Suit, blackish pants
    Color 2 - Black suit with gray details
    Color 3 - Maroon suit
    Color 4 - Sky blue suit
    Color 5 - Dark brown suit
    Color 6 - Bronze colored suit
    Color 7 - Deep green top with brownish pants
    Color 8 - Deep blue suit
    Color 9 - Light Pink top, black pants
    Color 10 - Totally White suit, black belt
    Personal Action 1 - Stands tall, with both hands behind his back, and then
    beckons opponent: "Should I be gentle?"
    Personal Action 2 - Stands tall oriented towards screen and hands behind
    back, then brings hand to face to stroke beard: "Waste of time"
    Personal Action 3 - Turns away from opponent, hands behind back, and then
    utters: "Hmph!"
    Personal Action 4 - Stands straight, with back facing screen, and then goes
    from looking at opponent to looking away in disgust: "Cur!"
    Personal Action 5 - Stands straight and meets hands together in front of him
    as if toasting the opponent: "That's the spirit!"
    Personal Action 6 - Does a crazy martial artist's multi-part pose. [You're
    going to want to check this one out yourself]: "You cannot keep my fists in
    your sight for they move with the fury of hell!"
    Personal Action 7 - Stands on one foot while showcasing his clenched fists
    in front of him and above his head: "Behold my protean fists!"
    Personal Action 8 - Same as PA3: "Come to me."
    Personal Action 9 - Same as PA2: "That's not enough to beat me."
    Personal Action 10 - Same as PA5: "You're nothing but talk!"
    Gouken [GO]
    [Sadly, most of his taunts are animations that got re-used. The developers
    simply just changed the quotes he says for the majority of the taunts.]
    Color 1 - Default, gray pants, black/dark brown top
    Color 2 - Brownish top, light gray pants
    Color 3 - Dark slate blue top, light brown/gray bottom
    Color 4 - Olive green top, marble blue pants
    Color 5 - Vivid green top, slightly muted green pants
    Color 6 - Purple top, brown/gray pants
    Color 7 - All gray top and bottom
    Color 8 - Reddish top, gray pants
    Color 9 - All Gold costume
    Color 10 - Black costume, skin is also a dark tone
    Personal Action 1 - Stomps foot on ground in fighting pose: "Come on then!"
    Personal Action 2 - Crosses arms: "Trust your instincts"
    Personal Action 3 - Places hands on waist/thigh and then shakes his head in
    dismay: "I grow weary"
    Personal Action 4 - Clenches fists and pulls them back slight at his side
    as if angry: "Fight!"
    Personal Action 5 - Same pose as PA1: "Don't hold back!"
    Personal Action 6 - Crosses arms: "Is that all you have?
    Personal Action 7 - Places hands on waist/thigh and then shakes his head
    in dismay: "Disappointing..."
    Personal Action 8 - Clenches fists and pulls them back slight at his side
    as if angry: "Watch and learn!"
    Personal Action 9 - Same as PA1: "Fool!"
    Personal Action 10 - Same as PA2, and in a mocking/feigning amazement
    way: "Ooooooh"
    Guile [GU]
    [Guile would probably better suited as an Irish guy in this game, all of his
    taunts are simple and he seems like he's looking for a fight.]
    Color 1 - Default, Green Army Camo
    Color 2 - Purple Army Camo
    Color 3 - Brown Army Camo
    Color 4 - Blueish shirt with blue/white/brown camo pants
    Color 5 - Burgundy Army Camo
    Color 6 - Very dark green, almost gray Army camo
    Color 7 - Tan Army Camo
    Color 8 - Olive drab Army Camo
    Color 9 - Purple/Blue Army Camo
    Color 10 - Dark gray shirt with black and white Army camo, and wild Silver Hair
    Personal Action 1 - Puts hand out and waggles finger with a come hither
    motion: "Come on!"
    Personal Action 2 - Puts hand out and then makes a thumbs up motion moving
    the hands towards himself: "Come on, rookie!"
    Personal Action 3 - Motions with both hands waving towards himself to say to
    opponent 'attack him': "Bring it!"
