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    Quote FAQ by Kano2005

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    This FAQ was written by me, Jygga and me alone. It cannot be used
    on any other website besides Gamefaqs without my permission and
    2. CONTACT ME!!
    You can contact me if you need permission to use this FAQ for another 
    website besides Gamefaqs. My e-mail is: jygga9@hotmail.com (also MSN)
    The quotes in this game are divided in two sections; 
    one are personal against all charachters in Arcade mode
    and the others are in Versus mode and there are 11 of those.
    RYU VS.
    KEN: Amazing, Ken. Each time I fight you, I feel something new
    and different...
    CHUN-LI: Your kicks are so impressive! No matter how many times
    we fight, I remain in awe.
    E.HONDA: You must put your strength to use. Simply showing it off
    is not enough.
    BLANKA: Though you do no speak, your fists tell a tale of their own.
    ZANGIEF: You brag too much about your strength! This will always
    be your weakness!
    GUILE: I feel neither anger or sadness in your fists. You have
    grown stronger!
    DHALSIM: There is compassion in the way you fight. You have
    earned my respect.
    BALROG: Your power is worthy of praise, boxer! You need only to
    fight from the heart!
    VEGA: You self-love is not justified! One day, youīll face men 
    stronger than me!
    SAGAT: You havenīt lost it, Sagat! Let us fight again another day!
    M.BISON: I can never let power such as yours fulfill such dark
    C.VIPER: Settle down and start a family? I have much to do before
    I can consider that...
    RUFUS: You have an interesting technique... Too flashy to be
    effective though.
    EL FUERTE: I donīt know much about cooking, but your movement and
    strength impress!
    ABEL: If you have a goal, you must seek it out! Never give up!
    SAKURA: Iīm certain weīll meet again as long as you continue on
    the warriorsī path!
    DAN: Close but no cigar, friend. Surely you realize what your
    technique lacks!
    ROSE: You claim to see my future yet it is I who will forge that
    future myself!
    GEN: Ansatsuken... An art devoted to killing. I cannot condone a
    murderous art!
    CAMMY: Your technique is solid. All that remains for you is to grow
    a spirit!
    FEI LONG: Your technique reminds me of someone I once saw...
    AKUMA: There must be some way to control Satsui no Hado! Sadly we
    are at its mercy!
    GOUKEN: Such incredible power! There is no mistaking it, Master,
    you have returned!
    SETH: Your failure stems from your obsession with power...
    KEN VS.
    RYU: Looks like I came out on top this time! Better luck next
    time, friend!
    CHUN-LI: Werenīt you supposed to go back to China and be just a 
    regular girl or something?
    E.HONDA: You gotta be first in Japan before you can be first in the 
    world, pal
    BLANKA: I like your style, wild man!
    ZANGIEF: Looks like your still no match for my Dragon Punch, eh?
    GUILE: I hope Eliza donīt get mad at me for beating up my 
    brother-in-law like that.
    DHALSIM: No matter how many times I see it, your limbs really freak
    me out, man!
    BALROG: You donīt have what it takes to be Americaīs No.1 fighter!
    VEGA: It takes more than a pretty face to make it in the ring, pal.
    Try working out!
    SAGAT: Well, if thatīs all youīve got, Ryu wonīt have any trouble
    beating you, too!
    M.BISON: If you wanna go around bragginī, you gotta beat me before
    runninī your mouth!
    C.VIPER: That was fun! Next time, forget your business and concentrate
    on the action!
    RUFUS: Well now youīve fought the best America has to offer. Satisfied?
    EL FUERTE: You should stick with Lucha Libre and leave the real fighting
    to US big boys!
    ABEL: If you really wanna find what youīre after, you canīt hold back 
    like that!
    SAKURA: Itīs good to see youīre doinī good, kid. Say, have you fought
    you-know-who yet?
    DAN: Sorry to beat you up so bad. Should known you wouldnīt put up 
    a fight...
    ROSE: Phew! You almost had me back there. Felt like I was hypnotized
    or somethinī!
    GEN: Youīre one dangerous senior citizen, Iīll tell you that!
    CAMMY: Youīd be a lot cuter if you smiled once in a while, kiddo.
    FEI LONG: I guess I should be the big star instead of you, huh?
    AKUMA: So this is the Satsui no Hado Iīve been hearing about. Iīll 
    admit, itsīno joke!
    GOUKEN: M-Master!? What are you doing here? Why now?
    SETH: Whatīs the deal with that freaky body of yours, anyway?
    RYU: I know you wonīt give up. Youīll only train and come back stronger
    next time.
    KEN: I guess married life softened you up. Doesnīt your wife let you train?
    E.HONDA: Maybe you oughtta get in that bathtub of yours and wash off the 
    sweat of defeat!
    BLANKA: Youīre too wild! Calm down a bit, would you? 
    ZANGIEF: Not even Russiaīs greatest hero can stop me!
    GUILE: Is that all it takes to beat you, the U.S Air Force must be in
    bad shape!
    DHALSIM: Iīve been thinking of trying Yoga as part of a diet regime...
    BALROG: Not even traditional Chinese medicine can cure your stupidity!
    VEGA: Is your face really so handsome that you have to protect it like that?
    SAGAT: You wonīt stand a chance against you-know-who if you fight like that!
    M.BISON: Iīll never forgive you! I wonīt rest until youīve rotting behind
    C.VIPER: Looks like this little rivalry is over! You canīt get in my way now!
    RUFUS: You move pretty well, but that bodyīs just not right for the ring!
    EL FUERTE: Are you sure youīre a chef? You really donīt look the part...
    ABEL: Youīre searching for something too, arenīt you? I know how you feel...
    SAKURA: A fighting schoolgirl, huh? I wasnīt so different from you when I
    was a girl.
    DAN: I donīt have time to deal with you right now. Canīt we do this
    another time?
    ROSE: Only I represent the perfect combination of strength and beauty!
    GEN: I think itīs time you and I had a char about my father!
    CAMMY: Just leave this to Interpol! You have no business here!
    FEI LONG: Do you think I have what it takes to make it in show biz like you?
    AKUMA: What incredible power! I hope I never have to face you again...
    GOUKEN: You look... familair. As if you reminded me of someone...
    SETH: If technology has progressed this far, I fear for our future...
    RYU: Youīre no ordinary man! Ever consider a career in sumo?
    KEN: Youīre one aggressive fighter! I like your style!
    CHUN-LI: You may be fast, but your kicks feel like mosquito bites to me!
    BLANKA: Talk about your way out moves! Show me that again, will ya?
    ZANGIEF: Youīre one heckuva grappler. Wanna be my apprentice?
    GUILE: Youīve got skills, but it doesnīt look like youīre enjoyinī
    yourself much...
    DHALSIM: Fire breathing? Levitation? Is this a fight or a magic show?
    BALROG: Between your hooks and counters, color me impressed!
    VEGA: It takes more than speed to topple a giant like me!
    SAGAT: Impressive! I guess youīre famous for a reason!
    M.BISON: Youīve gotta keep your feet on the ground if you wanna win in
    this game!
    C.VIPER: Talk about weird fighting styles! You got gadgets up the 
    wazoo, dontcha?
    RUFUS: Youīve got a body like a sumo wrestler! Ever consider joining 
    a stable?
    EL FUERTE: Next time, weīll fight in the kitchen! My chanko stew is
    ABEL: Lookinī for someone, are ya? Have you tried talkinī to the cops?
    SAKURA: Good to see youīre as peppy as always, kid. Keep it up!
    DAN: You canīt just talk the talk, man! One of these days, ya gotta
    learn how to fight!
    ROSE: Thatīs a strange technique ya got there, sister. You some kinda
    GEN: For an old-timer, you sure move quick! Guess I underestimated you!
    CAMMY: Youīre a skinny chick! You might wanna look into eatinī more than
    once a week!
    FEI LONG: Whatta voice! My earsīll be ringinī for weeks!
    AKUMA: Youīve got a great fighting stance! Low center of gravity is the 
    way to go!
    GOUKEN: Say, have I met you before?
    SETH: It takes training to really be strong! Imitation is no substitute!
    RYU: You want to be the ultimate fighter? Donīt let this defeat bother you.
    KEN: Iīm so much cooler than you. You canīt even make electricity!
    CHUN-LI: Is this what people in your land call "fast"?
    E.HONDA: Nature has no room for fatsos! Survival of the fittest!
    ZANGIEF: Now you understand that the wild is more powerful than anything
    you can muster!
    GUILE: Quit lookinī at me like that! I ainīt your pet!
    DHALSIM: You have a strange way of fighting... Are you really human?
    BALROG: Quit screwinī around and fight for real!
    VEGA: You jump around like a butterfly, but I squashed you like one!
