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    FAQ by CasaNova73099

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    Dream Chronicles
    By CasaNova73099
    Version 1.3 (Completed: November 29 2008)
                (Modified: December 3, 2008)
                (Modified: May 19, 2009)
    1. 	Introduction
    2. 	Gameplay Controls & Tips 
    3. 	The Story
    4. 	The Cast
    5. 	Walkthrough:
    5.1	Chapter 1: 
           Faye and Fidget's Room
    5.2	Chapter 2: 
           The Upstairs Hallway
    5.3	Chapter 3: 
           Lyra's Bedroom
    5.4	Chapter 4: 
           The Balcony
    5.5	Chapter 5: 
           Lyra's Treehouse
    5.6	Chapter 6: 
           The Backyard
    5.7	Chapter 7: 
           Tangle and Aeval's House (The Library Room)
    5.8	Chapter 8: 
           Tangle and Aeval's House (The Secret Room)
    5.9	Chapter 9: 
           Tangle and Aeval's House (The Piano Room)
    5.10	Chapter 10: 
           Tangle and Aeval's House (The Front Garden)
    5.11	Chapter 11: 
           Tangle and Aeval's House (The Greenhouse)
    5.12	Chapter 12: 
           The Park (The Statue of Wish)
    5.13	Chapter 13: 
           The Park (The Puppet Theatre)
    5.14	Chapter 14: 
           The Village/Gates Of Wish
    5.15	Chapter 15: 
           The Woods
    5.16	Chapter 16: 
           Outside Of Lilith's Mansion
    5.17	Chapter 17: 
           Lilith's Mansion (The Foyer)
    5.18	Chapter 18: 
           Lilith's Mansion (The Mysterious Room)
    6. The Dream Jewels
    7. Ending Note & Legal Notice
    Dream Chronicles was one of those 'rare-find' games 
    from 2007 that was able to successfully mix a variety 
    of gaming genres (namely adventure, hidden-object and 
    puzzle solver) into one neat little package.  Combine 
    that with the beautiful graphics, mystical soundtrack 
    and a storyline that blurred the line between reality 
    and fantasy and well, the result is pure addiction to 
    this game.  On the flip side however, there are a 
    number of puzzles in DC that are rather tedious, hard, 
    or just downright confusing to solve, and after a while 
    you'll probably be ready to pull out all of your hair - 
    if you haven't done so already. This is where I come 
    in, and this handy 'little' guide is not only a 
    walkthrough for all 18 chapters, but it always helps
    in keeping track of all of the Dream Jewels (if you're 
    one of those types that like to collect everything in a 
    game). I tried to make everything as clear as possible 
    for you guys, but if you're still stuck or if something 
    is not working for you or even if you've discovered 
    something that I have forgotten to include in this 
    guide, please feel free to email me at casanova73099 at 
    yahoo dot com. 
    Ok then - onto the actual guide!
    *There's not much to go on when it comes to 'movement' 
    in DC. Since this is primarily a hidden-object game, 
    most of your time will be spent clicking or mousing 
    over objects to see whether they are useful or even 
    useable.  All in all, explore your options.
    *If you ever get stuck, a necessary item will flash 
    briefly, prompting you to either analyze it or place it 
    into your inventory. However it is sometimes one of 
    those 'blink-and-you'll-miss-it' kind of things so 
    you'll sometimes need to wait a few seconds for a hint 
    on what to do next.
    *On the lower part of the screen (to the right of the 
    PAUSE button) is your inventory.  At any given time you 
    can hold up to ten items that can be used on the 
    current chapter. This will prove useful in the later 
    chapters but at the same time -if you can avoid it - 
    you should also take care not to fill up your inventory 
    with items that may be unnecessary as it will leave 
    less room for items that will move you along in the 
    *To the right of the inventory bar is Fidget's journal, 
    er...diary. This keeps track of your progress 
    throughout the story, your collection of Dream Jewels 
    and other interesting tidbits about Fidget's life 
    before he married you. It also hints at what you need 
    to accomplish in order to move on to the next chapter.
    3. THE STORY
    In the tiny little town of Wish, a woman named Faye 
    lived a quiet but normal life with her husband Fidget, 
    their young daughter Lyra, and Tangle and Aeval, 
    Fidget's parents.  Then on one evening - and in a 
    rather lifelike dream - everything changed. A powerful 
    fairy named Lilith suddenly appeared and placed the 
    village of Wish under a powerful sleeping spell, and 
    during all of the confusion Fidget disappeared, leaving 
    only his diary behind as a clue.  With his notes in 
    tow, Faye now must slowly but surely find her way to 
    her beloved Fidget, even if it means leaving the only 
    place she has ever known as home and to dare and go up 
    against the Fairy Queen of Dreams...