    Personal Action 4 - Salutes opponent with two fingers: "Too easy."
    Personal Action 5 - Puts hands at waists and smirks, raising his chin
    slightly: "Hmph"
    Personal Action 6 - Clenches fist, moving arm downwards and takes a step
    forward: "Show me what you've got!"
    Personal Action 7 - Nonchalantly places hands on either side of him, hands
    open "You okay there?"
    Personal Action 8 - Places both hands at his side quickly, with his arms wide
    open and shrugging shoulders while proclaiming: "You're all talk."
    Personal Action 9 - Same as PA7: "Take it easy."
    Personal Action 10 - Same as PA8: "Easier than R and R" [as in 'rest and
    relaxation', army term].
    Ken [KE]
    Color 1 - Default, Red Gi with orange-ish gloves
    Color 2 - White Gi with brown gloves
    Color 3 - Dark indigo costume with brown gloves
    Color 4 - Navy blue Gi with Brown gloves
    Color 5 - Lime Green Gi with Brown gloves
    Color 6 - Blue/Green Gi with brown gloves
    Color 7 - Olive green Gi with brown gloves
    Color 8 - Canary Yellow Gi with brown gloves
    Color 9 - Light brown Gi with [you guessed it] brown gloves
    Color 10 - Black Gi with wild Silver Hair
    Personal Action 1 - Beckons opponent to attack with hand "Dude, you alright
    Personal Action 2 - Stretches legs while squatting slightly "If you can't
    hit me, why bother attacking at all?"
    Personal Action 3 - Turns around with back to opponent and yawns with hand
    in front of his mouth.
    Personal Action 4 - Turns around completely and feigns two punches: "Get in
    the game, man."
    Personal Action 5 - Flexes with his arm towards opponent: "Get serious..."
    Personal Action 6 - Puts one hand on waist with other hand dangling: "The
    fight's just begun."
    Personal Action 7 - Places both hands behind his head and stands on one
    foot, while his other foot scratches the leg he is standing on: "Ugh... Is
    that really all you can do?"
    Personal Action 8 - Same as PA2: "Come on man, take this seriously!"
    Personal Action 9 - Same as PA5: "Come on, show me what you're made of"
    Personal Action 10 - Same as PA1: "You can still win this if you don't
    give up."
    M. Bison [MB]
    Color 1 - Default, Red Suit
    Color 2 - Blue Suit
    Color 3 - Green Suit
    Color 4 - White suit with red shoulder pads
    Color 5 - Dark green suit with brownish shoulder pads
    Color 6 - Sand colored suit with black shoulder pads
    Color 7 - Purple suit, creme shoulder pads
    Color 8 - Black suit with silver pads, Kind of a "game boy" palette
    Color 9 - Bronze suit
    Color 10 - Grayish/Brownish suit
    Personal Action 1 - Crosses arms and laughs
    Personal Action 2 - Creates psycho power burst from his hands in front of him,
    and slowly pulls arms away from each other, like a magic trick: "There is no
    power like evil."
    Personal Action 3 - Stands with hands at his side: "Where is your aggression?"
    Personal Action 4 - In a deep voice with his back facing the screen, while
    one hand is on his waist: "I pity you"
    Personal Action 5 - Stands tall and adjusts cap: "Useless dreg"
    Personal Action 6 - Stands tall and crosses arms, pokes one hand out from
    crossed arm position and waves index finger: "Hah! What weakness"
    Personal Action 7 - Same as PA1: "Grovel before me."
    Personal Action 8 - Same as PA4: "Utter scum!" [I particularly love the
    enunciation of "utter" in this one]
    Personal Action 9 - Same as PA3: "Are you frightened?"
    Personal Action 10 - Same as PA2: "You're not worthy."