    SAGAT: You say "tiger" a lot, but you donīt know the first thing about
    real tigers!
    M.BISON: Bet you think youīre pretty scary, huh? You donīt scare me!
    C.VIPER: No fair! You canīt bring gadgets into the ring, lady! 
    Thatīs cheating!
    RUFUS: I like the way you move! You make me laugh!
    EL FUERTE: People who wear masks scare me! They have something to hide,
    ABEL: I was lonely till I saw my Mama again, so I know how you feel.
    Donīt give up!
    SAKURA: For a little kitten, you sure are strong!
    DAN: Fighting your friends is fun! You think so too, right?
    ROSE: You kinda creep me out, lady. My Mama is much prettier than you!
    GEN: Youīre old, but you put up a fight. I hate you!
    CAMMY: Youīre quick as a little birdie, but youīre weak like one, too!
    FEI LONG: You cry like a wild animal, but youīre strength doesnīt match!
    AKUMA: Youīre scarier than any jungle creature! Just what are you, anyway?
    GOUKEN: You look kinda familair... But... different...
    SETH: You cheated to get your power. I earned mine the hard way!
    RYU: Those fireballs are a pain in the neck! Glad to see you havenīt
    lost it, though.
    KEN: Nothing wrong with being aggressive, but you should block once in
    a while, too!
    CHUN-LI: Even if I cannot grab you every time, it only takes one!
    E.HONDA: The Land of the Rising Sun has many strong fighters. Thanks
    for the match!
    BLANKA: That shock therapy of yours cleared up my backache, comrade!
    GUILE: Youīre a true patriot like me, I respect that, soldier!
    DHALSIM: Any way to use that Yoga of yours to bulk up my fabulous
    BALROG: Youīve got great muscles, but you donīt seem to know how to
    use them properly!
    VEGA: Do you hide your face out of embarassment for those puny muscles?
    SAGAT: You donīt like fireballs either, huh? What? Yeah, Dragon Punches
    suck, too...
    M.BISON: Forget superstition and the occult! Believe in yourself!
    C.VIPER: If you donīt have love for your nation, you donīt stand a chance
    against me!
    RUFUS: Replace that fat with fabulous muscles like mine if you ever
    want to win!
    EL FUERTE: I know itīs rude to complain to the chef, but... Ugh!
    ABEL: Losing like this must be a weight off your shoulders. No need
    to thank me!
    SAKURA: Youīve got the drive, but youīre about 100 lbs. too small to
    take seriously!
    DAN: I toss you around like a ragdoll, yet you stand again! I admire
    your heart!
    ROSE: Maybe you can see the future, but you canīt control it! My win 
    was destined!
    GEN: Your speed is an asset, but itīs not enough to best the Red Cyclone!
    CAMMY: When it comes to fighting for your country, even the weak canīt
    give up!
    FEI LONG: What do you fight for? I canīt feel any real spirit behind
    your blows...
    AKUMA: Once you get used to that face, youīre kinda cute. Like a pug.
    Or like me!
    GOUKEN: More fireballs? Geez... Theyīre pretty popular around here, lately.
    SETH: Technique with no heart is pointless! Power with no will is mere violence!
    RYU: I owe you my gratitude. Your fists awoke something inside me...
    KEN: If you doubt yourself, go home now. No shame in running if
    you have to.
    CHUN-LI: I hope you kept your eyes open. You can learn a thing or two
    from a pro like me.
    E.HONDA: I respect Japanese sumo and all, but I just donīt get the whole 
    raw fish thing.
    BLANKA: Youīre fast, but not fast enough to cause a sonic boom like 
    yours truly.
    ZANGIEF: If your muscles ar only for show, than whatīs the point?
    DHALSIM: Your philosophical platitudes do you no good in the ring,
    old man.
    BALROG: You need brains to win against me. Brawn just isnīt enough.
    VEGA: Youīre fast, but not fast enough to beat me. Go home and nurse
    your wounds!
    SAGAT: You call yourself the king, yet here you are at my feet. Not
    exactly regal...
    M.BISON: I have my revenge, but your life alone isnīt enough to make up
    for your sins.
    C.VIPER: In the ring, missions are meaningless. Itīs a battle of wills.
    Nothing more.
    RUFUS: Real fighters know to leave showboasting at the door.
    EL FUERTE: Your cooking is a cut above rations, but still nothing to
    write home about
    ABEL: Time to start talking, boy. Tell me about the man who uses my moves.
    SAKURA: You actually enjoy fighting? I guess you really are cut out for this.
    DAN: Your attacks are amateurish at best. Are you some kind of joke?
    ROSE: I donīt have time for superstitious nonsense. Take your crystal ball
    and go
    GEN: Itīs not my mission, but the world would be better off if I put an end
    to you...
    CAMMY: I could use a loyal soldier like you.
    FEI LONG: You lost because youīre all flash and no substance.
    AKUMA: Blindly chasing after power will get you nothing in the end.
    GOUKEN: That was one tough battle. Youīre no ordinary man, are you?
    SETH: Who wouldīve thought that Shadaloo technology had reached this point?
    RYU: You mustnīt seek answers outside yourself. This is not where they lie.
    KEN: Controlling your aggression is a sign of courage, not weakness.
    CHUN-LI: Open your eyes, child. Anger alone cannot sustain us.
    E.HONDA: Passively allowing your opponentīs blows to wash over you is a 
    useful technique.
    BLANKA: What an interesting specimen you are. The world is full of
    wonders, no?
    ZANGIEF: Countries are defined by humankind. Their nature is far from permanent.
    GUILE: Life begets death. Death begets life. There is no escaping this
    eternal cycle.
    BALROG: You will never defeat me without a dose of introspection, child.
    VEGA: Beauty is only skin deep. Beneath yours lies a wretched creature.
    SAGAT: Anger is a sirenīs song that draws us toward damnation. Change while
    you can.
    M.BISON: You will reap punishment in the next world for your sins 
    in this one.
    C.VIPER: We draw strength from those we love. I sense that you and I 
    understand this.
    RUFUS: I am no alien!
    EL FUERTE: It is a great sin to destroy the flavors that nature bestows
    upon us.
    ABEL: No matter how difficult your trials, you must persevere to the end.
    SAKURA: Do not rush, child. You will find your path in due time.
    DAN: Do not be satisfied with mediocrity. Open your eyes before itīs too late.
    ROSE: Do not fear the shadows of the future. The cycle continues with or 
    without us.
    GEN: What a shame that such power lies in the hands of one as evil as you.
    CAMMY: I sense confusion in your blows. You must overcome your demons, child.
    FEI LONG: Seeking the adoration of others will not bring enlightenment.
    AKUMA: You walk the path to hell of your own account? What a fearsome beast
    you are!
    GOUKEN: Is this a dream? An illusion? Hurry and show yourself to those 
    who seek you.
    SETH: Power such as yours is destined to bring about its own destruction...
    RYU: You say thereīs a meaning in fighting!? Better get your head
    KEN: You think youīre pretty hot, dontcha? Hope you like that
    broken nose?
    CHUN-LI: Does death scare you, loser? Ha ha ha ha ha!
    E.HONDA: That pudgy body of yours never stood a chance against the
    likes of me!
    BLANKA: Youīre nothing but a filthy stinking animal!
    ZANGIEF: Are muscles all youīve got? Better try a new gimmick!
    GUILE: I hate you! Punks like you make me wanna puke my guts out!
    DHALSIM: Your body makes me sick! Try stretching now, freak!
    VEGA: Hope theyīve got lots of mirrors and combs in hell!
    SAGAT: You talk big,but youīre nothinī compared to me!
    M.BISON: Can we talk about that raise now, boss?
    C.VIPER: Sorry to smash that pretty face of yours, but itīs just
    business, right?
    RUFUS: Hope they give you a great big pigpen in hell!
    EL FUERTE: You must not value your life if you go around feedinī
    people this crap!
    ABEL: Now youīve got a reason to feel sorry for yourself, you
    emo loser!
    SAKURA: If you wanna be a serious fighter, you oughtta start training
    in boxing, kid!
    DAN: Youīd better thank me for takinī on an amateur like you! 
    Itīs beneath me!
    ROSE: From prim, proper, and polite to busted, bruised, and bleeding!
    GEN: You didnīt have long before you were off to hell anyway, old man!
    CAMMY: Stand up and Iīll just pop you again, sweetie!
    FEI LONG: You look tough, but you canīt handle a real fight, can you?
    AKUMA: I like a challenge, old man!
    GOUKEN: Try not to bite off more than you can chew next time, gramps!
    SETH: All that money wasted to build this freak... Shoulda just
    given it to me!
    VEGA VS.
    RYU: I will show you a view that can only be glimpsed from the depths
    of despair!
    KEN: Get on your knees and worship my beauty!