    4. THE CAST
    The main character, or in layman's terms - you. 
    Although you are but a humble and devoted housewife, in 
    this magical medieval world, you're the only one able 
    to escape Lilith's sleeping spell.  It is also only you 
    who can defeat Lilith, find your missing husband and 
    save your family and friends from eternal slumber. 
    Faye's husband. At the onset of the game, Fidget has 
    going missing and his disappearance is in relation to 
    both your dream and the strange spell that has 
    enveloped Wish. And as you set out in an effort to save 
    Fidget however, you'll learn that there's more to your 
    darling husband's past and heritage than he has let on.
    Faye and Fidget's daughter. Doesn't have much of a role 
    in the game and is only seen once throughout all 18 
    Tangle and Aeval: 
    Fidget's father and mother, respectively, and therefore 
    your in-laws. Like your husband Fidget, there seems to 
    be more to your in-laws than what meets the eyes, and 
    while they don't actually appear in the game, their 
    wisdom and hints assist you in your quest.
    The Fairy Queen of Dreams who has taken it upon herself 
    to become the self-appointed rival of Faye. Lilith is 
    very beautiful, but like the saying goes, it's only 
    skin deep because Lilith is clearly also very resentful 
    and angry towards you and your family.  Now why ever 
    though could THAT be?
    "I HAD A DREAM...
    NEW WORLD..."
    5.1 - Chapter 1: 
    Faye & Fidget's Bedroom
    As you awaken to what seems like a peaceful normal day, 
    the door leading out of your bedroom freezes over.  
    After pondering whether or not this is all but a dream, 
    one thing becomes clear: you have got to leave the room 
    to figure out what on earth's going on...  
    As the Gameplay Controls & Tips section suggested, 
    start scoping the room for any objects of importance - 
    particularly the strange old book lying on the floor 
    just begging to be picked up.  Once you do, you 
    discover that it's actually Fidget's diary and that 
    there are hints throughout its pages to help lead you 
    to him.  After the diary is placed into your inventory, 
    grab the matches from on top of the mantle and then 
    light the fireplace. The mysterious ice will melt away 
    and finally grant you access to the rest of the house...
    5.2 - Chapter 2: 
    The Upstairs Hallway
    The moment you step out into the hallway, the animal 
    caricatures that decorate the glass window panes of the
    skylight disappear.  The only way to proceed further is 
    to locate the six missing animal icons (fish, 
    butterfly, lizard, frog, bird and cat) and replace them 
    into the ceiling. Check near the railing/banister of 
    the stairs for the lizard, butterfly and frog (though 
    sometimes the lizard can be found on the ceiling), the 
    left-hand wall for the fish, up near the hanging plants 
    for the bird and on the floor near your bedroom door 
    (or by the hallway drawer) for the cat. Once all 
    six animals have been restored to their rightful 
    places, you will now be able to enter Lyra's room.  
    However if you're collecting all of the Dream Jewels 
    make sure to collect the two jewels here before moving 
    on - the game doesn't allow you to backtrack from room 
    to room...  
    5.3 - Chapter 3: 
    Lyra's room 
    Lyra's room is virtually pitch-black the moment you 
    walk in. Feel around for a lamp (somewhere towards the 
    left of the room) to be able to proceed further. The 
    second you do, you discover that Lyra too has fallen 
    victim to Lilith's spell and is totally unresponsive - 
    all the more reason for you to find Fidget and somehow 
    put an end to Lilith's plans...  
    Inspect the foot of Lyra's bed (or rather the bed frame 
    itself) to uncover a well-needed key. Use the key to 
    unlock the large wooden chest and to obtain another 
    key.  Use this new key to unlock Lyra's dollhouse and 
    then analyze the dollhouse. Inside the dollhouse is a 
    puzzle that relies on a bit of trial and error. You'll 
    have to figure out which switches to flip on and off in 
    order to light up all the rooms in the dollhouse. There 
    are also 9 dream jewels hidden within the rooms of the 
    dollhouse, so if you're collecting them all, be careful 
    not to activate all the lights in the dollhouse before 
    you do (since the game will not allow you to 
    investigate the dollhouse again).  Once you figure out 
    the combo (or if you're too lazy to bother: 1,2,5), the 
    final key in this room will appear. Take it and use it 
    to unlock the door leading to the balcony...