    Rose [RO]
    Color 1 - Default, Red dress, yellow shamwow
    Color 2 - Light Violet dress, lilac shamwow
    Color 3 - Dark blue dress, yellow shamwow
    Color 4 - Dark almost black dress, red shamwow
    Color 5 - Light purple dress, yellow shamwow
    Color 6 - Light blue dress, yellow shamwow
    Color 7 - Dark blue dress, lilac shamwow
    Color 8 - Light gray dress, yellow shamwow
    Color 9 - Grassy green dress, orange shamwow
    Color 10 - Dark black dress with purplish stockings, bright yellow shamwow
    Personal Action 1 - Poses with legs crossed slightly, and waves one hand in
    front of her face as if fanning away a bad smell: "Not bad."
    Personal Action 2 - Crosses leg slightly, and waves her finger at opponent:
    "That's all for today."
    Personal Action 3 - Stands with back to opponent, and waves hand in front
    of herself: "Power is not just about physical strength"
    Personal Action 4 - Turns completely around with back facing opponent and hand
    raised to her mouth: "Hahaha..."
    Personal Action 5 - Crosses legs, and faces screen, raises hands behind head
    passing through her hair, and then throws them upwards: "Believe in your
    own power."
    Personal Action 6 - Puts one hand on her heart, and uses the other hand to
    beckon the player, very sincerely : "I will seal away evil power."
    Personal Action 7 - Same as PA2: "Don't let arrogance get the best of you."
    Personal Action 8 - Turns back to the screen, and then puts her hands out to
    her side below her waist: "Don't be careless"
    Personal Action 9 - Same as PA3: "What troubles you, friend?"
    Personal Action 10 - Crosses arms and puts on hand on her face as if
    flustered: "You're not ready to face me"
    Rufus [RU]
    [Rufus has almost as many unique Taunts as Dan does. Which I guess secures his
    position as a 'joke' character, if only he wasn't so good.]
    Color 1 - Default, Yellow jumpsuit
    Color 2 - Orange jumpsuit
    Color 3 - Greenish yellow jumpsuit
    Color 4 - Eggplant colored jumpsuit
    Color 5 - Deep blue jumpsuit
    Color 6 - Bold red jumpsuit
    Color 7 - Bold green jumpsuit
    Color 8 - Salmon colored jumpsuit
    Color 9 - Bright yellow jumpsuit
    Color 10 - Dark brown and black jumpsuit, very pale skin
    Personal Action 1 - Sits down and wipes his brow: "Whoa, I'm sweating here"
    Personal Action 2 - Winds up his arm back and then forward, pointing his
    hand forward fiercely, asking:"You get enough meat in your diet?"
    Personal Action 3 - Stands proudly with hands to his side, and wisecracks:
    "Try blocking" [weird enunciation on 'blocking', let me tell you...]
    Personal Action 4 - Leans forward, and then back waving his hands in a
    'no thanks' motion, while his head faces in the opposite direction: "I don't
    need an apprentice."
    Personal Action 5 - Crosses arms and leans slightly toward opponent: "Go ahead
    and hit me!"
    Personal Action 6 - Somberly turns around, face concealed from the screen, and
    quietly states: "Find your Zen." [This one is quite possibly my favorite
    taunt because it's so ridiculous]
    Personal Action 7 - Pokes index finger towards opponent, and quickly clenches
    it to a thumps up motion while pointing at himself: "Fighting me is the
    highlight of your life."
    Personal Action 8 - Same as PA3: "What are you number one at?"
    Personal Action 9 - Spins around on one foot, finishing with both of his
    arms extended in the air above his body: "I'll defeat everyone on the planet!"
    Personal Action 10 - Stands very proudly, with a smile on his face and
    looking at the sky with his hands at his waist: "I'm so cool."
    Ryu [RY]
    Color 1 - Default, White Gi, Red Gloves
    Color 2 - Very deep navy blue costume, with muted brown gloves
    Color 3 - White Gi with black gloves and belt
    Color 4 - Orange creme Gi with brown gloves
    Color 5 - Indigo Gi with dark orange gloves
    Color 6 - Off white Gi with brownish/purplish gloves
    Color 7 - Blue Gi with black belts and red lettering, chocolate brown gloves
    Color 8 - Black GI with Yellow Gloves
    Color 9 - Brown Gi with Purple gloves
    Color 10 - Black Gi with Dark brown gloves
    Personal Action 1 - Adjusts gloves: "Get serious!"