    CHUN-LI: And so your quest ends. The emptiness you leave behind is a
    thing of beauty.
    E.HONDA: Never have I glimpsed such vile ugliness! You are a disgrace!
    BLANKA: I wonīt let your filthy claws come in contact with my sublime
    ZANGIEF: Leave me at once! I can no longer bear the ugliness of your 
    GUILE: Your moves are beautiful! Too bad I canīt say the same for the 
    rest of you,
    DHALSIM: Enlightenment? What would a crass soul such as yours know of
    BALROG: Your ugliness calls to mind disease stricken battle!
    SAGAT: I donīt know how you can continue to live with that hideous scar.
    M.BISON: Victory over you is a feeling most beautiful.
    C.VIPER: How dreadfully dull. Nothing offends my refined senses more 
    than children.!
    RUFUS: What manner of hideous beast are you? You sicken me!
    EL FUERTE: I wouldnīt let your slop touch my beautiful lips.
    ABEL: Donīt worry. You wonīt be alone any longer once I send you
    to hell...
    SAKURA: It would be a shame to destroy a rose before it has fully
    DAN: Your pitiful antics are entertaining, but tiresome.
    ROSE: Your beauty reminds me of the last gasp of a flame before it 
    is extinguished.
    GEN: The process of aging is a hideous thing. I would sooner die than look
    at you!
    CAMMY: It pains me to hurt one as beautiful as you.
    FEI LONG: You kicks have written a check that your feeble body simply cannot
    AKUMA: Only a fool would value power over beauty!
    GOUKEN: No one can defeat my combination of power and beauty! Not 
    even you! 
    SETH: Gazing at the pile of leftovers you are offers no value to my
    refined eyes.
    RYU: This fight is not over yet, Ryu! Stand and letīs do it again!
    KEN: You and Ryu may have a lot in common, but you canīt compare
    to his strength!
    CHUN-LI: If you wish to take on the king, you must rid your heart of
    mercy, girl!
    E.HONDA: If you only want to show off you power, go elsewhere! The
    ring requires skill!
    BLANKA: It takes more than instinct to defeat me! Even an animal 
    should know that!
    ZANGIEF: You claim to fight for your country. yet you cannot even
    defend yourself?
    GUILE: This is more than a sloppy bar brawl! Show some pride in
    your actions!
    DHALSIM: You donīt stand a chance if you are afraid of hurting your
    opponent, fool!
    BALROG: You might actually stand a chance if you stopped showing
    off, fool!
    VEGA: Only a fool would spend his whole life based around his own
    M.BISON: Make no mistake! This man works only for himself!
    C.VIPER: I have no patience for cheaters who rely on tools to
    get the job done!
    RUFUS: Close your mouth before I speed you along to paradise, fool!
    EL FUERTE: You cannot master two disciplines at once! Return to
    your country at once!
    ABEL: You cannot defeat the king if you hold doubt in your heart, fool!
    SAKURA: You have a long way to go before you can compare to him, child!
    DAN: Your bitterness does not interest me! A true fighter needs to
    have pride!
    ROSE: No excuses! Show me this power you claim to possess!
    GEN: You used my fists against me! It wonīt happen again!
    CAMMY: Fear not! Your true power has only just begun to reveal itself!
    FEI LONG: Only a fool boasts of his strength but cannot back up his 
    words with action!
    AKUMA: Your power is not to be taken lightly! Will Ryu one day grow to
    be like you?
    GOUKEN: You is worthy of respect. Are you somehow related to that man?
    SETH: You are nothing but a bag of bolts! You cannot defeat the king!
    RYU: Oh, how I delight in seeing the fighting spirit drain from your eyes!
    KEN: Your wails of despair will earn you no sympathy today!
    CHUN-LI: Is that all you can do? Your father would be ashamed...
    E.HONDA: You pride yourself in keeping tradition alive, but sumo is
    ancient history!
    BLANKA: This jungle you grew up must not have been such a tough
    place after all...
    ZANGIEF: Underdeveloped muscles... Weak moves... Shadaloo has no
    use for you!
    GUILE: Your pitiful country cannot stop me! Go now, and join your
    precious friend!
    DHALSIM: Take your preaching to the grave, holy man!
    BALROG: You know what happens to dogs who turn on their masters,
    donīt you?
    VEGA: I put up with your insane obsession only when you are useful
    to me! Not any more!
    SAGAT: You are not worthy of the title of henchman!
    C.VIPER: Had you obeyed your orders, you could have survived...
    RUFUS: You clearly have nothing to offer the world. Iīd best finish
    you off...
    EL FUERTE: Say goodbye to this world, fool! Your time has come!
    ABEL: Like a moth drawn to the flame, you sought your own demise!
    SAKURA: You are powerful for a girl your age. But it is not enough
    to keep you alive!
    DAN: Killing a worm like you is a waste of my precious power!
    ROSE: Make on mistake. I do not need your blessing to get the power I seek!
    GEN: Yes, yes... Thatīs it. Allow yourself to sink slowly into the darkness...
    CAMMY: Looks like this one is broken. Oh well, there are plenty of
    replacements. Dolls...
    FEI LONG: You call that a talent? Your power is useless?
    AKUMA: Ha ha ha! This Satsui no Hado power you possess... It could
    be useful to me...
    GOUKEN: Donīt worry, old man. Iīll send your apprentice along to
    join you soon!
    SETH: Damn! If this is all the strength it can muster, itīs useless
    to me! Useless!
    RYU: Do you get paid for this fighting gig? Are you paying taxes?
    KEN: Iīm to old to be charmed by a handsome face. It takes more to
    impress me.
    CHUN-LI: Geez... You almost blew my cover.
    E.HONDA: So, are sumo wrestlers paid per match or do you have a set
    salary or what?
    BLANKA: When you ride on a place, do you sit in coach or in the
    cargo hold?
    ZANGIEF: Turn the volume down, will you? Iīm right here. No need to
    GUILE: I heard about you. Of course I thought youīd be a lot tougher
    than this.
    DHALSIM: Whatīs wrong with getting paid for my work? Lighten up,
    will you?
    BALROG: Donīt underestimate women. Weīre a lot more capable than
    than you think!
    VEGA: Are there actually women who dig that long hair and boyish face? Ick!
    SAGAT: Fighting is like business. Keep your eyes on the fight or lose
    it all.
    M.BISON: Whatīs up with that outfit? Did you lose a bet or something?
    RUFUS: Constantly flapping your lips like that does nothing but waste
    my time.
    EL FUERTE: Choosing a career canīt be that hard. You seem more suited
    to wrestling to me.
    ABEL: I like your style. Need a job? Donīt expect a huge salary, though.
    SAKURA: Iīll admit Iīm jealous, kid. Youīve got your whole life ahead
    of you. Enjoy it!
    DAN: Goofy guys can be kind of cute, but you take it a little too far.
    ROSE: Do you drink? We should have a ladiesī night out sometime.
    GEN: If you were as good as your reputation, my organization may have
    recruited you.
    CAMMY: Secrets are what make us irrestistable to men, donīt you think?
    FEI LONG: Are you trying to break my glasses with that voice? You sound
    like a castrato!
    AKUMA: Youīve thrown it all away for power? Typical male ego, I guess.
    GOUKEN: Thatīs strange... My mission briefing says you should be dead...
    SETH: I can petition for a fighter sentence if you cooperate with my
    RYU: So youīre Ken Masters, huh? What? Youīre not? Are you sure, man?
    You sure look like him in that outfit. I mean youīve got the gloves 
    and all that. I guess maybe you coulda dyed your hair or something. 
    But thatīs not enough to fool me, Ken! Iīm onto you! You hear me?
    KEN: Now you know what it feels like to lose, Ken Masters! I bet you
    totally thought you could run from me, but Iīve proved you wrong anī
    then some, didnīt I? Oh yeah! You never thought Iīd find you, but I
    did! And I gave it to you good! Were you even fightinī for real?
    CHUN-LI: You sure got some ham hocks on you, lady! But itīll take 
    more than mad cankles to defeat the mighty Rufus though, do ya? I mean
    youīre fast and you move all gracful anī stuff but you gotta have skill
    to go along with all that. And skills are my speciality! Ha ha!
    E.HONDA: I hear that you sumo dudes eat nothing but sushi and stew
    and tofu and stuff like 24 hours a day, man. Thereīs this sushi
    place near my house, but thereīs all these rumors goinī around that
    they serve spoiled fish! One bite, anī youīll be on the toilet all day!
    BLANKA: My old lady, she wants to get a cat, but Iīm like, "no way, babe!"
    I mean, those things just meow and meow all day, ya know? How you sīposed
    to get to sleep with all that racket? I mean, cats are cute anī all, but
    I gotta be able to hear myself think! So...