    5.4 - Chapter 4: 
    The Balcony
    Out on the balcony, Lilith has managed to destroy the 
    wooden-plank bridge leading to Lyra's tree house 
    (though why you simply couldn't just leave the house by 
    heading down the stairs I'll never know).  Anyway, 
    you'll have to do a little construction work in order 
    to proceed further. Gather up the saw and rope lying 
    about and then use the saw on the wooden planks here.  
    The pieces will automatically mesh together so that 
    they are the exact length needed to complete the 
    bridge.  Use the rope you just acquired to tie
    it all together and then place the section of bridge 
    with the rest of the bridge to get across. 
    When you go to open the door to Lyra's tree house, the 
    color drains away from the cartoons drawn on the 
    outside. Use the newly placed pieces of chalk and color 
    in each character with the right color: the horse with 
    green, the bear with yellow and the solider with blue. 
    Now head for the door to the tree house...
    I have to say that by now you must really hate Lilith 
    for she yet again manipulates things so as to slow you 
    down.  Six stones from Lyra's name above the doorway 
    suddenly disappear, and now you have to retrieve and 
    replace them in order to enter the tree house.  One is 
    on the roof of the tree house and one is on the branch 
    that supports the treehouse.  The last four stones lay 
    nearby the tree house and/oron the bridge.  Replace the 
    stones back into Lyra's name and now enter the tree 
    No, really - you can actually go in now...
    5.5 - Chapter 5: 
    Lyra's Treehouse
    Inside of Lyra's tree house you notice a trap door that 
    leads down to the ground level, but before you can 
    leave, Lyra's broken-down wagon appears on top of it, 
    refusing tobudge until it's been fully repaired. Curse 
    you, Lilith...
    Once again it's time to play handyman, er woman 
    (whatever).Get to searching and gather up two wheels, 
    two washers, two nuts, a screwdriver and an oilcan.  If 
    you're having troublelocating some items, thoroughly 
    inspect all the levels of Lyra's bookcase and the toy 
    bench, moving the toy prop horse out of the way if 
    necessary. Now fully prepared, start repairing the 
    wagon: placing the wheels on first, then the washers 
    and then the nuts. Lubricate the wheels with the oilcan 
    and then wheel it off of the trap door.  Use the 
    screwdriver to undo the screws and then open the door.  
    Oh yeah, that's right, it WON'T open. Why would Lilith 
    want to make your life easy? Then again, this shouldn't 
    be a problem.  Use the toy prop horse you found lying 
    around and bash your way out... 
    5.6 - Chapter 6: 
    The Backyard
    You land in your garden and in front of a gate that 
    leads to Tangle and Aeval's house. But to get inside, 
    you'll need the key.  Normally the key is easy to 
    access, but your pet dog Bobby had other plans.  You'll 
    now have to dig up the yard in search of where Bobby 
    might have buried the key...
    Scope the yard for loose patches of dirt and then dig 
    them up with the shovel that is lying around on the 
    ground. It's almost always towards the lefthand side, 
    but if for some reason it isn't, keep digging until you 
    eventually you find the key, but now you'll have to clean 
    off all the dirt and muck caked onto it.  There's a well 
    nearby but it doesn't seem to be operational. Not for 
    long, though. Start looking around for the crank and a 
    discarded bucket to reattach to the well.  Now to find 
    some rope... 
    Use the abandoned shears lying in front of the well and 
    use them to take apart the rope ladder to Lyra's tree 
    house. Now use the rope and bucket to wash off the key 
    and then unlock the back door to your in-laws' home...
    5.7 - Chapter 7: 
    Tangle and Aeval's House (The Library Room)
    Stepping into Tangle and Aeval's house, you find 
    yourself standing in a library.  There is one lone book 
    lying on the floor, but it soon disappears and seven 
    other books appear in its place.  Return the books to 
    their respective slots and you'll reclaim the first 
    As you pick up each book, you'll notice that each one 
    falls under a particular subject/genre.  Match the 
    books to the bookshelves with similar themed books:
    *"Red Hot Tips from Time in a Volcano": Travel 
    *"Water, The Mysterious Friend": Water
    *"The Power of Winds": Natural Forces
    *"Nostrapakus": Past, Present And Future 
    (...This was a tough one to figure out)
    *"Plants, Flowers and Humans": Plants
    *"Studies Of Rocks Unaffected By Water": Geology
    *"Dreams and Their Darker Interpretations": Brain and 
    When all seven books have been returned, an eighth book 
    (dark gray/bluish in color)will appear somewhere on the 
    shelf between the genres of literature and past, 
    present and future. Retrieve it and you'll learn that
    you need to somehow charge up a crystal to move on. Now 
    then, if you've noticed an empty spot in the world 
    section of the library, it'll indicate that a globe 
    once sat there. Retrieve said globe hidden on top of 
    the leftmost bookcase and set in on its stand. This 
    will cause a drawer on the bottom of the middle 
    bookcase to pop open and inside is a crystal. Place the 
    book you just obtained onto the floor and then open it, 
    revealing a space just large enough for the crystal. 