    Personal Action 2 - Puts fist ahead of himself toward opponent: "Come on!"
    Personal Action 3 - Puts fists at his side: "You can do better than that!"
    Personal Action 4 - Puts fist in front of him so back is exposed to screen,
    and flexes arm/clenches fist: "Give me a reason to fight"
    Personal Action 5 - Crosses arms and faces away from opponent as if
    disgusted: "Disgrace to your art"
    Personal Action 6 - Places fist into hand while facing the screen: "Well,
    let's get going"
    Personal Action 7 - Tightens belt: "We're just getting started!"
    Personal Action 8 - Tightens headband: "Talk is cheap."
    Personal Action 9 - Turns slightly away from opponent, and looks upon his
    fist introspectively: "I walk the path of the true warrior"
    Personal Action 10 - Borrows the well-known Akuma stance with a
    "Mmrrggh" grunt
    Sagat [SA]
    Color 1 - Default, Blue trunks
    Color 2 - Green trunks
    Color 3 - Red trunks
    Color 4 - White trunks
    Color 5 - Purple trunks
    Color 6 - Green trunks
    Color 7 - Cyan trunks
    Color 8 - Dark Gray trunks
    Color 9 - Gold trunks
    Color 10 - Light blue trunks, lighter skin
    Personal Action 1 - Cracks knuckles: "Show some backbone."
    Personal Action 2 - Moves hands around in a circle in front of him, finishing
    with a full body tremor caused by his flexing: "Move!"
    Personal Action 3 - Crosses arms: "You will taste defeat."
    Personal Action 4 - Clenches fist and points it towards opponent: "Show
    more respect to the fight."
    Personal Action 5 - With fists clenched and pointing towards the ground,
    he laughs loudly.
    Personal Action 6 - Similar to PA6, except his mouth stays closed and he
    simply grumbles: "Hmmm!" while lifting his head slightly
    Personal Action 7 - Same as PA1: "Do your worst."
    Personal Action 8 - Same as PA3: "Hmmm, what's the matter?"
    Personal Action 9 - Same as PA4: "Do not enrage the king."
    Personal Action 10 - Same as PA5: "Take your shot!"
    Sakura [SK]
    Color 1 - Default, Blue skirt
    Color 2 - Red skirt
    Color 3 - Green gloves and black skirt
    Color 4 - Tan skirt
    Color 5 - Green Skirt
    Color 6 - Black skirt
    Color 7 - Light blue skirt, yellow gloves
    Color 8 - Black skirt
    Color 9 - Purple skirt, tanned skin
    Color 10 - Black skirt and shirt, white gloves
    Personal Action 1 - Stands proudly and points at opponent: "Careful, you
    might hurt yourself!"
    Personal Action 2 - Clenches fists at her sides: "Fight!"
    Personal Action 3 - Falls forward on one leg, while extending her other leg
    in a long stretch "I play for keeps"
    Personal Action 4 - Places hand in front of herself, open palm: "Give it your
    best shot!"
    Personal Action 5 - Squats to the ground with hands on knees, then jumps up
    slightly similar to 'Sakura Otoshi', except she ends the taunt standing with
    her arms extended in a pushing motion: "Get ready, here I come!"
    Personal Action 6 - Puts her index finger to her nose like rubbing an itch,
    and giggles/squeals like a school girl.
    Personal Action 7 - Does a stretching motion with one of her arms behind
    her head: "Get ready, here I come."
    Personal Action 8 - Puts hands on her knees and leans forward as if
    completely confounded, looking at opponent in awe: "Are you for real?"
    Personal Action 9 - Same as PA2: "This is really fun!"
    Personal Action 10 - Same as PA8: "Oh, come on..."
    Seth [SE]
    [Not too much complexity in his color since they're all mostly solid colors.
    Personally, I think it's hilarious that he says "Damn" when he whiffs his
    grabs. I never noticed it until I turned the music down. Also, sometimes his
    taunts make his character model flicker for a frame. I'm not sure what causes
    it, but he's the only guy I've seen with this issue.]