    ZANGIEF: Now thatīs what I like to see! You anī me, we think alike, ya 
    know? I mean, all these skinny dudes runninī around like theyīre so cool,
    but you anī me know that only wimps and losers are skinny, right? No one 
    likes a guy that looks like a skeleton! Seriously...
    GUILE: Did you enjoy your beating, Ken Masters? Huh? I got the wrong guy?
    Donīt play me for a fool, man! Look at that blonde hair! How could you
    not be Ken Masters? You canīt fool me just by changinī your hairstyle,
    dude! Iīm nodummy, pal! I can see right through you!
    DHALSIM: Nothinī tastes better than a sandwich with chunky peanut butter
    and gobs anī gods of grape jelly, ya know? But lately, Iīve been putting
    bananas in them. Thatīs right. Bananas! Crazy, right? I could see why
    youīd think so, but it tastes awesome! Try it!
    BALROG: So, my friendīs got this sweet low rider, right? Itīs pretty cool
    anī all, but I think if I ever bought a car, Iīd go for like a luxury sedan or
    something, ya know? Pleather seats, drink holders, all that classy stuff! īCuz
    Iīm a classt guy, right? Anyway, I...
    VEGA: So, I finally found you, Ken Masters! How does it feel to lose to me, 
    Masters? Are you filled with regret? Rage? How about rue? I bet youīre filled
    to the brim with rue, ainīt ya? What? Youīre not Ken Masters? Cīmon, man! 
    Itīll take more than a mask to fool me!
    SAGAT: Yīknow, I think the way a dude wears his hair tells you a lot about his
    personality, right? Like, I took forever anī a day to finally decide my look.
    Its not a decision you can take lightly, man. I put a lot of thought into this.
    I spent years planninī it!
    M.BISON: Yīknow, ever since I was a kid, Iīve always wondered what Iīd do with
    super powers. īCourse, if you think about it, do you really need īem? Like, we
    ordinary folks seem to get along fine without īem. I guess if you forgot your
    keys and had to break down a door...
    C.VIPER: So, I was gettinī outta bed the other day anī the whole thing
    broke on me! You know those wooden slat thingies under the mattress? It
    was all like "crack"! Anī thatīs all she wrote! Whatīre they made of? 
    Toothpicks? Thatīs the third one I broke! Geez...
    EL FUERTE: Dude, I can hardly tell what youīre talking about! You donīt sound
    like a fighter at all, man. Whatīs that? Youīre a chef? Thatīs pretty cool, 
    I guess. Maybe you were all like "What should I cook for dinner anī stuff?"
    and couldnīt concentrate on the fight, huh?
    ABEL: Now you know what it feels like, Ken Masters! Whatīs that? You say I
    got the wrong guy? No way, man! I ainīt stupid! You got the blonde hair, the
    gloves... Maybe youīve changed your pants or whatever, but still! I know
    Ken Masters when I see him! Yeah!
    SAKURA: You could totally use a makeover, girl. Whatīre you doing wearinī
    your school uniform, anyway? Are you so poor you couldnīt find a cool
    ensemble like the one Iīm wearinī? You wonīt get far in the fighting
    world in an outfit like that! What you need to do is...
    DAN: Take that, Ken Masters! Huh? You say you ainīt him? You canīt fool me,
    man! I mean, you got the whole karate outfit anī gloves and crap, right? 
    Maybe you dyed your hair or whatever, but I know itīs you! īCourse, you 
    are weaker than I woulda thought...
    ROSE: Iīll never forget when I first met my girl. It was a rainy day in
    October and I was on my way home from a fight. Suddenly, this chick came
    outta nowhere anī was all like, "Help!" I guess sheīd pulled a dine anī 
    dash, so I beat up the waiter that was chasinī her!
    GEN: Do you have a will all set up anī whatnot? You should prolly get that
    taken care of, man. If not, youīll have all these weird third cousins anī
    stuff just crawlinī outta the woodwork begginī for scraps! That ainīt no
    way to treat your legacy, man. Anyway...
    CAMMY: I finally beat you, Ken Masters! What? Youīre not Ken Masters? Sure
    you are! Just one look at that blonde hair of yours and I know it was you.
    īCourse, you look a lot bigger on TV. What, are you wearinī some kinda 
    reverse elevator shoes or somethinī? Anyway...
    FEI LONG: So many dudes nowadays are all talk, no action, yī know? I mean
    you can do all the fancy moves anī whatnot on the big screen, bet once I 
    get ya in the ring, youīre all like, "Oh no! Iīm all powerless anī stuff! 
    Yeah, I got your number, dude. I got ya pegged.
    AKUMA: Phew! That was tough! I kinda knew just lookinī at you, man, that
    you ainīt no pushover. I was like, "This dude means business, Rufus! Watch
    out!" And you totally proved me right, ya know? Iīll hand it you, youīre 
    pretty tough. But I came through in the end!
    GOUKEN: So why donīt guys like you wear shoes, anyway? Like, is it some
    kind of rule or somethinī? Or do you jus have really bad corns and shoes
    would only make it worse? I had this corn once, man. It was the size of 
    a freakinī jelly bean! Anī what if you stepped in dog doo?
    SETH: What a crazy fight. Never expected to run into a weird dude like
    you, man. What, with that weird basketball stuck in your belly anī all.
    How do you eat, anyway? Do you just spoon stuff right into that ball?
    Whatīs it like beinī a robot thing? Is it fun?
    RYU: Nice match! You and I are amigos now! Stop by for some home-cooked
    meal any time!
    KEN: From now on, you can call me amigo!
    CHUN-LI: Tortillas are great! They donīt spoil, and you can fry or even
    boil them!
    E.HONDA: Flying! Jumping! Head-butts! I love sumo!
    BLANKA: Quite a voice you have there, friend. Your spirit must be spicy
    like mine!
    ZANGIEF: Did you see the greatness that is the Hurricane of the
    Gulf of Mexico?
    GUILE: Donīt hide your fighting spirit! Shy is the opposite of spicy,
    DHALSIM: You can breathe fire? Your spirit must be spicier than mine!
    BALROG: Youīre one tough, fighter! The look in your eyes alone is 
    worthy of envy! 
    VEGA: Youīre too skinny for your own good. Pull up a chair and enjoy
    my cooking!
    SAGAT: If you are Rey Tigre, you must fight like one, my friend!
    M.BISON: Defeating an opponent like you is what we Luchadores
    dream off!
    C.VIPER: Keep your weapons out of the ring!
    RUFUS: Looks like youīve been packing away the sweets! I bet youīd like
    my buņelo!
    ABEL: Setting out alone on a journey to find yourself! Impressive!
    SAKURA: Mexicans and Japanese have a lot in common. You like huachinango,
    DAN: Your style is as bland as week old beans!
    ROSE: Your moves are tangy like chocolate and sweet like horchata!
    GEN: Have a shot of mezeal to reignite your spirit!
    CAMMY: Youīd be stronger if youīd bulked up. Shall I whip you up
    some mole pololano?
    FEI LONG: You present yourself as a true fighter but itīs all for show,
    isnīt it?
    AKUMA: Youīre so quiet. You must not have many amigos. Iīll be
    your friend!
    GOUKEN: That was fun! Letīs fight again sometime, amigo!
    SETH: All the moves in the world cannot give your spirit that dash
    of chile.
    ABEL VS.
    RYU: Lose 100 bouts, and all you want to do is try for 101. I know
    the feeling.
    KEN: Why fight if you already have money, job, and a family? Is it
    your hobby?
    CHUN-LI: Thereīs something unusual about this tournament. Be careful,
    E.HONDA: Unlike you, fighting is not my goal. Itīs just a means to
    an end.
    BLANKA: Growing up alone was tough, wasnīt it? Believe me, I know...
    ZANGIEF: So, youīre Zangief? Iīve seen you fight before!
    GUILE: I wonīt share any information about that man with someone
    that could be a spy!
    DHALSIM: I canīt be bothered to protect those I donīt know.
    BALROG: Money is indeed important. But it isnīt everything.
    VEGA: Donīt complain to me. Itīs not my fault your loss offends your
    sense of beauty.
    SAGAT: You indeed deserve the title of "king". It was an honor to 
    fight you.
    M.BISON: Fly around and vanish all you want. Once I had you in my sights,
    it was all over.
    C.VIPER: Iīm sorry to have interfered with your work. Iīll leave you now.
    Carry on.
    RUFUS: You talk to much. Get to the point already, will you?
    EL FUERTE: Follow your own path. Why not pursue both cooking and wrestling?
    SAKURA: You fight simply because you want to. Such luxury is not available
    to me...
    DAN: Youīre a funny guy! I bet my army pals would love you!
    ROSE: If your predictions are all true, then the future has no meaning...
    GEN: Your job is to kill? Have you no family?