    Charge up the crystal and then hold it up to the 
    crystal ball on the rightmost bookcase. To your 
    surprise, the middle bookcase will slide open, 
    revealing a hidden passage behind it...
    5.8 - Chapter 8: 
    Tangle and Aeval's House (The Secret Room)
    You enter the secret passageway with only a charged 
    crystal as your only means of light.  Here in the 
    darkness, you must locate cards with magic symbols and 
    then place them where they belong to advance further.  
    This can prove to be a bit of a hassle since a majority 
    of the cards are hard to spot(due to their size), and 
    when you couple that with only a small spotlight to 
    work with, this chapter can be a bit frustrating. What 
    follows is a 'guesstimate' of where to find the cards.  
    Keep in mind too that in order to find all the cards, 
    you'll also have to move around the vases and the 
    crystal ball that vibrates when you come in contact 
    with them since they will unlock compartments and 
    drawers in the room that were originally off-limits...
    *Towards the bottom left half of the room.
    *On top of the desk near the bottom left half of the 
    *Tucked away behind part of the shelf (right above the
    desk where you got the second card.
    *On top of the central bookcase, somewhat to the right
    -hand side.
    *Hidden inside of Tangle's diary on the top shelf of 
    the central bookcase.
    *Tucked away in a book with "Strange Symbols" - on the 
    shelf right below where you found Tangle's diary.
    *Hidden inside of a book entitled "The Secret Lives of
    Fairies"- somewhere on the bottommost shelf.
    *Hidden inside "The Fairy's Guide To Casting Spells" - 
    on the top left-hand bookshelf.
    When all's said and done, you should have a total of 8 
    cards. Go back to where you moved the 
    crystal ball and touch the knothole hidden underneath.  
    Now explore the right-hand side of the room to see an 
    illuminated crest scrolled on the wall (as well as the 
    three dream pieces). Here is where I nearly lost my 
    mind trying to solve this stupid puzzle. Basically what 
    you have to do is pair off cards that are opposites of 
    each other.  So for instance, there is an arrow symbol 
    pointing upward on the crest. You then will want to
    place the card with an arrow symbol pointing downward 
    and then place it diagonally across from it. This 
    strategy works with the majority of the other cards: 
    *The right arrow with the left arrow.
    *The gender signs for male (circle with an arrow at top 
    and female (circle with plus sign).
    *The crescent moon with the circle (perhaps it 
    represents the sun?).
    *The plus sign with the minus sign.
    *Fire (vertical squiggle lines) and water (horizontal 
    *The pause symbol (two parallel vertical lines) with 
    the "x" symbol (no clue what that is supposed to 
    *The circle with the square.
    Upon completion of the magic crest, another secret 
    passageway opens, granting you access to your in-laws' 
    5.9 - Chapter 9: 
    Tangle and Aeval's House (The Piano Room)
    Stepping out into the light, you find yourself inside 
    of your in-laws' parlor. Trying the front door will 
    reveal that it'll only open if "the whole family is 
    watching". This involves retrieving missing family 
    portraits and hanging themon the wall... 
    You will find seven portraits lying throughout the room 
    (one cleverly concealed on top of the stone face that 
    overlooks the room) and the crank to the piano.  As you 
    place the portraits in their respective places on the 
    wall, you notice that they will become grayed-out and 
    that the piano will play a different melody each time.  
    This'll prove to be important in a short while, but for 
    now, concentrate on getting those pictures back on the 
    wall. Replacing the crank back onto the piano causes a 
    crowbar to appear near the doorway. Take it and use it 
    to pry up one of the loose floorboards in the parlor. 
    Hidden underneath is the key to unlock the piano.
    Now your memory must come into play.  You'll now have 
    to click on a portrait of  your choice, memorize the 
    notes that play, and then play them back on the piano. 