    Color 1 - Default, Gray Body, Black Inverse
    Color 2 - Red Body, Cyan Inverse
    Color 3 - Bright Green Body, Purple Inverse
    Color 4 - Dark Cyan Body, Blood Red Inverse
    Color 5 - Gold body, Purple Inverse
    Color 6 - Pink body, Dark deep green inverse
    Color 7 - Light blue body, Blood Red Inverse
    Color 8 - Dark blue body, Creamy yellow inverse
    Color 9 - Bright yellow/gold body, Light blue inverse
    Color 10 - Beetle shell color body, a mix of cyan and orange,
    with tones in between, deep red and black inverse
    Personal Action 1 - Clasps hand into a fist in front of him: "I thought you
    would be more valuable than this."
    Personal Action 2 - Drops hands as if disappointed: "Useless"
    Personal Action 3 - Extends arm in front of him with his palm open and facing
    his opponent: "Show me something worth taking!"
    Personal Action 4 - Crosses arms and then opens his arms wide to either side:
    "Finished already?"
    Personal Action 5 - Places hand on his face and shakes his head in
    disappointment: "You cannot compare to me"
    Personal Action 6 - Puts hands on either side of his body with fists
    clenched: "Foolishness."
    Personal Action 7 - Same as PA4, laughs while doing the motion.
    Personal Action 8 - Same as PA3: "You have no value or purpose!"
    Personal Action 9 - Same as PA1: "Why do you hold back?"
    Personal Action 10 - Same as PA2: "You look tired, need a break?"
    Vega [VE]
    Color 1 - Default, Yellow and Blue pants, Blue tattoo
    Color 2 - Yellow and Red scheme, Red tattoo
    Color 3 - Green and Yellow scheme, Green tattoo
    Color 4 - Vivid green and creme scheme, Gray Tattoo
    Color 5 - Muted red and creme scheme, Red tattoo
    Color 6 - Violet and creme scheme, Purple-ish tattoo
    Color 7 - Dark blue and creme scheme, Blue tattoo
    Color 8 - Light violet and creme scheme, very light purple tattoo
    Color 9 - Goldish scheme with blue belt, goldenrod tattoo
    Color 10 - Red and creme scheme, blue belt, light red tattoo
    Personal Action 1 - Drops hands from fighting stances and chuckles lightly.
    Personal Action 2 - Crouches slightly and beckons opponent with a hand wave
    towards himself, chuckling lightly
    Personal Action 3 - Puts hand out in front of him as if showcasing the opponent:
    "Does your ugliness embarrass you?"
    Personal Action 4 - Crosses arms, and moves head towards opponent causing his
    bangs to be brushed aside, emo-style: "Ugly AND clumsy? Pity." [It should be
    noted that "Pity" is said very quickly after "Clumsy?" and it is close to
    inaudible because of this. I can assure you though that Vega does indeed state
    "Pity" and it's totally within character for him to do so. - Thanks Stark]
    Personal Action 5 - Extends arm in front of him with his hand open and palm
    facing downwards: "Beautiful death"
    Personal Action 6 - Crosses the arm without the claw on it around his torso:
    "Too late, you're mine now." [what's weird is that the claw is ALWAYS on the
    hand that is facing the screen, regardless of side. When vega jumps over or
    crosses up an opponent, he quickly turns his back to the screen, and his claw
    magically moves to the opposite hand. Strange...]
    Personal Action 7 - Quickly swipes the claw hand towards the ground: "Ugliness
    and weakness are one in the same."
    Personal Action 8 - Takes a step back, swipes the claw hand in the air, and
    swipes the other hand behind him: "Bleed for me! Hahaha!"
    Personal Action 9 - Same as PA3: "My blades will make you beautiful."
    Personal Action 10 - Same as PA4: "You're hideous!
    Zangief [ZA]
    Color 1 - Default, Red Bottom with Shoes
    Color 2 - Brown bottom
    Color 3 - Dark gray bottom
    Color 4 - Cyan blue bottom
    Color 5 - Grayish bottom
    Color 6 - Gold cyclone! I mean, bottom.