    CAMMY: Continue to live no matter how much you have lost. Living is its
    own victory.
    FEI LONG: Iīm a big fan of your movies. Can I get an autograph?
    AKUMA: What incredible power! I find it hard to believe that you and I
    are both human.
    GOUKEN: How nostalgic... The person who raised me had eyes like yours.
    SETH: This man... his face... My god... Are we one in the same!?
    RYU: Ha ha! I guess I grew up a bit since last we met, huh?
    KEN: Yes! At this rate, Iīll be at Ryuīs  level before you!
    CHUN-LI: We oughtta change costumes with each other sometime! Thatīd
    be fun!
    E.HONDA: Youīre all over the headlines back home. Wonīt your boss get
    mad at you?
    BLANKA: Have you seen Dan around here? He totally owes me five bucks...
    ZANGIEF: Phew! One more throw from you and I woulda been a goner!
    GUILE: Your fighting style is simple, yet sophisticated. Thanks for
    showing me!
    DHALSIM: I bet those arms come in handy when you run out of toilet paper in
    the washroom!
    BALROG: Judging by the look on your face, I thought youīd be stronger
    than that!
    VEGA: If youīre a ninja, do you have secret passages in your house
    and stuff?
    SAGAT: I totally understand your obsession with Ryu. Isnīt he just dreamy?
    M.BISON: Is that gigantic chin the source of your power?
    C.VIPER: I wanna be like you when I grow up! You have a kid? How old
    is she?
    RUFUS: Youīve got a really unique style, but youīre not actually that good
    a fighter.
    EL FUERTE: Fighting and food? Personally, I like both, but I really
    prefer fighting!
    ABEL: You donīt look like youīre having much fun. Something on your mind? 
    DAN: Oops! Sorry! I really thought youīd be able to dodge that with no 
    ROSE: You should get out more. Wanna go get a bite to eat? 
    GEN: Maybe youīd be stronger if you chose a single style and stuck with it!
    CAMMY: That was a blast! Letīs do it again sometime!
    FEI LONG: Ha ha! That was just like being in a movie! Except you lost
    this time...
    AKUMA: Eep... My knees are still shaking...!
    GOUKEN: You remind me a lot of Ryu. Youīre a lot bigger than him, though.
    SETH: Your convert your opponentīs moves into data? Sounds boring to me...
    DAN VS.
    RYU: You try to dress and act like me, but youīre just a freakinī poseur!
    KEN: I won īcuz I donīt have a girl holding me back like you do!
    CHUN-LI: Thatīs what you get for making fun of Dan the man!
    E.HONDA: Are you sure those are real sumo moves?
    BLANKA: Long time no see, Jimmy! Letīs go grab us some food! Loser
    pays, OK?
    ZANGIEF: Size isnīt everything! And Iīm not just talking about 
    GUILE: Typical lazy government employee!
    DHALSIM: Your endless preaching is gonna put me to sleep!
    BALROG: Tell me where you got your haircut so I can remember never
    to go there.
    VEGA: I hate guys like you! Not sure why, but...
    SAGAT: Now I can finally visit my fatherīs grave without being ashamed...
    M.BISON: Youīre evil and you laugh like a pervert!
    C.VIPER: A business woman, huh? This is my job, too! Itīs how I put food
    on the table!
    RUFUS: An amateur like you needs like 10,000 light-years of practise to
    face me!
    EL FUERTE: Whip me up a meal next time! Iīll judge you with my taste buds!
    ABEL: Hm? I donīt know anybody that looks like you! Honest!
    SAKURA: Now, you understand the ful glory of Saikyo Style!
    ROSE: Just because youīre beautiful doesnīt mean Iīll let you walk all
    over me!
    GEN: I didnīt think an old man like you could dish it out like that!
    CAMMY: Donīt remember your past? In that case, you were my apprentice!
    Join me again!
    FEI LONG: Take that! Whoīs the greatest now mister big shot movie star?
    AKUMA: Who let this guy fight? This dude is cheap as hell!
    GOUKEN: You look awfully familiar... Hm!? What are you doing here?
    SETH: Your moves just arenīt good enough! You oughtta copy Saikyo moves
    ROSE VS.
    RYU: I am sorry. But I simply cannot allow you to continue down this path.
    KEN: The fire of your soul is destined to protect your friend...
    CHUN-LI: Think deeply before you make your next decision. Your destiny
    E.HONDA: If your persistence can reach the heart of mankind, we neednīt 
    fear the future.
    BLANKA: I can see a star... It watches over you... Protects you...
    ZANGIEF: Be careful... Do not let your love of country turn into hatred...
    GUILE: Your stern look is not enough to hide your warm heart from my eyes.
    DHALSIM: My visions show me from where you will attack before you even move.
    BALROG: All the money and fame in the world cannot heal your dark soul...
    VEGA: Your eyes are too clouded to see the real beauty of this world.
    SAGAT: You have found a way to overcome your anger and channel it into
    M.BISON: I refuse to succumb to the likes of you!
    C.VIPER: No, this is not my job. It is... my destiny.
    RUFUS: I sense fear in you. But worry not... Fear is a weakness we 
    all share.
    EL FUERTE: Itīs clear to me that your spirit favors fighting over the
    culinary arts.
    ABEL: Take this card... It will aid you in your quest to meet your destiny.
    SAKURA: Seeing you gives me hope for the future.
    DAN: Let go of your grudges. Dwelling on the past prevents you from moving
    GEN: All I see in your eyes is a barren field littered with corpses. It
    sickens me...
    CAMMY: We are both afraid, child. You fear the past, while I fear the
    FEI LONG: Do you seek power for your own sake or merely to compare yourself
    to others?
    AKUMA: I sense that you seek something. And it frightens me to no end!
    GOUKEN: I wish I could be like you and fight for the sake of someone I
    cared for...
    SETH: That vile man has caused you to lose your way... You have my pity.
    GEN VS.
    RYU: In a fight to the death, hesitation is a mistake most foolish...
    KEN: Your blows are fast, but sloppy. You are not a worthy opponent.
    CHUN-LI: You shall share the same fate as your father. Death awaits...
    E.HONDA: If you have any final words before you perish, speak them now.
    BLANKA: Another beast falls before my mighty fist...
    ZANGIEF: The unknown will reveal itself to you as you pass into the next
    GUILE: Your fists fly true and fast, but they could not save you from
    your fate.
    DHALSIM: If life is but an eternal illusion, what good was all your
    BALROG: Your fists have long sought death... Now, they will be sated!
    VEGA: It is too late for a fool to mend his ways when death comes calling.
    SAGAT: If you are truly the king as you are called, you do not fear death.
    M.BISON: The path of evil you have walked has but one final destination...
    C.VIPER: How sad to think that you have a child behind you as you pass
    to the other side...
    RUFUS: A fool such as your rotund self deserves the death that awaits you...
    EL FUERTE: This world will be better off when your corpse rots beneath 
    the earth!
    ABEL: Your last desperate blows were almost poetic in their futility.
    SAKURA: The delicate sound of a baby bird as it is crushed underfoot
    is chilling...
    DAN: Your ignorance will be your undoing!
    ROSE: You will soon be free from your bonds and can join the other 
    realm bodily.
    CAMMY: You walk a path of righteousness, but that path is beset with danger...
    FEI LONG: Your child-like shrieks will be drowned out by your cry
    of death.
    AKUMA: This fight is not over! We must see it through to the end!
    GOUKEN: You and I hold a special understanding of the realms that
    await us...
    SETH: Your power is nothing compared to my own!
    RYU: What incredible power! What they say about you is true, Ryu...
    KEN: You may be Americaīs top fighter, but youīre not ready to take on 
    the world!
    CHUN-LI: Donīt feel bad. The military specializes in fighting. Cops
    canīt help but lose.
    E.HONDA: That was a close one... Youīre a lot faster than you look!
    BLANKA: Are you always that loud? Donīt people complain?
    ZANGIEF: Stay away from me! I canīt stand being covered in sweat!
    GUILE: Is it true that the US military doesnīt let you take breaks
    for tea time?
    DHALSIM: Your stretchy limbs freaked me out at first, but I guess Iīm
    used to them now.
    BALROG: Youīre an awfully cliched villain, no? Someone should complain
    to casting...
    VEGA: You narcissism nauseates me.
    SAGAT: Phew... I had to use all my strength to beat you!
    M.BISON: Lord Bison!? Er, I mean... Bison! My mission is to take you out!
    C.VIPER: I donīt know what organization sent you, but I wonīt let you
    get in my way!
    RUFUS: Youīve got an interesting style, but you lack the skills of a 
    true pro.
    EL FUERTE: You do realize youīre a horrible chef, right? Do the world a
    favor and give up!
    ABEL: Youīre trying to recover your memories? I understand where youīre
    coming from...