    The crank of the piano helps make the ordeal a bit 
    easier (since turning it once you analyze the piano 
    closely will repeat the song of the portrait you 
    selected), but it's still a bit of a headache to 
    do so (I personally took out a pen and pad and wrote 
    down the musical notes as they were played:
    Portrait at far top right: AGEFDC
    Portrait below far top right ("Lullaby & Goodnight):
    Portrait next to far right: CCDEDCC
    Large Bottom-most Portrait: GAGEGAGE
    Top Middlemost Pic: DECDEFEC
    Portrait next to far left("Ode To Joy"?): EEFGGFED
    Portrait at far top left: CEEEDEFEEDDDCDEC
    Once the final song is played, you finally finish the 
    puzzle and you can exit Tangle and Aeval's house...
    5.10 - Chapter 10: 
    Tangle and Aeval's House (The Front Garden)
    Splendid.  You find yourself in yet another yard that 
    Lilith has decided to tamper with. This time around, 
    the spiteful Fairy Queen of Dreams has removed and 
    thrown all throughout the area the decorative tiles 
    that once lined the pathway to the greenhouse. Retrieve 
    and restore them to their rightful places in order to 
    leave the garden...
    Search the garden high and low (literally - some tiles 
    lie on top the greenhouse and the fencing) and you 
    should eventually end up with four yellow circles, 
    three red shapes, two purple petal-thingies and two 
    green leaf tiles.  Then click on the lone yellow tile 
    on the pathway and for a brief moment, a layout of the 
    tiles can be seen. Slowly reassemble the tile pathway 
    and once the final piece has been set, you can enter 
    the greenhouse.
    Yep.  It's that simple...
    5.11 - Chapter 11: 
    Tangle and Aeval's House (The Greenhouse)
    Inside of the greenhouse, it is a totally wreck.  Well 
    not really, but many of the plants happen to be in 
    disarray, and amongst the plants you find a carnivorous 
    plant that...wait a minute - a CARNIVOROUS plant that 
    vibrates?! Normally, most people would leave such a 
    plant alone, but seeming how it is that you're now 
    locked in the greenhouse (and couple with the game's 
    track record that touching/moving objects that vibrate 
    is 'a good thing'), pick up the little monstrosity and 
    set it on the table on the right. As you closely inspect 
    the strange plant, to your astonishment it actually comes 
    to life! Selecting the plant once more, it realizes 
    that you're not Aeval and asks for you to state your 
    business.  A string of multiple choice selections
    soon appear and you have to choose your words carefully 
    in order to get this strange being's help. Simply put, 
    you should explain to it that you want to restore order 
    to things and that you're really not sure how to do it 
    (since you just discovered today the truth about your 
    husband and in-laws.). Then, when the plant discovers 
    your identity, it'll ask for a favor - one which you 
    must carry out regardless of whether you actually care 
    about the horrid thing or not. The plant (or Herbert as 
    he eventually introduces himself as) goes on to explain 
    that his relatives - the plants in the greenhouse - are 
    all out of place and yes you guess it, only you can 
    place them back where they belong:
    *Plants in a blue pot sit underneath where Herbert 
    *Plants in a golden pot sit across from the blue potted 
    *Plants in a red pot sit above the golden potted plants 
    and across from Herbert.
    Herbert thanks you and out of the kindest of your heart 
    (yeah, right), you ask if there's anything else you can 
    do.  He'll go on to mention that some of the plants 
    (three in red pots) are drying up and that you should 
    do something about it.  There's a watering can over by 
    the blue potted plants and once you've watered the 
    plants, Herbert will open the greenhouse door for you...
    Chapter 12: 
    The Park (The Statue of Wish)
    Now you stand in a small park and outside of its iron 
    gates lies a path that leads out towards the village of 
    Wish.  However you soon find that the gate is locked 
    (big surprise there) and that the statue of the beloved 
    founder of the town has disappeared. Somehow you must 
    restore the statue and unlock the gate to get into 
    Fidget's diary reveals that the way to proceed further 
    is to go "up, up, down, up, up".  Looking down at the 
    base of the statue, you'll see that the middlemost 
    stone is "up". Keep pressing stones until it resembles 
    Fidget's riddle: that is to say the two stones to the 
    left and right are "up" and the middlemost stone is 
    "down". Once this is done, the missing pieces to the 
    statue will appear throughout the area.  Gather up all 
    the pieces (2 legs, the trunks, the chest, 2 arms, a 
    shoulder, a bust and a book) and piece it back together 
    again. The gate will finally unlock and you can advance 
    Chapter 13: 
    The Park (The Puppet Theatre)
    In another part of the park, a huge puppet theatre 
    stand sits on your left and the gate to your right is 
    locked.  Somehow this strange theatre holds the key to 
    unlocking the gate and granting you access to the 
    village of Wish...