    Color 7 - Green bottom
    Color 8 - Purple grape colored bottom
    Color 9 - Black bottom
    Color 10 - Dark colored bottom, except skin tone is a bit ghastly
    Personal Action 1 - Flexes arms in front of him and grunts.
    Personal Action 2 - Crosses chest with arm to grab opposite shoulder,
    tweaks neck slightly: "Is that all you have?"
    Personal Action 3 - Puts both arms in front of him as if about to grapple/grab
    opponent: "No more games!"
    Personal Action 4 - Puts both fists at his waist: "Not bad Comrade"
    Personal Action 5 - Does the body builder flex that involves both hands
    meeting at the front of the waist and flexing biceps afterwards: "Can't
    touch me!"
    Personal Action 6 - Plants fists at waist, looks down and shakes head in
    dismay: "Weak like kitten"
    Personal Action 7 - Clenches hands in front of him, let's go and meets them
    again, this time punching his fist in the palm of his other hand: "Hit me as
    hard as you can!"
    Personal Action 8 - Puts hands at his waist and laughs heartily with his
    eyes closed.
    Personal Action 9 - Same as PA3: "It's not over yet!"
    Personal Action 10 - Same as PA7: "You have to be stronger than that!"
    + V	General Q & A	[QA]						      +
    (1.) Do you have any favorite taunts? Did you dislike any?
      (1a.) I absolutely think Fei Long's laying down is hilarious and would
    possibly be my favorite... If it wasn't for Rufus' equally absurd "Find
    your Zen" quote which is completely out of character for him and would
    be an amazing 'insult to injury' to say if you just finished landing
    his Ultra.
    I think Gouken was disappointingly generic in most of his quotes, and
    I was expecting a bit more out of him. Sagat reused alot of his
    animations as well, but in comparison, the quotes and subtle
    differences in his facial expressions make up for it, I think.
    (2.) Words and description are great, but I'd like to see these. Where can I?
      (2a.) Thankfully, some avid youtuber has already compiled a video of all of
    the default costume colors as well as a taunt demonstration for each color,
    similar to what I did to record all of this information in text format.
    So, if you want to give each taunt a preview before deciding you want to use
    it without actually booting your game up, check out his videos.
    Give credit to RenegadeFerret for recording all of these more than a month
    before I compiled this FAQ.
    - Video for M. Bison, Sagat, Vega, Balrog, Abel, C. Viper, Rufus, El Fuerte,
    Sakura, Rose, Dan and Gen :
    - Video for Fei Long, Cammy, Akuma, Gouken, Dhalsim, Blanka, Chun Li, Ryu,
    E. Honda, Zangief, Guile, Ken and Seth:
    + VI	Contact Info	[CI]						      +
    MAIL ME AT: xybur[dot]op[at]gmail[dot]com
    XBLGamerTag: xyburop
    If you find anything missing from my FAQ, if anything is fishy or
    you want to dispute a change feel free to email me. Also, If you see any
    typos (of which I'm sure there are many), let me know. I am aware of
    inconsistencies within the guide in the formatting of descriptions, and
    hopefully I'll fix that in the next revision. At the moment, I'm just
    looking for egregious errors in text and grammar. Thanks.
    + VII	Credit		[CR]						      +
    I would like to thank a few folks:
    - CAPCOM
    		Thanks for making SF4.
    - GameFAQs
    		For being the original host for my guide.
    - James Nguyen (Siky)
    		For providing a rough idea on how to organize my guide.
    - RenegadeFerret (on Youtube)
    		For recording videos demonstrating the taunts/colors
    - StarkMaximum (on Gamefaqs)
    		For informing me that alt costumes don't alter taunt animations
    - Myself
    		Man, this FAQ stuff is harder than it looks.
    + VIII	Copyright	[CO]						      +
    The information expressed in this guide is copyright to me, Hector Caceres
    (xybur). By no means are you permitted to call this guide or information
    within this guide your own. To reiterate, you are allowed to host this file
    online without due permission, but give credit where it is due, i.e. to me.

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