    SAKURA: Hmm... What a strange feeling. That was quite enjoyable! Thank you!
    DAN: Do people in Hong Kong actually find you entertaining? I canīt stand
    ROSE: I am bound neither by my past nor my future! 
    GEN: I canīt let a dangerous man like you just walk away. Youīre under arrest!
    FEI LONG: To hear you boast, I would have thought you would be more of a 
    AKUMA: Incredible! What is this power you possess, anyway?
    GOUKEN: Even though our fight just finished, me heart feels calm and at
    SETH: Using people as weapons? Shadaloo has gone too far this time!
    RYU: Finally, a worthy opponent! Wanna go another round?
    KEN: What do you think of my flame technique?
    CHUN-LI: Your kicks are serious business!
    E.HONDA: Itīll take more than a thick layer of body fat to protect you
    from my kicks!
    BLANKA: In the end, fighting instinct is what decides the
    outcome of the match!
    ZANGIEF: Muscles alone arenīt enough to stop me!
    GUILE: What they say about you is true! Your moves cut through
    the air like a knife!
    DHALSIM: Thatīs quite a set of moves youīve got there!
    BALROG: Surely, you didnīt become champion with weak punches
    like that!
    VEGA: There are more important things in this world than a
    pretty face!
    SAGAT: I can see why Ryu considers you a worthy rival!
    M.BISON: Your mockery of true power isnīt enough to beat me,
    evil one!
    C.VIPER: Leave your toys at home and come at me with your real fists 
    next time!
    RUFUS: Youīre huge, man! Huge!
    EL FUERTE: Cooking is for chumps!
    ABEL: Feel better now?
    SAKURA: You could be even stronger if you adopted my technique!
    DAN: Is that it!? Youīve gotta be kidding me!
    ROSE: Maybe you should see a psychiatrist if youīre such a worrywart!
    GEN: For an old man, you sure are one heck of a formidable foe!
    CAMMY: Youīve got the basics of fighting down. Now, you need to
    learn how to use them!
    AKUMA: That was a tough one! You actually made me break out in
    a cold sweat!
    GOUKEN: Hmm... You resemble someone I know...
    SETH: I hope I taught you a lesson! Evil never pays!
    RYU: You can never defeat me as long as you cling so 
    desperately to your humanity!
    KEN: Know the shame of defeat!
    CHUN-LI: Death comes to us all.
    E.HONDA: Your foolishness would be entertaining if it werenīt so
    BLANKA: Neither man nor beast will know my mercy!
    ZANGIEF: Your technique is of little use against me, fool!
    GUILE: Only I can claim control over the very fabric of death
    DHALSIM: The spiritual realm is not a place in which anyone can
    set foot!
    BALROG: Surely you jest if you think that a man such as yourself
    can defeat me!
    VEGA: The beauty you so value is meaningless!
    SAGAT: You do not deserve to call yourself king!
    M.BISON: The power you seek is beyond your realm!
    C.VIPER: Put away your toys and fight with honor!
    RUFUS: Your moves show promise, but they are useless against the 
    likes of me!
    EL FUERTE: Mere flesh cannot harm me!
    ABEL: You must rid your heart of doubt if you want to stand a chance
    against me!
    SAKURA: You are not yet ready to face me, child! Be gone with you!
    DAN: You never stood a chance!
    ROSE: Your crystals and potions do not frighten me, woman!
    GEN: I thought you wielded greater power than this...
    CAMMY: You come to me unprepared, you leave a broken and battered woman!
    FEI LONG: A pitiful insect such as you is hardly worth of my time!
    GOUKEN: You could not defeat me then and you cannot defeat me now!
    SETH: Fool! Now you shall know nothingness!
    RYU: You have done well to continue your training, but you are not
    yet finished.
    KEN: Those fists of yours are a weapon, Ken. Engrave my words in your
    CHUN-LI: You know in your heart that anger only serves to impede your
    journey, child.
    E.HONDA: Look inside yourself. Action with no heart behind it is 
    mere violence.
    BLANKA: No matter oneīs appearance, if the heart is pure, the path
    to a truth is open.
    ZANGIEF: Do not get lost in your cause. Show allegiance to the self
    over country.
    GUILE: All the power in the world cannot expunge your grief.
    DHALSIM: Your heart is pure and your path righteous.
    BALROG: You cannot see the true path through clouded eyes.
    VEGA: Your paranoid delusions narrow your worldview to but a slit.
    SAGAT: Long have I wanted to trade blows with you. I see now why they call
    you "king".
    M.BISON: Never have I seen such an abuse of power. Your foolishness knows
    no bounds.
    C.VIPER: Only one who lacks discipline would soil the ring with weaponry.
    RUFUS: You hide your weakness with your sharp tongue, but it is still
    visible to you.
    EL FUERTE: You must choose a path. No man can master two disciplines.
    ABEL: The time will soon come when you must raise your fists in the
    call of justice.
    SAKURA: You have only begun your journey, but your path is just and
    DAN: Until you rid your heart of anger, your growth will remain forever
    ROSE: Let your heart guide you and listen not to the temptations of power.
    GEN: No one can escape the onus of their sins. You have much to answer for.
    CAMMY: Listen not to the voices of the future or the past.  Look within 
    for answers.
    FEI LONG: True power is derived not from the adoration of fans, but from 
    your heart.
    AKUMA: Neither man nor demon, you are but a deluded fool, Akuma! Nothing more.
    SETH: Until you acknowledge the soul within, you cannot use your power
    for good.
    SETH VS.
    RYU: So you are the one called Ryu... Your data will be useful to me.
    KEN: You practise the same discipline, but you are inferior to your friend.
    CHUN-LI: Your moves are sound, but they lack power. I shall assimilate
    them now.
    E.HONDA: I have no use for the ancient technique you practise. You have 
    wasted my time.
    BLANKA: If the power of nature is so great, why have humans been able to
    subjugate it?
    ZANGIEF: Your moves are crude and not worthy of my attention. You have wasted
    my time.
    GUILE: You impress me. I shall assimilate your moves. You may die with 
    no regrets.
    DHALSIM: Your illusions of fire do not fool me!
    BALROG: I have already assimilated boxing moves much more refined 
    than your own!
    VEGA: Your moves offer nothing unique, but they shall add to my repertoire.
    SAGAT: I find your moves intriguing. They shall be assimilated.
    M.BISON: Are you surprised? Is death at the hands of your own creation
    so unexpected?
    C.VIPER: You dare attack me with mere toys? Your foolishness shall be 
    your undoing!
    RUFUS: If your moves were as voluminous as your words, they may have been
    EL FUERTE: Humanityīs foolish devotion to the culinary arts stunts your
    ABEL: You should have been destroyed long ago. Your unnatural life ends here!
    SAKURA: Perhaps I had underestimated you.  Your data will be useful after all.
    DAN: Never have I engaged an opponent as weak as you. Why do you even try?
    ROSE: You possess the same power as Bison, but not at a level worthy of 
    my attention.
    GEN: Your skills come from assassinating the weak. As such, they lack
    true power.
    CAMMY: Your efforts to stop me are futile. There is nothing you can do.
    FEI LONG: I have no reason to fight you. Your moves have already been
    AKUMA: Your power would be put to good use within my body...
    GOUKEN: You are a fool to forbid yourself from such power! Leave my sight
    at once!
    SETH: You are nothing but a toy, yet you attempt to usurp me!? Utter
    01: That look in your eyes... Never forget the fighting spirit
    you feel now.
    02: Iīm ready for a rematch should we cross paths agains.
    03: Iīve a better understanding now of what it means to be
    a true warrior...
    04: A clenched fist speaks louder than a hundred words.
    05: What a fight! You have my gratitude.
    06: You must defeat my Dragon Punch to stand a chance!
    07: I walk my own path, regardless of what direction other 
    men take. 
    08: This is the power of Hado! The spirit channeled through 
    the fist!
    09: Donīt forget the training youīve had until now! Get up
    and fight again!
    10: Shoes? No, I can certainly afford them, I go barefoot
    for comfort.
    11: These two fists are everything to me!
    01: Ha ha! A win like this is bound to make me even more famous!
    02: I just love easy wins!
    03: Sorry to disappoint you, pal, but Iīm not seeking apprentices
    right now.
    04: Knowing when to quit is not a good quality for a fighter to
    have, pal.
    05: Defense will only get you so far against me. You gotta be more
    06: Cīmon! Iīll take anyone on! Iīll knock you all out one after another!
    07: A quick K.O.  is no way to please the crowd! You gotta get īem
    worked up!
    08: I know what you wanna say, "Youīre so cool! You rock!" Thatīs
    it, right?
    09: The ring is no place for thinking! Your fists should be faster than
    your brain!