    Since the puppet theatre stand is also locked, you 
    obviously need a key. However by examining the base of 
    the stand, note that part ofthe logo (the iconic masks 
    of comedy and tragedy/drama) is missing. Search 
    throughout the area for the two masks and place them on 
    the stand. The theatre doors will open, revealing 
    closed curtains. You'll now need something to hold the 
    curtains back.  Search the area again (usually over by 
    the tree to the left of the theater) for 2 coils of 
    rope and use those to pull the curtains back.  When you 
    do, you'll reveal 5 puppets standing onstage and a 
    crank set dead center on the stage. Pulling the crank 
    causes the heads of the puppets to change places. The 
    crank also disappears from view and now you must 
    rearrange the puppet heads based on a story you once 
    heard, which goes something like this:
    "Two soldiers were brought before the king and queen.  
    As they ate, the court jester reveals that one of the 
    soldiers is actually a woman and that she only 
    impersonated a man so that she could be with her 
    With that said, you must now swap the puppet heads so 
    that they rest on the right puppets and in the right 
    order. The king and queen sit to the extreme right and 
    the court jester or joker (adorned in a checkered red 
    and white outfit) sits in the middle. The male soldier 
    stands in the foreground on the extreme left and the 
    female soldier (has round cheeks and painted lips like 
    a doll baby - similar to that of the queen) stands 
    behind him.  Once you've fixed the puppets, you'll now 
    need to find the crank and the two gears for the 
    mechanism to complete the puzzle and enter the 
    Chapter 14: 
    The Village/Gates Of Wish
    The streets of Wish are empty - making the village 
    appear as if it were a ghost town.  At the far end you 
    can see the gates leading out of Wish.  Upon closer 
    inspection you'll also see five pillars with numbers on 
    them.  These pillars represent the special mechanism 
    that unlocks the gates and the numbers are the weights 
    of the items needed to unlock it.  As you read Fidget's 
    diary, it reveals that only a small lot of citizens 
    (namely the owners of the toyshop, bookstore and fruit 
    stand) carry the items needed to open the gate... 
    Now then, how exactly do you find out which items 
    you'll need? Well first you'll need to find a way to 
    figure out the weight of any object. Head over to the 
    fruit stand and you'll stumble across a scale. Perfect. 
    Well, that is to say it would be perfect if only you 
    had all the scales so that you're able to correctly 
    weigh different objects (there are 7 in total as the 
    Book of Weights sitting by the bookstore shows). Zoom 
    out and then search the village high and low for the 
    remaining weights (be careful not to fill up your 
    inventory with other objects before you complete this 
    part.  If by some chance though this happens, abandon 
    some objects at the gates' pillars - you can always go 
    back to move them later). When you finish you should 
    have the following weights:
    *One 50 lb
    *One 25 lb (the one originally left on the scale)
    *One 10 lb 
    *One 5 lb
    *One 2 lb 
    *Two 1 lb
    Now that you have all of the weights, leave them on the 
    floor beside the scale to empty out your inventory.  
    You can now go look for clues to find the items you'll 
    need to unlock the gate.  Head over to the bookstore 
    (Gutenbooks) and a repressed memory will reveal that 
    the bookshop keeper held onto four special books that 
    were never marked for sale.  Therefore, gather up all 
    the books you find lying around (or at least the ones 
    you can actually select).  Now head for the bar
    (The Tipsy Owl) and the toyshop(Toyville). Each venue 
    will provide clues to help you along - one speaks about 
    weighting items first (therefore making finding the 
    correct items for the gate all the more easier) and the 
    other notes that using fruits, toys and books will 
    help to unlock the gate.  Continue throughout the 
    village picking up items as you go (the toy wagon, the
    heavy ball, the porcelain doll and teddy bear near the 
    toyshop and the bunch of grapes, pear, orange and melon 
    at the fruit stand) and start weighing the items using 
    the scales you found (You'll have to abandon some items 
    in order to be able to pick up the scales). Backtrack 
    between here and the front gate as you determine the 
    weight of each item and then place the items where they 
    would belong (the correct item will keep the pillar right 
    on the number mark of the post).With the final object 
    placed, the gate will open and you can leave the 
    Chapter 15: 
    The Woods
    After a lengthy journey, you find yourself in the woods 
    at night. What's worse is that there are no visible 
    signs and no light to show you where to go next. Guess 
    you'll have to fix that...
    Fumble around in the darkness through the bushes and 
    forest floor and gather up two pieces of board, a long 
    metal object and three spherical-like metal objects.  
    There in front of you, you can just make out the 
    metallic base of a lamp post. Start piecing together 
    the signage (the three smaller metal objects first, 
    followed by the long metal object and then the boards) 
    and you'll have ...a sign that you still cannot read.  
