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Pool Shark 2 is a pool game developed by Blade Interactive and released by Zoo Digital Publishing. First of all, I must tell you that the only pool experience I have is from the real thing. This is the first pool videogame I've ever played so maybe I was expecting too much from it.

Graphics: 6.3/10

Looks good! Honestly, I almost felt as if I was watching a tournament on TV. Characters, playing or not have great animation and cameras fade out and change perspective just like the real thing. Billiard balls shine like the real ones, and the room around the pool looks very good. There are many stages that are the typical billiard game places, a biker\rock bar, a simple cafeteria, a professional room and many more and each stage has two opponents that are also typical billiard players. Ok, so it isn't Doom 3 and those of you who wanted something like that maybe you shouldn't play a billiard game, but my opinion is that it looks ok.

Sound: 4.5/10

I both like and dislike the sound quality of Pool Shark 2 for two reasons. First the good ones. Well the billiard ball and cue hits sound good and realistic and the ambient sounds of other people in the scene or cars moving outside the building are ok too what irritates me is the extremely repetitive and boring music and the player voices. You see each time you or they hit a ball they make a comment, EVERY TIME, and that in my opinion destroys the atmosphere of a pool game and wait until you hear the comments, the safari man for example says things like, “grab it from the tail”, while the Colonel shouts, “Chaaarge!!!”, and… you get the idea…

Gameplay: 6.5/10

You can do literally everything someone can do in a billiard game, (at least to my humble pool knowledge), adjust hit power, angle, where the cue ball should be hit and generally you can control your shots without a problem. Like most pool games there is an aiming aid line that shows the path of the cue ball and the ball it will hit. Also the game won't make you say, “Hey! That shouldn't happen over there”, generally what you do is what you get, its just like the real game.

There are 4 modes, Pool which is just a quick match against the CPU or a human player, the Trickshot where you must achieve executing a special shot which needs precision and skills in order to unlock more trickshots, Multiplayer which is… well you know what it is… and Hustle. Hustle is actually the main game. You select a character, (don't expect something special), and begin with a small amount of money to make bets. At first you have three available places you can go with 2 opponents in each one. By gaining a certain amount of money you unlock the next area that has three more places and six opponents. While you move on your opponents are more skilled and can do more that just hit the ball right in order to beat you. While in the game your opponents may double the bet if you agree and so can you, but for some reason that I don't know opponents always rejected my bets. With the money acquired you can by new pool tables, cues, balls and clothing. I know that in a billiard game that isn't something you care about, but since it has that feature it could have more clothes available or at least give you the option of configuring the appearance of your character, but maybe I ask too much…

-Realistic billiard physics… or something…
-Good AI
-Good graphics and animation

-Irritating character comments and music
-Not many things to do
-Little clothing variety

Also Play:
-Virtual Pool 3 (PC)

Overall: 5.7/10

Well, as I've said this is my first pool videogame, so maybe I wanted more. It's not a bad game, actually it is quite good but it is… just… a pool game and nothing more, so my opinion is play it only if you can't spare money for the real thing…

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 11/14/07

Game Release: Pool Shark 2 (EU, 11/19/04)

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