    10: As soon as I fight him, Iīll get outta here. I canīt keep Eliza
    11: I did it again!
    01: Well, you stopped moving. I guess that means youīve done fighting.
    02: You clearly donīt have what it takes to stand up to my kicks!
    03: Not a bad fight! I wish I had brought a camera to capture it all
    on film!
    04: It doesnīt matter how strong you are if none of your attacks connects!
    05: A loss like that leaves you no choice but to admit your own weakness!
    06: Iīm the strongest woman in the world! No man can compare!
    07: Trying something different only makes your defeat come more quickly!
    08: Not feeling well today? I canīt believe you were fighting at 
    full strength!
    09: Oh no! You knocked one of my hair buns out of alignment!
    10: Iīll let you buy me dessert to make up for that pitiful performance!
    11: Thanks for the memories!
    01: If you wanna learn about strength, sign up for one of my seminars!
    02: Youīve gotta learn how to use your stomach as a counterweight, fool! 
    03: Say, that was kinda fun! You might have what it takes to be a sumo
    04: Exercise and training! Thatīs how I got to be this good!
    05: The sponsors wonīt be pleased with a pitiful move like that!
    06: Iīm the best in Japan! Heh, Iīm the best in the freakinī world!
    07: Impressed with sumo? Come check out a real match someday, eh?
    08: Iīm takinī sumo on a worldwide tour! And youīve got front row seats!
    09: You canīt be strong if you ainīt huge! No fewer than five meals
    a day, I say!
    10: Wah ha ha! That was fun! Wanna go again?
    11: Ha ha! You canīt compete with sumo!
    01: You might be second strongest, but Iīm number one!
    02: You promised me a banana! Hurry up and bring it!
    03: Over already? Might as well go play with some monkeys if thatīs 
    all you got!
    04: Maybe you should live in the jungle. Itīd toughen you up!
    05: My bite is worse than my bark!
    06: You canīt knock me out with shabby moves like that!
    07: Thatīs what you get for underestimating me! Bet you regret it
    now, huh?
    08: You mean to tell me that you donīt have electric powers? Lame!
    09: Your punches tickle. Feels like ants crawling on me. How annoying!
    10: Bring me some fruits! Iīm in the mood or watermelon, oranges
    and bananas!
    11: Waooooh!
    01: It doesnīt matter how fast you are. Once I get my hands on you,
    itīs over!
    02: Cīmon, it didnīt hurt that bad, did it? It did? Oops... Guess I
    overdid it...
    03: I canīt believe you stood up after that! Your guts are stronger
    than your body.
    04: No way you were fighting at full strength! Iīll give you another
    05: If you needed a handicap, you shouldīve said so before the fight!
    06: Iīm the Red Cyclone and I destroy everything that crosses my path!
    07: I hold the dreams of my nation in my heart! I simply cannot lose!
    08: I trained hard to get these fabulous muscles. They wonīt let
    me down!
    09: Donīt worry. If you start training with me right now, we can get
    you pumped up!
    10: Itīs all about the fighting spirit! Lose that and you lose
    the match!
    11: This is what Glasnost has brought you, comrade!
    01: Titles are useless. A manīs true worth is spoken by his power, 
    not his words!
    02: If you set a goal for yourself, only you know what you need to do
    03: Go home and sleep this off! Donīt ever try to face me again!
    04: Donīt feel bad about your cowardice. It saved your life today!
    05: What doesnīt kill you makes you stronger. Let this beating be 
    a lesson.
    06: Waging combat with you has made me stronger. For that, I thank you.
    07: This isnīt a contest of philosophy or doctrine. Strength determines
    08: You wouldnīt last 30 seconds on the battlefield.
    09: Iīve got nothing to say to a loser like you.
    10: Now you know you donīt have what it takes to fight a pro like me.
    11: That was too easy!
    01: Such impatience... The answers you seek lie in your own heart. Seek
    them out.
    02: Desire only serves to darken the heart. Release yourself from its 
    03: My arms? Forget it. Flexibility like this cannot be 
    achieved overnight.
    04: Yoga grants complete control over mind, body and spirit.
    05: You must meditate if you truly want to awaken your chakras.
    06: Iīm afraid your defeat was predestined.
    07: Believe in yourself and nothing is outside your grasp.
    08: I should have held back. I must exert more control.
    09: My flame is but an illusion, but it will burn you if you believe it
    to be real.
    10: All the training in the world cannot rid your heart of doubt.
    11: Yoga... Yoga, yoga, yoga...
    01: If you raise your fists to me, youīd better be ready to meet your 
    02: Why? Because I didnīt like the look on your face. Thatīs why!
    03: Gimme some cash and I might just let you walk away from this in one
    04: Whatīs that? You donīt want to die? Too late for you, pal. Youīre a
    05: Hmph! Is that it? What a waste of time!
    06: You got your filthy blood all over my fists!
    07: I love the sound of snapping bones and twisting flesh!
    08: You actually thought you stood a chance? Youīre even dumber than
    you look?
    09: Puny insect!
    10: You call that a punch? Looked like slow motion to me!
    11: Loser!
    01: The most beautiful rose is cultivated in the blood of those that fall
    before me.
    02: The thrill of victory... The scent of fresh blood is in the air...
    03: Stop twitching already! It just makes you even more ugly!
    04: The blood-curdling shriek of defeat is more beautiful than any music...
    05: True beauty transcends such simplistic labels as "good" and "evil"...
    06: Iīm at my most beautiful after a victory.
    07: The heart and soul are meaningless to me. I believe only in beauty.
    08: Nothing thrills me more than an arc of fresh blood spraying 
    through the air.
    09: Strange... Everyoneīs blood is beautiful, even if itīs owner is not.
    10: If youīre going to die, hurry up and do it! I donīt have all day!
    11: What a beautiful victory!
    01: If you can get up after that. Iīll happily treat you to another beating!
    02: What a feeble attempt! Did you actually think you could hurt me with that?
    03: There is no disgrace in defeat provided that you learn from your
    own mistakes.
    04: Only the powerful deserve a chance to take a shot at my throne!
    05: Did my kicks dizzy you or are your punches always so sloppy?
    06: I am not called the king for nothing! I could never lose to you!
    07: Your weakness is a disgrace to those who actually deserve to take me on!
    08: You have potential. We should fight again one day.
    09: How foolish of you to take me on! Did you not know my strength?
    10: Only those with the courage to face me are granted a rematch.
    11: You see now why they call me the king!
    01: Fighting you was a waste of time!
    02: Your corpse shall make excellent grist for the Shadaloo mill!
    03: Can you see it? Can you see the gaping maw of hell that awaits you?
    04: Your despair feeds my power!
    05: Fear not, for the rest of this world will join you on the other side
    06: The terror is overwhelming, isnīt it? There is no end to this nightmare!
    07: Impressive... Your reward for that performance shall be... your own death!
    08: All must bow and grovel at my feet, for I represent power you cannot
    dream of!
    09: Donīt try to stand. There is nothing more you can do.
    10: I will be reborn as many times as it takes! Bison is eternal!
    11: Leave my presence at once!
    01: If only you wouldnīt have challenged me, you could have avoided that
    02: That was one tough mission. No chance of negotiations and no one to back
    me up...
    03: Donīt worry, this is just my mission. I have no intention of killing you.
    04: My gadgets are chating? How naive... Nothing in life is fair. 
    Remember that.
    05: I told my daughter Iīd be home early today. Donīt screw up my schedule.
    06: Iīve got to concentrate on my mission. These fights are a waste of time.
    07: It takes time to prep my weapons for battle. Donīt sneak up on me 
    like that!
    08: That didnīt take long. At this rate, Iīll be home before she wakes up.
    09: Training? Practise? Hmph! These concepts are useless to me!
    10: I donīt have time to screw around with you! Iīve got to get back to
    my mission.
    11: What a pain...
    01: So Iīm like a legend in the biker world. Or maybe more like a god. But I
    ainīt satisfied with that status. This time, I wanna be a god in the fighting
    world, ya know? Like on a worldwide basis! People tell me I should be satisfied
    with best in America, but...
    02: The way I see it, beinī a biker is a like a total lifestyle choice. I mean,
    you pick a bike and you customize it and all that. Itīs a real commitment, 
    ya know? And the best part is, you can go pretty much anywhere on a bike.
    Everywhere but the ocean, I guess.
    03: I consider myself to be a pretty modest guy, really. People donīt always
    see me that way, but thatīs totally who I am. Like, Iīm not necessarily the
    greatest fighter out there yet, but I donīt let it get to me, ya know? 
    I mean, thereīs lotta dudes out there...
    04: I donīt actually remember the dudeīs name, but there was this one guy,
    and he was like the greatest fighter in the USA or whatever. So I donīt 
    actually know much about him or whatever, but Iīm pretty sure I could take
     him in a fight īcuzī Iīm one tough cookie!