    However by examining the bottom of the post (the three 
    small metal objects), it will reveal that this part of 
    the sign post can actually be rotated.  Turn the pieces 
    until all three are facing the same way - the circles 
    should be in front facing you - and the lamppost will 
    turn on.
    Now that you're no longer in the dark, maybe you can 
    figure out which way to go now. Note the patterns on 
    the signs in front of you and then choose any of the 
    two tree trunks flanking it.  Here you'll notice wooden 
    tiles with symbols that are similar to that of the 
    signs.  Pick up the tiles and then try to duplicate the 
    diagrams seen on the signs (you'll know when the tiles 
    are in the right place because you'll hear a chime and 
    the diagram on the right tree is the sign for the mansion 
    and the one on the left is the sign for the town). 
    Eventually you'll complete both diagrams carved into the 
    trees and the sign depicting the mansion will glow blue.  
    Make your way towards the mansion and more importantly 
    to Fidget...
    Chapter 16: 
    Outside Of Lilith's Mansion
    An ominous looking mansion awaits you at the end of the 
    path. This is most definitely the home of Lilith and is 
    a clear sign that your journey will soon come to an 
    end.  But as you near the door, it slams shut and four 
    circles rise from the floor. Upon closer inspection, 
    you notice that each circle is home to several 
    different symbols.  Very similar to what you had
    to do back in Chapter 8, you'll have to group the 
    symbols together, this time by the things that they 
    have in common and in the proper order. Most of the 
    tiles can be found scattered amongst the four puzzles 
    (though a scant few can be found lying on the ground, 
    rooftop and in the bushes) Below is the key to solving 
    the four puzzles:
    -One circle has a row of eight slots and is home to a 
    number of symbols in standard shapes (circle, triangle, 
    square, etc.) Arrange the symbols in order by the 
    number of sides increasing by one.  Therefore the 
    completed pattern should appear this way: triangle, 
    square, pentagon, hexagon, heptagon, octagon, nonagon 
    and then circle.
    -Another circle has symbols that depict the different 
    phases of the moon. Starting from the bottom of the 
    circle, the pattern should move around the circle in a 
    clockwise motion and should appear as follows: new moon 
    (empty circle), crescent (crescent shape facing towards 
    the right-hand side), first quarter (half-filled circle 
    colored in on the right-hand side), waxing gibbous 
    (circle almost completely filled in from the right hand 
    side), full moon (white circle), waning gibbous (circle 
    almost completely filled in on the left hand side), 
    last quarter (half-filled in circle colored in on the
    left-hand side), crescent (crescent shape toward the 
    left-hand side)
    -The third circle has symbols depicting Roman numerals 
    from the number 1 to 12. Moving clockwise from the top, 
    place the numbers down starting with the number 12. 
    (For those not familiar with Roman numerals: ten is X, 
    five is V and one is I.  IV would give your four - 
    since the one is before the five - but VI would give 
    you six (since the one is behind the five).
    -The last circle has the astrological signs of the 
    Zodiac.  From the top and moving clockwise, the symbols 
    are to be arranged as followed: Aquarius (water),
    Capricorn ('N' combined with loop at the end), 
    Sagittarius (slanted arrow pointing to the right with 
    line through it), Scorpio ('M' with arrow at the 
    end), Libra (horseshoe-like shape above line), Virgo 
    ('M' with loop at the end), Leo (curvy symbol with 
    circle at the end - left side), Cancer (twin 
    curved symbols with loops), Gemini (looks like the 
    Roman numeral 2), Taurus (circle with horn-shaped curve 
    at top - like a bull), and Aries (symbol 
    whose curves resembles a ram).
    When you complete the four puzzles, the door to 
    Lilith's mansion will open...
    Chapter 17: 
    Lilith's Mansion (The Foyer)
    You're getting close, and apparently Lilith is getting 
    antsy.  The moment you enter the mansion, the lights go 
    out, rendering the foyer pitch black.  Somehow 
    you must switch the lights back on so that you can see 
    where to go next.  Feeling around in the dark, you'll 
    stumble upon four buttons along four columns, each one 
    turning the lights on for a specific amount of time.  
    The key here is to press each button in the order of 
    times the lights flicker on (therefore, pressing the 
    button that turns the lights on once would be first and 
    then followed by the buttons that causes the lights to 
    flicker on twice, then three times, then four times).  
    The lights will then come on in full brightness and you
    can finally see throughout the room.  