    05: When I was a kid, I used to go to the movies all the time. I totally 
    dug all the kung-fu action flicks. I mean, I was practically obsessed!
    So I started taking all this martial arts correspndence courses. Then,
    I rode my hog all around China, picking up skills!
    06: Iīve got this rad pool back at my pod, and not one of these kidney
    shaped thingamababs, no way! Mine is like totally original and just oozing
    with style and class! Check this out, man... Itīs shaped like a freakinī
    dollar bill! Is that the greatest? Isnīt it?
    07: Iīve got a great body, donīt I? My girlfriend is all like, "it bounces
    around like a waterbed!" Sheīs a real freaky chick, man. But donīt get me
    wrong, OK? I spend plenty of time with my dude friend, too. I mean bros
    before hos, right? Am I right? So anyway...
    08: So, Iīm totally dating this chick named Candy, right? And, lemme tell
    ya, man, sheīs just about as sweet as candy, too! Know what Iīm sayinī?
    The name suits her well, man. At first, I was like, "is this some kinda
    stripper stage name, or what?" Guess I was wrong...
    09: So, youīve got a significant other or what? I do! And sheīs like
    totally hot, man! Just smokinī! I mean, we fight once in a while just
    like any couple, but itīs all good. She sure is aggressive, though. 
    One time, she totally started throwinī stuff around, man! 
    10: Anyway, things are gettinī pretty serious with me and Candy, right?
    Like, she totally talks about gettinī married and whatnot. Iīm cool with
    all that anī all, but Iīm not so big on fancy ceremonies and stuff, right?
    I mean, itīs not like I stockpile tuxedoīs or...
    11: My old lady, Candy? Sheīs not just about good looks, man. No way. Sheīs
    got an awesome personality, too. The two of us are like the worldīs most
    perfect couple, ya know? We both suck at math, so we can bottow each
    otherīs hands if we have to count past 10.
    01: Feast your eyes on my famous Mexican Bay paella!
    02: My moves are spicy like jalapeņo!
    03: If itīs spiciness youīre after, add a chile! Not enough? Add another!
    04: Wash the taste of defeat from your mouth with my ajo y vaca soup!
    05: Leave the flour at home! The only real tortilla is a corn tortilla!
    06: If you wore a mascara, you wouldnīt need to wash your hair now!
    07: Here, have a taste! You wonīt leave a crumb behind!
    08: I never confuse salt with sugar! Of course, I sometimes forgot both...
    09: From today onward, weīre amigos! Can I send you you out for
    ingredients now?
    10: Nothing revs up the fighting spirit like a spicy chile pepper!
    11: In the ring or in the kitchen, no one can beat me!
    01: Someone out there must know something about me. Iīve got to find them!
    02: Admit defeat, and I wonīt hurt you anymore.
    03: Stand up. Tell me everything you know about the organization.
    04: It doesnīt matter how hard you punch. The one who wastes the fewest wins.
    05: Sorry about that. The military isnīt good at teaching us to hold back.
    06: Power is worthless if you have nothing to lose.
    07: Fighting is no different from gambling. You have to know when to quit.
    08: I donīt remember much from those days.  But those moves stay with me...
    09: I wonder what itīs like to be part of a family. Will I find out one day?
    10: Dreams often startle me awake, but I canīt remember what theyīre about.
    11: Iīm sorry...
    01: I really got a sense of how strong you are during the fight!
    02: I hate to say it, but your moves are just plain booooring.
    03: You could use some improvement in the technique department.
    04: I feel great! All that jogging must be paying off!
    05: Nice move! I think Iīve got the gist of it. Iīll try it myself next time!
    06: Wow! Not bad!
    07: It feels great when you can pull off combos just how you imagine īem!
    08: Cool! We finished in time for me to meet up with Kei after all!
    09: What do I want to do when I grow up? Iīm... gym teacher!
    10: Uh-oh! I forgot to text Karin! Can I borrow your cell for a sec?
    11: No sweat!
    01: The path to true Saikyo power is no cakewalk! You couldnīt handle it!
    02: Lame! Calling you an amateur would be giving you too much credit!
    03: Wah ha ha! I won! I won! My art of fighting is unstoppable!
    04: This is Saikyo power!
    05: Now that was a real street fight! I hope it was as good for you as
    it was for me!
    06: Underestimating me is a really good way to hurt yourself!
    07: Ha ha! That was nothing!
    08: Whooooooooooooooooooooooh!!!
    09: Heh he he. That was easy!
    10: Hereīs the deal! Iīll make an exception and take you on as my
    special pupil!
    11: No problem!
    01: Can you not hear your soul crying out in agony? It is deafening...
    02: There is strength in this world that cannot be measured by physical means.
    03: I wish I could avoid getting involved in conflict like this.
    04: You cannot even defeat a mere fortune teller? You are no warrior...
    05: Mankind is blind to their own future. That is why they persist in hope.
    06: Thatīs all for todayīs lesson!
    07: I seek only to protect this world. What happens to me is of little
    08: Do not let this defeat bother you. Your power can be used to heal this
    09: A rematch? OK, but we canīt do it in the morning. I have low blood
    10: We can continue this another time.
    11: Are you hurt?
    01: Fighting is in your blood, eh? We have both fallen victim to its sirenīs
    02: All warriors will find the pits of Hades to be their find resting place...
    03: My destiny lies in another place... A land of despair and destruction.
    04: The time for Hades to split open and swallow you up approaches...
    05: Do not enter the ring if you are not prepared to die!
    06: The only true fight is a fight to the death!
    07: Fear not the cold grip of death...
    08: The first time he and I crossed paths was on a day much like this time...
    09: My one regret is having lost sight of him ib that fateful day...
    10: You are deserving of neither life nor death...
    11: You are still a big fool!
    01: Size isnīt everything.
    02: You canīt escape my sting!
    03: Did you take me for an amateur? I guess you paid for that mistake.
    04: I didnīt even break a sweat.
    05: Youīre far too slow to take me on.
    06: How does it feel getting beaten up by a pretty little girl like me?
    07: I may fight alone, but I can always call for backup. I simply canīt be beat!
    08: If all the fights are this easy, Iīm gonna get bored real quick...
    09: Mission accomplished! Iīd better inform the colonel...
    10: I could have this scar removed if I wanted, but it reminds me of who I am.
    11: How dreadfully dull.
    01: Youīd better sharpen your skills! At this rate, youīll never beat me!
    02: A true genius makes use of their natural abilities! You just canīt compete!
    03: Are you really that slow or are you just messing around?
    04: Float like a moth! Sting like a hornet!
    05: You donīt even have the skills to work as an extra!
    06: My Kung Fu is invincible!
    07: Quit holding back! Let out your inner strength!
    08: Hurry up and get back on your feet! Iīm not done with you yet!
    09: You just donīt have the fighting spirit!
    10: Lifeīs too short to waste time making excuses!
    11: Not even close!
    01: If you seek renown as a fighter, then stand and face your destiny!
    02: You are but dust carried on a dessert wind!
    03: Be gone with you!
    04: There are many paths to hell. Which will you choose?
    05: Your tears of regret cannot turn back the hands of time!
    06: I alone have mastered the art of combat!
    07: Once you face me, there is no turning back!
    08: Open your eyes and look upon the man who has broken you!
    09: It is against the order of things for the mouse to turn on the cat!
    10: If you insist on speaking, do so with your fists!
    11: The absurdity of your attempt to defeat me is... entertaining.
    01: Satsui no Hado can consume one from the inside out. Self awareness
    is the key.
    02: A true warrior lets hit opponent live to fight another day.
    03: You must unite your mind and body if you hope to unlock your true
    04: If you seek only to harm your opponent, you deny the way of the warrior.
    05: Some power cannot be gained through training alone...
    06: Simply relying on your fists is not enough. The mind holds true power.
    07: Listen to your heart. Understand its language and you will be unstoppable.
    08: You are your own best teacher. Stop and listen to the voice within.
    09: This fight should continue another day... You are not yet ready.
    10: Continue along your path and you shall reach your goal.
    11: You are not yet ready...
    01: Hmph! You call yourself a fighter?
    02: You possess neither power nor technique. There is no reason to let 
    you live...
    03: My name is Seth. And I shall unleash destruction upon this world!
    04: I am the most powerful being on the planet! No ordinary human can compare!
    05: Etch my name upon your soul. Know that that the one who killed you is
    called Seth!
    06: There is no need to put up a false front. It is only natural to fear me!
    07: Your business here is finished. Be gone!
    08: The body is merely a vessel. Should it become frail, simply find a
    09: Yes thatīs it. Bow your head before me. This wonīt take long...
    10: When I am finished, I will be the sole survivor of this world!
    11: I rule all!
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