    Make your way towards the staircase and as you're about 
    to make your way up, the stairs vibrate while lights 
    dance from one post to another.  You can't make your 
    way up the stairs just yet and it seems as if mimicking 
    the light patterns that dance along the lampposts and 
    the banister of the stairs is the only way to rebuild 
    the staircase and to progress any further. 
    Oh goody, a game of Simon Says. Use your memory and wit 
    (or whip out that trusty ol' pen and paper again) to 
    complete each session of light patterns and pick up the 
    discarded paintings (should be eight in total) that 
    appear with each successful match. Eventually you'll be 
    able to reach the top of the stairs.  Place the 
    paintings in their respective places and the door to 
    the extreme left at the top of the stairs will open...
    Chapter 18: 
    Lilith's Mansion (The Mysterious Room)
    This is it - you're almost done.  The only thing 
    standing between you and your husband is the completion 
    of four final puzzles.  Very similar to the strategy
    used to get into Lilith's mansion (Chapter 16) the key 
    to solving each puzzle lies in assigning tiles with 
    similar themes or to their proper place.  An even 
    bigger break for you comes in the form of actual hints 
    written right alongside of each of the puzzles:
    *"Simply Green" - Place the frog, plant and lizard 
    tiles here.
    *"The essential powers" - Place the globe (earth), 
    match (fire), three squiggle lines (wind) and watering 
    can (water) here.
    *"Those that are the hardest, then sorted from lightest 
    to heaviest" - Place the metal nut, the iron 
    screwdriver, the steel scissors/sheers, the iron saw, 
    the iron crowbar and the 50-lb weight here.
    *Analyze the fake dream jewels here for your clues. 
    Then place the crescent moon ("None can precede the 
    white round night lady" This also happens to be the clue
    Herbert the plant gives you back in Chapter 11.), the 
    Roman numeral III ("The 2 is 3"), the cat("The agile one 
    goes between 3 and 7), the Roman numeral VII, the wooden 
    hobby horse ("4th with 7 horses following"), the pi sign 
    ("3 x 2 = 3.141592"), the mysterious book and the magic 
    crystal ("pi is followed by the book. The book's contents 
    With the final puzzle completed, sit back and watch the 
    game's final cutscene. Congratulations - you've finally 
    completed 'Dream Chronicles"!
    6. THE DREAM PIECES (*Optional to Gameplay*)
    The Dream Pieces are small glittery marble-like baubles 
    scattered throughout nearly every chapter. They serve 
    no actual purpose in helping you beat the game, but 
    the option of searching and collecting all 115 of them 
    does make things a bit more challenging for you.  Below 
    is a list of what chapters the pieces can be found in...
    Chapter 2: The Upstairs Hallway
    Dream Jewels: 2
    Chapter 3: Lyra's room 
    Dream Jewels: 15 (9 hidden inside of Lyra's dollhouse)
    Chapter 4: The Balcony
    Dream Jewels: 10
    Chapter 5: Lyra's Treehouse
    Dream Jewels: 7 (2 of them are made to look like buttons
                     on Lyra's doll)
    Chapter 6: The Backyard
    Dream Jewels: 8
    Chapter 7: Tangle and Aeval's House (The Library Room)
    Dream Jewels: 8
    Chapter 8: Tangle and Aeval's House (The Secret Room)
    Dream Jewels: 3 (Hidden on the magic crest)
    Chapter 9: Tangle and Aeval's House (The Parlor Room)
    Dream Jewels: 9 (2 are on the piano when you zoom in to 
    Chapter 10: Tangle and Aeval's House (The Front Garden)
    Dream Jewels: 5
    Chapter 11: Tangle and Aeval's House (The Greenhouse)
    Dream Jewels: 5
    Chapter 12: The Park (The Statue of Wish)
    Dream Jewels: 5
    Chapter 13: The Park (The Puppet Theatre)
    Dream Jewels: 5
    Chapter 14: The Village/Gates Of Wish
    Dream Jewels: 13 (5 on the main street, 4 by the gate, 
    		  4 at the fruit stand)
    Chapter 15: The Woods
    Dream Jewels: 5
    Chapter 16: Outside Of Lilith's Mansion
    Dream Jewels: 10
    Chapter 17: Lilith's Mansion (The Foyer)
    Dream Jewels: 5
    Well, that's all folks. Hope you all enjoyed the guide 
    (which has been provided for free personal use only.  
    Any sort of commercial use is prohibited and any 
    sort of public display/publication of this guide 
    without my written consent is also forbidden), and once 
    again, if you have any comments or suggestions about 
    the guide, feel free to email me at casanova73099 at 
    yahoo dot com.  

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